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So I heard you guys here at /b/ really like incest stories. I've

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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So I heard you guys here at /b/ really like incest stories. I've a story I been wanting to tell someone, but it's really sappy and long:
>be 12
>travel to upper Quebec for my grandfather's funeral
>my parents and I stay at my Uncles apartment/house thing after the funeral for consolation (they're always alone)
>meet up with male cousin (no homo, be a grill). He was and is probably my closet friend. Tight as shit with him.
>apartment/house thing is so small that we have to stay in the same room.
>on mattress start to ponder where my grandfather is
>remind myself that I'm not a Christian and I get scared that I'll end up in hell like him (parents told me my grandfather was evil). Start to cry.
>turn over on mattress to see my cousin staring at me. He just stares at me. Nobody moves.

Continue? Should I shorten this?
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shameless self-bump
>b/ really like incest stories

Yes, because we love to laugh at you freaks.
Ok then, just give me a sec to type it up
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You mean post spiderman
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>cousin rolls of mattress (it's right next to mine) and goes into the bathroom
>stay in the same position
>he comes back minutes later, but lays down way closer to me. He's practically on my mattress.
>look at him, he has a few tears on his face
I don't really remember what I thought of next. My head was just a giant clusterfuck of emotions
>I move closer to him
>he moves closer
>we end up right next to each other after a few minutes
>both too weak-willed to make a move

just wait a sec, something came up. It's over now, though
Some laugh because they will never feel a nice feeling. Others arent sheeples and enjoy it.

I love when stuff like this happends. It's like you can feel all the atoms in your body vibrate.
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>a few minutes later, I pretend that I'm asleep and yawn-stretch while moving my hand over him
>wait to see if he reacts
>nothing, but I know that he's awake. There's no way that much pressure on his side couldn't have result in his waking up. Plus it was only a few minutes since the bathroom break
>pretend to be asleep and stretch-roll to a fetus position next to him (but this time I'm pushing against him pretty hard)
>touch his face to see if he reacts

Please continue
op hurry up
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>with my hand that's resting on top of his side, I move down to the bottom of his shirt and subtly (with lots of time) reach under his shirt to feel his chest/stomach
>it's really smooth (he was 13? 14?)
>outta fucking nowhere he turns around
>he quickly moves his hands around my waist (kinds like a hug except sloppier since he couldn't really get under my waist)
>he shifts around a bit
>too startled to make a move
>I think of saying something but don't want to blow it (plus I was really anxious)

op has to deliver
Sorry, I'm a slow typist
>takes his top hand off of the hug brushes against my breast/neck area
>assume after a while that's he's trying to grope for my face (can't see perfectly, the alarm clock light thing went off a while ago)
>gently grab his hand and guide it toward my face
>as soon as it makes contact he takes his other hand on the bottom of my side and uses both to grasp my face
>brings me in quickly for a kiss
>we touch and I make the most of it, I was really horny and sad. We fucking kissed forever. Soberly, though.

more coming up
pls OP. Continue.
I just reported this, have fun in the pokey, faggot
God dammit OP what are you doing? Inventing the story or type writer you're slowly beating away on?
>he's still got his hands on my face checks while kissing
>I move my hands around his waist (can't really get around the bottom) to push his body toward mine
>we start grinding against each other while kissing
>continues for at least 2 minutes
>he lifts his top leg slightly and jams is roughly in between my legs
>starts rubbing back and forth in between my legs (did he do that on purpose? Was he just grinding randomly wherever?)
>get really turned on, to the point where I started to paint out loud
>break away from his grip and move down to his crotch area
i will, don't worry
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CT_3 3.jpg
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Mfw when i really going out with my cousin for 5 months.
Please type faster, or we'll be expecting the dinosaurs.
I have company over. Sorry. I'm just talking to them occasionally.
>move my hands to his crotch area, I surprisingly find them on my first try
>pull them off
>Boxers. I forgot about his boxers, so I pull them of as sexily as I can (I'm trying to impress him too, I want him to feel good)
>it's hard to pull them up (presumably because his cock is erect and because I'm going for the slow sexy approach) but I manage
>grab his cock, guise it toward my mouth
>I put it in my mouth. Smaller than I expected, but it's really hard. I try to put as much of it in my mouth as I can
>cousin doesn't say anything, that's a green light for me
>almost manage to shove the whole thing in my mouth (afraid of choking)
>didn't really know back then that it's proper technique to move your head back and forth repeatedly while playing with the dick with your tongue, so I just move my tongue around the head
>he doesn't react
>afraid that I'm sucking at sucking, so I go faster with my tongue and move some of the dick out of my mouth so I can move my tongue around his entire head faster
>his starts to moan
>he places his hands on the back of my head
File: 1357989868867.jpg (78KB, 960x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>suddenly pushes my head toward his body, nearly choke on his cock
>moves his hands back so that he has a firm grasp of my head
>uses this grip to shove my head back and forth
>can't really move my tongue effectively around his head now, but I assume that since it's really wet and I'm blowing him rather quickly, it hardly matters
>continues for about half a minute
im going to post this incest story in lots of these threads.

