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Incest stories thread And any other fucked up stories

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Incest stories thread
And any other fucked up stories
can anyone post ideas? I'm 19 and my sister that kind of doesn't associate with me is 18
if youre gonna strt a thread you need to dump something you fucking newfriend
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dubs are truth
>be me
>go to sisters room
>fuck her
>she liked it
>her bf watched and fapped
>liked it
>bill murray came and killed us all

simple. just rape her. somehow get her drunk or whatever and then fuck her,
I used to play dares with my female cousin when we were about 11. I used to finger her and she used to suck me off. When we got to 14 we decided to stop because we both started thinking it was weird.. She's hot though
Then how did you write this?
Mind blown
>be me 12
>be sister 9

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I want to have sex with a girl around the age of my lil sista really soon but i dont know what to do or say to her... ? how can i make her want to have a good time with me... ?
bill murray is a ghostbuster you know?
he shot mw with his fucking atomic laser vacuum cleaner and trapped me and now im his sexslave and he thinks it is funny to let me tell my story to retards on internet
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also this
she dont smoke
aka, murder charge waiting to happen.
>we have a mutual curiosity in our bodies
>I was beginning to get diamond boners and I needed some relief
>sister and I were very close and played vidya all the time
>one day during goldeneye sister asks me what a "stiffy" was
>I told her it's when a boys penis gets hard
>"but what does it look like anon?"
>I tell her that I could show her but we can't talk about this to mom and dad

Forgive me I am on my cell
not my fault if some faggot is dumb enough to do it.
just fake adultness and be a bit "i had this all and i could have all da pussy" but still "youre more mature than your friends and i kind of like you" to her
Ask your sister.
do you have more like these ?
don't ask "cont?" just continue you faggot
Depends what country you are from.
hong kong. there are no laws here.
No, that's ok.
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Ok well I no longer continue. Peace anons
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Noone will believe you
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keep going
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yes cont please dont stop
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last one im gonna post cause i need to sleep goodnight fags
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>Be me 26
>brother goes weekend away with waifu
>oldest brother
>ask me babysit
>no problem
>friday afternoon brother and waifu leave
>me on couch with three kids
>oldest is 10 girl lets call samantha
>middle 8 girl lets call lisa
>youngest is 6 boy
>good kids
>nothing weird with them
>look good
>good grades in school
>nice kids
>me be single since gf left
>left for shitty alpha
>back to story, timejump evening
>me on couch with the two girls
>watching some MTV-shit they want to see
>me making fun bout that shit
>girls laughing
>me laughing
>nice evening
>girls both in pj's, big tshirts
>because nieces
>until youngest girl slides of couch
>watches tv on belly on floor
>nothing under tshirt
>legs a bit open
>look straight at her pussy

23 year old here, girl cousin is 19/20, us two fucking will happen soon.

