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Wincest, blackmail, cheaing, regret sex time! Share your stories,

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Wincest, blackmail, cheaing, regret sex time!

Share your stories, will post mine in a bit.
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>Be me, be 8/9, just really young
> Have cousin leaving near my house
>Parents work at night and sleep during the morning, she invites me over to play
> She has brothers, but they are working, school
>Don´t know why and when but kissed and fondle each other
>She knew the password for the tv to get to the porno channel. Watch it together
>Can´t get hard, young, she gets on top of me and dry umps me. Feels good. I do reverse but I like it a lot better when she does
> We both go to pee together
>We also did it at my house, both naked my hands on her ass on the bathroom, both dick and pussy touching, feel like peeing.
>Keep at it for a bit till I feel bad about it for some reason, don´t know why. But there´s more.
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>Fast-forward some years
>I ´m 13/14 she´s a year older
>Parents and her are leaving home
>She stays with our grandmother
>We get really close to each other, spend all our time together.
>She´s really tiny and small, has no tits.
>She starts to say she really likes me and pinches and slaps my ass
>Don´t think about it, she´s always been like that.
>Start playing card games with her, her sister and some girls (My grandmother babysat a lot)
>All cards on a table, we get a turn, if the person matches 2 cards, the person can dare other people do things
>Gets sexual, my cousin asks my small cousin for her to kiss me. She does, feels warm and nice.
>We start to play hide and seek. Every time it´s her to come finds us, she finds me, gropes me and we makeout. Her hands are around my neck, or all over my ass. Tongue kissing, everything
>One of the last time we kissed we were on bed, sadly we just madeout
>She leaves the country, we never talk about it,
>sister home drunk
>crying BF broke uo
>mom and dad are asleep
>comfort her
>one thing leads to another
>make out
>gets intense
>over the pants crothc rubbing
>hand gets to her beltline
>finger her to climax

we never spoke of it again
Think she remembers?
Any sexual tension after the fact. You think she remembers?

I think she did she wasnt blackout drunk

either way we just acted like ti was nothing

luckily she was two years younger so we didnt run in the same circles or anythign
Dat hibemind
>fuck friend's 10/10 wife on a regular basis.
>shes crazy sexual and will drop everything to come meet up with me whenever I want.
>All started with me and her being casual friends after we dated in highschool she was no where near as hot back then maybe a 6/10
>She came to my apartment crying one night upset about a fight they had
>we share a few drinks and watch a movie we both loved when we were dating
>things lead to us cuddling on couch
>out of nowhere "I miss your cock"
>she straddles me and I feel her up while we kiss
>we fuck and she comes something crazy like 15 or so times in 10 minutes.
>meet up frequently now and I stay at their place while her husband is away
> peice of advice to any artists out there, if you can pull off the whole "tourtured artist" routine and be all mysterious you will get more slash than any gym membership.
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Here have some story I enjoyed.


Anyone has to have the rest, come one!
>believing anything in here
>believing anything
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Maybe this will work better on /soc/?
OP here, mine is totally legit, hence why I like shit like this. I´m sure most of them are true as well.
this thread dead?
How so? Some days ago there was a thread like this and it was great, /b/ just likes bananas more today...
See threads like this pretty regularly on /soc/. Not all together though. Cheating and slut stories are the main ones. Good fap material.
>be me
>fuck sister
well like I said, I missed the thread.

anybody here who can help?
/gif/ has incest caption threads pretty often. They sometimes get good greentext.
>>be me
>>fuck brother
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posting OC from a while back.

