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ITT: Stories of giving creampies to girls without their knowledge/consent.

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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ITT: Stories of giving creampies to girls without their knowledge/consent.

I need to fap here, people!
bump for interest
ITT: Phillipines

Not sure how this is really fappable but

>couple years ago
>qt3.14 Asian chick flirting with me all the time
>she wants the D
>have gf though
>then I don't
>decide to get out of town just to get away a bit
>tell qt she's coming with me
>couple hours drive, staying in DC
>get up to hotel room

Continuing in a minute, just now typing all this.
File: 1408458449053.jpg (34KB, 377x351px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
34KB, 377x351px

>giving a girl a creampie without their knowledge/consent

>close the door, throw my shit down
>she walks ahead of me to bedroom area
>take a few steps, look at her, she's staring back at me
>she's the religious type, not the type at all to get down and dirty
>about a 7/10, but a really cool person over all
>a little extra cushioning all around her body
>B cup tits, stands maybe 5' 2"
>silence for ten seconds
>then I attack her, withing a minute she's naked and I'm down to my undershorts

Stand by.
>a little extra cushioning all around her body
Boner lost.
>Anal sex with gf.
>Cum in ass.
>"That's hot, anon."

>Normal sex with girlfriend.
>Cum in pussy.
>"Oh fuck yes."
>Get plan b in the morning, no worries.
>Goes on the pill so I can always creampie her.

>Cheating on gf with primary school sweetheart.
>Riding cowgirl.
>About to cum, tell her to move.
>She doesn't.
>Creampie without my consent.
>Find it harder to cum ever since, don't want a 2 month pregnancy scare again.

All of these are boring stories that don't really have an exciting ending, whoops.

>making out
>fingering her
>she's gasping for air
>kissing her neck... then her tits... then her stomach... teasing her until...
>she shoves my face into her pussy
>best tasting pussy I've ever licked
>one finger inside her, sucking her clit into my mouth
>she's screaming
>I need her. Now.


I just mean she's not rail thin like most Asian chicks.


>hold her legs open as I move up from her pussy
>dick is diamonds
>face to face with her, eyes locked
>she knows what's about to happen
>put my cock on her pussy
>my head gets soaked in an instant
>only takes two thrusts before I'm balls deep in her
>every thrust makes her gasp and moan
>never felt a pussy this wet
>she's screaming
>oh man this bitch is gonna make me cum
>slow down
>slow sensual fucking, pull her body up close to mine
>kissing, thrusting
>ask her where she wants it

>Riding cowgirl.
>About to cum, tell her to move.
>She doesn't.
>Creampie without my consent.

God damn that is some scary shit right there.
Meant to quote >>595848109
I've banged 9 chicks in my life time and would cream pie every one. Only got one preg which is my wife
There's an Asian girl who lives above me. Whenever she leaves I cum all over her doorknob and rain boots in the hallway.
What about the other ones that didn't marry you? What happened with them? Were they on the pill or what?

>"just not inside me"
>tell her to ride me and that I'll push her off and cum on her pretty little face when I'm ready
>I'm lying back, she's around me
>going up and down
>I'm pinching her nipples and squeezing her tits about as hard as I can
>this turns her on. And me.
>she's cumming again
>holy shit can't hold back this time
>faster and faster, dick's never been this hard
>explode inside her, dick is throbbing and squirting my seed deep inside this chick
>draining out, making everything super slick
>hold her by the hips and pull her down onto me
>stay inside her for a few minutes with her collapsed on top of me
>no pregnancy scare... that I know of...

She was a great fuck.
>Taking math test.
>Creampie without my consent
A few years ago I was in the navy on a ship. I was on the mid watch with this other girl, us being engineers have many places to hide. After flirting for a while we settle for a quick fuck. Coveralls are great for quickies. I get my rubber on and she's bent over and rubbing her pussy. Knowing she's a boat how, I pull out and take the condom off and continue to plow this bitch. I get near the point of no return and I slam my cock in her pussy going balls deep, shoot about half of my load,i grab my dick a squeeze it to revent more cum from wasting more. I pull out and pretend i still have the condom on and aim aso she swallow my cum. Never suspected I came in her and ended with chlamydia.

