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General Feels Thread

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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General Feels Thread
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that feeling when OP is a fag
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>get sick in december
>lose 10 pounds
>come home from hospital
>poor as fuck from hospital bills
>12 bucks left
>no food
>text from best friends (they're a couple)
>"you got room in your freezer"
>"yes, why? is there a story here?"
>"no time to explain be right over!"
>they bring me four pizzas they overnighted from chicago
>they didnt even know about my money, food, or medical issues, just got me a late christmas present

dem friend feels
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>hugless virgin

>mfw i hate hugs
>mfw i would hug you anyways

even if you smelled funny
>not apathetic to all shit that isn't funny

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I'll go ahead and repost my shitty shit in this probable better thread

>tfw you still have a crush on a girl you haven't properly spoken to for 4/5 years (tried and failed a couple of times). She's moving on with her life while you're stuck in a rut, depressed and drinking yourself to death

The worst part is it's all my fault.

Today was her birthday, my internet's been shitty all day and my friends ditched me to get stoned so I've been in my head all day.

On a semi-related note, what are you /b/ros drinking and/or listening to?
WHAT? bro hug bro
>Try to self terminate
>The cartridge in the chamber was a dud
>Only had the one cartridge
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I'd hug the living shit out of you if I could
I'm going to try even if I can't
Kill me faggots
I wish it was so simple.

I do like bunnies though. <3
Update: Computer monitors are not good hugging partners
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>be me
>lose 30lbs
>look better feel better
>months pass
>nobody says anything
>because I have no one in my life to notice
get on my level
>tfw eating whole package of chips ahoy right now
probably will eventually
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May as well dump some stuff I've got
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you need to post your general location see if a /b/ro will bust your rasberry

>Denver 303 here

pic related, closest thing I have
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>tfw this is my kitchen

Maybe but i would like a gf to hug, im that guy that like to hug a lot, but there is none to hug. I hope i get a gf to hug .Also check 'em anon >>597067811
tfw 4am and no more vodka left
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got duyam that looks tasty
>be me
>be 5 years old
>both dad and i love cars
>we both want to get this porsche something hes wanted since he was a kid
>he saves up money
>i draw a picture of him and i with the porsche
>my mom calls my dad
>i soon start hearing them fight
>i ignore it and keep drawing until i doze off to sleep
>next morning i find my drawing
>in the trash and ripped to pieces
>mom tells me dad didnt like it
>i start crying
>two months later mom and dad get a divorce
>my dad keeps the house and isnt allowed to see me
>i move into a new house and i get a new dad
>12 years pass
>17 years old
>find out dad dies from heart problems
>i dont care
>go to his funeral dont shed a single tear
>2 weeks later we go to his house to get his belongings
>i head toward the garage
>inside was the same exact porsche him and i wanted
>untouched and covered in dust
>decided to inspect it
>look at the glove compartment
>its the picture with all the pieces expertly taped together
>it turns out my mom ripped it and he went thru the trash to get all the pieces to tape it back together
>i start crying my eyes out
>i dont talk to my mom anymore

i still own the porsche and i plan to never sell it
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Not necessary when you can just buy them that way
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>be in /tg/ thread
>someone asks for image of archer in comfy adventuring gear
>draw this
>nobody gets it
>tfw only girls like you whe you talk to them online
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mind blown.jpg
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>thinking those are girls

found your problem
My first girlfriend only dated me cuz we chatted online, but im not that talkative in person.
greentext me now cuz drunk

>drinking with people who were my friends firends
>feel weird to be with people whom im normaly with cuz they are his friends
>Im uncomfortable
>whatever bar or house or whatever we go to i just stare at some random thing for 10 seconds and countdown continuopusly till im comfortable to just slink out and leave

tfw i no longer hang out with the friends i like and am with their friends who i hate even though they are nice enough i just want to be either 17 years old agiain or under 12 and not have any worries.

tfw 26 years old and nothing matters and nothing feels good
>Be me
>21 virgin beta faggot
>Never really been happy since 8th grade
>Very few friends. Kinda the weird kid people tended to avoid
>Not especially ugly, but chubby enough to be unappealing and harmful to confidence up since last year
>No confidence, no gf; no gf, no confidence
>infinite spiral into ever expanding hell of depression
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Just read this for the first time and am now depressed as fuck
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I literally cannot stop drinking and have known this for a year now. Try to go to AA meetings but just don't take action. Been downing nearly a fifth a night and now it makes my face red all night into the late afternoon. I now look like shit, and just got prescribed ADHD medicine for some reason which means I can't drink, but the medication makes my face more flushed than anything. Jesus what is wrong with me. Thank you, just neeeded to say this somewhere
Threads like this always remind me I have a place to go to at certain points in the day.