> be 9
> at aunts house with twin cousins they be 7
> be playing house with toys
> we pretend that the boy got home from work and the girl has made food and cleaned the house and it's late and time for the girl to make the man feel good and kiss
> make dolls kiss
> cousin 1 says lets play with out the dolls
> i pretend i'm married to cousin 1 and cousin 2 is sister
> I "get home" to wife and sister talking, and have pretend food waiting for me
> we pretend to drink and i tell cousin 2 she shouldn't go home drunk and she should stay at our house
> it gets late and it's time for the wife to make the man feel good
> both cousins start to give me a massage
> cousin 1 rubs back and cousin 2 rubs legs
> feelsgood.jpg
> i decide that they have been working hard in the house all day and i should massage them
File: 1423030612458.jpg (167KB, 480x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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> start to rub cousin 2's legs and work my way up. didn't have too much mal intent at this point ( also didn't really know what the fuck i was doing)
> go past pussy to hips and up the ribs to her shoulder start to massage her neck and shoulders for a bit
> cousin 1 says " Anon im your wife how could you do this to me?"
> say " oh well she's your sister and we should care about family too"
> go to cousin 1 and start to massage her
> tell her to roll over on her stomach
> she does
> start to rub her neck and shoulders
> start to rub her back and go down to her lower back and hips
> i say " see i was just caring for your sister. since your my wife I'll care for you differently."
> start to rub hips lightly brushing her ass
> i ask " is that ok?"
> she says "of course it is i'm your wife you can do what ever you want to me"
> i smile and cousin 2 is pretending to be asleep but watching with interest
> i ask "can i massage your butt?"
> she says again " i already told you I'm your wife. that's what we do as husband and wife"
> i slider her pants down and expose her ass and begin to massage
> for a while i'm just in shock that i'm seeing female as for the first time and i'm getting to rub it
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1417551894107 (1).jpg
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> after a while i get freaked out and remember my grandma is down the street at neighbors so i get up and check out the window
> nobogeyinsiteallsystemsgo.gif
> i go back to the bed and continue massaging cousin 1's ass
> lean in and say behind her ear "i love you, is it alright to kiss you?"
> she looks back and says "where?"
> i look down at her ass and smile and i say your back
> she says " yes you ahve to kiss me so i know you love me"
> i kiss the small of her back
> i keep massaging
> i get bold and kiss her left ass cheek
> she says " i love you too husband"
> i start to kiss her ass and kiss then i grab a little hard and slap it. no too hard
> she giggles
> i get really bold and lick her but.
> i continue to lick and kiss and i spread her ass and slide my toung from the verry bottom of her pussy and all up her ass to her back
> decide that was kinda too much and gross
> i pull up her pants and say " i love you"
> she says i love you and pretends to fall asleep
> i go to get a fake beer
does anyone care? continue?
Do continue
I care :)
YES go on
for you
> as i " get a beer" i check out the window again
> coastisclear.jpg
> i then wander in drunk and go to wrong room with cousin 2
the rooms are their bunk beds forgot to mention
> i stumble in drunk and say honey do you want a massage?
> she says " yes dear" pretending to be my wife (twins are awesome)
> i start the same way i did with cousin 1
> i rub her shoulders and her neck
> cousin 1 says " time out. are you gonna do the same thing to her that you did to me?
> i say " unless you guy's dont want me too, i was gonna pretend that i was drunk and got you both confused since you are twins" she says " no it's fine, but lets pretend i'm still in bed asleep i'm gonna look out the window in case grandma is coming up the street"
> cousin 2 and i agree
> i continue to rub down neck and back and ribs till i get to the prize
>dat ass
> i pull down cousin 2's pants and start to rub her ass
> she says "i love you honey."
> i say i love you too and i lean i for the kiss
> her soft ass on my lips feels good
> i begin to kiss and lightly lick and she giggle's cause it tickles her
> i spread her ass apart and kiss her asshole
> decide again that was kinda gross and just stick to licking her cheeks and masageing
> she rolls over and looks at me and says " im sorry but i'm not you wife i'm her sister."
> i look shocked and say "oh no i've hurt her. i didn't mean to."
> i help her pull her pants up and "go to the other room" to explain myself and that i was drunk
> she gets sad and cousin 2 switches to be look out
> the second she looks out the window grandma is coming home
> we get on the floor
> i rush to turn on the TV and sega and start to play. pic related
> we have never talked about it since then and have never done anything like that since
> kinda wish i knew enough to get my dick sucked. i definitely could have pulled that off