Girl in pic
Did she get pregnant? Which one of you got chlamydia from the other?
>Lost virginity to girl
>It's her second time having sex with me and I toke her virginity
>She's riding me like crazy
>Not wearing condoms because I can't feel shit with it on
>Told her to move off me when I'm close
>She obliges
>Soo close
>Keep telling her to slow down or I'll cum inside her
>She's like in a trance not listening
>Cum inside her for what felt like minutes

Now afterwards I'm really happy that she's not a crazybitch, becoming a father at 20 would suck.
>be me 17yo virgin
>bro talks about how his gf makes him wear condoms because she's not on pill.
>he's most experienced of our group and talks about how good it feels to cum in a girl without a condom.
>his gf starts flirting with me over a period of months.
>she's at my aunt's house to grab a coat she left in my car weekend before.
>she seriously starts raping me. pulling my hair and making out.
>pulls my pants down and rams her shaved pussy onto my dick
>tells me to let her know when I'm gonna come.
>Mfw bitch I already came
>Hfw what?
fast forward two months
>bro tells me his gf got pregnant and he had to pay for abortion
fast forward 15 years
>bitch msg me on fb and tells me she told him a couple weeks ago.
>Mfw I just saw him at a BBQ last weekend.

He didn't say shit; didn't do shit.

alpha became beta
Never did get pregnant, wouldn't care if she did.
I got chlamydia from her, she didn't get pregnant but we fucked for about a year, but so did 1/2 of the guys on the ship, a total whore. I heard she ended up getting "raped" by a bunch of marines after I got out of the navy
Found another pic of her
Jesus Christ, man. He probably didn't tell you anything because he was either ashamed of it or didn't give a shit.
I used to fuck my ex while she was sleeping pretty frequently. Loved cumming inside her asshole while she was snoring away. Always wondering if she had any idea the next day, shitting out my cum from the night before

>lying on the internet
why would I lie?
it was a whole lot easier fucking her ass while she was asleep anyways lol nice and relaxed and no whining about it

someone's gonna wake up if you shove a dick in their ass dude
Have fucked many girls bareback with the promise of pulling out. But cum inside with a grunt. Get yelled at "I'm not on birth control/ i barley know you /etc
Whatever. Feels good man.
(Can't green text yet. I'm a newfag)
it did happen a time or 2 but it was really pretty easy, start with a lick, stick a finger in, wait for a response, spit on her asshole and proceed to slowly push my dick in, cant just shove it in out of nowhere man. Once its in it was relaxed and easy, could even get in farther than she would let me while she was awake doing it
just put a > at the beginning of the line.

no biggie.

nice one/10 if bait.
You were that kid on the school bus that claimed they were mauled by a tiger once and used an open heart surgery scar as proof.
lmao alright. People will sleep thru a lot if its gradual
Do any of them get pregnant? Do you ever watch it leak out?
What's a creampie?
mines not very interesting, but it actually happened

>meet this chick at a bar
>solid 7.5
>pull my moves and go back to her place
>start business
>get naked
>eating her out
>shes jerking my flaccid cock
>do you have a condom?
>of course - im always safe (i was serious)
>get inside the jimmy
>get inside her
>she is the tightest ive ever experienced
>surprising for someone who fucks strangers
>she is also the wettest ive ever experienced
>every time i pull out, there are strands of natural juice attached to my dick
>The smells are glorious - fucking intoxicating
>I dont know names of positions, but im fucking her
> its basically missionary but im straddling her left leg, with her right leg over my shoulder.
>im slamming the absolute shit out of her
>starts to feel different, scratchy, hindered
>it passes, nvm
>holy shit, i didnt last much longer, im really close all of a sudden
>don't have to be a genius to work it out from here
>condom has come off inside her , I blow my load entirely in her and fucking BURY my dick full length, thinking im protected
>pull out, dont notice in the afterglow
>she reaches down after a minute and pulls a cum covered franger out of her cooch
>her insides are basted
>she isn't happy
>i apologise and laugh
>its not funny - i use protection for a reason! dont buy big condoms if theyre just gonna come off!!
>i grab my shit and told her I have HIV
>well actually I said 'dont worry i dont have anything anymore." then asked her "you dont have HIV do you?"
>she says no - i go, "thank fuck , i don't wanna get that shit again".
>walked out

probably didnt believe me, but it was funny anyway.
>be 15
>gf of almost a year now
>almost fucked her before she went away for the summer
My parents came home earlier so I was left blueballed and virgin that day, had to wait for a couple more months.
>fast forward
>she's naked on my bed
>we fought the previous days about trivial shit
>not really because virgins
>start slowly, pound like a motherfucker when she feels finally comfortable
>hear parents come home early AGAIN
>mind goes between abandonship.png or fuckitletsgo.gif
>"I'm cumming"
>"Not inside"
>"Don't worry I got the money"

