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Let's start a wincest thread, stories please, but pics are fine.

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Let's start a wincest thread, stories please, but pics are fine.
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>mfw only child
>mfw no girlfriend
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use it wisely
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I got a pic
>I don't want to fuck my brother btw
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also this one
Does he want to fuck you tho?
spider derail wasn't played dumbass
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I really really hope not hes like 2
how about some real sister nudes?
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trust me, in a few years he will.

it will be akward
Does incest turn you on or you have the pics just cause?
I agree
I just have em cuz the girl is hot
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for a long time, spider/wincest threads were fun posting games

then people began recycling spider images too much, and they stopped.

nice trips.
>Large mix-raced family
Wow that is really pushing it.......
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Two trips for real sister nudes. Who's got em?
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follow a southern family tree anon

or some more urban ones
>Underrated Post
And now dubs, someone's gotta dump now
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fucking bump for some real stories or pics of sisters/cousins. creeps welcome too
>played 'dr' with cousin when 8
>no clue what we were doing
>she told me she told older cousin when I was 12
>panicked thought she would tell family
>was hanging out when I was 13 and older cousin confronted me on it then groped my genitals
>it was amazing..
>we all moved apart for years, met up with older cousin in mid 20s and banged as if it was the normal thing to do
When I was about 16 I used to peep on my cousin changing whenever she came to Cali to visit.
The fuck is with these disgusting ham planets.
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these are def the best kind of tits
More like this?
That wasn't hot. It was depressing.
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hey this wasn't mine
Shoulda played it face down for later
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not the only one here
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>be me @ 16
>playing video games on couch with bestfriend
>he moves closer to the tv and leave me sitting alone
>in walks 6 year old sister
>she had a crush on me
>always sat in my lap or laid on me
>sometime would lay her head on my crotch
>anyways, she comes in and sits on my lap
>she start squirming and bouncing
>being a normal hyperactive kids she is
>i start to get a boner and she can total feel it
>she gets up and lays down by me
>me still hard as a rock
>she grabs the tip of my cock
>unknowingly knowing what it was
>she slowly starts twisting my head like a door knob
>i start to get really uncomfortable
>get up to go to the bathroom, she follows
>she follows me into the bathroom
>watches me pee which gets me hard
>now that i have a boner again she gets curious
>i let her touch and feel it as i precum
>shes into it but doesnt understand why its so hard
>i feel bad and give up on having her get me off
>we leave the bathroom like nothing happened
>later during the night i jerk off on used panties i found in the laundry room
>i lick the spot where her pussy sits all day
>i cum where her pussy would rest on the fabric and
Is there anymore to this set?
Keep it going
My second Experience

>be me @ 16
>in bathroom watching porn jerking off
>6 year old sister knocks on door yelling she has to pee pee
>i tell he to hold on
>refuses and barges in anyway
>Catches me pants around ankles and just stares
>after a couple of seconds she asks what im doing in here all alone half naky (specifically remember her saying that because of how childish that word is)
>reply by saying i was just about to take a bath
>she then pulls down her little skirt to expose her light blue panties with daisys on them
>fully exposed vagina as she pees innocently

Got a related story
>Be about 10
>Get idea to scare pain in the ass sister
>She's 15 and responsible for watching me
>Run home after school
>Hide in her closet
>She'll think I didn't come home and be worried
>Sister comes home and calls my name
>I dont answer. Tehe.
>She comes in her room and gets undressed
>Weird but I've cought peeks of her naked before
>She goes into her bottom dresser drawer
>Waaay in the back corner
>Pulls out a metal rocketship
>Sis lays back on bed and parts her legs
>She then proceeds to fuck herself with rocket
>What the fuck is she doing?
>My 10 year old dick turns to stone
>I begin rubbing it
>Her pussy is oozing juices
>Shlick!... shlick!... shlick!...
>Sister begins moaning LOUD as fuck
>Ugh! Ughhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhh!
>I stroke faster as she gets louder
>I grab nearest thing I can get hands on
>I cum buckets into her flannel nightie on door
>Seconds later she cums too
>Legs flailing around while she groans
>Bucking her hips
>"waaaAAAA! WwwaaaAAAAAHHHHH!"
>She lays there panting, covered in sweat
>Legs spread wide, her pussy looking swollen
>All I could think "She used to have hair down there"
>(Guess she started shaving a t some point)
>After 10 minutes she got up and left room
>Once I heard her shower start I snuck out
>Wet spot on her bed the size of a dinner plate
>Leave house, then came back in banging doors
>Yelling "I'm hooooome!"
>Acted like nothing ever happened
>But all I could do is think about that wet sound
>Shlick!... shlick!... shlick!...
>Never told nobody
>Though later I snuck a look at the rocket in drawer
>It smelled so fucking good
>10 years later I still jack-off thinking about it
>grew up in a very religious, sexually-repressed house
>ended up "experimenting" with my little brother when I was 15 (he was 14)
>our running excuse is that we were just "practicing"
>we had all these weird little rules and rituals about it so that we wouldn't feel like it was "real sex"
>basically lots of rubbing and touching, but no oral or penetration
>eventually escalated to letting him rub his dick on my pussy without actually putting it in
>one day he finally talked me into letting him try the whole "just the tip, just for a second" thing
>he obviously went deeper than "just the tip"
>I put up some weak protests but didn't actually try to stop him
>he eventually ended up balls-deep and started pumping
>promised he'd pull out before he came
>he didn't
>this happened several more times, until I finally had a pregnancy scare
>nothing came of it (thank god), but it spooked us into stopping for good
>we haven't talked about it since
>both basically pretend like it never happened

>as she the last couple of dribles come out i ask if she bathed today
>"no anon"
>i insist that she takes one to be clean for our weekly family dinner
>she agrees reluctantly
>strip her down and warm up the tub...we both get in the tub me sitting behind her with her between my leg
>she is preoccupied with the bubbles in the tub
>nows my chance...i slowly rub her tight little ass to clean it
>as i am cleaning her pussy with my left hand i am jerking off with my right hand
>after minutes of soft stroking (so she wouldnt notice) i cum in my palm
>i then proceed to put it in her hair and use it as shmapoo
>i rinse of the bubbles and "Shampoo"
>we get out and i dry her and myself off
>dress her with light green panties with whinny the poo on them
>go out to family at red robin like nothing happened
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Is that it? Please write how you FUKT her even if not troo.

