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Now, this is a story all about how my life got flipped-turned

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Now, this is a story all about how my life got flipped-turned upside down, and I’d like to take a minute, just sit right there, to tell you about how I became the prince of wincest.

Or, in other words: Here's an OC wincest story. I found some old pictures that reminded me of it all, and I figured... Why not type it all up and share. It's a slow start, so bear with me.

This almost ten years ago, and there'd been marital strife of sorts between my mother and my father on and off for a few years, and it had finally come to a divorce about a year prior.
She had always worked, but during the divorce, she ended up doing incredible amounts of overtime - probably more out of wanting to occupy herself than anything else. We've always been comfortably upper middle class with a fully paid home. In the divorce, my mother ended up keeping the house and half of the investments - but since most of the family friends revolved around my father, she ended up without much else to do, save for work.
Now, my mother's always taken good care of herself, even today I'd consider her a MILF, but back then, she was 36 and gorgeous. She was no-nonsense, and always dressed smartly - a businesswoman, always in stockings and heels. She worked out and stayed fit. I, meanwhile, was a horny teenager. I'll admit that I'd raided her lingerie even before this - but then, it was more out of want for panties than anything else - the fact that they belonged to my mother was something I avoided considering while in the act, and felt guilty about afterwards.
Being a teenager, I was also pretty lazy and inconsiderate - and I was pretty content to go about my daily business at home wearing mesh shorts - maybe sweat pants at most. Why wear more when I'm just at home? It'll just be more laundry to do, after all.
Honestly, I'm still not entirely sure who's more responsible for everything that happened. I suppose it's a gradual sort of thing, though, spurred by a few events that led to it all snowballing.
Lurking for more OP
I'd come home from my classes a couple of hours earlier than she'd come home from work - I more or less had free reign in that time, to raid panties, jerk off, and do all of those sorts of things. Of course, being the kind of awkward teen who ended up on /b/, I was still a virgin, but hormones being what they are, I had sex constantly dancing through my mind and was jerking off most of any time I was left alone to my own devices.

Eventually, in these couple of hours I had daily, I made an incredible discovery - the jets in the Jaccuzi tub in the master bathroom were possibly the most incredible way to get your rocks off on your own - and since I liked to wash after coming home anyway, the pieces fell into place. Of course, the Master bathroom is connected to the Master bedroom, so I had the added bonus of access to frilly lingerie.

I did this every day, it was almost a ritual for me - something I looked forward to after every day of class.

My mother, meanwhile, probably developed a ritual of her own. Lacking any real close friends or opportunities to go out and mingle outside of work, she started getting into online dating. She asked me eventually to help her get and set up a webcam, which I honestly didn't give a second thought, although in hindsight, it's plainly obvious what she wanted it for.

It clicked for the first time a couple of months after I set it up for her - I went for a midnight raid on the fridge, and walking by her door, I noticed it was ajar, and her desk light was on. Curiousity killed the cat, but I couldn't help but take a naive peek - and for this, I was rewarded with a very lovely side profile of her, completely in the nude, sitting at her computer with Skype up.

By the way, I have more story than I have pictures.
go ahead but don't take too much.
I couldn't help but look - I'd honestly never seen her completely naked like that. I was captivated, taking it all in. Her perfectly sized, perky tits, her smooth skin lit by the one dim light. It flipped some sort of switch in my brain, maybe - She went from being "Mom" to being "Sexy" in seconds.

What's more, is as I looked in through the cracked door, I realized... Her hand's between her legs. She's biting her lip, she's breathing hard. Oh christ, my mom is getting herself off right there. My brain didn't know how to feel about it, but my dick sure did. I didn't break it out right there, partially for fear of getting caught, and partially out of shame, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't turned on by her restrained, little moans. I watched her until she finished, probably a good ten minutes. One of the hottest things I've ever seen in my life was her raising her fingers to her lips, and licking them clean afterwards. Amazing, I have goosebumps just remembering it.

She had some sexy talk with whoever was on the other end of the video call, sexual little nothings. I took her taking her headphones off as my cue to split. I resisted the temptation to jerk off to what I saw that night, but I couldn't stop thinking about it. It invaded my thoughts.

After this, I started noticing her more as a woman, how she dressed, how she talked, how she carried herself. I was popping boners above and beyond what the regular teenager should have been around her, but I controlled myself, I restrained myself, and I, of course, relieved myself - every day, in that Jacuzzi tub. I laid off the panties out of penitence, but walking through the master bedroom to get to mai waifu, the Jacuzzi tub, I couldn't help but be reminded of how erotic she was when I'd glance at the computer I saw her sitting at. She'd creep into my thoughts while I was in the tub, I couldn't escape it.
Doesn't matter OP, we still love you for the story
bump! post pics /b/ro
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Eventually, I broke down. It was a Monday, I'd suffered through the whole weekend without sticking my dick in a jetstream, and my balls were ready to explode. As soon as I got in the house, I tore all my clothes off, I dove, into the panty drawer, and as though that wasn't enough, I went through the added shame of going into a photo album (back then when people still had physical photo albums with glossy 8x6s in them) to retrieve a picture of her in a bikini from our last vacation. It was going to be the fap of my life. I didn't want to fuck her, per se, but the taboo of what I was doing was such a turn-on.

Now, you probably see this coming from a mile away. I know it sounds too unlikely to be true, but I swear, anon, this day, out of all of the days, was going to be the one - some kind of fucking Murphy's law.

I was in the tub, photo propped up against the tap, panties in hand, having a hell of a time shoving my dick into the jet, when I heard the door knob rattle.

We were both deer in headlights for a second. There was my mother, home from work early, catching me with a smoking frilly pink gun in hand (related picture later), pretty much fucking her bathtub like a complete degenerate.

I didn't know what to say. Neither did she - she just ran out after hesitating for a minute. Oh boy, my life was over. How do you even come back from this?

