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Hottest thing that ever happened in your school?

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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flashing panties.gif
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Hottest thing that ever happened in your school?
Once in culinary class somebody once turned up the stove top way to high! It was HOT!
made eye contact once
The Bunsen burners in chem class.
this one time in math class i got a bonner and i couldn't stand up for fear of everyone seeing it
I dropped liquid silversolder onto my inner thigh.
That was hot
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This. kinda my fetish. i like it but only for the feel of your heart racing like its gonna pop out of your chest. shit turns me on
My ex's older brother got caught masterbating to hentai in the computer lab during my freshman year. The AC wasn't on when I heard about it so it was pretty hot.
Photography class we had a dark room and a "black" room that is completely pitch black, the dark room was obviously for developing prints, but the black room was for taking your film out of the canister and rolling it up into the film development chemicals and stuff. Went in with one girl to take our film and start developing into the black room, ended up getting blown and fingering her.
In one class we sat at the counters which you were able to hide completely behind. I got to sit in the back corner of the room. During Junior year I caught a classmate jerking it to the smart hot freshmen at the front of class behind his counter in the other corner of the back of the room.
All the gay shit we did in cross country. For the others it was just pretend for fun, but not for me. Other than that, looking up skirts. So not much.

This shit's pretty great.

Also, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZUZ0lXDhV0
Got my first bj in drama class. Was behind the stage doing something and she walked up, pushed me against the wall, and sucked the fucking cum right out of me.

I'll never forget it.
>In small class only me and 3 other girls
>Tables are in a u formation
>Used to prop up my book so noone could see and take out my dick, fap right there in class
>never got caught

was pretty good


>Same class
>Hand down trousers
>dick hard
>teacher asks am I texting
>I say no
>she gets up and walks down to me
>starts patting around my cock
>her hand touches it
>looks me in the eye
>she knows
>puts the board marker in her hand and presses it down once more
>walks back to her seat

had a good fap after that, also I'm pretty sure she liked me too
This is why I'm tentative to ever totally come out. Once I do, I'll waive my rights to pretending to be a straight guy pretending to be gay and miss out on all that hot gay straight action.
Sounds like you raped
not sure if hottest but,
Had a super hot english teacher my freshman year, who would wear short skirts and sit on the edge of her desk with her legs open all class. Bell would ring and 15 dudes would do the hog leg walk to try and cover up their boners
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One time there was some girl at my school sophomore year who literally spent the whole day sucking dick. Every period she took one random lucky guy to the same stall in the boys bathroom and blew them. That's 7 dicks in one day. She ended up getting caught because I think her teacher saw the red converse she was wearing from under the stall and sorta put two and two together. Or something like that, I don't remember that clearly.
>Be me in 10th grade
>have massive piss fetish
>10 minutes into class sexy girl in class complaining about how bad she needs to pee
>Holding he legs together, talking about how she's gonna make a puddle
>continues to talk about this for 35 more minutes
>I'm rocking a fucking titanium boner at this point
>55 minutes into class now, she actually pees herself
>she's holding her pussy tight as the warm goodness spills out past her hands
>me and her lock eyes from across the room
>Down my drink while the rhythms boom
>take her hand and skip the names, no need here for the silly games
>make our way out of the class
>Our bodies touch and the angels cry
>Leave this place go back to yours
>Our lips first touch outside the classroom door
>The whole day what we've got instore
>Whisper in my ear that she wants some more
>And I
>go to school full of rich kids
>one black dude that we had to import to help the football team
>daughter of the milf english teacher wants to be the first to bang a black dude
>lets people watch in the lockerroom before and after school
>dude is hung like a mule and she's at least an 8.5
>this happens about 5 times before rumors reach the teachers' ears
>milf english teacher busts into the locker room right as her daughter is orgasming in front of like 10 people
>she eventually drops out and marries some drug dealer in florida, but divorces him when he gets sent to jail for like 15 years
>hog leg walk
is that what they call it? i always just thought there was no name to it, so i just thought i looked like an autistic fuckhead walking weird
The first time I wore basketball shorts to school, I was in my 7th grade industrial tech class when the girl in front of me tries to take the pants of the girl next to her off because the second girl was wearing a thing
got me
As opposed to not wearing a thing
File: 1406168505581.png (137KB, 745x669px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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used to fuck this 7/10 nerdy girl every morning under a stairwell before breakfast in the tard wing of my school cause nobody went there before the first bell. had to go under the stairs cause my school had cameras everywhere. still banging her 7 odd years later. ahhh, nostalgia.
you think that bitch was teasing you intentionally?
or third leg shuffle or bend but don't break
I'm from the south, we make up shit like that up al the time
What thing? Was it a nice thing?
2004 my freshman year.
Ms. Peterson the ceramics teacher getting fucked by my classmate Derrick after school one day whilst being filmed unbeknownst to him by Chris who then played the video a few weeks later at a Volleyball pep rally in front of 1000+ students.
fuckin lucky. east coast here. we dont make up shit.
Your part of the south sounds fun. Where I'm from, the most interesting thing is some freshman fucking the entire football team at the same time.
a fire, the gym burned down
I got a blowjob from my girlfriend in the school's girls changing room. Shit was cash, although looking back it was a fucking stupid thing to do.
>be me in class
>class ends
>get to my house
>wake up
not sure. One thng about her, she was banging hot except for the fact that she had a HUGE nose. Shit went on for days. She had a due an 8wk lesson on 'Cyrano de Beregac', the play about the dude with the giant schnoz, all the while saying that this play hit home for her. shit was epic funny
>I was in high school.
>I was getting ready to head up some stairs to one of my classes.
>And one of my classmates(a superhot latina with a nice ass) decided to jump front of me heading up the stairs.
>she's wearing a short skirt with no panties
>her ass and pussy are basically in my face the entire way up
>As she gets to the top, she looks back and gives a sly smile