>be me @ 16
>have 6 year old sister
>one day im obligated to watch her for a couple hours while parents go shopping for a new sofa
>sitting at home with her watching power puff girls
>my sisters favorite show
>she is cuddled up to me with the lower have of her torso under a blanket
>I am on twitter and start seing sex tweets on my feed
>my jeans get a little tighter
>my sister notices that i keep re adjusting my crotch
> she asks me if why im uncomfortable, and i reply by saying my jeans are to tight

>she insists i take them off
we are listening...
File: IMG_0656.jpg (231KB, 700x799px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>i take off my jeans and have on a T shirt and my hanes boxers
>if youve ever worn hanes boxers you know your dick slips out quite easily through the hole
>thats exactly what happend right in front of my little sister exposing my hard cock
>she seemed confused by the sight of a cock and asked why that part of my body is so stiff
>i tell her that its because it is cold outside
>she believes me surprisingly as i get under the covers (cock still outside of my boxers)
>as i get under the blanket she moves closer to me exclaiming that she too is cold
>i tell her that she can sit on my lap if she starts to shiver or get cold
>not a minute later and shes on my lap laughing and giggling as mojo jo jo is getting his ass whipped
>my dick is sliding up and down on her pajamas in between the crack of her ass

serious question: if he came on to you now, what would your reaction be? how old are the two of you now?

>i have strong urges to fuck something and im thinking about indulging on my sister
>i cant take it anymore. with pre cum on my dick un button the flap on her pajamas to expose her butt
>she asks what im doing and i just tell her than im still cold need her help warming up
>she loves me very much so she is willing to do anything to help her older brother
>I tell her that i need to be warmed up and the best way to do that is by skin on skin contact

Holy shit this is fuck but I think I like it
Good idea. Dropseat PJs for easy access to a girl's gropeable, spankable, fuckable bum.
I'm 23 now.

If he came on to me now? In theory, I'd turn him down as gently as possible, cause I don't want to fuck up our relationship. It took us years before we stopped being awkward around each other whenever we were alone together.

But if I'm being totally, 100% honest with myself? It would probably depend on how he did it. If he just try to test the waters by flirting with me or something, I'm sure I'd have the self-control to deflect it. But if he just suddenly started making an aggressive move on me... yeah, I'm not sure how I'd react. I'd probably put up some token resistance, but eventually just follow his lead. I've certainly fantasized about it often enough that I can't pretend I'm not still physically attracted to him. It would definitely mess up our relationship if it happened, though.

>as im undressing her and myself i feel her start touch the tip of my cock interested in what this was used for
>she asked me "anon why does this keep getting bigger and smaller?"
>I say "well, it keep getting bigger because im happy. and when im sad it gets smaller"
>she frowned and asked what she could do to make me happy?
>i told her the best way to make me happy was to suck the tip of my cock like on of those dumb dumb lolipops you got for halloween
>she didnt think twice...i knew she loved dumb dumbs so it would be easy to get her to start sucking
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>who the fuck wears pajamas with open flaps?
>who would so easily be okay with just using their ass to help someone warm up

Make it believable m8
My mom is legally retarded.
she has an IQ of about 70 with the mental capacity of a pre-teen/early teen.
Physically she appears fine. She has none of the physical appearances commonly associated with mental disabilities. But she has zero business operating in the capacity of an adult.
Why my dad married her is still a fucking mystery to me maybe her food because holy fuck can she cook. about the only skill she posses. (he gets annoyed when asked so i just stopped).
While she's my mother, i never fully recognized her as such since my father kept her in the background as much as possible and restricted access to her. (probably for the best since she has zero fucking clue how to mom). She could still do rudimentary tasks like cleaning, basic chores, and delegating some tasks to me that she cant do herself or needs help doing. .

>be 16
>reached peak of ultimate teen horny-ness.
>fapping multiple times per day up to a dozen.
>dad at work no sitter anymore because old enough not to get killed by mom.(yes, dad had to get a fucking sitter because mom was too stupid to take care of her own son)
>beginning mid-day fap
>mom BARGE.EXE into room
>anon what time does dad-anon come ho---.....
>she stares at my dick
>im fumbling around my ankles to retrieve my shorts
>notice she is just fixated on my penis
>remember she is retarded and has zero clue that im supposed to be punished or at a minimum yelled at.
>too goddamned horny to care
>stop reaching for shorts and uncover
>wiener is fully exposed now
>she goes knock kneed and starts fidgeting
>just sit there and observe her as she tries to prevent with her left hand, her right hand from going below her waist line.
>intradesting. its possible Dad has forbidden her from any sexual activity in his absence
>she becomes visibly upset at the internal conflict raging in her mind.
>mom. mom!
>she snaps her eyes up to me
>what's wrong
>its bad. im bad. dadanon said no. i get in trouble when i do
>the plot thickens
Yes please
>again. she has the mentality of a young teen/child. so she is easilly molded.
>seeing my chance i sieze it
>It's okay if dad isnt here and i am
>Dad wont know.
>she processes this. B-But he will know.
>I wont tell.
>she goes back to staring at my cock.
>she starts shifting her weight from one foot to the other
>Why does dad say its bad
>it's not natural
>that doesnt tell me anything. He's a hard swinging right-winger, so that makes sense
>Do you know what sex is.
>she nods
>do you have sex with dad?
>she nods
>when was the last time?
>she shrugs
>you... dont remember because it was so long ago?
>she nods
>well i cant really acccept that since she could just be in child-tell-me-what-i-want-to-hear mode so i go away.
>You were pregnant with me yes?
>yes. I didnt like it. made me feel wierd. And it hurt when you came out of me.
>well, that answers that decade long question i had.
>Was that the last time you had sex? to make me?
>That makes even more sense. On several occasions i've answered the phone to anther man's voice, only for my dad to get mad at me for answering the phone (and he would only get mad when it was this particular person). The call was always friendlier than his other friends. He would always leave the house shortly afterwards, and be gone until the middle of the night/next morning. I obviously exsit for the sole purpose of proving to his family he isnt gay.
>It all came together.
>He married her because he could easilly manipulate and control her without her ever being the wiser and never trying to figure it out on her own. Nor would she ever leave him since she views him as an authority figure and is unaware that she has that choice to walk away from it. As evil as it my seem, its very nearly the perfect crime. People wont question you being married to a retard because of the current societal views. No one wants to be called out as a bigot. So everyone accpets it as an "It is what it is" scenario.
>I noticed she stopped moving and began to look iquisitivly at my wang.
>I had become so enthralled in my own detective work, I forgot all about my previous task and went soft.
>What's the matter mom?
>It shrank.
>it does that when not excited
>its not always big?
>she obviously has zero idea about the mechanics of any genitailia.
>No. It grows and becomes stiff when its ready for sex.
>she continues to stare at my returning chubb
>her curiosity is getting me going again. Its like a damned kid! just in a grown up body.
>she returned back to dancing in place.
>mom. its okay if you touch yourself when dad isnt here. I touch myself all the time. I dont tell dad about it.
>the internal conflict returned. 16 years of being told NO! has taken its toll.
>This will take something drastic
>I stood up
>My erect shlong in full view
>she froze, eyes as dinner saucers
>He breathing increased, and i could visibly see the vein in her forehead pulsate.
File: 7689769876798.jpg (47KB, 500x368px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
47KB, 500x368px
>I took her hand and placed it on her crotch.
>she began to shake her head but the hand remained.
>Mom. Its okay. Dad isnt here.
>She's clearly going to need some encouragement.
>i walked her over to the bed and sat her down
>I took my place next to her and again, placed her hand on the crotch of her pants.
>My hand rested on top of hers
>I began applying light pressure to her hand
>a short and quiet grunt escaped
>I applied slightly more pressure and gently rocked her hand
>at that moment she took over
>i had to quickly remove her hand as she bagan to violently grab at herself.
>Hang on. You have to be gentle with yourself. Oherwise you will hurt yourself.
>She uttered a grunt of protest but resumed grabbing much gentler than before.
>My wenis is now diamonds!
>she bagan to pick up the pace with the grabbing.
>hooo okay.. this is going to be work.
>i asked her to remove her pants
>shockingly she did so without hesitation.
>Had her remove panites as well
>and yup. full bush. Not redwood levels of bush, but still.
>whatever. bush or no bush doesnt matter to me.
>but holy hell! she was so wet, it looked like she had pissed herself.
>okay mom, I guided her down to her clit, the second she touched it she squeeled and began with her retard strength masturbatory session again.
>wait! you have to be gentle with it! or you will hurt it!
>she calmed down again
Yes Pls
>i instructed her how and showed her
>I demanded she keep her hands to herself while i show her
>i placed my hand just on the clit area and began with an open palm, gently rubbing.
>within seconds, she came. and boy did she ever between the contractions and the squirtting (cythera had nothing on her). She grabbed my wrist and with that retard strength crushed my wrist.
>it took several minutes to calm her down as she began to have several more ograsms on her own.
>once she had calmed, she exclaimed a thank you. and went into how she always wants to but dad wouldnt let her because not natural blah blah.
>for a moment i thought about putting her hand on my cock but after how she damn near broke my wrist, i thought better of it.
>the she asked, do boys do the same thing?
>I decided to show her.
>after a few pumps she asked to try
>.... against my better judgement i said okay, but demanded she use a soft touch
>she emulated perfectly how i was jerking.
>only 10 seconds and i came with the force of the big bang. Cum shot up and over my head hitting the wall behind me it was so forceful.
>She instantly withdrew her hand at the shock of my ejeaculation.
>she quickly made a connection between her squirting and my ejaculation.
>just like me!