>Mom, it's not what you think!
Yeah, that'll work for sure.
I stayed in the tub for five minutes, wanting to simply disappear. I decided my best course of action was to make myself scarce. I got out, and tried to hide the damning evidence in my towel as I bolted for my room. I didn't bump into her - thank god. I sulked the rest of the night in there, panties hidden away behind my computer, where they became equal parts cherished artefact and cursed reminder - she never asked for them back.

The whole next couple of weeks were incredibly awkward. No more was said between us than was strictly necessary. We probably both came to the decision to just sweep it under the rug and pretend it all never happened.

Eventually, we came back to acting relatively normally. I was scared off the Jacuzzi for good, but otherwise, we came back to the point where it was like nothing ever happened. I'd swear at points that I'd notice her, out of the corner of my eye, looking at me, but nothing absolute ever happened. Maybe the same way my view of her got flipped (and turned upside down) happened to her.

A couple of months later, on Friday night fridge raid to support a Battlefield marathon, as I walk by her bedroom, I hear the rumbling of the Jacuzzi's motors. I couldn't help myself, I slinked into the bedroom to spy. I heard her moaning in the bathroom. Oh god, my dick could have drilled through diamond. I guess getting caught turned the taboo into a turn on.

The door was closed. Fuck.

I got down on the floor and did the dinosaur.
fucking dinosaur faggot again..
File: P9170029.jpg (100KB, 1000x666px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Actually, I got on the floor and peeked under the door. Oh, how blessed! The full size standalone mirror in the bathroom was angled just right that I could see the sink mirror in it -- the sink mirror, in which I could see the tub.

It was a pretty terrible view, and it was hugely uncomfortable to be down on the hardwood(s) like that, but imagination fills in the blanks - I saw just enough. She was sideways, her back to the mirror, shoving her crotch into the jet. That tub gets around! I couldn't help but wonder if she got the idea from me, or if she'd been doing it all along, but man, what a huge turn on that was.

I spied long enough to get my fill, and snuck away before she got out of the tub. The taboo fantasy redoubled. There's my mom, a hot, sexual being, doing the same exact thing as I do.

Well, it stayed like that for a year. Dirty faps to panties, little peeps, and memories. Life carried on as normal, otherwise. Around this time, I got into photography (with a 2006 vintage point and shoot, with a mighty 512mb SD card). I fancied myself the next Ansel Adams. Sadly, digital cameras don't teach you that quality is more important than quantity, as some of these pictures will show you.

Eventually, she asks me if I could take some photos for her.

> No problem! What do you want?
>Oh. Photos of you for your profile? Well, okay.

I improvised with a couple of lamps for lighting, and took a few photos that barely made the cut above "Myspace-quality"

Obviously, I didn't have the balls to suggest anything other than the tamest photos. Stand over here and smile. Look at this book and look thoughtful. No instructions that'd arouse suspicision (or my penis). I might enjoy the taboo, but I don't want to get slapped in the face by my own mom for suggesting such things, after all.

Speaking of bad photos and promised related images, take this one.
finish this OP!
Sorry, did I scare off everyone with my freshness and dinosaurs?

Well, turns out that she took the initiative on that, a couple of weeks later. She asks me if I could take a few more photos. No problem, what do you want?

>Something a little bit more flattering.

I assume she means something elegant, graceful, or formal. Alright, whatever. Let me get my camera, just get yourself set up.

I come back in a couple of minutes and it turns out that "flattering" in this case means pantyhose, a short skirt, and a blouse with the sleeves rolled up, with enough buttons undone to show the top of her satin black bra.

Oh shit. My heart skips a beat as I take it all in. I try not to look like I'm devouring her with my eyes, and act casual.

>Alright, what kind of poses do you have in mind?

She starts out pretty tame. Playing Mildly-Provocative Office Lady holding a folder to her chest and the sort, but she gets a little bit racier. Eventually she asks me if I could get one over her shoulder. I resist the temptation to point the camera down her blouse when I take the first picture.

>Like this?
>Could you aim it a little lower?

I do as instructed, doing... pretty much a downblouse shot. Oh boy.

>Could you also do one from the front too?
Alright... No problem

she unbuttons another button on her blouse. Her bra's pretty much in plain sight now, in all its satin glory

I don't know if I should object at this point or not. One head says yes, the other says no. This is insanely hot, but the moralfag in me objects that it's not right. I choose moderate caution.

>What exactly do you need these for, mom?
She replies a little bit sheepishly,
>They're for my dating profile.
Well, no shit. I would have never guessed.
>So you want something a little bit more... sexy?
>More or less...

Shit. This has got to be some kind of integrity test, a trap, bait, something. I don't know what it is, but there's no way my hot as fuck mom just asked me to take sexy pictures of her
OP. Being serious now. Have you pretyped the strory? It's really annoying to be waiting ~5min for a story
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Pretyped, yes. Hold onto your panties, god damn.

But you know, I don't care. All my blood has been diverted to my dick. I bite. I'm careful to choose my words, because I realize this is too good to be true. I've got to keep it cool, just act like you know what you're doing.

>Okay mom, we're going to do a set, I've got this neat idea, I'll shoot you in the mirror, so just start acting like you're unbuttoning your shirt, look at yourself in the mirror.
Click click. She actually does unbutton it, one by one.
>Pose like you're going to take it off.
Click click. She keeps on sliding it lower down her shoulders. Eventually it's on the ground.
>Could you reach for the zipper on your skirt?
Click click. Oh my god, she's actually sliding the zipper down. My dick is straining at my shorts.
>Could you... put your thumbs in the waistband?
Click click... The skirt's slowly coming down. Holy shit. It's on the ground.
>Okay.. Lift one foot up, like you're going to take it off.
Click click. My mother is in her lingerie and high heels here, listening to my requests. I've got to be dreaming, but lets just go with it.
>Okay, pull your foot out of your heel. Keep it right there for a second.
Click click. She kicks them, along with the skirt, to the side. My heart's palpating.
>Could you pull on your strap a little?
Click click. First one, then the other, slide down her silky shoulders. Oh my god, is this actually going to happen?
>Okay, reach around back like you're going to unhook it.
Click click.
...Fuck. She's not taking it off.
more pics OP? or better yet mom's dating profile?
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You're about a decade too late.

