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What do you think is the most-dangerous/violent/crime-ridden

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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What do you think is the most-dangerous/violent/crime-ridden city in America? Anyone interested in discussing this this morning and maybe sharing some stories?

I've started this thread several times and have gotten to read some great stories and learned about the culture of many cities I haven't been to and likely won't get to visit, so that's why I start these threads.

Here's my list of the most-dangerous cities in America:

1.) Detroit, Pontiac, Saginaw, & Flint, Mi
2.) Gary, Indianapolis, & East Chicago, In
3.) Camden, Paterson, Newark, Trenton, & East Orange, NJ
4.) Chicago, Rockford, & East St. Louis, Il
5.) Memphis & Nashville, Tn
6.) Baltimore, Md
7.) Atlanta, Ga
8.) New Orleans, La
9.) St. Louis, & Kansas City, Mo
10.) Birmingham, Mobile, & Prichard, Al
11.) Milwaukee, Wi
12.) Philadelphia, & Chester, Pa
13.) Oakland, Stockton, Fresno, & Richmond, Ca
14.) Jackson, Ms
15.) Little Rock, Pine Bluff, & West Memphis, Ar
16.) Cleveland, Cincinnati, Dayton, Akron, Columbus, & Youngstown, Oh
17.) Houston, & Dallas, Tx
18.) Wilmington, De
19.) Oklahoma City, & Tulsa Ok
20.) Bridgeport, Hartford, & New Haven, Ct
21.) Buffalo, Brooklyn, & Newburgh, NY
22.) Albuquerque, NM
23.) Miami, Jacksonville, Orlando, Opa-Locak, Fl
24.) Richmond, Va
25.) Phoenix, & Tucson, Az

So, what do some of you on here say is the most-ghetto city in America ? Is it where you live now or are originally from? I live in Arizona, on the outskirts of Phoenix, and there's certainly crime here, but I've tried to keep my ass out of trouble for many years now, so I don't have many good stories to share.

However, I'd like to hear about the place(s) y'all think are the worst of the worst.

> Pic related: A Bay Area cop/B.A.R.T. car that was vandalized after the George Zimmerman verdict.
>Any city in NM on that list
toppest of keks
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To try to bump the thread, here's a story that was recently shared in a previous thread by a guy in Hueytown, Alabama:

More like pic related :)
>At home while roommates are at work.
>Don't own car so it looks like no one is home.
>Hear glass break from side door directly across from my room.
>Grab shotty off the wall and swing my door open, leveling shotgun as an arm has gone through window on door.
>Fire off a round into door and watch hand explode and arm disappear out the door.
>Look out front window to see guy running through next door neighbor's yard and into woods.
>First time ever shooting someone and adrenaline is wearing off, look back in kitchen were fingers are and throw up.

Got my roommate to come home from work early and called the cops. Guy must have toughed it out or bled out at someone's house, cause he never showed up at a hospital.

We changed the doors the next day to steel doors with double locks (have to use key inside to lock and unlock the doors so you cant break a window and unlock the door. Bars on all windows now. And this is just inside the house, fuck the shit I deal with out and about just going to the damn gas station to buy cigarettes.

> and a follow-up post by same guy:

I'm the guy that lives in Hueytown, same dude.
The police were actually pretty chill about it, like I said, white dude shooting a black dude breaking in. For once cop racism works for me lol. But no, they couldn't do fingerprints on them, and aren't gonna waste the money on DNA testing for "petty" crime. Dude's now missing a hand, he ain't gonna be robbing shit now if he is still alive somewhere.

Remington 887 12 gauge 4+1 loaded. I don't know the price, friend got it at one the gun shows at the BJCC as a Christmas present, but they retail at 550-600. It's a damn good shotgun to me. Same friend has a .40 1911(Predator, I think) that I'm in love with but can't find one for less that $400.

Pick one burger, no one would know that America exist if stage/11 never happened
Really, your going to put Rockford on there and not Peoria
Why is this post so commonly respammed? I can't imagine any fuck being given about it, but it's constantly here.
You really think so? Here are some posts from a previous thread posted bout Albuquerque, New Mexico (NOT my stories):

I live and work in Albuquerque as a bouncer and a security guard in the south valley.

>walking home from work, double shift
>see two kids get chased into a ditch by mexican
>screaming, gunshots
>duck the fuck out, call the cops
>APD wont come into this part of town, they tell me to call county


>working security for the avengers movie
>theyre shooting in the abandoned railyards
>tell us to clear out the bums
>go upstairs, hear a ruckus

>kick open door, three mexicans raping a man
>nope the fuck out, get chased down stairs
>pepper spray two mexicans
>cops show up 45 mins later


>working security at bar by laguna pueblo
>two indians pull up in a 90s ford taurus
>immediately start shooting at me and hooting
>I take a .45 to the shoulder
>cry, piss in my pants
>return fire wildly with 9mm, empty two magazines
>they tear ass out of the parking lot
>nobody in the bar even gives a fuck
>cops show up 20 mins later, no ambulance
>drive self 30 mins to hospital downtown

lots of shit stories

>working security for breaking bad
>they pick the shittiest neighborhood twisters for fake chicken restaurant
>sitting on top of a half million dollars of copper caples
>mexicans obviously casing the joint, drive by repeatedly for two hours from 2-4am
>load shotgun, sit on truck hood holding it
>mexicans watch me from parking lot across the street
>cops take 45 mins to show

i fucking hate albuquerque
fuck mexicans
fuck indians
You're a true American hero, anon.
More posts by the guy in Albuquerque:

