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TL;DR: What do is the most-dangerous/violent/crime-ridden city

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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TL;DR: What do is the most-dangerous/violent/crime-ridden city in in the United States? Also, ghetto city stories?

If I had to come up with a list of the most-dangerous cities in America, it'd be something like this:

1.) Detroit, Pontiac, Saginaw, & Flint, Mi
2.) Gary, Indianapolis, & East Chicago, In
3.) Camden, Patterson, Newark, Trenton, & East Orange, NJ
4.) Chicago, Rockford, & East St. Louis, Il
5.) Memphis, Tn
6.) Oakland, Stockton, Fresno, & Richmond, Ca
7.) St. Louis, & Kansas City, Mo
8.) New Orleans, & Baton Rouge, La
9.) Cleveland, Cincinnati, Dayton, Akron, & Youngstown, Oh
10.) Baltimore, Md
11.) Washington D.C.
12.) Philadelphia, & Chester, Pa
13.) Birmingham, Mobile, & Prichard, Al
14.) Jackson, Ms
15.) Little Rock, Pine Bluff, & West Memphis, Ar
16.) Atlanta, Ga
17.) Houston, & Dallas, Tx
18.) Wilmington, De
19.) Oklahoma City, & Tulsa Ok
20.) Bridgeport, & New Haven, Ct
21.) Milwaukee, Wi
22.) Albuquerque, NM
23.) Omaha, Ne
24.) Topeka, & Wichita, Ks
25.) Phoenix, & Tucson, Az

For the record, I'm from Arizona and currently live in the Phoenix Metro area, and there's certainly crime here, but I haven't been out fucking around and getting myself in to trouble for years, so I don't have many good stories to post. However, it'd definitely be cool to hear some stories from people from cities around the U.S.

So, what do you are the worst of the worst cities in America?

> Pic related: A police car from the Oakland Bay Area that was vandalized after the George Zimmerman verdict.

Find where the highest proportion of nignogs are and you will have your answer.
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Seeing as I am aware that there is danger in every city in America, here's a picture of a pistol I bought (and got a really good deal on) last week.

Also, what are some forms of personal protection that some of you have? And have you ever had to use it or almost use it?
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This seems to be a common thought amongst people on this board. I came across this thread while searching for something on Google Images a a while back and saved it to be able to post in threads like this.

Btw, where are you from/do you live now?
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And here's a story that was posted in a recent thread by a guy from Alabama (not my story):

More like pic related :)
>At home while roommates are at work.
>Don't own car so it looks like no one is home.
>Hear glass break from side door directly across from my room.
>Grab shotty off the wall and swing my door open, leveling shotgun as an arm has gone through window on door.
>Fire off a round into door and watch hand explode and arm disappear out the door.
>Look out front window to see guy running through next door neighbor's yard and into woods.
>First time ever shooting someone and adrenaline is wearing off, look back in kitchen were fingers are and throw up.

Got my roommate to come home from work early and called the cops. Guy must have toughed it out or bled out at someone's house, cause he never showed up at a hospital.

We changed the doors the next day to steel doors with double locks (have to use key inside to lock and unlock the doors so you cant break a window and unlock the door. Bars on all windows now. And this is just inside the house, fuck the shit I deal with out and about just going to the damn gas station to buy cigarettes.
No stories, but bumping
And some follow-up posts by the same guy:

The cops here are used to shootings and to be truthful, a white guy shooting a black guy breaking into your house they don't give a shit about. More of a "good job" from them.

Guy must have not been in a gang or anything, no one ever came looking for us.


For some reason I feel like the repercussions for shooting someones limb off would be a bit more troublesome than that.

>"Officer, I thought I saw a knife/bat/crowbar and feared for my safety should he have made it inside the house."

>is guy who shot dude's hand.
Actually I asked the cops about shooting him and they told me I couldn't shoot him on my doorstep through the door. Then he took his badge off and said, "Drag the body inside" and put his badge back on.


I'm the guy that lives in Hueytown, same dude.
The police were actually pretty chill about it, like I said, white dude shooting a black dude breaking in. For once cop racism works for me lol. But no, they couldn't do fingerprints on them, and aren't gonna waste the money on DNA testing for "petty" crime. Dude's now missing a hand, he ain't gonna be robbing shit now if he is still alive somewhere.