Well, I've got more blood in my dick at this point than in my brain, so I decide to push my luck.
>Go ahead, mom.
>I don't think I should go further...
>Just unhook it and cup it. I think it'll be a good shot.
Wow. It worked. Click click.
>Okay, turn your back to me. Could you hold it in one hand and let it hang?
>Anon, I don't think we should go that far.
>It'll be a good shot. Besides, I'm not going to take a picture of them - just your back.
Wow. My mom's standing in front of me, her creamy skin all exposed, tan lines and all, wearing nothing but panties and pantyhose. Jesus christ. Just keep it together. Click click.
>Okay, could you hook your thumbs into your hose?
Click click. Great shot. I still can't see the front of her, but this isn't bad at all.
>Alright, give them a pull.
>It's okay. It'll just be your butt. The set's almost done, I know exactly how to end it.
Oh my god. That creamy white ass. My eyes are going to melt out of their sockets from the hotness. Click click.
>Okay, raise your knee and start pulling your leg out...
My jaw just fucking drops at this point. I didn't even realize this - and neither did she, but when she bends over and raises her knee like that, I can see the works. Her perfect little asshole, her lips glistening with wetness. Jesus christ, I've got precum dribbling out of my dick. Click click... click. I've got to take one just for myself - that optical zoom was a great investment!
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>Alright, now do the other leg, and then stretch a little...
I glance in the mirror. Shit, she's looking at me. Can't oggle her in the mirror.. Just act casual, play it cool. Click click.
>Okay, and now go pose like you're running the bath.
Oh my god. She bends over again. I can see everything again, but I think she becomes conscious of it, since she angles her butt away from me within a second. Click click.
>Okay, now start climbing in
>It's the second to last one.
>Anon, no. You can't take any where you can see my front.
Aw, fuck.
>Alright, that's fine. Just climb in and we'll take one in the tub.
>Okay, but turn around, Anon.
Fuccck. That's the limit, I guess. I turn around and let her do her thing, sneaking a look in the mirror. Beautiful perky tits, with round nipples. They look hard. A tidy, trimmed muff. Oh my god. Something in me snaps - I'm not content just getting off on the taboo fantasy, I want to fuck her. I want to smear my cum across that muff, I want to shove my dick in that puckered little asshole, I want to fuck her brains out.
She slides down in the tub about as low as she can get. Absolutely nothing to see, barely anything more than the top of her head.
>Okay, Anon. Go ahead. Last one.
Click. Still can't believe how far I went. The spank bank is bigger than the Rockefellers now.
>Okay, that's a wrap.
>Give me the memory card, Anon.
>I'll crop em in Photoshop, make them look good first.
>No, Anon. I can't let you keep the memory card. Give it to me.
Fuccccccccccck. Can't have your cake and eat it too. Well, I can't deny her without any illusion of my innocence being shattered, so my precious 512mb of the hottest stuff in the world is surrendered.
>Anon, we're done. Go do your homework, OK?
We need moar pics so my dick stays hard
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She seems content to remain in the tub, but waves me off. I make sure to leave the door ever-so-slightly ajar on my way out - lets make hay while the sun shines. I walk across the bedroom, and close the door loudly, to make it seem like I left.
Of course, you know exactly what's on my mind right now. I wait there, not daring to make a sound, until I hear the sound of the Jacuzzi motor. Oh god, yes.
I sneak back over to the door, and peek in through the crack.
Fuck, that's right, you can just have a regular bath in a jacuzzi tub, I forgot. oh well, fuck it, I can't take it. I pull it out and start jerking it - I'm a mere mortal, after all.
The gods must smile down upon me, though. No sooner than my dick got in my hand, my mother started moving in the tub. Oh my god, she's positioning herself. Yes, oh god. She's facing towards me, turning sideways to get that jazucci jet action going.
The jet finds the spot pretty fast, judging by the moan. Not that it was a particularly loud one, but I hadn't ever heard her moan like that before. She's got one leg up on the rim of the tub, one hand rubbing herself, and she's practically gyrating in front of the jet - and I'm having the wank of a lifetime watching it, trying to be as silent as can be.
I came first, the hardest I ever had in my life. It's practically spraying - I actually grab the head of my dick after the first spurt to try to contain it. I must have made a grunt or something, because as soon as I come, she jolts in the tub and looks my way. She must have seen me - but I did my best to evade and slide out of sight of the crack.
I hear the water splashing as she starts getting out. Fuck, the jig is up - I make the hastiest escape of my life. I act casual on the couch, like I've been watching TV, when she comes down a few minutes later. She gives me a look, but doesn't say anything. Phew, I might be safe.
File: DSC04636.jpg (134KB, 1080x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Thanks for the help, anon
>No problem mom.

While I was sitting on that couch though, as blood slowly returned to my brain, I realized, though. I must have left incriminating evidence on the door, fuck. Moreover, she's going to see that I took a close up of her ass, with all the best details in it. Shit.

Well, I never ended up having the opportunity to sneak in and rectify this problem (or secure my own copy of the shots, unfortunately. How I wish I had them!). By the time I managed to get at her bedroom the next day, anything I might have left on that door was gone - and the SD card was nowhere to be found. Fuck.

Well, since I'm here anyway...

I looked at the bathroom door, then at the panty drawer. My boner came back with a vengance. I went for that drawer again, addicted like a junkie. This time, though, something interesting happened. I rummaged through it, searching for the sexiest pair I could find, and buried in the corner, I discover the frilly pink bra - the matching companion to my cherished, crused panties. How could I resist? I reach for it.

What's this?
Oh shit.
I pull it out, and what's wrapped in it?

Her toys. Plural. Haven't seen those before.

A vibrator, lime green and rubbery and a clear glass... buttplug. Oh jesus. My mother can't possibly be into ass play, that's just too perfect for me. The thought that these two things have fucked her turns me on beyond belief. I go off to have my way that the jacuzzi, imagining my dick in place of the vibrator and plug. For the first time, I'm not jerking off to the dirty taboo of getting your rocks off to naughty photos and peeps - I'm jerking off to the thought of pounding my mother, I'm imagining my dick in place of that vibrator.
My mother comes home from work as normal a short while later, after everything has been set back as it was. I feel like I've gotten away with everything, when suddenly..