I never fapped so hard in all my life
Alpha as fuck
One day while in Sex Ed. the teacher was pointing at a picture of a penis, she described how the blood would flow through the shaft and make it erect. Suddenly the air conditioner broke.

she used to wear these tops that would show a little of her belly and her trousers were usually pulled down a little so you could see the curves towards her pussy

oh god I'm hnnnngin here, I should think like this on no fap
>5 years ago in highschool
>be lunch time
>dating my gf at the time
>walking around with 7 of our friends
>girlfriend and I look at each other and smile
>say that "we'll be right back going to the dep"
>she lives literally 2 minutes away from school
>we walk to her house
>and we had an hour to do anything
>tfw I never got laid
>but I got some great fucking head that lunch hour
File: image.jpg (89KB, 518x692px)
89KB, 518x692px
>be me a senior in HS
>know how to play guitar fairly well
>use skills to attract the girls
>one day a qt3.14 decides to sit next to me in Spanish
>say hi and get to know her, all the usual stuff
>has a broken family, parents divorced, she's really stuck up towards everyone else but me
>we really hit it off
>go out on a few dates
>I would always pick her up on her mom's front porch
>she's my girlfriend now
>fast forward to end of year
>I'm sad, won't see her much during the summer
>call her up in the middle of July
>hey anonette wanna come down to my house
>my parents aren't home
>she says yes
>my heart is beating like crazy from nervousness
>remember the guitar I just recently bought, decide to get it out to cool my nerves
>have it because me and some guys from school usually played together and this was my first decent instrument
>strumming away, I remember anonette is on her way
>decide to play it cool and just leave the door open
>I sat down and played my guitar again, pretending I didn't see her walk in
>I got my first real six string
>bought it at the five-and-dime
>played it till my fingers bled
>it was the summer of '69
Oldfag here. Girl behind me in 11th grade math wore short, baggy cut offs 6 months out of the year and liked to pull her knees up to her chest. Her Hanes Her Way crotch was plainly visible at all times. I still don't know tangents, man, but I could draw the outline of her fat cotton covered pussy blindfolded in the dark with no pencil.
File: jizz in my pants.jpg (11KB, 308x313px)
jizz in my pants.jpg
11KB, 308x313px
Fuck, sorry I'm a mobilefag and autocorrect changed thong into thing
high school girls dance team (all 10/10 girls) had a practice without their coach opening the girls locker room I happened to get lucky and walked into gym one sat morning, 20 half naked girls I can still see the image perfectly
Once I was sitting and this girl came to talk to me about something, she get closer and accidentally put my leg between her legs, meanwhile she talks to me she rub her pussy on my leg