>too exhausted once i regained composure to say much...
>Yea. sure. just like you.
>She asked if i was okay but i explained men get tired afterward (not teen males, but let me tell you. after an explosion like that, even at 16 you too would be tired)
>as I laid there for the next few minutes trying to regain energy, she just sat next to me exploring herself.
>After a few minutes she began asking me questions.
>Anon, what's that?
>I sat up, she was pointing at her clit. she had her lips spread making it visible.
>thats your clitoris. thats what gives you pleasure when you gently rub it.
>And what are these? She was pointing at her smaller than what i've seen lips
>Called your labia. They dont have much of a purpose (wasnt going to get into the whole biology of every part)
>You came out of here. She pointed at her vagina which, due to lack of use, had shrunked to the width of a pencil.
>why is there hair there?
>i dont know
>Why is your hair shorter?
>Because im a boy
>How come dadanon doesnt have hair there?
>i dont know
>can i shave it off?
>no. Dad will know you played with yourself.
>when will he get home?
>in another hour.
>I wont tell him.
>i had to make sure she still wasnt on the hair bit
>tell him what
>What we just did.
>thank you. I wont tell either.
>i have to pee
>Then go pee
>I cleaned up the mess we made and sprayed lysol to remove the smell of sex (even though there wasnt any, but it still had that scent).
>she exited the bathroom and began about her usual routine.
>uh... mom... dont you think you should put your clothes back on?
>oh. okay.
>Ah hell. what have i done? Now i have an idiot child i have to monitor like a hawk for the next two years, AND now that she thinks its okay, every day dad isnt here, she's probably going to want to masturbate. I cant hide that for another 3 years (until i moved out).

>i want to see how far i can push her
>i ask if i can do stuff that will make her happy
>she is eager to see what my intentions are and curious at what im about to do
>i flip her around so that she can watch power puff girls as i slowly start to tickle her ass with the tip of my dick
>she giggles and squirms asking why i would be touching her butthole
>i was surprise she wasnt repulsed by the idea of me touching it
>i am scared that he asshole will be too tight to fuck, but im going to stretch the limit of her asshole

>Actually, it worked out better than i thought. It seemed that initial session eased a part of her mind and she became much easier to deal with and be around. The combination of my constant coaching that she needs to behave herself and only "relieve" herself once a week or so, and Dad's constant control of her daily life kept things in check.
>during the next 3 years we had mutual sessions several times a month. the first month was hard because it was every single goddamned day she wanted to. It took a month to get her to understand she cant be doing it that often (at least until i made it to 18)
>Once i turned 18, graduated high school, secured a decent job, and got my own place, I petitioned the state for custody of her. I presented the evidence i had gathered over the last 3 years that my father had no business being married to her, and that the marriage should be invalidated due to her mental state, and his sexual orientation. after 3 years of legal rangling, I won custody.
>he was furious with me that i outed him, cost him his relationship with his entire family, and basically left him with nothing.
>Im now her caretaker and honestly, im bretty happy with it. She has actually matured slightly. seems my dad's manipulation really put a damper on her mental development. She's able to drive now and doesnt need 24/7 supervision.
>and yes. we still have our sessions.
holy fuck moar!
I've been having sex with my mom this summer.
A little background
My my mom is 37 and my dad is 40 and my mom had me when she was 17. (Obviously I was an accident)
So my grandparents on my mom side took care of me during my babby years until they both graduated college and get some decent jobs
So I'm like 5 years old and I start living with my real parents and the rest is history
For the most part we were a stable family

So now a bit about myself
I'm (well actually was) a 20 year old kissless virgin, currently going to school, but at home during summer break.
I'm somewhat social, I dress nice and in average(maybe above average) shape and not bad looking to say the least.
But for some reason, every time I manage to find a girl who's interested, I always keep my distance.
We might go on a first date, but I always end up getting so anxious that I stop returning calls and texts. I don't know why, but I just get over run by some kind of anxiety or fear that I can't explain.

So my relationship with my mom is really good. She really cared for me and all that. My dad was somewhat distant.
We talked some about random shit once in a while, but we never had much father-son bonding experiences.
He never looked at me like he wishes I was never born or anything, but never felt that he was too into fatherhood

So after the past 5 years or maybe even longer, I noticed that they started getting distant.
Like they stopped talking to each other as much as they used to, and they rarely went out on dates

So let's get to the real story
I'm an 18 year old kissless virgin(this is obviously way in the past before you get smart) and constantly horny.
Then one day, I saw a picture of my mom in a bikini and next thing I noticed, I got a boner.
When I realized that I felt extremely disgusted with my self and just wanted to forget I ever had a sexual thought about my mom in the first place.

So the next day comes by and I get a bit horny again. But instead of looking at porn, I take a look at my mom's bikini pic again and fapped. I ended up cumming in like And again, when I finished, I felt disgusted with my self. Like I didn't know why I actually fapped wo a picture of my mom, which wasn't even that risque.
But when I end up getting horny again, thoughts of my mom would always pop in my head, and all the depressing thoughts I've had in the past would just disappear.