>driving out towards isleta pueblo in my bronco
>looking forward to a good day of offroading and drinking
>old ford truck stops in the middle of the road in front of me
>two mexicans get out and point guns at me
>yelling spanish gibberish
>floor it, drive off the road into the bosque
>fucking brown people shoot my back window out

another time

>playing poker at route 66 casino
>taking hands from drunk indians all night >cash out at a little over three grand
>three asshole mudskins following me from cashier to exit
>tell security
>they refuse escort to my car
>run from exit to truck
>am fat, smoke, get caught
>get a few good hits in but recieve ass-beating of a lifetime
>retards only took 300$ from my wallet, not 3000 in boot

>driving patrol in internat. district, run over some construction bullshit
>blow out a tire
>mexicans gather, one tries to grab keys from me
>shove beaner onto the ground, kick violently
>get back in the car, drive six blocks on the rim
>not today mudskins

>land of enchantment
And some more posts by the guy from Albuquerque:

Okay yeah i have more stories

Actors are all generally pretty cool. I was up at val kilmers house in santa fe for a party and hes weird but cool. Bryan cranston would bring us breakfast burritos in the AM. Harrison ford and daniel craig were cool, met them doing cowboys and aliens.

Tommy lee jones is a drama queen pos.and the cap america guy is an asshole.
I lived in Milwaukee for a bit and it was alright, a little worse than abq.
Phoenix is a suburb piece of cake. Its nice there.

> --------

Yeah I think Abq is quite a biy worse off. They don't talk about it as much but south of I40 isnt okay to be after dark.

Never met Tapia, but I boxed at that same gym for awhile. J. Voight was a cool dude, he sat next to me at tuscanos downtown. Sam jackson was a serious asshole. We ran into him in old town and he told us to get the fuck out of his way. My wife and I were sitting in the grass. Grade A douche. My wife's friend called him a trash ass nigger. I laughed.

> --------

People get kidnapped out of town and there's a pretty serious problem with human traffickers. Also if you dont lock your shit up tight your truck will be stolen. Will be.

At about 3am the other night some asshole started banging on my door yelling about needing change for the bus. Ofc my wife is like "go do something about it"

I opened the door and this asshole tried to stab me with a little insulin needle. I had the baby monitor in my hand and i hit him in the face with it six or seven times before it broke apart. I didnt even make the conscious thought to do it, just happened. Took APD almost 45 minutes to show up.
I'm a little surprised Richmond made the list. It's gotten way better in the past 3-5 years.

Washington D.C. needs to be on there though, purely because of the shit that happens in SE.
Well i live in Tucson and i just saw a guy run out of a car with a giant hammer like Mario. No idea what the fuck he was up to. Been here six years. Closest thing to real fucked up violence i've seen is where 4 mexicans stopped in front of me in an underpass and ran to the sidewalk with their hands in their waistbands talking shit to these guys on the street. Some girl screamed and they drove off.
Had my car broken into once. Got like 4 friends who've had cars or motorcycles straight stolen. Tons more who've just had em broke into.
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You don't like the thread? Stay the fuck out of it, you fucking idiot cocksucker. There's surely a trap/sissy thread active on the boards right now that you will likely fit right in on. Go be a piece of shit faggot in there. Please.

> Pic related: Someone who is probably 10 times cooler than your stupid ass is.
Indianapolis really does not deserve the number 2 spot. Sure, there's some nasty inner city areas, but it's not on par with the Bronx, Oakland, Inglewood, Atlanta, or Detroit.

Indianapolis, unless you're in nigtown doing something stupid at 2AM, you (or your property) probably won't come to any harm.
I don't think I'd even heard of Rockford, Illinois, before starting these threads and then seeing people mention it as being a fucked-up city. Is Peoria worse than Rockford? Is it on the same level as the ghettos in Chicago or East St. Louis?

I have one question for you: Are you a Wildcats fan? If so, Bear The Fuck Down, my homie! Go, Wildcats!!
I originally just had Gary on the list at the #2 spot, but someone mentioned Indianapolis as having some really bad areas that are om par with Gary, so I added it to the list. Have you been to both Indianapolis and Gary? If so, are the worst parts of Indy anything close to the bad parts of Gary? And what about East Chicago?
Since you mentioned Indiana, here's a screencap of a greentext story that someone posted about driving through Gary, Indiana, on the way to Chicago to pick up someone from the aiport and having cars pull out of a side road and block the street he was driving down and trying to ambush him while pointing a shotgun at him.

> Pic related: The screencap of the greentext story I just described
Maybe its just because I live by Peoria so it seems worse than it is. Excluding Chicago, Rockford is number 2 in Illinois after Harvey Illinois. Peoria is number seven. But the top 3 are Harvey Rockford and Springfield as the most dangerous.
Also, Chicago is IL, not IN. And though Gary, IN is part of Chicago's eastern urban sprawl, Indianapolis is a different area altogether.... Indianapolis, even the bad areas of it, are not on par with Chicago/Gary.
Gary is a post-apocalyptic niggerland. They have road blocks in the street made up of old couches and shit hoping to get truckers to stop so they can get robbed. There's a few manufacturing centers but most of the jobs have moved elsewhere so it's nothing but crime and decay with few jobs, most living off welfare.

Indianapolis, for the most part, is nice. There's nigger areas but as long as you handle yourself right and don't go trying to buy crack and/or a gun, you should be fine. Indy doesn't compare with those other places, at all. It's in the minor leagues compared to Gary (Chicago metropolitan area's worse ghettos).
Have you been to East St. Louis? I have not, but from what several people have posted in previous threads on here, ESL is likely one of the worst, most-violent, scariest cities in America. It seems like a similar place to Gary, Camden, and the worst parts of Detroit, from what anons on here have suggested.

