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alright /b/ i've got a story for you i can't convince

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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alright /b/ i've got a story for you
i can't convince you this is real so you'll just have to have some faith
hopefully you'll just enjoy some OC
this all came to an end about two weeks ago
i've spent some time typing this up to help get over it all
i can't really tell anybody and i remembered you faggots from my younger days
i'll post the next chapter every five minutes and try to answer the first few legitimate questions between.

whats going on here op

dont be a faggot
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>be me
>lived in the same town my whole life
>finished high school
>half of a college education
>get a chance at a career and follow that instead
>it works out really well
>I'm the american dream and shit
>own a reasonable townhouse with an affordable mortgage
>drive a nice enough car
>i'm pretty frugal…i like cash in the bank more than things
>decent job at $65k/year
>life isn't too bad
>i live in a bum fuck south east murica town
>life is shit
>nothing to do
>not a lot to work with in the female category
>older town
>local natives
>the reddest of necks
>so many trucks
>"olive garden is fancy" types
>fuck me
>this is where i'm going to die
>eating shitty pasta with a community college nurse for a wife
I'm at least mildly intrigued

>come to terms
>buy my rebel flags
>start looking at dodge rams
>think i might get a pit bull
>maybe pick out a sweet double wide trailer
>then it happens
>the company i work for has job opening
>it's a step up the ladder
>major metro area
>other side of country
>oh shit nigger
>this is my chance
>apply for position
>cross my finger
>offered job
>$20k/year raise and moving costs up to $7,500
>for real?
>for fucking real, dog
>rally the troops and have one last shindig
>drinks are had
>goodbyes are said
>townhouse is on the market
>truck is loaded
>papers are signed
>here i go to my new life in the big city
what could go wrong?
i feel like this isnt getting anywhere....
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>spend six crazy months in the perfect apartment
>i should have never left
>in the heart of downtown
>5-10 minutes from work
>i'm busy as shit
>job training
>60 hour work weeks
>looking for a house
>the city is so huge
>the women are everywhere
>the drugs are so clean
>oh, man
>the drugs
>i fucking love drugs
>in a bum fuck town we don't get this stuff
>but here?
>the coke isn't stomped all over
>the weed is grown without dirt
>the shrooms are fresh
>this city is so alive
>i'm so alive
>you name it you get it
>i've never seen so many bars in one place
>its all just so overwhelming
>this is heaven
>i'm definitely going to die if i keep it up
>I'm not 21 anymore
>i need to slow down
>dumb move
>i should have just died there
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>finally find a house in the burbs
>i like it enough
>really nice area
>15-20 minutes to work
>5-10 minutes to downtown area
>but jesus they're close together
>i grew up on 10 acres of land not fucking .25
>its settled
>start moving in
>the neighbors are cool
>one's a lesbo couple that drive old subaru's
>enough said
>we don't talk much
>the other side
>they're the ones i wish i'd never met
>mid forties three kids and a dog
>pops introduces himself
>actually helps me move some bigger stuff
>once I'm settled they invite me over for dinner
>super cool people actually
>pops likes to shoot pool
>has a little dive bar in his basement
>private getaway if you will

>four stools and a little bar top
>bottled beer
>this bourbon in an unmarked bottle
>and a really, really nice table
>got a pretty good game on him too
>momma can cook like a pro chef
>a real mom's mom
>then there's the kids
>the youngest is a fucking spazz at 7
>pretty sure she was a mistake
>typical girl for her age except all the blow a suspect she's doing
>the next is a dude
>at 16 he's actually pretty cool kid for his age
>standard 16 shit; vidya, smarter than you, sports
>there's an oldest and she's not there but I've seen her
>19 years of mother fucking perfection
>it should be said that mom is puerto rican and pops is full fledged master race white
>she is the absolute perfect blend of the two
>perfect skin
>long dark hair
>white girl facial structure
>puerto rican ass
>great tits
>turns out she's in class
>home girl works during the day and goes to class at night
Puerto Ricans are the woooorst, but go on
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I smell, faggot.
comon OP

whats going on
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>fast forward a couple weeks
>me and the eldest have seen each other several times
>we both run in the morning
>I'm usually coming back when she's leaving
>we both have pools out back
>it's pretty typical here
>see her when i'm cleaning mine out
>side note
>fuck a pool, man
>too much work
>back to this bitch
>stretched out in the sun
>always wears these brightly colored bikinis
>against her skin i can barely handle it
>keep your dick down
>think about grandma porn
>never make a move
>she's my neighbors daughter
>probably annoying at 19 anyway
>jesus she's hot though
i can't help it

stick around

that's how i felt

i can't help that this will be slow to build. i'm not sorry

as it turns out, puerto ricans are nuts

this guy gets it

we're all faggots here asstard

minor setback...i had to smoke a cigarette
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>pops and i occasionally shoot pool during the week in the evenings
>you know what?
>bring the fam to my house for dinner pops
>i worked a grill in high school
>i've got some kitchen skills
>they graciously accept and come over
>all of them
>I officially meet the oldest
>even her name is hot
>so I'm slanging some food and entertaining
>make a joke to pops about watching the grill
>i've got to rock a piss
>head to bathroom
>Camille is laid out on the couch watching tv
>has these tiny shorts on
>this little top thing
>my dick screams like 10,000 banshees

