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How many times did you get in a School fight?. >How was that?.

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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How many times did you get in a School fight?.
>How was that?.


>As expected
>BJJ on wrestling matt with class (with supply teacher)
>Supply dumb fag who is supposed to ref
>Put on rear naked choke
>Squeezing 3-4 seconds
>He's not tapping
>Passes out
>Has seizure
>Supply tries mouth to mouth
>Guy wakes up
>we still cool
>Thought I killed him
>>595610114 (OP)

I'm not a nigger
2-3 times
only time i lost was 1 vs 4 and they had to boot me in the nuts to keep me down
>Mainly 10th grade
>8 times won 6
>great cause of adrenaline
>sophmore in high school
>at "fun get to gether" som guys from school
>we all got stoned and fights was what was going on
>couple people before me
>dude challeges me because im lame and wore baggy tripp pants with the chains everyday
>i take out all my percings and glasses
>boxing gloves on cant see shit
>dude punches me over and over didnt get a single hit
>now my septum and nose literally crooked
Last two digits of my post are how many fights I got in. Think your tougher than me, faggot?

Once in elementary, fucked him up he shit himself I think. Once in high school, he was a raging Korean who I "disrespected his honor etc etc" so he got me up against a wall and landed some good ones on my ribs but I got him in the face a few times, I definitely lost that one though.
>13 year old me
>have 20 euro bill to pay for school trip
>dude in my class snatched it from my hand and (jokingly) started saying that now it's his bill
>I'm like yea right...
>he walks around with my fucking money
>I say come on stop joking give me back my money
>ahahahahahha I'm not, this is my money now
>Come on dude just give me back my money it's not funny anymore
>lol no
>Fine you keep that I will take your bag
>(it was in the floor next to me)
>I don't need my bag lol
>Oh yea right, so you don't mind if I start throwing your shit on the ground
>(start throwing his notebooks)
>fuck you get my shit off the ground or I don't return your money
>Fuck you I'm not getting your shit off the ground before you give me my money back
>OH YEA? start getting that shit or I rip your bill in half
>come on don't be a jackass just give me back my money
>(start tearing apart my money)
>Ok fine you know what, I'll collect half of your stuff, you give me back my money, and then I collect the rest
>(I start collecting his stuff)
>Ok give me back my money now
>(he walks to me and give the 20 euro bill back)
>(I throw the rest of his stuff in the ground and run like hell)
>(he's like a mad dog behind me, but I outrun him).

It was after class so I just got out of school through the back exit and made my way home. On the way I met some friends who heard/saw what happened, and told me I should just have punched him and what not for being such a clown.
he either beat your brains out or you should have stayed another year in school because you can't write English for shit.
>How many times did you get in a School fight?.
>>How was that?.
It was fine. (or "by not being a cunt", depending on what you mean by the question)
i didn"t fight in school
>>wake up one day feelin good
>brother needs a ride toa freinds house
>get in car get there freind is waiting for him
>he dont look happy
>i sit in the car and wait for him to go inside
>freind hits my brother in the head
>i jump out and swing a hambone at his temple
>fell over
>he gets up and tries to fight me but i just swoop in and give him an uppercut
>breaks his nose and loosens some teeth
>>go in for the kill.jpg
>smash his two front teeth with my fist of might and duck back in the car like this never happened
>my brother gets in the car and tells me to book it
>freind is right next to my car door
>he takes a sucker punch at my head
>two weeks later he shoots up my moms house
>fuck fighting
no really fuck fighting cuz just carry a piece from now on, me.
didn't know elementary counted
>too many
stayed too long in school they just wanted me gone cause im dyslexic and cant take the time to write
turns out he was a drug dealer and my brother owed him money if i wasn't there i dont know what they woulda done to him.
All the time

Stupid...alot of times i probably could have walked away
i got picked on pretty bad in 8th and 9th grade, got punched in the face a bunch of times but didn't man up until i moved. in 10th grade - senior year i did all my fights outside of school and won them all.
You're a faggot for caring when you could understand it well enough. Not everyone double checks their submissions.

