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Feels thread... this is my story >be in maintainance procedures

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Feels thread...

this is my story

>be in maintainance procedures class
>meet this qt 3.14
>lets name her ana
>i fell in love with this girl
>every day we talk about music, random stuff, like friends do
>she confesses me her love to me
>i say her i love her too
>we start dating,
>every day was wonderful
>ff a couple years
>i finish with a degree in computer science
>she is still on art academy
>everything she makes is what we did ont he day
>659 drawings to that day
>one day i decided it was time
>i drive to her parents house and while i was on the way i told her to put on something classy
>as she is walking down the stairs i can see her beautiful face
>she is smiling i bet she did know what was coming next
>arrive at "sierra madre brewing co"
>she orders a salad and i order a big steak
>told her it was a special day
>i can see her eyes brighten
>"i got a very big big raise! and i have to ask you something!"
>she is almost crying
>get on my knee, "ana will you marry me"
>"i love you ana, now i need to make you another question, will you move with me?"
>"i would love to anon"
>"to new york?"
>moments feels like an eternity
>"i will"


>ff to weeding
>that day /b/ you dont know how many feels
>she was spectacular
>i can see her face everytime i close my eyes
>that dress
>that walk to our hotel room me carrying her...
>that first time (mfw she was a real virgin)
>we felt like we own the world..
>ff couple months
>buy this house in the suburbs
>one day after works
>"hey anon!", sup baby? "exactly"
>we are having a baby
>i never felt so happier
>we go to the doctor and says everything is OK
>on the 5th date with the gynecologist
>"this will be hard for both of you but there will be a problem with the birth"
>the doctor explains that she had a malformation in a bone that could pop up the placenta bag and could kill both of them
>he tolds her to take obligatory rest
>she can only stand up to use the toilet and i have to bath her
>ff to month 8th
>its time we are in our way to the hospital
>only a few miles more
>drunk driver hits my car from behind and makes me drift
>i manage to control the car and stop in a sidewalk
>drunk driver is kil
>wife is entering in crisis
>rush with her to the hospital
>only god knows how my card make it to the hosp
>we arrive and she enters inmediatly to the ER
>doctor tells me to w8 outside as its a critical condition
>he comes back in 15 minutes
>"anon do you remember what i told you about the bag that could pop up it already did we have time to save either the baby or your wife you have to tell me now"
>i blacked out
>wake up to a bed

>doctor comes tells me anon i need to tell you something..
>"wheres my baby, wheres my wife?"
>we did what we could, your wife could not make it
>burst into tears
>"please anon dont go down, you need to met a little person"
>nurse brings my daughter to me
>she has my wife's face
>only thing she inherited from me is the colour of the eyes....
>the only thing i could say was Ruth...
>ff a couple years
>now im a single father
>ruth and i are the best buds
>as i didnt knew how to raise a kid she is a little manly but she still plays with dolls and girl stuff
>i still miss ana and ruth sees me crying
>"daddy do you miss mommy"
>yeah i do baby, but i have you honey
>she smiles and we go to dinner
>she is playing skeeball on ppp
>"daddy!! loook i make it to 100 score hole!!"
>woooooooooooooooow nice honey!
>"daddy look at me!"
>she throws another ball and as soon as it enters another score she turns back to look at me
>"daddy i lov....."
>she faints
>took her to ER
>they make a lot of tests
>Sir please take a seat this will be hard
>not again...
>"your daughter has advanced leukemia.. bla bla bla
>i could not hear another thing after heard leukemia
>doctor can i see my daughter
>yes this way she is awake
>"daddy will i go visit mommy?"
>no honey of course not! i swear that i will protect you and i will take care of you every single day and it will be wonderfull!
>go to dinner my boss
>explain the situation
>he tells me i can work home
>but when he needs me in the work i will need to go
>pass last 3 years working and playing with ruth
>every day was wonderfull
>i still remember that night
>"daddy i will tell mommy when i see her that you never stop loving her"
>hug her and kiss her in the forehead
>"good night daddy"
>good night princess...

i still miss my two princess to this day,,,
And judging by the way that was written you still have brain damage from the drunk driver and probably brain cancer yourself.
not an americunt so i dont speak perfect english

Holy shit
Hey let that poor bastard alone faggot
Sorry for your loss m8
fuck you op
>6/10 if copypasta
>8/10 if real
If this is true man I dont know what to say.. be strong..
This story is bullshit. You guys will believe anything.
an hero
File: You Lie.jpg (142KB, 1042x951px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
You Lie.jpg
142KB, 1042x951px
The only photo of the three of us..
do you believe in god?
man, that sucks :(
i did, i have lost my faith

i would send a nuke to heaven if that shit happened to me
When did your daughter die?
this same day 2 years ago...
Fucking sad. very strong man, i would end my life 2 years ago if i was in your shoes
File: sad nigger soldier.jpg (88KB, 458x306px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
sad nigger soldier.jpg
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It look's like the plot of Clannad.
Fuck you fag
i considered it a few times also that was not the end of my suffering
mfw the feels. You will see them again
I felt a feel deep inside.

