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incest time /b/ >be me 21 yo college student >i live in

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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incest time /b/
>be me 21 yo college student
>i live in NY, but my aunt and her family has this summer resort or whatev in toscana, italy
>incredible place, amazing view but BORING AS FUCK.
>no internet, no tv, no place to hang out except for rustic cafes and shitty pubs for old farts
>few years ago, my aunt called my mom and dad with an invitation to their place in italy
>being the faggot i am and having no cool plans for summer, i joined them
>i brought my laptop with me but all i could do was play singleplayer games and watch movies i already DLed

but there was this one bonus

>my aunt had a daughter, my cousin
>the last time i've seen her was probably 15 years ago
>she was basically a toddler back then
>so i had no expectations whatsoever
>she could have been as fat as my aunt who is FAT. fat like a hot air balloon with some limbs attached here and there
>so after like 15 hours of flight and a lot of driving on country roads in italy
>we finally arrive at their huge ass pimped out house
>hey sup, missed you, hows the flight blah blah blah
>then i see my 17 yo cousin
>9/10 blonde, perky titties, small round ass and wearing this short summer dress with flowers and shit
>slim but long athletic legs, like those of duchess of whatsitsname kate middleton
>and after more than 24 hours on the road i somehow found the energy to manifest a boner
>which i expertly hid under my shoulder strap laptop bag

