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Military combat experience thread >be me >USMC 2336 E.O.D

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Military combat experience thread

>be me
>USMC 2336 E.O.D
>Second tour to Afghanistan
>Attached to Infantry Unit
>Not much action, go on patrol with Infantry every now and then
>Occasionally take care of IED's, never done it personally, I'm just in the vehicle when it happens
>Literally not much personal experience, but my unit is well kown
>One day hanging out in chow hall
>Orders to suit up, head out
>That's weird, usually they tell us before hand when we're going on patrol, and there's a briefing
>Getting ready, asking what's happening
>Huge threat, needs to be taken care of quickly, requires JTF
>"JTF? With who? The SEALS?"
>So I've heard."
>"Why are they calling us, why not someone who's already out and about?"
>"No idea."
>Getting briefed on the way there
>Apparently there's a national crisis, EOD teams are needed, and infantry is called to hold the area while SEALS take care of "the issue"
>Not very clear what's happening, but it's obvious people are worried
>We're getting closer, explosions, and scattered gunfire, M4's and M249's but no AK or RPK
>It's like an action movie
>We pile out, infantry departs, the rest of the EOD guys are told to move somewhere else and get working
>IED's and booby traps in and on the way to the house
>lol he said booby
>Clear it
>SEALS are already here, their very presence is calming
>One of them points at the guys next to me
>"We've got the location on watch, you two move up, and clear anything in our way so we can get to the house, the rest of you, help provide cover."
>We're getting closer to the house, hear loud screaming, like some spoiled kid is throwing a tantrum
>Watching the house, two marines move up looking for IED's, they find one
>One guy asks "Why don't we just use the bots? It's much safer than sending our own guys out th-"
>I see one of the guys flail his left arm and fall to the ground

Cont. in next post.
Hurry uh ohpee
>Never seen a guy get hit before, freaking the fuck out
>Other guy sent out there panics and starts shooting randomly at the building
>Ordered to return fire
>Other guy out there is hit
>SEALS are firing back, one of them stops, taps me on the shoulder and points at SSgt. Yates
>"We'll cover you, get them out of there."
>Even the SEALS don't want to be here
>Today's a good day to die, tap Yates on the back, and run out, pick up the fallen man, and drag him away to safety, Yates gets the other man and drags him to safety
>"I didn't hear any fucking fire out there" I yell
>Man I dragged, Cpl. Escamilla is only 19 fucking years old, hit in the chest
>Guys around me yelling CORPSMAN!
>A group of Navy Corpsman run up, grab the guy, I hold Escamilla's hand while they're checking him out
>He starts crying, and screaming like a fucking child
>I break down too, never seen anyone like this
>He tells me his blood type, I start crying harder
>I get my shit together, while I was caring for Escamilla, they cleared half the path but had to retreat back, we get sent back out.

Cont next post, sorry for delay guys.
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bippity bump for op
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next time write it out beforehand in notepad and then you can copy and paste.
None. And I still need Klonopin and Zoloft to get through the day. Thank you for your service.
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>I'm told to fire at the 6th floor window, 2nd from the left.
(Forgot to mention it's an apartment complex)
>Begin firing right away
>Hear from the EOD guys in the yard
>SEALS tell us to follow closely
>We get to the front door, EOD guys are still defusing shit up the stairs
>This place was fucking wired, how didn't we know?
>Watching a few of the doors to make sure we're clear
>Glance over at EOD guys working
>He grabs his neck while screaming, and falls to the floor, rolling around in pain
>Other guy is still working on defusing
>We were never fucking trained for this, why are we here?
>Without thinking, run up and grab the fallen man.
>SSgt. Groh, 19.
>Pull him to safety
>He's dead before I got to him
>Take off his vest, and yell for corpsman, while applying pressure to his wound

