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INCEST THREAD!! Post your stories or copied green texts!

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Post your stories or copied green texts!
bamp for interest
>fuck me brother
feel free to contribute
Got a good one
Keep bumping cause its a long story
>my hips are moving on their own
>cum inside me
>my mind is going blank

lol 4chan
>be 21
>sister be 17
>her and her male friend bring home cocaine
>both drunk as fuck
>stormed into my room and invited me to try it with them.
>sister is in the bathroom while I'm clearing the table
>she takes her damn time
>very little coke, is this even coke
>sister comes back
>friend has blacked out
>try out cocaine for the first time
>barely any and I'm going insane
>feel a strong urge to jackrabbit the shit out of some booty
>sister freaks out
>sees me fucking her male friend up the arse
>8ish years ago
>Sister once caught me smoking after school
>Threatens to tell parents
>Parents would go fucking insane
>Don't I'll do anything
>Then flash me your ass
>Get home and parents aren't about so I drop em
>She apparently just 'went to grab' (her story)
>Scratches gooch with fingernails and cuts asshole with her thumbnail
>Rush to bathroom to check in mirror
>Blood starting to run down leg
>She is shitting herself with fear now
>Get cleaned up and spend a week rubbing antiseptic on my ass
>Eventually heals
>Bitch you owe me (she didn't tell the folks about the smoking, but fuck it, she cut my ass open)
>Get a one off handjob whilst she's crying
>Never speak of it again
>Barely spoken since, moved town for a job and now only see her once a year at Christmas
mother and son counts right?
>be in 7th grade
>playing truth or dare with friend and high school cousin
>fishing out change that we dropped down her cleavage
>playing with nipples and shit
>friend and i both know its weird

>fast forward to like sophomore year
>same cousin is spending the night because she was hanging out with my mom all day
>out with friends at like 1am smoking grass in a walmart parking lot
>probably the most baked I had ever been at the time after like 9 water bottle steamroller hits
>ask my cousin to pick me up after walking most of the way home
>in car she's asking about how far ive gone with a girl and shit
>most recent gf who was totally dtf and lose virginity together turned out to be dumb slut
>kinda bummed, had only gotten a rough hand job
>she says that im hot and shit and says she is surprised i'm a virgin
>I already know she is coming onto me even through the haze from the dank
>starting to get horny
>get to my house
>watching some horror movie or creepy documentary
>cousin is kinda big, taller than me, slightly over weight, but huge knockers
>she's giving me a neck massage as im shirtless
>we've been here before and last time she totally noticed my boner
>this time her neck massage turns into a chest and stomach rub down
>she starts slipping her hands in my boxers
>can't remember the dialogue but blowjob talk comes up again
>just like my dick
>i stand up while she sits on couch and she puts it in her mouth
>she has a tongue ring and is experienced as fuck, best bj ever to this date
>literally fuck her face with mad thrusts, surprised I didn't hit her teeth
>no idea how long it lasted because i was fucking blazed but definitely wasn't brief by any means
>she takes a break and holds my dick next to her neck and I cum without saying anything
>all over her face hair and probably the couch too
>she's all pissed
>oh well
>says we should go in my room and fuck
>not trying to lose virginity to cousin
>she doesn't want to do anything else unless it's going all the way
>mother and son counts right?
>incest thread

Get out.
>Be me
>Have hot cousin
>Want to fuck said cousin
>Don't know how to bring it up
>Cry myself to sleep
>not into mom-son

pleb tastes - do you even incest anon?
Not what was meant. More the fact you'd have to ask if mom-son is allowed in an incest thread in the first place.
>be 28
>going to a restaurant
>ordering a pizza pie
>i said no ansjovis wtf
>girl says sorry i say is ok
>eat pizza pie while lying
>go outside wait till restaurant closes
>walk up to girl call her a bitch
>punch her repeatedly in the left eye
>shit stars bleeding she yells "whyyyy whyyyyy"
>take her head and place it above my cock
>let blood pour on cock
>shove it in her mouth NOW SUCK IT
>manager comes out yells WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING
>grab my pistol and blast him twice
>then blast girl in skull with my cock inside her mouth
>let blood pour all over my cock
>feels good man
>escape and go home
>masturbate with her blood still on my cock
i only have ugly and retarded cousins, no sisters and shitty family in general.

at least my mum liked/likes occasional breastplay but nothing as much as when i was 8-18 them where the golden years, shes 65 now and i am 24
File: you fell for it.webm (1MB, 1280x720px)
you fell for it.webm
1MB, 1280x720px
Anon pls
I don't get it, what does a fish have to do with anything?
Was she at least your sister or something?

I want to now whether to be disgusted or aroused.

Ok, let's stop messing with this guy now, I think he's seriously retarded.

yeah she was black
>be me
>want 2 fuk 10/10 sis
>fuk her
There was this collection of greentext one /b/tard posted more than half a year ago, where he detailed his experiences of fucking his sister. Does anyone still have it?
>be 18
>mother is 39
>be living on a flat for 5 years the two of us alone cause brothers are living with my father on a different house
>she walks around with tight sundresses especially in summer, all the damn time
>get a leg fetish
>one day she calls me on my cellphone
>she is taking a sunbath on the roof of the flat
>says she forgot to bring water
>got interrupted in the middle of a teamfight during dota
>grab the fucking water take the elevator angry as hell
>start walking towards her and say "here is your fucking water, hope you enjoy choking on it while your ass is tossed off the roof falling 10 stories"
>just say "here is your water mom"
>tightass black bikini
>she takes the water and starts drinking it
>falls a little bit between her breasts
>admire the image before me
>file -> save as... -> thisdaywasagoodday.gif
>also instaboner