Go on I guess
>"hey anon!" - she greets me
>her name is alice, my mom had to tell me her name like at least 50 times
>i couldnt care less about her name while i was on the road
>now that i have the image of her entire body to associate with the name
>i dont think i'll ever forget her name again
>"hey alice!" - i shake her hand since we're practically strangers
>its hard to keep eye contact with alice when just a couple inches beneath her blue eyes,
>you have this fully packed greenish bra shining faintly beneath the linen cloth of her dress
>altho my boner is strong and alert, im too tired to think of anything but a shower and a sleep right about now
>not in a mood for conversations and flirting either
>not that i can flirt with my "long lost" cousin after i just walked in their house
>we settle in, i take off my clothes and find the closest shower i can take over for like 2 hours
>they have plush towels and posh fragrant soaps and everything
>basically the whole house is like a luxury hotel
>while i was scraping together what i could for buying a slice of greasy NY pizza just a day ago
>now im in this house in which i figure my aunt and her family must be eating dollars and shitting euros
>after im finally done with my bath
>i get out and immediately run into my cousin
>im half naked soaking wet with a towel wrapped around my waist
>living in a dorm, you dont give a fuck if you run into someone while half naked
>alice sees me and blushes
>she looks at me, tries to say something but apoligizes instead
>turns around and walks away
>"oh i'm sorry, i didnt mean to startle you like this alice..."
>"no it's alright, its my fault anon"- she mumbles as she walks away
>just before turning the corner in the hallway, i notice that she glances at me again with her big blue eyes
>still blushing, but i cant figure out if its arousal or embarrassment
If you are so inclined to do so, OP
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Go on OP
>after 2 boring days
>where i spend my time playing mass effect 2 and finishing it for the millionth time
>did i say it was boring? toscana is a nice place to look at
>but not much fun for a 21 yo
>so i finally decide i should get out and take a walk in the countryside
>while everything about the house (with the exception of the lack of tv and internet) is perfect
>the fucking pool is broken and apparently has been so for the past month
>my aunt tells me that pool guys will come and fix it tomorrow morning
>so until then, i have to find something to do
>after killing some time, i return to the house for dinner
>alice is helping my aunt with dinner preps
>she's wearing tight jean shorts and has an equally tight white blouse on her
>looking at her like a perv makes me really uncomfy
>my boner starts acting up again so i sit and force an awkward conversation with my dad about nothing in particular
>dinner is served
>our parents tell us that after the pool is fixed, they are going to take a car and go visit a couple of places around toscana
>they will be gone for 3 days
>i tell them that i'm not coming because im too tired and shit
>i have no intention of car pooling with my parents and aunt and her husband to see the countryside
>apparently alice isnt going either
>"well you can cook for anon alice, thats nice" - my aunt immediately assigns her as my house wife
>my dick twitches for no concrete reason
>but i know what my subconcious is suggesting
>so i pack my face with the pasta
>and try to forget what im fantasizing about
>pretty hard to accomplish, considering the fact that her gorgeous suntanned body is 3 feet away from my rock hard cock
>next afternoon, when i wake up the pool guys are already done
>my parents tell me that they're leaving
>and suggest that i should at least pretend to have fun
>after they leave, i put on my swim trunks and head down to the pool
>where i find alice lying facedown on a lounge chair
>sunbathing under the afternoon sun
>she's sleeping and im still way too groggy to appreciate the situation
>so i start walking towards the pool - getting more excited as i get closer and closer to her
>she suddenly turns around facing me
>her eyes barely open
>but her plump yet rigid breasts facing me head on
>its like staring at a thousand suns
>i freeze
>and my dick hardens so fast it almost rips off my trunks
>mom? are you guys back? - she mumbles in her sleep
>and turns the other direction and dozes off again
>for those few moments, i've seen the most exquisite breasts i've ever had a chance to behold in my life
>and it was an amazing experience
>after its over, i dunno what to do
>do i walk away like a faggot
>and jerk off until thy kingdom come
>or get in the pool like nothing happened and force another moment such as this
>i get in the pool
>i start swimming around, trying to make some sounds to force her to wake up
>after a while, she comes around
>before she has a chance to say anything
>oh hey! did i wake you up alice? im so sorry (no im not)
>she stretches, her entire upper body arching backwards
>her pink swim suit is squeezed between her tight butt crack
>sharp sunlight is bouncing off of her perfectly round ass cheeks
>ias if her ass has landing lights
>"put dick here" sort of thing
>if i force the angle, i can see her boobs from the side again
>but i dont want to creep her out
>she tries to gather herself
>and realizes that she's half naked and i'm behind her in the pool
>she gracefully reaches for the towel and wraps herself
>"hey anon... i think i've seen my mom in my sleep... i was dreaming that they were suddenly back at the house..."
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Fuhkin pasta
>i figure, this is the perfect time to mess with her
>"oh... yeah i know alice, you looked at me and thought i was your mom. you must have heard me as i was walking to the pool"
>"you asked me why i was back so early"
>now she starts calculating
>and immediately realizes that there is a chance that when she faced me in her sleep
>i might have seen her naked - as i did
>as i continue swimming around, carefully checking her out at the same time
>i can see that her cute blush is back
>i can see the reddish spots forming on her perfect face
>her eyes hover over me for a brief moment
>and immediately look elsewhere as she makes eye contact with me
