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What is the most fucked up drug experience you've ever had?

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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What is the most fucked up drug experience you've ever had?

Alcohol is a drug, so tell crazy stories about that too if you haven't done other drugs.

The craziest thing I have ever experienced was when I was on LSD. I was looking into an LED balloon and saw 3 aliens looking back at me.

How bout you /b/?
I was fucked on MDMA on NYE and we thought it would be a good idea to smoke some weed to take the edge of it at the end of the night. This did not work, I was more or less paralysed rocking back and fourth my eyes rolling back and chewing my face off, but because of the MD I wanted to go for a walk but I literally couldn't get up. Don't to MDMA and weed kids!
pfff all those faggots on 4chan its unbelievable how old are you ? 9?
9+10 yeah
Not fucked up, but easily the best night of my life was this NYE. My friends and I went and saw one of our favorite bands at a bar in Saratoga, which balls out for NYE because nobody goes there in the winter (racetracks are closed). We all took a fuckton of molly and rolled our balls off. That was only the second time I've ever done molly, but my friends have done it a bunch of times and all said it was the best shit they ever took.

It was a blast, although everything after the ball dropped is kind of a blur.
I had around 1.5 - 2 grams of MD there was no going back
The 2nd drug I ever tried (after alcohol) was salvia divinorum.

It was a level 5, ego dissolving trip. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I really experienced some crazy shit during those 10-15 minutes.

I became a colour. A single colour. I think i was red - the colour of a skittle.
There were other colours - Blue adn Green i remember.
We raced - moving forward into nohingness. And as we moved, we moved through time, and things around us came into existance.

Stars, more colour. things became more complex - plants evetnaully starting to surround ym vision. Vines. then people and faces. Then i flew through my own eye, and became myself again. On the opposite end of the garden to where i started.

During the race, i felt like i had to win, or i'd be stuck there forever. I tried to move faster, but couldn't. (Later turned out it was my hand caught in my wallet chain)

Was so intense. So much more than i can describe.
2grams for nye are you like 400pound whale? otherwise will od your heart...
no, I seen people do a hell of a lot more
dude thats 10 FULL medium size pills...
be realistic
Probably a lot of tolerance involved.
swear on my life. I allays get this when I say it. I by 1.5 grams of MDMA for around £60 and usually have it all gone. another one of my mates did 3 grams then a pill the him and hi brother picked up another gram between them. Do americans us different measurements for drugs?
I don't know anyone who takes under half a gram to a gram for a night out
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I met some gay hippie at a rave back in 2010. He ripped me a couple hits of acid, more than i asked for from his sheet.

I told my best friend to stick his tongue out and dropped..2 hits of acid probably.

Fast forward, my dumbass doesnt put the two and two together...he was our driver.

4 deep in the back of a honda civic, chicago black ice, you do the math. Smoking weed in the back and it really kicked up the acid. Crash, spin out, hit the median twice.

Ditch the piece, ditch the weed.

Black cop
>head looks like milk dud

okay then. lets get in his car and get dropped off at an exit.