So now I'm full on oedipus complex.
When ever my parents weren't home, I would usually go to her hamper and sniff her panties while fapping.
After a while I did some rummaging and found her vibrator. So now I had extra fuel to fap to. I would suck on her vibratos with her used panties on my face while I fapped.

The years go by and I'm tired of being a virgin and I see my mom who's the object of my sexual desires.
My dad will be leaving to China for 6 months so he can train a bunch of people to do a job that the company he works for is out sourcing.

So it's just me and my mom. It's time for me to be bold, go all or nothing and try to get my dick wet.

I started by sleeping naked with my door open. I even told my mom that I'm sleeping naked(trying to make it a joking matter) and how it's so much more comfortable.
My room is on the way to my mom's room. So I would leave the hallway light on. The way the switch and light is located, you could easily see me sleeping naked on my bed when you flip the switch.
So when I hear my mom coming up the stairs, I would stroke my self real fast so I'd have a boner. Then when I heard her getting closer, I would have my hand on the bottom of my shaft like I wanted to fap.
Needless to say, I know she must have been looking at it because a few seconds went by before the light went out.

This was something I did every night for a week before I went on to stage 2 of my plan.

So basically every day, I would usually be home when my mom got back from work. And she would always want a hug from me.
So I decided to not wear underwear and just my thinnest basketball shorts.
When I noticed my mom pulling up, I would quickly stroke myself until I got a boner.
Then she'd come for her hug, and I non-chalantly let my boner poke her. I pretended nothing was out of the ordinary and she didn't reach much either. But she didn't say anything like she usually does. So she definitally knew it was my rod that she was feeling.

I basically did this every day. The first couple times was the same, but then after a few days, she finally suprised me and gave me a full hug and my dick was pressed up against her hard. She didn't say anything and just walked off again.
We continued this for a couple more days.

Suddently our AC broke and our house is hot as fuck. We called the AC repair guy but he's too busy and won't be able to get to us for a while.

This was a blessing in disguise.
While I was in college, I stayed at a short term lease apartment which didn't have central AC. So my parents got me a portable AC unit.
So I suggested we just use the AC unit and sleep together until we get the central ac fixed.

So it was time to sleep and I went bold and came in her room naked and with a obvious boner.
She asked me if I should wear something, but I told her it was a lot more comfortable this way.
I go in bed and we went to sleep
I waited a little bit and I reached over and held her hand. She didn't mind.
A little more waiting then I let go.
I took another bold move and rolled over and my dick landed right in her hand, and she immedietally pulled it away, but she didn't say anything.

Then I moved over so my dick was pressing against her side
I felt her shift but she didn't move.
Slowly I moved closer and closer to her and my dick was fully pressing against her.
After a little, she rolled over and I spooned her til we fell asleep.
The next night it was more of the same.

The third night came around and I knew I had to make my move. Since the AC guy was coming the next day.
I was pleasantly suprised that my mom was already in position for me to spoon her.
So I immediatly got behind her and we started to fall asleep.
But then I went for it and grabbed her boob. She gasped but didn't say anything. Didn't even try to pull my hand away
I started massaged it a little then she asked "What are you doing?"
And I simply said "I love you mom"
I kept massaging her boob then started kissing her neck and I could hear her breathing pick up.
I kept at it while slowly grinding my dick in her back side.

I said it again "I love you mom"
We kept at this a little more and I asked "Do you love me"
And she whispered "yes"
Then I started reaching down to her pussy and she gasped again. But I kept going to it.
I reached her pussy and it was surpisingly wet.
I started playing with her pussy the best I could. I wasn't exactly experienced, but I just did what I felt was natural.
I asked her "Have you been getting this wet the last couple of nights?"
And she answered "Don't talk to me like that.
I stopped playing with her and put my fingers to her mouth, and she licked them off.
I was getting extremely horny at this point, so I grabbed her hand and put it on my dick. She naturally grasped it but didn't do much else.
I reached over again and started playing with her pussy, then she started stroking me.
While I was playing with her pussy, she gave me instructions on what to do.

After a little bit I came. My cum pretty much went everywhere.
But my mom just got up and left the room. She never came back that night.
She probably felt disgusted, like I did the first night I fapped to her.
The next day she came back from work and didn't hug me. She just went straight to her room.>>594523174

I was putting my bets on that she would get horny again, and she wouldn't resist me.
So a week went by and she hugged me again. I was prepared and had boner ready in my thin shorts.
I took this as my flag and that night, I went to her room again.

She laid on her back for a second, then finally turned over for me to spoon her
"Has the guilt went away?"
She didn't answer
I reached over and grabbed her boob "I felt the same way when I first masturbated to you"
She gasped and asked "H-How long have you been masturbating to me"
And I answered "Probably a couple years now. I've LOVED you for a long time"
She didn't reply. But she still let me feel her up.

I asked her "Have you been having sex with dad lately?"
She answered "That's none of your business"
"Mom, I'm feelign you up, does it matter if I know or not?"
She paused for a little and said "No, not for a long time"
"I had a feeling. How much do you want sex?"
She got up, turned around and said "You can't be implying that we should have sex"
I said "Why not? You don't have sex, I don't, we could just have sex with each other. You know we both want it"
She said "We can't, you're my son. We've already gone too far.

Then I said "I'm trying to have sex, not have a baby with you. Does it matter THAT much? My finger's were inside you. Does my dick make that much of a difference? I KNOW you want to have sex."
She fell silent and I leaned over and kissed her. A couple of kisses until she kissed my back.
I got on top of her and kissed her some more.
Then I said "Mom. I'm going to have sex with you"
I then proceeded to strip her clothes off.
Then she said "I can't believe I'm doing this"

I took my dick in my had and tried to press it into her. It took a couple pokes until I found passage.
I plunged in and my mom coo'd
A couple thrusts and she said "We don't have condoms, so you're going to have to pull out before you cum"
So I was on top fucking my mom and as I felt I was going to cum, I pulled out and came on her stomach.
She started to get up, but I grabbed her hand and said "Don't run away this time"
It took some force to convince her to stay.
I grabbed some tissues on a night stand and cleaned everything up
Then I said "The guilt you're feeling will go away. We just need to keep at it"
Then I kissed her and we went to sleep.

I wanted to fuck her the next day, but I waited a couple for her to recover.
Then at night I went to her room again at night.
I got on top of her and started kissing her.
Then she said "Is this how it's going to be now?
"Is it a bad thing? You've gone distant with dad and we love each other. Is there some other guy out there you've fallen in love with"
She said no, then I took her clothes off.
"Did you get any condoms?"
She said "No. Just pull out again. Like last time"
So we fucked again that night.