>"are you going to swim alice?"
>"no..." - she responds hesitantly
>"i have to take a shower and cook us some dinner, it's getting late..."
>"ok, i'll come and help you after you take your shower!"
>i carefully study her body as she walks alongside the pool and into the house
>after some time, i go ahead and take a shower as well
>and join her in the kitchen
>she already began preparations
>she's wearing another short summer dress again, revealing her excellently shaped legs
>her right foot is standing atop her toe, like a ballet dancer
>her pose and her suntan accentuates the elegant yet gorgeosly curvy muscles on her lower legs
>her right heel is partly out of her cute little blue canvas flat
>slowly playing around the rim of the shoe
>her toe twirls around the marble floor while she stirs the sauce in front of the cooking range
>as she stirs, her cute little ass and her firm breasts dance around ever so slightly
>as a college student educated only in the art of microwaving ready-to-eat meals
>i know absolutely nothing about cooking
>"is there anything i can help you with alice?" - i ask her
>"oh... thanks anon, but i can handle it, you just go ahead and set the dinner table"
>she points me at a cupboard full of plates and such
go on OP
Is there a climax?
Go on op
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And? AND!?
ermaghad i luv wincest threads
be quick i needa sleep
Hurry op
No idea why but this is interesting
Starting to lose faith in OP it was going so good
come on OP go on!!!
this better have a good climax
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>"ok then..." - i follow her directions
>as i work slowly and match her pace, i try to make small conversation with alice
>what school she goes to, what she wants to do after high school
>does she speak italian, how much time she spends here in italy
>random stuff im mostly not interested in
>so after a while i ask her
>"so do you have a boyfriend alice?"
>she looks at me and waits for a moment
>"no... do you have a girlfriend anon?"
>"well did you have a girlfriend?"
>"ofc i did, but we got seperated after highschool... i went to ny, she stayed in texas"
>"do you miss her?"
>"sometimes... but it wasnt a serious relationship anyway. highschool is like that..."
>"hey anon..." - she waits for a second
>"i want to ask you something..."
>(oh man... i think i know whats coming)
>"yeah what is it?"
>"...nevermind anon..."
>"come on, what is it?"
>"um... did you.. uh... see me at the pool today?"
>(yeah i did, but i want you to ask it more clearly)
>"what do you mean, see you? dont you remember that we talked alice?"
>"no... yeah... well... nevermind..."
>"come on! what do you mean "see you"?"
>"i mean... uhh.. when i thought you were my mom... and talked to you in my sleep..."
>"uh, yeah?" (hahah its amazing to see her squirm like this... its both incredibly cute and incredibly sexy)
>"did you see my..."
>she breaks eye contact immediately and turns her head to the saucepan shes playing with
>while i try to hide my grin, she turns red. redder than the bolognese sauce shes cooking
>finally, she responds:
>"uh... yeah..."
>"well... you did TURN towards me"
>i didnt think her face could get any redder. her face looks like its about to explode
>not wanting to force my hand, and seeing her unable to come up with a response
>i try to diffuse the situation by asking her where they keep the glasses
>"so where do you guys keep your..."
>"did you like them?"
>(FUCK wasnt expecting that. my penis is having a hard time.)
>as i try to come up with a proper answer, im both conflicted and incredibly horny at the same time
>until that question, i was playing around with the idea, but when your HOT cousin asks you if you "liked" her breasts
>you dont find the words that easily
>i notice that she isnt looking at me, she is so embarrassed to have asked me that question
>she looks like she is about to plant her face into the saucepan to hide from me
>"uh... yeah. i liked them." - i blurt out
>"they were really nice." - i blurt out again
>her hands are shaking. i dont feel too good as well, since a huge volume of my blood is draining away from my vital organs.
>this is how you create sexual tension out of thin air. by having random awkward conversations with your sexy as fuck cousin about her magnificent breasts
>totally unnecessary, yet rock hard boner material at the same time
>seeing that there is no chance to hear an intelligible follow up from either of us, i try to change the subject
>"uhh... i'll uhh.. continue prepping the table then..."
>alice just keeps stirring the sauce. if you printed a picture of her face on a white cloth, it would easily pass as a japanese flag.
>moments later, she brings the spaghetti to the table
>the tension is still there. she quietely asks me if i want to have some wine
>i say why not. she picks up a bottle of red wine and asks me if i could open it
>this is italy. nobody gives a shit if youre underage. people dont even ask you for your id.
>and i assume her parents dont care as well, otherwise she wouldnt have suggested it
>i open the wine and serve it
>we take our seats and start eating the spaghetti
>as im about to compliment her about the dinner
>"im sorry about before..." - she speaks softly
>"uh... not at all... i mean no prob..."
>"but im glad you liked them" - she cuts me off
>I say to her
>"Niggers tounge my anus"
>she looks at me
>"I know I do"
>she tips her fedora
>turns 369 degrees
>then sucks my dick
Fucks sake, continue op
You have my attention...
OP here sorry, im back had to shit, didnt even know anyone was lurking! anyone still here? posted more, will finish
lurking, proceed op
>ok im not gonna be caught off guard again
>"and im glad i have seen them" - i kek
>she blushes again, but laughs playfully
>my penis is fighting my stomach for my blood supply
>"im sure you must have seen a lot of breasts in college" - she starts pushing it
>"haha... well i've seen some, but its not like girls walk around naked or anything"
>she drops her head, getting ready to apologize
>"no-no... i didnt mean it like that..."
>im a complete idiot sometimes
>"well alice... was that the first time a man has seen your umm.. breasts?" - i push it some more
>this is getting awkward again, i have to steer the conversation to an equal footing

