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oldest virgin thread go!

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oldest virgin thread go!
what is a virgin?
can I be one, even if anally raped multiple times and paying for whores but fucking them wearing a condom?
I'm not a virgin coz I fucked ur mom
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I was 18 when I lost it.

Go fuck a hooker? How can't you find someone?
>Go fuck a hooker? How can't you find someone?
Anxiety. I chicken out. I've had opportunities before too, just, I figure out a way to run..then regret it later.
Ask a doctor for some testosterone. You may have a deficiency that doesnt give you the manpower.

Could also try to get a little tipsy and let your primitive brain do the work as opposed to your self doubting higher working brain.
Im almost there
I think Im going to wait until wizardry for the sake of lulz
Anyways I always tell people about my personal affairs to fuck off
Here! Virgin age 109, but still getting wet as fuck... maybe its just incontinence dunno
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37, can't find someone who would fuck me. Pic is of me.
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20 here
That door has been laid more than you
Thanks. I pretty much avoid drugs now, I got pretty messed up on psych meds. (I'm a mentalfag). I've been to lots of doctors and none of them every mentioned testosterone, seems risky.

Yeah, almost there... About 9 more months for me.

Yeah, I kinda look like you. You're probably a nerd like me.
You look like a guy who probably eats too much Checker's and drinks too much.

man....i don't even know what to say.

10/10 comment
There's so many ways to get laid
Playing guitar
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Also, lower your standards, and learn to prey on girls at the right places.
I'm 21
Are you trying to imply playing guitar doesn't immediately give you 100% sex appeal?

>inb4 0 times 100 is still 0
That's a good way to find a 4/10 fat slut who likes slipknot lmao
age 7 fuckers
What are the right places?

My problem also is I'm so old now I'd be scared of not knowing what I'm doing.

Plus I'm so anxious even just in general social situations.

I actually played guitar for a while. I sucked at it. Gave up. Story of my life. Only thing I'm good at is quitting.
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check em
23 in a 3months
Work a shitty retail job part time. You meet a lot of lonely girls. I've fucked girls on the clock, inside a busy store. Then you'll take pussy off of that pedestal you've had it on for so long.
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You sound like you have bad depression and lack of confidence. You should ask a doctor if testosterone would honestly help, also, stop giving a fuck what someone else thinks, if you fuck a random slut and you're bad, you don't have to call her again. Look for a younger girl and practice on her.

A young one will be down, especially if you have a place, and you can buy her booze.
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18, every girl I ask out tells me that while we were talking she was talking to someone else. Feels bad man

you really don't even look that bad. gotta give yourself more appeal though by not seeming so bland. you seem a bit boring based on this picture. women like a man who seems adventurous and outgoing...which really sucks if you're not that kind of person. trust me i know. i'm not that kind of dude either but i get laid because i pursue the things i enjoy in life and take good care of myself.

you have something that makes you stand out from everybody else? a skill? hobby? particular job?
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Yeah, I was beaten as a kid, therapists say it changed my brain or something. I don't think it is an excuse, since, plenty of kids get beaten and grow up to get laid.

> A young one will be down, especially if you have a place, and you can buy her booze.
Want to know the really sad part? I make good money, I drive a Porsche 911 S (2014), and have a very nice apartment. I'm just too scared.


shitty facial aesthetics

I'll give you a good guide to get some iron balls quickly

>start drinking now
>go on a website with younger sluts
>hit on them while a little tipsy
>maybe you'll actually succeed on one
>make plans for this weekend or today
>once plans are made, you'll feel oblidged to do it now
>fuck that bitch silly.

Legit though, I'd say I'm a little above average, and I get rejected A LOT. don't take it personally bro.
Every one of my friends says I look handsome

0 bitches
what's a website with younger sluts on it?

there is tinder or whatever, but I don't have a social media account. I went to college and had one, but, after deleted it once it was open to anyone.
They don't just come to you.

If you're not a fucking 9-10/10, you better try.

I had like 2 girls hit on me in highschool, I thought that was all I'd ever get, but I've fucked.like 30 girls so far

A lot of them I've fucked more than once, as I said, I'm average, maybe a little more, and I'm not even hung.. I'm average all around.

29 in a couple months.
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As bad as it is, I use meetme for some girls, I just use the app o my phone and spam like every girl. I usually get a few to message me. You say you have your own place and Porsche on your bio and BAM! You're gonna get some messages. Meetme will filter oddly though, so maybe set your age to like 25 so you can look for younger. A lot of swagfag cunts on there though. Just try to.deal with it, they're the easiest lay.

Don't feel like a fag if you use Smiley's either, I do, and that shit works.

IMO make a social media acct for tinder too, its not that bad for a little privacy breech for a chance at poon, just don't put your private stuff on there.
Thread posts: 40
Thread images: 12

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