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Tl;dr: Looking to read some dirty sex stories with some specific

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Tl;dr: Looking to read some dirty sex stories with some specific circumstances. Anyone got one to share?

1.) Have you fucked someone inappropriate? Your GF's/wife's mom, sister/relative or best friend? Or a friend's wife, girlfriend or mom?

2.) Have you ever blackmailed someone for sex?

3.) Have you ever had a female cheat with you or fool around with you because you have a big dick?

4.) Any especially dirty cheating stories? Like, you fucked someone's wife or girlfriend while their boyfriend or husband were passed out in another room in the same house, or had a girl suck your dick while you're giving them a ride home/to drop them off with her boyfriend/husband.

I find these particular scenarios really fucking erotic, so I thought I'd ask and see if anyone has any personal experiences like these that they might want to share. If so, greentext stories will definitely be appreciated!

> Pic related: A sexy MILF with cum on her face.
I'm bumping for how well formatted it is.
Best I got is when I received a hand job in front of my sister.
Thanks for the friendly, courteous reply!

Here's a story that was posted in a previous thread:

> 8" cock, kind of fat but built
> visit my friends out of state two or three times a year
> friend's wife is H-O-T with gigantic GGG titties that she always catches me staring at
> sleeping in their guest room
> wake up and hear the floor creak
> she puts her hand over my mouth and reaches down my and grabs my cock
> she whispers, "oh my god... it's SO big..." and starts jerking it
> so hard i'm like a diamond phallus in a tight leather jacket
> she can't stand it anymore, shoves my dick in her
> start to protest and say "wait, we can't"
> she puts her hand over my mouth again and says "shhhhh you'll wake Joe"
> her tits are smothering my face and she's struggling to not make any noise
> feel her legs twitch and her stomach contract
> she's cumming like crazy
> screams out "OH FUCK"
> I start cumming inside her
> she jumps off and cleans herself up a bit
> her husband turns on the hallway light
> Calls out to her and she puts her finger to her lips and blows me a kiss
> she tells him she stubbed her toe on the way to the bathroom and wanted to make sure she didn't wake me
> i'm sitting there with a hard-on, covered in sweat and jizz and pussyjuice, flabbergasted, starstruck, confused
> pull the sheet over me and pretend to sleep

that was five years ago. he's still like my best friend, and she hasn't done it since, but I can't even look at her straight.
> And another story that was posted in that same previous thread:

Fucked my buddies girlfriend when I went and picked her up from her job, in his Challenger. He was in the middle of a game of Madden, she was pissed he didn't pick her up and she was like "Anon, wanna fuck?" and I thought it was just a joke and I said "yeah, okay" sarcastically, she reached over, grabbed my cock and was surprised at the size.

Now she cheats on him regularly because of my cock...

true story.

I blackmail her with pics all the time, threatening to send them to her boyfriend. I don't do like, mean shit with em, just say "You know I have those pics, and you really wouldn't want steve to see them..."

I've gotten some fucking crazy sex off of that, she thrives off that shit. Literally had her come over one time and we gang banged her.
I can't post pics of her, she has a pretty distinctive tattoo and piercings on her tits and I know for a fact her bf, and a couple of our mutual friends shit post on /b

The whole story went like this since you asked. So, we were hanging out, and playing Madden. He beat me and I really didn't feel like running it back and playing another game, so he hopped online. He ended up playing some asshole who was shit talking on live with the Chargers, he was using the Pats. Anyway she called and needed to be picked up. He looks at me and asks "You wanna go pick her up?" and at the time I had maybe 1/4 tank left in my trans am and told him no. He was like "Take my Challenger" Said whatever, didn't really like his girlfriend, she was straight up a massive bitch.

spacing to save your eyes

Anyway, I drive like 20 minutes to Rochester (we're in michigan) and pick her up from her stupid ass job at famous daves. She's 100% full on pissed I'm driving. So she gets in and starts going off. She's not made at me, she's mad that he's playing games again. etc etc bitch girl shit.

She then as a joke was like "I don't get laid, do you wanna fuck? I'm tired of this" and I'm like "yeah... okay" and I say it like a twat 100% sarcasm. and I'm not some beta, etc... I work out regularly, and I consider myself attractive, but I wouldn't think my buddys girl would fuck me.

She straight up was like "You think I'm kidding" reaches over and starts grabbing at my cock. she's literally handful of soft cock and balls from my shorts. I get hard pretty damn quick. I'm about almost 9 inches long and I'm fairly thick, about 5.5 inches almost 6. So her face literally ignites. and she says "oh wow" mind you.. most girls don't have reactions to big cock, at least not me, the only reactions I've had is being stopped mid fuck because it hurts.

She takes it out of my shorts and she said again "oh wow" and she said the lamest fucking joke "I don't know whether to suck it or feed it a peanut"
>Be New Years, 15 years old sister and her friend 14
>At Grandmothers like every New Years
>Do the normal New Years, watch ball drop, some fireworks etc
>Gram goes to sleep, we stay up. Drink Gram's beer
>We hang out and eventually someone suggests Truth or Dare
>Boring at first, a lot of truth questions, Ever seen a dick? Ever kissed a girl? Etc
>Drink more and get braver, start with Dares
>Eventually we all end up in our underwear, then my sister dares her friend to take off her bra
>Fuck Yeah Tits!! First real set I've seen
>More truths, some dares. Sister and I both touch and suck on friends tits.
>Then my sister dares her friend to touch my dick
>Again Fuck Yeah, first time having someone touch my penis
>She pulls it out right there, my sister yelled "What right here?"
>I got a handy, don't remember how long, I came over her hand and the floor
>My sister watched the whole thing, I cleaned up with my tshirt
>Truth or dare ended there, we stayed in our underwear, watched a movie and went to sleep
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so she starts sucking my cock as I drove off... He has tinted windows, and if you've even been in a challenger it's stuffy in the front but you got plenty room in the back if you move the seats up. We stopped in the parking lot of a family restaurant and fucked in his back seat. It was 12 at night, and we weren't really worried.