Other thing that I remember was this time that I gave to my crush a massage, I was sitting on a table with my legs open so she put her amazing ass on my dick, her ass was big, great shape... Meanwhile I massaged her shoulders she pressed her ass on my dick with pleasure ..almost came
>Guy on football team
>Rapes girl at knifepoint in the hallway
>Suspended for a year
>Comes back
>Wins homecoming king
Got a handy from a half black chick in the tool room in ag shop
>the mathurbator
a fake story that's actually funny is rare
This one time at my old middle school and girl was giving a guy a handjob in the middle of science
>be junior in high school
>coed gym class
>class is first hour of the day
>2 weeks to summer
>nobody gives a shit anymore
>even gym teacher is like do whatever you guys want
>we decide to go outside to play softball
>teacher stays inside to read his newspaper
>guys vs girls
>whole class is chill and actually having fun
>a couple of girls in the outfield moon the batter trying to distract him
>nice butts
>lots of laughs
>us guys decide we want to see more of that
>word gets spread
>next inning
>I'm covering 2nd base
>per the plan, pitcher walks 3 girls in a row
>bases loaded
>next batter is up
>pitchers yells "do it!"
>we pantsed the 3 girls on base
>catcher pantsed the batter
>panties and all
>they're naked from the waist down
>then rolling around to get their shorts back up
>the girls are even laughing
>turns into a thing for both teams
>you make it to a base, you have to watch the ball AND protect your shorts
>people getting pantsed left and right
>us guys never got too grabby so the girls got comfortable
>eventually shortstop position is five girls lined up
>all flashing and mooning the batters
>like actually dropping their shorts and spreading their pussy lips real fast
>bending over and spreading their ass cheeks
>pretending to suck each other tits
>dudes were running bases with their dicks out
>naked pussies, titties, and dicks everywhere
>most fun I ever fucking had in high school
The drug is real though, it actually does that. I doubt he started fapping in class, but you can definitely cum from yawning.

I am sure it happened to some poor soul.
Junior year... in weight training class ( basically weight lifting ) ... doing morning stretches. Get paired up with hottest 9/10 girl in the class (very few girls) Doing a stretch where she sticks her arms straight out and I stand behind her and push her hands together while she bends over. She has perfect plump ass... Im up IN it in gym shorts... get hard as diamonds... she looks back at me and in a really sexy slutty voice says, oh god Anon... I can FEEL it! :) ... She was so into it... ended up banging her later that year. First time I realized they could feel it on their ass like that haha. The thought never occured to me. Damm that was hot
That's such fucking bullshit I can smell it from here
I accidentally lit my high school on fire.
>i get satisfaction from making people on the internet think my life is cool and full of sexual things through anecdotes i make up
Got a handy in study hall from a 3/10 grill and felt absolutely no shame about it. Her body was smoking but damn she was ugly.
>Be me
>Have hot Asian girlfriend
>Lose virginity to her July '14
>Do kinky stuff
>Running out of ideas
>Think public sex is really hot
>Start sneaking into the girl's bathroom after school
>Parents think she has sports practice
>Blows me, eat her out etc.
>Most privacy we had for a while
>Started happening a lot
>One time janitor walks in
>Gf and I locked up in stall
>Janitor waiting for her to get out to clean stall
>I'm freaking out
>Sit on toilet with pants down
>Prop feet up because four feet
>Sit on shitty toilet for an hour and a half
>Janitor walks out to get a snack or some shit
>Run like hell out of the bathroom
>Two freshman in the math class sitting in the hall
>Almost 5:00
>Geometry was always really weird

That was a while ago and it hasn't happened since last year but I was pretty close to getting expelled. Since then, we've done it in family restrooms and dressing rooms but not for a few months. We've been together for over a year.
>mathurbator lol
>look up Anafranl
>Cases of spontaneous orgasm associated with yawning and clomipramine therapy have been reported.[Ref]

I need surgery for new sides and a pair of lungs.
The school's principal impregnated the school's counselor during school hours students caught them

Donnie Darko?
well done, anon.
nigger, are you serious?
Fucking kek. Sums up American politics
Shit dude you're gonna make me cum
Nope. Shit actually happened.

But I like how you get mad about it. That's also entertaining.
Nope. That shit actually happened.

But I like how you get angry about it.
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autism speaks.jpg
90KB, 467x334px

I love you man
I was around 5 or 6 and our teacher was apedophile. She used to make a sexy dance for me and once I think I was reading a book alone in class and she came up to me, took her shirt off and let me touch her boobs.