Remington 887 12 gauge 4+1 loaded. I don't know the price, friend got it at one the gun shows at the BJCC as a Christmas present, but they retail at 550-600. It's a damn good shotgun to me. Same friend has a .40 1911(Predator, I think) that I'm in love with but can't find one for less that $400. I'm not the one to talk guns with, might want to check /k/ for that, or are they just psychos?
To try to bump the thread and get some new stories posted, here's a screencap of a story about a guy who drove from Indian to the airport in Chicago and drove through Gary, Indiana, and ended up having cars block the road and try to ambush him while pointing a shotgun at him.

> Pic related: The screencap of the greentext story I just described
Are all you faggots too busy in the trap/sissy/pony threads this morning to post in a potentially-good thread? Seriously, this place fucking sucks now. Too many wannabe-gays, it would seem.
OP your list is pretty good from what I've seen. I hate driving through Gary/Pontiac/Flint. Small town Benton Harbor to the west of me (I'm in Kalamazoo kinda between all of this shit) is also a shit hole. Will run stop signs and cops don't give two fucks. Every city has its bad spots but there places are shit. Can't imagine what it's like being a cop in the area.
I agree, but I don't have anything to post. Bump for interest.
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Thanks for the bumps/replies. And you're right that pretty much every city has bad spots, but the ghetto cities/areas in Michigan seem to be absolutely fucking horrible and with legitimately dangerous areas. Especially, Flint and the rough parts of Detroit. Before starting these threads on here (of which I've started several), I had no idea that Pontiac and Saginaw were rough cities, but people have posted and claimed that there area parts of both cities that are comparable to Flint and Detroit.

Btw, where are you two from/do you live now?
I'm from Oklahoma, still live there. I'm a faggot who doesn't go out much, but I've heard OKC is shit. I think most big/capital cities are pretty bad as a rule.
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Since you got me thinking of Detroit, here's a picture I found while searching Google Images a while back that shows some African lions that were apparently found abandoned in the basement of a drug dealer's house in Detroit, back in the '80s, I think.
From Wichita, Ks.
It's only bad in some parts.
Here is a video of the Police stopping an armed robber.
Have you been to Oklahoma City or or Tulsa at all? What city do you currently live in? And have you been through some wild tornadoes/storms?
I'm from and currently live in Kalamazoo. The crime here is pretty negligible, shit's economic and Kzoo is actually doing a good bit of business. Those cities are all rust belt cities and once the jobs have dried up (but the housing/infrastructure stays) people will move/stay there and I guess create their own lives. Some parts of Lansing are a little rough, too but not nearly as bad. I've lived in Little Rock, AR, and in New Bern, NC along with a few other cities for months at a time. The crime/stupid shit you had to worry about wasn't nearly as bad in those places as it is in those northern cities you've listed from my experience.
Lived in Detroit 8 years... funny that documentaries / media never show you the worst areas. Derelict houses with trees growing out of second story windows... basically ready-made for a zombie movie set.

> Friend works / lives in Pontiac, house is in what he calls "The Chicken Triangle"
> Like Bermuda Triangle, but equidistant between Church's, KFC and Popeye's
> Lives by the rule "two guns is one gun, one gun is no gun" CCW
> Goes to convenience store around the corner to get beer
> Gets carded even though he's obviously older than 21
> "Hmm, you live just around the corner, huh?"
> "Yeah, how about that?" as he lifts shirt to show CCW
> 1 week later convenience store clerk busted for selling stolen goods out of the back of the store

Trying to think of other stories...
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Have you been to any of the other major cities/fucked-up areas in Kansas? Is Wichita's ghetto the worst area in Kansas? And have you been to any of the other smaller/lesser-known ghetto areas in the Midwest? Like, Omaha, Ne? Davenport or Waterloo, Ia? And are there some pretty rough/ghetto areas in North Dakota or South Dakota?

Have you been to the rough parts of Detroit? Or to Flint? And are there any parts of Flint that are not fucked-up, violent and scary? Also, which city has the worse/more-dangerous parts, Detroit or Flint?