So a couple more days go by, I came to her room. She was already there naked, waiting for me
I asked her again "Did you get any condoms"
Then she said "No. I want to feel you inside me"
"Then I'll have to pull out every time then."
Then she answered me "No. I'll go on some birth control"
"So has the guilt gone away?
"Not entirely. But if I'm going to have sex, you're the best man for me"
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>I slowly start to insert my dick after a long session of toying with her asshole so it with stretch to the width of my dick easier
>without that session i surely wouldnt of penetrated...but after some spit and slow entery i was finally
>she seemed to enjoy the slow fucking i dished up to her
>she squirmed and grunted as if she was cumming (i knew this was impossible at this age, but it seemed as if she was)
>after i slowly fucked her for a little while i needed to bust a nut but where?

File: bathtime_fun_2.gif (305KB, 1242x1948px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
305KB, 1242x1948px
File: bathtime_fun_3.gif (324KB, 1238x1952px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
324KB, 1238x1952px
File: bathtime_fun_4.gif (339KB, 1254x1926px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: bathtime_fun_5.gif (332KB, 1200x1956px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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well you got this far... do it
File: 1415595251614.jpg (80KB, 400x334px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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When did this happen? Does she remember it?

>touching her prostate

>having prostates
this nigga.
>no popped cherry
son i am disappoint
File: HMnwQ1P.gif (632KB, 280x362px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>her prostate
hes shy about admitting it was his brother
> her prostate

Lost hard.
lol get over it...i have to write stories off the top of my head so you /b/ro's can jerk off...im sorry sometimes i slip up by mentioning a girl with a prostate.
Girls don't have prostate kiddo.
Any one else got stories?
File: 1408427429958.jpg (51KB, 500x374px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be around 15/16
>step sisters visit my house every couple of years
>one is younger(13/14)
>other is a year older then me
>younger one loves to wrestle with me
>hanging out in the living room
>younger sister tackles me
>she ends up pinning me down
>i kinda just lay there because im lazy as fuck
>look up
>her c sized tits are hovering over my face
>starting to get hard
>she notices
>starts to grind on me
>other brothers and sisters in room
>jump up
>she flys across the room
>both of our faces red as fuck
>go into my room for a few hours
moar of that
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dude when i hit her from the back i cum so fast...but when im on top i last 10X longer...why?
bump as well
>chilling in my room
>playing guitar trying to get my mind of it
>she walks in
>tell her i'm sorry about earlier
>she blushes and says it's ok
>lays her head on my shoulder
>heavy breathing in my ear
>starts kissing my neck
>start pushing her away
>says very softly
>"i know you want me"
>dick gets harder then diamonds
>puts her hand on my thigh
>looks over at me
>sarcasticly says your "leg feels funny"
>"uh, that's not my leg"
>has a sadistic look in her eyes
>starts viciously rubbing my dick
>loads of precum all over my bed
>trying really hard to think clearly but it feels so good
>as i'm about to cum she frenches me
>she kinda drools afterward
>start fingering her
>her body becomes, paralyzed?(still not sure what happen)
>she couldn't move at all and kinda lays there for 5 minutes
>we both lay there looking at each other
>she jumps on top of me like mario a koopa
>start panicing
>are we really gonna do this?
>hear my door open
>just then younger brother walks in(about 8)
>make it look like we are wrestling
>he grabs some video games and leaves
>are hearts are racing like fuck and we stop for a moment
>awkward silence for about 10 minutes
>she heads up stairs with neither of us saying a word
gravity man
I think it has to do with body position. Cowgirl I last like 3 seconds but doggy and missionary I last a respectable amount of tine
>skip to about 3 in the morning
>everyone in the house is asleep
>can't sleep
>freaking out over what just happened
>feeling since i'm older i should be more of a role model and shit
>tired my self out from panicing over "what ifs?"
>close my eyes
>about to fall asleep
>hear door creek open
>too tired to open eyes
>the person slips into my bed grabbing tightly to my shirt
>hear step sis whisper
>"fuck me"
>dick has transcended an erection and became a weapon of mass destruction
>well that woke me up
>turn around to see she doesn't have a bra on
>start titilating her breasts
>keeps shivering
>unzips my pants
>starts pulling down my boxers with her teeth
>but, it failed!
>both laughing
>mounts me
>sticks in slowly
>sis starts to moan loadly
>cover her mouth
>hands are covered in tears
>my heart sank
>beta kicks in and start apologizing
>pushes my hand off her face
>kisses me
>jizz fires outta me like a nigglet playing with a fire hydrant
>she collapses
>lay with her until she falls asleep
>carry her into her room upstairs

Don't let it end here anon
File: bonzibuddy-32779.jpg (4KB, 165x130px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw it doesnt matter what position im in, i get 2 rounds.
>first round lasts 5 minutes. If i avoid orgasm there, next orgasm isnt for another 25 minutes. and if i pass that one, might as well stop because its ogre and i aint coming for a few hours.
>these times literally are set in stone. I could set a watch to it.
What hapoen to da pern
>Be 15
>my dad is oldest of 8 kids so my uncle, the youngest, is only 26. his wife, my aunt, is 24
>he owns a farm and works nights at a tractor plant
>I Help out in the summers for a little cash and to get away from my 6 sisters
>Also, aunt is fucking hot - 4'10", narrow waist, huge damn tits, auburn hair.
>My dad used to kid her tits were so massive she couldn't do pushups because her hands wouldn't reach the floor
>I usually stayed up until my uncle got back from the plant at 1 or so am. He would come in through the garage and the three of us would goof off for 30 minutes and get to bed
>one week my aunt asked me to be in bed by the time uncle got home - sure, why not?
>One afternoon hear uncle tell aunt he won;t be home until 3 - 3:30 am
>She goes to bed at 11, I go to living room, watch tv
>About 1 I go to chest freezer in garage and get ice cream, sit in uncle's reclinere to watch TV at eat it
>hear aunt come down hall and into room
>Suddenly I hear her say from behind recliner 'I thought you were going to be late'
>Her hand reaches around into my lap
>He head comes around edge of recliner, sees me
>"Anon! I, I, I, I, I"
> She runs down hall to her bedroom
>She is wearing sheer teddy, can see tits bouncing everywhere from behind
I follow her to apologize
>Knock on bedroom door, hear 'come in'
>open door, she is in PJ bottoms, putting top on, massive tits in all their arms-above-her-head glory
>Pulls on top, sees me, yells 'Hey! I said don't come in!'
>Say 'I just heard 'come in''
>I am blushing, she is, too
>long pause
>she says 'I made a mistake, you made a mistake, let's just - forget this and not mention it to your uncle'
>she looks down, grins,
>and why don't you, uh, take care of that'
>go to bathroom to fap
>knowing that she knew i was fapping to her = three strokes and cumshot of doom
>Breakfast next day she grinned at me and other than a little teasing, that was it.
>My uncle died when I was 17, saw her at the funeral. Said I was family and she loved me
>She sold the farm and moved to California.
>Heard she remarried, never saw her again
File: 1372141322894.gif (1MB, 300x167px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 300x167px
>I'm 12
>sister is 9
>don't remember how it happened but I remember being in a basement with her and putting my dick between her thighs
>she also sucked my dick but she used teeth and it really wasn't that enjoyable
>do other things on different days in her room right next to my parents room, one time going down on her while she was sleeping, licking her tits, etc
>she never really seemed to enjoy it but the majority of it was her licking my nipples (I really liked that shit for some reason, I still do)

>fast forward to 16, her 13
>can no longer get her to do it so it I force her by saying she can't play fire emblem if she doesn't please me
>for a long time all she did was lick my nipples
>then we progressed to her touching my dick
>finally, and no idea how I got to this point, but I got her to suck my dick
>had a video of it, deleted it, lost in a pile of sd cards and can't recover any video from either of them
>no pics because she didn't know I was recording
>suck her tits is the most i get to, can finger her too if she's into it but I can never tell because she didn't really moan, she kinda just let me do it (I didn't force this part)
>fast forward to now
>I borrow her phone to check out "emulators"
>find nude pics in gallery
>find dirty talk on kik
>even got to the point where they were rping her being raped and her enjoying it

now you're probably wondering, it's a fucking 18yo female, ofc she's going to be sending nudes and talking dirty on her phone, but you don't understand.