>you guys sober?
>yes officer
>oh i see, just not sober enough


we made it, we all lived, girl in the passanger seat looked like she went a 3 rounds with Ali in a boxing match.
last weekend I discovered the joys of Nitrous while on acid.
Just one whip-it kicks up your trip from mildly crazy to utter bat-shit insanity for a couple of minutes.
never used other drugs tha alcohol, nicotine and weed.
>be me really tired and a complete noob (3rd time) smoking weed
>decided it would be great to relax
>parents home only after 6 hours
>roll a fat pure weed joint
>excitement, expecting best time ever
>smoke. feels like nothing
>walk to wash my hands. feet feel shaky. ooh, here it goes
>become really shaky before I even reach the bathroom
>uh oh, I fucked up.
>shit is too strong, and there is nothing I can do. it is already in my blood.
>feel urge to puke. Naturally I puke out nothing since I am just super dizzy
>walk to my computer
>shit, I melt into my chair. face numb, heart pounds like million times a second
>try to press buttons and put some video on in hopes it will distract my pre-mortal thoughts
>feel like I'll have a heart attack any second
>put Louie season4 on for some reason. cant type anything in youtube
>fuck, see every pixel, all dialogue just doesn't make sense, feel so sick, watching the scren feels worse
>turn off computer
>all effects doesn't seem to halt at all, only getting stronger.
>check time - only like 5 minutes have passed.
>try to drink. all shaking
>decide I'll try to go to sleep and hope to be ok when I wake up
>lying down only makes your blood pressure lower and with weed it means you get even higher
>everything is fucking transcendental
>turn off lights. pls stop, I feel like I'll die
>I travel from my room into space and back, can feel everything in my body.
>see fucking nightmares time that change with random shit. completely awake
>feels liek forever
you're fucking retarded. One of my best friends did 2g m his second time and was fine. granted he was in bed feeling like shit and throwing up for the next week, he didn't go to the hospital or OD
That sounds fucking insane. I have tried salvia and other trips too.
that's ridiculous. on average I take .2g and maybe .1 or .2 a few hours later.
at 1g you'd be too happy to function, or freaking out about your heartrate. if you really do 1g at a time.. I wanna party with you sometime
>crawl a little to the side of the bed to see the clock - only 20 minutes have passed
>lay there as a dead man for a solid hour.
>convince myself that death isn't that awful and while it would be stupid for my parents to find me so. Contemplate all the things I haven't done yet.
>I feel the effects coming down very slowly. High moments where I completely lose control change with some alertness more often and often
>at some point parents arrive. fuck - at least if I start dying theyll take me to the hospital.
> Slowly come down. fucking terrifying experience from some fucking weed alone.
Later I got smarter and wasn't pancaking, but the feeling of near-death was pretty real.

to be honest I think the very first few times smoking wed were best. After that you just accept the effects too easily and I completely lost interest in weed at the end of last year after 3 years of smoking. was fun, but it's really only good socially.

I would love to try some medicore ecstasy, but I am afraid it will fuck up my brain. My only job is using my fucking brain and so there's that.
Use of any other drugs aside from maybe ritalin haven't ever crossed my mind.
yeah first few times with weed time goes by really slow and it is the best thing ever(if you have fun ofc)
I had the best 30 sec of my life with nitrous while tripping. What the FUCK was that???? gives me shivers to think about, best thing ever lmao
haha nah I usually do 2 grams overall in a night but I have seen people do lines the length of my arm (to be fair he was a dealer but fuck me he was gone) usually do around 5 lines before a rave which is about a gram the I will roll it into bombs or just swallow it while I am at a party
only used alcohol and weed, but here's my best drunk story

>be 16, on trip to Italy
>In Florence one of the girls in our group just pulls out a bottle of 120 proof absinthe
>well shit, I think I'll get one too
>buy the same thing, store owner looks at me like "fuckin' American kids..."
>later that night a few girls invited me up to their room
>we're all taking shots of it (note: don't drink straight absinthe, it tastes like cough syrup and gasoline)
>the girls are feeling my biceps and abs, and one of them sticks one of my fingers in her mouth
>I have literally received no female attention before in my life, and probably wouldn't have without the help of alcohol
>playing never have I ever
>one of the girls says "Never have I ever made out with a girl"
>a couple of them take shots
>I don't
>"Anon, why aren't you... No, you've NEVER? Ok, you wanna just get it over with?"
>wind up kissing all 3 of them
>spend the rest of the night drunkenly bragging about it to the guys and saying silly shit

best weed story:
>be 15, want to smoke weed but none of my friends do
>after asking around I pick up an 8th in a parking lot from some guy
>I bring it home and am SOOOOO paranoid
>literally put it in a bag, in a bag of dryer sheets, in a jar full of coffee, in socks, in another bag, inside several other bags full of dryer sheets
>hide it for 2 weeks without mom noticing
>but nobody to smoke with
>finally I make some friends who do it and we go out to smoke
>still have a lot left over
>wind up eating it raw just to get rid of it
>shit smells like weed for days
absolutely. keta/nitrous/acid together. god damn looney tunes. shits awesome
I went to my first show last weekend, saw Datsik, it felt like fucking home. I didn't wanna leave man molly at a rave is literally heaven, I'm usually introverted but oh my god I was everywhere dancing with random chicks and shit all night doing my own thing.. can't wait to go to another.
Not really a crazy story but it's fucking retarded.
My friend ate shrooms, and to "induce" the colours
he kept staring at this little LED lamp.
To this day, if he looks at a source of light,
some blobby patterns appear to him.
I find it amusing, since it's been over 3 years now.
hahahaha on n2o and acid everyone looked like a hologram
That was your brain cells last hurrah before dieing
When I took LSD, at some point during the trip I coughed. Next thing I know my hands were covered in blood and a small, pulsating, amphibian like humanoid was staring back at me from my bloodied palms.