It was dope but I was a retarded kid and didn't go anywhere beyond groping her. Shame, I would've wrecked that bitch with my 2 inch baby cock.

I think I started masturbating at that time too so there's that.
cant tell if meant to be troll story or funny way to say what happened
>also have panty wetting fetish

Please tell me at least that part wasn't a lie. Not knowing anyone with that fetish makes me feel alone.
>7th grade
>advanced algebra
>instead of single desk we had round tables that would sit like 5
>in advanced class so noot that many people in class
>sit at the back table alone
>prop about 2 books up
>stealth jack off
>did this like 5 times

>10th grade
>kinda ghetto high school
>school was lax/lazy on ditching
>would usually ditch geometry class because teacher was football coach who was lazy and was there to pretty much babysit, would give us all As
>would walk around and sneak into different girls bathroom and jack off in the stalls
>somedays jack off in the library
>jacked off once in the girls locker room
>school was big so we had about 6 locker rooms and a couple times I would sneak into the locker room farthest away from the class rooms, locker room was never ever used, would sometimes get completely naked and jack off
>had a pen camera hidden in girls locker room, only got about 2 good videos off of it, lost all the footage
>b me in grade 11
>jap exchange student's last week in the state
>get up the nerve in between 3rd and 4th period to approach her
>fucking AC breaks and it's hot as fuck in late may...
hottest experience at my school evar.

surprise twist, fat black janitor blows you
File: fry.jpg (5KB, 251x187px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5KB, 251x187px
this actually sounds real
i need to get me some of that god damnit
God damn! How?!
I feel you
/d/ usually has a thread up for it
Some fuckheads boned away in the stairwell and ruined my entire school's freedom on the college campus I went to school on
no, you're just full of shit and are really obvious about it.
A friend of mine was raped her sophomore year, and the guys who did it bragged about it. They intimidated her into fucking around with them at school--handjobs or blowjobs beneath the stairs, that sort of thing. Sometimes you could smell their semen on her. She'd talk to me about it at lunch or after school, trying not to cry, and I'd have to awkwardly hide the huge boner I'd get at the thought of her being forced to suck and fuck these guys.

This is great
This. If this really happened, it would be on the one day I stay home sick.
In sixth form I took my shirt off after a football game (soccer to you amerifags) and as i walked off the pitch was pretty sure one of the hot hockey girls had a small orgasm.
Kind of awesome as being a footballer and not a rugby player at my school meant I wasn't as popular.
Anyway, it doesn't matter because I'm turning 20 in 3 weeks and am still a virgin.
things that didn't happen for 2000 Alex.

We exist man
Only two things that happened to me were in 8th grade.
My science teacher had BIG breasts (about a 6 or 7 face though) and she wore shirts that were low enough for me to see what bra she wore almost every day. Funnily enough she ended up making some remark about me being good boyfriend material.

Hung out with some girls in gym, and one of them always wore a shirt that you could see the bra through and one of the others wore a loose fitting shirt so it was easy to see most everything.
>18, High School Senior
>Massive whaletail fetish
>Sitting at bench outside during P.E
>Theres a group of girls sitting next to me
>Im the only guy on the bench
>All the girls leave except these 2 girls.
>One of the girls bends over to "Fix" her jeans/Ankles
>Thong wide in the open in my face
>My dick turns into Diamond
>She stands up and smiles looking at me
>I smile back looking at her for a second and then turn my head away.