> Pic related: A picture of East St. Louis, Illinois.

And here are the comments used to describe the image:

>A thin line separates civilization and barbarism... just beyond the horizon rests 98% black East St. Louis.

It also mentioned how there was a wild brawl at the DES Office in East St. Louis while people were waiting in line to get their food stamps refilled/approved.
I have been there a couple of times and yes it is a gigantic festering shit hole full of crime, but generally Illinois cuts that part out of their list. For the most part that is still Missouris problem

Yay, my city is on there
Did you read the screencap of the story about Gary here: >>600055582 ?

By pretty much all accounts, Gary is no fucking joke and is as hardcore and violent as any place in the United States. The story you describe about people blocking off the roads and trying to rob truckers is not hard to believe at all. However, I have to ask, with shit like that happening so blatantly and frequently, how the fuck are the cops/LEO's in/around Gary doing more to arrest and lock up these fucking menaces?

And I can't help but be curious, have you been to any of the other really bad ghetto areas in the Midwest, like Detroit, Flint, East St. Louis, Milwaukee, Cleveland? If so, how does Gary compare to them? Are they all pretty similar in the worst parts? Or is one of them actually noticeably worse than the others?
You stupid mother fucker, what city would that be? And do you have any stories you would like to share?
>98% black East St. Louis

WTF is wrong with the other 2% that they stay there?
They're terminally retarded, and can't stop jerking off to 'diversity', 'equality', and other fantasy ideas.

People are extremely stupid.
USA: what a fuckn shithole
Cops in Gary (one of the worst areas of the US to be a cop), are just trying to keep their heads above water and not get killed.

Do you think a guy making 30k a year is really going to stick his head out and start arresting street gang members?

It's like Detroit, the criminals run the show. Lawless nigger land. If you have white skin or any sense, you just don't live there. There's some pretty nice white suberbs of Chicago.

Like most blighted niggertowns, Gary has been pretty much left to rot. There are areas of this nation the government has given up on (and justly so) and Gary is one of em...
I used to work for a car rental place in the LA area and we once had a car come back riddled with bullet holes.
One of my managers used to work at another location where someone in the rental car was shot and killed.

I have a few friends in Oakland who have some pretty wild stories
File: detroit_5.jpg (72KB, 550x725px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I take it that you are from, currently live in and/or have spent significant time in/around Gary? Where do you currently live? And have you actually been to the legitimately bad parts of Gary? Detroit? Flint? Chicago? And if you had to pick one of these cities that you've been to/are familiar with, which would you say is the most crime-ridden/violent/ghetto/scary city of them?
Racism exists for a reason.

If you're black, hispanic, or any other terrible minority, you don't need to be a dumbshit all the time, as crazy as that may seem.

>"But I wuz born innit yo"
>"Innit tuh winnit"
>"Gotta fuck a bich an' git doh"

Go back to Africa, shitters.
>puts newark in same list as camden and paterson
>clearly hasnt been to iron bound district or downtown area

try again
I live in Indianapolis. Have been to Gary/Chicago/Detroit...

Gary is worst, Detroit is a close second, but at least there's areas of Detroit where you don't have a palpable creepy vibe.

I actually really like Chicago. Beautiful place. Niggers pretty much stay in their areas (which are bad mind you). I consider Chicago one of those places everyone should visit.
I'm from NZ, and thank fuck here and Aus receive the majority of our immigrants from China and India. They're not perfect, but a whole load better than niggers and muslims
My dad was the project manager on a construction project that had a yard in the Willowbrook section of Los Angeles County.

He had two men working in the yard, moving some timbers. They had housed a stack of lumber onto their shoulders and were carrying them to a truck. The guy in front heard a thunk and felt the lumber move.

Turns out it was caused by a bullet hitting the lumber, next to his head.

He walked off the job that afternoon. My dad still gave him a good reference.

>had housed a stack


Fucking typos.
Man I was really hoping this would of taken off more.
Are you from/do you live in Camden? If so, here's a re-write I did of a story someone else posted in a previous thread about getting beaten up in Camden, NJ.

Basically, the story went something like this:

> Mexican kid/guy, about 18, 6'2'' and 200 lbs, fairly muscular, goes to stay with grandmother in Camden
> been there for a few days, decides to walk to the store for grandmother, by himself
> apparently, a very bad idea
> walks inside store, big, older white guy clerk immediately says that he should not be there, that it's not safe for him
> Mexican kid/guy walks out of the store after making purchase and is encountered by 3 large, black males walking down the sidewalk
> one of the black guys says that one of them dropped their bag of dope and that they saw him pick it up and take it
> Mexican kid/guy says he is legitimately frightened, as the 3 black males are huge and don't appear to be fucking around
> Mexican kid/guy nervously says that he did not take their drugs and that he did not want any trouble
> the 3 black males decide that he deserves to get violently beaten up, so they immediately start to do so
> Mexican kid/guy says that the 3 black males all start punching him violently and he falls to the ground and is getting pummeled
> while on the ground, one of the black males starts grabbing his fingers and literally starts breaking them, he ends up with 3 fingers broken
> while this beating is happening, a cop car pulls up and blares his siren, the 3 black males start walking away, Mexican kid/guy feels like crying, because he is so happy
> cop pulls away without even getting out of his car
> apparently, in Camden, someone getting jumped by 3 guys was not important enough for the cop to get out of his car and check on the victim

> after that experience, the Mexican kid/guy stated that he did not go out in Camden again before moving back home

> Pic related: A rooftop view in Camden, New Jersey
9. KC and STL? the two aren't comparable, theres 4 times as many niggers in STL
The guy who originally posted the story that I posted here >>596777594 told it in a better fashion than I just did; but, I'm sure you get the gist of what happened.