>Anon, we need to talk.
>What's up, mom?
>Listen, what happened yesterday... It wasn't right.
Okay. Play it off.
>I don't see a problem with it, mom. It's hard to find volunteers for photosets.
>I know that, but we can't take photos like that, Anon.
>Oh, it's pretty harmless. It's no big deal.
>It's not a big deal if it's one of your friends or a girl from your class, Anon, but... I'm your mom, we can't do that.
>There's nothing sexual about it, though. It was just artistic.
>Some if it was more than that, Anon... You should be taking these pictures with a girlfriend.
Well, she must have seen her little asshole and her wet lips rendered in wonderously (then) high res 3 megapixels.
>Well, you did ask for sexy, so that's exactly what we did.
>I know, Anon. I shouldn't have. I know it's confusing for you, but it's not alright to see me like that, or to do those things thinking about me.
Damn it. She knows I spied on her too. On top of that, in the battle of brains vs boner, boner is winning out - to the point where it siezes the day and takes point, making me say something ballsy.
>I liked it, mom. It was great fun. You looked great, and I'd love to do it again.
She looks at me, completely taken aback. She stammers and stutters a couple of times.
>A-Anon, I.. I..
>I know the photos came out great, mom. You looked incredible. Just forget it's me.
>Maybe, Anon. I don't know if I can. Just... just, go study for your tests.

I'm dumbfounded by how that conversation went. She confronted me about how I blatantly took a smutty shot of her fuckholes and jerked it to her, I retorted that she was attractive and I'd like to do it again. Then, I told her she could pretend it wasn't me, and she replied... Maybe. Wow, boner - way to take initiative. This is so wrong, but so right.
I'm getting tired of reading about you masterbating, cut to the chase faggot
Half way there, turbonigger.

I'm dumbfounded by how that conversation went. She confronted me about how I blatantly took a smutty shot of her fuckholes and jerked it to her, I retorted that she was attractive and I'd like to do it again. Then, I told her she could pretend it wasn't me, and she replied... Maybe. Wow, boner - way to take initiative. This is so wrong, but so right.

There's a week of awkwardness between us, where the subject is left alone, and life returns to the relative norm. A short while later, still delving into photgraphy as a hobby, I pick up some neat studio lights at a garage sale, and set about transforming a corner of my room into a little studio, complete with umbrellas with tin foil taped into them and white sheets from Ikea on the walls. Damn, it almost looks professional! I take some crummy still-lifes.

A couple of days later, my mother talks to me again.
>Hey, Anon...
>When we talked about your photos... I've thought about it. We can do it again.
My boner rises from its slumber.
>Oh, great. What do you want to do?
>About that. I have a couple of rules we have to agree on.
Fuck, joy kill. I can't let her on that I sorely want to bend her over and ream her out with my dick, though. Okay. Play it cool, act like a professional.
>Alright, that's not a problem.
>You can't keep anything that you take.
That's sadism!
>Okay, that's fine.
>I'll decide how far we'll go and what we'll do
All the way and everything, right?
>Of course.
>And please, don't call me "Mom" when we do it.
...What's that supposed to mean?
>If that's what you want. When do you want to do this?
>We can do it once in a while.
>How about tomorrow? I'll get some props ready.
>Alright, Anon.

So, tomorrow comes. We end up mostly taking photos of her dressed up in a sun dress, sandals, and straw hat, with a beach ball and some shit like that. Nothing risque, no upskirts or downblouses. Pretty unremarkable..
If this was real it would be shorter
Next week comes around, and we do start off with some portraits, in her professional, officey look.

>Hey, Anon.
>What's up?
>Could we do some in a dress?
>Sure, why not.

She goes off to get herself all done up. When she comes back - Wow. I thought she meant a regular, daily wear dress. Instead, here she is all glammed up, dressed like the femme fatale from a Bond movie. We start taking photos.

>Hey, how about some wine as a prop? We've got a bottle in the fridge, right?
>Go ahead, anon.
So, I go ahead and bring her the bottle and a glass. Innocent intentions (as innocent as they get), I swear.
She's enjoying her wine as a beverage more than as a prop, so over the course of half an hour, she goes through half the bottle. I'm still playing it innocent, though.
>Anon, how about a leg shot?
No problem. Long, smooth legs, one crossed over the other. A heel dangling off her toes.
>Could you do a close-up on my foot?
Not really into feet, but sure. As I'm taking the photo, I realize that I've got a pretty nice view up her dress. Black lace. BONER MODE, ACTIVATE.
>Hey, could you extend your leg out all the way?
Wow. That's a great upskirt photo.
>And could you sit on the chair backwards?
Even better upskirt. Perfect, oh my god.
>How about my shoulders, Anon
She slides the dress strap down her arm for the shot. Deja vu.
>Could you get the other strap too?
Oh boy, she actually did it. Are we doing this again?
>Anon, get my zipper for me...
Yes yes yes yes yes.
I like your story OP. Keep em coming
File: P9170052.jpg (86KB, 1000x667px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
86KB, 1000x667px
>Be me
>Bone mom
>The end

She pretty much just straight up pulls it right off. No formalities, no pussyfooting about it. She pulls it off and drops it to the ground. Holy shit.

She's in lacey sheer black panties and a matching black camisole. I try very hard not to stare with my jaw dropped - but it's hard, since the lingerie is so sheer. My eyes gorge on the sight of her muff, her nipples. Amazing.

>Lets do some more sexy shots, Anon.
>I was hoping you'd want to!

She takes the initiative completely. Striking pose after pose. It's difficult to describe, but she's a little bit coy - almost a "You naughty boy" attitude. I can't even hide my boner in my sweatpants. She spreads her legs for me, arches her back, every pose you've seen in a Victoria's Secret magazine. Between poses, she's had a few more glasses of wine, but shes retained what little shes been wearing.