>just turned 20 last month
>a NEET for this semester because I was too lazy to register
>realizing I have all this free time but I feel like a sack of shit for hardly doing anything with it
>sometimes decide to sit down and just do some recordings

It might not be a lot, but, if you guys have anything you wanna hear, I'll say it for you.
be back in three hours, keep thread alive

hey at least youre not 26

FUCK IM 26!!!!!
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i'm 24 and i've never had a gf

What's the matter, man?

if it helps ive had naturally reddish skin my whole life and I've always gotten that super annoying gay thing of

"yo dude your face is red"

fuck you! i know it's red! youthinkimrealizingthisforthefirsttime!!!!!!

uhh this is all me


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>Be 21
>Have a 78k year job
>Come home to a 9/10 waifu
>Turn on Mac
>Go on 4chan
>See feel thread

ok, I'm done.

>guy falls hard for shorty at college
>bangs her
>goes to hongkong for 2 months
>she dies while he is away

not worth the read
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File: waifu.webm (3MB, 1280x720px)
3MB, 1280x720px
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>getting out of bed before 1 PM

your doing it wong
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I'm sorry.

my friends would joke

life is bad but hey at least I'm not "anon"

I'm sorry.
happens to me too
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i would like to feel that
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drinking Sailor Jerry's (seriously, this shit is good for beung cheaped than Cpt. Morgan) and listening to Germs Anthology and Black Flag
I haven't had a fucking drink since Thursday.
My shrink wants me to start going to AA meetings.
Bitch my life was shit before I started drinking.
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goddamn anon.

I <3 my dad too.
I once read a thread on /k/ abiout how said /k/omrad found a round in his brother's shoe and knew his brother was depressed, so he pulled the bullet and removed the powder and put the catridge back in the shoe

his bro tried to off himself, but couldn't because loldud and then there was a happy ending

hang in there man
i then requested to have the porsche logo engraved on this gravestone
Those don't sound like friends, they sound like assholes. I've got the red face thing too, and also can't ever stop drinking, though it's been over ten years for me. I've got the next two days off work, so in preparation I bought a half gallon of Wild Turkey 101, and a 24 case of 16oz ice beer, I know it won't last the whole two days, and I'll still be drunk when I get back to work on Tuesday.

Also my wife left me, and I haven't even met our son, he'll be one year old in a month.
modified pasta for /o/
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>I haven't even met our son, he'll be one year old in a month

get your shit together
stop fucking drinking
get AA or some shit
fight with everything you have or ever will have to be in your son's life you fucking cuntbag piece of shit
I know EXACTLY that feel
the rum doesn't help
neither does smoking dope
and itr doesn't help that I was on Ritalin for most of my life

thanks and im sorry

I just feel a constant feeling of wherever I am I wish I wasn't there.

At home by myself
"man i wish i wasnt here"
out with "friends'' at a bar
"man i wish i wasnt here"
at work
"man i wish i wasn't here"
out going for a walk by myself
"man...i just really wish i wasn't here"
>someone actually replied to me

I'm listening to some Finger Eleven & Hollywood Undead here mainly, mixed with some Johnny Cash.