>rock a piss
>open bathroom door
>there she is
>right at the door
>"oh, I'm sorry. didn't know you were in there."
>"oh. uh. spaghetti."
>fuck me
>she giggles and slips past me while I'm still in the door
>did she just touch my dick?
>no way she touched my dick
>back to dinner
>everybody enjoys
>time to go
>i open the door because I'm a gentleman and shit
>mom rounds up the terror
>the boy never looks up from his phone
>camille is heading out
>"thanks for everything, can't wait to do it all again."
>"uh. me neither."
dude...get to the fucking point already. nobody cares about the details of your neckbeard fantasy.
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>everybody leaves but pops
>he stays for a couple beers and a fire on the deck
>it's a saturday night
>we're drinking, relaxing, and telling stories
>it slips he was kind of greasy when he was my age
>never goes into much detail
>congratulates me on being a straight arrow
>so we're shooting the shit
>having good times
>"anon, camille was really excited to come over tonight."
>"huh. she seems real nice. you raised a good one."
>"yeah. she's been watching to you. too shy to say anything. you better watch out."
>what the fuck am i supposed to say here?
>i force a laugh "haha, for her or for you?"
>what the fuck did i just say?
>pops looks at me with lasers.
>gets real quiet
>he's going to throw me in a lake with a cinderblock chained to my cock
>"both of us motherfucker."
>then he just laughs and laughs
>is this guy fucking with me?
>he goes right back to normal
>we laugh some more
>we finish up the beer and he heads home to bang his wife
>i go beat off and think about his daughter
>what a wonderful world
Details are what make a good story, continue OP
I like the story OP keep on keepin on
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>it's monday and i'm heading out for my run
>i love running because i get high first
>that's my weekly morning routine
>take a bong rip
>pop in my headphones
>go for a run
>go to work
>those are my steps for success
>anyway, i'm heading back and as always camille pops out
>this time she stops and asks me when i'll be back from work
>"i don't know 4-4:15"
>"great. i have class at 5:00, i'll drop off a treat on my way out"
>my dick
>so i get home and Camille pops almost instantly out of their door
>she has a little basket covered with a towel
>she walks over
>i let her in while i put my work shit down
>"mom just finished these for you. they're homemade dessert empanadas"
>think the taco bell dessert…only better
>she's got to go
>she get's to the door
>"anon, do you think that i'm attractive"
>not pretty, but attractive, the wording strikes me as odd but i don't know why
>"yeah, you're gorgeous, you're gonna make some guy really happy one day."
>that came out way to easy…huh…go me
>"it's gonna be you."
>she closes the door and walks away
>i go to my bedroom and furiously masturbate in confusion
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>regular fucking day
>get up
>go to work
>go home
>I'm binge watching some netflix
>knocking back some beers before bed
>it's about 12:30
>my doorbell rings
>i throw on some pants and go to the door
>it's her
>you've got to be shitting me
>"i'm sorry…did i wake you up? i couldn't sleep and maybe thought you'd want some company."
>"uh…mumble…no it's cool...shouldn't you be at home?"
>"it's fine everyone's asleep. don't worry so much."
>she walks in like she owns the place and pops a bottle of partially empty wine out of my fridge
>"let's finish this together"
>"uh, sure, you're a little young for that. i really don't want to go to jail."
>she's already got it split into two glasses
>fast forward to the couch
>she's actually pretty cool
>the wine is gone
>i can tell she's feeling it
>fuckin kids, man. always a light weight.
>she throws a leg over me
>"prove to me you think i'm gorgeous."
>her body is so tight
>we're slobbering on each other like two fucking dobermans over a bone
>i'm feeling her up
>i've got her shirt off
>those fucking tits
>it hits me what's going on
>"nope. nope nope nope. you need to go home. this isn't happening."
>she's butthurt
>"fine. until next time."
>she throws on her shirt and leaves
>i tug one out and go to sleep
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>it's the next night and I'm shooting pool with pops
>we're two or three games in and he sits down at his little bar
>pours me a glass of bourbon
>we've never had the bourbon before
>as a matter of fact i don't think the level has ever changed in the bottle
>"take a seat"
>i sit and taste the liquor
>holy shit this is good bourbon
>we chat a little
>he tells me about his buddy with a little craft distillery
>it's where the bourbon comes from
>bourbon's gone
>"that's all we drink of this. that stuff comes rare. hope you enjoyed."
>"fucking awesome pops"
>he gets up and grabs his stick
>starts towards the table
>"i told you to watch out, buddy. be careful."