After that I didn't hang with my buddy for 2 weeks felt really douchey, but she hit me up on facebook asking to hook up again. We've been fucking and I have pics of her sucking my cock, and taking it in the ass.

Again not posting pics. you can call it fake, etc, Idc like I said, not putting her shit out there. I will when her bf finds out... pretty sure he's going to try and fight me and probably fuck my car up. I'm 100% sure I can take him, it's what he'll do to my car what I'm worried about.

> Pic related: A picture of the girl the guy posted in a follow-up thread, implying this is the girl from the story he shared.
Actually I can kind contribute.
My mates girlfriend was this pretty blond thing. A good 9 I'd say. I think she wanted me to fuck her but I don't know why. It started innocently enough we'd be at a party or something and I'd accidentally brush up against her arse or tit ect this happened a lot and I was convinced she was doing it on purpose. I texted her to confront the problem but she just started sending me nudes. I fapped to em a couple times but that was it.
>Be me
>At a party
>Girlfriend got too drunk and fell asleep in room
>Girlfriends best friend was passed out in another room
>Saw wonderful opprotunity
>Went into room with gf's best friend
>Started kissing her all over
>Took down her bra and played with tits
>Started fingering her pussy
>Began to lick her pussy
>Made out with her some more
>Did this for 10 minutes
>Once I had my fun I went to the room with my gf
>Woke her up and began kissing her
>Made her suck my dick
>Bent her over and fucked her doggystyle
>Finished on her face

It was a fucking awesome day.
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>Be me sleeping in the room with my little brother last night
>Different beds faggots
>Decide to rub one out before I go to sleep
>Fapping for about 20 then my brother starts tossing and turning in his sleep
>Stop thinking he might wake up
>He doesn't
>Keep fapping for the next 2 hours while my brother tosses and turns every 5-10 minutes
>Wake up go to school for the entire next day (10am-10pm)
>Come back home
>Little brother's already in bed but still awake
>Sit on my bed take off my pants but still have long knickers on
>Start scratching incessantly due to my eczema
>Shit flares up in winter months
>Little brother turns over and says your scratching kept me up all night
>Mfw when I don't remember scratching last night
>Mfw I realized I fapped so hard I kept my brother up half the night
>Mfw I turned the volume up occasionally to hear sound effects and he still didn't know
My question is why didn't Frodo and the rest of the Fellowship just fly to Mordor using the Eagles?
- Yes. sister
- Yes. sister
- Yes. Co worker
- Yes. My exs best friend was married

File: 01.jpg (65KB, 710x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You down to post any of these pics you got from her? And did your friend find out about this?

Did her friend realize what you were doing to her? Or was she literally unconscious the entire time? And did you fool around with the friend again?

> Pic related: Just another sexy facial pic.
There's no need to ask; we are definitely interested! Please proceed to greentext some motherfucking stories! Details will be appreciated.
Not my story, I just copy/pasted it from a previous thread. Here's another one (again, NOT my story):

mine fulfills the first 2 i guess

>be 16
>had a friend whose mom was the "cool mom"
>dad was a prison guard
>she went through a mid-life crisis, started drinking a lot
>one day im bullshitting with her while friend is in basement
>she is drunk, but we always talk about my sex life and stuff
>currently had gf and was telling her shit we do
>she starts confessing all this shit to me about how she has been cheating on her husband for months
>"i cant believe i kiss my kids goodnight after knowing what ive swallowed" - ill never forget that line
>im taken pretty aback and dont know what to really do with the information
>we are cool enough with each other that we text
>i text her the next day from home and ask her what she remembers
>she says she remembers and was sorry i had to hear it all
>i could tell she sounded really panicked
>for a while i didnt do anything, id ask her every now and them if she was "behaving"
>she said no for a while and eventually said yes
>after awhile me and the friend grew further apart
>i started texting his mom more than him
>one day i get into argument with my friend and he tells me his mom was talking shit on me the one day
>i was pretty mad cause i always thought we were close
>i texted her and said i heard what she said and i was inclined to tell her husband she was cheating
>she was begging me not to
>finally i said fuck it and i got up the courage to say i wanted her to suck my dick and i wouldnt say anything
>she thought i was kidding and i texted her back saying it was that or im telling him
>my phone was quiet for over an hour and i thought maybe she was telling her husband
>i was nervous but i kept telling myself that she has more to lose than me
>finally she texts me back "ok..."