I have one more will post nao
>Be 16
>Surprise visit to my gf, hoping for some sexy time.
>Some asshole in a wife beater, wearing bikini style underwear answers the door.
>Don't think, just react, hit douche bag with flower planter next to the door.
>Tell gf I'll be back for the shit I left at her place.
Fast Forward 2 weeks
>Stop by her house again, to get my shit.
>Her mom answers the door.
>Mom is 5'6'' maybe 140 pounds, 37yr old, and a SOLID 7/10 on the MILF scale.
>"Hey Miss Anon, did Heather leave a box of my shit lying around?"
>"No Anon, but you can come in and look for it if you want"
>Walk in and head to Heather's room looking for my shit (A couple Play Station games, a few books I'd loaned her, you know, small stuff)
>Can't find any of it, her Mom helps me look.
>Look under the bed, and stand up just in time to see her bending over at the waist looking in the closet.
>Oh yeah... It's boner time!
>Mom turns around and sees what's sprung up
>"Anon, when was the last time Heather gave you any?"
>"About a month ago Miss Anon. Why?"
>She sits on her daughter's bed and smiles, and starts unbuttoning her shirt.
>Those slightly sagging, yet still round tits spring into view, and I'm just drawn to them like the gravity of a black hole
>Knee walk across the bed, my cock leading the way.
>She drags me down onto her daughter's bed, and starts sliding my pants off.
>I don't even have to work at this, her skirt is hiked up, and BAM! Mid 90's style MILF bush waiting for my poor neglected dick
>I literally slide half way into her in one stroke, and with 3 pumps I'm balls deep into her sloppy cunt.
>Fuck her with the strength that only a 16yr old back can have.
>I look up as I start to fire my scalding hot nut butter inside of her
>Standing there with the look of PUREST horror and disgust is Heather, staring at us as I creampie her mom, on her FUCKING BED!

Yes my /b/rothers... It was the best revenge fuck, In. My. Life!
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This is the only other experience i had with those cousins, my sister happened to be there. I talked with my cousins recently, say they resent my sister because she used to do this shit all the time to them apparently. here go's

> still be 9
> be with cousins and older half sister.
>don't live with sister and hardly ever see her because her mom hates me and my mom
> playing in my cousin's room at my grandmas house ( same room from my other story coincidentally)
> my sister asks if we should play mother knows best
> i say wtf is that?
> cousins say it's when your sis pretends to be our mom and there is a war so you have to stay safe with mom.
> we hide from soldiers and have unsuccessful hunts for food and play for a while and it's "night time"
> my cousin says she hungry and my sister pulls out her boob and says we all have to drink mother mild to stay strong
> my cousin starts to suck my sisters tit and lays on her lap
> my other cousin leans low and sucks her other tit
> start to feel funny
> my sister looks at me and says you have to eat too
> i go forward and lean close and start to suck my sisters tit
>feels soft in my mouth
> I start to lick and my cousin is next to me sucking the other
> after a while cousin 2 asks if she can see my nipples
> I take off my shirt and she starts to suck my nipple
> feels weird but good
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In 1999 my sister took my virginity. I was 17, she was 19 at that time, parents were nowhere to be found as usual. I was a late bloomer and nerdy, she felt sorry for me, one alone weekend we got drunk, she told me to undress and lay back, then got naked, knelt beside me and sucked my cock into her mouth. The blojwob was only meant to get me hard, but she kept going, eyes closed, seemingly enjoying it. She stopped when I told her I was getting close, got on top of me, aimed the tip of my cock at her pussy and sat down on it. I watched my cock disappear in her pussy, then looked up at her. She was looking at me, our eyes met, we hesitated.
Then for the first time in my life I took initiative and went for a kiss. She returned it, then started riding me. I didn't last very long and came inside her without warning. She was on the pill, so nbd. We held each other until I was soft again and slipped out. Then we talked. Or rather I asked questions, she answered, demonstrated hands on if necessary. We fucked again afterwards, this time I was in control. We switched positions a couple of times, I don't think she came. I did though, pulled out and covered half her back.
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We spent the night in our own rooms, couldn't really sleep though, doubt she could.
Next morning: nothing. No awkwardness, no omfg, nothing. We had (good) sex, we both enjoyed it, so we kept doing it for another two years. It stopped when she moved away. Had a couple of failed relationships, then finally seemed to settle down and had a kid.
A few weeks ago she told me she had a breakthrough with her therapist and realized that she wont ever be happy until she is with somebody like me. She broke up with her guy, got her own apartment and asked me to help move her stuff. I replied with "sure, and then you suck me off? ;p", in the typical haha totally didnt mean that but if you liked it I totally would way.
> ok, do me after? :)
It escalated, we discovered our kinks and fetishes are an exact match, why the fuck not?
She's moving on 2/14, her kid will be with her mother for that weekend. We agreed to meet up on 2/13, spend the time from my arrival to the other helpers showing up fucking, move her stuff over to her new apartment, then add drugs to the fucking until I fly back on 2/16.
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A few more pics she sent me.
File: 1401810587893.jpg (70KB, 863x648px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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> my cousin stats to lick and suck my chest intensely
> my sister gets up and tells cousin 1 she needs to get desert
> she starts to slide her pants and panties down and she stands over my cousin with her legs open
> my cousin starts to lightly lick my sister pussy
> this is the first pussy I've seen an the first time i saw anyone give someone else head so my jaw drops
> cousin 2 and I are just watching so I lay back and let her lay on top of me
> i'm watching upside down and my cousin is laying on my and i slide my hands under her pants and start to rub her ass.
> my cousin 2 " says boys are different from girls down there right?"
> i say yeah as I look at my sisters pussy
> she asks if she can see and says she's only ever seen her dads by accident
> I nod and she gets off of me and I start to take my pants off
> completely naked at this point and my cousin just stares at it for a while
> my sister puts her leg down and walks up and starts to touch me
> after a bit my sister lays down and tells me to lay down next to her and she says my cousins both have to eat desert
> cousin 1 licks my sister
> i'm in absolute bliss
> and I lean over and suck my sisters tits
( I'm obsessed with tit's and I'n retrospect I think this might be why)
> cousin 2 starts to get on top of me and I ask if i can see her privates
> she slides her pants down and lays on my and I start to rub her ass and pussy
> I ask if I can taste and she agrees
> she turns around and puts her pussy in my face and i start to lick
> after a bit cousins 1 gets jealous and says that I have to taste her too.


