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TL;DR: What do you think is the most-dangerous/violent/crime-ridden

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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TL;DR: What do you think is the most-dangerous/violent/crime-ridden city in America?

I've done this thread several times and have gotten to read some great stories and to learn about the culture of many cities I haven't been to and likely won't get to visit, so that's why I start these threads.

If I had to come up with a list of the most-dangerous cities in America, it'd be something like this:

1.) Detroit, Pontiac, Saginaw, & Flint, Mi
2.) Gary, Indianapolis, & East Chicago, In
3.) Camden, Patterson, Newark, Trenton, & East Orange, NJ
4.) Chicago, Rockford, & East St. Louis, Il
5.) Memphis & Nashville, Tn
6.) Baltimore, Md
7.) St. Louis, & Kansas City, Mo
8.) New Orleans, La
9.) Cleveland, Cincinnati, Dayton, Akron, Columbus, & Youngstown, Oh
10.) Birmingham, Mobile, & Prichard, Al
11.) Milwaukee, Wi
12.) Philadelphia, & Chester, Pa
13.) Oakland, Stockton, Fresno, & Richmond, Ca
14.) Jackson, Ms
15.) Little Rock, Pine Bluff, & West Memphis, Ar
16.) Atlanta, Ga
17.) Houston, & Dallas, Tx
18.) Wilmington, De
19.) Oklahoma City, & Tulsa Ok
20.) Bridgeport, & New Haven, Ct
21.) Buffalo, Brooklyn, & Newburgh, NY
22.) Albuquerque, NM
23.) Omaha, Ne
24.) Topeka & Wichita, Ks
25.) Phoenix & Tucson, Az

There are surely other places deserving of being mentioned, so feel free to mention any place you think should also be included. Obviously, LA and NYC have lots of crime, but the places I listed seem to have particularly-violent cultures and a higher per capita-crime rate.

So, what do some of you on here say is the most-ghetto city in America ? Is it where you live now or are originally from? I live in Arizona, on the outskirts of Phoenix, and there's certainly crime here, but I've tried to keep my ass out of trouble for many years now, so I don't have many good stories to share.

However, I'd like to hear about the place(s) y'all think are the worst of the worst.

> Pic related: The city that almost everyone seems to agree is fucked-up, violent and truly dangerous.
>violent city
>Black population
I think is what you mean
In an effort to bump the thread, I figured I'd post a top 10 list of of what I think are the hardest American cities. I'm be curious to see what some of you think about it and what your top 10 might be?

1.) Detroit, Mi
2.) East St. Louis, Il
3.) Gary, In
4.) Camden, NJ
5.) Baltimore, Md
6.) New Orleans, La
7.) Memphis, Tn
8.) Flint, Mi
9.) Chicago, Il
10.) Youngstown, Oh

> Pic related: A picture of East St. Louis, Illinois.

And here are the comments used to describe the image:

>A thin line separates civilization and barbarism... just beyond the horizon rests 98% black East St. Louis.

It also mentioned how there was a wild brawl at the DES Office in East St. Louis while people were waiting in line to get their food stamps refilled/approved.
Pensacola, FL is a high crime nigger shit hole. Add it to the list of shit holes.
File: blackteenmmm.jpg (35KB, 402x291px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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That pretty much always seems to be a prevalent opinion in these threads. However, some people try to defend the black people in these poor communities and allude to it being more of the overwhelming poverty that is basically inescapable that contributes to the abundance of crime and violence in these communities. What do you think about that?

What do you think of this picture?

> Pic related: The picture I'm curious about what you think of?
File: 1422535506151.jpg (58KB, 450x450px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
58KB, 450x450px
Wherever there is a large population of niggers you will have a high crime rate.
for the record st louis is not in illinois it is in missouri
I used to have several Florida cities on the list; originally, including Miami, and eventually adding Jacksonville and Orlando, due to people posting in threads and mentioning that both cities have some really bad ghetto areas. And someone posted in a recent thread about a city called Opa-locka and claimed that it is really fucked-up with make drugs, crime, and violence issues.

Have you heard of Opa-locka? And do you think Pensacola is as bad as the ghettos in Miami, Jacksonville, Orlando, Opa-locka? And have you been to the Tampa/St. Pete area? Besides Arizona, where I was born and raised, that's the only other place I've lived and I was there for about 5 years and I really liked it there. However, I know that Tampa and St. Petersburg both have some rough areas.
Detroit has started getting better over the years, still a cesspool of niggers though
Its not "niggers" that make the crime rate rise
Its poverty and the economic gap between the rich & poor

Niggers just happen to be more impoverished and concentrated in population in these cities
File: east-st-louis-il.jpg (2MB, 4373x2666px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 4373x2666px
For the record, I was referring to a city called East St. Louis, which is in the state of Illinois. It is, however, just across some river from St. Louis, Missouri, if I'm not mistaken. And while I know that St. Louis, Mo, has some really rough ghettos, supposedly, East St. Louis, Il, is even more fucked-up and violent and dangerous. Several people have posted in previous threads and mentioned that East St. Louis is as bad as any city in the US. and that it looks like a war zone and is scary to be in during the day time.

> Pic related: A view of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Mo, from East St. Louis, Il.
File: WadenaGang650.jpg (194KB, 650x537px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It seems like Ohio has several cities that are really ghetto/scary, so here's a story that was posted about an experience in Cleveland, Ohio.

fuck it

>>go to see a concert in cleveland
>>never been to cleveland should be fun
>>get together with clan of friend and load up in a big ass navigator
>>all skater bros etc.
>>get into town a day early to see the city fuck off skate etc.
>>later that nig...

oh wait allow me to tell you a secret about ol clevecityburgville easily the dirtiest city this side of the 1st world part of the equator. holy fuck people throw shit in a garbage can please

>>later that night we split off
>>me and the current gf head off skating
>>she is kinda wore out so she is walking with her board as I skate back and forth
>>really just cruising seeing the city
>>i would skate ahead a bit and wait for her to catch up
>>i have a thing about night skating
>>lub mah night skates
>>anyhoo skate ahead and turn around
>>strange city etc trying to keep an eye on her
>>fucking bum out of an alley
>>lunges out grabs her and pulls her into an alley
>>didn't see me i guess?
>>crazy endorphins
>>mad adrenaline
>>i all of a sudden was positive I was bulletproof
>>run into the alley without thinking or commanding my body to
>>he has his back to me as I get close she kicks him away
>>he takes two steps back and
>>catches the heaviest set of independent trucks they ever made
>>directly to the side of the head
>>I even spun my foot as I swung
>>like full tilt
>>the noise
>>the blood
>>he flies into the brick wall and collapses
>>no movement
>>i'm pretty sure I just collapsed this guys skull
>>grab gf
>>meet back at the hotel with the group never told anyone
>>we still haven't talked about it to this day tbh
>>no idea what happened to him but i'll assume he wasn't wearing his life alert so probably kill

Pic related: A picture that showed up after searching Google Images for "Cleveland Ohio Ghetto"
And here's a screencap of a greentext story that someone posted about driving through Gary, Indiana, on the way to Chicago to pick up someone from the aiport and having cars pull out of a side road and block the street he was driving down and trying to ambush him while pointing a shotgun at him.