Someone post Ben's story pls
damn that chick's my kind of woman.
the other fishes are like "we told him about them baits but he wouldnt listen"

>realise i've been looking at her for the last 5 seconds
>she notices it
>"anon do you wanna take a sunbath with me?"
>say YES, almost interrupting her
>run downstairs
>grab some water bottles and the radio
>run upstairs, no time to waste
>solve my maze
>sit next to her with my shirt off
i thought she would like my body since i'm not a bodybuilder but i'm fit
>sit there with my mp3 at medium volume but doing small talk to her at the same time
>she asks me if i have a gf
>yes i do have but this was around 3 days before we would broke off so things were bad
>told my mother it was because i wasn't attracted to her anymore
>"what kind of girls you like anon then?"
>"well i wish they had your legs"
>blast processing through my thoughts triyng to come up with an explanation to what i said
>she says "aww anon" and she starts laughing
>asks me to put suncream on her back
>tells me she needs to not look
>takes off her bra, even though it was slim as hell and i could've done it without it
>start applying suncream
>boner has turned into a javelin, waiting to fly towards the target

cont, i can't type that fast
anyone reading? i'm not going to keep going for nothing
alright. no hurry.
Just keep going anon
Yes, keep going at least till the dinosaur.
Tacos are tasty
i am

>inb4 dino
>inb4 it was your dad
>inb4 you dont post
Post moar. Lurkin 2k15
File: downloadfile.jpg (39KB, 600x450px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Source, reverse search is BS for this one...
>she lays down on her chair and turns around
>wants me to put some on her stomach, didn't bother to put her bra back on
>she says ''i'm your mother don't worry"
yea sure you horny nynpho
>dick has reached the state of diamonds
>lean down on her and whisper on her ear
>"i think you want cum all over your face, not the suncream"
i already had a vibe she was into it, i did so too, and though it scare the shit out of me to do that, part of me knew it would work to say that, there is a lot of context to this, and will greentext about it if enough anons are interested
>put my dick near her mouth
>the fucking greatest lust face i have ever seen
>licks the tip of my cock
>she is into some cum kinda of fetish
>proceeds to give me the best blowjob of all my lifes
>takes me out at the last instant as i rain down the house on her face
>put her on her fours
>start fucking the shit out of her while i give her some spanks
>she gets even more turned on
>notice she starts pushing her ass toward me as i slam her
>release the kraken inside that pussy
>we keep going like this for quite a bit, i can't recall how much but it was more than your standard sex time (-5:00)
>she isn't ashamed or sad of what she did
>as we get our shit together and get ready i push her against one of the walls in the elevator
>we make out
>we lay together in bed as we keep going, saying goodnight to eachother
>wake up the next morning with a kiss on the lips

there are more stories aviable now, if other anons are interested, to this day we still go at it
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Stfu spidey!
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deformed pig.jpg
44KB, 615x814px
Penis pig runs this thread dammit. Not spidey.
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spiderman thread2.jpg
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Hail penis pig.
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spiderman thread6.jpg
121KB, 623x457px
Last one had some alright anons. Great posts.

If anon with Low Testosterone is still around, I have a few suggestions for probable causes.

Cellular damage or diet. For it to happen sudden I'd go with those. Damage could be from any seemingly minor head or testicle trauma. Did you have any whiplash recently from sports? Bump your head hard off something? Take a shot to the nuts prior to the low test symptoms?

It could have damaged your pituitary in the brain as it sits cupped inside a protective caccoon of skull. The quick shaking of the skull causes a twisting motion to pull on the stalk of brain tissue that connects brain to pituitary. Damage at that stalk acts as a road block. Causing disrupted communication between the Hypothalamus and the Pituitary. The Hypothalamus might be pushing out crazy high amounts of a signaler hormone to the Pituitary but the pituitary can't receive hardly any of it. As if it's deaf. Why this concerns you is that the Pituitary stops telling the Testicles to make Testosterone. Hormones all need to be commanded to be made by another organs hormones. It's a big game of telephone.

Athletes that do hard and fast movements to their head like boxers, american football players, are being found to have this pituitary cellular damage build up over years. Which fucks with their hormones enough to cause Parkinsons, Alzheimers, Deppression, memory loss, slurred speach, erratic emotions and sometimes violent behavior.

Same thing for the nuts. Could of been a hit from a ball or person but this damage would cause direct effect to the cells responsible for detecting the Pituitary's signaling hormones.

>be 19
>sister be 16
>she and her bf came home at 1
>got into fight and bf left
>sister crying
>be older wiser brother
>hugs kisses
>tittie fuck
>that was 10 years ago never talk about it
what happened in the bedroom anon?

sweet anon, would like to read more indeed
Diet would hit this feedback loop from a different angle and inturupt a healthy systems prduction of Testoserone by cutting off it's source to a vitamin necessary to assemble a unit of Testosterone.
Are you eating enough food?
Did you recently cut out a lot of proteins or fats from your diet?

Starving yourself (a negative calorie deficit or famine of necessary nutrients) will obliterate hormone production.

Cancer or tumor would happen slower. Did you decline in test symptoms in the months before the sudden loss?

Stress would hurt you by imbalancing the endocrines Adrenal gland from constant use. Cortisol and adrenaline levels effect T production as well but on the adrenals I haven't studied so I have only generals.

