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(919) 401-9877 Call this restuarant and ask for grapes. Post

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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(919) 401-9877

Call this restuarant and ask for grapes. Post reactions.

>"basic restuarant greeting"
>can i have grapes?
>"hows your evening, mines been grape"
>worker hangs up.
>person: hello this is foursquare resturant wold you like to make a reservation?
>yes, and can i have grapes with that
>person: youre kidding me right?
>im afraid not mister, i havent had a very grape day
bumping, this has potential.
darn i need long distance, guys just use prank dial and record reactions, this stuff is in north carolina
This. Sounds like this could be fun
>Hello this is foursquare restuarant
>Do you have grapes
>Whats with you bastards and grapes
>Thats not something for a restuarant to say
>No we dont have grapes. hangs up
>Hi (me)
>Do you want grapes?
>No, i thought this was a restuarant? (me)
>yea im sorry, weve been getting some prankcalls
>alright, can i place a reservation at grape o clock (me)
>We're not selling any grapes.
>Excuse me?
>Sorry, we've been getting prank calls all night.
>Do you guys have battletoads?
>Do we have what?
>It's like french snails, just with toads
>No, we don't have any toads
>What about grapes?
took only four calls for the poor fag to start dying lol
>Hello this is (stuff i couldnt hear)
>Hi, can i ask what tommorrows specials are?
>Sorry, we don't have special here
>Oh alright, I was hoping you have grapes
>Godaamit click
Don't worry. I called them up and not told them 4chans was hacking them. They got it.
yo guys, founnd their reservation site. Do what you will with this information.

>We're going to call the police if we get one more call

Round 2
>Uhm, hello...?
>No grapes served here, Four Square Restaurant...
>No grapes? What?
>Prank calls all night
>Nice meme
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Bump, HUGE potential
>Restaurant greeting
>Hi do you have any available reservations for this weekend? For valentines day?
>Nope all booked up
>Would you still be doing take out though?
>Well thats just grape
>WHAT? Oh god damn it
Gotta bump , calling right now
>Do you guys have reservations for Sunday?
>no sorry
>Alright, maybe next week Friday?
>Yea that's open
>Alright, thanks that's grape
Bump, haven't seen anything this good in a while
Not a single one is vocaroo'd
>hello four square restaurant
>hi just found out about this place, what would you say is your grape-est meal is?
>immediately hangs up
because no one is actually doing it. These threads are shit without vocaroo.
>oh comeon!

Yeah, I've posted like 4 of these things and I never actually called.

get shrekt
Bump hoping for vocaroo
I just got something that told me to do a message.
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There not taking calls right now haha
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Bumping for poe-ten-chal
battletoads rick..

I couldn't do long distance so I sent a gay guy
>Foursquare restauran-
>I will grape you.
>I will grape you in the mou-click-
>Call the number
>Get voicemail
>"I just wanted to apologize, I hear you aren't having a grape night."
>Hang up
> fun as fuck
>Hello this is foursquare resturant
>Hi, I was wondering about how many preople the crusted monkfish feeds
>Just one sir
>Oh alright, Do you have an open table for my fiance and I rihgt now?
>We're a little busy but I'm sure we can find you one
>all right, and how much would the grapes cost?
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do you miguel.jpg
292KB, 1024x768px
/o/ is that you?
fucking lel
>do you ahev grapes
>hangs up

well that was short
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ayy lmao
>foursqure resturant (Note how tired he sounds)
> sir are you feeling ok
>yea, just all these prankcalls
>oh, alright, but can i make a reservation, i would do it online but my internets down
>alright, when do you want it
>next week Saturday, its my wife's birthday
>alright, can i have your name and number
>yea, Tim Gable and the number is 919 1505 22grape
>man you suck
bump for life
>calls back
>whyd you hang up on me?
>cause you said grape!
>i said 8, are you crazy?, hanging up cause you heard grape?
>ugh man, the prankcalls are getting to me
>yea i feel you, i used to work for telemarketing
>here, ill finish scheduling you
>thanks, sorry bout your day
>its alright
>i hope those guys stop (him)
>alright, i finished scheduling
>have a grape day and i hang up

Bump for more gold
>Hello, Um id like to make a reservation...
>For grapes. There a bunch of us.
more like this,

monitoring this thread.
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breddy gud dagumi.jpg
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ayyy lmao

>Hello if you say grape ill hang up
>wwait what?
>sorry, its the prank calls
>oh, i see, but can i schedule a day to come in, itll be 4 people
>alright, is the 17th open
>hold on.. yea what time will this be?
>ok, all set, can i have your name and number
>yea, its jacob collins, and my numbers 919 224 567
>all right, you sure this isn't a prank??
>yes im sure
>all right then, youre all set, see you then
>thanks sir
>we hang up
The day 4chan scheduled lunch
Fuck off faggot
I'm completely in awe that this is happening in my town right now..
Thread posts: 54
Thread images: 8

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