My boner takes point.
>Hey, could you take the hem of your cami?
She hesitates for only a second, but she takes it, with this incredibly sexy look on her face
>That's perfect.
>Now, take a few of this, Anon
Oh wow. I didn't expect this. She's actually straight up taking it off, pulling it up and over her head. Her perfect tits, exposed straight in front of me, jiggling as she slides the cami off. I'm so stunned, I almost miss the shot.
>How about this?
She crosses her hands over her breasts, and bites her lip at the camera with a smirk on her face. Holy shit.
She strikes several more poses, before we reach that sort of impasse of having exhausted every unique pose. Her panties are still on.
Boner initiative- GO!
>Could you turn your back towards me and slide them down a little?
Go to the pounding m8
what if i tell you, there is no pounding
File: DSC09472.jpg (89KB, 766x1142px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
89KB, 766x1142px
You would be wrong.
Wow. She does. Wine is the best thing in the world. Slowly but surely, her panties find her way down her thighs, to her knees, to her ankles, and finally to the floor, with me taking pictures every inch of the way - while she does a sexy sort of jiggle with her legs as she slides them.

>That's really sexy. I love it.
Then, she bends over for me, wrapping her arms around her legs, looking back at the camera. My dick is damn near ready to spring off my crotch to go get her.
>Is this one sexy too?
>It's super sexy.
Maybe she doesn't realize how much she's exposing, but... Optical zoom, go! There's that perfect asshole.. Maybe I'll find a way to sneak my way into keeping these, if she's getting drunk!
>How about this?
She gets down on the ground, props herself up on her arms, legs crossed, and throws her head back.
>That's even better.
She rolls over, and gets into... Well, doggy style, on her hands and knees. Totally unabashed, jesus christ.
>You're incredible.
My cool operator mode is on auto-pilot at this point, because the primal need to fuck her is echoing through my head, drowning out everything else.
>Anon... No close-ups, but could you take this?
She raises a hand off the ground, and puts it between her legs. I swear, I can even hear the squish. I can't even say anything, I just take the picture.

I'm mesmerized by it. She's actually rubbing her fingers just a little bit - not outright masturbating right in front of me, but it's like she can't restrain herself. I snap myself out of the daze.
She gets up off the ground, and sits back down on the chair, backwards, leg spread out... One hand goes down to her pussy, the other rubs a breast.
>This is the best I've ever seen, Mom.
Shit. I said it, the "M-word" Shit shit shit.
She just stops her pesudo-masturbation for a second, and smiles at me. Maybe she didn't notice?
>Anon, come to mom.
She takes her hands away from herself as I step up to her. There's no way I can hide the boner in my sweatpants, it's simply impossible, but who am I to decline?
>I'm sorry, I know this is hard for you, Anon.
>No, it's alright... I'm enjoying it.
She gives me a hug around my waist from the chair. My crotch is practically at her chin.
>I'm so happy to have you, Anon. It's been so hard. You make me feel so much better.
I don't even know what to say, but I stay there, being hugged. I brush her hair with one of my hands.
Her hands slide down my waist, along with my sweatpants. This can't be happening.
>Let me take care of you.
It's happening.
My dick springs out of my pants, freed at last. My heart, meanwhile is in my throat. How do you handle something like this?
>You can't ever tell anyone about this, Anon.
>I know.
I look down, and she leans forward on the chair, her tits pressing into the woodwork. She wraps a hand around my dick - It's just a little bit sticky with her own juices, which makes my dick quiver. I lean in a little, anticipating, while she looks over my dick, inspecting it. I suppose she'd never had a good look at it in this condition. She starts to stroke it up and down - caressing it at first.
>That feels real good.

Her response to that is to start stroking it, actually legitimately jerking me off with her delicate hands, biting her lip. What's more, is I notice that her other hand is busy with herself, after I hear a scandalously squishy noise. Obviously, faced with this, I have no endurance whatsoever.

>Oh god, I'm gonna come

Her response to this is to jack me off even faster... Then she leans in, and puts my dick betwen her lips, and rolls her tongue around my head. I explode into her mouth, her tongue swishing around my dick the whole way. She even swallows, with an exaggurated gulp, and looks up at me, silent.

I lean down and kiss her, on the lips.

>That was amazing, mom.
>You earned it, anon.

Well, she did remember to keep the SD card from this, and denied to let me take any lewd photos afterwards - which means that she wasn't plastered, either. I guess 4 or 5 glasses of wine is a great disinhibitor, though.

We spoke nothing of any of it for the whole week. Maybe it was a little bit awkward between us, but no more than it had been after past events. It was starting to become a familiar feeling.

Next Friday, I was a man with a plan - wine's the magic weapon.

I buttered her up by being the sweetest son I could be, going out and getting all of the fixings to make a delicious Shrimp Scampi. I worked away at the stove for my precious two hours, making sure that upon her return home, I had a lovely little dinner prepared - although I shied away from the candles, for fear of making it too "Romantic"

>Hey mom, I made you something!
>Oh wow, Anon, you shouldn't have!
We had a nice little dinner - complimented, of course, by a couple of glasses of wine.
>You know, mom... The last shoot. How'd the photos come out? I enjoyed it... alot.
She's a little bit flustered by the reminder.
The perfect plan was coming together.

After dinner, I brought the rest of the wine to my little studio, and I went to raid her closet. I raid her closet and picked a rather pedestrian combination - dark blue jeans, a wool sweater... and the frilly pink bra. The vibrator and plug, I leave on top of the lingerie , exposed. The bra is reunited with its matching panties.

I bring the set to her in the living room, neatly folded... Bra and panties between the sweater and jeans.

>How's this look?
>Looks good, Anon. Just give me a minute.

She goes to her bedroom, stack in hand... I wait the longest half an hour of my life, but eventually she comes to my room, dressed accordingly. We get started, taking pretty mundane shots for the first 45 minutes or so, while she gets buttered up with some more wine. I decide to take the initiative.