>"well, if it makes you feel better, i was in a shower once, in our dorm"
>"so i finish taking a shower and walk out with a towel around my waist"
>"its middle of the night and most people are either asleep or working late"
>"as im walking to my room, one of my friends comes out of nowhere, grabs my towel and runs away laughing his ass off"
>"so there i was, in the middle of the hallway"
>"i cover myself as best as i could and keep on walking"
>"just as i turn the corner"
>"i come across a group of 5 drunk girls"
>"i was a freshman and they were seniors"
>"so i was feeling out of place and they were mad as hell"
>"they started cheering and shouting"
>"and i had to walk between them, embarrassed and still covering myself"
>"and i had to walk the entire length of the hallway to my room"
>"while they followed me, saying all kinds of weird stuff to me"
>"after i got into my room, they stayed outside for at least half an hour, still shouting and wooing from outside"
>alice starts laughing, her shiny eyelashes wave up and down as she blinks to the rythm of her laughter
>"maybe they liked you anon?" - she continues laughing
>"well.. i dont think so.. but yeah, you think its bad that your cousin has seen your breasts?"
>"i had to walk naked next to a group of crazy drunk girls"
>"well.." (she giggles) "i didnt say it was bad"
>"what do you mean?" - i start pushing again
>"well... since youre my cousin anon, i dont think its all that weird..."
>"you think its weird anon?"
>"not weird, confusing..."
>i can see her trademark blush again. i think its indicative of a curious arousal
>"what do you mean, confusing?" - she's done with her second glass of wine btw
>i pour her another glass
>"well... men are basically hardcoded to... um... appreciate these things"
>she keeps looking at me, waiting for me to finish my train of thought. she's not trying to hide her blush anymore
>"but when its your family, it becomes somewhat..."
>"interesting?" - she cuts me off with a suggestive tone, i can almost see a quirky smile forming on her bright red lips
>"yeah. interesting. it becomes an issue that needs resolving"
>she timidly starts avoiding eye contact again, grabs her wine glass
>i keep eating and drinking as well
>"...well if there was a practical joker like your friend in this house..."
>"the same thing could have happened to you here again when you first arrived"
>shes talking about the time she has seen me as i walked out of the shower
>"and after that, when you ran into... me... we would have been even"
>as i listen to her talk carefully, i cant help but notice that she has stopped eating and started playing with her food
>6 glasses of wine is gone. we need another bottle
>"want some more wine?"
>she giggles joyfully
>"yeah sure, im sure my mom wouldnt have approved of me drinking this much, but they are not here anyway!"
>i laugh and pick another bottle
>"so... what were you saying?" - i start openning the bottle
>i can feel that she's trying to get back to her shell of shyness
>"getting even, hmm?" - i laugh loudly
>she giggles, she's way too tipsy to be able to exit the converstaion
>"yeah well... i dont think you guys sunbathe without your swimsuits, so that was the only example i could think of..."
>i get ridiculously excited by her suggestion
>as i finish openning the bottle and raise my head
>i see that she has taken off her shoe and pulled her left leg to the top of the chair
>she's hugging her ankle with both of her hands
>the only thing between her panties under that beautiful skimpy dress and me
>is her delicately frail arms
>her pose is so childish and innocent
>and yet at the same time so inviting and seductive
>i almost spill the wine all over the place
>after i CAREFULLY pour the wine
Not sure why I'm enjoying this..
>i sit back down
>"so... you have never seen a... man without a towel?"
>i cant just straight up ask her if she has seen a dick... come on...
>she raises her head, starts thinking... what's there to think? i dunno... you would know if you have seen a dick before, yes?
>as she's thinking, she slowly lets go of her ankle, and reaches for the wine glass
>i get a momentary glimpse of the magnificince hiding behind her arm
>a small layer of light blue cotton fabric between thin air and what i could only imagine as the gates of heaven
>i can feel that the blood rushing to not only my already erect penis
>but also to my face
>without any effort to cover herself up, she brings the wine glass near her mouth
>"no... i think not..." (she giggles) "i saw a boys butt once" (her giggle turns into a childlike chuckle as she takes a sip)
>i grab my glass as well
>but i cant figure out where to look. do i look at her eyes? do i look at someplace else? do i keep checking out her light blue panties?
>i know that even tho i try not to, my eyes are constantly finding their way to that amazing sight
>"oh!" - she noticed.... FUCK
>"..." (im trying to keep it cool)
>"i dont think i wanna be at any more disadvantage than i already am!" - she says as she slooooowwly puts her left foot down on the floor
>the sight of her panties disappear in the what little darkness and wonderment her dress can provide
>"you sound like you really want to get even!" - i laugh and keep drinking my wine
>"i think you owe me anon!" - she giggles again
>i feel like im gonna burst through a brick wall, screaming OHYEAAAAAAHHHH
>"well.." (im still trying VERY HARD to keep it cool) "dont you think that it might be more than just "interesting", IF we do that?"
>"like.. awkward?"
>"no.." (i take another sip) "..tempting..." - IM REALLY PUSHING IT
>her blush comes back with the force of an erupting volcano
>but in addition, this time she cant help but smile
>giving me the cue to make a move, force my luck even some more
>"well.. ok then!" - i get off my chair
>she chuckles and claps her hands, playfully cheering for me
>i take off my jeans and drop them to the ground
>my erect penis is clearly trying to force its way out of my boxer shorts
>she stops cheering and fixes her eyes on my crotch