finishing up in next post
my brother was on EOD, yall niggas are cray cray.
If this isn't a troll. Thanks for putting up with that bullshit for freedoms.
those eyes...
Your a hardcore mother fukr for even doing that. Props OP
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sounds like bunch of bullshit. hope im wrong
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Yo. I'm gonna need the sauce on that
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>Corpsman have their hands full, one of the guys with me was going through AIT as a corpsman but reclassed to EOD, so he knows a few things
>Tells me what to do while waiting for someone else to come up and take his spot
>"Take off your gloves, take my pack and sanitize before touching him"
>One glove was already off to keep pressure on his wound, take off the other
>Screeching and gunfire is adding extra pressure to the situation
>"What next?"
>Before he even answers I actually look at his wound and I'm sick to my stomach
>I throw up on the floor next to him
>I recollect, and look at it one more time
>There's a fucking chicken tender in his neck
>Team cleared the pathway upstairs, corpsman arrives and takes care of him, I move and catch up with the SEALS
>By the time I get there, the whole hallway is cleared, and they're already at the door
>Hear something, and one of the marines moves up, and breaches the door, the second the door opens, he's blasted into the wall
>Last SEAL enters the room, and they all follow from behind
>I'm not even inside and I hear 3 of the SEALS scream
>I follow inside weapon up, they're already clearing rooms, drag the SEALS outside for the Corpsman to take care of
>They're already dead
>Entering the doorway, I'm knocked over by a screech, and a large figure flashing out the door, and into the hallway
>I'm on my back in pain looking at what is about to kill me
>The smell of sweat, feces and all around bad BO fills the air
>A naked retarded boy, holding up a white board with "GBP" written on it in blood and mayo, swinging it around at everyone
>I'm on my back, but I lift my weapon and fire with everybody else
>He throws the white board at me
>I wake up in a hospital bed, and later, feel the worst pain I've ever felt
>My left arm is completely gone, my right arm is badly injured, both of my legs are gone
>We lost 28 men that day, not including the 7 SEALS.
>It's been years, I can still see the faces of dead marines.
File: 1409163817788.webm (3MB, 1280x720px)
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i second that
I found it on efukt but here is another clip
http://xhamster com movies/1394329/wtf_orgasm.html
>SSgt. Groh, 19.

I realise promotion is a bit quicker in the US but SSgt at 19? Is that common?

Interested in the story regardless, thanks for posting.
>>A naked retarded boy, holding up a white board with "GBP" written on it in blood and mayo, swinging it around at everyone

i don't get it
you typed pretty fucking fast for a one armed faggot
Sgt, my apologies.
I've been typing this for 3 years. I've been copying and pasting it this entire time.
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Well shit OP. That was one hell of a tale. If it was true (we all know how things are these days) do you regret joining the armed forces? Or would you do it all over again if you could?
Post pic of arms. What the fuck happened in that op?
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>The smell of sweat, feces and all around bad BO fills the air
>A naked retarded boy, holding up a white board with "GBP" written on it in blood and mayo, swinging it around at everyone

What. The. Fuck.
Pics of 2 legs missing or it didn't happen
>inb4 fuck you. This is 4chan
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You should look into Dragon Naturally Speaking you can turn your computer into Jarvis from Iron man, with enough practice.
So 28 men were killed and you lost both legs by a Chicken tender throwing retarted boy? Also how the fuck did you know he used mayo on the board?
Why are Asian chicks so hot but have a disgusting hairy pussy
I just want to say, thanks /b/ro.

The world is a better place with less mudslimes in it
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Here is a even better page xhamster com/user/xxxme/posts/123799.html
no it isn't
>armed forces
What kind of sick fuck are you, making jokes like that about an injured Marine Veteran?

I need two arms to take a picture.

File: 1408234331301.jpg (169KB, 800x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I didn't remember what branch it was and I didn't mean it like that. I do apologize.
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I've got to hand it to you OP, that's a pretty sad story. Ah well, do you think your overall mission in Afghanistan against those goat herders and farmers was a success?
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>SSgt 19
>Sgt 19

No. Sorry anon. Your'e required at LEAST 24 months time in service to be promoted to a sergeant. That's an absolute minimum and is almost never even pushed towards. That Marine couldn't be a Sergeant or a Staff Sergeant. You dun goofed on the details OP : /. Make him 23+ and sgt.
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I'd call you a liar and accuse you of making all of this up, but you sound just stupid enough to join the US military in the first place.
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I've gotta
>HAND it to you
10/10 kek's were had
They trained you to to know what Mayo would look like on different surfaces?
Also don't use fucking Yales.
Everybody knows who that is.
It's not a clever allusion.
File: 1408237488976.jpg (44KB, 480x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Alright then, use a webcam and screenshot yourself. You don't "need" 2 arms to take a pic. Also, why not show us a picture of yourself from Facebook, or ANYWHERE else. You can't cause
>"The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact."
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Thread posts: 60
Thread images: 28

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