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ITT: state the worst thing you've ever done I'll go

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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ITT: state the worst thing you've ever done

I'll go first
>almost killed a guy who molested me when I was young, he never knew it was me, he's a cripple now
i left the seat up and my girlfriend fell in the bowl.
>implyibg thats a bad thing

You should have finished him
Fucked my cousin, multiple times, I did enjoy it though
You should have fucking finished him.
drugged girl secretly to make her think she needed me then after months of sex I dumped her and she became a drug addict and whore
You should finish him
Thats bad
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Accidently killed a pimp for trying to rob me of money for chick i didnt even fuck....

ran him over...

can greentext if you would like
I kissed my little sister while she slept when I was 9, funny, I've done some bad shit in my life and that's the only thing that's bothering me
Do it
> be 20 y/o
> nice girlfriend, sensitive and beautiful
> softcore sex, can't hurt her, too fragile
> have sadist fantasies but never tell her
> one night we get drunk
> gf passes out
> profit, take her clothes off, fuck her in the ass
> slap her around a lot, bite her, pee inside her vag
> spit on her, cum multiple times in her mouth
> day after she wakes up and I tell her she begged for all that
> gf thinks she's subconsciously a slave
> lets me do a lot of other shit to her
> gets depressed, attempt suicide, leave me

I still love her
Acted like a faggot when I was a teenager, acted like a depressed whiny shit, cut myself, etc. That's something I really regret.
>worst thing I've ever done
>get boner after reading this
same, scars on arms like a dipshit.
difficult getting jobs without sleeves in hot as fuck tempertures.
Thats not bad, thats half of 4chan's dream.
I still wear long sleeves and it's hot as shit in here. I'll have to take them off some day, but let that be at least after two or three years from now, maybe then I can get some good lie or shit. Good luck bro. (Cutting is usually associated with drug addicts here, and total wackos, so haha)
The 4chan Dream
So is rolling trips
thanks b/ro
same to you
Fucked a mentally ill woman once, took her to the forest and mad her do twisted shit
get a room fags
The trips I rolled mean nothing, literally EVERY post now is dubs or trips.
Sounds like a bucket of fun.
So... your mom likes threesomes?
I didnt kill my ex
Fuck you
innapropiatly touch my cousin's ass multiple times. She is a nun now and I feel kind of responsable
Worst thing I ever did....hmmm
>live in apartment complex
>the place has a community building with a gym a pool and most importantly a computer lab.
>the computer lab has two computer that are right next to each other
>the place is barely used
>walk in one day
>black kid on one of the comps
>I sit at the other one
>I play travian until he leaves
>I notice he leaves his twitter and myspace accounts open
>immediately hop on his accounts
>message everyone he knows
>love/creeper notes to the girls
>gay homosex notes to the guys
>leave terrible pro furry messages on his wall
>tell all his friends he's coming out of the closet
>break up with his girlfriend
>go to his schools Facebook page and leave terrible stuff I quickly grabbed for the chan
>I know this is the kids only way of using the internet so I unplug both computers
>the towers of the comps are locked away and I hide the power cords in the locked box with the tower
>kid is unable to check his account for weeks until maintenance comes and rep lugs everything back in.
Not bad

Greentext it is

>be 16
>sexually frustrated porn addict
>lots of weird fetishes
>can't take it anymore
>know this 40 year old kinda retarded woman whose sister is a friend of my mother
>see her one day walking home
>tell her I have a secret spot and it's nice
>take her to the forest
>pee on her
>make her lick my toes
>make her finger me
>fuck her in the ass
>cum inside her vag
>pee on her again
>leave her there
>go home
>regret it
>still jerk off to that though though
you lived in an apartment complex with a computer lab? what the fuck?
Why are you lying?
I kek'd