Good man, dark or spiced?
I've only got some shitty vodka here. Saying that I don't mind vodka.
>wanted nothing but to join army from young age
>apply at 17, get rejected for some medical reason, they wont tell me
>got fat as hell, got a job as a security guard and basically wasted years playing games and living badly
>met a girl, she fucked with my head so bad i lost 40kg, suddenly i'm thin and fit again
>she treats me like dirt and i start getting all fucked up again
>i've never stopped thinking about the army, why they rejected me etc.
>call them up and ask why. they tell me there is no recorded medical thing on my record
>remember on the day some cunt at reception desk had some dislike for me, i never knew her but she was extremely rude to me but nobody else, start to think she must have fucked with my results or something
>25 now, decide to reapply for army. go for interviews, pass everything, they seem to think i've done a captain kirk and turned my life around and offer me a spot in officer school
>more than i could have ever expected in my entire life
>i go for all the new interviews, applications and advanced medical tests
>everything is perfect
>they tell me i need to get one more thing, a year 12 maths pass
>i decide to do the right thing and do a night course instead of doing their test
>quit my job and move to a city that offers the course, apply myself at first and everything is good
>first time really living away from my parents, bills and such are very intimidating, so i make sure i get work asap
>boss can fucking smell my anxiety, never directly threatens my job, but "anon, you must work today..."
>suddenly i'm always fucking working, every day, start off as 12 hour shifts that creep into the night classes, i can still make the second half
>boss starts making me pull double shifts. 24 hour shifts. im not fucking joking.
>australian worker laws are fucked so i'm basically on my own, cant complain or seek help
>there is no other work available in the area that i can do. so i try to apply for welfare
I thought it was worth the read. Not the best one ever, but worth the read. The biggest thing I take away from this story is to make your life extraordinary.

Maybe you just need something to do that makes you happy.
don't go to AA specificaly, but do get help
the worst that can happen is you keep drinking

ibogain can have positive effects for those with addictions, as can other psychedelics
just rip some heroin, you idiots
You don't know me, faggot. I have begged that whore to let me see him. I even showed up at the hospital when she was giving birth and the nurses told me to leave or they would call the police. Fuck off you underage piece of shit.

your doing it wrong and I'm 42 you piece of shit

use a comdoms next time, faggot
Not him, but Sailor Jerry is a spiced rum, with higher alcohol content, and tastes WAY fucking better than Caiptan.

Me, I'm drinking beer. Cheap shit.
spiced 92 proof rum
it's pretty good and pretty "spicy" as in has a lot of spices in it

I'm also smoking vaped bud because I'm a cheapass and don't want to smoke my fresh shit

I really don't like vodka
I'm a brandy kinda guy (love me a good brandy and eggnog), and rum is good too
that and Leinenkugels Original, shit sucks because I can't find it here in Champaign IL
even Binny's didn't have it
>welfare wont happen if i quit my job or get fired (they breach you for 8 weeks, which would mean i'd be evicted)
>apply for jobs fucking everywhere, but each week is another week i miss class
>teacher decides to be a cunt (she's a fucking high-school teacher basically, so she think she can get away with this shit) and says my attendance is too poor so i will fail.
>go to department head and other teachers for help, they all say the same thing "you obviously don't care about passing anyway, since you're never here"
>army is calling me almost weekly because i told them the course would only take 12 weeks, it's now week 14 and im still trying to get the fucking college to let me sit the final test
>finally convince them by writing to the fucking PM about it, some lackey in the education department convinces them to let me sit the test
>boss is still being a fuck head and decides he wont give me the day off for the test
>fuck you boss, i'm prepared for this. tell him to shove the job up his fucking ass.
>got enough savings to ride out my lease and keep food in my gut until im in the army
>the die is cast.
>...fail the fucking test
>army is saying "maybe you'll be better off as enlisted..."
>all my fucking pride and dignity is smashed if i go enlisted now
>i shouldn't care but i do
>i bet it all, and i lost.

fuck a duck.

if only i knew what that was
shitpost on 4hen, obviously

Think about it!
sounds shit bro
hang in there
try and try again, or take a term as enlisted to get your life on track and build a savings
then, with your savings, take that class (and others?) and reapply for officer school
She was my wife, and we were trying to have a baby.

I have a lawyer, it's not helping.



you're right

I mean i do

I go for 6 hour longs walks and it's all i think about.

I semi like a ton of things but nothing that ever seems like it'd be worthwhile

all my friends say im smart but i feel like an idiot
get a better lawyer
model trains

just make a conscious effort to devote your time and spare income to one thing, even if youn hate it
eventially, you'll like it
i am haunted by the fact that i'm 25 and
1. never kissed a girl
2. never had a hj
3. never had a bj
4. never had sex

it makes me honestly feel completely worthless (which is probably a valid argument)

i have missed out on the best part of life and it's irreparable.

that and the fact that women would rather fuck literally animals before me makes me suicidal

Why do you feel like an idiot?
you're smart enough to realize you dumb

I have the same problem

you should go on a 6000 hour walk like forest gump.
those women are either more depressed than you are or nearly as depressed and paid good money to fuck animals
Ah, I see - I'm more of a dark guy, not too familiar with many spiced rums!