> Pic related: Another nice depiction of life in Detroit.
I've been to OKC and used to work there, but I never walked around poor neighborhoods at night or anything. There are an insane amount of homeless people there though. Probably been to Tulsa but I don't remember it. I live about 15 miles outside of a smallish town, in the country. Tornadoes have always passed by my place, but Moore has been annihilated a couple times.
Been to every city in Ks. Wichita is the worst in that state, Topeka has plenty of nuts though for as small as it is.
Been to OKC but was just passing through.
Spent a week in South Dakota on the Pine Ridge Rez, Shits real fucked up there. People still using outhouses loose dogs all over almost all the homes were trailers that had holes in the roof and walls, blankets for doors.
I live in Milwaukee. In the 414. The cops dont even respond to service calls here any more.
Please do try to post some more, as I am somewhat fascinated by Detroit and the culture there. It seems like pretty much everyone from there is tough, having been hardened by what life is like there. From the rampant crime and the vast poverty, as well as the cold weather in the winter. It just seems like living there hardens you.

Btw, do you like Eminem? And how is he perceived there by the people of Detroit? Supported and revered, like I suspect he is?

> Pic related: The Joe Louis fist in Detroit.

Worked at Detroit Receiving Hospital... the hospital so shitty that the county made Detroit Medical Center buy it for $1

> behind the ER patient area, there are a couple of jail cells

> ER patient area separated into pods... first pod from ambulance entrance is prison pod
> prison patients chained to gurney
> prisoner manages to get weapon from guard, Freeeedooooom!!!11!
> hijacks ambulance, most conspicuous getaway vehicle... eventually caught

> VA hospital across the street from Receiving
> Vet pissed at shit gov't healthcare
> Walks across street to DRH
> Has live grenade, creates a ruckus in the waiting room, demands to be seen
> Security guard breaks ankle tackling vet
> Secures grenade before he can blow up the muppet show regulars in waiting room
I don't wander around any of the places that you've listed. I have a destination and I plan my route and follow it. I've taken many wrong turns, you know immediately when you see a bunch of nig nogs walking up and down the street jerking at car doors/nigging out at each other. I rarely venture out of Kalamazoo except for work. Avoid any public transportation hubs/homeless shelters, the people who use the services aren't necessarily bad people but the nigs congregate to the traffic. It's a recipe for a shitty day.
Dude are you doing your residency there right now...? I have a good family friend who is getting his doctorate in Detroit (I dunno the details honestly) and he has to deal with some wild shit.

Nvm just read that you worked there. Bet it was a shit show.

> Friend wants to sell chicken triangle house in Pontiac
> Bought for ~$80k
> Same time, Silverdome finally sells... for $500k
> Who wants a house for $80k when you can buy a whole stadium for $500k?
> Chicken Triangle house only work a couple thousand dollars

> Woman brings couple week old baby to friend's house
> Sets kid down in car seat, goes into next room
> Returns to find friend's pit bull has removed baby's face below the eyes
> Jaw hanging by thin strip of neck skin
> Baby mercifully dies
File: 1402430911347.jpg (56KB, 403x403px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I've seen several people in previous threads post about Milwaukee and claim that it is legitimately fucked-up in the ghettos there. Like, on a similar level to Detroit and Chicago danger-wise. Have you been to any of the other hardcore areas in the Midwest to compare Milwaukee to? Detroit? Chicago? East St. Louis? Flint? Gary? Cleveland? If so, how does Milwaukee compare to them? And do you have any stories about the 414 you represent?

What was the reservation in SD like? Was it scary and dangerous? Was there crime and danger? Or just lots of poverty and despair? Were the natives there friendly to you? Or, assuming that you are white/non-Native American, did they discriminate against you and treat you poorly/differently? There are several reservations here in Arizona, and I've been working at casinos here in Az for over a decade now, and whole many of the Native Americans here are friendly, there is certainly still racism and resentment by many of the tribal members.

Did you get harassed or seriously fucked with by anyone in South Dakota? And do you carry a gun? If so, what?