>we set up a day to do it in one of the houses she cleans, shes a self employed maid
>apparently the guy she was cheating with would meet her at the strangers houses she cleaned and fuck in their beds and stuff
>i met her there and she was just sitting on the couch
>she looked really afraid and i thought she was gonna cry
>she said she didnt know if she could do it, and i almost pussied out right there
>all i could utter out was like, "well lets just take it easy"
>without even making eye contact she asked "on the couch, or?"
>i said yea sure
>i sat down next to her and took my pants off
>she looked at me, looked away and closed her eyes as she started stroking my dick
>i let her go a few seconds while i got harder
>i started feeling up her tits and told her to take her shirt and bra off
>she did it, faster than i expected
>she started stroking me a little faster when i leaned over and put one of her tits in my mouth
>i pulled away and i was gonna tell her to start sucking my dick but when i did she bent over and started doing it on her own
>i just threw my arms behind my head, i never felt anything like that before
>i was looking at her and her eyes were still closed
>when i said "oh god" she opened them and looked right at me
>we made eye contact, my dick was in her mouth, she maintained that eye contact for what seemed like 5 seconds, and she kept sucking
>i started fucking her mouth a bit
>i told her i was close and she just said mhm
>i held the back of her head while i busted in her mouth
>she sat up, wiped her lips and went to the sink


>>(answering a questions about what his friend's mom looked like)
she was curvy but not really fat. mom tits, really nice ass, eh face. have more to come
10 years ago in Northern Pennsylvania

>reality starts rushing in about what just actually happened
>i felt really ashamed as i was putting my pants on, like i was gonna puke
>she puts her shirt and bra on and sits down
>she didn't look like she did before it started
>her "you cant say anything, about any of it"
>me "i wont, i promise"
>we sat on different couches facing each other
>silence for a bit
>her "was it good?"
>i laughed nervously, "yeah it was"
>more silence, i sat there thinking about her looking up at me with her dick in my mouth
>i started getting hard again and i asked her, "can we do it again?"
>her eyes open wide at me, "what?"
>"like right now"
>shes just staring at me, mouth agape
>i stammered out something about how its the same day so it should count
>she just goes, "uhh yeah.. i guess...youre ready now?"
>i just stood up and took my pants off again
>i walked over to her with my hard dick swingin
>she straightened up and put her hair behind her ears
>i was standing in front of her and this time she leaned right in and started sucking
>she kept pushing my shirt up so i took it off
>she started kissing my stomach and stroking my dick
>that was when i started to think she was getting into it and it only made me hornier
>i start grabbing at her tits again and she pulls away to take her shirt and bra off
>she licks my cock up the shaft and sucks the head
>i was in complete bliss and uttered out "itd be quicker if we fucked"
>she stops sucking and pulls my dick out of her mouth
>her "anon.. thats not.."
>"itd be quick" i said, moving her hand up and down on my dick
>she was looking at me increduously
>"at least take your shorts off"
>she lets out something of a sigh and starts undoing her shorts
>i sit on the couch
>she asks "on my knees?" referring to sucking my dick again
>"no, just lean over"
>she does it, and i play with her tits and rub my hand along her body
>im taking forever to cum but it feels amazing

nah my dick is slightly above average, not porno big but like around 8ish on a good day.

>i start testing my boundaries by playing with the waistband of her thong
>she didnt do anything so i slipped my hand further down, not quite at her pussy yet
>i felt her stop and she turned her head for a second to look, then she went back to sucking
>i figured i got the green light so i started rubbing her clit
>she let out this soft little "umph" moan on my cock
>i started teasing her pussy hole and her breathing got a little heavier
>i pushed my fingers inside, it wasnt as tight as my gf at the time, but thats tough to beat, regardless, it wasnt bad
>im fingering her and she really starts working on my dick, taking it out of her mouth every now and then to rest her head on my lap and just moan
>im still not even close and i said it again, "we should just fuck."
>her head was buried in my lap, dick in her hand, and she just lets out this moaning, "okay"
>she sits up and pulls her panties down
>i grab her jaw and kiss her, she kisses me back
>i stand up, and she immediately turns to give me her ass
>i was so horny i immediately started fucking her hard
>she was moaning pretty loudly and buried her face against the back of the couch
>we fucked doggy for a little and i felt like i was getting close so i pulled out
>"did you cum?"
>"nah not yet"
>"do you want me to get on top?"
>"yeah sure." i sat back down
>to this day i havent had a girl ride better than her, ive probably had better sex overall, but god damn she could work a dick
>she braced herself on my shoulders and proceeded to brake my dick off
>her eyes were closed and her face towards the ceiling
>she was moaning really loud and i wasnt really close anymore so i started sucking her tits
>her moans were getting faster and louder and i figured she was gonna cum
>she did, and her thighs shook as she buried her head into my neck and just started biting and sucking

con't for finale
Damn bro sorry about your caR.

>this alone got me pretty close again so i threw her onto her back and started fucking her missionary
>i think she saw i was close and said "tell me when"

fuck i completely forgot to mention i wasnt wearing a rubber

>somehow i managed to say okay while i worked my way on top of her to climax
>she again started moaning again and hugging my neck and head
>i was fighting back cumming as long as i could but finally i had to and i said hurriedly said "now" and pulled out
>i started to cum on her stomach but she quickly sat up and started sucking my cock while i came
>afterwards we both just kind of fell back on opposite sides of the couch
>she gets up first and starts cleaning everything up
>i get dressed and after a while, same thing we are just sitting there
>"i cant believe i did that" she said half laughing
>me "yea im sorry"
>were looking at each other and i genuinely felt bad
>she gives me a smile like, "its okay im not mad" and i smile back and we just start laughing
>she said she actually had to clean the house so i said id leave

i fooled around with her regularly for like 2 years. she eventually got really guilty and said we needed to stop. i didnt actually care that much cause i knew where she was coming from. i had stopped hanging out with her son altogether while we were fucking and i think thats why she was the most uncomfortable believe it or not. i moved for work and we lost touch. 2 years ago i did go back home for 3 months and hit her up mostly as a bootycall but i was willing to catch up with her. apparently she got remarried (shocker) and it was going really well so i just didnt even bother asking. over the 2 years i fucked with her though we ended up doing all sorts of shit like cuffs, hot wax, anal, and choking
At first she was unconscious which really turned me on. Then she woke up when I was kissing her and kept saying "We shouldn't do this. What about your gf?" but then she started sucking on my neck and jerking me off.

