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ITT: Stories of giving creampies to girls without their permission/knowledge.

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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ITT: Stories of giving creampies to girls without their permission/knowledge.

We got some great stories in here last night. If people want I can repeat them from fapping memory.
>Be with a girl
>she's going down on me
>about to cum
>she doesn't know
>here it comes
>wait this didn't happen
>mfw made this up
>mfw keep typing
>mfw lying on the internet
>mfw I don't even have a penis
>mfw you're gonna jerk to this anyway
>I don't even have a penis
So... you're a grill?
You're a grill. Fuck you
>mfw I finished at "girl"
>But you has no face.
Stupid. GTFO of 4chin kid
Lived in Tokyo for eight years (now back in Canada).
Got addicted to cumming inside girls when they were on top, then pretending to pull out "before I came" and jerk myself off.
Found it easier this way, cause the cum drips down onto my stomach, so they don't feel it on their own body (like if I was on top).
Bro, chicks know when you cum in them. Unless you have a baby load. Bro your load up, baby.
Did they ever get pregnant?
Did they ever realise you came inside them? If so, what were their reactions?
Dumb faggot. These Japanese girls were super naive. After most dripped out, I'd tell them it was probably "theirs".
Did it for years before one got pregnant. Had abortion. I paid half.
One had suspicions, and when I told her the truth, she was happy that I "wanted to have a baby with her," but when I told her that I just did it cause it felt good, she got super fucking pissed.
Were they all one night stands or girlfriends or what?
How many total girls did you creampie?
Bro your such a fucking liar.
I fucking hate you so much. Girls do feel it. Your not fooling anyone. Unless you have babys cums LOL
Different anon here but no, girls don't always notice it. One of my asian girlfriends couldn't even tell I came at all, even after it leaked out of her.
They were all girls that probably thought they were my girlfriends, but I kinda avoided any verbal commitment. I guess it was my own way of not feeling guilty about it.
In other words, no one night stands. They weren't slutty or anything. Took the time to them to like me, then just went with it til I got bored. I was a huge asshole :/
Prolly like 10 girls creampied (multiple occasions), but slept with maybe 50 girls or so over my eight years. Got to the point where I couldn't remember names of girls the previous year. It was pretty bad :/
They just dont say shit or you have baby cums. I have never gotten away with it because I do not have baby cums.
> Be me 18
> Dating this bi chick with issues for a while
> Break up with her
> She starts dating a chick
> Chick is 9/10 babe
> On good terms so we hang out
> Chilling with them on chatroulette
> They start eating each other out for guys
> I join in
> Threesome on cam
> I cum buckets in the girlfriend
> My ex notices and goes down on her, cleaning it up for us.
> Keep going for hours
> Dried cum literally everywhere and inside them both by the end.
Go fuck yourself you liar lol.
You dont have to lie to us to feel good.
>be me
>with my grill
>12:34 a.m.
>sadly, sleeping in living room because room is occupied with family.
>can't fuck vigorously in living room
>let's go to baffroom and fuck
>turn shower on (look at the fleek o' the wrist)
>hug my grill from behind
>she loves it
>pull her pants down and pull her hair
>bend her over and push my big boy pants off
>slide my dick inside her
>pretty intense
>I feel a tingle on my single
>ignore it, don't tell her.
>bust the biggest nut inside her.
>"I'm so sorry baby, I really didn't mean to. I didn't feel anything"
>pull my dick out
>look at ground
>puddle of cum on the ground
>*high fives myself*

She said she loves it when I cum inside her, but she feels worried about getting preggers. Been fucking without a condom for over 2 years now.
Exactly. This faggot doesn't know what he's talking about. And doesn't know the difference between your and you're.
Like I said, depends on the position. If the girl is on top, it's easy to drip out without them noticing, cause it's all wet down there anyway. If you're on top though, it'll drip down their ass crack and they feel that shit.
You're right, I don't have to lie. Sucks to be you.
Be me
be freshman in college
big sloot brings her cousin to come party with us
I get drunk with my friends. We eventually come back and see them outside my dorm. we follow them inside to a party. She and I lag behind. Stop at my door. Go inside. Fuck with my faggot nerd roommate in the bunk next to me. dgaf. Too drunk can't come.
Fast forward a few months. She comes back on campus. Less drunk this time. Decide not to fuck with my roommate watching this time. Take her to library. No one's there. Fuck on the couch. Dick won't stay hard with shitty condom so I go to the bathroom and take it off. Come back and blow a load in her while she's on top. Not sure if she noticed... Probably should have told her to get plan b or something. Got lucky though no babby for me.
Love that this anon took up my cause.