Did residency @ DMC. I'm trying to remember the more jacked up things I saw... understandably you get jaded seeing the shit on a daily basis.
Yeah I know that feel. The stories kind of blur until something happens/someone says something and it sparks it clear as day. After a while people's insanity just becomes background noise where it's so normal unfortunately.
I am white I was there doing volunteer work with a small group building and repairing anything that needed done.
Most of the Natives were very welcoming and happy I was there to help, there was a small fraction though that kept warning the youth to stay away from us when we offered to teach them how to do just some basic repairs. One old lady kept calling us assholes, an old homeless man was mad at us saying as he drank, he called beer, white mans piss.
I did not see any violence there but lots of drunks and people that had given up on life.
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kid mustauche.jpg
85KB, 932x960px

> Get flat tire right as I'm exiting freeway by DMC
> shit shit shit
> Pull into ghetto gas station, wheel stuck to axle
> shiiiit... call tow truck
> mfw I get rush service because operator could tell I was white and knew I was in the DMZ

> New guy doesn't understand Detroit
> Goes to ATM across street from DMC (on the good side)
> Gets mugged, pistol whipped
> Perp caught, kid in community college... both parents attend court hearing
I live between Philly and Chester. I've been jumped and robbed at gunpoint in Philly, but I still go there. However, I do not fuck around in Chester, won't even pass through it. It's basically a failed state.
Most of Milwaukee is a ghetto. I've been to Chicago, west and south sides. Was in the Robert Taylors before they tore them down. Been to ESL and Gary. They're all horrible. The difference in Milwaukee is that there's no shame. Nobody gives a fuck, and every person is working a scam on some social program.
Beautiful story, made my morning. Kudos to the cops too.
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> Vag pain, could be preggers = auto ultrasound
> Woman talks about how her Mom didn't want her to have a baby
> Made her ride roller coasters and punched her in the cooter to try to force a miscarriage

Some funny shit too...

> mfw prison kids complain of nut pain to get a field trip to ER
> nut pain = ultrasound of balls
> 100% ultrasound techs are female

There's so many more... if the thread doesn't 404, I'll post if I can remember

CT fag living in a town next to Bridgeport, and who goes to New Haven all the time. I have a story or two if anyone is interested ?
Post that shit anon.
I live in Albuquerque, this place is a ghetto shithole. Small city, 4 shootings last night... alot of shootings by cops and no matter where you live in the city your house will get robbed... pathetic.
File: 1422067709744-2.jpg (19KB, 273x258px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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ITT: Nigger hate.
There's not much to like about them. They say funny things sometimes, I guess.

Do you want the Bridgeport or NH story?
no you tard

leave 4chan forever
File: 1406487807607.jpg (121KB, 1000x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It is a true and established fact.
Captcha: ernig
>Be Dutch
>Having dream to move to America once in my life
>Be 21
>Realize America is not nice
>End of dream

Would like to go there on vacation though
Cities suck shit. Rural areas/Midwest are better.
I'm going to assume that you have been to Camden, too? If so, is it actually significantly worse than Philadelphia? And does Chester actually compare to Camden? Or, as most people seem to think, is Camden the most fucked-up, violent city on the East Coast? I've also read stories about the Cambodians in Philly being straight-up fucking hardcore and violent. Do you agree with this? And are they gangster enough to fuck with the black and Hispanic gangsters and hardened white folks in Philadelphia?

Damn! Milwaukee, Chicago, East St. Louis, and Gary? You sure seem to have visited some of the worst cities our country has to offer. Out of those 4 cities, was one of them noticeably more ghetto/scarier than the others? Almost everyone agrees that Gary and ESL are absolutely fucking ghettos with legitimately violent criminals residing there. However, some people have compared ESL to a war zone and say that it's scary just being in the environment there. Although, it seems like the same is often stated about Gary, too. And Detroit and Flint, as well.

Btw, are the gangs/gangsters/criminals in Milwaukee on the same level of crime and violence as they are in Detroit and Chicago and Cleveland? I get the impression that they are. I've also been told that there are some hardcore bikers in Milwaukee. Is this true? And who would you say is the most hardcore/violent/scariest group of thug-criminals in the city?
File: jessie.jpg (32KB, 800x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I live in the nig capitol of America. Savannah, GA. A couple of years ago rated the highest per capita murder rate in America. Cannot wait to get the fuck out of this nigger gangland paradise. And tits just because
File: 1372206077495.jpg (24KB, 640x395px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You say it like it's a bad thing
They got dice in AZ casinos? You kniw what the dealers toke rate is? I kinda want to move there but need to see if I can land a dice dealing gig first.
Naw doo
I love hating niggers.