Trust me, vodka's not my drink of choice but it's all that's available so I deal with it. Never had brandy myself - only really tried said vodka, Jacky D, and various brands of rum. (spirits-wise, anyway)
File: feels something.png (15KB, 646x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
feels something.png
15KB, 646x720px
>even if youn hate it
>eventially, you'll like it

is that what your dad told you about the butt stuff?
>I semi like a ton of things but nothing that ever seems like it'd be worthwhile

Yeah, that's called depression, it's a medical problem, and you need to get it treated.
unlikely i'll ever get another chance.

ADF is extremely picky. If i passed the course now it'd be a consolation prize at best. even if i go enlisted i'll probably be rejected on the psych profile.
no, I'm like that too and I'm happy

it's shit like having a motorcycle but nowhere to go on it
liking minecraft but everybody has already done everything bigger and better with friends
>having a motorcycle but nowhere to go on it
m8, just ride it. that's what it's for. you don't need a destination. otherwise it's just for showing off and you don't really enjoy it.
>no, I'm like that too and I'm happy

Trust me, you're not. It's my job to know.
nah, but it's true
just like most friends are formed thorugh proximety and not any real deeper connection

brandy is really a Wisconsin thing
and since my mom's from Wisconsin

on my 21st, my under 21 friend brought me some nog and said he'd pay for a fifth of whatever for a present
when I said I was getting Brandy, he'd never eard of mixing brandy and nog
neither had any of my other friends or my MN grandparents

it's smooth

well, that sucks
but you know what option you still have?
French Foreign Legion
maybe not for an officer slot, but mil service
get fit, and learn French and do your research
there are better times of year to apply and such
it's competative entrance, but the FFL is a pretty hardcore semi-elite force
and you get French citizenship at the end, which means a brand new fresh start
>be me
>on dozen or so date with girl from work
>she's amazing
>loves drinking different beer, has great taste in movies, is picking up video games well enough to be fun playing together
>we are walking around town after dinner
>"oh hey let's get ice cream!" She says, pointing to the building across the street
>"ah I don't know, I'm not really hungry.." I say
>"oh come on, I'll buy it then!"
>I relunctantly agree and we go inside
>walking up to the counter we are greeted by the girl behind the counter with a wide smile
>when our eyes meet, the smile dies a little and her eyes look much more sincere as if to say, "hey how have you been."
>I manage to smile back as my eyes say, "okay"
>while the girl begin the counter waits for our order my date scans the selection and says, "ugh idk what I want. What about you?"
>"coconut and coffee with gummy Bears." I say laughing
>"ew! thats nasty!"
>"haha yeah.." Me and the girls eyes meet again
>she laughs and overts her eyes as I do the same
>there was no way the girl I was with could have known I had been to this ice cream parlor countless times over the past 6 years.
>That me and the girl behind the counter were high school sweethearts, chasing each other to college, and chasing an even bigger dream of marriage
>how could she know that we lost our virginities to each other, that we saw each other at our most vulnerable
>"uhh I guess I'll just have chocolate and vanilla please." My date says
>we get our orders and I tell me date to find a seat
>while she is away I slip a 20 in the tip jar
>the girl behind the counter isn't smiling anymore
>my eyes say I still love her
>I remember what her eyes look like when she says it back
>and so me and my date left, she never knew who she was
>as far as he knew we were complete strangers
>and now, I feel like we really are
friends are formed through drugs
File: xoxo.png (82KB, 300x425px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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listening to The Lonesome Crowded West, and drinking pic related. I'm still stuck on a girl from five years ago. To this day she haunts my dreams.
Ritalin I havent tried but isnt it similar to vyvance and addy? Id imagine it would help.
Dope does help, postpone depression. But when you get off it comes right back.
gummy bears in icecream is awful
>they get all hard and crap
drugs and proximity

think about who your childhood friends were?
did you realy have that much in common, or were they just the only person/closest person your age within walking distance?

spend enough time with anyone and you'll ether be friends or bitter enemies
and you only become enemies if your personalities are completely incompatible
>turned 29 about half an hour ago
>still a virgin
>i can't remember last time i had sex
>think about who your childhood friends were?