> Pic related: The screencap of the greentext story I just described
I don't think Pensacola is as bad as the cities you mentioned, but its still bad. High crime and lots of shootings. Never heard of Opa-locka. I was born and raised in Flint, MI lol.
high liberal population+high nigger population= crime haven.

I used to live in Dallas and I never felt threatened unless I went to the south down town area aka nigsville. The rest of the city was nice and clean, and same with the suburb cities, overall, great place to live.

A year ago I moved to Houston. There is not only a very large liberal population here, but a gigantic nigger population, most being refugees or kids of refugees from new orleans back in 2005 that just never left. Since day one here I've had to carry my pistol to bring me a feeling of safety, Ive had 3 attempted robberies on me, 1 attempted carjacking, and 1 break in in the past year here. ALL prevented by me drawing my weapon on the would be assailant. In all 5 cases, it took the police over an hour to respond.

The city itself is a giant ghetto, streets are crumbling and not receiving repairs, the mayor is more concerned with shaming and trying to arrest anti- gay preachers than doing anything about the crime in her city. There is no beauty here anymore. EVERY SINGLE GAS STATION has plexiglass cages for their employees.

bottom line, niggers and liberals are the bane of peace, prosperity and beauty.
Well then stop voting Rerpublican.
>Doesn't realize Democratic wealth redistribution programs (welfare) heavily burdens the middle class resulting in a widening of gap between rich and poor.
Opa-Locka is basically part of Miami metro area, yeah it's a shithole.
Fuck off. Argue your sit in /pol/.
How long did you live in Flint for? Did you get to experience the city as an adult? And if so, is Flint as hardcore and ghetto as most people say it is? And does Pensacola come close to being as crime-ridden and dangerous as Flint? Also, did you get to spend any/much time in Detroit? If so, what's your opinion on it?

Thanks for the thorough post. I have heard that both Dallas and Houston have some really rough areas, but it does seem that Houston definitely has more ghetto areas and more crime and violence overall. I have been watching The First 48 for years (it is one of my all-time favorite shows on TV) and both cities have been features on numerous episodes, so I was of the opinion that both cities are pretty violent and crime-ridden. Seeing a city features on The First 48 is also how I came to be of the opinion that Miami and Memphis are hardcore-ghetto cities with a violent culture.

As for your story of having pulled your gun 5 different times, are you exaggerating? And if not, did you actually fire your weapon any of these times? And if you feel like telling a couple of these stories (greentext or otherwise), please feel free to do so, as I'd like to read them, if you don't mind telling more about what happened.

Also, have you been to any other major cities to compare Dallas and Houston to? Do you think Houston, in the bad areas, is as ghetto, crime-ridden and violent as any city in America? And do you think that the refugees from New Orleans really made the ghettos there worse? Or were the ghettos in Houston already terrible?

Also, are you exaggerating about it taking literally over an hour each of the 5 times you called the police after having someone attempt to rob/carjack/burglarize you? And did you talk shit/complain to the cops when they got there? And if so, what did they say?
Newburgh NY was on ops list and i think it should be on yours. been there. place is worse than camden
File: 1400476767250.jpg (840KB, 2143x1606px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
840KB, 2143x1606px
Have the memphis flash mob stories made the rounds in these threads yet? There's been two more incidents since then, but I reckon I'll share the most memorable. This happened around. . .fuck, midtown I think. I live two hours away so I'm not too damn familiar with the geography.

Anyways, from what I can tell, the two white areas left in Memphis are Midtown and Germantown (guess where one of the other incidents took place). This happened back in October, but it was a normal night I suppose, when suddenly nigs. Hundreds of them. Seriously, at least 200 hundred fucking highschool niggers just sort of materialized outside a grocery store. Apparently then one of them pointed at a leaving customer, made what I can only imagine was the invasion of the body snatchers screech, and the horde was off, just kicking the shit out of this random person for no goddamn reason.

Then some cart wrangler, acting so far out of his pay grade it's not even funny, tried to stop the ape pack from mauling the customer. They happily obliged, turning to swarm him instead. I think he lost consciousness when they started pummeling his head with the pumpkins on display.

And then they just sort of vanished back into the night.
If that's true, I say well fucking done
File: 1405058161546.jpg (44KB, 415x419px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44KB, 415x419px
I'm really putting off studying for a biotech exam in 4 hours, so i guess I'll post what else I know about Memphis crime in recent months.

I know recently there was a rash of incidents involving some asshole on the interstate that circles memphis just picking a random car, and unloading a clip into it before dashing off the next offramp. that happened in the part that links the two white areas I talked about earlier.

The second flash-nig incident I didn't see any actual news reports on, so my understandings foggy, but apparently at the Wolfchase mall in Germantown (that other white district) the mob coalesced again, this time not picking any individual target, just sort of rioting through the damn mall, breaking storefronts and general douchebaggery. I think the other flash-nig incident was also in midtown, and they just appeared at a gas station and menaced, no actual injuries or noticeable destruction of property.

And yet I always hear more warnings about Jackson, Mississippi, even though I don't have any actual stories.
FYI, I'm the OP and the second post, with the top 10 list, was also me posting, to try to bump the thread. So, both lists were mine.

As for Newburgh, I had not even heard of the city before starting some of these threads on here, but the city was mentioned several times and people claimed that it was really awful there. However, you're the first person who has suggested that it's worse than Camden. Have you actually spent time in both cities? And if so, do you really think that Newburgh is on a level to be compared to Camden? I have not been to either city, or to anywhere further East than Tampa, Florida, but Camden is one of the cities (along with Detroit, Flint, East St. Louis, New Orleans, Memphis) that pretty much everyone says is legitimately fucking terrible and downright scary to be in at night time. Many people have claimed that Camden is the worst city on the East Coast, even worse than the worst parts of Philadelphia and Chester, Pa., and have referred to it as the Detroit of the East Coast.