Its not mine (sadly) but its really nice

I saved it all from a thread made about 2 years ago.

Here you go, you glorious faggots.

>suddenly he says in a soft voice (we're near my parents room, he didn't want to wake them up) to move my tongue around more
>I quickly respond, happy that I elicited at least some kind of response. I didn't really know what he was feeling emotionally until then.
>swish my tongue around and add more spit (it's already wet as hell, though)
>he stops moving my head back and forth and pulls out (did he cum? I'll never know for sure. It was really wet)
>I take the initiative and move my waist to his face area

More coming up
is this legit ?
File: 1408558949559.png (619KB, 1070x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
619KB, 1070x1200px
No Satan made it up to test if you are going to he'll or not. Ur fukt
Full house
>I tell him in the most welcoming voice I can come up with while still being quiet to take off my pajama pants (I was fucking 12, stfu)
>he asks for permission to have sex with him
>I say "this first"
>he complies
>gropes around for my pants, but moves to the bottom of my shirt and pulls it up as far as he can
>don't care that he's not taking off the pants as I said
>too stupid and heady to realize that he won't be able to do it with my arms down at first. I only do it after he moves my shirt to my armpits.
>removes my soft bed bra (stfu, it was comfy) with the shirt.
Best description I've ever heard my nigga.
>I keep my arms up and he dives right into my breasts after the shirt was completely removed
>he gropes them for at least 5 minutes. No joke. He didn't lick anything as I expected, he didn't even lick my breasts or nipples. He just squished my boobs around.
>I really like this because I'm receiving a significant amount of attention, so I let him do it for as long as he wants. Plus I like feeling sexy.
>he squeaks the word "sex?" His voice probably cracked, he was going through puberty.
>I say "I don't want to get aids"
>I had no fucking idea what aids actually was, i just new that people contracted it when they had sex. I was scared of getting it.
>I don't know if he knew what it was, but he responded anyway by putting his hands on my pants
File: 1422654238410.jpg (2MB, 3630x4902px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 3630x4902px
I need the rest of this. Anons pls.
What is this a .jpg for ants?
>he sides them off as much as he can, but he can't slide them off completely because of his position (his head was still at my breasts)
>doesn't matter to me
>he moves down and sides off my underwear
>he moves them down my legs as slowly as possible (pussy-teasing intentions, obvious to me now) and exposes my pussy
>its wet, so when it makes contact with the cold air (poor heating) I get sort of startled
>I expect him to start eating me out since he went down, but he fingers me with 3 fingers instead
>3 fucking fingers suddenly out of fucking nowhere (again, I couldn't see well). 3 fingers at once. Dumbass.
File: 1407980645986.gif (880KB, 274x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You call him a dumbass, but you don't havesex because you're afraid of aids. Ye ok.
>its okay because Im wet enough for him to slide them in
>I am trying to be sexy as I can so I say to him, "I'm ready."
>takes a little while for him to completely take his pants off
>slowly starts to put it in me (I think to be sort of sexy)
>hurts a little
>I moan a little
>we can hear the door knob click as we nearly shit ourselves
>my dead uncle opens the door, gets on the floor, and walks the dinosaur
>I gasp in a screaming sort of way
>he carelessly and quickly pulls the fuck out (right after he ripped thought my 12-year old vagina) and tries to block my mouth with his hand that penetrated me
>missed, hits me in the face
>he realizes this and adjusts by moving his hand over my mouth 2 seconds later
>we stay there for 30 seconds
>nobody comes
>he moves his other hand toward my pussy (his other hand still on my mouth) and with inexperience rubs my pussy
>he gets lucky, the back-and-forth motion just happens to center on my clit
I never posted this. Fuck off.
>doesn't change the motion of his hand, just keeps on going back and forth in the same way for about two minutes