I'm not, not like I give a fuck what you think anyway
how much was your rent? damn.
Was in Colorado.
I was on the bottom floor, second floor was more expensive
I fucked the corpse of my dead aunt when I came home and found her OD'd. Was still warm, felt great.
bro what do you do for a living
>be 19
>living in first apartment by myself
>friend is down on his luck, asks if he can stay with me a couple weeks
>wake up in middle of night
>his dick is inches away from my face
>beat him
>I mean badly
>had a Louisville slugger next to my bed
>hit him in body a lot
>hear a few cracking noises
>oh shit wtf do I do
>he's barely conscious
>put all his shit in his backpack
>carry him and backpack out of apartment and onto street
>don't see him for a few weeks
>see him living under a bridge
>he sees me and looks away
>mfw he's still homeless and I moved into a bigger apartment
>be me
>be 7 years old
>while explorig my parents room after they had gone out for the day, I happened to find parents stack of pornos and started watch them full blasted.
>never had this sensation before...what could it be
>I hear footsteps, don't care I'm loving this little sensation, my peepee is getting hard. Wow.
>Babysitter storms in and shouts at me to quickly turn that shit off. First time she ever swore
>A couple weeks pass and she is babysitting me again
>She thinks I'm round my best mate who lived next door
>Come home early...honey I am home!
>Find her watching the porno
>blank experession don't care...went and made my self and sandwhich
>She turns it off and put on some random kids channel
>I lay on my belly with my body facing the TV, and my feet resting on her legs as she sat on the couch behind me.
>I start moving my legs towards her naughty parts pretending I am unaware
>toeing her with my foot
>I look back and she asks me what I am doing and to stop
>I started at her...and proceeded to molest my 21 year old baby sitter
>She moved off and I told her to stop it or I tell me parents what a bad babysitter she was...
>Every time she babysat me I would touch her vagina or ask her to give me a bath...she needed the cash for uni
>One day, my great grandma come round. Bare in mind she has a weak heart and gets heart attacks as if she was breathing air...she had at least 3 in that whole year
>she was deemed to old and weak for a transplant at the age of 81
>basically she was an old ass motherfucker.
>walks in on me touching her while she acted as if I wasn't even there..
>Man is furious... Never seen her like this...she start shouting at the babysitter
>I am thinking his is it game over...no more toys for Christmas..fuck.
>Baby sitter is crying saying she will leave...she need the money..blah blah blah she leaves crying
>to be continued
No you didn't
Shot a Man in Reno, just to watch him die.
to be fair, he put his dick near your face.
fucks up with that.
Nothing, my parents paid for it
Right now I'm waiting for my ship date for boot camp. Leave May 12
Pimps are the worst in illegal professions, you saved some bitches from getting stabbed
Sides are in orbit. Fucking kek
you must be new here
good luck
Did you wipe all that sticky stuff off your face?
Uhhh. I shaved my pussy and asshole with my roommate's razor multiple times. Also, I smelled the panties of the 12 yo asian girl I am babysitting. I fantasize of licking her pussy.
No that's only when my uncle skeeter stays the night
Thanks bro.
>ITT: state the worst thing you've ever done
i wrote a script that floods the tor network with torrent data for linux ISOs. i let spare PCs at work run the script when idle.
Honestly feel bad for the guy, but I'm also glad you beat the shit out of him and threw him out.
get a room fags
Senior year in high school I had a thing with the Swiss exchange student. I also started fucking the girl she wAs living with for the year. The Swiss exchange student walked in on me and the other girl in the bathroom hooking up at a party. Felt so bad about it because she really liked me. Also ended up wasting two years on the other girl because she ended up being a slut who can't commit. Looks like I got what was coming to me
plz go on
File: 1416963096333.jpg (12KB, 350x380px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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lmao,what a piece of shit
Got my BFF raped when we were 15. She got sloppy drunk at a party and I told her to go lie down. Then found the doucher jock she was crushing on and told him she had a secret rape fantasy fetish. He was high enough to do it. I peeked at the door.

When she told me about it while bawwing after, I said it was her fault for flirting with him all night. She was a virgin. I still bate thinking about it.
Let my BF play with the girl I babysat while I watched an bated.
yeah right. i've never heard of a slave leave his master
fucking rek that cunt
File: 1375794974653.jpg (34KB, 813x610px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
34KB, 813x610px

Let my BF play with the girl I babysat while I watched an bated.
Got pregnant on purpose. Didn't tell SO I stopped birth control. Our son is 3.
I think thats a bit much. I mean I would have kicked him out, but destroying him like that? Bit overkill
at the rap battle hitting doubles not getting in trouble my girl said she would suck my chubble if i explained to her the hubble telescope
Noice, how old was the kid? I can't molest her because she is too old now, but damn she is so pretty. Her panties smelled good.
File: 1422879045743.jpg (50KB, 500x603px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>had crush on my older sister's friend
>She had the best body you can imagine, something like this
>her and sister were studying for exam once
>her friend is hungry, sister is a bitch, tell her to fuck off
>friend comes to me and asks me in a sweet voice to make her a sandwich
>make her a sandwich
>cum inside it
>mfw that hottie swallowed my cum
Tits or GTFO
>being this new
>pee inside her vag