Or someones poisoning you.
>seriously. No one thinks it about themselves but it does happen to some people
>"i think you want cum all over your face, not the suncream"
this is where it becomes painfully obvious anon is a lying piece of autistic shit.
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Fuck yes!
Pics anon?
And continue, for the love of god continue
Not worth the low prio
File: mfw.gif (471KB, 160x122px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
471KB, 160x122px
>"i think you want cum all over your face, not the suncream"
Bumping for greentext stories.
Need moar b4 404
File: 1421986356165.jpg (78KB, 449x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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More context. More greentext
hope your team reported you for afking scrub


Am I the only one that doesn't see incest as being wrong when it's consented?

Dubs demands it! Sauce!
Definitely not. I completely agree.
File: 1422773879663.webm (3MB, 800x453px)
3MB, 800x453px
bump ngga
Your mom let you play with her tits?
>that pigeon
moar. pics of mom

dat bass
File: z69.jpg (190KB, 2792x2040px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hey niggers fake anyone NUDE! No rules
Gifs possible nudify-her dot com
pic related..
That pigeon giving fuck all.
Anyone else with experiences?
File: 1403392048788.jpg (75KB, 688x967px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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1402414763045 (1).jpg
85KB, 915x688px
>drunk with cousin
>had previously flirted
>shes grinding against muh dick.
>boner achieved.
>take her in garage
>lift dress, move thong aside
>already wet
>start fucking her bent over this table
>"harder anon"
>you got it
>all in all about 15 minutes of sloppy drunk sex
>couldnt nut, way too hammered
>those fucking tits though.

Fucked one other time after that
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81KB, 688x987px
Green text it plz
dick is diamonds... my name is Jason
It's like the universe just winked at you.

as someone named Jason, yes I would love to join you

Is it normal for sisters to explore with each other while growing up?

Is it common for sisters tolick eachother's pussies when younger?
what kind of an 8 year old has a job?
do 8 year olds even know how to guilt trip anyone for a handjob? arent they too concerned about pokeomun
File: 1a47b0d55b.jpg (11KB, 224x173px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11KB, 224x173px
He wrote ' 8ish years ago' meaning this happened about 8 years previous to now.

Forgib me my autism
>"i think you want cum all over your face, not the suncream
>calls me one saturday
>fighting with friend out drunk
>"pick me up?"
>sure why not
>get her, start headed to her house in bfe
>she gets down to nothing but a g string before we even hit the freeway
>thank you tinted windows
>putting her ass and tits in my face as we drive
>fondle her as much as i can without killing us
>telling me i shoulf break up with gf
>why dont we just date
>finally get near her place and find a spot to park
>its on
>fuck her silly.
>Big ol tits bouncing around
>Cum all over her big nipples
>get her home
>she wants me to come inside
>naw its like 3am hour drive home
>"Next time"
>kiss goodbye

>never was a next time

She sent me a bunch of nudes and we flirted via text but she started dating this dude and moved in with him so as far as i know, probably wont happen again. But man... those tits... i could play eith them for hours.
Thx anon.
Post the nudes
These stories make me hate my life :(

I had a cousin I totally would have fucked, but by the time I realized what sex was, she was already dating and moved out, ran away, etc typical teenage rebellion shit.

Thing is, from like ages 4-12 she was my soulmate, I would have done anything for her. We were literally best friends. When I hit 13 and started realizing sex feelings, she had been already and then moved on. :( I think I was honestly in love with her.

I never saw her again up until 5 years ago, like 20 years later :(

I cried. I need a hug.
moar, this is my favorite kind of thread
What's happening in her life now? Why don't you keep in touch?
Jesus dude, you sound desperate.
>Be me, 5 years old
>Have a younger sister, 3 years old
>I watch porn found on video and re-enact it with little sis
>Do it for wat seems like year, probably a few months
>Gets caught, zero shits given but stop for a while
>Used to go down on her like in the movie a lot. She misses is and comes to me begging for me to eat her out a lot
>Oblige, refuse oblige refuse
>Didn't know I was playing hard to get and laying down slut mind in now 5 year old sister. I am just about 8

>Not much happens the next couple years except I got molested by my 20something aunt

>10 now, dick is bigger than other kids in class and I got a fever 4 sex

>Sister is easy target
>Call her over to my room, play a game of dare or dare
>Gets undressed
>Go down on her tiny little cunt
>She's making cute noises
>Start appreciating sex stuff
>Have her suck me
>First she does not like it, but make her do it everyday
>Cockslut sister
>Find out she sucks all the boys in school and neighbourhood
>Sucks older kids too

>Year or two later I start cumming
>Saw it in films, didn't bother me
>Sister loves cum, cum in/on her all the time
>Dad catches us, uses her too

>Created slut sister

>Mom finds out, turns out our parents new all along and would watch us

>Mom is sick, molests me in awful painful ways, start enjoying it. Love pain and rape now.

>Mom still hot, molests my sisters kids (yes she had kids at 14... surprise)
>Fuck mom to pics and with kids in the room
>Cums every time I call her a Pedo.

>They didn't start it. Must be in the blood.

>Life is weird.

we kind of do, via Facebook (although I'm no longer on FB). She has a farm, is always busy with her 6 kids, husband, etc. I'd like to visit her, but my wife is insanely jealous.

I fucked a 3rd cousin (same great-great grandparents) once, but people say that doesn't "count". I did love this cousin, too, but not as much as my other one (the subject of my last post). Anyway my wife knows I fucked my 3rd cousin, so she thinks I'm trying to fuck all my cousins.