Of all the shit places I took a wrong turn into over my 8 years in Detroit... Camden is on par with the worst areas of Detroit.
Wilmington de. Highest crime per capita
You need to be Indian. Got some Apache blood in ya?
I live in one of the cities listed above for ohio. I can confirm I live in the heroin capital of the east
Seriously? I have worked for tribes before and they were alright with the whiteness. Oh well no AZ then.
Might have changed, but there's enough tribesmen around to work there. Basically the whole east valley north of 202 is injun land.
>nig nogs are upset that fellow nig nog did not get away with committing a crime
>proceed to show they are upset by committing more crime

niggers are literally cancer

Any city with more than 1 nigger in it.
America is fine, just not as safe as Europe, though honestly be smart and don't count money in public. Seriously saw a young couple in Vienna doing that, and they were local. Do that shit in America and you're getting mugged.

Otherwise, pick a town pick a job, and pick an area without bars on the windows. May be tougher in east coast cities, but that's the easy judge on the west coast
Were the advantages of slavery for whites worth bringing them over here?
also from CT. can confirm that Bridgeport is considered to be on the list of most dangerous cities. new haven is a shit hole too.

gun wavin new havin baby
Sure. Agrarian south. If we wanted a large economy, that was clearly establish prior to the industrial revolution, we needed to
I come from NH and there isn't too much crime around the Concord (capital) area, but the niggers down in Manchester and immigrants in Nashua make for a bad community. Niggers are going to shoot niggers and that's a fact of life. Hell, anyone watching the end of the Super Bowl last night could tell you their true nature.
I currently am in Detroit right now.

As bad as 90% of it is, if you are white and have money the downtown area is really nice.
I love BPT to be honest

I lol'd at the person who tried to out me >>596026374

fucking faggot is so irrelevent. Posting my story anyway because that guy is an anon shit head like me.

>Be on a blunt ride
>arrive at a place the locals call "the t mart"
>right next to one of the BPT projects
>friend goes in while my friend and I wait
>5 minutes later
>he's running out of the market and 3 nig-nogs are chasing him around to the back
>10 minutes later or so
>he walks back with no shoes and black eyes
>t-shirt torn
>he fucked two of them up but the third got him good
>fucking niggers
>saw them as we're driving out and I yell at them and they try to chase us
>one of their pants falls to their ankles and he trips
>honk our horn and middle fingers up
>mfw never going there again

The clerk was stocking so had no idea what was going on.

True... it's the cancerous ring between Midtown and 8 mile you have to avoid.
No willamantic love?
Holy shit a fellow 603er! I live in Hollis so I constantly have that fuck Nashua attitude.

What about Greenwich and it's Heroin lolol
Oh yeah I forgot about the massive drug problem there. Hello Sandy Shores! (It's Meth there, right?)
Yes, unfortunately the big Philly concert venue is in Camden. Me and a few friends were stranded there one night and it wasn't fun. West/southwest Philly has a lot of Asians who you don't want to fuck with, but in my experience they don't target/rob people as much as the other groups. However, they can be pretty brutal towards each other and rival gangs. Camden and Chester are no man's land for me.
Why didn't you help your friend?
Atlanta reporting...we are much higher on the list.