So, with that stated, do you really think that Newburgh is as bad as/worse than Camden? And do you have any good stories about either city?

> Pic related: A view from a luxury high-rise in Camden.
thats a lot of questions lol, I'll try to answer as much as I can.

First off, Dallas is huge, its not just the city itself, but the entire DFW area is considered to be 1 giant city, most of the time when someone says dallas, it can be anywhere in the almost 11,000 square miles. in all that room, with all that population, crime is bound to happen, and a wide variety of crime, but the heavy crime is isolated to a very few areas like oakcliff.

I've had to draw and point 4 times, 1 of the attempted robberies i pulled up my shirt and asked the guy if he was sure and he ran off. They run off every time, It's not about being violent for them, its about surviving. the 3 robberies were all at gas stations. the break in was some crack head probably looking to steal stuff to pawn, i heard the window break on my door, grabbed my gun and ran into the living room, he saw the gun and ran off. The car jacking was at about 2am, just thought he was a beggar until he drew a knife and started banging on the door screaming gimme your car.

police response here takes about 1 hour for non emergencies, the break in took about 40 mins, and they came in guns drawn lol.

Ive been to boston and some surrounding cities up to new hamster, LA and san francisco,Austin, and louisville KY, in the past 5 years, none are anywhere as bad as houston. I honestly hate this place.

oh, last 4th of july I came home and a dead body was in my front yard... that was fun.
File: hpVwnIy.jpg (9KB, 570x135px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9KB, 570x135px
If you liked that story (which I agree was very well done by the guy protecting his girlfriend), you might like this one, too, told recently by a guy in Alabama:

More like pic related :)
>At home while roommates are at work.
>Don't own car so it looks like no one is home.
>Hear glass break from side door directly across from my room.
>Grab shotty off the wall and swing my door open, leveling shotgun as an arm has gone through window on door.
>Fire off a round into door and watch hand explode and arm disappear out the door.
>Look out front window to see guy running through next door neighbor's yard and into woods.
>First time ever shooting someone and adrenaline is wearing off, look back in kitchen were fingers are and throw up.

Got my roommate to come home from work early and called the cops. Guy must have toughed it out or bled out at someone's house, cause he never showed up at a hospital.

We changed the doors the next day to steel doors with double locks (have to use key inside to lock and unlock the doors so you cant break a window and unlock the door. Bars on all windows now. And this is just inside the house, fuck the shit I deal with out and about just going to the damn gas station to buy cigarettes.

> and a follow-up post by same guy:

I'm the guy that lives in Hueytown, same dude.
The police were actually pretty chill about it, like I said, white dude shooting a black dude breaking in. For once cop racism works for me lol. But no, they couldn't do fingerprints on them, and aren't gonna waste the money on DNA testing for "petty" crime. Dude's now missing a hand, he ain't gonna be robbing shit now if he is still alive somewhere.

Remington 887 12 gauge 4+1 loaded. I don't know the price, friend got it at one the gun shows at the BJCC as a Christmas present, but they retail at 550-600. It's a damn good shotgun to me. Same friend has a .40 1911(Predator, I think) that I'm in love with but can't find one for less that $400.
Poverty is largely to blame, as is black culture. When you take blacks out of the ghetto, educate the properly, and stick them in middle class society, they become productive members of society, just like anyone else. The idea of equal opportunity is good, but equal responsibility needs to be stressed as well.
From what I know New Orleans, La is the murder capital of the world. I use to live there and every day we would make a bet on how many murders by the next day. You know kind of like a football pool.

Everyone says Chicago is dangerous, but honestly we have it geographically and sociologically contained. It's 95% south/west side niggers and spics. Theres one dicey area in a place called Uptown because of some social programs cunt, but she got pushed out 4 years ago and now we're shutting down the food repositories and halfway houses and getting the undesirable elements out.

As far as the north/lake(east) parts of the city are concerned, the rule is once you start seeing numbered streets, turn around and watch your ass west of Western Ave once your south of Wicker park. Otherwise, it's just niggers and spics shooting one another.

White people have made it abundantly clear that black people, especially in large groups, are not welcome in the north.
Wrong. It's the niggers.

Someone supposed to give away bunch of "free" shit to close this gap?
File: 1402430911347.jpg (56KB, 403x403px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
56KB, 403x403px
I take it that you are from/have lived in Memphis for a while? If so, are the ghettos there as bad as people say they are? Downright scary to even drive through, if you are white?

As for the first story, about the mob of people violently beating the person in the parking lot at the grocery story, I'm pretty sure there was a video of some of the incident (or maybe it was just some pictures) that was posted on here and a good discussion about it was had in the thread. I specifically asked what people thought the legality of it would be if you were to see that happening while you were in the parking lot, and you happened to have a legally-owned assault rifle (or any gun, for that matter), and then began to start shooting every person who was violently attacking the innocent person in the parking lot? Could you likely claim the self-defense by means of the defense/protection of another person who was imminent and severe/potentially-life-threatening danger?

Also, is Jackson, Ms, supposed to actually somehow be worse than Memphis? And what have you heard about Birmingham, Alabama? Or Prichard or Bessemer, Al? From what people have stated in previous threads, those 3 places in Alabama are no fucking joke.

> Pic related: Just a picture I like.
This is patently untrue. In Chicago, we have poor white people. They don't do anywhere near the amount of crime that black people do.

You get the crazy black people walking down the street, singing out loud at the top of their lungs. Poor whites don't do this. Even the crazy homeless ones.

You see the nignogs crossing the street. Busy as shit, but they just scuffle across at their own leisurely pace. Even the homeless ones pick up the pace if crossing in the middle.

White homeless will just sit there and hold out a cup. The niggers will follow you around "Look at yo' nice shoe mah! You won't he' a bruthua out kaus you all stingy white folk!"

Niggers are fucking loud, obnoxious, entitled assholes who think that no matter the background of the person, every white person participated in slavery, and therefore demand special treatment.

If niggers truly feel they should be treated differently, we can always repeal the 13th amendment and they can get 3 hots and a cot. They already get this every time they rob, kill and rape.
no hartford ct?
Dude, don't even start on that hellhole. CT is a goddamned feral state as far as i'm concerned. I won't go anywhere near it.
Democrats would never allow there largest voting group to dissappear
highest spic pop per capita = high crime
File: 2748314.jpg (163KB, 500x667px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
163KB, 500x667px
I live in northwest mississippi, I don't know shit about Alabama. And you could try unloading to save the innocent, but keep in mind these turned out to be highschool kids, and Al Sharpton's gonna show up saying the punks you shot weren't hurting nobody, it was their friends doing all the work, so unless they start coming towards you you probably just want to brandish and fire a warning shot.