Sorry for the shitty green text btw. This happened a while ago so I forgot about that part. It was also my first time green texting.
Not a cheating story, but i used to bang this divorced mom. Her ex would have their kid on the weekends. I'd sleep over Saturday nights, we'd fuck all night and a couple times in the morning/afternoon before she went to go get her son. Every Sunday she'd be picking up her child and chatting with her ex-husband while my cum was leaking into her panties.
No problem. I appreciate you taking the time to contribute and post a story. These threads used to be popular on here and would gets lots of replies and stories posted, but it seems like the wannabe-homos are taking over the site and people are preoccupied with the trap/sissy/pony threads that are constantly on here.

Byt, do you have any pics of either of these girls you'd be willing to post? Are you still with the same girlfriend? Have you cheated on her other times? And did you fool around with her friend again?
So no one it's really going to believe me but idk because I'm just that Type of person, i just simply don't give a fuck about must things, I've been on 4 Chan since around 2005 and i still don't know how to green text or triForce or anything in between, nor have i ever cared to learn.
so... either tell me how or choose which of the three answers you want.
How old were you and her at the time? How did you meet her/hook up with her? Why did you stop seeing her? Was she hot? Do you have any pics of her? Did you meet the ex/did he find out about you fucking her? And where did this happen? Just country/state, if you feel like replying?
I'd be interested in reading about all of the stories you mentioned, if you feel like posting about all of them.

And you can greentext by simply putting a > at the beginning if each line before you start writing.

> Like this

Also, do you have any pics you'd be willing to post?
We were in our early 30s. I met her through a mutual friend, who wanted me to hook up with someone so I'd stop whining about an unrequited crush.

She is average--a bit on the chubby side, with tiny tits. But she was fun in bed and liked having her asshole played with. I won't share a pic though. Her name is Brianna and she's in Washington state. Never met the ex but he's one of the super bitter angry types who would hae accused her of fucking around even if she wasn't seeing someone.
I'm still with the same girl so I don't really feel comfortable posting pics especially cuz I'm pretty sure I have some acquaintances that go on /b/.
Never got the chance to fool around with her friend again but if the chance ever arises I'll take it in a heartbeat.
One time while my gf and I were going out I asked my friends gf if she wanted to get drunk with me and then we both got really hammered. I ended up kissing her and playing with her tits. The whole night I was gently rubbing her crotch outside her pants while her hand rested on my rock hard dick.
Which Answer Out of the three?
Oh and no pics but vids
Thanks for replying. And no worries on not posting a pic. I definitely understand. I'm not looking to snoop and start shit for people (like too many fucking idiot-faggots on here seem to want to do); I just like to ask about pics, as they enhance the experience of reading about these stories.

How long did you end up fooling around with her for? What caused it to stop seeing her? Did you start to care about her? Were you nice to her kid?

And do you have a big dick? Did she think so/compliment/comment on it? Sorry, but just curious about that, as it's part of the eroticism involved in reading about these types of stories.
I have done 3 and 4, technically a 1 as well... ish....

but do I share????
Start off with the sister situation. What all happened? How did it start? Did anyone else find out? How old were/are you, and her? And are you talking about your biological sister? Or a step-sister?

Also, if you feel like posting them, I'd like to read about all of the scenarios you mentioned!
Yes, please share these stories! Greentext will definitely be appreciated. Also, got any pics of the girl? And how big are you claiming you are? Did the female specifically comment on your size? And is the female who cheated/fooled around with you because of your dick the same female who you did something dirty with?

Details, please!
Oh, I never met her kid, either. It was purely a fucking-on-the-weekend thing after her son had cleared out. We were together for about three months but there was a lot of physical distance and it kinda wore on us; both of us wanted something that was a little nearer to where we lived instead of having a 90 minute trip just to meet one another. And we'd said at the outset that this was likely going to be a temporary thing so neither of us really got too emotionally attached.

My dick is 7", average width. Better than some but not huge. She'd compliment it and tell me how big it was but I think that was just her giving me an ego boost. It's a bit darker than the rest of me so she'd jokingly ask if I was part-black. She liked being on top and rubbing herself til she came; she said I was the perfect size for doing that but it's hard to knwo how much of it was faked.
>me 29
> sis 18
>caught her with a girl, mom is totally religious would not approve
> basically a wincest image scenario "telling mom if...
Dragon scouts and Nasguls my friend.
did she like getting fucked in the ass?
I blackmailed my sister for sex. No pics, I'll tell you that straight off. My parents and older brother were off on a hunting trip; my sister and youngest brother were left ehind and I was there to look after them. I come home one day from taking my brother somewhere and hear a guy in my sister's room, so I bust in to see what's up. She's 18 and not supposed to have guys over.

Well he's getting dressed and she's in bed so it's pretty obvious what just happened. I kick his ass out of the house--I wanted to break his teeth, he had this smug lookk on his face the whole time--then I go back to her room to bawl her out. She was crying and giving me this long story and I basically cut her off; I told her, you let me see or else I will tell everyone. Our parents would kill her.
Continued in a sec.
This was about two years ago I think. I was in my late 20's, 28 or 29 at the time. Kinda fuzzy since it has been a while.