If you knew about the area/lived here you'd understand. If we intervened, it would have escalated far worse. Not to mention those weren't the only three niggers there....the market is right across from one of the badder projects in Bridgeport and all three of us knew something is bound to happen if we were at the wrong place at the wrong time.
Definitely Detroit. Youtube eastside of detroit. I live about 40 minutes from detroit. I have family that live in Detroit. Moved back from Ohio in 2009 and was at my sisters we got robbed and was made to lay down on the living room floor. The robbers went outside and started shooting at the cops. One of the guys got shot. Happened dec 09. Still kind of traumatized by it.
Dayton is still pretty dangerous, but violent crime has been dropping pretty steadily for a good couple of years, back in the 80s though Dayton was in the top 3 or so of most dangerous.
haha agreed. Only realised America is a shithole after friend went to college there, lived for a year and says it sucks. Too fat, dumb, etc. Australia is the country that you'd want to live in
File: 1421704342408.jpg (60KB, 1025x747px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
60KB, 1025x747px
Cincinnati here, Things aren't that bad, Nig-nogs keep to killing themselves mostly. Also the city is starting to evict them with the whole cleanup north side effort. Still pretty bad around UC at night.
I used to live in Detroit. You can usually walk around downtown without being bothered, and Mexican town has bomb ass bakeries and restaurants, but the rest of the city should be avoided.
The house we got robbed in is actually burnt now. A lot of child hood memories in this house both good and bad. This is in southwest "Mexican town"
It doesn't matter if it is a common thought in these threads, there are statistics to back up the assertion.

Dep of Justice has established without a shadow of a doubt that Blacks commit a disproportionate number of homicides, totally independent of factors like poverty.

Blacks make up around 12% of the populations, and if you tease out old people and children, as well as most women, you are left with a single digit number, and yet this same group is committing over 50% of the nations homicides.

Blacks are far more likely to kill non-blacks compared to any other racial demographic killing outside their own race, and are more likely to hunt in a predatory fashion, for example blacks specifically targeting Asians for violent crime.

I dated a black girl, have had a black step-dad, and left black folks who are down on their luck live with me. One thing I learned from them is that according to them in their own words, "there are such things as niggers and most of them are black".

I got nothing against black folks intrinsically, I have a problem with the violent black culture that, even when imitated by other races, isn't leading to the same degree of violence and death by any reasonable measure.

Furthermore, if you look at some of the very few middle class or lower middle class neighborhoods that are almost all black, their property values are always lower, and usually depreciate over time. Why? Because all other races are much more unlikely to want to move there. While in primarily white middle classes neighborhoods, all races, including black, want to move in.

Though a lot of racism is based on bullshit, there are rational concerns related to race, which are backed up by lots of evidence that can't be explained away.
File: image.jpg (2MB, 3264x2448px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 3264x2448px
Forgot pic
Phoenix metro here, east valley though. I would not have put us on the list but Ive always lived east of the north/south 101, There are some shitty places here but I grew up in Bakersfield, CA, which I think does deserve a place on the list.
File: detroit1.jpg (551KB, 1501x2739px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
551KB, 1501x2739px
I live in Detroit and it's a war zone.
I'm European, was in New Orleans in 2010 and when we drove through the ghetto they told me to roll up my windows and lock the car up.

It also felt like I was the only white guy in Birmingham.
Yes they do have bomb ass food off vernor. Just went to Sheila's on springwells a few days ago for baked Spanish goodies
Isnt this illegal
I second this.
You're a psycho. If your version of justice were applied people would go to jail for speeding tickets.
I've also lived in Cleveland which is not the best. Lived on the westside. 98th and Denison to be exact.
This is what happens in Michigan

Baltimore easily one of the top 5 most dangerous cities in America. It's the fucking heroine capital in America. We have gangs, the projects, police around every single corner, drug cameras, etc. You can't even walk alone at night without being mugged. The safest place is literally The Harbor but only for a certain time. Sounds like a typical city, but it's a lot worse than it sounds..
I've lived in Netherlands most my life, in Vienna for a while too, and been around Germany and the UK often.

I can leave my wallet on the table while I go to the bathroom and no one will touch it. I haven't had any threats directed at me since I was in the third year of highschool.
I've got that same pistol except mine is stainless steel. Looks like someone painted that thing? Strip that paint off and re-blue it, or send it out to get coated.

Built like a tank and will last forever, good choice bro.
File: detroit.jpg (807KB, 1500x2754px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
807KB, 1500x2754px
Detroit where the weak are killed and eaten.