Jackson has normal nonviolent crime stats, but 3x the national average on rape and murder. There are white suburbs in Jackson where it doesn't feel threatening, and if you can throw a rock and hit the state capitol you're safe, everywhere else is. . .I haven't gone anywhere else, I've been playing shit safe since I ran afoul of some thugs with a gun in the ghetto of my hometown. Same goes for Memphis, it's 20 minutes faster to take highway 61 to where it turns into 3rd street. I never take 3rd street. Makes me uncomfortable even at noon on a weekday. though comparing it to jackson, there's only been two places i've been told to never go at night. One is Jonestown, a small nowhere town north of here, the other is taking the usual route I take to get into/out of jackson.

>only having anime girls to post in a crime related thread
The problem is, is that they need to have someone carry them all the way, 98% of the time they are too retarded to be functional on their own.

Left on their own, they fall straight back into the ghetto ape mentality.
File: DSCF7352-.jpg (481KB, 2304x1728px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
481KB, 2304x1728px
Thanks for taking the time to reply. After reading your posts, Houston certainly seems like it's certainly one of the most-ghetto/violent/scary places in the country. Especially, with how big and largely-populated a city it is. And hearing about having to pull your gun 5 separate times is pretty fucking disconcerting, my man!

As for the body that was found, what was the story with that situation? Was it a murder? Did you find out what happened? Did you discover the body and call the police?

And as for your personal daily carry, what do you have? To my knowledge, your gun laws in Texas are similar to ours here in Arizona, which is very relaxed and they make it easy for you to buy a gun, as long as you're not a convicted felon/have a domestic violence conviction. I actually just bought a used Taurus PT92 9MM about 2 weeks ago, for what I considered a good deal, for $280. It's not pretty, and it may have been painted by a previous owner, but it's in decent physical condition and came with 5 high-capacity 15-round magazines (4 of them being MEC-GAR mags) and a hard carrying case. I was debating between getting a used 9MM or a Mossberg 500 series 12 gauge, as they were both available on Armslist.com for around/under $300. But I liked the Taurus 9MM with 5 clips for $280 and the seller was only like 8 miles form my apartment, so I ended up buying it.

> Pic related: The Taurus PT92 9MM that I recently bought.
It's not though.
What about asians who immigrate with nothing but their clothes on their back???
Why do they act like civilized humans while these fucking niggers ape out on everything and everyone around them?

It's 100 percent niggers. Then it's Mexicans.
Not commiting to genocide for your people is pretty criminal. Dumb ameritards, just gnna keep fucking up the earth we're living on.
What country are you from?
File: 32160877_.jpg (456KB, 900x1350px)
456KB, 900x1350px
I kinda wanna know about the random corpse, too. I've heard some shit about Houston being frustrating from a black guy I knew who moved there, but he never said anything about crime.
What genocide did Americans commit?
America does not come even remotely close to Russia, China, or Japan.

The Middle East on the other hand...daily mass murders. DAILY.

America is a fucking saint compared to the rest of the world.
But whites are not, and have never been guilty of the. Ugh uh, no way, never.
File: 20150202_131809[1].jpg (4MB, 5312x2988px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4MB, 5312x2988px
When I got home the police already had the yard taped off with a sheet over it. A detective questioned for a few mins and I gave them my footage from my security cams even though they didnt see anything. The guy was just dead right off the sidewalk, cops wouldn't tell me the cause of death.

I carry a Bersa 9MM, compact and light weight without being too small. Don't need a CHL to carry in my car but I need it to carry it around with me.
To bump and try to get some new stories, here are some from a previous thread posted bout Albuquerque, New Mexico

I live and work in Albuquerque as a bouncer and a security guard in the south valley.

>walking home from work, double shift
>see two kids get chased into a ditch by mexican
>screaming, gunshots
>duck the fuck out, call the cops
>APD wont come into this part of town, they tell me to call county


>working security for the avengers movie
>theyre shooting in the abandoned railyards
>tell us to clear out the bums
>go upstairs, hear a ruckus

>kick open door, three mexicans raping a man
>nope the fuck out, get chased down stairs
>pepper spray two mexicans
>cops show up 45 mins later


>working security at bar by laguna pueblo
>two indians pull up in a 90s ford taurus
>immediately start shooting at me and hooting
>I take a .45 to the shoulder
>cry, piss in my pants
>return fire wildly with 9mm, empty two magazines
>they tear ass out of the parking lot
>nobody in the bar even gives a fuck
>cops show up 20 mins later, no ambulance
>drive self 30 mins to hospital downtown

lots of shit stories

>working security for breaking bad
>they pick the shittiest neighborhood twisters for fake chicken restaurant
>sitting on top of a half million dollars of copper caples
>mexicans obviously casing the joint, drive by repeatedly for two hours from 2-4am
>load shotgun, sit on truck hood holding it
>mexicans watch me from parking lot across the street
>cops take 45 mins to show

i fucking hate albuquerque
fuck mexicans
fuck indians
Has Jacksonville, FL, have a high crime rate? I'm going there in march
Lived in Gary, Chicago, and East Chicago. It ain't that violent if you don't go around saying stupid shit
More posts about Albuquerque, NM:

Another post by the guy from Albuquerque:

>driving out towards isleta pueblo in my bronco
>looking forward to a good day of offroading and drinking
>old ford truck stops in the middle of the road in front of me
>two mexicans get out and point guns at me
>yelling spanish gibberish
>floor it, drive off the road into the bosque
>fucking brown people shoot my back window out

another time

>playing poker at route 66 casino
>taking hands from drunk indians all night >cash out at a little over three grand
>three asshole mudskins following me from cashier to exit
>tell security
>they refuse escort to my car
>run from exit to truck
>am fat, smoke, get caught
>get a few good hits in but recieve ass-beating of a lifetime
>retards only took 300$ from my wallet, not 3000 in boot

>driving patrol in internat. district, run over some construction bullshit
>blow out a tire
>mexicans gather, one tries to grab keys from me
>shove beaner onto the ground, kick violently
>get back in the car, drive six blocks on the rim
>not today mudskins

>land of enchantment
And some more posts by the guy from Albuquerque:

Okay yeah i have more stories

Actors are all generally pretty cool. I was up at val kilmers house in santa fe for a party and hes weird but cool. Bryan cranston would bring us breakfast burritos in the AM. Harrison ford and daniel craig were cool, met them doing cowboys and aliens.

