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tomgirl thread

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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tomgirl thread
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So far not a single post has been a tomgirl, including OP. You idiots have been posting futa and traps. Can none of you do anything right?
wait a sec there's something off about these girls
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you can either post what you want to see or stop bitching
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girls arent supposed to have penis
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>not knowing what a clit is
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moar incase please
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Sorry bro, I have contributed pretty much my entire measly collection
If a generous booter wants to help, that's on him
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Woah, more like this
How about a story from my tragic childhood?

>be about 14
>accidentally got myself into a situation with some older guy who is blackmailing me into lewds for him
>he makes me dress up in his actual gfs clothes and generally just uses and abuses me as he pleases
>one night he gets drunker than usual and I turned up late which gave him every excuse to be pissed at me
>gets dog from other room
>ties me down to a weights bench
>ass pointing up in the air, head free to lift slightly
>tries to get the dog to fuck me
>dog mounts up onto my back
>can feel is peen trying to find its target
>keeps trying
>guy gets impatient at the dog missing
unties me and facefucks me roughly

he never tried the dog again, and I'm thankful. To this day I have a fear of dogs, though I wouldn't say its entirely irrational.
i see what you did there.

that said, im out, not into cocks.
Dubs, but wouldn't this be called trap instead of Tomgrill?
How the fuck did you end up in that situation?
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InCase you say?
I started dating this older guy when I was 13, he took some pictures and stuff and threatened to tell everyone at my school. I was kinda naive and stupid at the time, so I figured it would be the end of the world if I didn't do exactly as he said. Then it kinda snowballed into more and more shit, by the end of it, I was actually pretty much working as a prostitute for him.
How'd you get out?
A few too many near misses with him narrowly avoiding being caught. That and my school started to get worried because a PE teacher saw all the bruises one time. It didn't have a definitive end, it just sort of fizzled out.

Rather sadly, that was probably the lowest I've ever felt. To feel as though he just wasn't interested in me any more, to feel like lowlife like him didn't even want anything to do with me... it was crushing. I'm mostly over it now, but I probably won't ever be totally over it.
Moar orc futa dicks <3
please post more stories
Pretty sure that's star wars...
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Ain't orc
<<that's orc futa
Why? and what kind?
>you bring a girl back to your place
>hands all over eachother
>you fall back onto the bed
>she unbuttons your jeans, then hers
>starts stroking you
>pulls the top of her panties down
>rubs his cock against yours

how do you murder this person?
any, and be course it's hot as fuck
thats a troll
Fuck off antispiral scum
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Ay yo never played wow
You misspelled marry
>trying to justify being a faggot
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>implying i wouldn't be down like a clown, charlie brown
God damn this is good. More. MORE~
Thread posts: 71
Thread images: 47

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