Rest of the trip was pretty sweet though. thought I could see time. But then there was a point I was desperately struggling to not sink into the kitchen floor.
if you only tried weed, then MDMA will take you straight to heaven, i experienced that. It's said that it does very little to no damage at all if taken once per 2-3 months.
yeah it's great. We have these local raves that are at a farm and fuck me just about everyone there is on some powder it's great, the owners don't mind you just racking lines up in the back of the buildings. Raves are the best you meet so many great people you never would and everyone loves everyone. I didn't notice how many people did MD until I went to a rave.
My friend railed a line of molly that was 1.2 grams, in one go.

He said it felt like an orgasm and he spent the next 4 hours roasting his feet by the fire, listening to MGMT at full blast and convincing me that he was my father figure.
I wish I had that
>be 16, ausfag
>been smoking bongs everyday for a couple of years
>start selling shards cuz wasn't making enough money selling kush
>tell myself, "meth, not even once"
>kek, made a grand profit first week with about a half g left over
>ran out of ciggies and closest place that was open was 5km away
>fuck ill smoke this crack
>taking hit after hit, not feeling much
>have a snow cone (sprinkle sum of that crack on a packed bong)
>holy shit i'm fucked
>heart beating out of my chest
>eventually leave to get ciggies at 3:42 am
>somehow get home at 4:06 am
we all say that but it never happens I end up doing it around once a moth and try to keep it at that. Last summer I did a month every weekend on MD and the a festival where I did around 5 grams over 4 days. I didn't have a brain for a few moths after that though
Do you really?
I think he finds it rather annoying.
It's not like he's tripping every time he's seeing
a light, it's mostly unpleasant and obscuring his
>1.2 grams
shit, that's some hard tollerance i see.
50mg in 2 bombs just thew me into space on my first time
any permanent changes that you observed?

Greentext because fuck you thats why

>smoking weed in my car with this girl I was nailing alot
>first somewhat serious female companionship since love of my life broke my heart
>new girl had helped me get over the love of my life alot but I still had good and bad days
>Im baked and kinda doze off into a trance
>she is listening to some song by beyonce
>im hearing the song but in my own little world
>all of my memories of the love of my life flash before me, along with the memories of the new girl (who I had known and been with on and off for 2 years)
>I see both of their faces flashing before me several times
>new girl wakes me up out of trance asking if im ok
>first thing I see out of trance is her face, and I feel an immense, heavy energy lift out of my body, as if all the attachment I had to the love of my life was being taken from me
>tell her about it a bit later when I clear up a bit and we have some of the best sex Ive ever had

New girl is still in my life on and off, we were never official because both of us live really odd lives but if I had to pick a woman to marry, it would be her without a second thought.
He get's that when looking at a bright light? It's not like he is seeing those patters every day or is it?
yeah I did 0.5 g in my first go and that was enough to make me high as a kite all night, strange how little you need when you first start
One time I ate like 1000 mg diphenhydramine.

It was like seeing everything that had happened for the past few days but like on shuffle.
Then you must have some shitty quality.
Even half a gram of pure mdma will be borderline OD
weirdly enough mine is alcohol related.

Back in college I got really wasted off a bottle of skol, and a bunch of redbull at a party. I disappeared for 3 hours, and nobody knows what happened. Honestly I could of done anything. I've gotten drunk and did a lot of fucked up shit, but me, or somebody else remembered what I did or where I went. This time I was just gone. I could of just sat outside for a few hours, or I could of knocked over a liquor store and spent the money at a titty bar.
Pure straight off the crystal.