I didn't fucking have any. Thanks for the memories.
Man, at the very least I fucking hate myself for ruining what friendship we had.

Call me drunk as fuck, but I can't make out what that is you're drinking?
>brandy is really a Wisconsin thing

Nah, it's a nigger thing, they all drink it.
It's not bad, but it's not just one state.
Hey b I just wanted to say that I tried to kill my self last week and I came back to work like nothing happened, my friends don't know, and my old friends don't care. Life is even worse then it seems, but its alright.
That's okay man, I just saw all my best friends from my childhood for the first time in like 10 years and they all found out im a ba alcoholic in the worst way possible and now they won't talk to me. I'm considering movin because my addiction has pretty much ruined every relationship I have and I think f I start over somewhere new I might not kill myself out of loneliness
I care. I'm glad you're here- because I got to tell you this before I go to (long overdue) bed:
>I care. I'm glad you're here- because I got to tell you this before I go to (long overdue) bed:
I care. I'm glad you're here- because I got to tell you this before I go to (long overdue) bed:
>I care. I'm glad you're here- because I got to tell you this before I go to (long overdue) bed:
I care. I'm glad you're here- because I got to tell you this before I go to (long overdue) bed:
>I care. I'm glad you're here- because I got to tell you this before I go to (long overdue) bed:
g'nite /b/ro. be better to yourself, please?

Faggot outed himself.
I wish there was someone that would voluntarily kill me
>be me
>about to get laid
>starts to make out with girl
>cum while we're kissing
>she finds out
>she leaves the room
>never talks to me again
Ritalin is a stim like addy/vyvanse
addy is a mix of dex and levoamphetamine
so vyvanse metabolizes into dexamphetamine
dex/levo is like two mirror image molecules, and the dex for addy is more potent and euphoric
vyvanse metabolizes into dex exclusevily

Ritalin is even less euphoric than levoamphetamine

it really helped me through HS, but I should have stopped like junior year of HS instead of sophomore year of college
it kinda fucked me up through college I think

dope for me actually sorta sparks depression
like, once I don't have something fun to concentrate on, all I can think about is how I don't like where I am in life
shitsux because I had to drop out of my uni and go to community college
I feel inadequate because of that and I KNOW that I wouldn't have needed to drop out if I didn't have ADD
but I do, so I did, because I couldn't (I can now) do any work without Ritalin
going to community college really helped me, but I'm still not sure if I can hack it at real uni if I go back

this semester is kinda make or break for me
last semster was my first semster at CC, but I only pulled a 3.2 (was trying for 3.5 GPA)
I want to average 3.5 over this semester and last, but I don't know if I can

I just wish I could work like my roommates withour chemical assistance
I take Modafinil sometimes to work, and I hate doing even that
I feel like an addict to stims, except I hate myself everytime I take either Modafinil or Ritalin or Adderal, but it's the only way I can really get any work done

I wiah I never had ADD
I wish I never took ritalin
but that's jsut not the way my brain is

sometimes Ithink I'm depressed, and other times I'm sure I'm not

I just wish I could be normal;
File: 1404806835504.jpg (36KB, 390x470px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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WI drinks more Brandy per capita than ant other state
so it is a WI thing

man, that's rough
if it makes you feel better, I am enjoying talkng to you
me too. that's why I'm on /b/ at 1am
Aw dang got me

Actually typing from mobile at work though
How about you?
alright, typing all that shit out on a mobile is sad as fuck
I wasn't trying to be mean, I was just saying that people drink a lot of brandy everywhere. Mostly because E&J is cheap.
File: 1422843069102.png (112KB, 740x250px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
112KB, 740x250px
I feel you bro. I had such a great friendship with this girl. I forsook it all, stupidly. We cannot regain what is lost, only hope that we may again feel such a wonderful romance.