Live in 414 milwaukee, work at major hospital gotta tell ya that if you wanna work in the medical field dont work at a major hospital most of your patients will be niggers and the institution MUST hire a DIVERSE *ahem* NIGGERS workforce, most of my co-workers are black and constantly try to harass me at work. they openly admit to doing and selling drugs, talk about shooting my manager(also a racist fucking nigger). openly making racist statements towards me about white people (mother fucker im latino) my hr department just puts hands up and is like thats the way they are. total white guilt trip for them. the director of the hospital is some limp dick white guy named gary.

milwaukee is the most segegrated cities in the us. if not the most, the north side is run by the nignogs, literally you can see when you have entered a ghetto by the bars on the windows.
the southside of milwaukee is mostly nowdays mexicans/ Puerto Rican. all other areas are white. while you might hope this means well at least they are with their own kind, it actually makes crime worse. niggers openly hunt and harass white people, thinking they are being black in a white space, and being black is being against any non-white person.

I have been robbed while i worked at a gas station, and one of my co-workers was also robbed. all black people weirdly right? not really.
>I can leave my wallet on the table while I go to the bathroom and no one will touch it
I'm assuming you would only do this in a cafe or restaurant,not in an actual public area.
Cafes, coffee shops, train stations, bars, doesn't really matter.
People don't touch my shit. I'm a 6'2 well built white guy. What little crime there is, isn't gonna be directed at me.
Contact civil rights. I had to file a complaint against my ex employer for them not doing anything for racist jokes.
File: Flag-of-Arizona-XL.jpg (81KB, 1500x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hey, Albuqerque guy, are you still here? If so, reply and I'll copy/paste some crazy stories about ABQ that were posted in a previous thread from a few months ago.

Hey, OP here from Arizona, sorry for not replying sooner, I got distracted and was away from my computer for a while. As for dice, to my knowledge, no casinos in Arizona have actual live craps/dice games; only live Poker and Black Jack and some other variation of of poker/card games like 3-card poker. I actually deal poker, and have for over a decade now, and I know that the Black Jack/Table Games have been allowed to expand and add new games and betting limits (Black Jack used to be $500 max per hand, now up to $1,1000, and you can play multiple hands at max bet), but I work at a big casino in the Phoenix Metro area and I am just not up to date on everything going on in the Table Games/Black Jack Dept. If you're really serious about considering moving out to Az and looking for a job in a casino, try calling one of the casinos in the Phoenix area. You can call Casino Arizona at 1-877-724-HOUR or Gila River at 1-800-WIN-GILA or Google their websites and look what job positions they currently have listed.

As for tips, in Poker, it's pretty much always been relatively good; around $5/hour plus tips and I've averaged around $30-$35/hour in tips over the past decade-plus. To my knowledge, Arizona poker dealer are up at the top when it comes to tips, along with Florida and Oklahoma and some places in California.

So, if you're genuinely interested, call those numbers and check out those casino's websites. Also, there is supposed to be a new casino being built in the west valley and is expected to be opened this year. It should make for some great money for dealers right after it opens. You could also consider trying to learn to deal Poker or Black Jack, if you really want to move to Arizona. Good luck!

> Pic related: The Arizona State Flag.
Could I buy one of these cheap houses in an area away from all the monkeys? I dont care if Im the only person on the whole block as long as theres no monkeys in a several square mile or so radius.
File: 1422254734699.gif (999KB, 225x388px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I also meant to mention that I am white, and that there are relatively few Indians working at the casinos in Arizona. Definitely far fewer than there are other races. So, no worries on not being a Native American. And having previous casino employment experience should be a big plus!
You wouldn't want to live in the area. People from other countries buy the houses in bulk not knowing what they look like, or anything. Squatters will legitimately lie and say they own the house they are squatting in and will ask for paper work(people sell drugs out of them) the drug houses are called "spots". Detroit could be a great city if the filth would be wiped completely out.
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dh8qKABssMk Watch as guy confronts squatters, boy did the spot worker call his "boss" pretty fast. They set the nice house on Fire after this. Stupid fucking punks
The Shea show guy is hilarious. "I'll throw something back but it won't be a tomato" https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8CdssQ0v6uM
I'm gonna need sauce on this.
Pepper Spray and a baton
Never used the baton,and the pepper only once.
File: lel.gif (842KB, 228x171px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Memphis fag here