My sister was always innocent. We grew up in a christian household. When doing this stuff, she continually asked if I was a christian and why we shouldn't be doing this stuff. The reason we didn't continue this is because I decided that I was a monster and said "you don't have to do things anymore, we'll never do this again, k?"

But anyway, she doesn't know I know about her nude pics, or her dirty talk on kik. And if I were to tell my parents, they would flip because they're hardcore christians. Perfect setup for blackmail right? So how do I do it? I'm asking for advice /b/, please; I don't even want to fuck her, I just want to get my dick sucked again and feel that happiness we had for each other

here are a few methods I'm thinking of:
>one, I ask her what she's doing with teh pics and tell her it turns me on, hoping that she would in turn be turned on and maybe she could pose for me or something and we'd go on from there
>two, I could straight up say that I will show the pics to my parents if she doesn't suck my dick
>3, I could tell her I saved these pics on my hdd and ask her if there's any stuff on there that I wouldn't want to know about. When she says yes, I would ask if I could see because I'm curious, and then maybe ask for a pose or dancing thing and go from there
sorry for the long post, and if you want more detail on what happened when I was 16, I can comply because that's the stuff I actually remember

but pretty much it went like this
>hey I'm horny
>not right now
>then when?
>not right now
>I'll turn off your game if you don't
>go to room
>check if dad is awake
>no he's sleeping
>okay lets do it I'll try to be fast
>that's what you always say
>she licks my nipples, I cum into tissue, tell her thanks, she says "you're welcome"
>try to please her sometimes but she never actually asks for it ex:

>can I touch you?
>no no touching
>a little bit into it, I can touch her

I'm seriously wondering since I know she masturbates and shit now if I were to tell her the truth if she would be turned on by it because I can tell she's a little closet slut just based on how she talks to those men on the phone

the thought makes my dick rock hard
almost flawless. Funny thing though. Recently, I saw a video talking about how there is a bit inside the female that behaves so much like a prostate, scientists are calling it the "female prostate." I have no real authority on the matter though, so, do with that info what you will.
jizz fires outta me like a nigglet playing with a fire hydrant

fucking lost it mate. love your words
>> be 9, m
>> brother is 4 years older
>>makes me suck his dick, and fucks me. Also sucks my dick
>>not to sure how to feel
>>tells parents
>>brother lives with grandparents
>>awkward for life

True story
>dick has transcended an erection and became a weapon of mass destruction
fucking killed me
>mom divorces dad
>been a couple of years
>mom has really picked up drinking
>one night, couple days after the superbowl mom comes into my room
>she sits on the edge of my bed and talks to me about X-Files.
>She always does this when she feels lonely
>I tell her I'm tired and roll a bit onto my stomach
>she starts feeling my basketball shorts and tells me she likes how they feel
>gets brave and starts rubbing my ass
>I flip around and ask her what shes doing
>she puts down her drink and starts feeling the front of my thighs
>moves to my dick
>I shift like crazy, this is getting weird and she falls face first onto my dick
>I say, maybe you should go to bed
>she rubs her face on my dick and my rationality diminishes
>she feels me getting hard and reaches for my waste band
>'act cool'
>she pulls my pants down and smells my dick for a while
>" God, you smell like your dad."
>I get crazy hard and she takes the hint
>she sucks my dick for a while
>always thought it'd be weirder than this but god was she good
>she gets up to pull her panties off, she was in a night gown
>" I dont know if I'm all ready for this."
>she says to calm down
>she lays at the opposite end of the bed
>I just want oral
>i eat her out for a while, tastes pretty good
(last girlfriend tasted like sewage, thought i'd never do it again)
>she continually half-assedly jerks me off
>she cums, everywhere.
>I say, can you do me now
>she's asleep.
>get on /b/
>ask for help as it was still the weirdest thing for me
>no help
>I go to bed
>next day i wake up
>moms going to sleep till 5pm, she's a nurse and works overnight.
>throw some dinner together
>she get up and dressed
>keeps staring at me, like she's never done prior
>" So, what was last night about."
>she says that we shouldn't over analyze it

>dont see her for the next couple of days because of her working/sleeping
do the first option. Throw in that you two can finally bond like a brother and sister should.
>come home from school her first day off, around noon
>she's wearing another night gown
>this one was really transparent, from age i assume
>she's sitting on the couch waiting
>I made breakfast
>we get our plates and we sit in the living room
>she chooses to sit right next to me
>she finishes, grabs my arm and sort of lays into me
>so, the other night...
>" It's ok, i get that you were drunk."
>" I feel really bad that I left it like that."
> I just looked at her, waiting for her to finish
>she tells me that i was great
>tells me that she feels like she owes me
>she does this innocent kiss thing that proggressively gets less innocent.
>starts sucking my dick on the couch
>she senses that i'm sort of half-in on this and takes more initiative
>I tell her I'm about to come
>she makes no indication of slowing
>she takes it all, so well
>she opens her mouth and shows me
>never had a girlfriend do any of this so well
>she gets up
>climbs on my lap
> "There's no reason why we should stop"
> keeps rubbing my dick on her pussy
> " As long as you're ok with this, and you're an adult about it"
> This could be fun
> This could be safe.
Want to trade real sis nudes ?
[email protected]
>be me @ 16
>going to a thanksgiving party with my family (mom dad me and my 6 year old sister)
>when we arrive there werent as many people as i expected
>mainly all adults except my moms friends daughter she is only 5 and not very bright
>i get really bored of conversing with adults and decide i would tour the massive house
>I walk around the halls aimlessly looking for something interesting
>as i reach the lower level of the house i notice im being followed by my sister and her friend katie

