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Green text incest thread? Green text incest thread!

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Green text incest thread?
Green text incest thread!
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>be me fall down stairs
>pants ripped off
>sis walks by
>wearing a skirt no panties
>trips and falls vagina first onto my penis
kekd hard
My cousin fucking story incoming...
This is relevant to my interests
This is relevant to my boner
>be 34. Hot, MILFy cousin is 39.
>we both divorced last year at the same time
>be at her place helping her clean out her upstairs
>her two kids asleep for naps
>both in her walk in closet; tight quarters
>talking about our divorces; we both get sort of emotional
>shes bending over to pack up a box
>I slide by behind her and my crotch rubs her plump juicy ass
>Im wearing jeans; she wears yoga pants
>she laughs "Hey anon, too bad your wife left you. Looks like she is giving up a hell of a package"
>I nervously counter back "yeah; he's giving up on your nice ass"
>5 or 10 seconds staring at each other
>she reaches for my crotch and rubs the growing diamonds that are forming
>I reach back and fondle her ass
>we never kissed the whole time
>she unzips me and pulls out my cock
>starts giving me head
->after a couple mins she says "I need to get fucked. Ive been in a sexless marriage for too long"
>walk her to the bed, bend her over and start plowing that pussy for all it's worth
>cum inside her
>we go back to packing without saying a word about what kust happened
>life goes on
>3 months later she texts me out of the blue that she got an abortion

Thats pretty much it. Theres kind of a nervous tension between us now. Probably shouldn't have done it. But I fap to her nice ass though.
So confused
>kid without eyelids

At least she chose wisely
just for you
Technically not incest, but hot as hell
I fucked all of my cousins and sisters when we were all young now its always awkward at a family get together
go read Tasha's Brother, you'll never be satisfied by shitty greentext after that
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Thought i felt a lump on my right nut. Can't tell though. Tell my mom about it and she wants me to go to the doctors next day. Fuck that I don't have money for them just to touch my balls to see if it's a lump. She says she'll do it... Uhh bu- says she's my mom and seen it all before. So i pull down my pants and she's checking my nuts. I was a virgin at this point so start to get a boner. She was going slow and really checking each nut and her hand kept nudging my dick. We both look at eachother awkwardly. I'm ambarrased so turn my head away. 2 seconds later I feel her hand on my dick giving me the slowes but hottest weird handjob. Took like 5 seconds of that and I'm blowing my load.

It wasn't ball cancer. Next morning everythings fine. Not even awkward. Never happened again.
Keeping it alive while I type my story
Always pre-type your story asshole.
hate when that happens
>be taking a shower
>wash ass with shower head
>little spray of hot water shoots up my hole
>do it some more
>couple of wet farty bubbles squeak out
>get hard
>push shower head up my ass and spray boiling water on prostate
>balls starting to twitch
>suddenly I'm ejaculating semen and diarrhea
>boiling diarrhea shooting from my mouth and nose
>bathroom flooded with septic half-digested food and semen
>sister comes in, starts writhing on the floor massaging stinking semen mix into her vagina
>don't you ever knock?
>she starts giving birth to puppies
>every puppy has my face
>be 15 years old
>on school trip to a fucking zoo
>animals and so forth
>go in elephant house
>oh god it smells so fucking bad
>stench of elephant shit is burning the back of my throat
>feel something grab my waist
>elephant picks me up with its trunk
>srsly wtf
>forces me up another elephant's vagina
>for no good reason I get naked
>walking round inside elephant's womb
>holy shit my sister is in here too
>suddenly everything starts shaking
>look out of hole in cervix, see huge elephant penis thrusting in and out
>we both reach down elephant pee hole and massage it from inside
>it's throbbing and pulsing
>hot steaming semen starts to erupt over our arms, flooding our womb prison
>I punch my sister in the tits for a laugh
>she is so turned on
>massaging elephant cum into each other while I punch her tits and kick her in the cunt
>we're still in there
>zookeepers push sandwiches up elephant's cunt for us
>we have wireless internet in here
>be me
>be 36
>have new baby sister
>rape her completely in half at the pelvis
>tell parents it wasn't me
>flawless victory
>alpha as ungodly fuck
>be me
>be 15 or 23 or whatever
>be getting out of shower
>walk across to my room
>fall downstairs
>towel flies off
>land on my sister
>knock her unconcious
>all the blood rushes to my boner
>accidentally her bunghole
>beat her peepee to a bloody mess with a cactus
>she wakes up
>tell her she fell off her bike and hit her head
>to this day I still sometimes fall downstairs onto her
>be me
>17 (I'm now 24 so a while ago)
>have an aunt who is 38 at the time
>8/10 milf
>in my room avoiding family due to BBQ thing
>playing stuntman ignition
>shits cash
>few hours go by, finish it (was already quite far through it)
>also horny as fuck due to being 17
>open up firefox
>find porn
>start jerkin it
>Aunt bursts in
>"Hey anon why aren't you out wit-"
>She saw everything
>"Oh I'm sorry Anon"
>giggles and closes door
>shut down everything
>jump on bed way too embarrassed
>hour goes by
>she comes back in
>"Hey anon, I just wanted to come back in and say lets not be awkward around each other, okay?"
>"y-you too"
>"Just so you know, I've seen it all before"
>fucking winks
>"what do you mean?"
>"Remember that camping trip we all went on a few months ago? I saw you behind the bushes by the river changing into your swim gear by accident"
>"Lets just say you have nothing to be ashamed of if you know what I mean"
>Still horny as fuck at this point
>accidentally blurt out "wanna see it?"
>realise who I had said it to
>face burning, knew i was blushing hard
>she giggles and says "I don't know, we might get caught"
>"Although it has been a while since your uncle has done anything with me"
>starts rubbing my dick through by basketball shorts
>"oh my" she says as she pulls it out of my shorts
>Fuck it, no turning back now