> be 14 riding in friends car back to his house from laser tag
> come to a stop light with a burger King on the left
> watch 2 black guys get into a heated argument over what looks like a burger
> both pull guns on each other
> they start following each other around restaurant guns cocked and yelling
> eventually they make it outside
> looks like ones about to pull the trigger
> mfw their girlfriends break it up and no one gets hurt
>live in philly (am niganon)
>unaware of any crime at all during my youth
>no one picks on me have lots of nice black friends
>one day playing basketball see car full of niggaz pull up and demand the ball from me
>big nig takes the ball and punches me in the face
>no one says or does anything.
>we all go home
>mom sees my black eye and goes nuts
>next thing you know i am the fresh prince of bel air
Lawrence Massachusetts. Lawtown booooy!
File: DSCF7403-.jpg (492KB, 2304x1728px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Thanks for the comments and the advice on getting it re-blued. I think I got a really good deal on it, I paid $280 for it along with five 15-round magazines (4 of them being MEC-GAR mags, which I was told are good-quality magazines), a hard case and some cleaning supplies.

As for the color, someone else mentioned that it may have been painted. I would actually prefer a stainless version, but I'm assuming that would be really expensive. Do you have any idea how much it might cost to be it re-blued?
We were starting a new job in Alabama. Pulled up to job site @ 6am. Cop pulled up next to me and said " wtf are you doing here,do you have a death wish?" I replied " huh?" He asked if I knew were I was at, and I said no. He said you are in Gate City Al. Look it up faggots. YouTube Gate Gate City Alabama
File: Picard_5349.png (152KB, 228x373px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hey OP, you forgot Jersey City, NJ.
>be me, hanging out with friends in jersey city
>friends carpooled from two hours away to chill
>nigger steals their car while we are hanging out
>find out while watching news as car chase from Jersey City to Holland Tunnel emerges
>identify car when driver totals it into a row of parked cars
god fucking damned that gun is so fucking ugly. Taurus pt92 are normally one of the most beautifull handguns in existence but I wouldnt even touch this abonimation of a gun. You can buy police trade in 92fs for $320
The mayor of Detroit should be ashamed of his city for this filth
Were you not from/living in Alabama when this happened? Or was this just an area you were not familiar with? And is Gate City near Birmingham or Prichard?

Is Jersey City comparable to Camden? And is Camden the worst city in New Jersey?
I was driving through Pritchard last night looking for hoes!
It depends, the demo shifts a lot. Jersey city's uptown "The Downtown" is actually a super upscale very rich business area. But essentially all of the residential downtown going to bayonne is basically a rolling slum.
Camden on the other hand is generally bad.

>Be me, shaved bald & bearded -look like a skinhead-
>Girlfriend walks up to apartment building door and fiddles with keys
>Be me, near the door, as I open it I hear two niggers say, "Ay baby wha don't you come ovuh hur"
>Open the door, switchblade in hand, pointed backwards ready to stab some necks, "Why don't you back the fuck off" while ushering her inside and standing in the doorway
>They leave, I unfortunately look intimidating
One more, this is basically how I survived being the only white guy for a few blocks, people knew not to fuck with me

>Come home at night with le gf, park car a block away from hers
>See nignog looking through window, jiggling handle
>Click out blade and approach him aggressively without stopping
>"You better leave"
>Doesn't leave, I brandish knife at him and go to grab him by the collar
>He ducks back and runs off

tl;dr: If you're going to live in the hood, work out, be over 200 pounds, shave your hair off and grow a beard.
Also weapons help
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The fact that you know that many cities in the US kinda terrifies me, you autistic fuck!
dumbfag detected
Try for an IQ over 90 anon
Lived in Saginaw for 3 years, went to the uni nearby. I can back up how fucking god damn ridiculous it is. Two fucking football players (from Detroit of course) just stabbed a basketball player last week.
I moved a different, nearby city cause fuck that.
Protip: Get a gun and get good with locals. Cops are actually pretty cool there if you're white.
>MFW living in Sagnasty.
Not from Alabama and Gate City is by Birmingham. Google it place was off the hook. Utility workers i.e. gas and electric, telephone mail man have to have a police escort before they go.
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