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So, creating this shit seems to be a viable career path. Surely

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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So, creating this shit seems to be a viable career path. Surely the collective intellect of /b/ can be harnessed to find similar money-spinning titles.

I'll start you off with a few:

> A 200ft wall of water, filled with razor sharp teeth is hurtling towards the California coast

>The pack were hungry and desperate, until the snow delivered them right into the middle of an all-you-can-eat buffet of injured humans.

Any takers?
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Thank you, based bumping anon.
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>there's a tornado heading for america
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Thank you sincerely for trying.
>a horde of bears take the offensive during an earthquake and eat all the niggers
Thanks. That's the kind of thing we need.

Hollywood, here /b/ comes!
>a volcano explosion launches ancient moose at an unsuspecting town
I had some ideas as to what might come in this thread. You have exceeded all expectations.
>An experiment gone awry yields the results of a hurricane filled with sabretooth tigers that's headed straight for Nicaragua
>Gophers start massive fires and humanity's last hope is Jean-Claude Van Damme
Fuck i'm drunk and these are horrible
>A pontoon of black people come to America and become slaves.
Am OP. Also drunk. These are not horrible!
Nicaragua - nice touch. That's what makes it art.
Thanks, but I just don't buy it. That kind of thing could never happen in the US of A.

>a massive sandstorm and a failed experiment makes the highly intelligent pigs retaliate against the mudslimes that call them unclean
It's made to appeal to the Afro-American populous of America
I guess a better name would be...
Tyler Perry's Coontoon
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I like you.
Tornavocado: a tornado suck an entire crop of avocados delivering the lethal load over a generic Amerilard town

After a dramatic increase in global seismic activity, all hell finally breaks loose at the epicenter, the Grand Canyon. The Earth's crust is ripped apart, launching billions of horses into the upper atmosphere blocking out the sun. For those who remain, the end is just beginning as the endless onslaught of horse carcasses plummet back to the surface from the edge of space.
fucking lmao

the sun eclipse the moon starting a series of apocaliptic events
Good title. But even better is

>the end is just the beginning

You have a glittering career ahead of you in trailerising.
>ITT the asylum executives fishing for movie ideas
>the gravitational pull of all the cows on the earth causes the moon to fall
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I don't know what you mean. And thank you for your contribution.

A research team working for SETI detects a mysterious object while surveying the cosmic radiation background looking for the secrets of the big bang. It begins to pick up speed and the scientists break the news that it is headed straight for Earth. As it draws near, the buzz is heard. The asteroid made entirely of fucking gay ass irritating gnats is here to create a seemingly inescapable situation for mankind to be pissed off about.
Already working on something like this

>biglip nigger terrorizes white suburban neighborhood

a man creates a device to erase the memory of any person and replace them with an internet site, the project is hijacked by an australian /b tard and all goes to hell
1 Million Wolves vs. The Sun
>a pack of a million wolves fight the sun
File: ben_affleck_rect.jpg (192KB, 660x440px)
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You think that's bad. Wait till you see who they're sending to save us.
making a bad joke about how stupid their movies are
Umm yeah. And the pic is David Rimawi - one of the founders of The Asylum.

Hang on, why am I capitalising that shit?
We already know that the wolves and the sun are both eclipsed by the massive faggotry of moot (peace be upon him).
Because i'm uninformed about what he looks like and drunk as fuck
But you're in my thread. And that makes you an okay guy.

(Also drunk. I think I may have said that already)

Also, when drunk, captcha seems less like a chore and more like an awesome quest. Or perhaps that's just me.

thead is oficially dead
This thread ain't over until the fat spiderman spins.
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lol wut u say bout me
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bumping with this
I feel like there is a total of 2-4 of us in this thread
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funny muffler
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boo boo keys.jpg
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boo boo keys
"Rawr. I'm gunna eat yer boat, and then I'm gunna eat you guys!"
Do you still have your admin status? If not you can take your cuck-ass cuckery up the cucking cuck-ma-cuck. Or something
> giant earthquakes spew earthworms

> a typhoon that shoots tornados at people

> a typhoons that shoots mike tysons at 3rd world niggers
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snake eyes.png
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snake eyes
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>OP falling down a hill
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All good, but Tysonphoon ftw.
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Not sure how I feel about this.
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check those nubs

we love you
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i dont know whats going on but i love it
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bye faggots
Crazy Carpet

All carpet of the world becomes sentient and pulls itself up from the oppression of the floor. Mankind isn't going to walk over carpetkind ever again.
Oh Fuck! A Lot of Bees!

A lot of fucking bees.
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plz more

Also what if we got a tornado that shoots tornadoes.

File: switchy.jpg (112KB, 1286x766px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Not sure that was what I was after ITT. But it does open up a whole new area for exploitation.
Thread posts: 75
Thread images: 32

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