Did you cum inside her?

>do what I've wanted to do for years
>slap her bubble ass
>giggles, she loves it
>locks my door (in hindsight I'm glad I didn't do this originally, greatest moment in my teens)
>she starts sucking my cock
>virgin so almost cum immediately
>stop her
>stand up and bend her over
>"anon stop, I have no condom"
>fuck, party over
>"stick it in my ass instead"
>jesus christ, dick is diamonds
>little resistance, must do anal a lot because my dick is pretty thick
>she bites the pillow as to not let out loud moans
>5 minutes of hard assfucking goes by
>cum in her ass

fast forward a few months

>my uncle comes over and hits me

Turns out she confessed it during an argument they were having, my parents pressed charges and she went to jail for statutory rape.

I ended up in counselling even though it was great.

She's out now but she has a restraining order against her from my parents
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>be college fag.
>years long incestuous relationship with HS fresh sister.
>always messing around in silence at night.
>always cumming in silence.
>get idea.
>"lets get a hotel one of these days.
>"ok" she says.
>random day.
>"hey mom, we're gonna go watch a movie at far away place."
>"only playing there."
>"OK, have fun guys".
>drive far away.
>scared someone might recognize us.
>40 miles out, rent a motel room.
>sweating bullets at desk.
>"OK, here's your key".
>MFW not even a suspicion.
>go back to car....
>tell sister: lets go.

The amount of loads blown to that, my god
you may continue
yes faggot. stop asking
File: 31012254.jpg (278KB, 1092x1100px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Don't ask just do. Yeeeesssss
That's really fucked up man. How she doing now? They fuckin ruined her life.
if this is real its kinda fucked up that they pressed charges and made you go to counceling. a 17
year old is old enough to understand this shit its not like you were 12

>We grab my preplanned degeneracy bag.
>lingerie. heels.
>shit you not.
>walk towards room.
>dick becoming diamonds as im walking in parking lot.
>open the door.
>heart is pounding with anticipation.
>we walk in.
>we check out the room.
>"its nice". sister says.
>"bed is big".
>"lets get undressed" I say to her.
>we star undressing.
>we jump in the shower.
>been wanting to do this for years.
>hot shower flowing.
>ask her to blow me.
>she gets on her knees.
>heavenly sight never before seen.
>try to pace myself.
>try not to cum too fast.
>must enjoy as much as possible.
>we switch.
>she sits at the edge of tub.
>i start eating her out.
>pussy is so clean i start eating her butthole too.
>she laughs.
>"that tickles but feels good".
Exactly. I would have loooooved if my aunt or teacher, shit, anyone fucked me as a teen. Would have helped me feel comfortable about myself and more confident.
continue anon
File: 1292753323962.jpg (17KB, 251x251px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>cant remember how long we spent in shower sex.
>but i remember walking out wet.
>walked towards bed.
>opened degeneracy bad.
>pulled out cupless bra.
>g sting panties.
>she dries up an puts them on.
>holy fuck been dying do see her like this.
>holy fuck her tits look amazing framed by underwire and no cup.
>"do you like it?" I ask/
>"Yes, I look nice". and smiles.
>"Dont forget the shoes"
>MFW I see her in complete outfit.
>Im going crazy with anticipation.
>We get on the bed.
>I turn on tv.
>Find porn channel.
>living the fantasy.
>getting blown by sweet jb while watching porn.
>wincest to top it off.
File: 31012254.jpg (278KB, 1092x1100px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
278KB, 1092x1100px
I really shouldn't have went on that...
lol what was it? FBI? Trojan?
Thread posts: 40
Thread images: 8

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