That's the setting and reasoning for the first time I creampied a girl. Obviously she didn't understand my autist way of hinting towards the pill.
Too bad I didn't have a phone nearby, her confused face and spunked up pussy were priceless.
>be night manager at shitty cafe
>owner only want to hire high school girls because he can get away with paying them shit wages
>be me 30 surrounded by lots of tight teen girls. forbidenboner.jpg
> one particular girl is always getting close, brushing her tits against me, giving me bedroom eyes whenever I get the chance.
>One night it's time to dole out tasks. Put bedroom eyes on tables, and then bathroom duty on close.
>at close, go check on her in shitty, one room, unisex bathroom.
>Bedroom eyes pulls me in and closes the door, says she has something to ask me.
>"can I suck your cock?"
> All I can think to say is: "Now?"
> She takes that as a yes and get on her knees and starts fumbling with my belt, my cock is already swelling, all I can focus on is how wet her mouth looks.
>Before I can say another word, my cock is beep in her mouth, she's sucking it like a champ, it's all I can do not to unload in her face
>My cock is aching, as she sluprs aways at it. I've got to feel how tight her pussy is.
>I pulled her up and bent her over the sink- I could see her face in the mirror.
>Her round ass pops out as I yank her jeans down, and my hand finds the sopping spot between.
>"You have protention?"
>"Yes", I lie
> I don't even pretend to put on a condom, and I start to tease the head of my cock into her pussy.
>She knows, I can tell by the look of shock and pleasure on her face, but she doesn't ask me to stop.
>I slide my cock in as far as it will go, she whimpers and gasps in pleasure- it's like sheathing it in warm silken sunshine, gripping it, milking it.
>I don't last long, a few quick strokes and I cum. She says something, but I don't hear her, all I can focus on is my cock throbbing inside her, letting every drop seep into her.
>help her finish cleaning bathroom
Any aftermath? Did she tell anyone? Did you keep fucking her?

>my cock is beep in her mouth
Pro Tip....if you want to raw dog a chick, lube up the condom with mineral oil..the condom will break/disolve, and your load will streak forth into the vagisphere
I forgot to mention she was a clown
These stories gave me a boner. Now that I'm back from fucking my gf, I'll share my own in thanks.
>6 Years ago. Was 20ish.
>I got this neckbeard friend that has been inviting me over to his vampire LARP shit for a long time.
> Best friend
> I cave and go one weekend.
>20 person house party. Everyone's excited to see a new face
>Shit's boring and stupid
> Suddenly I see this hot little thing playing with the rest.
My sides you fucking faggot
>be me
>walking home from bar pretty wasted
>see a qt3.14 struggling to open her front dokr
College campus
>ask if she needs any help
>says yes so I take the keys and open the door on less than 5seconds
>as soon as the door opens she runs inside back to what I assume was her bedroom
>I walk back to give her the keys
>she's getting naked on her bed and telling me to hurry up and fuck her
>has me put a condom on
>fucking her furiously
>Condom rips, mfw
>keep going, notice there's some blood in the area
>eventually bust a massive load in her pussy
>she's drunk and confused and lying there with cum dripping out of her pussy spread-legged wondering why she's all sticky down there

Shit was so cash
File: 1403969990956.jpg (112KB, 660x631px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>I ask my friend about her
>She's usually on/off dating some douche who's not there tonight.
>They just broke up again a few weeks ago.
>7/10 Big forehead but nice eyes/lips
>Wearing goth red and black corsett but doesn't need it cause shes really petite and skinny with barely C cup titties.
>Just my type.
>I'm shy but I introduce myself and talk to her a few times during the night.
>She doesn't come much and felt left-out by the hardcore players.
>Keep her company
>Night wears down and people leave
>Flirting and touching each other on the couch.
>Suggest if she's cold she should sit on my lap for warmth and we can talk about the first thing that pops up.
>She does it.
>Grinding session! HOLY FUCK it feels good.
File: 5d1.jpg (302KB, 500x468px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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continue anon

>be me, 20, dating 19 yo girl
>shes small, gets drunk a lot, and doesn't put out much
> one night, shes passed out just wearing panties
>start fingering her while she is on her side, butt towards me
>wettest pussy ever, cock is throbbing and diamond hard
>start stroking, cock is gonna explode
>slide about half way in, point of no return
>lay huge 6 day load in her, no bc, no prob
>"thank fuck , i don't wanna get that shit again"

File: 1387596068369.jpg (211KB, 1016x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>We start making out
>She tastes great
>The party host is a weird bro building a torture chamber in his basement.
>I remember hes got a spare bed down there.
>We go downstairs
>Get half naked and shit
>So hard
>She stares at my dick looks really surprised for some reason.
>I'm 7 and a half inches long and shaped like a fat sausage thats way thicker at the end.
>She gets a big shit-eating grin.
>She feels shes in for a treat apparently.
>She starts giving me a blowjob
>Then I start fingering her and sucking on her clit.
>She squirms and writhes like crazy, moaning loud.
>People up stairs asleep probably can hear it.
>Don't even care
>Get a condom out
File: Samantha rone.gif (2MB, 300x144px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Samantha rone.gif
2MB, 300x144px
I know I got some kids out there somewhere