You cannot tell what I am drinking? it is some fantastic brandy, Goes down smooth and does a great job of getting me almost drunk enough to forget about the misery weighing on my soul.
>Whole life be told I smart.
>never try in school growing up because, eh why prove it.
>Get to college
>try to prove it
>Completely fail multiple times
>3 older siblings have more or less failed to accomplish anything with their lives.
>Parent's assume I'm currently doing well in school.
>know I'm pretty much their last hope for a successful child.
>know the truth will be reveled soon.
>know deep down that of all, i'll be the most bitter disappointment of all
Oh, well I was just messing with you anyway, no biggie. I love you, anon.
Say that to a girl IRL and you'll no longer be hug less

Maybe even a kiss
not finna lie
it feels good knwing I'm cheering up some complete stranger on /b at 2 am (my location)
feels not useless mang

I mostly dirnk Jon Masson
I wan;t really offended or anything
just saying, it is indeed a WI thing
just like spam is a Hawaii thing
people eat it in other states, but they eat a fuck ton in Hawaii

You could at least have told him it's E&J XO.
start sucking dick and tell them you're on wallstreet
I don't think my state has a thing, cept maybe the Wildcats, or Mountain Dew.

Anyone care to guess based on those two things? It would make me happy.
Haha I agree. Except I have hours of down time. I mean like completely alone for 3 hour stretches. I work a graveyard shift at place where wintertime = no business. I'm literally just sitting here browsing /b/
I loved you and I still do but I'm 98 percent sure that even if you decided you could get over me cheating and be with me again, its either because you've been with a bunch of people since (at least one of whom had a dick that's as big as my forearm), you're lonely and I'm easier to get close to again than to have to start over with someone else so you wouldn't really love me you'd just be filling that loneliness, or you're still pissed at me and you want to fuck me over so getting back with me is part of your revenge scheme where you'll either cheat or demean or something else with malicious intent. I really do still love you though, and I think about you every single day and I'm sorry for ever bad thing I ever did to you. I know you're tired of hearing that but that's all I've got.
Trips and correct, must be a sign. A sign to get the fuck out of here. I hate this place.
try oil rig
is that you, me? At least you managed to get to real college. I went off Addy in freshman year high school and went from an decent student to a horrible one. Had to go to a community college right of the bat, where i continue to do awful and have to practically force myself to get any work done. I know i have to get back on some drug to stand a chance at a real university, but i loathe the empty feeling they leave me with. Also doesn't help im retarded with mathmatics
File: 1422853256172.jpg (84KB, 500x667px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
84KB, 500x667px
But that is so obvious from the picture! If someone is too drunk to read words in a picture, they are probably too drunk to read the same words in a textbox. that being said, you are at least partially correct. It's damn good stuff.
>you are at least partially correct.

I'm 100% correct; that is a picture of E&J XO.

On the other point, it's kind of a small picture, so I can see a drunk person not being able to read it, but being able to read the text. Been there many times myself.
File: 1338320744618.jpg (40KB, 604x499px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
40KB, 604x499px
not really
I just googed wildcats and said the first state that popped up

damn nig
the only advice I have is try modafinil
it helps, you're still dependent on some chemical but the side effects are less shitty
>implying posting thumbnails isn't just going to be infuriating
Happy birthday Anon :)
File: bacon.jpg (496KB, 1600x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
496KB, 1600x1600px
>know exactly what I want to eat
>too drunk to drive to the store to get it

pig related
My heart. Goddamn it, anon.
>I just googed wildcats and said the first state that popped up

Well that's gay, and makes me feel worse.
I wanted someone to actually guess based
on things they actually knew. Thanks for
ruining it.
I once raised a pig and ate him if it makes you FEEL any better anon
I found out yesterday that my "best friend" has just been using me for rides back and forth and lying about what has been going on in her life to me and everyone, even after she promised she would never lie to me. feels bad /b/ros.
if it makes you feel better, I igured it was a southern state based on Mt. Dew
Wildcats narrowed it down

don't feel worse anon

if it makes you feel better, I actually legitimately care whether or not you feel worse, even though you're just an anon, because I'm durnk
but I really don't want anypone to feel sad if I can help it

Run over her and make it look like an accident
Actually, it was just supposed to be funny, because I thought it was.

Anyway, so have I, I grew up on a farm. We ate a lot of the animals we raised, like chickens, hogs, cows, and of course the chicken's periods.

But with that bacon post I know have achieved two trips, and at least two dubs in this very thread; none of which have been checked.
that's a very tempting thought
ADF won't reject your enlistment because you can't pass a year 12 math test. You can get in. Way I hear it, they're actually getting pretty desperate for FNG's.
I don't really feel that bad, cause I'm like the butters post earlier, and I have faith that things will get better no matter what.