mfw, she actually wanted to give me a boner doing that.
One of the few stories I'll read here that I believe.
Nice one anon.
my ex-gf was giving me a blowjob while we were in the stairwell after school, we got caught by an older teacher, who looked at us and said "i'm going to turn around, Then I'm going to come back in 2 minutes, you better be gone or I'm turning you in." then he walked away. We finished as we heard him walking back down the stairs, and we bolted out the door. Got caught by the principal with my pants unzipped and unbuttoned outside the school. Didn't get in trouble because I wasn't in the school.
When I lit my school on fire.
bravo anon, you got me.
i had sex and there was pussies and boobs too
my weener felt good and ur jellus
>Never had sex in HS due to overprotecting parents never letting me leave house/date
>Move out the day I hit 18 and go to Uni on a full ride scholarship w/ part-time job (self-sufficient as fuck)
>Meet hot volleyball girl and ask if she wants to hang
>Go to sonic for ice cream then to town park (beta AF)
>Headed back to campus dorms say "I need to stop by my place real quick to grab something"
>Passively invite her in (alpha AF)
>Turn on TV, we both pretend to be interested and sit on my bed, then we start making out
>She stops me when things get heavy "Oh by the way, I'm not going to fuck you on the first date OP."
>Look her in the eye with cocky smirk on face "We'll see" (Most alpha i've ever been in life)
>Keep making out
>Slip hand down shorts and flick the bean
>She looks at me after a couple minutes and says "fuck it" ripping off her shirt and rolling down her panties
A girl played footsie with me senior year. Also, a girl hugged me and her boobs were smashed against my chest sophomore year.
Checked it and holy crap that story is 100% plausible!
>8th grade
>had a crush on one of my friends
> in physical education where we actually had to do work
>my friend needed a seat and i was done with my work helping another friend
>she sat on my lap for a whole hour and 20 mins and all i did was squeeze her ass every few mins to mess with her bc my hands were going numb from her being on top of them
*applause* nice anon!
Chick next to me in science class fainted once. She fell to the floor and her skirt came up. I'd have hit it and not told anybody she was kinda a butterface/weird personality
File: 1419905605787s.jpg (3KB, 117x125px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3KB, 117x125px
hugged qt grill once. can still feel her boobs pressed against me.
All girls in class sat in a circle and compared boobs, guys couldn't see much, but we knew what was happening from the giggling and shirt pulling.

Another time 4 girls stacked up on each others laps, and started dry humping each other.

Not too crazy stuff, but considering this is Egypt, we'll take what we can.
I also believe this. Well played anon.
you are a god among men
File: IMG20120504012757.jpg (274KB, 2048x1536px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
274KB, 2048x1536px
Oh yea and heres the picture i took.
Couple who were my gf's friends used to fuck in the AV room all the time. Gf and I did manual stuff in the stairwell. 4 of us never got caught once.
not the hottest thing or the longest story but it was pretty cool so I'll post it

>school over, everyone leaving the building and getting on buses etc,
>one of the hottest girls in school kissing her bf goodbye
>shes short and wearing a short skirt and her bf is tall so she stands on her tippy toes to kiss him
>not wearing any underwear, see her glorious 16yo ass (I was the same age)
>I get closer and hear her say "shit, I hope nobody saw my ass"
>proceed to go home and jerk off furiously to the sight

>Let her unbutton and pull down my jeans
>She wraps her juicy fucking lips around my cock while I hold her hair back
>*OMFG this is really happening*
>Pull her head back and pull her up by her hair, turn her around and bend her over the bed
>BEAT. THE GODAMN. BREAKS. out of that pussy

>mfw we continued to fuck 4-9 times a day every day for a couple months
>mfw she never knew i was a virgin
>mfw it ended and i went back to being beta AF......
File: marker.jpg (12KB, 238x238px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12KB, 238x238px
>Be senior in highschool.
>Be a lame beta that can't really talk to girls.
>One day in drama class I had this magnum 44 market and someone commented "I wish i had a dick that big!"
>I just kind of laugh and say uhh my dick is thicker and longer
>The class slut tells me to prove it.
>I'm sweating bullets as she grabs my hand and leads me to the bathroom
>She rips off my pants and a nanosecond later shes sucking my dick.
>She can't get it all in her mouth, and say "I need fucked by that bad!"
>She climbs on top and omg it was good.
>She tells everyone in the school I have a big slong.
>Now girls are always smiling and trying to talk to me.
>Have a 5-some behind the auditorium, me, a bro, and 3 sluts.
>was awesome.

Pic related, all thanks to marker I ended up banging close to 20 girls my senior year.
Grade 10

>be me
>in drama class
>girl named Kayla and me in drama class
>we start talking
>we start liking one another
>ask for number after class so we can hangout
>gives it to me
>christmas holiday break comes around we hang out and make out
>another time we hangout we makeout and I finger her
>classes start again
>in drama class
>during class we have to do little 10 minute skits
>me and Kayla in same group
>do our skit blah blah whatever 4 more to go
>during presentations lights are turned off and since class is in basement its pitch black except for the semi-stage
>wrap my arms around kayla during class presentations and she leans on me
>start feeling that ass
>start groping them titties
>ass is great, Kaylas wearing a black thong
>titties are awesome
>no one can see us
>try and move my hand to her wet strange
>says no.
>go back to feeling that nice ass and titties in class while everyone else watches gay performance
Had a smoking hot English teacher in 9th grade.
She was a redhead and a short stack, couldn't have been bigger than 5'4 but her thick thighs, perfect butt and rack were bursting out of her jeans and tight sweaters.
I popped many a boner just looking at her.
Still have a redhead/freckles fetish because of her.
So many things happened........ can't remember honestly