Tommy lee jones is a drama queen pos.and the cap america guy is an asshole.
I lived in Milwaukee for a bit and it was alright, a little worse than abq.
Phoenix is a suburb piece of cake. Its nice there.

> --------

Yeah I think Abq is quite a biy worse off. They don't talk about it as much but south of I40 isnt okay to be after dark.

Never met Tapia, but I boxed at that same gym for awhile. J. Voight was a cool dude, he sat next to me at tuscanos downtown. Sam jackson was a serious asshole. We ran into him in old town and he told us to get the fuck out of his way. My wife and I were sitting in the grass. Grade A douche. My wife's friend called him a trash ass nigger. I laughed.

> --------

People get kidnapped out of town and there's a pretty serious problem with human traffickers. Also if you dont lock your shit up tight your truck will be stolen. Will be.

At about 3am the other night some asshole started banging on my door yelling about needing change for the bus. Ofc my wife is like "go do something about it"

I opened the door and this asshole tried to stab me with a little insulin needle. I had the baby monitor in my hand and i hit him in the face with it six or seven times before it broke apart. I didnt even make the conscious thought to do it, just happened. Took APD almost 45 minutes to show up.
File: 0204151718.jpg (1MB, 4160x2340px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 4160x2340px
Second the vote for Atlanta. The bluffs is the worse area here, open air heroin market basically. 98.7 percent nig nog too. Pic related.
you seem to have misread, i said for you to not have commited genocide to yourselves, is criminal enough. :) dont mention it!
Christian weston chandler is american, ENOUGH SAID.
File: 4128395_.png (421KB, 600x806px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
421KB, 600x806px
We fucked up the Indians pretty hard. And central america is a god damn warzone.
Shit man, he just looks silly. Like he tried to be hard, but the only guy he could find to work the tattoo gun was his 7 year old nephew.
That's something I'd follow up on. I kinda need to know why people are dropping dead around where I sleep.
What the fuck caused you to live in these 3 cities? From what pretty much everyone familiar with Gary, Indiana, says, it is one of the worst/most-ghetto/legitimately-dangerous cities in America. I wasn't of the impression that it has any nice parts. Out of the 3 cities you mentioned, assuming you have at least heard stories about or been through the rough parts, which city has the worst ghetto/rough areas?

Also, have you been to any of the other hardcore-ghetto cities in the Midwest? Detroit? Flint? East St. Louis? Cleveland? Youngstown? Milwaukee? St. Louis? And if so, how do Gary, East Chicago, and Chicago compare?
I have a question here.

As a Britbong moving to America, I've heard a few discouraging things about Virginia, and in particular, Richmond and the closer areas to Maryland and DC.

Anybody care to validate or squash those rumours?
yes. all america is shit. thankyou

That wasn't quite the answer I was looking for, but thank you for the insightful and in-depth commentary there. I'll be sure to remember that when I touch down.
remember it when you take off aswell.
Stay away from niggers and wetbacks
Camden but not Philly?

I shall, thanks.


That's sort of the gist I'm getting. The place my husband and I are looking at has a higher proportion of spics and such, but it generally seems to be a nice place.
Baltimore is niggerland

Everything else is aight
man he's trying to help you out. He's being serious, you need to bring muckboots at least, preferably some waders. Otherwise you're just gonna sink knee deep in the semi-solid shit that just coats the ground.

Hollywood was created for the sole purpose of photoshopping it out of all media so other nations wouldn't get wise.
Check the neighborhood on a site for crime stats..
I wouldn't put Nashville with Memphis. Nashville is quite nice, especially compared to Memphis. I lived in Memphis and worked in West Memphis for over a year. I would put them rank them 2A Memphis 2B West Memphis. Detroit is the obvious number 1. The racism is still strong in Memphis you couldn't even understand it unless you lived there.
Unfortunately GG All in was about as real as human depravity gets. He the only performer in history who's stage security was there to protect the audience from the performer.
I have not been to Virginia nor Maryland, but I am the OP of this thread and I have probably started 30-40 of these threads over the past few months, and I will yell you that after reading many comments about Virginia (Richmond, in particular) and Maryland (Baltimore, in particular), both places have some really fucking bad areas. Obviously, both places are going to have mostly nice areas, but there are parts of both Richmond and Baltimore where you can find yourself in genuinely scary places where your life may legitimately be in danger. I would highly suggest to stay the fuck out of and way from any of the rougher-looking areas in Richmond and Maryland. As long as you aren't in the rundown ghetto areas of either city, you should be fine; but if you find yourself around some loud, ghetto, fucking idiots (who, in reality, will most likely be black men) and you are feeling unsafe/uneasy, you better get the fuck out of there immediately.

Seriously, the bad parts of Richmond, Virginia, and Baltimore, Maryland, are some of the worst ghettos America has to offer. So, don't go to the ghettos/poor areas and don't fuck around with people while you're there. Be courteous and friendly, carry yourself like you're not scared, and don't fuck with others, and you should be fine. But if you find yourself in the ghettos of either of these cities, all bets are off. Seriously, do not go to the bad parts of either of these cities!

> Pic related: Possibly, the most-popular person in/from Baltimore.

>TL;DR Black Democrats
lol dude you killed all the natives in your country for starters.

Also you fought wars with nonstop carpetbombing which noone in your stupid country even remembers anymore.
I live within 30 miles of Gary and EC, more so Gary. Occasionally work in both cities as well. Both are rough places. Indianapolis? Not so much.
File: BadlandsNoPhilly.jpg (116KB, 984x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
116KB, 984x480px
Look at # 12 on the list, please.

Btw, are you from Camden or Philadelphia? If so, which city's ghetto is worse? By almost all accounts, Camden is worse than even the worst parts of Philly. People have mentioned Kensington as being a rough area. And some people have claimed that Chester, Pa, is actually worse than Camden. What say you?

Also, someone mentioned that the Cambodians in Philadelphia are straight-up hardcore and violent. Do you know anything about this?

> pic related: A nice neighborhood in Philadelphia.
Mfw i live in las Cruces,

None of that shit happens here
Someone posted in a previous thread that Indianapolis has some really rough parts, that are almost comparable to Gary. Obviously, as a whole, Indy is not as bad as Gary, but it surely had some fucked-up parts in it.

