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I've seen a number of black men make the claim that black

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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I've seen a number of black men make the claim that black men have a natural preference for curvier women.

I was wondering if anyone could shed a little light on this claim. Is there some truth to it or are these guys just pulling a claim out of the air? Also, are there any black men here who have a preference for petite women?

also, beautiful women thread
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no replies?
Idk man, black chicks can be hot as fuck, right up until you see the pussy.
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> not wanting that pussy
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I guess it really is a silly question. If an Irish guy says "Of course I drink, I'm Irish," it's not like I'm going to take his word that he represents the entirety of the Irish community.
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Okay, you found an example of a nice black pussy. But in general, they look like smelly horse snatch.
sup /b/lack guy with taste for petites reporting
in my un-professional opinion, the people that like curvier women have had large exposure to Mediterranean culture or those who have origins from the region. Keep in mind, that region includes the entire north coast of Africa, and with all the invasions, counter invasions and migrations, it spread very well.
so somebody got a name of a beatiful ape pornstar? olz i need this for a school project
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Nyomi Banxxx
Jada Fire
Vanessa Blue
Diamond Jackson

A few favorites.

Dunno what kind of school project you could possibly be doing, but don't forget to enjoy the porn too.
forgot Maserati anon
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>they look like smelly horse snatch
I've heard this several times before although it mostly seemed like jokes/trolling.
skin diamond although her pussy is nasty
thx man its biology lecture
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Fuck, I knew I forgot some important ones.
not true

black guys have oedipus complexes out the ass
most of them were raised without real fathers so their mom is who they follow after

hence why black guys like jewelry, shoes and fucking with their hair

they don't know how to act like men because they never had fathers hence all the baby momma's

because they have hardcore I want to fuck my mom complexes they are attracted to women like their mom

their moms being curvy from having like 4 or 5 kids, out of shape cause they can't work out because they work 2 jobs or their mom is on drugs

make sense?
Actually that makes a lot of sense.

>women and black men love shoes, jewelry and doing their hair up
Skinny guys like curvy girls. It used to be an evolutionary advantage, if you were skinny to marry into a family/clan with better access to food than your own
Lmao l. Pussy is pussy just hit the lights. Or if a women with a different shade bothers you go find a shade you like
Wow.... This actually makes a lot of sense.

>tfw all stereotypes aren't arbitrary

I remember having to take health a few years ago in HS a we literally got taught, and had to write a paper about how all prejudice, and all stereotypes are based off nothing but made up hate/make believe.

Fucking overly liberal cunt for teacher. She was so convinced that racism only exists because of lies
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Everybody, deep down, has some degree of love for curvy women.

Like big tits, it's a sign of fertility and males will on some instinctual level react to that.

I've never heard this claim by black guys before but it sounds kind of stupid.
If anything, I imagine it has roots in black women's reputation for having big asses.
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>all stereotypes are based off nothing but made up hate/make believe
Really? NOTHING but that?

Disappointing classes.
dude the older you get the more you understand racism

from black with their baby momma issues
to mexicans with their conquistador complexes
to indians being cheap as fuck

all the stereotypes have a reason for existing
no one ever just said "man I want to hate those people"

like jews got kicked into banking from being banned from most other forms of industry


because the jews back then were basically along the lines of scientology. very closed off, very much a cult and very much taught they were the best in the world and everyone else was shit.

so that pissed everyone off of a couple millenia and no one likes them.
O Hi ms.Obama
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keep that white slime out of this thread
Black men tend to like women with big, fat asses. Much like white me like big tits because of their mother issues, it's grounded in a matriarchal society, and their subliminal, incestuous memories of their fat mama.
black men don't even want black women /thread
White men display a trend to go after the same big, ugly, overfat pieces of ass, since the advent of Rap, and their suppressed yearning to be black.
Some truth... but how many times have you seen a black guy with a huge, fat, white girl?
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There could be a grain of truth to this.

A fuckload of them sure as hell seem to like fantasizing about getting their hands on white girls, at least.

... but I also fantasize a lot about black girls, so I guess it'd be a fair trade.
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>muh white pussy
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Calling it "smelly" is definitely race-trolling
I just have an addiction to white women, the one's where I'm sure their forefathers would be rolling in the graves
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OP here, I posted those those women
dude as a white guy let me tell you this important fact

if you are white, every girl wants to fuck you except white girls who are into black guys

black girls, asian girls, indian girls, latino girls

all of them want a white guy to take home and show off

you might be boring, but you are status symbol. having a white boyfriend means you've made it.

so use the white card
see a hot black chick, hit on her. she be stunned you have the balls to hit on her and she'll think you must have big dick to hit on her. she'll more than likely give it up

speaking from experiences
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>the one's where I'm sure their forefathers would be rolling in the graves
It's always a bit more fun when it's somehow forbidden.
black women were always curvy and ridiculed by white bimbos before thick asses and curvy bodies came in style

>see sir mix-a-lot
that's hot

White women are a status symbol. It means getting the woman that society wants to keep you from having. It's not that white women are any more or any less attractive.
Hahaha reminds me of a post where black guy said he was fucking a white chick and she yells " yea fuck me with that nigger dick" and then how he was confugled
If anyone knows wth I'm talking about please post it I never saved it
white women are status symbols for everyone not white

white men are status symbols for every girl not white

white guys need to realize this
Tell that cow to whipe it's ass
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I hope you're right about that and haven't just gotten lucky.
You're making it sound awfully easy.

Dark girls are immensely attractive to me and I've always wanted to fuck one.
Or several.
Would do anything to bone this chick. Who is she?
I'm white and I made out with 3 different black/sandnigger women. My actual girlfriend is sandnigger. Her tits tastes like unicorn tits.

You guys don't know what you're losing.
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I think that's not entirely true.
Probably has more to do with wanting what you can't have, since whites are dating-racist
No they just say that to cover for the fact that the best they can get are job-less whales because they themselves are destitute, smelly, uneducated, lazy, loud, crude, ugly and full of themselves.

File: 1414938310101.jpg (475KB, 2000x3000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Two different women. One of them is named Valerie. The other is named Naomi. I don't know of any surnames.
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Hey, I'd be fine being somebody else's status symbol.
>whites are dating-racist
Blacks too, as far as I can tell.

Blacks tend to associate pretty hard with one another and want to stick together.
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>You guys don't know what you're losing
Don't remind me. I already lust after black chicks pretty badly.

>tfw live in tiny country with zero black girls around
If I ever come to the U.S., I'm going to do nothing but hit on black girls.
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It seems like we need to conduct a field study. Have two white guys of equal physical attraction try to pick up women of color. One can be open-minded, the other can pass himself off as mildly racist. See which one gets more pussy.

> knowing human nature, it'd probably be the racist guy who got more action
I know it's been posted to hell and back, but the numbers make it seem like black women are the least picky/most friendly while not really digging their own kind.
Natural preference for curvier women = I'm willing to settle for fat chicks
Forgot link

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Some members of minority groups feel a stronger connection to their groups or that they have to rely on strength in numbers

And white people aren't the only ones to complain about "losing their identity" when the issue of biracial children crops up
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this thread
I like both types but a girl like this is most attrctive
>black men have a natural preference for curvier women

almost everyone does, the popularity of hourglass figures didn't come blacks. I think you mean preference for big asses
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> return of kings

Is that a white supremacist site or something?
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