>married about 4 years
>going shitty
>feels bad
>tell lots of my coworkers my bad situation
>not sure why but it got some of them attracted to me
>didn't tell this one girl
>kinda dumpy single mom, curly coppery red hair, a little fat
>she heard from everyone else though
>chatted her up
>crazy past
>not in good way
>but still talk with her
>talk gets a little sexual, so I push it
>tell her about kinky things I'd do
>I text her about it, we text back and forth
>dirty stuff
>she sends nudes
>nice tits
>shaved snatch
>tell her all the spanking and belting and other shit I'd do to her
>tell her if she wears a dress that weekend I'd do stuff with her
>(we worked alone together for hours in small office, no windows)
1) yes
2) no
3) yes
4) yes
Please tell us that you're going to post more details that that?

Is this a joke? Is this your biological sister or step-sister? And are you going to say that you caught your sister after just having fucked a guy and that you then fucked her?
In case you're confused, the thread and the questions in the OP are not just to get a reply to those questions, but to get to read about the details of these types of encounters. Are you interested in posting some details about these scenarios?
Basically had her as my blow job slut for a few months, took tons of vids
>show up at work
>wearing dress
>ohshit this might actually happen
>everyone leaves
>we look at each other
>scoot my chair over
>grab her by the hair
>make out
>heavy petting
>hand in panties
>had condoms... but....
>finger her, make her cum
>stand up, whip out cock, make her suck
>i fuck her face in front of all the pictures of her family members at her computer
>keep waffling on what to do
>don't do anything
>cum in her mouth
>suddenly feel super guilty
>regret it
>maybe should stay with wife
>go home, have sex with wife
>was okay, still don't trust her
>spend lots of time regretting not fucking dumpy girl
>chat her up again
>dirty texts
>kinda fizzles out
>she gets fired (other reasons)
She absolutely does not want to move the sheet and let me look at her but I convince her I'm serious. She's super pissed at me but afraid of me spreading it around so she moves the sheets so I can look at her. Athletic body (she played soccer and was about to go to college on a scholarship), firm A cups with stiff bright pink nipples, just a tiny thatch of hair. ANd it's obvious that she had been a virgin, and he hadn't worn a condom. I go get a washcloth, come back, start cleaning up her thighs.

Shes like, "What the fuck are you doing?" but I don't answer her, just push her down onto her back, and I keep cleaning. Sop up the blood and jizz, fold up the cloth so I'm not touching any of it, start working it into her slit, cleaning her there. She's still visibly angry but silent, eyes closed, just letting me rub her. I start to undo my belt and she doesn't say anything, just bites her lip. I toss the cloth away and work her with my fingers while plling my pants down with the other hand; no response from her. Her breathing's quicker. My fingers are getting slick. I spread her legs wide and position myself and her eyes are still shut tight when I push into her.

She grunts as I enter. She's too tight for me to push all the wya into her so I have to saw back and forth and she's groaning while I do it. Her hands are on my arms, gripping me, and finally I'm balls deep in her. She's tight and burning hot and slimy and I pound away at her. Cum inside, slow down but don't stop, get hard again and fuck her a second time. I drop two loads into her cunt, then make her suck me off and get a last small load of cum on her face. I tell her I'll keep her secret, then go shower.
Greentext it. I just got diamonds from that.
Do you have any of the videos ready to be uploaded? Do you still get blowjobs form her? When is the last time you got one from her? Is your sister attractive? What's her body like?

And what about the other stories?

Are you still with your wife? Did you tell her about this encounter with this other female? Did she have a tight pussy? Do you have a big dick? Have you cheated in your wife with any other females?
I worked at that famous Daves about 3 years ago. I live right up the road still, ha.
File: 10--.jpg (70KB, 900x652px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
70KB, 900x652px
OK, not gonna lie, that shit was erotic as fuck to read. However, can't help but be skeptical. If you're telling the truth, did you fuck her again? Do you still fool around with her? Are you implying that you had a bigger dick than the other guy she had just had sex with? Did you have sex with her again after that? Did anyone else find out about this?

> Pic related: Just another sexy pic to try to bump the thread and get some more replies.
Wife and I separated about a month ago. I never told her about this. After I cheated, I decided that maybe someone else isn't what I wanted.

Then I wasn't so sure, and fooled around with another girl. Nothing so serious - we just snuck around empty conference rooms making out. I don't remember the time frames, but I think she was still living with her husband at the time. Certainly not married. Then I found out she was fucking around with niggers and decided that we should "just be friends".

I have a pretty fat uncut cock. Since she was a single mom, her pussy was about average I guess. Never fingered a breeder before. Kinda wish I had fucked her, just to be able to look back on it rather than fapping over what COULD have happened. I told her I was going to stuff her panties in her mouth to muffle her moans and fuck her from behind after whipping her with my belt.

Last I heard she had another kid.

Sorry it's kinda disappointing - guess it makes it more real. Between then and now I gained like 30 lbs so now I'm pretty unfuckable.
>certainly not married
I meant "certainly not divorced"

So technically I was a married man making out with another married woman... Who was also fooling around with niggers.
Lemme say straight off I'm not implying anything about his dick, my dick, whatever. He was a football player and was obviously pretty muscular; I don't know what he's packing but I'm fairly average. She was just kinda petite, and super tight. It was only her second time after all.

We do not currently fool around, nor do we talk about it. I'm married, she's engaged. People DID find out she had been screwing around though, because she got pregnant. I was the first one she told and we were very freaked out, because what if it iwas mine? I leveraged this into fucking her many more times throughout the pregnancy. When the kid was born we were both relieved to see that it wasn't mine (the guy she slept with is Italian, has really thick black hair that our family completely lacks but her son was born with).

Once the pregnancy was over I felt kinda ashamed and decided things ought to end. I got one last blowjob out of her while she was breast-feeding him one day; other than that I haven't touched her for 5 years.
Thanks for replying again. Are you saying that people found out that you had fucked/fooled around with your sister? And did she end up staying with the Italian guy she had sex with that day?