>Hey, could you put a hand on your hip, and lift your sweater up a little to show your side?
She does so, showing off the very bottom of her bra. Yes! It's the frilly pink one.
>And could you lift it up over your chest?
Oh my god yes, in all of its glory.

Slowly but surely, the sweater and jeans find their way off of her, pose by pose, inch by inch... Once she's in nothing but her lingerie , I take my chance, I'm tired of beating around the bush, I tell her point blank,
>I want you to do something sexy.
She's a little bit non-plussed by this.
>What exactly do you want?
I can save this!
>Whatever you want.
She hesitates for a second, but then she gets down on the ground, on her back, propping herself up on her elbows, legs spread to the camera, showing off her panties... I notice that they're damp. Yes!
File: P9170030.jpg (96KB, 1000x666px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
96KB, 1000x666px
I take a few pictures, then she slides a hand down into her panties.
We say nothing to each other, I just take photos of her fingers under her panties... She's not totally into it, but she's not just posing either.
She restrains a couple of moans. I didn't expect this when I said sexy!
>Could you pull them down a little bit?
>I don't think so, Anon...
>But how about this?
She pulls her panties to the side a little bit, exposing her lips. Oh wow, totally wet.
As I take pictures, she covers it with her hand, like she's shy at first... but goes back to working at her clit. An amazing show. She bites her lip to restrain the moans, but she's actually getting into it, although she denys me any (non-optically-assisted) closeups.
>Could you get the bra?
She pauses long enough to pull it off, leaving only her panties between her and my prying eyes, before going back to her clit. Wow, she's really into this, grinding her butt against the ground... But I don't think she's going to let herself come in front of me either.
>Could you stand up and do a sort of... Coppertone girl pose?
Almost reluctantly, she does so, tugging her panties back into place. It's a step back, maybe... But I'll coax those off of her!
After taking the picture...
>Okay, let me just adjust you a little...
I step up to her, and with a quick caress of her butt - the first time I've actually fondled her, I reach for the band of her panties, and start to pull them down.
Still haven't fucked your mom yet
File: DSC04693.jpg (102KB, 750x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
102KB, 750x1000px
>Anon, no! You can't!
She grabs me by the hand.
>Mom... You're so gorgeous. I want to make you see how I see you.
>Anon, you just can't. Not today.
Boner-initiative activate!
>We went even further last time... Remember?
>I know, but that was then... Today is different, I don't want you to think less of me.
My suspicion, among other things, is aroused. I think I know what's going on, though.
>I don't mind, Mom. I want to see it, I want to show you how I see you. Whatever it is, I want to see.
Her eyes widen for a second. Yes, I called it! her grip on my wrist slackens. Slowly, I pull her panties down, and let them drop.
There it is, the glass plug buried in her ass. It's totally transparent, so I can see all the way through it, into her.
>Wow, mom. That's... incredible.
I give her a hug, and use the opportunity to grab two big handfuls of her ass, rubbing them together. She says quietly,
>Anon... We can't go any further than this. It's not right, even this is too much.
>I don't care, Mom. I want it. I want you.
Fuck the photos, at this point. I don't care anymore, my boner's going to explode. I tug her towards my bed. She sits down on it (hng, the plug rubbing into my sheets)... and crosses her legs.
>Anon. We can't. I won't let you, you can't do this kind of thing with your mom.
Shit, she's laying down the law.
>I owe you for last time. Let me return the favor.
I run my hand up her thigh.
>It doesn't matter to me. I want to make you feel good.
Yes! Either she's too far gone herself, or I'm just that good at convincing her, but she uncrosses her legs... and then takes my hand and guides it to her lips.
>Only today, Anon...
Do you know what fluff is? It's what you use to lengthen a story. Take all this bullshit like you coming on her door out. You're adding too much to this. Fuck your mom already.
Waiting for OP
Shut the fuck up. It adds to the ambiance. Keep going OP. You write really well
Stories about cramming your dick in somebody are a dime a dozen. It's the details that make it unique.

I get hard to work, carressing her muff, her lips, her thighs, and her clit.
>Hey, prop your butt up and lay back.
I slide a pillow under her, raising her up a little bit, exposing the plug to me. Yes, perfect.

I climb up onto the bed, kneeling over her. My fingers are all over her clit, she's breathing hard and moaning, not even trying to hide it anymore, her hands grabbing my sheets. I honestly have no clue what I'm doing, but I'm probably doing something right, staying on the outside, no matter how much I want to ram everything in there.

>Right there, that's perfect...
>Oh my god, keep doing that

As she starts breathing even heavier, grinding her ass into the pillow, nearing her climax, I reach down with my other hand, and snag the plug with just two fingers. Everything is coming together perfectly! I wiggle it back and forth just a little bit, still hard at work on her clit. Finally, with a wail, her whole body quivers and shakes, she grabs my hand and keeps it in place. I just made her climax, oh wow.

I lie down beside her and spoon her as she recuperates.
>How was it, mom?
>It was amazing, Anon. I haven't felt like that in so long.
>I'm happy.
>Anon... Roll over.
Is it going to happen? Is it going to happen? Oh god is it going to happen?
She climbs over me with this sort of "Come hither" look, and sits down on my legs, pulling my pants down.
Please let it happen, please let it happen, please let it happen.
Then she bends over, taking my dick in her hand, and guides it into her mouth.
Well, I'm not going to complain.
so close OP keep going!
Her head's bobbing up and down on my shaft, making shameful slurping and sucking sounds, her tounge gliding around my head. Again, I could only endure it for a couple of minutes at best. I grabbed her head as I came close.

>That's great, Mom, that's great - I'm gonna cum..