The sad part about my story is girls would always try and flirt/start conversations with me
but I was always too beta to take it to the next level
Well i was really fat and had man boobs that girls kept touching so i did it back and they didnt mind.
carried on for a few year but never did any of them
>Freshman year of HS
>biggest tittied, fattest assed, athletic softball chick
>already know she is a sexy bitch, hooked up regularly for a while with one of my best bros, went out with my other bro
>after all that, have her in my AP Bio
>hit it off, now skip to hotness
>regularly shoved my face in her tits with squeezing embraces in front of people
>changed in front of me (pants-shorts) twice in the halls, had me "cover" her (literally) as she did
>cutest little blue panties riding up her crotch
>tfw never actually did anything that counts as sexual but holy fuck did we get intimate, eskimo kisses, licked cake frosting off her tits, list goes on and on
>4-9 times a day for a few months
if you weren't still a virgin you would realize how honestly impossible it would be to fuck that much and that often ESPECIALLY if that slut took your v-card
ITT- "No, my fake sex story is realer than yours!"
File: 1404982601651.jpg (7KB, 287x175px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7KB, 287x175px
>be me
>some girl wants to make out
>behind the tennis court
> slip a finger in
>in between gasps "you really want it, don't you, anon"
>"how bad do you want it"
>"like on a scale of one to ten? 11"
we both just stopped, she went home, and my friends called me an autist at judo that day
>8th grade
>redhead girl I'm friend's with gives me note saying to meet her in the bathroom no one ever uses after school and she'll "suck all the cum from of your body"
>I think you know what happened next
File: 1415659368688.jpg (16KB, 450x450px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16KB, 450x450px
My friend put her cute little foot on my face; that's just the hottest thing that happened to me.
Some kids fucked in the bathroom and got caught.
Too fake
my high school wasnt the most sexual of experiences. I remember crushing on this girl who was like really cute and modest. we were both on the swim team so i got to see her in a bikini a lot.
9/10, gotta love sluts at universities. My bro has a similar story, in the first days of orientation, fucked a chick in her dorm on the regular.
Are you butters from South park? lol
I was 18, fresh to sex (busted them fast, but often), and she enjoyed it just as much as I did.

After a few months however I couldn't keep up, so that nypho started fucking around on the side with some frat bros. Had to get warts frozen off my dick every few months for a year or so after that one. Shit wasn't cash...
You walk in there with your zipper already down and a crowd of people take pictures and laugh at you.
you're either trash or autistic
could be both
Grade 11

>meet laila summer before grade 11
>goes to same school as me
>girl is mad sexual
>we hook up errrday at lunch and shit
>break up for 6 months
>she gets new bf
>dudes a fag
>I try and get her back but beta the fuck out and keep pushing her further away
>one day I ALPHA the fuck up and say im just finna ignore her
>starts coming around my locker
>starts sending me notes through her friend
>starts texting me
>we meetup one day during class
>talk but start making out
>again for a few weeks
>her boyfriend is becoming suspicious
>dont care.jpeg
>we start seeing each other after school
>we fuck
>during school we meet up under stairwell
>I play with her titties while she rubs my dick at school
>start fingering her eventually
>she starts giving me handjobs at school between classes
>tfw I love going to school
>one day gives me blowjob at lunch then see her kissing her boyfriend at the end of the day
>get handjobs and blowjobs for a straight 3 months at school
>tfw cum is probably covering the bottom of the stairwell
>get tired of her and end it
>dont care.avi
I had one of those teachers that used to like to tease the boys in her class. She was a home ec teacher, but my school was pretty small so if you didn't play baseball you were put in home ex.

Anyway she would sit on one of those office chairs that raises and lowers on its highest setting with a skirt on. She never did the basic instinct thing, but every once in a while you would get a shot of her panties when she got on or off the chair.

I was a teen during the Matrix days and a bit of a dork so I work a black trench coat. I used to jack off in class looking at her legs and titties.