As for Camden being a really shitty place, in the same thread that the guy shared the story about getting jumped, another person also posted, a white kid (around 16-17, iIrc), and told a story about having gotten lost after driving his parents car home from a concert and ending up in Camden. I don't recall the specifics, but I think he was at a stop sign/stoplight and just got ambushed by someone on the street who smashed through his side window and dragged him out of the car. Ultimately, he said that he ended up getting curbed-stomped and almost died, literally. He said that the only thing that saved his life was some foreign shop-owner running outside with a shotgun and screaming at the people trying to beat him to death. And this happened because he was a white kid driving a nice car through their neighborhood.

Has anyone on here this morning been to Camden and Philadelphia? What about Chester, Pa? If so, is Camden really significantly worse than even the worst parts of Philly and Chester? People have said that Camden looks like a war zone and that if you are from out of town/white and you go there, you are literally in danger of being assaulted/robbed/carjacked/killed at all times, especially, at night. And they have suggested that Camden is like the Detroit of the East Coast.

Is Camden really comparable to Detroit?
File: 1424560221307.jpg (24KB, 294x271px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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check'em, mother-fucker.
And another story from a previous thread about the nice American city of Camden, New Jersey:

>Used to work at Campbell's soup in Camden, NJ
>Local black guy said his car broke down
>offered him ride because he's cool and got me weed previously
>drive into hell, thinking I have privileged white boy propaganda telling me its awful in the city
>cant be that bad
>mfw I pulled up to a stop light and four bandan wearing goons walk out of a house and theyre buddy in an escalade blocks the road
>all of them draw guns, i prepare for destruction
>Wally (the blackguy) yells at one of the guys and says "yo mama will beat your ass shawn"
>mfw they all leave in the escalade
> never again and how tha fuck i was litterally within the city limits for 5 min
Abandoned buildings are a thing for me, so here's some insight on where I've been. I've been fortunate to never be in a violent situation however there are some places worth noting...

West Garfield Park (Chicago) was easily the sketchiest neighborhood I've been in. We were heading to Brach's one morning and within minutes of getting off the Green we were getting called-out by a group on the street for being white - I thought they were going to chase us but they didn't. Another time we were scoping-out an old hotel and got harassed by a fireman (white, interestingly) at the neighboring fire station.

I've been to Gary 16 or 17 times. I take the train from the north suburbs to Chicago, then hop over to Van Buren Street Station and ride the South Shore Line right to downtown. Have been down there by myself often, sometimes at night, and have walked-so from the station to 5th/Garfield, and down Broadway to 17th and back a few times. The abandoned church downtown can be fun at night. Beyond being caught by police twice and accidentally barging-in on a squatter I've not had problems with people, there. Most have actually been rather-friendly. Friend of mine got chased on his bike, recently; but we think the guy was just fucking with him.

Harvey's rough; spent alot of time down there photographing and looting documents from Dixie Square Mall. Kings, P-Stones, and Disciples all marked that place as theirs over the decades, but fortunately I never ran into anyone beyond a guy begging for a job on 151st. Friends of mine were shooting a feature-length doc on DSM a decade ago, and to my knowledge were never fucked with, either. I want to go back for the abandoned power plant that was north of the mall but there's nowhere safe to leave the car without setting yourself up for a long walk.
File: WadenaGang650.jpg (194KB, 650x537px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Usually, there are lots of mentions about Ohio, so here's a story that was posted about an experience in Cleveland, Ohio.

fuck it

>>go to see a concert in cleveland
>>never been to cleveland should be fun
>>get together with clan of friend and load up in a big ass navigator
>>all skater bros etc.
>>get into town a day early to see the city fuck off skate etc.
>>later that nig...

oh wait allow me to tell you a secret about ol clevecityburgville easily the dirtiest city this side of the 1st world part of the equator. holy fuck people throw shit in a garbage can please

>>later that night we split off
>>me and the current gf head off skating
>>she is kinda wore out so she is walking with her board as I skate back and forth
>>really just cruising seeing the city
>>i would skate ahead a bit and wait for her to catch up
>>i have a thing about night skating
>>lub mah night skates
>>anyhoo skate ahead and turn around
>>strange city etc trying to keep an eye on her
>>fucking bum out of an alley
>>lunges out grabs her and pulls her into an alley
>>didn't see me i guess?
>>crazy endorphins
>>mad adrenaline
>>i all of a sudden was positive I was bulletproof
>>run into the alley without thinking or commanding my body to
>>he has his back to me as I get close she kicks him away
>>he takes two steps back and
>>catches the heaviest set of independent trucks they ever made
>>directly to the side of the head
>>I even spun my foot as I swung
>>like full tilt
>>the noise
>>the blood
>>he flies into the brick wall and collapses
>>no movement
>>i'm pretty sure I just collapsed this guys skull
>>grab gf
>>meet back at the hotel with the group never told anyone
>>we still haven't talked about it to this day tbh
>>no idea what happened to him but i'll assume he wasn't wearing his life alert so probably kill

Pic related: A picture that showed up after searching Google Images for "Cleveland Ohio Ghetto"
File: chicago-illinois-.jpg (147KB, 800x654px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
147KB, 800x654px
Dang, that sounds like it would make for some interesting exploring! And I was going to ask you about possibly possibly posting some pictures of these places even before seeing you specifically mention photographing. So, do you have any pics of these places that you'd care to post?
And in case someone comes across this thread and would like to see some stories from a previous thread, here's a good recent one that I archived: http://4archive.org/b/thread/596752389
File: hdr-church.jpg (2MB, 1700x1133px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 1700x1133px
Yeah, I can dump a few. Here's the church in Gary, as of last-October. Place is literally a tourist spot, have seen everyone from filmmakers to some kids and their grandmother, here. Roof collapsed last summer, thank fuck nobody was inside.
That is a nice pic! And is an excellent quality photo. What kind of camera do you have/was that taken with? And do you have any cool pictures of the skyline in Chicago?
I grew up in Rockford. One night a bullet flew over my girlfriends bed as we were laying in it.