Also, had you been attracted to her before that day? And had you confessed this relationship with your sister to anyone before this thread? Any close friends that confided in?

Also, was your sister mad at you for what you did? Have you talked about it? Ever apologized to her for what you did?
did she let u nut on her face?
i love the idea of forced facials.
No, no one knows what we did; they just found out that she'd been having sex, which is the secret I was -going- to keep for her. But the pregnancy made it pretty obvious.

The thing with the Italian guy was... see, this is what she was trying to tell me before I blackmailed her. Her bf of 3 years had just broken up with her because he was coming out as gay. So as REVENGE, she found out who he had a crush on, and slept with her ex-bf's crush, the Italian football player. To this day I cannot understand this logic. So no, they aren't together.

My sister was cute but I didn't really think about her sexually until catching her in the act and realizing I could take advantage of it. I wasn't starved for attention and I had a GF at the time, even, so I wasn't desperate. I have never told anyone what happened because no one i know would take it well. It's a fucked up thing ot have done, I fully admit.

She was very mad/frightened/disgusted at first, but by the time she was five months along she was used to it and even initiating things. I fucked her every chance I got, I really got off on the power I had over her, and how taboo it all was. But we never really discussed it, even while it was going on, and never ever ever in all the years since it happened. I think she's determined to forget it. I have never apologized for it and do not intend to. In fact if I had the chance I might do it again.
Yeah. She didn't enjoy it, but she never said no to anything I wanted to do, and I got off on knowing how disgusted she felt when I did it to her. In fact the last blowjob I got from her, while she was breastfeeding her son, I pulled out and shot my load on her face. I wish I had a picture of her shocked expression. Sometimes when I'm fucking my wife I think of that to make me cum.
Thanks for replying again. So, what's your relationship with your sister like nowadays? Are you on good terms? Are you close to her?

Also, do you cheat/have you cheated on your wife? And have you fooled around with any other relatives?

Are you still lurking in the thread? If so, you feel like posting some more of your story?
another story of a memorable time u came on her face. these stories are great
did u fuck her in the ass?
Fucked my girlfriends best friend, but since my gf was begging me to do so it probably doesn't count as inappropriate.
full story pls. was she bi or something?

I hooked up with my best friends girlfriend when he was sleeping in his bedroom.
I've never fooled around with any other relatives, nor have I ever cheated on my wife. Though I admit sometimes I'm tempted.

Our family is Catholic: big, close knit, there for each other. We all have our differences some times but more often than not we're close and we love one another so we overlook the bad stuff. My relationship with this sister is fairly close; we watch each other's kids all the time, carpool to family get togethers, kid around, talkl about stuff. Not a hint of damage and no sign that anything weird ever happened.

Yeah, a few times. I fucked her in every room of the house and a few other places besides. And I take a weird sort of pride knowing that I was the first to use her asshole, since she gave up her cunt os easily.
how did she take it in the ass? what was her reaction?
A bit. She likes having her pussy eaten out by another girl. But she also gets turned on by watching me fuck someone else. She was masturbating and came like crazy while I was doing so. Wanted me to come in her pussy though, no sperm for the friend.
We had a few more threesomes after that, but the first one was definitaly the best.
You even have ‘One of Those Days’? From the very beginning everything goes haywire and it’s completely downhill from there? Well, welcome to my world.
To start off with the laundry room in my building flooded the day before and it looked like it would be a week for it to get fixed. No big deal, right? Wrong. I hadn’t done my laundry yet and now I was completely without...um...hell, underwear. Yep, I waited too long and now I’m stuck going to work ‘commando.’ Again, no big deal, right? Normally I would agree but I had just started a new job and didn’t want to do anything to screw it up. I didn’t think I would have any....accidents....but why take the chance?
Determined to work through it I put on a dark pair of slacks, cobalt blue dress shirt, off-white tie and my newly shined oxfords and headed out the door to work. Straight into my second slap of the day: a boot on my not-so-new (ok...really old) car. “Oh, for crying out...” I started to say then realized this one was completely on me. Need to really pay more attention to those handicap signs.
All righty then, to the bus we go and fortunately the ride was uneventful. And I only got to work ten minutes late. Normally, that could have spelt my doom but it just so happens on this day my one and only co-worker was also late. As I was sheepishly trying to sneak in the front office door, she was doing the same through the rear office door. We both froze and locked eyes for a moment. She had been working there for a number of years and new all the routines like the back of her hand. She was always polite but I felt that she was a little resentful that the bosses had hired someone new.
For what seemed like several minutes we just stared at each other waiting for the other to say or do something. Finally, as if on command, we entered the office, closed our respective doors and strolled to our work areas. There was a note on my desk from one of the bosses informing me that they would both be out the entire day. Well, at least something was going right.
As I said, my co-worker had been in the office for quite a while and had made herself pretty much indispensible to our bosses. When I first started she had to train me on the day-to-day functions as well as special cases in case they popped up when she wasn’t around. And, as I said, she was always polite and professional, but always a little stand-offish. Today was no different.
Even after our mutual lapse in timely arrival she went about as if nothing had happened. After a few minutes she came into my little work area and gave me my tasks for the day. Nothing too difficult as befitting the newbie and promptly left in a swish of her flowery (but professional) skirt.
It was some time before Murphy’s Law struck again. It was just a few hours into the work day and I decided to take a break and get some coffee. The break room was at the back of the building just past my co-worker’s office. I stuck my head in and said, “Coffee?”
She was seated at her desk which was piled high with paperwork either coming or going. I could never be sure. She was deep in conversation with the telephone in one hand and a pencil in the other. As she turned toward me I could see that whatever the conversation was about it was getting on her last nerve. She shook her head ‘no’ regarding my question in between trying to get a word in to the party at the other end of the line. As she did so the pencil she was holding slipped out of her hand and bounced toward me on the floor. Before I could bend down to pick it up she had rolled forward and leaned over to grab it herself.
Details, please! How exactly did this happen? Who initiated it? What did she look like/what was her body like? Big tits? Big ass? Tight pussy? What all did you do with her? And did your friend find out? If so, what happened?

