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I changed my girlfriend from someone who would loudly proclaim

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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I changed my girlfriend from someone who would loudly proclaim that she would NEVER do anal, to someone who begs me to go balls deep in her shitter. I'm going to tell you how I did it. I'm not going to guarantee it will work for everybody, but this is the second time it has worked for me. She had never done anal before, but her ex once tried to force his cock in there and hurt her, so she was loudly dead against it.

> been together about four months
> no ass play at all yet
> in a 69
> lick her asshole briefly
> afterwards she said she liked it and asked if i will do it again
> it begins........
> lick her asshole every chance i get
> i have a very long tongue so soon i start fucking her asshole with my tongue
> she's loving it

(This may not seem relevant until later)
> start some light sub/dom play
> never mix the sub/dom and the ass stuff though
> she gets excited when i forcefully tell her what i'm gonna do to her
> make this a regular part of our sex life

> we're spooning
> she likes me to kiss her back & shoulders when we spoon
> i sink low in the spooning position to kiss her back, just enough to align my cock with her ass crack
> as i kiss her and she gets excited i push my pelvis so that the length of my cock sits in her crack
> she pushes back
>afterwards we talk about it, she says "the pressure feels good"
> eeeeeexcellent....
> we begin to do this more regularly
> sometimes i apply pressure with the tip of my cock and she pushes back.
> i enter her very slightly, but pull away as if it was not intentional
> she notices this, but i do not remark

... continued ...
> after another two months she asks "do you like the fuck girls in the ass?"
> i respond "yeah, it's pretty great as a rare treat."
> she asks "do you ever wish you could fuck me in the ass?"
> i respond "no, I don't think I'd like that. I know you're not into it. I'd only want to do it if I knew you'd enjoy it."
> she says "that makes sense."
> i expound "there's nothing magical about butts, but it is just fun to connect in a different way sometimes. You don't enjoy it though, so what's the point?"
> she tries to talk about it more but i end the conversation

> we're spooning and humping after i just went down on her
> her asshole is still slick
> my cock is pressing against her asshole
> she pushes her hips back and i feel her chili-ring just start to open up around my cock
> i pull back and say "careful honey!"
> she says "it's okay. I'll do it for you."
> me: "You don't have to. It's okay."
> her: "I know you like it. I want to do it for you."
> me: "That's a bad reason to do it. We should only do it if you enjoy it for its own sake."
> her (looking very slightly disappointed) "Okay."
> igotthisbitch.jpg

> i'm sliding my tongue in and out of her asshole
> she says "put a finger in."
> i suck my pinke and just put the tip in just a tiny bit
> she tries to push backwards onto it but i move backwards with her
> she asks again "please finger my asshole."
> i wiggle my pinkie just a tiny bit but still don't let her slide onto it.
> she's moaning a bunch and i can see juices welling up in her pussy
> "I need you inside my ass. Please. Please."
> i flip her over, put my pinkie in her butt up to the second knuckle and suck her clit until she squirts all over my chin
> from here on ass fingering becomes an occasional part of our sex life; a couple times a month at most
> this is a long con, son!

... continued ...

So I have to eat ass to get my dick in there? No thanks, buddy.
> i'm fucking her from behind, holding her hair, doing the sub/dom stuff
> doing all the "who owns this pussy?" shit. "Tell me I own your tight fucking pussy," in a deep growl. she is loving it.
> i pretend that i'm about to cum and need to pull out for a second. i lay my cock in her ass and start playing with her nipples
> she starts grinding her ass against my cock
> i furtively angle my hips so the tip catches her ass and she pushes back to try accept me into her ass
> i growl "who owns that asshole?"
> she responds "you do."
> "IT'S YOUR ASSHOLE! YOU OWN MY ASS." (At this point I should remark that we have a roommate in the next room)
> i grip her hair tight with one hand, and grab her hip with the other
> i pull her real close and growl in her ear "That's my asshole and I'll do whatever the fuck I want to do with it."
> she moans and gasps
> "If I want to touch it, I'll touch it whenever the fuck I want to. If I want lick it, I'm gonna lick it, and what can you do to stop me?"
> She's writhing around in my hands; "Nothing!"
> "When I want to finger your asshole, what am I going to do?"
> "Finger my asshole."
> i tighten my grip and increase the pressure of my cock on her ass, but i hold her hips hard so she can't push backwards.
> My voice is deep and gravely; "If I want to fuck you in the ass, what am I going to do?"
> "You'll fuck that ass that you own."
> right now i know i own her. she's trying to get my cock into her ass but i'm holding her immobile
> i whisper "I'm not going to fuck your asshole. Y'know why?"
> she whines "why??"
> In my best growl "because I know you want me to."
> at that moment i slip my cock in her pussy and she cums in four strokes.
> she passes out, later says it is the hardest she's ever cum
At this point my plan is essentially complete. She starts occasionally sending me pics of anal porn. She asks me if I've ever done stuff like it. She starts asking questions like "can women cum from anal?" and "do you think there's a chance I'd like it?"