Additionally, they feel you cumming in them. If they pretend they don't its because they either wanted the load


You cum like a baby
> Be 18
> 5 of my friends, me and my gf all camping in my backyard
> get super shitty and smoke a ton of weed
> have sex with my gf in the same tent as the rest of them
> play strip poker
> spread my girls legs for everyone to see
> everyone starts touching her tits, and kissing her
> sucks my friends cock for 10 seconds max
> I tell them thats enough
> wake up in the middle of the night to rustling
> gf and friend no where to be found
> walk out to my driveway all sneakily
> spy at the end of the driveway my gf getting fucking pounded by my friend in his truck
> walk into my house and bathroom, crack the window right next to the truck to try to hear
> hear everything, shes moaning so loud and I can tell shes getting it good and raw
> its all over and I sneak back into the tent
> both of them come back 5 minutes later
> she thinks I dont know

Im secretly a cuck and I dont care.
File: cumslut.jpg (78KB, 717x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
78KB, 717x960px
pic related
>go to club and having a good time, get pretty tipsy with this chick i met at the club
>after buying her a couple of drinks shes all on my shit says she wants to fuck in the parking lot.
>she slips a condom on me, hate condoms not so great.
>she says lets do it from the back. she kind kneels infront of me and pulls her pants down to her knees.
>while im looking at her ass and her face looking out the side window i think, well fuck it.
>slipped that bad boy off and as quickly as i could went balls deep. busted my load as deep as i could.
>right after i busted my load i said oh shit someone sees us.
>both rush our clothes back on shes pulls her pants up wicked fast, we laugh and go back into club..
>be sexing with gf in bedroom with lights off
>put my penis inside and pull out repeatedly
>make sex sounds and feels good
>ready for the squirt
>look into her eyes but see nothing because so dark with lights out
>my hips begin to buck as I chuck my muck
>feel so tricky as I make my escape
>baby load ftw
Not likely, but most pls
File: 1274191134238.jpg (3KB, 152x140px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3KB, 152x140px
>>my hips begin to buck as I chuck my muck
I had this socially awkward neighbor girl who lived 2 houses away. We never talked for the first 20+ years of our lifes until she added me on Facebook about 3 months ago. She messaged me and eventually asked me about one of my exs who she knew. She then proceeded to ask me some weird ass questions such as "have you had sex with any of your exs?" and "did any of your girlfriends moaned?". She then revealed to me that she was a virgin. She also admitted that she has always been attracted to me, even though she rarely saw me. I straight up told her to sneak out of her house and come over to my place (she has very strict parents). She considered it but was too scared to actually do it. I told her I could pick her up after one of her classes and she accepted. The day came and I took her to a cheap motel. She told me to wear a condom, but I took it off once I started ramming her from behind. I cummed balls deep inside her. Cum oozed out and ran down her leg when she stood up. Shit was so cash. She didn't get mad, or maybe she did, who knows (she was very 'subservient'). I took her to CVS to get the Plan B pill afterwards.
>friend and I decide to try anal
>"You want me to pull out when I blow?"
>work it in, idiot 16yo didn't know you needed lube
>what, it was before the internet, and my dad sure wasn't going to buy me gay porn
>anyway, get going, starts feeling real nice
>gonna blow
>fuck it, cream that colon
>he wasn't pissed, blew one in me ten minutes later
>Be married fag.
>Get wife preggers - we both wanted a child.
>Hang on 4chan, fapping to lots of stuff.
>Focus on preggo porn which makes her more attractive; avoid nonpregnant bitches
>Start digging impregnation, pulsating cocks, creampies, lactation
>Start having fantasies about forced impregnation - wife, sisterinlaws, neighbors, wife studding me to friends
>Seems like my nuts start over producing
>Doctor and family warn us about waiting a few months for next kid (her health, two toddlers is hard, etc)
>we had stop at some point in the 9mths
>BJ's and handjobs stop :(
>Has baby femanon - myprecious
>Start fucking wife again - big milky titties, miracle pussy is tight as fuck (ob/gyn even says that)
>Mention cumming in her
>She resists but I know we both want more kids
>Use condom, remove during sex, cum on tits, ass, face
>Still jerking to impregnation, bigtime want to create more progeny, don't care anymore
>Stop jerking/start edging and saving
>Heavy swollen balls
>Plan to do it next few times
>Next two times
>Endup missionary, balls deep, pinned her by the shoulders, look her in the eyes, ramming it and tell her, "take my cum baby"
>She resists at first, closes her eyes and I unload
>She's rolled up so I can feel my dickhead is on her cervix
>Second time, wake up family is staying over
>Start jerking off, playing with her panties off
>Fuck that shit, she's comes (she always does; lucky me)
>Turn that shit over and start pounding
>Get super fucking hard
>Push her head down, ramming
>Feel cervix again, trips me, gonna blow
>Shout "I'm gonna fucking cum in you and give you my child!"
>"Please, do it! I don't care!"
>I lock up on her hips and drive that shit in
>She cums again
>She regrets; doesn't want to have kid so soon
>Couple weeks later, breastmilk dries up
>She can't make it come back
>She takes test:
>New baby is due this week, no lie.
>Feels awesome knowing that this child is my choice, not hers. I gave it to her.
Your not pissed at all at your friend?
File: 23.jpg (80KB, 960x706px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
80KB, 960x706px
don't have much to choose from but here you go
Babies aren't a choice. They are a gift from God.
Ha. Ha. Ha.
Bitch on the right look like Amy Poehler
yeah, apparently she would take freshman guys back to her room a lot and manrape them. They were asking for it.
File: 29.jpg (285KB, 2048x1536px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
285KB, 2048x1536px
just cuz i love you /b/
Came in a girl after promising not to. Oh well felt good man. She was angry even though she came super hard after I busted in her. Continued to fuck. Continued to get bitched at for cumming inside her. Stopped seeing after a while. No pregnancy = win. Fast forward a year. See her at mall with new guy. Visably pregnant. Dudes probably just like me. Was getting bareback sex on the regular and now he's stuck with a preggo chick. It's not me so haha
best feeling ever
Cumming in a girl is the best feeling ever.
hell no, my biggest fantasy is for my gf to cheat on me like the little slut I knew she was, and my friend helped me realize that dream by being drunk and a pos. I came so hard that night and cum hard all the time thinking back to how she did that
I didn't think I'd be able to bother telling this story, but here we go:

>be me aged 20, young and fit
>I'm fucking 10 times more spergy than I am today, and that's saying something because I'm spergy even now
>meet girl at a kendo (Japanese sword fighting) club - let's call her Jane
>half Asian, reclusive, one of those girls with "permanent pimples" but she was pretty cute overall
>first thing I say to her is "so you swords huh?". Yes, word for word. She gave me this look that made me want to die on the spot, and she wasn't even hot.
>get to know each other over the weeks
>club chats for like 20 mins after training
>the sensei's kids come up. Jane mentions she doesn't like kids
>somehow I'm good at this Japo sword shit, get selected for the amateur squad for the inter-college games
>Jane selected too
>Games are on coast, "pro" and we "amateur" (Dan and Kyu for kendofags) squads hang out on beach
>holyshit Jane looks good in a bikini
>erection intensifies
>We finish the competition (I was terrible)
>head over to a kendo guy's house (from a different club) for a house party.
>get super drunk while eating KFC
>I sit down on a couch, fucking bloated and wasted.
>ohfuck my hand landed on Jane, she was sitting there.

continued next post
File: omgomgomg.jpg (11KB, 265x297px)
11KB, 265x297px
>holy shit she's nuzzling up to me
>first kiss since my 18th birthday, yay I'm not a sperg anymore
>we head to the back yard, she slurs something about condoms
>pretend I didn't hear. I'm a virgin loser, you think I carry condoms?
>I take off her pants, touch my first pussy.
>try to lick her, pretty drunk so I don't think she enjoyed it much. Almost puked on her too
>"fuck it, I'm going in"
>push my dick in, cum instantly.
>she starts screaming at me
>everyone comes outside and sees us
>mfw Sensei sees me struggling to pull up my pants, gives a "son I am disappoint" look
>mfw it was the most awkward plane trip home ever
>mfw I haven't been back to training since

I actually FB messaged her a week after and luckily she didn't see it as rape, she agreed she overreacted and we were both drunk. You fag scare me shitless with rape accusation stories. But yeah after all my friends seeing that I just couldn't bring myself to return. I enjoyed kendo :(
Haha your a dumb ass. Enjoy when she leaves you because she now resents you forever and you start paying that child support
Oh forgot the most important thing, she said she didn't believe in abortions on FB even though she hated kids, so if she got preggers I'd be stuck paying child support or something. Thank fuck the test came back negative.
Hahahaha holy shit, thanks for the laughs, anon. Got a pic of her?
Save the Facebook picture of her and paste it into MS paint, then draw a few scribbles on the corner or something so that TinEye won't be able to trace the photo.
>/b/ me doggy styling
>creamie pies without telling
>9 months later a father
>regret cream pie
why in the everliving fuck would you blur out the face on an anonymous image board?
Didn't say to blur out the face. I specifically said to draw a tiny scribble on the corner of the photo. As in literally, draw a tiny line with a paintbrush.
File: jane.png (91KB, 282x293px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
91KB, 282x293px
Here, sorry for the face scribble but would rather not have someone contact her and bring up the drama again.
Be me
> Have cute girlfriend
> marry girl. Big mistake. Girl dirty but only wants my man milk in her face/tits
> Get bored as married man
> meet girl at work
> things progress to the fuck
> she loves me coming inside her
> shit is cash
> wife finds out. Leaves
> impregnate new girl
> mfw
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Thread images: 10

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