> allowed
> i start to lick cousin 1 and cousin 2 goes back to my sister
last one coming
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File: 20150204_103046s.jpg (54KB, 800x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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That's all for now. A few more days...

Best post in the thread
last part
> we switch up and this continues for a bit and i start to lick my cousins clit
> she starts freaking out from the pleasure and I suck it hard and lick like crazy and
tounge her pussy a bit
> was too young to tell if she came but knowing what I know now I'm sure she did
> she moaned and sighed and started to get sleepy right after
> I get up and decide to wash all the pussy juice off my face, so i get dressed and wash up.
> and in not so many words it was over

that was the last time the 3 of us hung out together and I moved across the country so I didn't
see them for years.
What happened later? Did you fuck her again?
>aprox. 5 yrs ago. Drive to mega pet store to buy cat food and litter.
>getting shopping cart from roofed stand? whatever.
> One of your chicks from OP's pic puts her cart back.
>Thinking holy fuck that's one of the perv sister.
>Moment passed, should've asked for a autograph? Panties?
I have one more experience from when I was a little older (not much) with two other cousins and I'm a quarter of the way through. Will work on it later, and I think I'll get back on and start a new thread tonight if there isn't one up already. should be about 10 pm or so PST.
Actually we kept it up for about 3 months.

Second greatest moment of the entire fling? I was watching "Bram Stoker's Dracula" at their house, and she sucked me off WITH HEATHER IN THE FUCKING ROOM. I blew a load down the back of her throat with 10 minutes to go in the movie. At the end of the film, she kissed Heather good night, with my CUM ON HER BREATH! And I could tell Heather could smell it on her mom's breath.
You stayed together with heather even after that?
no way, where was it?
No. I was fucking Heather's mom. Best summer of my entire teenage life!
How old was your sister?
File: screen.jpg (402KB, 1615x926px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
402KB, 1615x926px
In Germany, Berlin. Lol, she's a cutie too.
You talked with your cousins about your sister but not what you did together?
You should have ask to have her piss in your mouth. : p
>Be like 8 years old
>In the same class as my cousin
>Going back to her place after school
>Her parents are not home
>We decide to jump on her trampoline for a while
>We both get tired and decide to lay down and rest
>"Hey, you want me to show you something?" she asked
>"Yea, sure"
>On my back
>She gets on top of me, holding both my arms firmly
>"I'm gonna warm you"
>Look at her and smile, having no idea what she was doing
>She starts grinding her pussy against me.
>Get a boner, she just continues even harder
>"Feels so good, right?"
>Suddenly we hear her parents coming home
>She releases me from her grip and gets off
>We then get off the trampoline and go into their guest house to continue
>After we closed the door, she instantly threw her arms around me and started to dry hump my leg
>"Mm, it tickles so good", she moaned
>Decide to make a move
>Slowly slip one hand down her back towards the ass
>Gets inside both her pants and panties
>Start to squeeze and massage her smooth butt as she continues to moan and hump