This was after a HUGE month and a half long nightly binge, but we were all still a little taken aback by how much he actually did at once.
If he isn't cautious, he is.
It's mostly bright lights I think, yes.
And I don't think that's something you should be
looking forward to having.
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I took a dose of shrooms and pills and went out to a tavern for a show. It was one of the darker experiences ive had. Probably the only one. Every conversation was an endurance trial, every person came off like leech to my well being and the world seemed like an endless regenerative force that human beings decided to pour concrete over, an conquered the falsehood of death being a loss
Not overly, but I did leave it until NYE until I did it again. I do fins it takes a lot more now and my comedowns are hanging which is a it shit other than that the only other thing is at college my brain can't function properly for a week or two but this happens anyway to be honest.
nooooo it won't.
I candy flipped once, while having never taken E before. Took it with 25i too, not acid.
To add to that, it was with my ex who I hadnt talked to in many years who became rave trash, and my best friend who had taken neither of the drugs before in his life.

We all went insane.
That its off a crystal doesn't mean it cant be shitty quality. Also binging on mdma is pretty neurotoxic. But w/e
Yeah it will if you have some decent quality
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Getting high on weed and realizing that big trees used to be little saplings.
how much does MD cost in the US in the UK it is roughly £40 per gram

CAPTCHA related: iroll hahahaha
Ketamine. The shit was crazy. Not gonna try it again, liked it too much, afraid of getting hooked
are you retarded?
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I get mine of the guy who supplies most the dealers in the area which I live and that's the amount most people will buy. I do live in quite a drug free place other than weed though. but hey it gets me fucked so it doesn't matter.
>Ditch school with my mates
>go to big city that is 20km far from our town
>chill at some fortress that is full of people
>roll two joints of air freshener(it is legal but hits you harder than weed)
>6 of smoke it
>we all get fucking destroyed(in a good way)
>i feel like faces of my mates are not their faces
>eyes closed 50%
>one mate looks like a turtle and he can't fucking tie his laces
>i laugh a lot
>we walk through the main street and laugh as retards
>i feel like i left this world and i am controlling my body from somewhere else,aka video game feel
>don't have a headache
best trip evah
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im not very smart
Mdma is poison, my first time was awesome, ever time after was terribke despite my euphoric feeling. I cant justify two or three days of legit depression for a few hours wirth of false euphoria
But you've got a good taste in fap material
>>shit smells like weed for days
It's allright if you know how to prevent comedowns a bit E.G take valliums to sleep well, eat a lot of fruit and take vitamin c tablets
so much this.
the hangover is the worse, and I just feel like absolute shit. never again.
DMT...pretty neat man
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Happened to my friend
> be me
> 4 years ago hit up party
> friend Gio had vodka before the party
> Gio starts drinking more and more
> Gio then backs up and steps on some guys foot
> Gio then says " are you going to say sorry for stepping on your foot"
> starts shit with the guy
> guy just leaves because he knows he is drunk as fuck
> minutes later Gio goes up to the guy
> 1000 suns with the power of a twig Gio gets socked in the face and breaks glasses
> next day Gio asked what happened
> you got into a fight with a cowboy
> mfw
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Extract my own dmt
I get what you are saying, im into my downers more than being hyped up due to how i intereact with my surroundings. I like how mdma feels, i dont like what mdma is, or its after effects. Id rather move on

rifle barrel in rectum please
Do we like older music because it reminds us of older times, the happier times?

We never get the same effects after trying any drug for many times as we did when we tried it the first time. When getting high is our brain already preparing us and our expectations are too high to fulfill?

What if everything is already predetermined and you can't change anything? Let's say you decide to kill a guy and he had to die so you somehow don't get caught. Or you don't give a fuck and don't study for a big exam and somehow the questions are too easy.
First time greentexting so bare with me

>be 16 yr old guy dutchfag
>parents strict as fuck, won't let me drink/smoke/do drugs
>fuck this I'm a teenager
>drink/smoke/do drugs
>like everything from speed, xtc to mushrooms and salvia, smoke weed everyday
>meet a new guy, friendly, also into drugs
>make plans to do shrooms together
>last schoolday before vacation, would go on a trip to paris with parents and best friend (girl)
>go to his parents vacationhouse, nobody else there
>overestimate myself, double the dose of shrooms I normally take
I never had a bad drugs expierence before that, so as a naive teenager I thought it'd never happen to me
>two hours of wonders
>can read the character of trees, moon has wings
>it was autumn, end of the afternoon, getting darker
>I'm starting to feel weird (which is normal on shrooms, but somehow it felt very different)