You sound like you were quite the faggot.
Been in a fair few, first one was the most brutal in terms of damage. Back in primary school, kicked this kid in the back and ruptured his kidney. Didnt see him back at school for a month.
I think you're a bigger faggot than me.
I got in A LOT of fights at school because I was born with congenital anal atresia and was gay; a cruel destiny.
Outside of school had some more serious fights.

>used to live with hardcore druggies
>owed their dealer about $1000
>drug dealer broke into our house with a hunting knife
>broke his knee with a cricket bat and ran
None. Because everyone fucking loved me.

I wasn't a god damn autist in high school.
a serious fight? never
i got punched a few times and punched a few guys myself. i imagine a serious fight would be relentlesly bashing each other until one guy falls to the ground.
Almost got into one with a fat black guy who I legitimately mistakenly fouled in a basketball game.

The coach broke us up, and he fucking blamed it all on his nigger friends at the principal's office.
Claimed they had "boosted it up", meaning they got him riled up to fight me.

He literally lost every friend he had, since he was an obvious snitch.
4 in middle school
1 race riot in highschool
>was fun as fuck tbh
You'd have to hold that choke for long after he was passed out before it would kill him.

Unless you have a young Schwarzenegger's arms, you won't be able to crush the wind pipe with a rear naked choke.

Most strangling victim's were choked with someone on top of them, or choked from behind with a cord or bar of some kind.
Most people liked me, and the ones that didn't were band kids and skaters. I didn't play football, but for whatever reason I had at least 10 guys from the team that had my back if anything went down. I went schools that were 70-80% white, 10-15% Asian, and 5-15% other or close to that so fights were few and far between.

If you're mildly likeable and make friends, avoiding fights is easier than avoiding teen pregnancy.
>Me be
>Sophomore year
>Niggers think its funny to pants kids
>Nigger thinks its a great idea to pants me
>Everything goes down. Boxers and all.
>Pull up my pants
>Chase the nigger
>Grab him by the collar of his shirt
>Quick punch to the back of the dome
>Down for the count
>I get 1 day out of school suspension
>Nigger gets 1 week out of school suspension, 1 week in school suspension, and sexual assault
>White: 1 Niggers : 0
worse yet about 3 years after school needing a job I went through a temp service. got into this foundry that sucked dick but it was 12 and hour stunk like melted aluminum they worked 7 days a week. "imagin all that money" what do I see he was one of the temps hired in with me ha he got my job I was fired 3 weeks later for coming in drunk. not fired "let go"
You didn't fight the niggers in your school? Fucking pussy. I didn't take shit from anyone, especially the blacks and Ricans. Nearly got suspended once because I sucker punched a black and a rican that thought they could just cut in the lunch line. School said they provoked me after about 2 weeks of reviewing it all.
Once, my physics professor once thought that sound could travel through a vacuum.
Until I proved him wrong.
Never, but i did punch a guy in the face for having a big nose lol
None because im not a faggot
>first one wasnt much of a fight it was third grade kid punched me and i told on him.
>6th grade one hitter quitter.
>Thought he died.
>Went to office and told them I killed someone.
>8th grade Friends fucking with someone.
>He thinks its me
>tries to punch me but hits me in the ear so i let it go
>fucking with continues
>starts to walk briskly in my direction
>"whatcha gonna do hit me?"
>he swings
>like in a movie i put up my left arm to stop his hit and hit him with my right
>goes down and for some reason I decided it would be a good idea to keep hitting him.
>jammed a few of my fingers. broke his nose and jaw
>felt bad
>became friends
>none because I'm a pussy who couldn't stand up for myself

Only had one fight, to be honest it was amazing. When you step in and throw that first punch everything dissapears, you get this insane focus and its nothing but you and this dude across from you threatening your life, the feels are insane especially if you can remain calm and fully enjoy the whole experience, i recommend everyone has atleast one spontaneous fight in their life
>went to shittiest highschool in the state (aus)
>only got in two fights

Looking back most people there were pretty decent, even the junkie fuck ups.
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Never once got into a fight.