This was the first of many things we did with each other. Got a bit more sexual later on.
Go on
I know, thought of that too. Still I wonder If that's really so hot irl. One riding me the other pissing, yeah I'd be ok. The girls speak in a bad slang though, it's a bit of turnoff for me when I watch their movies.
Really? What do they say? I wish there was subs : (
this brought back memories of my first gf. strange but great memories. continue.
what kind of slang?
just wannabe gehtto style or how should i take this?
Aside from the usual slang words for genitals (fotze/cunt, pimmel/dick etc), it's the way they speak. Believe me, the talk in US porn the stuff here it's pretty much the same. And they fall a bit in the dom role, with "do you think you deserve my piss bla bla.." Well they speak a simple dialect, it is from Berlin though, afaik.
>Another day after school
>Parents not home
>Get into the kitchen
>We both look at each other and just start making out
>Basically just licking each others tongues
>After a while, we go upstairs to her room
>She had this little playing tent set up in the middle of the room
>We enter it
>"You want me to warm you?"
>Smile and nod
>Starts dry humping me again
>After a while, I decide to take off her pants
>She doesn't mind
>What tha hell, I think for myself, so I take her panties off as well
>Her pussy was really, really wet, she was so horny
>Go down on her and start to lick
>Tastes good actually
>Have no idea what i'm doing, just licking the whole thing
>She moans loudly and squeezes her legs around my head while i'm down there
>After a while, we stop
>She ask me to lie down
>Get's on top of me, still with no pants or panties, and then start to make out again
Berlin has a distinct dialect, one I'm not too fond of. Been born there but I try to speak high german, I do speak it. Maybe it's snooty of me.
do you think you deserve my piss sounds great, or just american stuff. I´m into it
Yup that ok for me too. As long as they don't dress in black and start whipping me, hate that shit. Naked beautiful girl holds the best cards anyway.
bumpity bumps
bump, want to hear the rest of that story m9
Heather's mom has got it going on.
Could write some more stuff that happened if anyone is still interested.
Of course we are.
be me but 14
home from major surgery
Keep those stitches clean
Mommy washes them everyday with warm soapy washcloth
Feeling a bit better
Mommy comes with washcloth and starts cleaning
Corner of cloth smacking my nutsack
Mommy keeps washing ignoring erection
Mommy cleans me up
Next day old enough to wash myself
Alright, hang on a sec then.

found the archived thread
File: image.jpg (83KB, 527x744px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
83KB, 527x744px
> be me
> creampie sister
Fuck the greentext, this is short.

My sister is 2 years younger than I am. We used to fool around making out then orally when I was 13-16. We 69ed a lot. Once we both started dating, it ended. Still think about her sucking me off on occasion.

Never fucked her...occasionally, we'd grind our privates together...just seemed like fucking would be crossing a line that neither of us wanted to cross. Neither of us wanted to lose our virginity to each other.

After I lost my virginity my sophomore year (to a junior that went to an all-girls Catholic school), I told my sister about it. She was intrigued but said she was waiting for the right guy. She didn't lose her virginity until she was 18.

We've never spoken of it since. When I was younger I used to fantasize about fucking her while jerking off....but we were both in relationships at one time or another so it never happened.
wow good story.
How good were those 69`s? Where are you from?
We both came. She gave great head...soft and wet. She had a beautiful pussy.

I'm in the US.
File: svid.webm (3MB, 640x480px)
3MB, 640x480px
File: image.jpg (186KB, 1262x875px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
186KB, 1262x875px
i thought she only liked missionary
turns out she can ride cowgirl like a champ
Did you eat her ass too? You still talk about it? How did it all start?
i'm intrigued, any more?
File: tashbro.jpg (147KB, 993x827px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
147KB, 993x827px
> Be me
> Innocent kid
> Family full of racists
> Whenever we pass a black person Dad would screaming, "You god damn coon bastard!"
> Get older
> Start looking for sex, stumble across craigslist
> "Fit girl looking for BBC"
> "The fuck is BBC?"
> Pretty open with Dad so ask him, "what does BBC mean?"
> Dad bursts out laughing, "son, that means "Big black coon".