We talk about it alot, ive sent her cock pics (nothing in return), and shes been as blunt to say "im gonna bounce on that one day", "i want to sleep with you" etc etc.
Fuck you and the world's longest and most disappointing copy pasta
Don't just fucking ask, continue.
u wot?
>i feel i turn red
>watching my nieces pussy
>full view
>feel bonergrowth
>samantha next to me
>asking me something
>totally frozen dont know what she asks
>'anon, you ok?'
>bumps my shoulder
>i wake up from my stare
>one niece with pussy bare in front of me
>other niece next to me, bumping shoulder
>long time since fuk
>long time since fap
>blue balls to the max
>turn to samantha
>bump her shoulder back
>'ouch! uncle, you hit too hard!'
>she grabs my arm and wrestle it
>wrestle back like bumping her
>tickle her in her belly
>lift her from couch and throw her back on
>see her panties numerous times
>while tickle fight
>pink cotton with little hearts
>lisa on the floor wants to help
>her sister that is
>not anon
>jumps at my lap while i hold samantha in knucklegrip
>starts yanking my arm
>grinds pussy on my dick
yes dont stop
This. Shit. Is. Disappointing and long. Copy. Pasta. Poster is a faggots.
This. Shit. Is. Disappointing and long. Copy. Pasta. Poster is a faggots.
raging boner by now in sweatpants
>this has to stop before i rape them
>i yell that we all stop at the same time
>they comply
>thank god
>fast pull pillow and drop on my lap
>cant wait to get to the toilet later
>samantha looks at me weird
>both girls cuddle back on the couch
>next to me
>lisa left side end of couch
>samantha right side, against shoulder
>after a while boner starts to drop
>want to run to the toilet now
>ride my hand like a mad man
>shoot my juices
>take away pillow and stand up
>but lisa is faster
>'gotta go!'
>after 8 seconds: 'wow.. uncle anon..'
>samantha stares at my crotch
>halfhard boner straight ahead in sweatpants
>hold breath, what to do
>sit fast, grab pillow back, put it on crotch
>samantha still stares at me
>enough with this
>'what?'never seen a dick?
>'not like that no..'
>'well, its not for you eyes'
>she stands up and walks away
1 minute later her sis is back from toilet
>im thinking: shall i go?
>where is samantha?
>is she mad at me?
>lets just wait till she is back
>maybe talk with her bout this when sis sleeps
>lisa back on couch, now facing me
>back against armrest
>MTVshitshow starts again
>samantha comes back into the room
>face all red
>immedialitely drops back on couch
>against my shoulder
>says nothing
>after few mins she starts to move a bit
>holding her arm on her head
>brushes her hand softly on my chest
>after few more mins she changes position
>legs pulled up on couch
>head and hand now full on my chest
>at this time lisa moves a bit
>shifts her butt towards the couch
>head on armrest
>pussy in full view for uncle anon
>dont dare to watch it
>hand of samantha awfully close to pillow
>watching 8yo pussy is boner 2.0
>dont look anon, dont look anon
>dont look at that bare virgin pussy
>her hand subconciously on her ass
>scratches nails on her butt a bit
samantha has to notice this
>im pushing the pillow in my lap like crazy
>mtvshit on the t.v.
>8yo lisa next to me, carressing her naked ass
>10yo samantha with her head on me, brushing her hand on my chest
>and lower
>and lower
>then she looks at me
>i look back, weird look in her eyes
>i know that look, but from ex's eyes
>samantha is most def horny as fuck
>her hand moves to my hand
>the hand that holds pillow
>holds pillow like crazy
>starts brushing over hand
>wtf do you want girl
>i know what she wants.
>but this is wrong
>so wrong in all kinds of ways
>then she slowly get grip of my hand
>pulls it a little bit
>girl we cant, really, we cant
>she watches her sis while she pulls my hand
>one look from her at her sis's
>than her hand slides under the pillow
>hand brushes over boner
>grabbing it
>playing with it
>wtf is happening here
>pull her hand away, watch her angry
File: 1413000443857.jpg (37KB, 556x344px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be 15, sister 13
>spy on her in the shower
>dunk my head into the door handle
>suddenly meet her eye at the other side of the keyhole
>she came out ten minutes later
>asks if I want pizza
>yes, that would be good
>tfw she knew
she smiles and looks glancy at me
>lisa moves a bit and laughs at shit joke on shit mtv
>samantha and i laugh too, bit too loud
>samantha uses laugh and noise to slip hand IN my pants
>cutest little girly hand on my hard cock
>i think im going crazy
>this is my niece
>of 10 years old
>this is so wrong
>her hand slowly brushing on my raging boner
>im furiously watching her sis doesnt notice'
>and back at her
>she keeps smiling
>that bitch
>keeps smiling
>she slowly jerks me off
>and i cant do anything about it
>dont want to either
>her small hand starts slowly jerking me off
>only just out of view of her lil sister
>who's ass and pussy are in full view for me
>for me and samantha's view
>and believe me, samantha noticed
>she gave me looks when lisa slowly brushed her fingers on her butt
>than. all of a sudden, lisa moves
>sits up, omfg if she looks at me, she sees
>but watches shit mtv
>samantha slowly pulls hand from under pillow
>cock twitching 2.0
>'Im cold' she says and quickly stands up
>hand back on pillow like lighting to avoid pillowlift
>lisa replies: 'me too!'
>After 30secs, samantha comes back with two blankets
>throws one at lisa
>who turns around and snuggles up against me
>blanket over her
>other side
>samantha takes same position as before
>but now under blanket
>everything out of sight
>takes her one minute to have her hand back
>her hand around my cock
>full raging hardon in 30sec
>still under pillow though
>lisa moves a bit and rests her head against pillow
>samantha looks at me in terror
>immidialtely stops jerking
>i look her deep in eyes
>melt her brains with frozen NO
>start singing 'Let it go' in my head
>There i am, fully erect in hand of samantha
>with hand of lisa just inches from it
>what to do?
>than all of a sudden lisa: 'anon, can i use pillow?'
>'er.. yes.. of course.. here ya go..'
>move pillow under head lisa
>She moves around a bit, goes on her back
>head on pillow
>two inches from her sisters hand around my hard cock
>Why are we still here anon
>Get out of here
>this will be loose loose
>you'll never get anything good out of this
>this is bound to get real bad
>then lisa reaches over her head
and feels her sisters arm there.
thanks for ruining the thread faggot, kill yourself