>Be me in Spain on a cross Europe trip before going to Uni 4 years ago
>Being from Cali and growing up in Orange county I take my surfboard with me and try to surf as many beaches as I can
>Anyways be in Spain with my buds one night in our hotel
>Notice super QT maid
>"Ruom Service?"
>Come in
>Beautiful brunette beauty
>Her name was Raquel 17 year old maid
>Try flirting with her and she instantly buys into it
>Assuming I'm some rich american and she can use me to get citizenship

Long of the short of it cum inside her 3 times that night and 1 more time that morning before we flew off to France and in France some 22 year old college girl came inside of her too

When I went to south America that winter and hit Australia

just all around unprotected sex and the only thing I ever caught was Syphilis. Most of my unprotected sex girls were between 17 and 28

but this one Aussie girl. Good god Ill never forget those moans and record 8 times cumming inside her. No doubt I got an Aussie kid running around out there somewhere.

gif semi related, she looks like Samantha rone
>Fucking gf
>Not on birth control, so using condoms
>In doggy position, when I'm about to cum
>Ask her where she wants it
>"Cum in my ass"
>Spit on ass hole, and finger it to prepare her as best I can (Seriously guys, don't just try and ram it in. You'll never get it again)
>Take condom off and try to get in
>Extremely close. Time was short so she was still pretty tight
>Cock head slips and slides into pussy
>"Wrong hole!"
>Spurt inside her twice before I can pull out
>Sprayed the back of her head as I pull out
>Both pissing ourselves laughing over her pussy being the "wrong hole"
Got plan b, and to this day I remain childless. This amusing anecdote is still laughed about to this day.
Did you ask them permission to cum inside them?
What were their reactions when you did?
How many girls did you creampie total?

The europoors and South Americans assumed I'd wife them up and some of them didn't care about unprotected sex all they asked

>"Are you clean?? Swear on your mother and father and your soul"

Their reactions just


In Europe between Spain and France

Like 4?

UK 1

Italy so fucking easy to fuck Italians unprotected so repressed some of them, like 7

South America

Brazil, 3
Argentina, 1
Uraguay 1
Peru, infecting those dark skinned native bitches with my white seed, 5

Australia, just that one Aussie girl

Philippines just 1, that one was scary soon as I creamed her she told her family and I had to get the hell out of dodge.
File: 1388898073526.jpg (514KB, 3999x2589px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
514KB, 3999x2589px
Sorry i'm not the best story-teller so I'm putting some thought in how to bring that night to life.

>Finally get completely naked.
>Her tits are a dream
>Absolutely perfectly shaped with adorable light pink perfect nipples.
>Her pussy's pretty fucking ideal too. Perfect little slit with no discoloration or lose lips. I think she was probably 19 or 18.
>I line it up
>Shes moaning my name
>More resistance...Its not going in.
>I keep pushing and lubing her up with spit but shes just too fucking small and tight.
>I freak out
>I suggest no condom to make it a little easier to go in.
>I ask if shes on birth control
>She says "No, but its fine". She tells me she's been trying to get pregnant with her last boyfriend for months with no luck.
>She says there's no way she's gonna get pregnant so just go for it as long as I don't cum inside.
1 of 5

>at bar every other night after work or so
>been working on a jap/hawaiian chick that I'd see every time for weeks
>no more than 5' tall, 100lbs.
>finally get her to go back to her place
>she seriously filled the bathtub and bathed me
>both of us in it naked and she's rubbing me down
>hot as fuck, get out and on her bed
>69 her tight little body until I'm about to blast
>get her to spin around and push balls deep into her pussy. omfg. she hadn't been fucked in a long time!
>only thrusted 3 times before she looks back and says don't cum in me, fuck my ass instead
>OMG, she shouldn't have said that... those words boiled my nuts
>blasted deep in her cunt, left, started going to a different bar.
>Italy so fucking easy to fuck Italians unprotected so repressed some of them
Can you elaborate?

Also, youngest girl you creampied?
>I don't wanna get that shit again
After you came inside her, did she give any sort of response or reaction? Did you literally just rush out right after it without turning back?

For the most part Italians are super religious and when you show them, especially being from America. You're this legendary American man that women Fantasize about. The fact we're stereotyped as violent fucking animals. Some of them fucking love that and automatically assume we're animals in bed. But it depends how you play it. Cause if you flaunt that shit you will attract negative attention. ALOT OF IT

Youngest creampie was 17 and that was in Spain
I don't know what I was thinking but I had a coworker with daddy issues who was a fuck buddy. She was in the process of selling her eggs and was on fertility meds. She also had a rape fetish and wanted me to take her unexpectedly. So one time when she was sleeping, I made my move. Roughly fucked the shit out of her.. Got caught up in the moment and creampied her pussy. I could of ended up with shit ton of unwanted kids.
Thread posts: 66
Thread images: 9

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