And since you mention this scenario, I'll see if I can find the screencap I grabbed of a story posted in a previous thread about a guy who was lying in the same bed with his friend who was passed out on the other side of the bed, with the guy's GF lying between them. He describes how his friend is passed out, and he himself is really drunk, but he smells his friend's GF's hair and gets horny and starts rubbing on her, then ends up fucking her while his friend is on the same bed, and ends up cumming inside her. Then, the GF goes to the bathroom to clean up, comes back and gets back on the bed between them, and he almost immediately starts fucking her again. I found it to be really fucking hot!

> Pic related: The screencap of the story I just described
It was usually something I did after we'd fucked. I liked making her suck me off after I'd already fucked and cum in her, because I knew she hated the idea of tasting her own pussy. So I'd stick it in her mouth so she could clean me off, and always got hard again, and made her keep sucking until I came. Sometimes I had her swallow, sometimes I'd do it on her face or tits. There weren't really any 'memorable' occasions; it was just routine.
what was the dirtiest thing u did to her?
1.) Friend of the family's 14 y/o daughter. I was 20, drunk, and she had nice tits and a tight pussy.

2.) No.

3.) My ex. she had an affair with me for 3 months before she left him for me, and get this, her husband was a preacher.

4.) Don't feel like typing on phone.
rough anal story pls

My friend invited me over to his place to drink and chill out. His girlfriend was there, they had been together for about a year. Anyway, it was a fun night lots of alcohol. They went into one of the bedrooms to sleep, I stayed up in the living room area just watching TV. About an hour later his girlfriend wakes up and comes out of the bedroom to use the washroom. I said hello to her and she came to sit on the couch to watch TV. One thing led to another and she ended up straddling me which led to her fucking me cowgirl style. She's about 5'3, dark brown hair, brown eyes, kind of tan skin complexion, really really round ass and big tits. I came inside her as well. After I finished she just went back to the bedroom to sleep. We hooked up twice after that but they are still together, he never found out.
Oh she hated it. She's a small girl and I'm not huge but was just too big for her. The first time especiallly because I hadn't planned for it and had never done it, so for lube I was just using her pussy juice. I was fucking her from behind and noticed how her asshole spasmed when I was thrusting, so I started playing with it with my fingers. She didn't seem to notice so I pulled out and rubbed my cock back and forth on her rectum. She was instantly terrified--"What are you doing?" I did it a few more times, got her ass crack and hole super slick, then put it back in her pussy and fucked her some more while using my fingers again. She relaxed some, until I pulled out again and put my cockhead to the hole and started pressing.

She tried to fight back, I told her to hold still and take it. She did b ut it was obvous from the way she was quivering that it was taking all she had to not just run away from what I was doing. I didn't want to hurt her so I took it slow; I think it was about 15 minutes to work my cock all the way into her ass. She had buried her face in a pillow and was crying. I built up a medium pace, and fucked her, and told her to rub her clit while I did it. And when I felt myself getting close I bent over her, and pulled her head upby the hair, and I said "If you'd done this the first time you wouldn't be pregnant." She gasped and started sobbing and I started fucking harder and came deep inside her.

We did it a few more times after that; she never liked it, but it was easier for her once I got lube, and she even came a few times while she played with herself.
File: 846132184654132.jpg (23KB, 385x385px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23KB, 385x385px

>1. No
>2. No
>3. No
>4. No


Dirtiest was probably the anal story above. I mean, forcing her to fuck whenever I wanted is already pretty damn dirty. The only other thing is sometimes I'd act inappropriately in other venues--like one night our family went to see a movie. Sis, younger bro, mom and dad, and our older sister and her kids/husband. Sis and I sat at the end of the row, with her on the far side away from everyone else, and about halfway through the movie i reached over and put my hand under her skirt. I rubbed her through her panties for a few minutes. We coul have been caught any moment; it was thrilling. She excused herself and went to the bathroom, and I figured I'd stop there because I didn't want us to get caught. So when she came back I left her alone.... but then she tugs my hand over. I put it between her legs and her panties are gone. So I spend hte next 20 minutes rubbing her slit and clit while she's biting her lip and trying not to make noise. After the movie we all went home; she and I made an excuse and drove off together, we went off and parked behind an abandoned building in our neighborhood and i fucked her right there in the car.

dontcha love these hi sch "stories"
File: 0537339819-500x371.jpg (40KB, 500x371px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
40KB, 500x371px
Anyone else still lurking and/or looking to post a story?
Yes, please continue. Also, more pics would be appreciated; as would details about the encounter.
Sorry I deleted cause I thought no one cared
But I'll go on with more pics if ya want
>be 7 years old
>playing in front yard
>my sister and her friend (13, 14) come up to me
>ask me to help them in the shed
>go with them
>they have me move all the bicycles out and shit
>they lay down towels
>they both tell me to stay, close the shed door , and start undressing
>my sister tells me to start feeling their butts
>i didn't understand any of this
>they start blushing a lot and taught me how to finger bang
And thats how i developed to not trust women
Okay so she starts jacking me off with he hand full of spit. She then leans her tiny head in and starts sucking like crazy, she's slobbering all over my cock. She suddenly stands up and starts fucking bawling, I mean like fucking water works. She starts saying "Wait anon, I can't do this"