Mine is £30 a gram, £50 for two
I wanna learn how
Nice, I have to pay 120/gram...still worth it though
Go on
quality post
if your answer isn't k hole, then you've never hit a k hole
Yesterday, funnily enough. Took a large dose of shrooms and from 1.00 in to 2:30 was the most scared I've ever been. I could see lines of sort of electrical energy flowing off everything, the walls turned into aztec patterns, and when I stood up and moved around it felt like the whole floor was swaying beneath me. Also the CEVs were just completely overwhelming, unbelievable shit. I remember using my kindle to try and google find a way to end the trip, but could barely read the writing on any site. It's weird but at about 2:30 hours into the trip I suddenly felt completely at ease, and the visuals died down.
>be me
>sober night for me just a bit of weed, I have work tomorrow
>mates are all rolling
>one of my mates decides to do the thing to make you hyperventilate
>passes out
>girl calls 911 (I live in the UK it's 999)
>dude having spasms on the floor
>he wakes up
>run as an ambulance is coming to where they are
> same dude who passed out starts tripping
> lying in the middle of the road shouting " look at that dragon!"
>drag him out of the road
>he passes out again
>fuck this I'm going home
It was a rather goo night considering I was all but sober
Yeah I can get a few alright deals like between 5 of us we ordered 10 grams and got it for £300 and we got an extra pill worth around £5 each. Not too bad saving £100
> do 4 years in the Navy
> first time ever doing a drug beside drinking
> took about 2400milgrams of DXM
> tripped out in our laundry room on the ship
> while we where out to sea
> ship rocking felt like I was riding a carousel
> sat down and little fucking red things start biting my feet
> walk around the ship with no boots on
> throw boots and socks overboard
> slept on an AC vent up in the overhead
> fuck DXM
I applaud
When I was on LSD the clouds became animated marble statues of greek gods waging a war against these winged native american-style griffin monsters. A storm was coming in and every ray of sunlight that peaked through the clouds gave the whole scene a distinct Art Deco vibe, which somehow reminded me of the "golden powers of man," the one coherent phrase that I remember from the experience.

Then it started raining and I went inside. The house was a cozy medieval fiefdom tucked away in the European woods. A watchful robotic helicopter guardian (a ceiling fan) projected imperial sigils on the ceiling.

After the rain we smoked some pot and went for a walk. Trudging through the mud sending sparks and ashes wizzing and flying I got the feeling we were mechanized infantry in Vietnam, and the APCs had left us behind. A frat party down the street was a fucking meat grinder, hordes of green conscripts getting thrown into their doom. The roads were covered in advertisements.

Nothing can compare to acid.
I sell it €100 per gram in europe and $250 per gram in usa
Really! it's £40 a gram in the UK is it stronger in different countries?
From that moment I only remember parts, I'll greentext what I remember and just type the shit the dude has told me afterwards

>feel myself slipping off the bench we were sitting on
After I laid on the ground for a minute, I stood up and started running very fast, 'till I hit a tree, we were in a forrest nearby the vacation home
>remember hitting something, lying with my face in the mud
>feel thorns of plants scratching my face
The guy tried to calm me down, but I was completely from this world, he told me I even tried to suck on his arm while he was trying to help me up, no kidding
>sitting on the ground somewhere idunno
>I need to take my jacket off
>can't unzip, must pull over head
>doesn't work
> ring I always wear starts to burn on my finger
>take ring off and throw it away
From there on I don't remember what I did, I just remember what was going on in my head.
>think I am dying
>really convinced I am dying
>see flashforward to my parents hearing the news that their son has died doing drugs
>see mom crying to her friends that her son has died doing drugs
I have never expierenced a more sad and depressed feeling than that moment.
>Can't see normally anymore, every image of my vision is made very small and projected a thousand times before my eyes, like the eyes of a fly
>thousand images make up other moving images
>see a stripper (not even kidding) doing some twerklike thing
>repeates every 3 seconds
>see this for what feels like an hour, while thinking of parents hearing that I died.
>breath out, actually think this is my last breath. Think I died
This feeling is all too real
I feel with you bro
>Slow clap.jpg
Yeah I still feel the effects almost 2 years later. Shit sucks.
Yeah buying in 'bulk' is a lot cheaper, get it delivered as well which is always easier than freezing to death on a park bench
There's two sides to my story.