I'll choose to be a faggot on that one.
This is the most pathetic thing I have ever read. Wow...
anyone got that pic of some anon talking about fucking his cousin on a cruise? he also had some text messages and got her to send a nude as well. would appreciate if any kind person would post it
Cockblocking wife
>so she thinks I'm trying to fuck all my cousins

Blur out her face and recognizable features
That's strange enough to be believable.
I came
>The stories and information posted here are autistic works of fiction and falsehood.
>Only a tool would take anything posted here as fact.
If theres another thread when i get home i'll see if i can find them
File: Meanie.jpg (162KB, 1440x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
162KB, 1440x960px
There are always cunts that feel the need to point this out.

I dont give a fuck, i'm trying to cum!
Except incest is pretty fuckin common
got any stats? I suspect it is much more common than anyone lets on, given the taboo
>be me some time ago
>loser of the family (not like much changed now tho)
>have a cousin
>3 years older than me
>super hot, always been, tall, nicely toned body, in the school's swimming and soccer teams
>only person who doesn't look down on me
>we don't hang out as much as I' like
>whenever we meet we talk a lot
>movies, music and all
>into same kind a shit basically
>whenever she has some problems with computer or mobile she turns to me
>whenever I feel down I talk to her
>best friends ever
>summer comes so I naturally do everything in my power to stay with her side of family
>long story short we have great time and all
>one afternoon
>I'm away for whatever bullshit it was
>she stays
>my laptop stays too
>turns out I didn't lock it
>since I was the only one using it and I always locked it didn't bother me too much until I returned
>enter living room
>blinds shut; computer opened, displayed on the table
>she stands there in the shadow
>"what the hell is this?"
>"w-w-wha" I don't have to look at the screen, hundreds, thousands of erotic pics with tall, toned, blond chicks
>"is that what you're up to all the time? I could tell on you, for this"
>this is killing me allright, not really the fact that my family would destroy me, but that I'd lose her probably
>"so..? what are you going to do about it?"
>mumbling silently, almost crying "e-everything"
>"yes every-thing"
>"so do it!"
>"come on, sit down and do it already!"
File: cmon.jpg (17KB, 250x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
17KB, 250x200px
File: 1312886140111.png (84KB, 263x232px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
84KB, 263x232px
File: pics13 [800x600].jpg (126KB, 400x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
pics13 [800x600].jpg
126KB, 400x600px
JB chan


Wait you are saying its much more common? Thats what i was saying. Its common as hell. I would rhink that people just dont admit to itm
tl;dr op got his ass torn apart by his sister and as she felt bad about it, she gave him a handjob and now she doesnt want to see her family more than once a year.
Wat okay
Some anon posted a couple days ago in one of these threads a link to a momless vid. Vid was text and audio of a guy who asked his mom for a blowjob when she asked what he wanted for his birthday. Recorder starts with them watching tv and putting dishes away. Chit chat. Then the mom says
"well are we gonna do this or what?"
"I've been waiting on you!"

They kind of talk in a tense slightly argumentative way.
"You can't tel--"
"Just... Suck it already"
Blowjob noises. He finishes. She gets up to get a rag to clean him up. He says afterward they cuddled and watched tv.
he cant get hard unless its green

That's how you know this beta faggot is lying. Who the fuck would leave a dota game to get someone water? Let alone not go back cause their mom asks if they want to sunbathe.

You little faggots make me ashamed to browse /b/ obvious bullshit
speed it up faggot i got 20 mins to jack off and leave
Anon of the story here, i stopped texting because i thought no one was fucking reading
>be 15yo me (9 years ago.)
>dad into hunting - has several bird dogs, all male, none fixed.
>has this cocker spaniel that he brings bird hunting but is the only "house" dog - basically the family pet. All other dogs live in the kennel out back
>sister is not bad maybe 6.5/10. 1 year younger. she and the dog are inseparable.
>dog sleeps on sisters bed every night. dog cries at her door when she is in there alone.
>wake up at 2 am one night. hear sounds coming from sis's room
>go to knock.. hear muffled moaning and dog sounds
>dare to crack the door.. she's getting licked out by the dog. doesnt notice.
>mfw peeked in on her doing shit with the dog for 6-7 months
>alone one night, dog is kinda humping on her leg while we watch tv
>she laughs about it. "omg haha the dog is so horny!"
>i say too bad dad only has boy dogs. this poor guy needs laid
>to chicken to say anything
>we watch movie
>awkward watching sex scene with sister
>i say haha guy is almost as horny as the dog
>sister smiles
>i say i dare you to rub his dick
>she says ok
>dog rolls over on his back and she rubs his cock out
>she dares me to touch it. i say no thats gay. she dares me to touch my own then
>obvious to all im hard as a rock
>watched my sister fuck the dog while i jacked off
>did this for almost a year.
>we don't talk about it now.
Lurking hard man. Keep going with the green text. What kind of context made you think she likes facials?
Details everything but the actual act
You are a terrible person
>I sit down
>still not actually get it
>she sits on the table, turns the laptop towards me
>nude pics
>"well, start already" and makes that 'wanking off' motion
>now I'm not only panicking but also panicking hysterically
>move my hand under shorts and touch myself
>she crosses her legs, lean back a little
>this goes for a second, can actually feel it stiffening
>"take it out damnit I want to see"
>I was shocked at her cursing, never imagined she would say something like this, I comply however
>only after a moment it came to me that I whipped my my semi hard dick at her and kept stroking
>WAT WUT why this feels so good
>I swear to God I saw her licking her lips
>didn't take much for me to finish
>shot up and on the floor
>she was surprised but reasonable
>told me to clean the mess and myself and left
>I was still pretty nervous, to teh point of having troubles sleeping
>morning was normal as if nothing happened
>normal until we were alone again later
>she hugged me from behind
>usual stuff
>slid her hands towards the band of my pants
>unusual but nothing too strange
>started trying to get in and told me
>"you didn't think that one time would settle things right, did you?"
>but I got hard
Nono, i meant that we wanted to fuck eachother for a while, she is pretty flirty i just asumed that she liked it dirty too
pics of sister?
keep going fgt
File: dl.jpg (51KB, 368x594px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
51KB, 368x594px
Circa 1992:

>at friends house playing basketball.
>we come in for lunch that his mom made us. we're not wearing shirts only shorts
>Mom makes joke about us not having any armpit hair and says we probably will in a few years. Then asks if we have any hair "down there and wants to see.
>I'm shy at first but my friend pulls his shorts down, so i do too.
>she laughs at our little boy penis' and says don't worry they'll get bigger and get hair on them when they you get older.
>Then she pulls down her shorts a little and shows us her pubic hair and says "like this"
>she looks at me and says "have you ever seen a girls before".
>I tell her that I have in some magazines and on tv once.
>she asks me about the magazines and if I masturbate. She says she knows her son does and has caught him in his room doing it.
>I said I do sometimes. She asks me if anything comes out when Im done and I say it does
>She asks if I'd like to see hers, to see what a real one looks like.
>I say yes. (this whole time me and my friend are standing in front of her butt naked. She's sitting on a couch. I notice my friend has a boner already which has me kinda embarrassed because i'm nervous as fuck and my dick hiding.
>we sit down on the couch across from her as she takes her shorts and panties off then spreads her legs for us to look at her pussy. It was hairy but trimmed.
>Then she said "ok, show me how you guys do it"
>My dick actually got pretty hard fast. And me and my buddy sat there inches away almsost thigh to thigh strokind our dicks in front of her.
>She would go back and forth to rubbing her clit to sliding her finger down to her hole and dip her middle finger out which made a moist popping noise.
>when I came one of shots shot up and to my left which hit my buddy on the arm and torso. It didn't even throw off his rythem.
>be me 15
>eat a shit ton of fiber one cereal
>regular as fuck
>friends say "hey lets go to taco bell"
>i havent gone to taco bell in eight years, say i dont like it
>"anon youre a faggot for not liking taco bell, let's go"
>i give in and get a five buck box and a crunch wrap supreme
>this is the food of the gods, ive never eaten something this amazing
>eat that shit so fucking fast
>buy another five buck box and eat it slower to savor that ambrosia
>friends say im gonna have a bad time later
>"youre gonna have fiery shits"
>oh fuck im a dumb ass
>be me five hours in the future
>rumbling from the depths of hell
>i hussein bolt to the bathroom
>barely get my trousers down and sit on the toilet before i start unloading the a-bomb
>this shit is tearing me in half i cant handle this
>satan's dildo comes forth from my anus at the speed of sound
>my gaping sphincter is completely destroyed
>i clean up the hole and stand to marvel at my creation
>i call my family in
>my father salutes
>brother pulls out his bagpipes and begins playing oh danny boy
>my mother sings
>perfect log shit
>i cried as i flushed
File: 1417636091982.jpg (61KB, 1024x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
61KB, 1024x768px
>When she saw my cum hit her son, she started shaking and lifted her ass off the couch and then tightened her thighs real tight over her hand.
>My buddy then came, but i didn't see anything come out.
>she started getting dressed and said that was fun and that we could play and talk some more sometime.

There was a little more that happened that day but I can't fucking remember a lot of it. I know she flashed us her tits later as we were playing outside.
>be 15
>sister 12
>blonde hair, blue eyes, extremely cute, roundest ass
>she enjoys me spanking her ass and arches her back hard so i'm hitting her "cat" too
>watch tv and she asks me to spank her cat all afternoon after school
>she rubs my dick and sits on my face all the time
>lays over my lap and lifts up shirt so i can gently run my fingers over her stomach and suck her nipples
>at night she squeezes my dick and runs her hand all over my junk while i push my palm into her crotch and rub her until we fall asleep
>eventually sucks my dick and asks me to put it in her
>do this for years
>that's it
see what the fuck we did the retards are now derailing this thread now should have typed faster to make this reliable for reading later
From the summer break before I started high school until after graduation, my older cousin and I fucked regularly.
>Be me, male, 20
>super drunk one night
>see 16 yo sister in super tight yoga pants
>diamond hard
>convince her to finish bottle of vodka with me
>we get giggly drunk
>she accidentally puts her hand in my crotch
>she tries to laugh it off but she felt how hard it was
>so I "accidentally" put my hand on her crotch
>fooling around turns into pants off
>fuck harder then I ever have in my life
>black out and don't remember the rest
>wake up and remember I don't have a sister
>crusty jizz stains all over me from a crazy night of fapping