Howd you manage that?
Too young to blab about it LOL. Super bad but OMG is it horny.
>Be me, age 4
>Living in Florida, walking with a friend in the back yard
>See large snake on the ground
>Time to kill this motherfucker like mario bros 2.
>Run and get shovels
>Friend hold's snake still with shovel
>I take other shovel and chop it's head off isis.jpg
>Put snake's dead body around my neck pretending i'm Jake the Snake
>Show parents, their horrified
>Snake is neighbors escaped pet
Same as I manage to take a piss while having a morning wood, it feels better as a matter of fact, every human being should try it
I never seed my torrents
File: 1423438254813.jpg (39KB, 500x375px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
39KB, 500x375px
I am babysitting 2 girls, one is 12 and the other one is 10. Can't do anything to either of them.
When I was younger I convinced 3 girls to lrt mr touch them. I told them we are playing mom and dad and I was alwys playing the dad ;DD Ahh, some people would say it was rape, but I think they enjoyed it. I was like 10 tho.
You worthless piece of shit, I hope you die
i was nice to a jew
i second this
She defo enjoys it. Her cute lil face scrunches up an her whole body shivers. Sooo cute.

Does the older one have cute panties yet?
Get on my level
>I used to beat my own beta dad when I was a kid.
Fuck it, why not?
>Be 19, date freshman at UC Berkley
>7/10 with double D, obviously a little thick, but not really
>Get her intrigued by diving deep into her life
>Tell about childhood so she opens up about the abuse she has been through
>Take her virginity
>break up with her
>tell her that she sucks at giving head and that I need it elsewhere
>come back to her just for the sport of it
>treat like shit until she hates me
>say shit like, "You would look great if you Liposuctioned your legs."
>she becomes clinically anorexic
>get her to take me back every time
>this goes on for 2 years
>get her to want to marry me
>fuck her mom
I did this too, and my mum fell in so deep that she actually fused with the toilet and when they pulled her off she was missing all her organs and she died.
Maybe your bitch sister took the sandwich for herself ? Or even took a bite ? ever though about that ?
They are cute, yes. I bet her little ass fits so nicely in them :)
Haha family guy
File: keg.jpg (50KB, 350x288px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>fuck her mom
fucking unexpected turn of events
top fucking keg
Keep talking I'm about to cum
That'd be even better
For serious though, I got a homeless guy killed so that I could steal about 5k worth of drugs and small bills.
Haven't got to see them? U néed to have a fashion show.
Well at least he has to live with whatever he has for the rest of his life. Good punishment.
This morning I went to wake her up and her beautiful legs were outsidenthe blanket. I wish I could touch her thighs and reach that sweet asian pussy of her
Stamped a swastika on a synagogue when i was 16 or 17.
It's not that i don't hate kikes any more, but the fact that i would basically have ruined my life if i was caught.
Ask silly.
I wash her clothes and put them in the drawer. Ofc i see them
oh yes i came, time to eat my own cum, i'm such a huge faggot
Sorry for some typo using shitty phone.

> >Grandma starts crying asking if she touched me...I say no we was playing.
>Within a heart beat or not In her case she faceplant the ground.
>confirmed kill
>I ran outside screaming she is dead..she is dead.
>see Babysitter
>She is in shock already
>We go back home and call 999
>I tell the babysitter I won't tell if you don't... Nigger needs his action man after a hard day at primary school.
>Ambulance comes
>grandma confirmed dead...
>We get asked what happened I say she just feel and died
>babysitter is asked where she was going and doing at the time, she says shops since grandma said she could look after me until my parents go home.
>I walk over all upset and shit and demand a hug from the baby sitter
She hugs me as they are talking to her.
>enjoying her warm embrace I place my head on her breasts
>what have I become
>Ambulance crew drive away with a great deal of sympathy for me having to witness my grandma die in front of my eyes
>story is legit
>parents come home...she how distraught the babysitter...allow her to have extra time off and raise her pay.
>Babysitter looks like she is about to jump off a bridge.
>never saw he again after that
>my mum said she went away.
>later found out some years after she had tried commiting suicide but failed and suffered brain damage.
>my secrete is safe with me
>Grandma dead
>Babysitter is now a full blown retard
>Secrete will die with me.
After I hit my teens this messed me up so much, I thought I was a monster growing up but now I just don't care and find it actuay a bit funny on how a 7 year old could have caused such mischief. I was truly an asshole my mum she have swallowed.
OMFG poor girl.