The first time I did acid:

>buy some acid from friend
>it's in a vial in liquid state
>he goes off to put some ice in to bong
>drink the vial
>friend comes back as I finish it and freaks the fuck out
>"shit man! That was like 12 hits of acid!"
>had a talk with friend about acid to know what to expect
>he doesn't even know
>gets another friend to score some strong muscle relaxants just in case
>commence tripping
>I'm in another world
>chilling in a fucking ocean
>I'm a fucking jellyfish and morph in to a whale in to a rocket ship
>suddenly find myself orbiting sun
>spot a door in the sun
>bet you guys didn't know that the inside of the sun is all vintage TV sets that show ALL THE LIFE ON EARTH in real time
>at dead center buddha is floating with a golden remote in lotus position
>have a nice chat with buddha about the universe
>try to reach for remote
>buddha lifts up one hand and tells me it's time for me to go
>suddenly I'm in the hospital strapped to a bed
I started experimenting with Salvia Divinorum several of months ago, maybe mid august. Just last month me and some pals decide to get the most concentrated batch available from the store (50x) and each do a bowl's worth.
>friend #1 take hit, immediatley starts laughing and smiling and talking crazy. Don't pay attention, my hands are on bong now.
>pack the whole bowl, light entire thing. I thought I knew what to expect as I've done it before, but holy fuck was I wrong.
>The world began to un-do itself around me as I collapsed into the leaves on the ground. An aurora of ungodly power and force was all around me. The skies rippled with tethers of energy and under the ground a beautiful woman stared up at me like a long-lost friend or family member.
>I ranted and rave about how humans were destroying her connection with the moon and sky and how humanity was a blight on the earth.
> will never forget what I saw

Salvia is a good time 8/8
You weren't experimenting with anything noobshit, you were doing fucking drugs lmao
Friend and I be drunk and high as fuk going to a club.
Random road block appears.
Put all the weeds in wallet.
Weed paper falls under seat SHit.jpg.
Officer approaches vehicle.
Where you guys headed to?
Just going to the club to meet some friends. We are innocent non drinkers O:)
Got more faded at the club.
On our way back home.... same road road block X_x
Almost hit the police car while pulling over
Other random police yells at us O_O
Acted like this was the first time getting pulled over.
Passes road block.
Coolest cop ever
>Look at the wall and think its the sky
>Look out the window, all the homes look like Mickey mouse heads
>Sit on bed and feel like its really high up
>Suddenly I think im a mountain
>Look over to my arm and there are small railroad tracks manifesting on it
>Stare at amazement waiting for a train to come but it never did
nice dubs bro

>be teenager
>get drunk in abandoned warehouse
>start fire
>burn down warehouse by accident
haha. It's allright for me as I skate and so does my dealer so ask him what I want and wait down there for him
Shiiiit, I buy 1 gram for €20 and 10 gram for €100
You Britbongs sure have it tough
I only got an mdma hangover the first time I did it. Every time after that, I just get a bit tired but can function fine.
how much do you take in 1 bomb?
Because 1€ for 100mg (my dose) seems fucking unreal
Poor dude was spacing hard too, but he stayed pretty calm thank god. He ultimately called his father because he didn't know what to do, who had no idea either (but was cool with the drugs thing somehow) and called an ambulance.

>dark nothingness, I do not experience anything
>suddenly a light shines on me
>sitting alone in dark forrest, guy is nowhere near me
>hear voices coming closer
>people ask if they can closer
>don't answer, I do not know anything at the moment
>they come closer, they're the paramedics and the guy
>they help me up
>lost my belt somehow, pants far too wide
>pants fall down to my ankles, standing there in my underpants
>see that guy's sister had come too
>anorexic chick, maybe 14
>see fear in her eyes
>paramedics pull up my pants
>tell me I need to come with them
>in ambulance, say bye to dude
>paramedics look scary
>one has horns on his head, the other's pupils are uneven
>like one pupil is like a needle, the other is dilated as fuck
>prolly just me trippin'
>ask my name
mfw they asked like four times, my parents eventually told them 'cause I just couldn't remember
>drive to hospital
>kind of okay now, ambulance is warm
>get asked to get out of ambulance
>all kinds of people come look at me (docters I guess)
>they can't do anything for me, tell me they'll bring me home
>tell them to drop me off on a corner, I'll walk home
>they won't
>tell them my parents'll kill me
>they won't budge
>somehow did remember my parents adress