Sad story, she died in her late 30s of rectal cancer. I don't think hot women in their late 30s commonly get checked for something like that, so by the time she was diagnosed it was all up inside her.
>hot hockey girl

Canadafag here. Confirming your bullshit. There is no such thing as hot hockey girls.
You can't be serious. It's easily possible to fuck that often in high school
puck bunnies maybe?
haha nahhh
>that glorious feel when a girl is wearing a thin shirt and is cold
File: 1421361952341.jpg (16KB, 200x303px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16KB, 200x303px
fucking what
One time in health class, my friend's sister grabbed my Wang through my pants and said "I got your panda."
me and this guy's girlfriend groping and rubbing up against each other without anyone noticing.
in elementary school this girl used to show me her vigina during silent reading time.
Craziest shit tho is later when i downloaded a folder of pizza from limewire and found her in on of the picture.
true story.
I wish I had that picture still today.
Try harder anon
lol 69
File: ricekrispie.jpg (2MB, 2580x1348px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 2580x1348px
muh sides
more I guess?
>tfw realizing these are all so long ago, things have slowed a bit for me
>also freshman year HS
>chick who I would regularly hook up with, had a weird on/off relationship
>loved to do things with her in public (notice a trend with me?)
>several times in class, especially if a movie was on or something would make out with her and finger her
>loved casually looking off at something else and glancing at her as I rub her pussy under the desk
>she would get all red and hot, and it was probably obvious
>made it all the hotter
>later her ex-bf stole my weed, and I fought him (at that time I was auschwitz-mode 130lbs against a 180lbs+ fatass) at midnight in a park while his friends watched. Whole nother story, but I sorta kicked his ass and left.
What was her name?
>Hottest thing that ever happened in your school?
that's really it?
if you consider "fucking" to be insertion for 4 minutes and you cum instantaneously and she's chillbro with that then I suppose. but you can't have real sex that lasts for 30-45 minutes four to nine times a day, for a few months. That's roughly 550 times having sex in 3 months.
This seems..weird enough...JUST weird enough..to be true.
top fucking kek
File: 1394813318188.png (101KB, 900x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
101KB, 900x1200px
Wasn't there for it, but heard about it.
>Preachy vegan type chick is always flirting with people, never did anything about it, but you could tell she wanted to slut it up.
>Friend a guy we know decide to do something about it
>We have to play electric instruments in back room because our band director is a prick, but it's cool, go back there and have jam sessions.
>Was out sick the day it happened, but apparently bro, his friend, and friends cousin invite Preachy Vegan to backroom
>End up convincing her to take her top off, that turned into a BJ, next thing you know, they're running a train on her.
>He told me it was nice, but she had a happy trail so he was a little grossed out.
>Guy bragged about it to a few friends, all corroborated the story.
>Girl eventually fesses up to it to her friends, Grape Vine is on fire now.
>"Omg guys! Stop attacking her for it! She made a mistake!"

Best line I ever heard was uttered immediately after that...
>"She fucking lies! She said she didn't eat meat!"

She dropped out of school promptly after that. Ended up stoner in trailer park.
File: Stephen_Colbert.jpg (134KB, 1047x1572px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
134KB, 1047x1572px

Samefag as fuck...
I wish I could go back to middle school and appreciate it even more, 13 year olds in thongs at school mmmm
9/10 could've been longer
Yeah man I can wear out a bitches pussy in an hour

weeeelp....that's a thing....
fuck im a senior right now
i have this hot as hell art teacher, she hates phones...
The fuck is wrong with your sex life?

9x30 minutes daily isn't too difficult when you're a teenager. And that's ignoring quickies, or days where you have literally nothing else to do, and so on.