Another time some guy crashed his car into the side of her apartment building and the cops shot him to death.

She also lived by "Fort Taco Bell" which had more bullet proof glass than most banks.

Lots great memories in that town. Really, REALLY good drugs too.
Where exactly is Rockford? Is it close to Chicago? Would you say that Rockford is close to being as bad/violent/dangerous as the bad parts of Chicago? Gary? East St. Louis?

Also, for the record, people have specifically mentioned that Taco Bell in previous threads. Is it literally unsafe to go there at all times? And, seriously, do the employees get paid extra to work there? Also, what color are most of the employees?
Can confirm tulsa, ok has earned its place on that list
File: Santa-Ana_i.gif (20KB, 360x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
20KB, 360x360px
>13.) Oakland, Stockton, Fresno, & Richmond, Ca
No Santa Ana?
Place is a shithole full of beaners and Vietnamese gangsters.

>car got stolen twice, fucking twice
>house got broken into and got only my TV and console got stolen
>some dude around my neighborhood
stabbed some chick and then got shot
>some grill got killed in a drive by a few months ago
>piss-poor drivers, pretty much see an accident every week on my way to work
>big drug problem, the apartments had a massive drug bust a few weeks ago
>homeless junkies and awful hookers everywhere (most of them are 4/10 asians and the cholas are nasty)
File: _DSC0197.jpg (977KB, 1500x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
977KB, 1500x1000px
Thanks! Shot that on a D3100. Forgot to mention that was also taken the day after Darren Vann was arrested, so the city was absolutely swarming with cops, cadaver dogs, newsbirds and reporters.

I don't have many skyline shots, but here's one from the roof of the Gary Sheraton, which was just demolished (finally). Couldn't miss it from I-90.

Chicago niggers are so niggardly you can't actually understand what they're saying, even in class.

Last year we had 47 shootings over a weekend. Sweet home Chicago.
My sister lives in east st. louis, I go over there every week to remind those niggers that fucking with her will result in death.
you dont do shit you scared little cracker bitch, quit lyin
Tulsa, OK native here

>middle school had huge gang riot that swat was called out to handle (yes middle school) kid named rudy got tuned up so bad he had a collapsed lung from getting jumped. Shit was crazy theres a short vid of it on youtube. The middle school is called lewis and clark.

>saw some guy get robbed at gun point in the apartment complex i lived in when i was like 12 in broad daylight

>same apartments dude got shot 4 times in the stomach on the basketball court while we were playing (on the other side)

>high school was raided twice in one year by swat for multiple gun incidents on campus.

I have way more stories
File: _DSC0109.jpg (2MB, 2000x1333px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 2000x1333px
Oh, and this one. In 2013 I got rolled checking out an abandoned school on the west side of Gary. Cop was cool, though - had never dealt with photogs so he was a little flustered at first. Reminded me of Carl J. Winslow. The outcome of that was a police escort (he forgot to turn his lights off for half the drive) to Miller Beach on the other side of town, because he thought it would be a great place to shoot since it had been just rehabbed (it was).
Someone posted in a recent thread (last week, I think) and was describing what it's like in OKC and, specifically, Tulsa and he made it sound like it i seriously fucked-up there. He was telling about how there is a major Mexican cartel presence there now and that they set up shop on the huge Indian reservations and get the local kids there hooked on drugs and are fucking up the reservations and the surrounding areas. He said that the cartel is so prevalent and powerful there that they are paying off cops and politicians and are getting away with it. he also described how there are young girls disappearing at an alarming rate and how they are getting kidnapped and forced in to human trafficking/prostitution. The way he described it was absolutely horrible to read.

Was that you that was posting about Oklahoma City and Tulsa last week? If not, would you agree with the things I just mentioned that he was describing? is it really that awful and scary there?
It's an hour north of Chicago. Like others have said Chicago is a great city with bad areas. Rockford is just a dirty, depressing shithole. Which is why no one knows about it except for crime reports.
>1.) Detroit, Pontiac, Saginaw, & Flint, Mi
This format is stupid. So they are all the number one most dangerous city?
I live in the nigger capitol of America. Savannah GA. Over the last year's has had higher per capita murder rate than Detroit, Chicago, or DC. I literally cannot wait to gtfo of this monkey man kingdom.
As for Santa Ana, you may be the first person to mention the city in one of these threads. However, it seems like California has several cities that are legitimately ghetto and crime-ridden violent. Have you been to the rough areas of other California cities like Richmond, Stockton, Oakland, Fresno, Los Angeles, Compton, Watts, San Jose? If so, how does it compare to them? And which city do you think is the worst?

Another great pic! Please post some more! Also, how expensive is that camera? Can they be gotten used rather easily? And what brand is a D3100? Sorry, I'm not very educated on cameras, but I definitely have an interest in photography and in getting a reasonably nice digital camera for myself.