You would go crazy watchin my BF try to get it in the girl I watch.
File: mW2S79s.jpg (266KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Np bae ;)
That's sick
>Be me, 24 years old
>Meet girl on OK cupid
>She's 4/10 with huge tits.
>Go to her house, have sloppy sex
>Notice she has a fair amount of nice shit
>She tells me she's going out of town next week, so can't see me till she gets back.
>Unlocks window in dining room
>Go to her house when she's gone, break in
>Steal any/everything of value
>She gets back, never talk to her again
>MFW police call me to talk to me
>"Stayed home playing vidya, working at Pizza Hut"
>Sold everything on ebay/craigslist 6 months later.
Tits ?
Damn that sounds hot as fuck
>confirmed nigger
It is. He can't even get the tip all the way in tho :(
Why not? Tell him to use saliva or something. Or js the kid crying?
>be 20
>have 25 year old gf, one in a million, a 9/10, she's also a teacher
>do role play, she gives good head, sex is great
>no anal though, she doesn't like it
>have huge urge to do anal, never done it before
>can't take it anymore, flirt with 7/10 girl on facebook
>a week later go to her place and fuck her up the ass
>go home, still thinking about how good it was
>get a raging boner again
>call gf, she comes to my place, goes down on me
>"anon your dick tastes funny"
>"Uhm.. I kinda started jerking off with this lotion before you got here.. I couldn't stop thinking bout you"
>mfw she was tasting the other girl's ass
Not really the worst but sort of a bad story

>Be me, aged 25
>On 1st date qt3.14
>Meeting at mall to get food
>Wearing board shorts/flipflops
>Had thai soup the night before
>Try to fart quietly, end up shitting myself
>Shit falls down, gets stuck between my flipflop and my foot
>never realized how slippery shit was
>"Uh, I gotta use the bathroom"
>Walk to bathroom, on otherside of food court
>Shit literally falling down my leg, think pellet deer-like shit, not logs.
>Get to bathroom, start washing off
>Takes like 20 minutes
>Exit bathroom, mall food court evacuated
>My shit was stepped in and tracked everywhere.
>Mexicans working hard to clean up
>Date horrified, has no idea it was my fault
>"Fucking niggers, lets get out of here"
>Dated for 8 months
Fucked a cousin, rolled trips, actually found a ylyl thread without the banana. It's a future we all strive for.
She's too tiny and we don't want to do damage. We've tried lube. Even analeze. Just won't fit in.
Details pleaae
File: 1411134332700.png (257KB, 516x526px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Read that before re
That episode of Friends took a dark turn
I reeeeally like that picture, anon
I took a huge piss in a kiddie pool when I was 10.
5 kids got really sick with skin rashes and ear infections.
>I never told anyone
Are you an x-men?

>be 7 years old
>playing football with friends
>kick ball hard, goes over neighbor's fence
>knock on his outer door (Houses here aren't like surburban american houses, there's an outer door that leads to the garden and an inner door that leads inside the house)
>30 something guy opens up
>"Hi mister, can you give me my ball, it's in your garden"
>"go get it yourself"
>I enter, go find the ball and then I go for the outer door
>door is locked
>"mister can you please open the door?"
>"you're gonna have to do something to deserve it"
>starts unzipping
>he's hard, first time I see something like that, I froze, didn't understand shit
>he rubbs his thing on my face
>I try to run away but he holds me by force
>keeps doing shitty stuff and making shitty voices while at it

>manage to run away
>he chases me in his garden
>his pants are down so I was quicker
>find pile of boxes, climb them and jump over fence
>I'm in a stranger's house
>lead towards outer door open it and leave
>didn't tell anyone
>a couple years later we leave that neighborhood and go live in the city
>be 15
>scarred, never forgot about it
>go to that neighborhood to visit aunt
>at night
>go to the guys house with a bat
>it's him
>knock him out with the bat
>keep hitting him all over his body
>oh shit oh shit
>get rid of bat
>go home thinking I killed him
>aunt talks about it after couple of days
>he's alive, his legs were severly broken though
>ask her about him after a while, she said he's a cripple now
>nobody ever heard about this story exept some random /b/ anons now
Top kek
Well done mate, good story, I hope you don't feel guilty, you're a here :)
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Thread images: 10

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