Went to a majority black high school. They were all too busy fighting each other, so none of them ever bothered me.

Honestly, out of all my grade school, the black majority school was the most chill. Never once got attacked for being white, and I made a decent amount of friends from all cultures and backgrounds (Haitian, Jamaican, Dominican, Puerto Rican, Colombian, Mexican, Thai)
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I got in a couple fights but one was particularly memorable.

>at lunch playing basketballs and win a game against some faggots.
>bell rings time for next class.
>faggot from other team wearing a cast thinks he's indestructabke with his arm cast.
>calling me out in front of people calling me a pussy
>tell him to quit being such a cock sucker
>he hits me with his cast on the back of my head
>turn around and grab motherfucker by his burner haircut.
>smash his head into a locker until he his bloodied and crying.
>his 6'2" friend comes out of nowhere
>my buddy who is a varsity linebacker for our school puts this jolly green giant to sleep in one punch
>buddies and I are all high fiving.
>tell kid to eat buckets of cum.
>my weird friend goes "I got a cum tissue in my bag"
>fuck it tell friend to pull it out of his bag and stick it in kids mouth
>we hold him down while he puts cum rag in kids mouth.
>teacher watches whole thing.
>we get suspended for a week.
>tottaly fucking worth it.

MFW typing this now
>first fight was when I was 14
>last fight when I was 18
>in between like 30
god damn
>Smallest person in my class, every year but one.
>Read a lot, tended to blow curve off tests, or finish my "busy reading" 10 minutes into class and either go to sleep or read my own book; there's a pic the 1st grade teacher took of me reading "Sally Dick and Jane" one minute, and the unabridged "Moby Dick" the next.
>Parents are both pro musicians, and don't let me do athletic stuff. Ever. Except for state-mandated gym class.

Easily over 50, if you count 3-5 people knocking me down and stomping on me as a "fight". Have matching scars on the palm and back of my hand from when a classmate put a knife through it to staple it to some playground equipment (4th grade) so I couldn't run away. Broken collarbone, 4 broken ribs, both my front teeth are fake.

>it's just rambunctious kids, anon. Maybe you should stop reading so much and join a sports team if you're tired of being picked upon. It's not my [principal's] job to police every little matter between kids.

Lasted until I was a sophmore in high school. Guy - a grade older than me - came up with two buddies and tried to hit me with an aluminum bat, because "only faggots read so much". I dodged back, controlled the weapon, kicked him in the knee, took the bat, and beat the shit out of him and his friends. Word got around, and I didn't get picked on anymore.

The moral of the story is:
>don't be small
>don't be smart
>don't stand out in any way
>if you're going to do any of those, the only thing your bullies will understand is blatant and overwhelming force
>Teach your kids responsible self-defense if they start getting fucked with, and support them against the school.
My kid's a super-early October baby. You're damn sure I'm going to hold him back a year to give him time to grow.
Where the fuck is your butthole
that's terrible, but still pretty fucking funny

10/10 job anon
yah ok
>be 16
>best friends parents are away so we throw a party
>about 60 people rock up, party runs pretty smooth, everyones fucked though.
>about 11am 2 shady as fuck niggers are sitting across the road just watching the party (this is aus, so they were tall super skinny africans that floated here on a door)
>one of our friends goes over to tell them to fuck off
>nigger says shut the fuck up, slaps friend in face
>see whole thing, drunken rage ensues
>run over, step in and throw a huge right, connects, right in his fuckn teeth
>he drops onto his ass and just sits there stunned
>his friend panicks and runs
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Never really had beef with anyone. One time I fought a friend in 4th grade cause he said something about my mom