I just hoped we could have a fun guessing game to make the thread even more fun.
So you're an autistic aardvark. Makes sense
This makes me cry every damn time, it's been around here a lot but I still like it.
Your dubs have been checked
>having a girl as a friend
men and women can never be friends
File: 1252464425680.jpg (18KB, 244x320px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18KB, 244x320px
god damn anon I didn't want to cry tonight
File: 1423363827983.jpg (19KB, 598x453px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19KB, 598x453px
hanging self
Happy birthday!
You'll find someone soon.
>that pic
now don't do that
well to make it worse here is the stroy
>be growing up
>know girl
>be friends with girl
>high school
>date girl for two years
>go inna army
>come home find out girl cheated
>brakeup with girl
>stay friends with girl
>other friends form highscool kind of drift apart
>shes only freind i have left, think that me and her are best friends and totly honest with eachother.
>she starts going to college
>lives far away from college
>i give her rides back and forth every monday i take her to stay with her sis, every friday i take her home
>yesterday be going to pick her up as i do every friday, i head to her school, she texts me "pick me up at my sisters today ok?'" i text back ok,
>get to her sisters, wait wait wait, over an hour, try to call and text her no answer, get mad, leave, she finaly calls, "where are you?"
>end up going back to get her, ask her "what took you so long to get here"
>i got off at the wrong bus stop
>find out she didn't even stay at her sisters the night before, she keeps telling me she did,
>call her friends from school, find out she didn't even go, she keeps saying she did.
>i tell her i was worried about her because she wasn't there and wouldn't answer, she says oh sorry, while not even looking up from her phone,
i haven't talked to her since last night even though she has text and called me, i wont answer. it really hurt me how she has been just using me, and then on top of that she lied right to my face.
Did everyone get drunk and pass out at the same time? Wake up /b/ros, I don't want the thread to die, I love hearing your stories so I know there are people going through the same shit as me.
no everyones reading that huge screen cap.
> Be me
> 18 years old
> Go on holiday with girlfriend who I love more than anything (no bs I really do)
> Start doing couple-like things. Making out, etc.
> She goes to sleep and leaves her phone on the couch
> Find out she's been cheating on me by sending provocative pictures
> Ask her wtf she was thinking
> I'm still with her
still here anon
File: 1407051315276.png (192KB, 598x453px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
192KB, 598x453px
>I'm still with her

Stop this. Stop it right now. It will only get worse now that she knows she can get away with it. Trust me, I've been there. It will only hurt more later. Just get out. NOW.
File: 1407812935721.jpg (12KB, 331x269px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12KB, 331x269px
>my rabbits will always try to escape if they could
>they will always be skittish when I'm around
>they will never like being picked-up
>they will always just expect food instead of appreciate it.
>they will never stay because i love them.
Anyone got any good feels movies? Preferably not boring. I wanna just go over to the pirate Netflix and kick it with a movie while I drink myself to sleep.
You fucking idiot. You've basically sent her a message that doing that is OK. Guarantee you she still does it.
the green mile
Get a damn dog if you want a pet that loves you. Mother fuckers will love you so much that they will kill your friends if they think they're a danger. But get a small one so that they can't actually kill anyone.
Scary Movie
Seen it, good one. Will hope for ones that I haven't seen, but will go for this one if ten minutes go by without one.

Thanks, /b/ud.
get a cat or a dog
cat's really do appreciate you, even if they don't show it
they show it when you're gone (sauce, sis has pics of my cat content as fuck sitting on my bed after I left for college, and apparently he did it more than once and loved my smell and still waits or me to take him upstairs ~10pm like I always did)
dogs love you and show it
cat's love you and hide it
>stay friends with girl
that's when you fucked up anon there's more women out there especially this time of the year you know which of them are single just by the look on there faces also being single is not bad
File: both.gif (43KB, 263x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
43KB, 263x200px
>get a cat or a dog
No problem
File: 39.jpg (152KB, 402x1023px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
152KB, 402x1023px
thanks annon
I wish.

Nah, just get a kitten and a puppy, you and they will be best bros forever, and they will keep eachother company, cozy and warm while you're at work and stuff.

Just remember though... They WILL die before you, and it is going to be the hardest thing you ever have to live through.
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