As for Gary and East Chicago, is one noticeably worse than the other? Based on reputation, it would likely have to be Gary. Right?

And have you been to any of the other hardcore-ghetto cities in the Midwest? Detroit? Flint? East St. Louis? Cleveland? Youngstown? Milwaukee? St. Louis? Chicago? And if so, how do Gary and East Chicago compare?
Move to Canada instead dummy. Less niggers.

I believe more murders are committed in Gary than EC. Both there really isn't a whole lot of difference between the two. When people hear "East Chicago" they literally think the East part of the city of Chicago but that isn't true. East Chicago resides in Lake County, Indiana. Just west of Gary and in fact borders up against it. Gary has the rep it does because it was the murder capital of the U.S. for several years an is always in the top 10 I believe. They just caught a serial killer who operated in Gary for years. Killed a lot of women. Anyways, of the two, Gary is more dangerous.

I've been to Detroit, St. Louis, Milwaukee, and Chicago. Parts of the south side of Chicago are a war zone and have been for several years. It's been in the national news for some time.

Indianapolis, just like any other city has bad parts. On the whole its not a dangerous city at all.
File: 40725072.png (747KB, 770x1120px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
747KB, 770x1120px
I used to live 30 minutes from Indianapolis, and I don't remember shit about it being dangerous.

Granted, that was around 14 years ago, but still
As a melanin enriched person myself, one simply cannot argue this fact. So many of the ones that went over to USA long ago just went fucking backwards monkey feral like naughty little monkeys who all of a sudden find a big city. They blame slavery and the white man but look at what he has given them!!!
Live for free black man. Dont work black man. Here have food for free black man. Disgrace. Makes us real Africans look terrible. They have so many more opportunities and yet they behave like silly tv characters and spoil all the chances they have to make a better life. They must come back here and live like a real African and then complain. I hate USA niggers.
Thanks for the response. So, how would you rate Gary compared to Detroit, St. Louis, Milwaukee, and Chicago? Is it similar/comparable to these cities, in terms of being ghetto, crime-ridden and dangerous? Is it worse? And out of those cities you've been to, which did you feel was the most-dangerous/scariest place to be in?
>1.) Detroit, Pontiac, Saginaw, & Flint, Mi

>2.) Gary, Indianapolis, & East Chicago, In

>3.) Camden, Patterson, Newark, Trenton, & East Orange, NJ

>4.) Chicago, Rockford, & East St. Louis, Il

>5.) Memphis & Nashville, Tn

>6.) Baltimore, Md

>7.) St. Louis, & Kansas City, Mo

>8.) New Orleans, La


>9.) Cleveland, Cincinnati, Dayton, Akron, Columbus, & Youngstown, Oh

>10.) Birmingham, Mobile, & Prichard, Al

>11.) Milwaukee, Wi

>12.) Philadelphia, & Chester, Pa

>13.) Oakland, Stockton, Fresno, & Richmond, Ca

>14.) Jackson, Ms

>15.) Little Rock, Pine Bluff, & West Memphis, Ar

>16.) Atlanta, Ga

>17.) Houston, & Dallas, Tx

>18.) Wilmington, De

Detroit is not that bad, I live in the D and never have had a problem.

Flint is a fucking portal to hell.

>19.) Oklahoma City, & Tulsa Ok

>20.) Bridgeport, & New Haven, Ct

>21.) Buffalo, Brooklyn, & Newburgh, NY

>22.) Albuquerque, NM

>23.) Omaha, Ne

>24.) Topeka & Wichita, Ks

>25.) Phoenix & Tucson, Az

facts, no one wants to speak about them.
I live in Ghana. We are so black we shine in the sun. We work hard for our families. We don't expect anything. We love our country and our land even if it is sometimes shit. USA niggers are only good as slaves. USA must make them slaves again!
1 internets for you African guy.
>Buffalo, NY

Nah nigga that place is just bad because its fucking cold, raining, and depressing all the time.

Trust me, I know, I'm a fucking Sabres fan.
OP you should really reconsider your ranking of Atlanta Georgia on your list. If you wanna talk about one of the shadiest most unsacred places to live right here is your place. I live in downtown Atlanta and the place is overrun with homeless people. I mean there is enough of them to start a fucking army. They are all lazy fucking bums that make no efforts to better themselves either. Probably atleast 3 times on a normal day I am heckled by homeless people for food or money and they are crazy rude about it. They will watch you walk into a resturant or bank and then smoother you when you come out. "Hey man give me some pizza" "hey man I just saw you go into the bank I know you have some money" it's never hey man can you please spare some change or food. It's just belligerent give me what you have. And when you refuse they get pissed as fuck and keep asking you or start screaming in public about how much of an asshole you are. I once saw a man get shot on my campus. Yes a college canpus. On my college campus a homeless man got shot right outside of the fucking police station in mid swing of trying to stab a police officer. There are constant emails going around telling students to be inside at a certain time of the night and to always be in pairs during the day because girls litterally get abducted and are never seen again all the fucking time around here.
My apartment is rampant with nigger and I mean just completely infested with the nasty fuckkers. They don't live here and they come inside and crash parties and ripe the lights and exit signs out of the ceilings in the hallways. We once found about 5 niggers living on our rooftop. I know one guy who lives here who had somebody knock on his door hold him at gun point and rob his ass in the middle of the fucking day. I know another guy who had somebody (probably a nigger) trip the sprinkler system in the hallway outside his apartment and flooded his entire room. All of his shit was ruined. Continued
I live near Indianapolis, and work in it, I don't think it's that dangerous, honestly. Yea if you go seek out nigger villages, there might be some static. But I'm white and go to black neighborhoods to get gas or whatever, never have any problems.
Kek fuck tech

That really depends on the time frame you are asking about. Right now? I think its the south side of Chicago. It's been an all out gang turf war for years. late 90's/early 2000s? Gary, In.

Theres a belt that stretches from St Louis through Chicagos south side to EC/Gary and then onto Detroit that is a major drug causeway. Thats why you see the violence you do in these cities.

Im actually comfortable traveling to Gary for the work I do. Its during the day and downtown. Not to say stuff doesnt happen during the day. Last fall I went through the drive thru at McDonalds and an hour later two guys were murdered in broad daylight in the McDs partking lot. You just never know.