I pretty much buried her face in my crotch, shoving it in as deep as I could. She didn't resist a bit as I shot it all, she even bobbed her head up and down on it, milking me dry.
She pulled herself off my dick as soon as I stopped jizzing in her beautiful face, and coughed a couple of times.
>Anon... I should go clean myself up.
Score! Are we going to do it in the shower? In my beloved jacuzzi tub? I don't care!
I start climbing out of my bed with her, taking my pants the rest of the way off in anticipation of the best cleaning-up of my life.
>Sounds good to me, I could use a shower too!
>No, Anon, not together.
Fuck. Shot down.
>Alright. Well, I had fun, Mom. Thanks for all of this...
She walks out, bare ass naked, leaving all of her clothes behind. I watch her perfect round ass swaying as she walks out, the glass plug, still buried in there, sticking out just the slightest bit. She snags my camera on the way out.
Fuck. Still can't have my cake and eat it too. I'd kill for a photographic memory.
I'll admit I had a little peek at her in the shower, but nothing interesting happened. I guess the taboo caught up to her. Oh well. I returned her laundry to her bed while she was in the shower.
Details of you cumming on a door is unique and fucking stupid, Hemingway
lel. this guy is a good writer lol
awesome writing Love it
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Sorry, I'm a doorsexual. Did I mention it was solid oak?
Sorry all you've ever had was fiberboard veneer.

The awkwardness for the rest of the weekend could be cut with a knife. She couldn't look me in the eye, and I couldn't look her anywhere except the ass and tittes. Shit, I wanted to go further so bad, but how? You can't just straight up tell your mother that you want to fuck her brains out. I kept it cool for the rest of the week... Next Sunday was going to be Mother's day.

Well, I went hunting for gifts. Lets do something nice, and something naughty.

I ended up getting her a Roomba (Remember when those things were the hottest new thing on the market?) and then I went off to do some adult shopping...

I imagined damn near everything the sex shop had being used on her. I wanted it all. Eventually though, I decided that a little bit of a tongue in cheek approach would be ideal.

Fuzzy pink handcuffs. What better accessory to frilly pink panties? It's humorous enough that I can play it off as a gag, but risque enough that maybe she'll get the idea that I want to cuff her behind her back and pound away at her for hours...

The big day comes. I treat her to some champagne (from her own cabinet, of course. Blew all my cash on that Roomba), and present her with the gifts.

>Happy Mother's day, Mom. I really love everything we've had lately, so I got a little something for you!

>Oh, Anon! You shouldn't have!
First gift. gift. Roomba.
>That's to keep the house taken care of while we're busy.
>Oh, Anon! That's such a sweet gift. I can't believe you got one of these!
She hugs me for that, almost like I didn't just imply that we'd be too busy getting it on to vacuum.
Second gift. Pink handcuffs. She hesitates for a second, not sure what to think of it.
She hesitates for a minute, looking at it. Shit, play it off, it's a joke, that's right!
>Just in case I get too naughty.
>You think we could try it out today?
>The cuffs?
>No, the Roomba, Anon.
is that it? you finished?
Hurry up op jesus
Will op deliver?
OP deliver pls
Hell no, I'm still going strong, and I haven't even bothered to write everything that ever happened between us.

She looks at me, and raises up the fuzzy cuffs on a fingertip
>Who exactly do you plan on using these on if we do it?
Oh snap. Is she messing with me? I take the bait.
>On the innocent officer, overpowered by the naughty bad guy.
>Sure it's not going to be the other way around?
>I can go with that... What punishment did you have in mind for the bad boy?
>It depends on how bad he is.
Oh shit. She's flirting with me.
We fiddle around with the Roomba for a while, getting it up and running, going back and forth with this sort of naughty humor. Perfect choice in gift.
>So, when do you want to do this?
>How about I go catch the bad guy now?
>Sure... Just make sure you wear something that matches those cuffs.

I prepare everything in my room, wine included. She shows up a little bit later.
No pussyfooting about this time. She's in the same frilly pink panties and bra, and nothing else, cuffs tucked into the waistband of her panties. My body is ready.
>Oh wow, mom.
>You said to wear something matching, Anon.
>I know, but who's the naughty one here?
>I don't exactly wear a lot of pink.
>You sure aren't right now.
She blushes, a little bit flustered. Don't push it too far yet!
>Alright, just pose however you want.

She strikes a few relatively regular sexy poses, the kind of stuff you might expect somebody would do with fuzzy pink handcuffs - twirl them on a finger, all the sort. We take a little break after a while, and both have a glass (although for all the progress, she's maybe on her third drink) - there's only so many sexy poses you can make.

>You know... We could actually use the cuffs, mom. It's starting to get a little bit stale.
>How about we change up the scenery?
>Can we do both?
>Alright, Anon. Come with me.
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323KB, 680x1058px
By all means, let's enjoy some wincest!
>now this is a story all about how
stopped reading there
File: french_toast_2.gif (315KB, 680x1058px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: french_toast_3.gif (304KB, 680x1058px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I grab the camera and follow her to the master bedroom. I'm tantalized by the possibilities now.
>Could you help me with these?
She hands me the cuffs, and puts her hands behind her back. I can't believe my good fortune.
>Okay, strike a couple of poses.
One of her looking over her shoulder, cuffs behind her back, another of her sitting on the bed. Oh yes.
>Okay, could you lie down on the bed, face down?
>Like this?
>Put your butt up in the air.
>Do you want to do something a little more sexy?
>Alright, Anon... Just don't overdo it.
>Okay. Pull them down a little bit.
She wiggles her panties down a tad, but then stops...
>Hey, Anon...
>I left the key in there.
>In where?
>In my panties... Could you get them?
>This is entrapment.
>I just don't want to lose them somewhere.
Little does she know that they have a release lever on the side. All the better for me!

I walk up to her, and carefully slide my hand down her panties. Oh god, her cunt is so wet, I can feel it just brushing past it. She's getting a kick out of this. I take my time, fishing around in there and copping a couple of feels, before taking the keys out.

>Alright, I got them. Get back on your knees.
Wow, I didn't even mean it like how it came out.
>Please, don't go too far.

I'm not sure if her tone is serious or playful, but either way, I go ahead and slide her panties down just under her butt, and savor the view. No plug this time, but wow - she's so wet, the panties practically cling to her. She's absolutely into this. I keep up the act, though, and continue with the "shoot" - although my thoughts are far beyond getting nudes, now.

I slide them down even further, down to her knees, and blatantly reach out to her lips, sliding a finger between them

>Anon, please... you shouldn't.