And the other side that my friend told me afterwards

>after bonghits I was lying down on the couch for a good while talking about jellyfish and their daily business
>suddenly I spring up and start screaming
>friend tries to get me to lay the fuck down but I run all over his apartment
>suddenly dead stop and fall on my face on the floor
>start making "the sound of a cat being raped"
>while making said sound crawl around his apartment
>finally settle under his bed
>for the next 5 hours I randomly scream out stuff from under bed
>at some point other friend with muscle relaxants has arrived
>they feed me a few by tossing them under the bed and saying it's candy
>I start "shaking like I was dying with fucking foam coming from mouth"
>at this point ambulance was called and they dragged me outside the apartment
>guys watch from balcony as I crawl in a circle outside as ambulance arrives
>scream like I'm being killed when paramedics come to me and attempt flight
>ends in me taking two steps and falling on my face
>start screaming stuff about buddha
>they carry me away

I love acid.
yeah the struggle is real. A good night out is usually over £100
lying in bed on acid as my life rotated about the x-axis.
jaa pik vertel dan
extremely addictive. was an everyday user for about a year, only reason I stopped was connects dried up. Best and worst thing to happen to me.
same I wake up at 4am to go work on a Saturday then do MD and don't sleep until around mid day the next day and only if I take valliums
nice man im hooked pleasee cont
man i gotta try acid
good read, keep them coming bros !
Fuck you niggers, look it up yourself
Usually about 150
Or I buy a pill (200mg) for 2~5 euro
But I'm not that big on mdma anymore. I prefer ketamine, mxe and lsd
Calm down sweetheart,
>Has knowledge of it already
be me 18 swefag
first time takign benzo take about 23 pills (big over dose)
end up stealing moms car crash it hit some nigger in the face adn knife threathng 3 of my best friends
>we're in my street
>paramedics get me out of the ambulance
>holding up my own pants now, immabigboy
>paramedics ring bell
Somehow I saw what happend next in third person view, I saw myself, clothes dirty as fuck, scratches on my head and arms, pupils dilated as fuck looking like a lunatic barely holding up my pants.
>dad opens door
>"hi dad"
>dad.exe has stopped working
>let's us inside
>sit down on the couch
>mom, dad, big brother and paramedics get into the room
>paramedics talk I guess, idk
>too busy staring at the indian tokens all over the walls
>wonder why I have never seen those before
>paramedics leave
My brother later told me he and my mom had to calm my dad down because he was fucking pissed, I don't remember shit.
>moms voice calms me
>parents go upstairs to go to sleep, say we'll talk the next day, it was 11 pm or something
>sit in living room with brother, still looking at the indian tokens
Brother has had some shroom experiences as well
>asks if I still see stuff moving around in the room
>"I can't see if anything moves, because nothing stands still so idunno if it moves"
>talk to him about indian stuff
>starting to realise everything that had happend
>I actually thought this was just something in my mind, that I was really still with the guy at the vacation home.
>realise what happend
>go to sleep 3 hours later, brother sleeps in my room to make sure I'm okay

>wake up next day, "wtf bro what are you doing in my room"
>walk to the mirror
> see weird sticker things paramedics put on me for the heart rate monitor or something idk
Tuurlijk jochie
After a night full of synthetics and booze I woke up naked in a nigger cemetary (white and black were seperated in indiana) with blood all over me. Turns out I got high as fuck, climbed a tree screeching about demons after me, feel down, hit a branch on the way, busted my face open and ran away to where I wasn't able to be found. I found my clothes and cellphone a mile down the road.

No more Syn and moonshine combos for me.
>be 16
>go to end of school party
>first real party I went to
>drink around 5 cans of Strongbow
>smoke weed for the first time
>drink more
Can't really remember numbers at this point but I was wrecked
>got to friends ten, the party was at a feild/barn
>smoking in tent
>go outside to get fresh air
>throw up every fucking where
>end up waking up in my tent
after this point I can't remember much but this is what I was told
>go back to the barn with the music on
>take my first pill
>pass out again
>wake up and the police have turned up and I am wide eyed as fuck
>some how the don't search me or nothing
>ended up passing out again and being in my tent when I woke up
My firs real party experience will never be forgotten, well at least the bits I can remember.
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