>next morning i noticed she wont wake up
>i knew that the day had come
>all my family live in mexico and wife's parents never really like me
>be at funeral
>only me, my boss, and co workers, and some other wife friends that kept talking to me after she died
>really sad, do you guys ever imagine how it feels to bury your relatives?
>do you ever imagine how it feels to see a little coffin
>fall in deppresion
>could not stand the pain
>boss notices this
>my performance have decreased
>he tells me he comprends the sittuation but i need to go up and continue with my life
>i just could not do it
>took a recess from work
>fly to mexico to visit parents.
>i did not see them from more than 9 years, never speak to them never write them
>mom opens the door
File: 1369448554774.jpg (6KB, 222x227px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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dinosaur incoming
>she is surprised and burst in tears she yells at my dad to come to the door
>mfw my dad exclaims "hay mijo te cacho la migra" translates to "oh son did the inmigration catched you?"
>no dad i just need to see you guys and talk about some things a little
>sit down and tell them the story
>showed them some photos of the wedding
>mom says "so when are we going to met your wife anon?"
>turn head down and say, she died....
>they hug me
>they keep seeing the photos till they see the photos of my daughter
>whos this anon?
>your granddaughter
>she smiles and burst in joy cause she is grandmother
>did she could not come too?
>she had leukemia mom she pass away a few weeks ago..
>mom just cries and cries and dad too
>they could not believe that this could be happen
>spent a few weeks with them and then fly over to ny again
>felt a little more fresh from all the distraction
>but whenever i enter my room or my daughter room
>its just feels
>long story short i just could not handle the situation and lost my job
>move out to Texas and work as a site engineer now
>not a lot of money but its just the amount needed to live in comodity
>also be just a few hours on car travel from parents house
>now i visit them more regurarly
Dude..... Cmon you gotta be shittin me
>open the door
>get on the floor...
Yo OP, incase your story is true, I feel really sorry for you man, I lost many relatives, too. My motivation is to think about what they would've wanted for me.
so did you got to know another girls or something
well what would you do if what your daughter wanted for you was to be with mommy?

i tried but they we're like "you are a sicko why you keep loving your wife"
is this OP? is there moar?
File: 1362334749409.jpg (47KB, 500x927px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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no that was not me
same happened to me bruuuh fucking bitches bitching
Kevin's parents died
>people still hating on him

The feels are tearing my hole apart like 56 hung niggers on a single white girl, drilling her in both holes three penises each with no lube.
Top kek.
why the fuck am i crying
OP here

im truly desperate, i dont know if it is worth to be living i have nothing left...
Come on OP be strong
Endure it for your parents... Eventually you'll get rid of all of this and be able to get a new life
Please somebody screencap this story

Include timestamped pic
4chan must not forget
https://4archive.org/b/thread/597522134 In case this 404s
>so then decided to try to move on
>go to a local bar in tx
>meet a chick her name is alex
>she is cool.. we are just friends is not that i dont like her but i just could not stop thinking in my girls
>she knows that i have feels for her but im not ready
>we spend a lot of time together, she is mexican too and she is alone in texas too
>all her relatives are in mexico
>so im the only one she has here, we never have kissed or had fucked
>she is really a great friend but im just not ready
>she has been a support when i fall in deppresion
>also i got a kitten
real OP?

his other video for backstory
i'm so happy you made it through op
yeah, it still haunts me to this day and i dont know if im selfish from feeling this way but what i know is that my girls are angels now and together we will be some day
>one day Alex and I fuck
>shit was cash
maybe some day anon, maybe some day...
Underrated post...
waiting for continue
Not reading all this OP.
Not OP, but believe me it's worth it

theres nothing more much, this girl is awesome but im not ready, and she just keep giving me support whenever i need, we hang out we go to movies, dinner, hang out in my place play some ssb she is cool, but i dont really know if i love her or not, i just know that there will be a day when i can be with her as something more than friends....

the thing that tells me that is when she hugs me out of nowhere... i feel the warmth
its just weird a weird feeling...

Pic related its her
Op, you're making me cry like a bitch. I don't know what else to say.
You can find your way back to happyness OP, just give it a try. Good luck.
I can't even imagine what you've been through, but know this.
You will love again, and I'm thinking you're already getting there.
Don't feel guilty, OP. Just let life take you places.

And here I am feeling like shit about getting a divorce after 8 years of marriage.

My hats off to you OP. Fuck . Hijo de su chingada madre that must be hard.

I'm gonna stop being a little bitch, anon. I feel for ya.

You'll find love again man. You're strong as you haven't bit a bullet yet. Keep on kickin'.
File: image.jpg (116KB, 605x453px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
116KB, 605x453px
I would send you reddit gold.

Nobody deserves this.
I'd go have fun with this new girl. Date and fuck and whatever. She seems to understand and care but if you don't let her in you might lose her. Nobody says it has to be forever or serious, just make it fun, that's what you need.
i know anon, i just had this dream today, believe me or not, there was my wife , my daugter and this girl, and this girl had the ver same dress as my wife on our wedding.... and there it was again that moment when she hugs me... man......
Tough break OP, life sucks
Man, so sorry OP. Married myself with a baby on the way. I can't really imagine losing them both.
Life's strange, who knows how it might turn out?
Meanwhile, I'd live in the moment.
life doesn't suck, life is as good as your intentions, he didn't intend for this to happen, it just did. Momentarally sucking yes, but if he intends a good life from here on out, he'll have it.

This man deserves the best in life.

As long as this new girl realizes that she can't replace your wife then it's cool.
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Thread images: 9

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