>1.21 gigawatts to the same night after the morning kiss
>be playing dota again
>get triple kill
>get up to get a glass of water
>mother walks by with a white sundress
>no bra or panties in sight
>spank her
>she moans high
>do it again and she puts her hands on the wall, lifting her ass up
>pull her sundress up from the waist and down from the breasts
>spank her again and pull out the D
>push her against the wall while i start fucking her
>breasts getting squished
>takes like 30 seconds for both of us to cum like 2 times because we are going too fast
>she turns around after and gives me another kiss on the lips
>asks me to go to sleep with her later after her show ends
>she starts watching tv
>i go back to dota, smiling
>i was support so they didn't need me to win
>didn't get reported for afk
>dem feels

i got plenty of stories really, as long as there are anons reading, you will get more
Nice story
go on
I am reading/fapping, please moar
Lurking till 404
Tell us about memorable fuck you had
2 hot 2 handle
>"strip and sit down. And, don't be so fast, I need a good look into this"
>I comply
>she sits on a chair in front of me, closer that yesterday
>legs crossed, arms crossed together on her chest, concerned look on her face but blushing
>I get started, remembering to not be too fast
>this goes on for some time, longer than previously
>notice her eyes are fix on my penis
>blushing strong, heavy breathing
>realising all this gets me close
>see her legs rubbing against each other
>finish in between strokes
>some cum lands on her knee
>she stands up, still ogling me
>I sink in the couch, still working the shaft, cum dribbling
>stop spent
>she goes to her room, I clean up
>evening continue as usual
>next few days we were cockblocked by her family - weekend and one of her brothers had a week off or something
>nothing happens, life goes by ordinary
>until we decided to go in the nearby woods
>and by we I mean her
>and by walk I mean take that two hour long walk
>I know she knows I know where it all's going
This is seriously fucking amazing
Don't stop
File: 1416255780400.jpg (10KB, 247x247px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10KB, 247x247px
>just like my dick

awwww yeauh.
love em
how hot was/is your mom
tell us about her
>hussein bolt to the bathroom
fucking kek'd
dont ask us continue just continue this train is not ending yet
My female cousin and I used to suck off horses together at my uncle's farm.

the order is given

>fastfoward to a year
>we don't fuck as much as we used to, in fact we had a discussion, we pretty much agreed to stop and she said i should get a qt 3.14 gf
>river is running dry for like 2 months after that
>get solid 7.5/10 home
>have a fun time watching a movie with my mother
>mother doesn't leave us alone
>femanon says she has to go, it was a sure fuck but my mother just didn't want to leave
>say goodbye
>go talk to my mom
>don't mnid what she did, i actually found that nice of her that she still had a thing for me
>get up and give her a kiss on the cheek
>fuck that
>give her a kiss on the lips
>she doesn't stop
>undo her long dress
>nothing was under
>put her on the table
>i know that the dirtier it gets the more she likes it
>start fucking her brains out, her hands are tight agianst the table just to hang on to it
>cum all over her body
>she likes it and moans a lot
>order her to get on her knees
>she does
>dick gets solid hard from this in seconds again
>blows me
>cum again on her face and hair, make sure every drop lands somewhere on her
>we make out again
>we go to sleep together
>computer was on
>realised i left LoL running
>afked fucking again
>playing azir
>the order was not given
>got suspended for a week

would you guys like to know about the present or the past before my first greentext?
This is great but stop talking about LoL or Dota you fucking idiot I'm here to jack off not to want to play games

this is what makes the stories so awesome
i'm just a big fan man, i think i was allways playing a game each time something happened and you will keep hearing about it
Present day. The early stuff is good when it's breaking that awkward barrier.
as loong as it got sexy time in ti
past then present
>tfw no qt3.14 to roleplay with
describe mom
did you anal her
Keep telling stories
any chance we could get an idea of what she looked like?
>after walking for like forever we finally hit the place
>finding a good spot took us 18 minutes
>far away from the roads and trails, just a patch of open grass
>we start setting up and she starts to ask me questions about girls
>tfw total virgin
>I ask her in return
>had someone but it wasn't serious
>we sit down, eat a quick sandwich (a trip like that can get you hungry) and I wait in anticipation
>she turns to me "you'd like to see me?"
>"sure, heh, I mean, you've seen me right? it'd be fair, haha"
>sounds like a virign faggot
>she giggles
>stands up right in front of me
>I mentioned she was tall? like, taller than me? towering me with her beautiful body
>she takes her blouse off
>takes her sporty bra without hesitation
>kneels in front
>"so, what do you think?"
>her little boobies are so nice
>"mind if I..." didn't wait for the answer, touched them anyway
>"you like them, don't you"
>"I sure do!"
>"all right, get naked"
>I was already naked before she finished talking
>hard and ready
>whatev start working on myself
>she keeps smiling
>finally rises and takes her short shorts off
>no panties underneath
>took my hands away just in case
>beautiful pussy with a little beef so nice
>so wet
>she sits down, spread eagle, her legs over mine
>gets to work her slit
>I came within minutes, she needed more

ok, back then we werent rabbits, we were actually in a bad spot

>cat jumped off the window (7 stories), we cried when i had to lift the remains with a shovel then bury it
>i wasn't home that much
>she was dating people but based on her mood all the time i guess she wasn't getting results

oh btw before i go on here is a brief description
>solid 8/10
>black hair
>average height
>not fat or slim, let's just say normal
>she liked to walk around using sundresses a lot
>now both of the last ones are my fetishes with women

ok back to the story

>i was scared shitless last night since the people next door had a problem with someone trying to an hero and the firemen had to break down the door (i don't know why firemen were there)
>i ask her if i could sleep with her
>she says yes but don't get used to it
>we have a running gag of crossing our legs together when we sleep
>have her butt almost pressed against my raging mini-boner (i was early 17 at the time)
>whatever, it's my mom so i tho i had 0/0 chance
>wake up around 2am
>shit is dark, just some lights outside
>i look at her
>whatever woke me up, woke her up
>we look at eachother
>we lean foward and suck our lips
>undress her and proceed to rub our bodies together, must've looked like fucking ragdoll physics
>don't actually fuck, we both fell asleep just because we were tired
>wake up next morning, she smiles at me
>i hug her, for some reason we are both happy
>proceed to have a good breakfast
>lesser demon drops a medium clue scroll
>get the last zamorak page for my book
>my day coudn't be any better

sorry to dissapoint with this one but i guess this is the one that started it, we liked eachother a lot, you could say i was a mother's boy but i liked it and she did too, i guess we genuelly had feelings for eachother
this is going places
File: ayylmao.jpg (666KB, 850x565px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
666KB, 850x565px