If you've got a rapid reload time, which most teens do, it's not that unusual.
I am still this guy
Bro you just reminded me.
One time in theater class behind the curtains, I made out with another friend's girlfriend and sucked her tits. She was a 7/10 face 7/10 body 10/10 rack, but totally had a fake tan. (Tan skin can't be licked off. Still a win though since it was my friend's girl.)
discovered that my first gf shaved her snatch
lots of bathroom sex
fingering two girls in the staircase
>Be Sophomore year
>In history class
>Seats split into two rows facing eachother
>Sat in the front of the right row
>In front of me was a 9/10
>Closet whore
>Be around summer
>9/10 wears a really short skirt
>look in front as usual
>no panties
>She catches me staring
>starts to cover up but gives me a smile
>rock hard now
>FF 2 days
>Suspended for sexual harassment
>Well shit
>be me
>8/10 gf
>Fucked her in the:
>2 bathrooms
>a stairwell
>3 different hallways
>2 classrooms
> auditorium
> student center
> gymnasium
> locker room
> teachers lounge
File: 1422247376238.jpg (32KB, 600x387px)
32KB, 600x387px
This dosn't involve me, but I thought It was pretty HALARIOUS.
>be middle school
>6th grade
>every lunch me and Beta friends would go to computer lab for like a month
>one day decide to go
>I end up sitting next to this Chuby red cheek 8th grade beta fag.
>peek over to his computer
>nigga is looking up porn on the school computers
>was in a corner computer so he wouldn't get caught
>stare at his screen foe 5 seconds
>notices me staring at it.
>quickly grabs monitor
>turns it to the side
>looks at me like I'm doing something bad
>"Can I help you with something?"
>just ignored him and sit somewhere else
>a week later
>dude gets expelled
>turns out they found he's been looking at porn since the beginning of the year
>dude gets expelled
>mfw dude deserves it
looking back on it, i shoulda fucked her. i told her to stop talking to me after i got butthurt about her not being with me instead of her boyfriend, but i was the one getting all the action, i guess i was just beta.
>be 12th grader
>kind of ahead in everything so put on some easy mode classes until grad.
>have qt3.14 friend
>Work on school news network together
>work mostly from basement because of good sound as well as no one ever being down there ever.
>one day while working down in basement, literally blurt out "how come we never fucked"
>"Graduation hasn't happened yet anon"
>she gives me the look, you know that look
>Gets up on table pulls off bottoms, spreads legs
>"C'mon mr. news anchor"
>I am literally gonna explode
Mind you this class session lasts for 90 minutes
They were adopted she was white, but he was Asian. So I told him once, then found out she was his sister.
File: 1419088458444.jpg (88KB, 604x438px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
88KB, 604x438px
well this one girl told me she would suck my dick and felt my dick in class, but honestly i didn't really want it
actually no, but i was pleasantly surprised by the complements. usually btards are cunts, much like yourself. I'd do you though. I like cunts. A lot.
Air conditioning went out in the summer, no joke.
I fucked a freshmen in an empty classroom when I was a te-senior, a senior.
It's not but he's got a small ass dick or she wouldn't be taking it 9 times a day
you are me
if you can cum 4-9 times in an hour, I am truly sorry for whoever you're fucking but congrats to you i guess. although i wouldn't personally call that "fucking 4-9 times a day" just because you nut that often in an hour
Holy fuck double dubs
Shared a locker with two female volleyball players. Every day I'd leave class during 5th period. If take one of their spandex and a sports bra and jerk off with them. They smelled and felt great. I'd also blow my load in the little white triangle in the crotch of one of the pairs of spandex every fucking day for a year.
Why is there a 40 year old blonde in your school dressed like a highschooler?
Counter the suspension by pressing charges for indecent exposure.

Tell her you'll drop it off she sucks your dock. Check mate, bitch.
so legitimate that you had to reply twice to me to make sure....nice.
>tells story
>btw i swear it really happend
>*nobody has said anything*
>seriously, i'm not lying!
Pretty sure two fags got caught blowing eachother.
I had an experience like that. I was in the black room at my school one evening and I hear voices outside. They grew louder and I could hear someone enter the room. One of them is definitely a guy. Someone entered the room and demanded that I suck dick. Fearing for my life as I cannot see who it is in the darkness, I fumble in the darkness for the penis and stick it in my mouth.
Then someone stuck their finger in my butthole.
Not samefag... one of those 4 is mine. Sorry
>be senior in English
>teacher is a really hot cougar and wear miniskirts and leather boots a lot
>other kids found her hot too
>we were reading the same books for class
>I get handed a book that had "I want to fuck her in the ass" it was the name of the teacher
>class end, I mention to her about the book
>she looks at me and winks
>while people are switching classes, she takes my hand and presses it against her crotch
>I feel her warm pussy pulsating against my hand
>she grabs my cock and then kisses my cheek and tells me to get off to class after she slapped my ass

A week later she became a tutor for me. She'd drive me home to my house, then we'd talk about English and study. She would tease me, then things would lead to other things.

I lost my virginity to my English teacher.

We still fuck from time to time.
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