I've driven through some of the worst parts of Gary during the day just to see what it was like and its urban blight at its worst. Blocks and blocks of abandoned and run down buildings. So much so that when movies need a blighted landscape they often use Gary as a backdrop. Transformers 3 did.
The only thing the guy who got his apartment flooded did was work three jobs and sleep. That guy didn't even have time to make enimies. So what happens? Some dumb nigger thought it was funny to tottaly ruin his life one night. The same thing could happen to me. I am in constant fear of some nigger tripping my fire system from the hallway now. Oh amd I forgot to mention that the niggers like to come up in my apartment complex and trip the fire alarm and 4 in the morning alllllllllll the time bro. Like holy shit atleast once every 2 weeks I have to get out of bed during the middle of the night because a massive alarm is blaring because a nigger pulled the fire alarm because it was funny.
My apartment complex started getting fined by the state because the fire department has had to come here so many times on false fire accusations.
I once saw 4 niggers beat the shit out of a whote girl in my apartment complex downstairs and had to get in the middle of it to stop them. I almost got my ass kicked myself but I started screaming that I'm calling the fucking cops and they all scattered like roaches.
Got fucking dammit I had this city so much holy fucking shit.
I just want some god damn peace and quite at might instead of drunken niggers flopping doen the stairwell outsode my room at night. And I canmt even yell at them because they'll just come back another night and trip my sprinkler system. My apartment complex now has full time security day and night in it and it doesnt do a fucking thing.
I saw a nigger rolling a blunt in the elevator i was in not even two weeks ago and he was in a skee mask. What the fuck am I supposed to do about that shit? Huh? How do I stop it?
I leave thats how.
It's to far gone. Atlanta is to far gone Op fuck atlanta
I know I am right. Where is the USA niggers on this board? They are staying away because they know it is true. Maybe some of them don't have internet because they cannot buy with food stamps.

Really, USA black people you are a disgrace, all of Africa hates you. The whole world makes fun of us because of you. Your women are fat and behave like cattle, the men are lazy and dont work but you still want the good like hey, USA dream hey. Go get fucked, come here we will show you the African dream. We will show you real pain and bloodshed my friends. Slavery? cry me some more. Fucking genocide try that hey. Black on black like animals but we learned quickly its our own fault not colonialism not the europeans, the black man. So we fix it and we work to make it better. Now life is hard still but satisfying. Fucking yankee damn niggers, we are glad you took them away now they are your problems.
Hey OP, former Nashville guy here. I have participated in this thread about a dozen times now, talking about Memphis, Nashville, Dallas and Atlanta. I recently moved to Madison, WI. I live on the East, "rough," side of town. People at my job are like "Whoa, you live over there?!" I haven't even heard a gunshot or witnessed a drug deal or anything sketchy except for a few drunken homeless bothering people in a grocery store parking lot. Milwaukee is ridiculous though.

TL;DR-- I dunno, didn't really have a point.
Please do continue! I was of the opinion that Atlanta was one of the worst/most-fucked-up/violent cities in America and I sued to have it lower on the list, but people kept posting and commenting about other cities and that gave me reason to adjust its place on the list. However, your stories are certainly making a case for it to be considered one of the more-fucked-up places in the country.

Btw, what college do you go to? And what area of the city do you live in? And in regards to your comments about women getting abducted, do you think that/know if they get murdered? Or forced in to prostitution/human trafficking? And how frequently are you hearing about this happening?

Also, have you been to any other big cities with crime/thug/bad people problems? Detroit? New Orleans? Memphis? Chicago? If so, how does Atlanta compare?

Seriously, though, please continue to post your stories and opinions about Atlanta, as I'm very curious to hear more about why you think it's such a bad place. And where are you originally from? And how old are you?

One more thing. In regards to the homeless people there, do you ever talk shit back to them? Do the cops not arrest them for fucking with people so aggressively? And what color are the majority of the homeless people there?

Also, do you carry a gun/weapon?

Nashville is a complete shithole. I'm from around Chattanooga. Any time I've ever visited Nashville it's like visiting a completely different state.
Chicago is really nice because it's segregated. All the niggers live on the south/west side away from civilization.
it's nawlins. there are parts of that city that you go into and don't come out of if you aren't from there.
yes this good farming technique. now you must use them for something. maybe put them back in the fields. Come on america you must make them work
I was once sitting in a resturant in downtown atlanta and a nigger ran up to my table grabbed my phone and ran out of the resturant never to be seen agian. I wasn't racist till I moved to atlanta. I mean I get I shouldn't have had my phone out at the table but what am I supposed to do? Live in constant fear in public places of somebody taking my stuff? Yes. Unfortunately yea is the answer to that. And you know why? Because of the niggers. Atlanta is broken man.
File: 38785998.png (422KB, 860x860px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
422KB, 860x860px
>can't buy internet with foodstamps
Ah, that's funny. You can buy anything with foodstamps if you work them right.
Though are you sure you don't want some of them back? We'd be happy to trade your Africans for our niggers.
File: cage2.jpg (90KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
90KB, 1280x720px
There's a fucking city called Gary. Brilliant.

detroit really isn't that bad. been there several times, I think it's a city of great opportunity for a new industry. I think once I get my startup off the ground I may even put manufacturing there. excellent incentives, cheap properties, and decent infrastructure connections.
To all you americans in these bad black places. Pay for my ticket fron Ghana and I will be very happy to teach the USA nigger some african teachings... you cannot treat them like people you must hack them with a panga and burn them using a car tire over their arms. In my country these things happened and now its peaceful mostly. The animal blacks are gone or working on the farms
>Houston certainly seems like it's certainly one of the most-ghetto/violent/scary places in the country

It's not. The guy you're replying to is a power freak who fantasizes about pulling his gun on people.
No fuck you keep those hippity hoppity apes away from my country. you broke it you bought it we will really kill them in bad ways
I wish I could stick around and answer all those questions OP but I have class in a little.
I got to georgia state university.
My family is from Deteroit. #1 on your list...
And I don't carry a weapon because I'm on a school campus.
As for the women every single one of the things listed happens to them from what I hear. It just depends.
There is video footage from a building of one girl from our school getting thrown into a white van in the middle of the might while she was out jogging. That was 2 months ago. They still havn't found her.

cmon no it isn't, it's husk city that has received a few hipster on recent years because of it's dirt cheap real estate, but doesn't change the fundamentals
Where did you move from? What other big cities have you been to? And do you feel that Atlanta overall is a fucked-up place? Is there a major part of the city that is nice, like there seems to be in Chicago? Or is it a fucked-up, scummy, dangerous place all around?