While it's certainly nice that you want to stand up for your sister, do you really think the thugs in that ghetto city are scared of you? or of anything? People have described ESl as looking like a war zone and said that it's unsettling to drive through, in the day time. When a city gets compared to Detroit and Gary, it's not fucking joke. Do you have any stories of being in East St. Louis? Or any pictures of the city? Also, what color are you?
Hope you gave him a nice blowjob on that beach as thanks. After all he could just have tazered you and had his way with you. But I guess he was feeling generous that day. It's lonely being a cop all alone out in the ruined wastelands of what was once america.
File: 1423179576088.jpg (87KB, 595x599px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
87KB, 595x599px
I wanna say.... Washington? Since most of the crimes take place in the whitehouse.
>>Live in Sydney, Australia.
>>there was a man at the train station, a little bit confused and dishevelled.
>>Police came and helped him out, took him to a shelter.
>>everyone went about their day.
Read this post here >>600062829 - Was that you in the thread last week describing how bad the cartel presence, corruption and human trafficking is in Tulsa?

And, either way, please post more stories! Also, do you have any personal pics of these places?

You think you can do a better job, go for it and start your own thread. Otherwise, go fuck yourself and get the fuck out of here. Please.
It wasnt me but he is correct

Place is not fucking safe. me and a friend of mine were sitting in his truck out in front of his house just chillin one night when some mexican kid like 12-13 years old stuck and ar in the window and robbed us. He was with some older guys who were hanging out buy a car they pulled up in.

Meth is huge in tulsa and okc and its the cartels that have a strangle hold on the dope trade there. My family used to sell meth some years back and the cartels have since taken over.

young girls disappear all the time. so much shit happens in that city that most of it never makes the news but mu ex was almost snatched up twice. Shit got so bad she wouldnt walk to my house alone anymore and i lived maybe a quarter mile away
You're either brave, insane or full of shit. East St. Louis is the wild west -- it's just mile after mile of abandoned buildings and niggers looking to kill each other and anyone stupid enough wander into their turf
Post about ATL:

OP you should really reconsider your ranking of Atlanta Georgia on your list. If you wanna talk about one of the shadiest most unsacred places to live right here is your place. I live in downtown Atlanta and the place is overrun with homeless people. I mean there is enough of them to start a fucking army. They are all lazy fucking bums that make no efforts to better themselves either. Probably atleast 3 times on a normal day I am heckled by homeless people for food or money and they are crazy rude about it. They will watch you walk into a resturant or bank and then smoother you when you come out. "Hey man give me some pizza" "hey man I just saw you go into the bank I know you have some money" it's never hey man can you please spare some change or food. It's just belligerent give me what you have. And when you refuse they get pissed as fuck and keep asking you or start screaming in public about how much of an asshole you are. I once saw a man get shot on my campus. Yes a college canpus. On my college campus a homeless man got shot right outside of the fucking police station in mid swing of trying to stab a police officer. There are constant emails going around telling students to be inside at a certain time of the night and to always be in pairs during the day because girls litterally get abducted and are never seen again all the fucking time around here.
My apartment is rampant with nigger and I mean just completely infested with the nasty fuckkers. They don't live here and they come inside and crash parties and ripe the lights and exit signs out of the ceilings in the hallways. We once found about 5 niggers living on our rooftop. I know one guy who lives here who had somebody knock on his door hold him at gun point and rob his ass in the middle of the fucking day. I know another guy who had somebody (probably a nigger) trip the sprinkler system in the hallway outside his apartment and flooded his entire room. All of his shit was ruined.
Guy posting about Atlanta again:

The only thing the guy who got his apartment flooded did was work three jobs and sleep. That guy didn't even have time to make enimies. So what happens? Some dumb nigger thought it was funny to tottaly ruin his life one night. The same thing could happen to me. I am in constant fear of some nigger tripping my fire system from the hallway now. Oh amd I forgot to mention that the niggers like to come up in my apartment complex and trip the fire alarm and 4 in the morning alllllllllll the time bro. Like holy shit atleast once every 2 weeks I have to get out of bed during the middle of the night because a massive alarm is blaring because a nigger pulled the fire alarm because it was funny.
My apartment complex started getting fined by the state because the fire department has had to come here so many times on false fire accusations.
I once saw 4 niggers beat the shit out of a whote girl in my apartment complex downstairs and had to get in the middle of it to stop them. I almost got my ass kicked myself but I started screaming that I'm calling the fucking cops and they all scattered like roaches.
Got fucking dammit I had this city so much holy fucking shit.
I just want some god damn peace and quite at might instead of drunken niggers flopping doen the stairwell outsode my room at night. And I canmt even yell at them because they'll just come back another night and trip my sprinkler system. My apartment complex now has full time security day and night in it and it doesnt do a fucking thing.
I saw a nigger rolling a blunt in the elevator i was in not even two weeks ago and he was in a skee mask. What the fuck am I supposed to do about that shit? Huh? How do I stop it?
I leave thats how.
It's to far gone. Atlanta is to far gone Op fuck atlanta
Don't get mad just learn to make proper lists. You write one city for each spot. Not five that is stupid.
File: First48.jpg (28KB, 600x350px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28KB, 600x350px
> Another response by the guy from Atlanta:

I wish I could stick around and answer all those questions OP but I have class in a little.
I got to georgia state university.
My family is from Deteroit. #1 on your list...
And I don't carry a weapon because I'm on a school campus.
As for the women every single one of the things listed happens to them from what I hear. It just depends.
There is video footage from a building of one girl from our school getting thrown into a white van in the middle of the might while she was out jogging. That was 2 months ago. They still havn't found her.