>come home from school her first day off, around noon
>she's wearing another night gown
>this one was really transparent, from age i assume
>she's sitting on the couch waiting
>I made breakfast
>we get our plates and we sit in the living room
>she chooses to sit right next to me
>she finishes, grabs my arm and sort of lays into me
>so, the other night...
>" It's ok, i get that you were drunk."
>" I feel really bad that I left it like that."
> I just looked at her, waiting for her to finish
>she tells me that i was great
>tells me that she feels like she owes me
>she does this innocent kiss thing that proggressively gets less innocent.
>starts sucking my dick on the couch
>she senses that i'm sort of half-in on this and takes more initiative
>I tell her I'm about to come
>she makes no indication of slowing
>she takes it all, so well
>she opens her mouth and shows me
>never had a girlfriend do any of this so well
>she gets up
>climbs on my lap
> "There's no reason why we should stop"
> keeps rubbing my dick on her pussy
> " As long as you're ok with this, and you're an adult about it"
> This could be fun
> This could be safe.
post it here /b/ro i got nothing to trade
Want to trade pics vids... ?
[email protected]
Must keep alive!
>we had sex twice more that day
>the first was a couple hours after
>we talk about sexual tension
>I mention her toys
>wanna see them?
>we go back, she pulls out her drawer
>couple vibrators, couple dildos
>she shows how a couple of them work
>get to this silver egg thingy
>I like to put this in my ass when i use my dildo
>she realizes I'm getting a boner again
>she bends over, could you put this in my ass?
>I spit on my fingers and rub her asshole
>squeeze it in slowly
>she shows me how tight her asshole is
>I start messing with the dial
>she flips to her side and pulls down my pants
>starts sucking my dick
>says, " That should be hard enough."
>bends back over
>I push my dick in
>"wow, you're still pretty tight."
>Toys'll do that
>little reluctant at first
>"fuck me!"
> Go at it as hard as I can
>10 or 15 minutes go by
>come with me
>umm, I'm not ready
>Come with me!
>I start to edge
>"there we go, back up."
>she starts backing her hips up into me
>we come together.
>was amazing
>we're laying there
>can you get the towel, it's under that side.
>Pull out a towel that has seen better days
>wipe off my dick a bit and then begin to push it to her pussy
>"you have to be more sensative with that, older women are more sensative.
>she grabs the towel, wipes off
>"Put it under my ass
>look to see what she's talking about, the bed is drenched.
Is it a long time ago... ?

>i wasnt prepared for the bombardment of children punches as i felt kaite and my sister try to tackle me by going for my legs
>i lost my balance in the commotion and ended up flat on my back with katie on my crotch and my sister sitting on my legs
>at this point i look down to notice Katie wearing a deep plum purple pair of panties protruding from her skirt

File: 04.jpg (59KB, 720x594px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
59KB, 720x594px
In 1999 my sister took my virginity. I was 17, she was 19 at that time, parents were nowhere to be found as usual. I was a late bloomer and nerdy, she felt sorry for me, one alone weekend we got drunk, she told me to undress and lay back, then got naked, knelt beside me and sucked my cock into her mouth. The blojwob was only meant to get me hard, but she kept going, eyes closed, seemingly enjoying it. She stopped when I told her I was getting close, got on top of me, aimed the tip of my cock at her pussy and sat down on it. I watched my cock disappear in her pussy, then looked up at her. She was looking at me, our eyes met, we hesitated.
Then for the first time in my life I took initiative and went for a kiss. She returned it, then started riding me. I didn't last very long and came inside her without warning. She was on the pill, so nbd. We held each other until I was soft again and slipped out. Then we talked. Or rather I asked questions, she answered, demonstrated hands on if necessary. We fucked again afterwards, this time I was in control. We switched positions a couple of times, I don't think she came. I did though, pulled out and covered half her back.

Hurry the fuck up nigger
File: 20150121_111840s.jpg (63KB, 800x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
63KB, 800x600px
We spent the night in our own rooms, couldn't really sleep though, doubt she could.
Next morning: nothing. No awkwardness, no omfg, nothing. We had (good) sex, we both enjoyed it, so we kept doing it for another two years. It stopped when she moved away. Had a couple of failed relationships, then finally seemed to settle down and had a kid.
A few weeks ago she told me she had a breakthrough with her therapist and realized that she wont ever be happy until she is with somebody like me. She broke up with her guy, got her own apartment and asked me to help move her stuff. I replied with "sure, and then you suck me off? ;p", in the typical haha totally didnt mean that but if you liked it I totally would way.
> ok, do me after? :)
It escalated, we discovered our kinks and fetishes are an exact match, why the fuck not?
She's moving on 2/14, her kid will be with her mother for that weekend. We agreed to meet up on 2/13, spend the time from my arrival to the other helpers showing up fucking, move her stuff over to her new apartment, then add drugs to the fucking until I fly back on 2/16.

Pics related, us then, her now.
>deep plum purple
lik what the fuk i think these details are so aggrivating. like you were good, but you tried too hard
>this makes me want to take advantage of the situation
>katie and my sister are giggling thinking its funny i fell
>i said "its not funny ive i could of been hurt, in fact i am hurt its all your fault!"
>my sister looked concerned even though katie was still laughing and joking about
>my sister asked "anon, are you okay where are you hurt?"
>i told my sister "I think katie bruised my leg when you tackled me"
>katie starting to look concerned as well now.