>faster than a jet i pull her sisters arm away
>put mine in place
>lisa turns around
>looks at my arm
>looks at back of her sisters head
>looks at me
>i look back with 'what?'-face
>lisa clearly doesnt understand something
>but puts head and arm back
>Slowly samantha wants to get her hand back
>but no way
>lisa is obviously watching her sis
>little bitch
>8yo and keeping me away from that delightful hand
>than something happens
>lisa takes the pillow, moves all the way around
>puts pillow on armrest
>rests feet against my leg, pulls blanket over her
>shifts her ass down
>watches mtv
>completely out of view
>samantha instantly grabs hold of my cock again
>in two quick moves she frees it from pants
>under blanket i move hand towards her chest
>firm grip around my cock
>firm grip on her left tit
>she slowly starts jerking me again,
>i twist her nipple between my fingers
>this goes on for 3/4 mins
>subconciuos i start moving my hips a bit
>one hand next to me
>between me and lisa
>lisa moves
>pussy lisa is on my hand. WTF
That actually sounds like a cool drink even if you're not fucked in the head but I don't even wanna save the pic to remember the recipe.
mustard gas
Will I get arrested for saving these?
>10 jears old girl
>firm grip on her left tit
where do you live?
lol niga u stupid
in the third world
Well... We're waiting
Gooooooo anon
File: 1420489352523.webm (3MB, 800x450px)
3MB, 800x450px
How old ?
>pull hand samantha away
>if i cum now, the blanket will be full
>i grab face samantha soft but quick
>look her in eye
>make very clear: later
>at that moment i feel lisa move on my hand
>look at lisa
>eyes closed
>samantha lift head and look at lisa
>makes face like 'she's asleep'
>but I know she not asleep
>cos she grinding her pussy on my hand!
>samantha look again at lisa
>again: 'she asleep!'
>Me angry look at samantha: 'here, look'
>samantha tilts head a bit, i lift blanket
>samantha sees her little sis slowly riding top of my hand
>Me insane
>samantha keeps watching sis
>samantha moves her head a bit
>shifts blanket
>pulls cock from under blanket
>takes cock in mouth
>im so horny right now, dont give a fuck anymore
>i slowly reach behind her head
>start directing her head
>starts moving her wonderful mouth on my dick
>in extacy i start moving hand a bit
>lift thumb a bit.
>lisa immidiadetly starts moving a bit
>grinding my thumb
>8yo niece grinds naked pussy on my thumb
>10yo niece is blowing me
File: 575175367.jpg (24KB, 400x294px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24KB, 400x294px
>Cock out in the open now
>samantha looks at me like: lisa cant see
>right, she cant see right?
>really dont know
>think she cant
>but really dont care anymore
>get back to your sucking my dick
>samantha lifts and turns head a bit
>in a sec i have my cock back in her mouth
>instantly start bopping her head on it
>Than the little bitch on my other side moves
>looking directly at what her sis does
>in horror i freeze
>let her sis go on
>she doesnt notice her little sis sees all now
>lisa looks at me in weird look
>tommorrow she's tell her dad
>say it little bitch
>im a pig i know
>say it
but.. she doesnt say anything
>looks at her sisters head going up and down on my dick
>moves her hand
>shifts blanket
>view for uncle anon:
>8yo touching herself
>rubbing her clit
>cumming hard, try to be as silent as possible
>holding samantha's head, shoot my load in her mouth'
>thrusting in it
>samantha tries to swallow it all
>chokes on my cum
>10secs later, still coming
>close my eyes, shame hits in hard
>after 30secs shuteye, look at lisa: pretends she sleeps
>samantha stands up, gives me look. Goes to room
>After few secs silence lisa goes to room too
>i stand up, we all walk the dinosaur to their room

The fucking end!
bump for moar incest
File: sisterp.jpg (330KB, 1384x2191px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
330KB, 1384x2191px
It gets me off to upload pics of my 16 year old sister and reading what /b/tards would do to her
Post moar we fap moar plz senpai ~~
more tutorials, I loved looking at these when I was 14
why the fuck would anyone want to make this?
The question is what would you do.to her >>597314110
U got any more pics, or any creepshots? maybe of her sleeping? I've got some creeps of my aunt and my mom sleeping. We can trade if u want and talk about it
It was a winter a few years ago when this happened, a few days before christmas. I have an older sister who was at uni at the time, she was hanging round with friends on the run up to christmas and was due to come back a couple of days before. She still had her room at home with most of her stuff there, including lots of clothes.

Relatives had started appearing for christmas and one of my cousins was staying in her room, he was a few years older than me. It was late and the adults were still downstairs, drinking and talking. My cousin was in my sisters room on his laptop as he was a bit bored by what was going on downstairs and I just went in to chat with him.

We were just talking about random stuff, telling tall tales and so on. He asked if I wanted some beer and then he went downstairs to get some. We were just chatting and drinking, eventually he suggested truth or dare and obviously it turned to sex as it always does. He confessed to fancying my sister which I thought was really funny. as it went on he got me to confess that I like to cross-dress. As it all got more extreme, on one of my dares he got me to dress up. i didnt want to because i was worried about getting caught but he managed to persuade me. my sis has lots of stuff so it wasn't a problem to find something to put on.