> And another guy's post about Atlanta:

I was once sitting in a resturant in downtown atlanta and a nigger ran up to my table grabbed my phone and ran out of the resturant never to be seen agian. I wasn't racist till I moved to atlanta. I mean I get I shouldn't have had my phone out at the table but what am I supposed to do? Live in constant fear in public places of somebody taking my stuff? Yes. Unfortunately yea is the answer to that. And you know why? Because of the niggers. Atlanta is broken man.

> Also, I' was watching The First 48 on A&E a few nights ago and one of the cases was in Atlanta.

Seriously, is Atlanta really that bad?
It was your fault for not being tolerant enough. Bet you didn't even have the curtesy to offer sucking their dicks. Typical white people, have no respect for the black man.
I'm from the uk. Why have I not hears about most of these places?

We hear about gangsters in Boltimore, Atlanta, New Orleans, New York (brooklyn, Queens, bronx) Chicago, Houston, LA. And that's about it.
File: you mad son.jpg (27KB, 461x343px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
you mad son.jpg
27KB, 461x343px
How do you have this?
File: boner.jpg (28KB, 400x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28KB, 400x300px
File: 1241573252234.gif (1MB, 200x207px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 200x207px
>Not including Sumter because it's small

Per capita, you gonna get raped.

http:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sumter,_South_Carolina#Crime
File: lol.jpg (18KB, 360x264px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18KB, 360x264px
Get on WikiPedia and look up "Metropolitan Statistical Area". You will find that this grouping you grouse about is quite normal.
File: the game.jpg (33KB, 500x379px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
the game.jpg
33KB, 500x379px
lol you copy pasted this from wikipedia? how sad you can't make lists so bad you have to steal ones made by others... tisk tisk
>2 kids that went to my middle school got shot walking home from church in a drive by on main road (memorial road) with high traffic midday. They were thought to be gang rivals it was all over the news.

>another high school (east central) there was a car found littered with bullet holes 4 dead. Suspected gang shooting

>staying at some family members apartments we were leaving to go to the movies. apartments were dark as hell and as we were driving out someone got shot on thier front porch. All you could see was the muzzle flash and a white tshirt. Shot the person 3 times

the police in the city are also crooked as fuck and will harass ypu for no fucking reason. Biggest gang in tulsa is the police force Given there are a some good guys but my family has never had a run in with the law that didnt end in getting beat senseless by them
> I found the guy's posts about Tulsa in that thread that I archived. I'll copy/paste them below:

yeah Oklahoma City is pretty bad, and Tulsa is worse, every other day a cop gets shot, and every day a cop shoots a methulate fuck.

The cartel has completely taken over silently. They even burned down the cheyenne tribe and everyone's distracted with isis and shit.

I firmly believe that everyone here is literally retarded.


The cartel has taken over silently, as in, they have OSBI and media connections, as in they're not a street gang like the crips etc. it's a mafia style takeover, they have immunity, anonymity(bing mexican citizens with no papers even in mexico) and basically all drugs can be traced back to them. The cheyenne tribe started a campaign to stop "to destroy that which aims to destroy our people" and http://newsok.com/cheyenne-and-arapaho-governor-calls-fires-an-attack-on-tribe/article/5390145 happened. This is going on the Kiowa Comanche and Apache reservation too, because it's Indian land (think reservation) the BIA has to deal with it, and they're not given the resources to deal with a full on invasion with aircraft taking pop shots at police and small armies of marauding mexicans flooding in tricking all the niiave indian kids into getting addicted to meth.


I almost forgot, theres TONS of missing young girls all over oklahoma. They disappear without a trace. Nothing is being done. I blame television.
File: smokey.jpg (34KB, 500x368px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
34KB, 500x368px
Philly isn't completely terrible. You can travel around a bit of the city without having to worry too much about being attacked. In fact, the west part has blacks that are generally civilized. Even the murders aren't too bad; mostly blacks concentrated in specific parts.

Never been there but I hear it's a shit hole. Lots of poor whites and blacks mixed together.

I've been told the same thing that you wrote.
File: bull.jpg (36KB, 540x375px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
36KB, 540x375px
File: slept.png (303KB, 607x475px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
303KB, 607x475px
I'm not the OP. I didn't copy anything. I didn't paste anything. I'm just following along on a thread that's halfway interetsing and thought I'd give you some shit. That's all.
More posts from the guy posting about Tulsa (NOT my posts):

I almost forgot, theres TONS of missing young girls all over oklahoma. They disappear without a trace. Nothing is being done. I blame television.


Yes, about a mile from my home a 17 year old girl was cut up and put in a bag in a field. Look up Karina Saunders, They chopped up her alive and made her friend watch, and they even had video evidence the dude they caught did it, but OSBI brought up charges on the lead detective and he was threatened he would lose his retirement (and god knows what else the cartel assholes threatened him with in secret). The news won't say anything, the local police are powerless because the state government has been bought out. They're finding dead people and body parts all over and nothing is done or said.
As for the local gangs, I assume they oprate on different levels, I know for a fact they cooperate, as the cartels are famous for indiscriminately selling to who ever is the highest bidder. I live in the good part of the city, there is no safe haven as they're in edmond, I had some illegal immigrant neighbors whom I had befriended, actually moved here running from the violence tell me the only safe place is Edmond (rich white suburb). They don't have gunfights, that's not their MO, it's mexican mafia, simply put, they nab you at night and saw you apart, pour acid in your eyes, etc. and nobody knows who's involved as it's kept secret.


They do nothing, and probably partake.