>she just stays there, looking at the defined shape of my erect penis showing thru my boxers
>with her big blue eyes...
>"is this good enough, or do you want me to go on?"
>she's frozen solid. not one peep
>"...go on..."
>i take off my boxer without hesitating one bit
>my brain has surrendered all of its higher functions to my penis
>my cock is making the decisions
>and im just along for the ride...
>alice gulps
>my penis jumps to the faint sound of her excitement
>"it moved..."
>"ummm... yeah. it does that..." - WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON...
>".....may i?..."
>"umm.. may i what?"
>"...touch it?..."
>another decision now... do i rush it and say its ok, or do i push it?
>ok, what the hell, lets push it...
>"well, if you do that, i'll be the one whos at a disadvantage"
>without moving her head, she fixes her eyes on me
>she gazes at me so sharply
>im lost in the blue of her eyes
>she gets up
>and with a mixture of innocence, surrender and offering
>alice unzips her dress
>the dress ever so slowly slides down from her adolescent curves
>revealing her young body, wearing nothing but light blue panties
>and i gulp
>slowly, she walks around the dinner table and approaches me
>looks at me
>i look at her
>take my time and admire her incredible beauty
>i reach for her breasts
>as i gently grab and caress them
>she closes her eyes
>and i suddenly feel her hand on my penis
>she brushes it with her fingertips
>i take a step forward
>we touch each other
>i raise my hand to feel her face
>and slowly pull her face to mine
>our lips get closer and closer
>i can feel her breath
>the sweet and sour aroma of red wine
>mixed with her flowery scent
>i finally make contact and lock lips
>im kissing my cousin
>but all i can think of is her angelic presence
>her ungodly tempting body
>her perfectly smooth skin
>and her soft, warm lips
>as i kiss her she gently squeezes my shaft
>i realize that this is far as she can go without guidence
>so i lower my hand and touch hers
>and guide her into a gentle handjob
>she picks up and starts stroking back and forth
>i leave her to her curiousity
>and make my way to satisfying my own
>my hand feels the soft touch of her light blue panties
>i carefully slide them down a few inches
>she stops for a second
>backs off
Moar OP
>her eyes still closed
>and she tenderly kisses me again
>while my heart is beating so fast
>and my dick is telling me that there is only one way whatever this is can go
>i cant help but think that she is my cousin
>but the creature in front of me is the perfect woman
>at that moment in time
>i choose to embrace her
>get lost inside of her
>so i clench tightly to her small ass
>she trembles to the harsh grasp of my hand
>raises herself on her fingertips
>as she raises herself, my hand slide down her ass
>and finds the gap
>alice grabs me from the back of my neck
>and hugs me tightly as if she doesnt want to let go
>my fingers easily find her asshole
>i play around the rim gently
>and continue to move my hand downwards
>i can feel her warmth on my fingertips
>and the dampness lubricates my palm
>i touch her
>she stops stroking my dick and shivers
>i can sense on my forearm, the small translucent blonde hairs on her back rising
>my touch must come to her like a small electric shock
>she stops kissing me, but doesnt pull away
>breathing heavily
>my god her breath smells incredible
>i caress her blossoming lips with my fingertips
>i find the openning and play around it
>shes soaking wet
>her legs are shaking
>her entire body is strained
>she clenches my diamond hard dick
>and burries her face in my neck
>her warm breath sends shivers down my spine
>i let go of her breast
>while my right hand plays with her love hole from behind
>my left hand slides down her panties even some more
>they go down the rest of the way by themselves
>gliding down on her smooth skin like butter on a hot pan
>they drop to the floor, next to her tiptoeing gorgeous feet
>i caress her thigh and then latch onto her ass
>she whispers a sigh of pleasure
>i hold her and raise her
>she grabs onto my back with her beautiful legs
>i press her tummy to my dick
>i can feel her pussy lips grazing the skin on my balls
>its an incredible feeling
>i carry her to the sofa and set her down slowly
>she lets go and lays back
>i gingerly part her legs
>and look at the most spellbindingly beautiful, pink hot pussy ive ever laid eyes on
>the juice on her labia glimmers
>she faintly opens her eyes and looks at me with a capitulating desire
>she brushes my hair with her delicately shaped slim hands and slowly pulls me in
>i reach her while kissing and caressing her inner thighs
>like a moth attracted to a source of bright light
>my nose touches her wet pussy
>i inhale deeply
>her sweet perfume fills my lungs
>she smells like summer flowers
>i put a small kiss on her lips
>and then start licking
>she arches back and pushes her crotch into my face
>her nails dig deep into my scalp
>she holds me tightly and fills her pussy with my mouth
>i lightly bite her lips and pull them
>she moans and holds me even tighter
>i lick her profusely
>slurping and drinking her juices
>my hands find her rock hard nipples
>i gently twist them around
>and then play with her handful breasts, squezing and kneading them
>they are so soft to touch yet so firm at the same time
>she moans even harder
>starts to strain back and forth as if shes trying to get away from an invisible force pulling her back
>her tummy inflates and deflates as she breathes heavily
>she rocks her head back
>her entire body archs like a sprained bow
>alice starts inhaling and exhaling screams of ecstasy
>her fragile hands are almost crushing me
>demanding me to go faster, harder and deeper
>suddenly, the screams stop
>i try to escape from her grasp and look at her
>and i see the most beautiful sight
>she shakes violently with her eyes shut tightly
>and her mouth open wide
>unable to breathe, unable to make a sound
>her entire body teeming with pleasure
>all of her muscles contracted and vibrating