As for your phone getting stolen, was this at an outside restaurant? And what exactly did you do when this happened? Instinctively, did you get up and run after the guy, or yell for someone to stop him?

What are some other reasons you hate Atlanta? And would you say that the other guy who hates Atlanta is right about the homeless people there?

I'm going to assume that you are either a troll or that you did not travel to the bad parts of Detroit. I don't think anyone has tried to say that the rough parts of Detroit aren't that bad. Most people seem to suggest that the bad/dangerous parts of Detroit are legitimately scary and truly fucking dangerous to be in - especially, if you are from out of town, i.e. white.

I have a hypothesis.

I mean US cotton slaves were originally enslaved by africans and sold to slave importers. The origin of these slaves was partly from tribal conquest and partly from actual slave husbandry. These slaves were "domesticated negroes" if you will. They were never meant to govern themselves, or make intelligent decisions. they were bread to be dumb and work hard.

Obviously there are some extremely bright black people in the US that turned into successful gang leaders and lesser industry moguls, but the majority is monkey mode. That's why gangs are so popular - there's a clear hierachy with few shot-callers and a lot of soldiers/workers with clear instructions.

I think one solution would be to make an all-black regiment in the US army and send them off to kill brown people. That's where the domesticated negro would be most effective in the modern theater, I think.

now you think I might be trolling but this is what I really think. I don't say it in public ofc but I think we shouldn't pretend that every man is the same.
Not joking, how are you even accessing the Internet there in Ghana? Is the Internet available in most/many homes? Do you folks have cell phones there? If so, do you have Internet access on your cell phones? And do you know what an iPhone is?

Also, do you have a picture of yourself that you would be willing to post? How old are you? Are there any/many pretty females there? And have you been to American before? If not, would you really want to visit here?

> Pic related: While I'm not from Detroit, I am a passionate boxing fan, and I think this stature, of the Joe Louis fist, is awesome!
I'd say the most dangerous part of Philadelphia would be the North Philly/Kensington area... mostly black and hispanic population and LOTS of narcotics trade in those areas.. theres definitely a cambodian community in philly and they do roll in crews and sell drugs but I've never really heard anything too bad about them
>I'm going to assume that you are either a troll or that you did not travel to the bad parts of Detroit. I don't think anyone has tried to say that the rough parts of Detroit aren't that bad. Most people seem to suggest that the bad/dangerous parts of Detroit are legitimately scary and truly fucking dangerous to be in - especially, if you are from out of town, i.e. white.

granted we always went with helicopter and I saw the windowless husks. Inner city has great security, and I think if you gradually expand the inner districts you can take back the ghetto by employing and re-settling the residents.
melanin enriched...kek

I think statues like that are extremely contra-productive to social integration and equality.
File: 1401491460695.jpg (56KB, 600x753px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
56KB, 600x753px
I had a friend, wirey frame, white hair, glasses. Whitest kid you could imagine. Somehow got a job selling textbooks door to door in detroit. All the safe areas were saturated by the rest of the salesmen, so he went to 8 mile to try his luck there. He said it was generally pretty sketchy, but he went two months on his bike before someone pulled a knife on him and failed in robbing him (only found his phone, such an old piece of shit he said it wasn't even worth the fucking effort).

He said generally everyone was pretty nice, except for the one time he found one of those jew hats (yamukah? i don't know how to spell it) wore it to try to fit into the jewish district to sell textbooks, and then forgot he still had it on when he went to the arab open market to get some lunch.

C'mon man, I'll even throw in some mexicans to sweeten the deal.
You are right. Even though I am black I studied hard in school because I am an African not a nigger and you are right my friend. It is the breeding, like when breeding corn, you keep the ones with big seeds for next year and keep doing that then in years time you get big corn cobs. You cannot then expect the corn to all of a sudden be small, the corn was made this way now.

USA niggers only know behaviour like apes because that is how they were bred. Just for one use with one boss making them do the work.

USA niggers and Africans are just like chimpanzees and bonobo chimps in nature, we are separated by water and very different. Chimpanzees are stupid violent animals but bonobos are peaceful and communal. look it up! Also I am no monkey it was just an example. Monkeys cannot get high school diplomas and I have one.
you sir need a .45 cal 1911 loaded with black talon hollow points
Actually worldwide there are more people with access to cell phones, than clean, running water.
I want to send you some rice....your comments have made my day.
As an owner of an Italian Beretta 92FS, that Taurus clone is a sin.
I live in San Diego and we are infested with Redneck military losers from the shit middle/south states.

The Inbred shit bag pig fuckers from the Marines have turned Oceanside into a third world Hick ghetto. Were shitty bottom feeders gather turns into a dump.
Prichard? Nah try Anniston, you stand a higher chance of getting mugged or robbed or assaulted there than you do, per capita, in Los Angeles. It's truly the Congo, I witnessed two shootings there in one year, and I was just visiting each time.
Get Camden into its own category. Including camden with ne nj cities is like clustering Worcester as Boston metro

That being said. Wilmington is number one. Highest crime per capita in America
What? I don't live in a hut! I have electricity and water and my house is even made from bricks not cow shit. I live in Accra, its a big city but I did used to live in Asiwa and that was not as nice. Not electricity there but I've been in Accra for 10 years maybe now. I'm using my cellphone... yes I even have a cellphone! Samsung S4
What are you, 12? You didn't know this?
File: 1414860590978.png (654KB, 700x1076px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
654KB, 700x1076px
you gotta understand, most of what we see of Africa is these commercials trying to get us to adopt kids from the mudhut zone, so Americans don't really associate it mentally with actual cities or infrastructure.

Also, 3 niggers and 1 mexican per African, that's my final offer.
>my house is even made from bricks not cow shit

I lel'd pretty hard. sometimes you really forget how shitty some parts of the world are when you live in a glass tower. are you emigrating to the EU or US anytime soon?
File: image.jpg (3MB, 3264x2448px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3MB, 3264x2448px
The west side of San Antonio is a failed welfare state under the grasps of methadone. The chances of you getting out of this plagued place is less than 1%
chicago is easily the most dangerous. if you listen to certain music, and have caught on to slang and what not, you could literally get shot in the city in broad daylight, they literally do not care. it's scary every time i'm there.
Yet American blacks aren't hunting witches, practicing cannibalism, or murdering entire villages in the name of Islam.
I live in Tucson and irs not all bad

Sure there is rough areas but we don't have shootings or murders going on mainly just drug dealing. Plus the cops are crazy mean. I have am half black and been profiled at least 3 times
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