Homeland security tries to, but usually when they intervene they're shot at or killed at home later, considering the cartel can dox the fuck out of cops because, well, it's no secret where all their records are kept.
Little rock here, banging in the hood documentary is my childhood.
I'm guessing you're into the spider-man half of the thread
File: in control.jpg (81KB, 520x536px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
in control.jpg
81KB, 520x536px
>16.) Cleveland, Cincinnati, Dayton, Akron, Columbus, & Youngstown, Oh

You are straight up retarded. Dayton has become much safer the past 5 years and it is so much safer than Cleveland or Columbus. This isn't the fucking 80s.
Didn't a guy just get murdered by police in a Walmart near Dayton. Yeah that's pretty safe..
>confirmed for never touring America

America is huge and has such diverse cities and cultures.
What do you mean? How do I "have" what? The stories in that post? If that's what you are asking, I started a thread like this a few weeks back and someone replied and shared several stories about Albuquerque, and I archived the thread. Then, I just opened the archived thread and copied and pasted them in that post.

Why do you ask? Was that you who posted those stories?
The grouping of cities are really dumb. Like Gary and Indianapolis are hundreds of miles away, so are St. Louis and KC.
Out of all, Oakland is possibly the most crime riddled city.

Here is the ranking of cities with the most crime:
1. Oakland
2. Fresno
3. Anaheim
4. LA
5. SJ
6. Santa Ana
7. Stockton
8. Watts
9. Compton
10. Richmond
File: DSCN9791.jpg (2MB, 2000x1500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 2000x1500px
They've got bigger problems than some idiots with cameras, so if you're cool and don't fuck with them they usually don't give a shit. It was the neighbors who actually called on us. That same day we got caught a second-time in an abandoned supermarket-turned-paintball arena (bad parking spot), and the cop's wife happened to be a photog, so he started listing all the cool spots to shoot (already been through them all, but still).

It's an older, entry-level Nikon DSLR; you can probably get one with a lens for under $500 now. If you don't know what you're doing it's probably best to get an advanced point and shoot with manual features, and learn from that. I learned everything about photography by trial and error/fucking around.

One more then I'm getting some sleep. Former JCPenney of Dixie Square in Harvey, IL. It's considered the first dead mall; only surviving 12 years before violent crime and overwhelmed security drove business away, and it was already abandoned when a chase scene for The Blues Brothers was filmed, there, in 79. The film crews had to dress it up with borrowed signage and products (down to the cars in the parking lot) to make it appear as a functional shopping center. Afterward it was left to rot for over 30 years amid a cesspool of racial turmoil and political corruption.
File: batman.jpg (34KB, 463x358px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
34KB, 463x358px

i completely agree i grew up on osage reservation land (skiatook) and even since i was a kid meth was a huge problem there. The cartels only have to provide the supply to take over reservation land, the addiction is already there.

>also had a friend named fooly who lived right down the street from me who was shot in the head through his living room window at his daughters 2nd birthday party by guys i went to elementary and high school with over drug shit.

>witnessed a very large number of my childhood friends get hooked on meth and pills and lost 2 of them. One died of alcohol poisoning and the other was killed in jail after getting arrested for home invasion (which is also rampant in the city)
I don't have a story, but I can say that only 14% of murders in Wilmington, DE were solved last year.

Also, in a city of 900,000 there are 100,000 open warrants.
Crime rate is way down, but it moved down to pine bluff. LR is going through a Brooklynlike revitalization where the white people come back to the city and poor money into it. It's actually a fairly decent city, but still several areas that are still banging.

Recently, my brother was driving to work in one of these areas in LR. At a stop sign, he watch some guy punch a woman in the face repeatedly in broad daylight. It was 9am.
File: lol wut.jpg (19KB, 400x306px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
lol wut.jpg
19KB, 400x306px
>byran Cranston would bring us breakfast burritos in the AM
That sounds like something he'd do, but my fucking ass he did it for some anon
File: cc6.png (179KB, 463x358px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
179KB, 463x358px
Oh no I was just curious as to how you had relevent content from a previous thread to post not knowing that this thread would be created.

I get it now.

Also why do you guys say that police can't do much? When I watch things about America on tv I always see black guys being ruffed up by police or being chased on those documentaries. temperature police seem confident and powerful. Unlike how you guys are portraying them in this thread.
File: Untitled.jpg (491KB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
491KB, 1920x1080px
It took me about 5 minutes and i stumbled upon this completely andomly

further up that intersection there are at least 30 homes are boarded up or burned down.
You wanna see dangerous cities go to Sicily or the Balkans area.
What happened with the guy that got his stuff ruined? Was he able to recover quickly or was he left in a hopeless situation?

Also there must be cheap white neighbourhoods you coukd move to. Is this place your only option in America?
Are you fro/do you live in/near Wilmington? I was not familiar with the city before starting these threads (other than seeing the city's name on credit card collection/denial letters), but several people have posted in previous threads and stated that Wilmington is a rough place. Is it rough and fucked-up on the same level as Camden or Philly?

Isn't there anyone from Atlanta on here this morning?

Are you referring to cities in Italy? If so, do you really think these cities are as crime-ridde, violent and dangerous as the rough ghettos in places like Detroit, Chicago, New Orleans, Memphis, etc.? Seriously?
I wonder how much Google pay people to go around these area and record the street view
Feminist's opinion right here...

I was wondering the exact same thing after seeing this picture and I was actually going to check Google for an answer, but I'm easily-distracted and lazy and I put off doing so. If you feel like checking out some info. on this, please come back and post what you find out.

> Pic related: Some nice folks in Detroit saying hello to the Google Maps van driver.
Last (and only update image) 2008.. LOL
File: 1413767027706.jpg (14KB, 224x225px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Thread images: 39

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