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>2000+911(jet fuel can't melt Michael "steal"

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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>2000+911(jet fuel can't melt Michael "steal" brown beams)-896=2015
>not smoking crack
>not snorting / smoking / shooting heroin

When will you and other faggots realize it was used for medicine, you don't die from heroin, you die from relapsing and your tolerance has grown. Or you get shit that's cut with something dangerous. You can be super productive and not get sick or go through withdrawals.
>you go through withdrawals from running out from no money or dealer got arrested, ran out etc. Crack is such a cleaner high than powder cocaine. It's not as much as an upper, it's more euphoric, you still get the upper feeling, but can actually sleep the same night you took it.

Anyway faggots give me one good reason why they shouldn't be legalized.

>Protip : you can't

Pic related, 2 dimes of crack, 4 different stamps of heroin. Redbull was the purest and best, second was moscato, third Devils tears, and last was versace. My stuff, got the Devils tears tonight along with 4 dimes of crack, already did 2 dimes. other stamps are from other times I picked up.

>Also, ask me anything niggers.
Have fun dying or trying to quit faggot.
How am I gonna die? Go to sleep, high-school sneaks up on you.
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What's up opi-fag.
Swiy shouldn't brag about doing heroin though.
Must've nodded off
Swiy? I'm not a teenager. Why not, big bad fbi? Lol Are you smoking a roxy or oxy pill? Or do you get tar heroin and smoking that? State?

Captcha : opslame
Confirmed OP is a faggot.
I'm still replying, and it's only been 15 minutes nigger cock sucker. Go suck your wife's bull you faggot cuckold.
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Just checking if you actually read up on your drugs you know what it means.

Smoking an mbox30, not really preferred method usually insufflate.

Tell me how the white boy is op I've always wondered about taking that step up.

>pic is oc
Damn bro I hope all your vices don't make you so aggressive.
But then again you are a fggot.
the only drug i need is my foreskin
Bump so you're thread doesn't die after 5 replies.
Fuck. Me. Your*
They should all be legal... that being said, you're a degenerate faggot who refuses to address your actual problems
I don't use pills anymore, and when I did it was xanax valium opanas or roxies / oxies (percs and vicodin didn't do shit), never got suboxone or anything related, I did methadone a few times but not a lot. Well white girl (powder) and hard, cookie, rock etc believe it or not actually feel pretty mad different when it comes to their highs. I did while girl first, when I was still on 30mg roxies. I got a gram of really really good fish scale (it'll look like fish scales kinda, if you hear that, buy it), and that shit lasted me like 4 days. I loved speedballin, I'd do a few roxies, and a few smalls bumps throughout the day and a xannie to keep my heart rate down . White girl gets you attentive and awake to 0-100 mad fuckin quick, and your nose, throat get mad numb from the drips. You are talkative and wanna get everything done, and talk (or fight & argue if you're a douche) when on it, it would last me like 2 hours or so, but I did very small bumps because I'm more of a downer guy. Just try it, you will like it, do a small bump, like half an inch long half inch thick. You can always do more. Crack I like better, not as crazy as an upper, when doing heroin or opiates it just boosts the effects. I can nod out from doing a lot of crack. You will get numb lips. More euphoric than powder, but doesn't last as long. You eventually just keep doing hit after hit until it's done. >>600601203 nah not mad
Damn that sounds like one hell of time. Personally I think the drip is the best fucking feeling/taste(pain only). You really know you're getting fucked up.

Have you ever hit the needle op?
I hear once you go there you don't come back. Almost had the chance to iv some morphine sulfate tonight but alas was too chicken and went for the regular oxy30s
Thanks bro, huge reply to other anon sorry it took long, not pre typed. (maybe you?)
It should, and no I'm completely aware of what happened to me when I was young, and what started my drug usage. I've been to a psychiatrist since 17 (6+ years) but meds don't help. I know I'm a huge fuck up, waste of life, and this is the only thing that let's me escape, plus I LOVE drugs so much. I know I should stop, and I go 3 or 4 days through withdrawals like once a month, because poor. I can stop, but I'm not ready to and don't want to.
You're addicted to dick and jerking off? Yeah I remember finding porn on vhs and first timing jerking it back when I was also 9 years old. Let the adults talk, go back to mlp
Thread posts: 17
Thread images: 4

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