>i can see her breasts dance to the beat of her heart
>after a while, she loosens her grasp
>and collapses
>she sighs and falls asleep from the weight of the pleasure
>i enjoy that sight for a few minutes
>and make peace with what ive just done
>i just ate my cousins pussy
>i get up and dress
>then carry her to her bed
>and then i blew the biggest load of my life in my own bed
>and went to sleep
>next morning when i woke up, i had no idea what to do
>after considering my options
>including jumping on a plane by myself and getting back to ny or not getting out of my room for the next 2 days
>i finally realized that i had to face her
>scared out of my mind, i climb down the stairs to the living room
>the dinner table is clean
>and i can hear noises coming from the kitchen
>with excitement and fear, i force myself to go there and see her
>as i stand in the doorway and look inside the kitchen
>i find my cousin butt naked, wearing nothing but a white apron
>cooking pancakes
>she looks at me with a blush and smiles
>"good morning anon" - she giggles
>im speechless. absolutely speechless
>she walks to me and lands a small kiss on my lips
>and brushes her hand to my cheek
>she turns around and heads back to the stove
>her athletic legs and tight ass shaking gracefully
>i know what to do
>i must have her
>i cant wait for breakfast
>i dont care about the pancakes
>i must have her NOW
>i quickly walk up to her
>and i embrace her from behind
>holding her tightly
>my erect cock, barely contained in my pajamas, presses against her bare ass
>i grab onto her soft titties and smooth tummy
>she trembles and lets out a small shriek
>i start kissing and licking her neck
>she raises her arms and grabs my head again
>embracing me however she could from that position
>suddenly she starts walking backwards with her back turned to me
>and pins me against the refrigerator door
>as i play around with her juicy pussy and plush breasts
>she starts wiggling her ass
>sliding her ass crack up and down my shaft
>"i... i need to know alice..."
>"know what?" - she whispers with arousal
>"i need to know how it feels inside you"
>she lowers her hands and grabs my pajama pants
>and pulls them down, revealing my cock
>my cock pulsates to the touch of her damp and warm ass
>i turn her around and push her against to the refrigerator door
>as continue to rub her clit and nipples
>i start moving up and down, filling the gap between her butt cheeks
>she grabs my cock
>guides it to her love palace
>my tip touches her lips
>she swirls it around her opening for a few seconds
>then she raises herself on her toes again
>and slowly settles down to my cock
>my dick slides down in her tight pussy
>i growl with excitement
>she moans with part pain and part pleasure
>i slowly move back and forth
>her virgin blood stains my hardened penetrator
>i slide up and down, picking up pace
>she moans everytime i hit her womb
>with my hand on her tummy, i can feel my cock filling her as i move
>she stretches her head backwards, grabs onto my hair and finds my lips
>starts kissing me violently
>as i fuck her more and more
>she tightens her grip, pulling my hair
>i cant go on like this
>her pussy is so tight
>im about to explode
>"....alice....i'm..." - i try to speak while she fills my mouth with her tongue
>"come... come now anon..."
>i speed up until she stops kissing me and starts screaming with pleasure
>"come!" - she shouts with excitement
>my dick starts to pulse, trying to push itself out of her belly
>her legs starts shaking, her kness giving away
>for the last few moments, my hands are the only thing keeping her upright
>finally i start pumping my juices inside
>she lets out a final moan
>an appreciation of the warmth that is finding its way inside of her
>i come for a solid 30 seconds, filling her completely weightless body with my semen
>we stay like that and kiss passionately for a minute
>than i pull out
>my semen runs down on her thighs
>dripping to her cute little feet
>after a while, we laugh about what we just did
>clean up
>and eat the most delicious pancakes ive ever tasted in my entire life
>was it her cooking
>or was it because the most beautiful creature ive ever seen had made them
>i dont know
>for the next 2 days
>we spent our time together
>talking, joking around
>and we fucked
>we fucked everywhere
>we fucked in the bath
>we fucked in the pool
>we fucked in her bed
>we fucked in my bed
>we fucked outdoors, watching the toscana sunset
>and it was an amazing experience
>after our parents were back, we couldn't do much
>we were both scared that they might notice something
>so we acted "shy" around each other
>only smiling and maybe giving a quick kiss as we passed each other in an empty hallway
>after 2 weeks of alice, the last day before we left
>she suggested that we could take a walk
>she brought me to the remotest place she could think of
>and we fucked each others brains out
>never have i lived a moment that passionate
>and she gave me a final kiss of goodbye
>filled with love and lust
>our "official" departure was awkward as fuck
>in order to hide what we have been doing
>the only thing we could do was to shake hands
>just like the time we did when we first arrived
>couple of months later, she friended me on fb
>we talked about our lives
>our gfs and bfs
>our days together was an incredible experience
>but it wasnt meant to be
>so there were no hard feelings when we started seeing other people
>but we always wanted to see one another one more time
>share one more night together
>and remember our time in toscana
>2 years later, alice told me that she was coming to ny with her friends
>suffice to say, she didnt get to hang around with her friends
>we fucked for 3 days and 3 nights
>like the 3 days and 3 nights we have spent together in toscana
>as before, she gave me the most passionate kiss
>"i love you anon... until next time" - she said
>and i cant wait for the next time
>the end
fucking kek
The actual, unholy FUCK did I just read!?
Good story. Op delivered
Fucking too long, dude.