>be a baby
>shit myself
>mom takes off my diaper
>gently wipes my ass
>wipes around my balls
>cleans my dick all over
>gives my ass a pat
>puts a fresh diaper on me

Shit was so cash
I still find the stuff before that hotter. she had a really perfect, puffy pussy

>on couch with sis watching movie while rents gone
>she puts her head in my lap and throws her legs up over my shoulder
>pulls her knees to her chest
>spank harder
>she slowly starts to split her legs so my hand goes between her legs
>give her what she wants and start slapping her crotch slow but hard and pressing my palm into her between each hit
>she closes her legs tight around my hand and i just cup her crotch and start moving my hand up and down really fast
>she moans and flips over and arches her back hard over my lap
>start spanking her ass and she puts her hand between her legs and slaps her kitty
>start spanking her pussy again
>she pulls her pants down just enough so her ass pops out
>"keep doing it until I say stop"
>spank dat bulge between the back of her thighs with my hand flat and move my hand up it every time
>"that feels so good"
>her face is in my lap and my dick is a diamond in some really, really thin shorts with no boxers on, jammed right under her bottom lip
>she kind of rubs her face on it then reaches under and squeezes the top of it
>go ape shit because this is so hot and pick her up above my lap
>lift my knees up and lower her down on my legs so her ass is hovering right on my dick and her legs are over my knees
>my dick is jammed right between her legs right into her panties under her and i can feel her muscles contracting on it
>she mentions how she can feel it throbbing and it feels really good
>reach down and pull the top of my shorts down so my dick is out
>she reaches down and runs her hand all over my balls and dick
>"it's so hot"
>spread my legs a little so her ass lowers down on it more
>can feel her twitching on my dick
>she moves her legs back between mine
>i throw my legs open and she squeezes me between her thighs and grinds up and down until i cum jammed into the puffy bulge under her panties
top kek
File: solderp.jpg (149KB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
149KB, 1920x1080px
will gladly keep going, if enough anons are interested, i'm up to share around 2 more interesting stories
Damn... You have a talent for greentext inceststories btw
Keep going. I want it all.
im reading!
>time but came soon too
>lots a heavy breathing, laughing and gasping
>she hugged me and the feeling of her hot skin on my body sent shivers down my everything
>we cuddled into spoons which was nice
>I was the small (duh) one
>we took our sweet time but eventually had to get back
>on the way back she reminded me not to tell anyone since she still had a "hook" on me
>and that this might happen again but only if I keep it for myself
>we got back and I soon returned home
Our "mutual masturbation" sessions continued for some time, however nothing seriously major followed. I felt her tits a few more times and got a hold of her sweet pussy once and she'd let my dick grow in her hand, but that's all and long since we did it.
We're still in touch, though, and when we last met, she was hinting on something fancy. Turned her down that time, but not turned her off completely, it would seem.

Sorry for taking so long, had to jack off.
Fck her, she sounds great
I hope you got placed in low-priority for abandoning your teammates, FAGGOT.
yeah, well, i guess it's easy when i had the goldmind

btw, she wasn't related to me at all she was my dad's g/f's daughter
her face was a little weird when she was really young but she's 9/10 cute with freckles and an amazing little ass
we would play like Jenga or something and if I lost she would sit on my face for 30 seconds and if I won I got to spank her. win-win

it got to where i could be in my room sitting on my bed watching a tv and she would just come in and ask me what I was watching and then lay down in front of me and arch her ass up in my face and I'd just bury it in there. she loved it. sometimes i'd ignore her just to tease her and she would just rub her butt all over me. any time i walk by her room or something she would throw her ass in the air and ask me to come watch tv with her lol

now we're legal ages and just fuck whenever we want and really love each other. everything paid off well.
Best friend ever and only girl that'd put up with my shit.
Don't know about actually fucking her, though. I'd like best to get close to her permanently and not only "get around, fuck and fuck off".

no faggot you do that now, it's not hard.
Are you a couple and does your dad know? Im glad you're happy
Also, let's say this is her.
Was she called Amy?
> be me lvl 27, she lvl 23
> parents out, huge party ending
> make sure everybody leave
> find her being fucked in her bedroom
> enter the room, see she's stoned like an iranian woman caught cheating on her husband
> throw the guy out
> "Y U do that?"
> telling bitch she mad and to get some rest
> calming that I won't tell parents
> see her taking of her shirt "Y U so good to me, anon?"
> stoned and drunk = will not remember
> approach, start kissing and playing with ass and boobs
> throw her back on the bed
> doggystyle.jpg
> hear her crying and yelling "anon, stop! where is my brother, I want him!"
> calm her down again, say it is non anon but brother
> hear her say she be dreaming about my cock
> made me instantly cum
> gave dick to be cleaned up
> go downstairs thinking about what the fcuk happend after all