> about a week later, i'm fucking her from behind and i pour lube on her butt, letting it run down onto my cock. i slip my thumb in her butt as I fuck her.
> "Will you fuck my butt?"
> i don't respond
> about a minute later i pull out to take a breather. start fingering her butt. never done more than one finger to the second knuckle before
> this time the index finger goes all the way in. she's going wild
> two fingers to the hilt. she's loving it
> i can feel her asshole relaxing into it
> She asks again "will you fuck my butt? Please?"
> "You will have to beg."
> "Please! I need to feel you cum in my ass."
> "You call that begging?"
> "Please fuck me in the ass! Please! I'll do anything! I need it."
> i take out my fingers and deftly grab a towel from the laundry hamper
> more lube, wipe up my hands, grab her ass checks and spread them
> put my cock into position and apply some pressure. her asshole envelops half the head of my dick with no effort at all
> she moans hard and tries to push back more, but i hold her immobile
> i push the entire head of my cock in. she's loving it
> the moment i start to withdraw she hisses "go deeper!"
> i fuck her with the tip for like 20 seconds
> i start to go deeper
> she's loving it
> she cums twice from her first proper ass fucking
> it got a little messy but this aint my first rodeo. i had the towel on standby and she didn't even notice

And that's pretty much the whole story. We fuck in the ass semi-regularly now. Two or three times a month. She acts like I'm doing her a favor by fucking her butt.

I hope this works for you too! Good luck!

I eat ass simply for the fun of it. If I get to fuck it also... bonus!
Confirmed faggot.
holy shit op im hard as diamonds right now

>not ass fucking her after phase three
>not assfucking her once you have initiated sub/dom play

Congrats, you did in a fucking year and a half what you could of done in a few months
op is manipulative and his gf was probably abused in the past. their relationship will not end will. guaranteed

It took four months total. I didn't want to just nail her in the butt. I've done plenty of ass fucking and I don't need more imminently. I wanted her to want it. That was the goal. Making her need it. If I had nailed her at phase 3, there's a chance she would've acted like she was doing me a favor. That's no fun. You fucking amateur.
You say that like it's abnormal or something...
Got messy? As in how..

I've done anal a few times and I've never had any poop problems but I'm terrified to do it much because of that. I feel like if i just took a shit and i dont feel anything in there, we should be fine, right??

No shit? Just like every relationship? What's your point mongoloid?

She's having great sex and I fixed a hangup her ex gave her. Oh no!
newsflash, she thinks fucking you in general is doing you a favor.
you should empower her, not degrade her.
clean your ass out.
If you arent going to enema then just shove some fingers up there in the shower and clean it out.
Hell stick a soft toothbrush up there.

Just a little poop residue on my dick, nothing too bad. There was a little on her chili ring also, but I pretended to be wiping up lube. Occupational hazard. You can't be squeamish. She's better lately. She decides when we butt fuck and she knows when the time is good. She bought a butt douche but I don't know if she uses it.
to be safe you could rinse the inside with water. you can buy the proper tools at any sex shop.
>chili ring
why this expression? does she blast out taco diarrhea on a regular basis?

Explain to me in explicit fucking detail how she was degraded you mentally miniscule fedora wearing white knight troglodyte homunculus.
so when you tongue fuck her ass how many times did you get a little taste of SHIT in your mouth?
>all dem delusions of grandeur

Congrats on having sex with your girlfriend, what a tl;dr brag
Never. We keep those Charmin wipes in all of our bathrooms.

If I did I probably wouldn't care. Life is way too short and sex is way too good to worry about such trivial things.
you forgot the phase inbetween where she is getting fucked in teh ass by strangers and non-betas
> i growl "who owns that asshole?"
> she responds "you do."
>> "IT'S YOUR ASSHOLE! YOU OWN MY ASS." (At this point I should remark that we have a roommate in the next room)
> i growl "who owns that asshole?"
> she responds "you do."
> "IT'S YOUR ASSHOLE! YOU OWN MY ASS." (At this point I should remark that we have a roommate in the next room)
lol.. that's not exactly the most romantic and feel-good thing to say.
File: 1417485617879.webm (3MB, 1064x598px)
3MB, 1064x598px
Mud button
who wants romance when you've got someone that wants to get filthy and gaped? depravity is fun yo
As you were typing that were you thinking to yourself "this'll sure make him feel insecure! Maybe then he'll know how it feels to be a virgin basement dweller like me!"

Good job Mr. Projection. I'm just gonna sit here and think about how much better the world (especially your parents' lives) will be once you're deas.
>being this angry because OP knows how to fuck girls in the ass

There's no space in a romantic relationship for a little sub/dom play. I let her slap me around and peg me occasionally. It's all fun.
there's a difference between rough sex and abuse. OP is really preying on his girlfriend who is obviously damaged in some way, just seems like a slippery slope before all hell breaks loose

Thanks Dr. Phil.
Anal isn't really anything more spectacular than vaginal. Like any sex, 90% of it is what is going on in your head rather than what parts of your bodies are touching.
I have a Ph.d in anal sex
wat. He just teased a hole till she decided she was really into it. Fucking an ass isnt different from a mouth or a vagina in any meaningful way. It's just two people doing something mutually pleasurable.

Plus, plenty of girls love the whole domination thing. You're not the arbiter of acceptable fetishes, if everyone is happy and satisfied, who gives a fuck?
It's a game called besiege.
Op is a genius

I'll look it up.

I told her the whole thing was contrived a while ago. She grinned through the whole story. The end result is she's having better sex so she doesn't care.

See >>596949140 ... apparently I didn't invent this tactic. But thanks anyway man. I was real proud of the "because I know you want it" line. That one was off the cuff.
Thread posts: 41
Thread images: 2

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