> Spend entire life thinking BBC meant, "big black coon"

> Find sex ad years later, "milf seeking bbc"
> Get talking
> Arrange time
> Show up at door
> Milf opens it, "what the fuck!?"
> Be dressed as a black racoon
> "I'm a big black coon"
> Mllf looks horrified, starts laughing, closes door in face.
> Went home, fapped in racoon suit. Not bad.
thanks, but it also ends with the last part I have
>pull off the whole "tourtured artist" routine

File: image.jpg (222KB, 1586x733px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
222KB, 1586x733px
> be 2010
> be 25, sis S be 23
> party at trashy house, but good music, weed and molly
> bump, grind, sweat, touch, kiss, it's basically a dance orgy
> notice buddy leading S to room, good for them
> 10 mins later he comes back out, motions me over
> "S is inside, go in there and don't say a fucking word, i'll make sure you won't get disturbed"
> get shoved inside, door slams shut
> S is naked and blindfolded, kneeling on a dirty matress, wrists tied to ankles with duct tape
> "i want to get fucked, now"
> instantboner.jpg, pull out, place on waiting lips
> want proof of that, grab shitty cell phone, take quick photo
> she rolls pretty hard, begs me to stop teasing and fuck her already
> push her over, keep fucking her eager mouth for a bit
> grab cell, this is it
> move between her legs, slip right in, im going to hell
> slowly pump in and out, tight, wet, warm, feelsogood, wont last long like this
> flip her over, dat ass, need another photo
> get rough, pull hair, smack ass, she gets off on it
> my hand is around her throat as i finish inside her, grunting like an animal
> it's slowly sinking in now, i just fucked my sister, holy shit, im so fucked, we are fucked, fuck
> quickly grab my shit, get dressed, pound against the locked door
> buddy opens, grins, enters room and closes the door
> party still going, nobody seems to have missed me, can i get away with this?
> turn around, sock on the door knob, im getting away with this
> years later sis still doesnt know
File: 1414156856859.jpg (33KB, 544x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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sauce on pic/video?
File: images.jpg (8KB, 255x198px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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post the video you faggot
Yeah sorry for the time, a friend came over while I was in the middle of writing.

>This time we are at my place
>Decide to go out and play in the forest
>Well there, we start to talk about what happened the other time
>Both got really horny
>Start hugging each other and make out
>Dry humps my leg like a dog
>"Hey, you wanna try to be down there this time?" i ask
>"Yeah sure, i'm really curious"
>Pull down my pants and briefs
>She gets on her knees in front of me and starts to play with my dick
>Get really hard and decide to make a move
>"Open your mouth"
>She gave me a really tempted look as she opened it up
>Place my hand on the back of her head and push it gently towards my dick
>She starts gagging, but takes the whole thing
>Neither of us have a clue what to do now
>I take my other hand on the back of her head as well and starts to face fuck her
>Her eyes tear up, but she wants to continue
>Feels so good
>I pick up the pace and she also really seems to enjoy it
>After a while i get an intense orgasm, but had not developed any cum yet
>Put down our jackets on the ground and lie down together
>We hold each other and continued kissing and making out
>Reach down with my hand into her panties
>Soaking wet
>Put a finger inside
>She moans as we continue to kiss
>It was getting dark and we decided to head home
>She told me that she loved me and would like to do it more some other time
>Got really turned on by it and told her I loved her as well, then decided to hang again soon
Was young like 8-9
Visited cousins place (3 girls each young 6,7,8)
Playing in basement and parents decide to step out for an hour and asks me to babysit I said no problem well just keep playing down here.
Youngest suddenly gets naked and strolls around the house for no reason one by one they each get naked and wrestle each other. I'm like awesome I'm so gonna get in on that. And I pick up one of them (my memory is vague) when they where butt naked and start to tickle her.
In the process I fondle her a little and she doses notice. But the other sisters notice I'm giving the more naked sis more attention.
We hear them get home and everyone changes and the second oldest is trying to tell on me but the parents literally shrug it off like its some kids fantasy story or something cause I didn't hear a word about the parent giving a dam. Haven't some of them since
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