glad you anons like it

>come home from university
>kiss her on the lips
>feels like we are on a relationship, as wrong as it might sound, it's the best i've ever been in and we do stuff together, better than the last 2 i had
>have dinner in front of the TV
>around 1 am we are stuck watching django
>movie ends
>porn starts
>your typical dorm room whores porn
>she smiles and looks at me
>holy shit this is awesome
>we start watching
>fast foward 10 minutes
>her feet is near my face
>turn to the side to see her
>one leg on the couch, another on top of it
>finger wiggling in her direction
damn somtehing that i haven't adressed but she knows how to raise a cock without having to take any clothes off
>she realises she is still on her work clothes
>shirt with tight skirt basicly
>begs me to wait till she gets changed or undressed at leats
>fuck that
>slide her panties to the side and proceed to fuck her, bang her back against the couch
>she complains and moans
>don't care
>take my cock away from her pussy, push my fingers in while i jerkoff
>shoot jizz all over her skirt and shirt, make sure she gets stained
>we make out, she isnt' angry
>she liked it
>fast foward to taht morning
>fighting a troll on rs
>epic fight hp is low on both sides
>she begs me to face her for a bit
>she tells me she is pregnant
>i freeze
>she laughs and reveals it's a joke
>payback from last night
>survived with 4 hp

ok, next one is going to be the last, i'm tired of typing
anymore bro?
All my best anon
>cumming to text
Might as well go read Fifty Shades of Grey, faggot.
she sounds like a really cool person, on top of being a good lay.
File: EMAIRnQ.jpg (128KB, 610x203px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
128KB, 610x203px
Top kek m8

she is, she is really likeable and she feels like a friend, a lover and my mother at the same time, it's not like we are fucking cause we are horny, it is because we geniuelly like eachother
A few SADLY.
Got anny pic of her??
> fuck my cousin once in a while
> she's solid 10/10
> the end.
got dubs, true story then
do tell
You need to make your own t hread later and tell a shitload of stories
will do, would like if it gets screencapped!
sorry, i learned a long time not to share stuff i shoudn't

next one is the last, and it's the hottest one in my opinion, i still have quite to share after this one but this is the last one i share on this thread

404 is coming
i have screencapped it all!
THATS HOW IT ENDS FUCK YOU ANON!!!! pussy ass bitch
Good man
please send pic of what she kinda looks like
i fuck my little sister in the ass and she loves to grind her wet vag on my cock
About how many hours until u make a thread?
pls answear
I fucked my dad dressed in drag and neither of us realized until afterwards.

ok, this is the one i like most

>be fucking for 2 years
>ups and down between us, nothing too serious
>come home from university again
>play some vidya
>she greets me with a kiss on my lips
>feels good, want moar
>squeeze her ass as we make out
>i accidentaly say "i love you"
>she says she does too
>feels weird being my mother and all, but i guess we did feel the same it was kinda obvious by that point
>slowly go to bed and she takes her sundress off
>tell her i need to get the rubber, almost forgot
>she says no
>"there is nothing to worry about this day, i want to get more personal with you"
>i am termbling but my dick has a higher military rank than my brain so i do as she says
>fuck her brains out, legs on my shoulders, she is looking at me while moaning
>kiss her while we move, we go slow and steady to win the race
>orgasm incoming
>release all my sperm inside her pussy
>we kiss even harder as she moans
>"i love you" we say to eachother
>i see no sign of embarasment or regret later
>it feels wonderful
>she even calls herself my lover sometimes
>wants to be with me
>been happy together
>nowadays we keep fucking and being together, almost on a schedule, so i stop getting reported on my ranked matches in LoL

last one, i hope you enjoyed it anons
> be about 14 or 15
> parents are divorced
> just me and my mom
> one day i was wacking it to some furry hentai shit and my mom walks in
> i was so into it that i didnt hear the door open
> she gets right behind me and starts laughing (probably at the fact that I was into some weird shit)
> i flip out and tell her to gtfo
> next day my mom tells me we need to talk
> she pulls out a stack of playboy mags that looked at least 10 years old
> "if you want anon i can show you what sex with a woman feels like"
> whatintheactualfuck
> there was no denying it, my mother wanted to have sex with me
> say nope
> never talk about it again
> mfw im not into incest
> mfw i still have the magazines
Im just waiting for more stories like you
anon of the story here, did you miss the last one i posted?
THis thred been good to me.
>nowadays we keep fucking and being together, almost on a schedule, so i stop getting reported on my ranked matches in LoL

oh my that's a beautiful outcome

what's your ages now? where the hell is your dad?
best one so far
File: thorli.jpg (24KB, 378x363px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24KB, 378x363px
Just read it now.

I hope to catch some more of your stories later. Thanks a lot for sharing and hope you stay happy
Timestamp with magazines or it didn't happen faggot
thanks, and we live in boston and they live in NY, we have been away for a while and we don't see eachother anymore, not evne for xmas, guess they weren't that close
This is hot as fuck even though I would never, ever want to fuck my mother.

In fact I'm attracted to girls who are literally the opposite of my mother... damn that's some Freudian shit.
>my dick has a higher military rank than my brain so i do as she says

So much truth.
My fucking sides are gone

Thank you for the funniest thing ive read in a long time.
Look Look... Imma gonna let you finish your INCENT TREAD, but I have to say, that is a NICE ASS...

well, whenever someone makes another thread about incest and uses that story i'll get in and share a few more shots, for now i'm glad it was fappable material for you guys, have a nice day anons
it was especially fappable because you mentioned thunderthighs. thunderthighs ftw, glad to see another admirer of them
High quality stuff man. I've been hard or semi for the last hour.
I felt the dota/lol bits were pretty sexy.
Good job Anon and thank u.
Somebody post nudes tho.
Topkek buddy
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645KB, 2028x1850px
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