>this is italy. nobody gives a shit if youre underage. people dont even ask you for your id.

In italy you can legally drink alcohol after you turn 18
I'm satisfied thank you based OP
shit dude, was actually good, thanks for the read
Possibly one of the best wincest stories on /b/

She wasn't 18 though.
OP here glad you all enjoyed, sorry it was long! any questions?
But its good pasta.

Stop shittin' on otha niggas' buzz, mang
That was the greatest story I've read all day. Is the pic related?
How many years ago was this ?
so beautiful, thank you
pic is sadly not related, but veryvery close
shit 2011 now, we are seeing each other in August!
>be me
>parents are shithead teens
>live with aunt and uncle
>live in the middle of fucking nowhere
>uncle is a hardass with a dusty ass farm
>aunt is aight tho
>have like 3 friends
>spend most of our time out in the dunes shootin animals and shit like fuckin pubescent serial killers
>literally never get to go into town, uncle says i dont have time for it
>get fed up one day
>after going to the store for uncle shitlord i try to find a ride into town
>only dude with a ride is the local geezer who i'm pretty sure wants my sand-polished nutsack
>fuck it
>fuck work
>fuck them
>let's do it
>get to town
>get down
>ive got one chance, better get fuckin nursty
>head to skeezy ass bar
>turns out old man has a squad
>two guys; not sure if faggots
>whatevs, they seem chill
>one dude won't shut the fuck up about his ride
>bar aint fun, so we hop in

All the creepy repeating of her name shows the original original OP was a fuckin' fag that tried to hard with women.