That shit was a big deal back then

Remember him being on the ground for some reason. I started kicking him and ended up tearing his sweats. Probably the only real fight Ive been involved in.
None, but I remember organizing a few.
I got in over 200 fights before I left grade school. I knocked out the principles bitch ass too. They call me hammer hands and if any of you little bitches doubt it I will have the people who smoke meth behind my trailer run a search for your IP. They said they would do it for ten bucks.
high school,
group of guys approach me. i give them the finger because theyre trying to bully me and be dickheads.
on of them comes up and punches me in the abs. I shrug it off.
still laughing at them.
he then punches me in the nose and blood gushes everywhere.
I am still standing there but realize that i am outnumbered and pretty much hopeless as theyre all mysize and gangster types.
Continue to laugh at them out of sheer nerves, the group swears at me and walks away.
I got 2 black eyes from that punch, and it messed me up mentally for a few weeks, although it didnt make me flinch or knock me down i just stood there and took it.. the event sucked a lot.
I never got to meet the guy 1v1. i am now way too old to care
>science class
>ass wipe behind me keeps fucking with my shit
>flip out pull him out of chair put him over desk and wail on his chest for who knows how long
>sit down
>nobody says a thing

>different ass wipe fucking with my shit
>perpetual stupid smirk
>put him up against the building
>never fucked with me again

>smug ponytail asshole at work
>group meeting at work
>cut in front of him and shove door shut almost breaking his nose with almost whole company in line behind us
>sit down and eat donut
>no fucks given
i got owned by a girl in senior

If this had happened, it'd be all over social media. Or at least the news.
did you get a boner?
What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I barely graduated bottom of my class in high school, and I’ve been involved in lots of fights with little pussies, and I have been in over 300 organized fights. I am trained in street fighting and I’m the top cashie in the entire walmart company. You are nothing to me but just another pussy. I will wipe you on my ass with strength the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we talkin I am contacting my dealer and your weed is being laced right now so you better prepare for the shurm, faggot. The shurm that wipes out the itty bitty little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over three ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in drunken garbage man, but I have access to the whole storage facility at walmart and I will use it to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy GOD your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo.

>nigger 1 wakes the fuck up and bails too
>we return to the party, shit goes on as usual
>3am party is pretty much dead, few close mates chilling
>hear two cars pull up, and a bunch of dudes yelling
>we run out front and theres fucking 9 niggers stand in the driveway, one has a brick in his hand
>we're all scattered as fuck and tired but theres no other choice
>engage in 7v9 white vs black group fight
>nigger with brick hits mate and drops him, 2 of my mates jumped him instantly while the rest of us fought back to back
>remember 1v1ing a nigger before getting hit from the side
>after theyd had enough of a beating they just jumped in their cars and booked it
>we eventually found one of the houses they share with illegals and shit, we ran through it and wrecked everything then reported them
About 60 times. Won about half of them. Broke a few noses and blacked some eyes. Never had either. But one guy broke my face. I ended up trying to shoot him. Lucky for him I missed both times.
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Knives suck.jpg
68KB, 1280x960px

Late 1980s into the mid 1990s. Before phones and cameras were everywhere, and before zero tolerance and the charges for terrorism that undoubtedly have resulted from actually defending myself today.

Also, I'ma be very clear. I wasn't some ultra-badass beating the three guys up with a bat. I got very, very lucky, took them by surprise, and got my shots in before they could recover to run away or effectively fight back.

Another thing to add to that "don't be different list":
>Don't grow up in a rural area, or anywhere in the South or Midwest of the United States.

>Knife scars last a long time.
>ITT: nerds trying to be gangster
lucky for you u mean cause ud be the one getting buttfucked in jail
>There was a gang in my hs that would beat up anyone who was better than they were, just about everyone.
>I made the national rifle team for my age group and the pistol in the same fortnight and became their target.
>Two of them started following me around, name calling, throwing studs at me, being general asses.
>it escalated to pushing and tripping and than one punched me in the face.
>with full justification now, I proceeded to put them all down hard, thanks to the USMC hand to hand taught by May dad.
>Twenty years later I left the Corps and became a deputy in my home town, than sherif. I spend most of my time arresting that old gang for misdemeanours.
>knife scar
cool bro my dogs teeth left scars like that maybe i can make some shit up too
I have never been in a fight and honestly don't see the need to. Sure I have lots of regrets in my life, but looking back, getting in a fight is certainly not one of them.
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Thread images: 5

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