>I start to pant heavily on his chest. He really shouldn't have been good at that, he just got lucky with the positioning and speed
>I start to thrust my hips at the front of the fingers of his hand
>he fumbles a but because the thrusting was sudden, but he readjusts and continues
>start to feel really weird (I had only masturbated once before).
>clench my teeth
Hey...shut up...
>I assume that I'm about to have an orgasm (from what I've heard), so I respond by clenching my teeth
>thrust my hips at his hand more rapidly
>his hand fumbles due to the increase of speed and the slipperiness of my pussy and is thrown off center for the second time
>I grab his wrist (lucky shot, I reach and grasp firmly onto it on the first try in the dark) and quickly guide it back toward my pussy
>I don't let go and start the motion for him, and with my hand guiding his back and forth I suggested the speed and intensity . He rubs my clit dead-on with my guidance.
>start to writhe about
>at this point I'm just haphazardly thrusting his hand from his wrist into my clit/pussy
>cum and squeal a bit (didn't realize it back then, though). I just kept going.
File: 1419741080710.jpg (417KB, 1017x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>a minute after I cum, he gently loosens himself from my grasp of his wrist, presumably with some vaginal liquid on his fingers.
>I don't resist, I feel really content and less sad (also knowing that I just blew him and that he was satisfied made me happy). But I could've gone another round, even though I was inexperienced and it would've been much harder to have an orgasm.
>I ask him if he still wants to have sex
>he says that if I don't want to then I don't have to
>I decline anyway (I sort of associated sex with adulthood, I didn't want to have it just yet. And I was afraid of aids.) by saying "no thank you" (because he was a fucking waiter. Of course. I was such a dumbass.)
>he gets up
For both the picture, and the scene. :3
I think you'll find it more romantic (I think) if you just wait a bit. It's not over.
File: whynotme.jpg (20KB, 258x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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That was one of the BEST THINGS i have ever seen. 10/10 m8 not even sarcastic, you earned it m8
thanks mate, its a shame that is wasn't MY story, but i took the liberty to copy-paste the entire story and save if for future generations [spoiler]of boners[/spoiler].
Just read it all. 9/10 if real 4/10 if not
File: 1419740691367.jpg (836KB, 1196x940px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>he stands up after putting back on his boxers and pants, moves off my mattress, and kneels down (I can see him well now, he's shown by the light of the window) above my head
>starts to grope around the floor
>I ask him what he's doing
>he says "looking for your shirt"
>I fucking lose it for him mentally
>I remember roughly where it is, I reach back and get it on my first try
>I grab it, tell him that I found it, and put it back on
>I reach down and pull back my underwear and pajama pants
>he lays back down and pulls the cover over himself
>he says "your welcome" back to me
>I tell him that I love him and want to stay with him forever (his search for my shirt, his your welcome response,and the funeral fresh on my mind)
>he says calmly "I love you too"
>turns around and goes to sleep
>I turn around and fall sleep

More coming up
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You did a great thing.
mfw this is not my story
File: IKTFB.png (22KB, 217x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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D'awww. :3
That's it ? He fingered you?
post moar
Shut the fuck up. This isn't me. I never copy pasta'd this
>wake up with the memory of sex fresh on my mind (didn't come to me instantly, though)
>cousin isn't on his mattress
>stand up, walk over to the kitchen table
>He's eating cereal with his dad
>I grab my bowl, grab my cereal and spoon, and walk over to the table
>instead of sitting opposite to him, I sit right next to him
>I ask kindly for him to pass the milk
>he does, like it's no big deal
>I fall in live with him. Except this time it's for real.