And he still nailed it. FFS women are retarded.
File: image.jpg (47KB, 500x371px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
47KB, 500x371px
Amazing OP. 11/10

That actually made me come
Man... Do you have a picture??
but its gonna cost ya

tree fiddy
>dude wasnt lying
>his whip hauls ass
>my balls suck in and almost pop out my b hole, shit was quick son
>old man starts talkin about gettin some pussy
>mostly relieved he isnt gonna try to frot if i doze off
>also pumped to get my dick wet after using it to plow sand my whole life
>hit up old man's bitch
>10/10 would smush
>old man bails
>cant blame him, dude is like 90 thousand goddamn years old
>peace out
>me and the dude driving realize our destiny
>There can be only one
>aint no way im gonna DP some old man's slam piece the first time i get laid
>we try barkin
>she aint bitin
>hit up my crew
>get the fastest ride i can find
>aint shit compared to this dude, but shit my dick is the sahara
>cruise around
>get some speed
>pull some crazy ass drifts while bumblefuck watches in amazement
>even i want my dick at this point
>bitch aint convinced
>me, the fagtastic duo, and whatshertits are a squad now i guess
>we chill pretty often
>mainly just straight crushin it, knowhatimsayin
>other dude is spittin mad game tho
>think shes goin for it
>one day he's givin her shit
>she is not fucking amused
>im just sitting there minding my own business
>she decides she'll piss him off good as revenge
>bitch sticks her tongue down my fuckin throat
>my dick is diamonds
>his dick is dyin

anyway, i didn't find out she was my sister until master yoda died
File: 04.jpg (59KB, 720x594px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
59KB, 720x594px
In 1999 my sister took my virginity. I was 17, she was 19 at that time, parents were nowhere to be found as usual. I was a late bloomer and nerdy, she felt sorry for me, one alone weekend we got drunk, she told me to undress and lay back, then got naked, knelt beside me and sucked my cock into her mouth. The blojwob was only meant to get me hard, but she kept going, eyes closed, seemingly enjoying it. She stopped when I told her I was getting close, got on top of me, aimed the tip of my cock at her pussy and sat down on it. I watched my cock disappear in her pussy, then looked up at her. She was looking at me, our eyes met, we hesitated.
Then for the first time in my life I took initiative and went for a kiss. She returned it, then started riding me. I didn't last very long and came inside her without warning. She was on the pill, so nbd. We held each other until I was soft again and slipped out. Then we talked. Or rather I asked questions, she answered, demonstrated hands on if necessary. We fucked again afterwards, this time I was in control. We switched positions a couple of times, I don't think she came. I did though, pulled out and covered half her back.

File: 20150121_111840s.jpg (63KB, 800x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
63KB, 800x600px
We spent the night in our own rooms, couldn't really sleep though, doubt she could.
Next morning: nothing. No awkwardness, no omfg, nothing. We had (good) sex, we both enjoyed it, so we kept doing it for another two years. It stopped when she moved away. Had a couple of failed relationships, then finally seemed to settle down and had a kid.
A few weeks ago she told me she had a breakthrough with her therapist and realized that she wont ever be happy until she is with somebody like me. She broke up with her guy, got her own apartment and asked me to help move her stuff. I replied with "sure, and then you suck me off? ;p", in the typical haha totally didnt mean that but if you liked it I totally would way.
> ok, do me after? :)
It escalated, we discovered our kinks and fetishes are an exact match, why the fuck not?
She's moving on 2/14, her kid will be with her mother for that weekend. We agreed to meet up on 2/13, spend the time from my arrival to the other helpers showing up fucking, move her stuff over to her new apartment, then add drugs to the fucking until I fly back on 2/16.

Pics related, us then, her now.
Holy fuck. That was actually really good. Thank you OP.
Good shit op
thanks /b/ros
File: 1402585726570.jpg (303KB, 998x1331px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
303KB, 998x1331px

>free live now
File: 1419744602959.gif (182KB, 1036x654px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
182KB, 1036x654px
Very fucking good read OP, well written.
I think its safe to say we need a picture of your cousin.
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