She says this, but she wiggles her butt at me. Mixed signals, much? Either that, or she's getting into a sort of roleplay. I'll play along. My boner goes for the power play.
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File: stuffed_friend_1.jpg (194KB, 680x1058px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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C'mon, dad-cest is best win-cest! Don't be such a square.
File: DSC04714.jpg (106KB, 1000x750px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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She says this, but she wiggles her butt at me. Mixed signals, much? Either that, or she's getting into a sort of roleplay. I'll play along. My boner goes for the power play.

>Spread your cheeks.
She puts her cuffed hands on her cheeks, but hesitates, with a little whimper.
>You heard me.

She complies, with a ragged exhale, showing off her asshole and wet cunt. Oh god, I want to bury myself in them right now, but I've got to take it slow and work my way there. I take the picture.

>You like having your picture taken, yeah?
>Do you like showing everything to the camera?
>Yeah? What are you showing to it right now?
>My ass...
>and what else?
>My pussy...
>And how wet is it?
>Really wet...
>Because you...
>I'm showing it off to... you... for your camera.
Oh man, I'm in heaven. I've never even been into power play stuff like this, but this is incredible. She's still spreading it, showing it all to me.
>Yeah? That's the only thing? None of this?
I reach out and slide another finger between her lips.
>No? You're not turned on by this?
I do it again, rubbing her clit on the way down this time. She moans a little.
>I am... but we shouldn't...
>Shouldn't what?
>Shouldn't go further...
I do it again, and circle a little bit around her clit. She squirms under my hands.
>Go further and do what?
>Have sex.
>Yeah? Why's that?
>It's not right...
>Why not?
>I'm your mother...
>That hasn't stopped us from getting this far.
I run my finger around her asshole as I say this. She whimpers a little bit and squirms.
>So, you're not turned on by the idea?
She doesn't answer, while I keep playing with her asshole.
>You wouldn't like it?
I'm poking the tip of my finger into it, now, while she's just holding it all open for me and squirming.
>I would...
>We'll see.
I back off from her for a minute, and go into her drawer. There's the plug and the vibrator, lying right there. She looks back at me when I get them, anticipating
File: stuffed_friend_2.jpg (172KB, 680x1058px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I can tell you're the type who wants some.
File: stuffed_friend_3.jpg (196KB, 680x1058px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Is this the real life?
>>594575697too good to be true ehh?
File: stuffed_friend_4.jpg (192KB, 680x1058px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Or just fantasy?
or is it just fantasy?
File: DSC04688.jpg (135KB, 1000x750px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>What are these?
>My toys.
>What do you do with them?
No reply. She just bites her lip and buries her face in the bed. I twist the vibrator, turning it on, and run it across her lips. She muffles a little moan into the bed.
>You do this, right?
She nods.
>You like it, right?
She nods again
>You want it in you, don't you?
She nods again, and trembles as I wiggle it between her lips, sliding it in a little bit
>What do you want me to do with this?
I tease her a little bit, just wiggling it around
She says it so faintly into the bed that I almost miss it
>Fuck me.
>Yeah? Not just yet.
I pull it away, and turn it off.
>Lets do this one first.
I take the plug, and rub it across her lips, getting it all wet.
>You don't mind, right?
With that as my cue, I start pushing it into her asshole, bit by bit. She's moaning and squirming.
Then I back it off, right before it went all the way in... She's grabbing at her ass cheeks as I do so, trying to spread them even further.
>Please... All the way.

How can I resist? I push it back in, all the way, and wiggle it a couple of times for good measure, making her moan. I switch back to the vibrator, and slide it in, slowly fucking her with it, coaxing moan after moan out. I can't take it anymore, seeing her like this in front of me, I have to do it, any shred of morality I might have kept up until now went straight out the window.

I pull the vibrator out for the last time, and take off my pants, and climb onto the bed on my knees

>You ready for this?
>Anon, no. You can't. I'm not on the pill.
She says this 100% dead serious. I can tell by the tone in her voice that this isn't a part of the game. Fuck me.
File: stuffed_friend_5.jpg (244KB, 680x1058px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
244KB, 680x1058px
No escape from reality.
Dad-cest is only bad incest actually
Twincest best incest. Especially if it's two girls
File: DSC04690.jpg (123KB, 1000x750px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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But, it's not over yet. Do you see where this is going?
Ladies and gentlemen, you're welcome to believe what you will, but I don't have much reason to try to win anonymous infamy.

>Yeah? Then I'll do this instead.
I pull the plug out, just a quick yank, and toss it across the bed. She practically yelps.
>Where do you want this?
>In here...

She spreads her asshole with her hands. Game's back on, oh yes. I tease the head of my dick across her lips a couple of times, resisting the temptation to plunge in, and put it up against her asshole

>Tell me you want it.
>Please, anon. Fuck me.
Works for me. I plunge in, balls deep. The plug did a good job loosening her up.
>Like this?
She replies in a moan. I pull back almost the whole way, and go in balls deep again.
>You like getting fucked in the ass by me?
>You like getting fucked in the ass by your son?

She moans like she hasn't yet, leaving claw marks on her cheeks from how hard she's pulling at them now. I pound away with not very much finesse, and blow it all into her ass, she's moaning while it throbs every last spurt in her.

>Oh baby, give it all to me.
My virginity just went on some pesudo-rapeplay anal sex with my mom. Wow, would have imagined that.

I pull out, and some of my cum dribbles out of her asshole. She lets her legs slide out, lying flat on the bed, I flop over next to her.
>Baby, that was amazing. That was so good.
She curls up around me, hugging me in bed
Wait, what? She was in cuffs. She knew about the escape lever all this time!
I didn't know what else to say, so I just kissed her.

That's all I bothered to write up before hand. We went on like this until I went to uni away from home, though, for a good couple of years. I have lots more stories to tell, it practically became a normal thing for us, and we got even kinkier in short time, but I'll save all of that for another day.

Now, I'm just going to blend back into the anonymous masses. I hope you enjoyed.
feel asleep anon?
Allah akbar
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