>he racks it up and we shoot some more pool
>he's aggressive with his game
>this is strange because he always has such finesse
>not this game
>we wrap up our evening
>i'm shaking in my metaphorical boots
>i don't wear fucking boots
>i head home
>ding dong
go on
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>i can't do this
>go to the door and of course it's her
>"hey Camille listen……
>she's already in the house
>"close the door"
>she's wearing a bathrobe
>was wearing a bathrobe
>i close the door
>there she stands in all her perfection in my living room
>butt fucking naked
>this little landing strip
>i can't not
>so i make the mistake
>we're fucking when she starts begging me to choke her
>this bitch is fucking crazy
>so i choke her
>we're fucking and it's unreal
>i finish on her stomach and she goes to clean up
>what a fucking mistake
>what an awesome fucking mistake
>she comes back in my room and straddles me
>"ready for round two?"
>she walks out and comes back with her robe
>drops it on the ground and produces what i know from experience as a baggy of cocaine
>she straddles me and lines one up on my chest
>we blow down the bag and fuck until the sun comes up
>she leaves
OP gunna die
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>it's friday morning and i haven't slept
>work is going to be a fucking shit show
>i call in sick
>fuck going to work
>it's 8:00am and i'm drinking a beer in an effort to slow down my heart
>i sleep all day and wake up to that god forsaken door bell
>guess who
>she's too happy
>she either has more coke or she's just 19
>all of my everything hurts
>she's explaining to me that she's getting ready to go to class
>it boils down to her parents inviting me over for dinner
>"yeah. yeah. absolutely."
>"great! see you at 7:30!"
>more sleep
>i wake up and have my shit/shower/shave at 7:00
>i look alright
>i stare into the mirror like they do in movies
>"let's do this thing"
>it doesn't help
>i head over and do the thing
>we eat
>we laugh
>the whole nine
>pops has got those fucking laser eye again though
>all night
>excuse myself a little early
>go home to sleep it off
>the rest of the weekend is fine
>just me and myself
Also I'm fapping here, not publishing your book. I don't need chapter titles
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>she's back again
>this time with a bottle of vodka
>we're on the couch drinking
>watching True Detective
>great fucking show, by the way
>moving forward
>there's a scene close to the end of season one
>i'm not going into detail for a number of reasons
>but anal is brought up
>she looks at me and drops the fucking bomb
>"i think i want to try butt stuff. let's get weird."
>butt stuff
>all of my yes
>she says it's because she wants me to blow my load inside of her
>this is her best solution
>i'm all the fuck about it
>she has a catch though
>i have to be tied up
>if i get to put it in her asshole she has to be in control
>this is not typical her behavior
>remember the whole choking thing?
>she's bat shit crazy 19 year old stunner
>she can do what she want
>so we fuck on the couch
>she goes to leave
>"you're fucking me in my ass tomorrow night."
>the door closes
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>so its thursday and we'll skip to the good part
>i have a sleigh bed
>if you don't know what that is go google it
>back yet?
>not a bed you can really be tied up on
>no worries though
>she's got a solution
>two long pieces of rope
>one has each end tied to a wrist and wrapped around the headboard
>the other follows suit with each end on an ankle and the foot board
>i'm impressed
>i also can't move
>butt stuff amiright?
>so i'm laying there naked and helpless
>this goddess slides over and starts to blow me
>i'm so pumped
>this is going to rule
>she goes to lube up my dick but something isn't quite right
>i can't really tell because i'm tied up…but it just doesn't feel right
>she pops up and walks out of the room
>stops at my doorway
>"i'll be right back"
>i sure as fuck hope so
>"hundred dollars says I'm still here"
>she giggles and slips away
>what the fuck is she doing?
>i hear the door open
>full fucking panic mode engage
>this bitch is leaving me here
>wait…no….oh fuck
>i hear her dad
>i hear all of them
>what the shit is happening?
>i'm struggling and i'm finding out how good she is with a rope
>they walk in
>all of them and it hits me what was wrong
>that wasn't lube she was squirting on my dick
>it was honey
>they're all goddam bears

Go on..
please don't give me a lackluster end like that. Even if they were bears, it makes no sense for them to even want to come in.
I should've known it was bears from the beginning . . .
That ending was terrible. 1/10
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10 out of fucking 10. that was pretty amazing OP. had a good kek
no fap, but good kek
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Thread posts: 44
Thread images: 20

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