Do people care? Shall I go on?
I'm still lurking, so if you feel like posting some more of this story, I'm interested in reading about it! Also, the girl looks like she's attractive, so your story would seem to be a good one on your behalf.
File: 1403001116199.png (367KB, 800x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
367KB, 800x800px
I have another sort of "weird" one
>be 13
>smoke because it's pretty cool i guess
>my friends and I all go to some girl's house
>5 guys, 2 girls
>one of the girls leaves
>2 of the guys leave
>the one girl who was left starts feeling me up and we start to make out (she was 12)
>1 more of the guys leave
>it's just me starting to rub this girl really hard, i think she might suck my dick or something
>take a break
>tell my friend to fuck off
>he is jealous and says "i dont get why you are making out with him and not me"
>he won't leave
>this kills the mood
>she tells us both to get out
>mfw i could've lost my virginity that night
>mfw i am still a virgin, 7 years later
>mfw i am still friends with that fucking cock sucker bastard mother fucker cunt

I think about these two stories a lot.
Sorry this was supposed to be a reply to your post:

I'm still lurking, so if you feel like posting some more of this story, I'm interested in reading about it! Also, the girl looks like she's attractive, so your story would seem to be a good one on your behalf.

>I can't post pics of her, she has a pretty distinctive tattoo and piercings on her tits and I know for a fact her bf, and a couple of our mutual friends shit post on /b

>won't post pics
>posts incredibly detailed story including locations, jobs and the entire scenario
File: 1311626491256.jpg (56KB, 337x367px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
56KB, 337x367px
>"I don't know whether to suck it or feed it a peanut"
File: 2015-02-18 02.15.36.png (890KB, 1080x1920px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2015-02-18 02.15.36.png
890KB, 1080x1920px
Okay dokay

So I sit there and watch her cry for a bit. I have no idea what the fuck to say. I shit you not she starts sucking my dick WHILE SHE'S CRYING. it was fucking weird but I was kinda drunk so all I did was say, "Hey, Norma, it's okay, like you don't have to" All of a sudden she gets up and pulls her fishnets down. (it was a slurry riding hood costume hood I'll try to find pic) She lays on the couch and says, "Just fuck me already, please Anon. I know you want to"
FYI, that wasn't my story - I was just the OP of that thread, as I am of this one - and I just copy/pasted those posts from that thread that I had archived. Also, I was not trying to point out his contradictions, as I was liking the story and really liked seeing the picture of that girl and her huge tits.

Do you have homothugs have anything good to contribute to the thread? Or do you just like to act like retarded faggots?

Are you sure this actually happened to you? Seriously, this seems like a pretty bizarre story. Whatever the case, please do proceed with the story.

And, for the record, you don't have to limit your post to being so short, as the maximum amount of letters/characters is 2,000, which is quite a bit more than what your posts have totaled.
I'll tell you why she cried at the end m8
Pic related. HER with mutual friend

So I say, "fuck it" and I just go for it. I'm not ver big, maybe like 7 in on a good day. But she let's out this really breathy moan as soon as I stick it in. She wasn't a virginian but it was still really tight. She gets wet like really fast. I'm sliding in and out at supersonic speeds, I'm not wearing a rubber but I manage to last like 15 minutes. (it was just missionary) I finally pull at and cum all over her fishnets. I was really drunk so I said "thanks" and walked out. Didn't speak to her the rest of the night She then got these crazy feelings for me and started asking me for sex every other weekend. I never took her up on the offer cause I'm a beta fag and was too in love with this other hot chicky.
Just another attempt to bump the thread and get some replies with a picture of a sexy MILF.
Well, that was a pretty interesting story, but you should not have been rude to her after she let you have sex with her. Stupid move on your part, my man. You will learn to not take those things for granted, as sex is likely not always going to be so readily-available and convenient for you.

So, did you end up getting with the other girl you were interested in?

And when is the last time you talked to this girl from the story? Do you think you might end up with her and marrying her?
I admit, I was kind of an asshole about it. I have talked to her since then. She confessed her feelings for me, and I told her I was really sorry. We ended up being kinda good friends

I have actually been in a currently 11 month relationship with the other girl I mentioned.
Well, good for you for turning out to be a decent person. Far too many people on here are stupid motherfuckers who deserve to have their stupid, fucking faggoty asses whooped and humbled. So, have you had sex with this other girl? Are these two girls friends/do they know each other? And have you cheated on the girl you're currently with? And are you in the U.S.?

Btw, is anyone else still lurking and interested in posting?
would greentext but too lazy
started out with my friends horny gf wanting a threesome
bro is pretty cool and says hes ok with it as long as its regulated and he approves
they ask me and im like fuck yes so we do and its rad but thats not what you want

later on ~2-3 weeks im sleeping over there none of us give 2 shits so we pile in their bed
>oooo i get that itch
hes crazy tired after work so he passes out facing away
start feeling her up
no resistance
keep going finger her etc
eventually pull my dick out and shes all over it
we're barely moving at all
end up having her roll over and slip it in fuck for a while ive got a hand over her mouth so shes not moaning in his ear
cum inside her and we pass out
i dont think he ever woke up or found out

done it a few times since
put it in her ass a few times
had a pegnancy scare at one point and i was like
ohhhhhhhh shiiiiiit if that kid pops out with blue eyes im getting a bullet in my head
Yeah they know each other. They don't talk or anything. And no, me and my current gf have a really healthy relationship. We have really good sex as well. And yis
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