I found a tartan skirt, one of her hipster tshirts, and knee high socks. He wouldnt do any dares, he kept asking for truth, i managed to get some sexual stuff out of him, what he likes etc. I kept going for dares. I still had my boxers on under the skirt but he got me to change them for one of her thongs, and also to put on makeup. I don't look like my sis, but I am very fem.
File: cvb.png (57KB, 365x367px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
57KB, 365x367px

It went on like this for a while, quite low level stuff, flashing my bum and stuff, getting me to speak to him as my sis. I admit that i was getting really turned on and i could tell he was too. Eventually he went for a dare and i asked to see his cock. He didn't really hesitate and got it out briefly. My next dare was to 'use his hand for anything i want'. he lay back and i grabbed his hand which was just lying there and rubbed iit over my cock for a few seconds.

After that, he was still lying there, cock hard in his pants. I asked him if he wanted truth of dare and he went for dare, and i said he had to make out with me. He paused be fore saying he would but only if the light was out and i had to still pretend to be my sis. So i out the lights out and nervously we got close and started to kiss.

We quickly got into it, with him sticking his tongue right into my mouth. I was playing with myself when he stopped and said 'it's your dare now Amanda' (My sis's name) I said ok and he said 'do anything you want to me' and lay on his back again. I started to pull at his pants, undoing the fly and zip. i got his cock out and started to stroke. he started moaning and i played with him. i began licking it and then took it in my mouth. i sucked him eagerly and it wasnt long before he came in my mout, hard. he let out a loud moan and then went still, but breathing heavily.

I got up, my own cock leaking precum and said 'help me cum'. he wouldnt suck me though, as he lay down he got me to turn around, facing away but pulled me towards him so my ass was in his face as he gave me a reach-around. i was grinding on his face, he was putting his nose right in the crack as he wanked me. i wasn't long before i came harder than i ever done before.
File: bw3fo.png (100KB, 138x278px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
100KB, 138x278px

She most likely thought you didn't know she was in the bathroom, and then stopped when you realized.
He was acting a bit weird after i put the light on which made me feel a bit weird too. I got out of my sis's stuff and he watched me as i did. I said that i better clean up and surprisingly he followed me out of the bedrrom and into the bathroom. We'd relaxed a bit by now and were trying not to laugh, though it was still sort of a nervous laughter. It was when he got it cock out and we saw the lipstick on it that we both fell about laughing. We cleaned up and made out a little more in the bathroom before we went to our rooms.
>Be me
>It's night
>Having trouble sleeping
>I keep getting up to go to the bathroom
>Nothing comes out, despite what feels like an extreme need to pee
>The only lights on are dim night-lights
>4th time, about to go back to bed and stare at the ceiling
>Realize I left the door open to the bathroom when I hear footsteps just outside
>*strange sister noises*
>wtf anon
>sister walks away
>I go back to bed
>Hopelessly staring up at the ceiling
>Sister comes in
>She whispers
>Can't sleep?
>Can't sleep
>She walks back to the bathroom
>I continue staring at the ceiling
>I hear, after a short while, a low moan
>I get out of bed and investigate the bathroom
>Nobody in there
>Walk into sister's room
>There's a fucking ghost
>mfw my sister is dead
File: 0577385887.jpg (1003KB, 1920x2560px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1003KB, 1920x2560px

moar bikini
Why the fuck do these faggots even ask
Of course you fucking continue jesus fuck
jesus, more
File: Sin título2.png (581KB, 803x732px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Sin título2.png
581KB, 803x732px


her panties
have you ever jerked off on them?

Several times
File: 1296569355429.jpg (8KB, 188x128px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8KB, 188x128px
Still made me pedo, wtf.
nobody have more stories?
You know, I'm just curious what "sam" and "lisa" look like
That storys old bro lol thats like an 08 /b/tards greentext
Stil curious

File: auschwincest.jpg (1MB, 1689x2173px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1689x2173px
anon's WW2 wincest from yesterday
nice thread so far
Requesting sauce
Be me. 19
>sister is 17
>parents out for weekend
>we have some friends over
>low-key drinking/smoking
>everybody goes home at 2am
>sis and BF go into her bedroom
>they fuck
>I listen form my bedroom while fapping
>bf goes home
>I hear sister fapping
>I knock on her door and ask is she is OK
>she is in bed covered by a sheet
>condom wrapper on floor
>she reaches over to pick it up and large dildo falls on floor
>we laugh together
>she gets out of bed - is naked
>I take her hand, turn her around and bed her over the desk
>she does not think I am serious until I am inside her
>we fuck hard and fast
>I cum in 30 seconds
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Thread images: 30

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