Several years later, I still love him. I've never actually had sex with him and it's only a secret between him and me, but we still keep in touch.
I've blown him numerous times during vacation trips. And he's eaten me out at least 5 times.
You mean you haven't had sex with him since? And that was cute as fuck
call him over to have sex live on cam for us OP.
Be a an hero

You do realize I browse 4chan, right Amanda?
/b/ seconds this motion. All in favor?
Also nice double dubs.
Post a pic of thyself
File: 1412406795252.jpg (289KB, 1000x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>have sex with him
>You mean you haven't had sex with him since?
Yep, I'm afraid of getting pregnant. I don't even want to risk having sex while wearing a condom, that's how scared I am. From what I've heard even if you have sex while wearing a condom there's a small chance that you might get pregnant. Getting pregnant would almost be as bad as a death sentence, I'd be ostracized and I'd have to go through the excruciating pain of giving birth.

Plus, why bother? Blowjobs and fingerings are really pleasurable, not to mention it emotionally feels like heaven. Being in that same room (or mine occasionally), just him and me, passionately engaging in love-making. The whole world just melts away when that shit goes down. I love him so fucking much.
Wait a second.. The writing style...
How old are you...?
fake and gay
Yeah, it's way cuter that you're underage. But post a pic
If you love him that much why are you not together in any way? If your family doesn't like it then then why should you care? Also how old are you it im getting the feeling that you are like maybe 16-17
this story is as fake as my dad's girlfriend's tits
File: 1402979427944.jpg (21KB, 460x564px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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My computer doesn't have a camera, and as I said above, there's company over at my place, so I can't use a hand-held camera (If we even have one). Sorry.
>Wait a second.. The writing style...
>How old are you...?
Old enough to be allowed to go on 4chan. Also, my writing is sloppy because I don't care enough to write properly. Please stop accusing me.
>And that was cute as fuck
Thanks bro
>a an hero
i wasnt claiming to be you nigga
Yes but anon, I REALLY want a pic
File: 1407288918183.jpg (107KB, 613x533px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>If you love him that much why are you not together in any way?
We are together, anon. I just said that we keep in touch.
>If your family doesn't like it then then why should you care?
Are you serious? I'm just supposed to openly start an incestuous relationship with my relative and not mind about the scorn I would get from from friends and family. Nigga, are you serious?

But realistically speaking, why bother? We love each other and can see each other online, so who cares? Love isn't just about being together, anyway.

But I suppose I could move in with him, If I was willing to abandon my relations with my family and friends (they would find out eventually due to my location). But we've agreed to not do that. Plus, he wouldn't like that. He was the first one to recommend the course of action we're taking.
How long has this been going on? You sound like you're a teen so this can't have been a flame you carried for 20 years or something. How close of a cousin is he? If he's a 1st cousin things will be forever weird.
I've had this fear my whole life. I didn't have sex with my college gf because of it. I think it's just something you have to get past. Use protection, maybe the pill as well. Past that, fuck it. There will always be something to worry about but all our days are numbered so just fucking go for it.
File: 1402653411101.jpg (161KB, 879x864px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
161KB, 879x864px
>How long has this been going on?
It started when I was 12, and it's been roughly 6 years. So yes, I'm a teen. But I'm also an adult. Eighteen is still teen.
>How close of a cousin is he? If he's a 1st cousin things will be forever weird.
He's a first cousin, but to the both of us things aren't weird. We don't think of ourselves foremost as cousins.
Any tips on fucking my hot cousin? I'm a guy, and she really looks up to me, there's like a 2 year age difference but she's very smart
Flor is this you? Lol

Well, fuck then. Just go full Marmalade Boy and get one of those inserts that leaks estrogen making pregnancy impossible until it's removed. That or go to college and forget about him.
>I think it's just something you have to get past. Use protection, maybe the pill as well. Past that, fuck it. There will always be something to worry about but all our days are numbered so just fucking go for it.
I've had those thoughts circulating in my head for a while now. But no, I'm not going to change my mind. It wouldn't really accomplish anything; it's not like more pleasure could be derived from a fellatio and pussy-eating than plain 'ol sex.
Thread posts: 85
Thread images: 23

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