God, so many stories. My dick is getting confused
>we take a nap
> wake up and she's putting her toys away
> "want to order chinese?"
> "god, you're the fucking best"
> she giggles the gets her phone to order
> we talk more about things
> TV hasn't been on all day, which is weird in my house.
> We eat
> " Can we use another toy tonight?" -me
> " I think that's for the best."
> I feel like half a man, " why?"
> " If we use toys it's more like mutual masturbation rather than sex."
> Relieved, " Yeah, that makes sense."
> I head back to her room
> " What are you doing?"
> " I thought we were..."
> " You're trying to kill me, aren't you?"
> I laugh and apologize
> we watch a movie and lay together
> I get to squeeze her tits the whole movie
Shit, page 5 emergency revival
> Fast forward to 4am
> i go back to my room turn on TV
> she comes to my door
> " wanna lay with me. I always sleep better with someone else."
> I get in her bed
> Realize she's taking off her clothes
> start to take off my pants
> "what are you doing?"
> " Well, i thought it'd be rude for me to sleep with my clothes on. haha?"
> she lays in bed, turns over exposing her ass
> I start grabbing at her ass
> she starts moving her whole body with me
> do you like my ass?
> " I love the way you look."
> she turns over and looks at me
> moves her hand from the base of the bed to above her stomach with one of her vibrating cocks in her hand.
> I thought you'd like to use this.
> " Um, How?"
> "I'll show you"
> she starts sucking my dick, this time focusing a lot on my balls
> "smack my ass."
> I start softer, and move faster as she makes noises to indicate she's enjoying it.
> She sees my dick is hard and bends over again so that her knees/legs are in a v formation
> she parts them for a second and slides the dick along her clit, near her pussy hole?
> I try to get between her legs and she stops me
> she closes her legs again
> Motions me to hold her legs together with mine.
> I push my cock into her pussy again
> This time it was way tighter
> I start fucking her and she starts messing with the switch on the dick.
> Not only is it vibrating her pussy (which is fucking awesom)
> It vibrates the base of my cock
> maybe it was the chinese, but I felt like i could fuck her for an hour.
> I'm going at it, for a while, when she asks
> are you near
> I can go for a bit longer
> " then go faster."
> I start moving faster and I notice she forces her legs together more
> It's so fucking tight that I blow within the next 5 minutes.
> I roll over
> " God that was so good." -me
>look over and shes pushing the cock inside of her
dude i cant cum in any position nor time , only when i fap
Based anon understands
sorry i get lost in my writing...its fun
>my sister asked if she could take a look (she truely thinks she can help, because doctor is her favorite game)
>i said she may
> as i pulled down pants i could feel my self getting hard, but i didnt want to scary them off...i have to ease them into it
>my pants are off in the middle hallway with 2 children inspcting my crotch
>she says "i dont see anything anon where does it hurt?"
>i point to my upper thigh as she touches it to check for damage
>i say it hurts further up
>at this point katie is checking my right thigh
>both girls piratically massaging my upper thighs
> not posting actual ellipses …
> " Didn't I make you cum?"
> " Yeaaah, I just want to go again."
> I pull her onto her side so that her back is to me
> Grab the dick and start working it into her pussy for her
> Other hand grabbing her tits/nipples
> " Oh, you're so good to me."
> I move my hand to her mouth
> she starts sucking on my fingers
> I pull them out for a second
> "You're other hand, let me taste our cum."
> She plays with the dick and I move my fingers in and out of her pussy and in her mouth
> Licks my hand clean
> I go back to her pussy and force my fingers in with the dick
> " OHHHH"
> I play with this for a little while
> Pull my fingers out
> " My mouth, please?"
> Look at my hand, it is fucking glazed
> She sucks on every one of my fingers
> i shove the last three dirty ones into her mouth
> Hold her closer with my other arm
> playing with her tits
> She tenses up and deepthroats my fingers
> feel the cock squeeze out and hit me in the leg
> She asks for the towel again
> we kiss for a bit
> " That was too good." -her
> " You're welcome." -me
> look at the clock its 6am
> have school at 9am
> " I dont think I'm going to school."
> " Do whatever the fuck you want."
Holy fuck those are 10/10 perfect tits.
Done fapping, but NOT done reading

thats sort of it, was the awkward part of our relationship

Now its like she's not even my mom, we're just fucking roommates.
>i appear to still be hurt to them and they are determined to help
>i tell them they should try higher on my legs
>katie says "anything to help anon"
>as i pull down my boxers i notice that both girls think they no the solution to my problem
>"Anon is thats whats hurting" stated my sister pointing with one finder on the tip of my dick
>as they touch my dick they realize they its growing in size.
>katie shouts "its working anon! its working!"
>i now have a full on erection and am looking down at two girls innocently play with my dick not know my dastardly intentions

Welp, that depressed me. I live with my mother until I finally get a job, and to think about my mother becoming that distant is terrifying
File: tits2.jpg (87KB, 1200x628px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
87KB, 1200x628px
Have had a few encounters over the years.
> be me, growing up with 2 older sisters
> be about 8 or 9,
> always playing with one sister while other is at summer school and mom at work (dad gone)
> horse around, wrestle, normal kid shit
> obsessed with boobs already
> whenever we are alone, sister lets me play with basically non-existent breasts, suck on nipples, etc, nothing more really

> be 12 now, she is a few years older
> im a fapmaster horndog by this time
> haven't done weird nipple sucking or anything sexual for years
> spend a lot of time watching tv together while everyone else at work
> one day randomly messing around in bath robes, can see her glipses of her tits
> diamond.cock
> she lets me see them
> she lets me touch them
> want her to touch my cock, she did
> i tell her i want to eat her out (no idea why, saw it in a friends porn mag)
> she straddles me in tub, I am disgusted, I do it a bit anyways. turns out to be delightful. tongue sore after like 1 min, newfag at this
> she has a condom, we have sex for a bit
> i can feel nothing, feels like dick is in a sauna but rest of body is in a regular room. didnt cum.
> way more fun to play with her tits
> we have shower after, together. show her how I can jerk off
> I cum on her, shes grossed out
> never talk about this ever again. we have ever acknowledged it in almost 20 years.

> be me still
> be 6 months ago
> bring my moms laptop back to my place to reformat it, upgrade it from from vista to win7, etc
> backup mydocs and shit on it just in case, she never uses it but other people do sometimes
> see a dropbox folder
> sisters
> full of nudes
> looked at them, kind of grossed out, but didn't delete them

pic related
Must surpass trap thread bumps

>my sister takes the lead as head docter and asks if im feeling any better
>"yes what you are doing is working keep it up" i say
>i then take katie's hand and physically wrap it around my dick and tug up and down. "like this, Katie"
>my sister adopts Katie's technique and mimics here churning motion flawlessly
>there hands are so tiny that all four hands arnt large enough to jerk me offf
>i realize i need to push them further
>i tell them "kisses always help boo boo's"
>they look at each other and start kissing my dick
>the puckering of there lips around my shaft made me realize these girls would do anything help

I want to fuck so much one of my lil sis friend but i really dont know what to say or what to do to make her want to havr sex, i really need tricks and advices please help me...
anyone still listening?>>594536166
No fucking shit!

Please continue
File: 1421859771719.png (900KB, 799x599px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
900KB, 799x599px
File: 72711.jpg (71KB, 717x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
71KB, 717x960px
> One time in bann camp, i like... had a hard on while eating meat and watching football.
> Now 45 years older and still get hard when eating meat and watching football.
> ps: I am a robot
> i think of a way i can get these girls naked
>my first thought was to claim that they could of gotten injuried while we were wrestling and i should check for "damage"
>they both believe me astonishingly
>i strip down katie first and get a complete view of those purple underwear i saw early
>she doesnt seem to mind being nude aand says "any damage anon?"
>"im not sure im going to have to check you without your undies"
>"okay"she said as i pulled them down around he butt slowly

Type. Faster.
>yfw your dick goes soft waiting for anon to post
File: 80774.jpg (77KB, 500x731px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
77KB, 500x731px
> One time in Bonn, i met a germany girl while i was at camp.
> we both got our montly period that week but still ate meat and watched football.
> now 55 years later & I wish i was young enough to play high school football and chew my food with my real, original teeth.
> now my conscienceness is inside an robot and all your base are belong to us.
I've restarted my boner like 3 times now
Already came, just trying not to fall asleep.
>i told katie that everything checked out fine
>as i look over i notice my sister has already stripped down
> she is eager i thought
>she was looking over her left shoulder spinning in a circle trying to look at he own butt
>I tell her to stop moving as i grab he by the shoulders and spin her around
>"let me check that for you"
>i bend her over so her butts in the air facing katie
> i tell katie that she needs to practice her doctor skills, and that she should check for damage

tits or GTFO
I want to fuck so much one of my lil sis friend but i really dont know what to say or what to do to make her want to have sex, please i really need tricks and advices help me, thanks in advance...
File: 4.jpg (207KB, 1271x831px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
207KB, 1271x831px
File: 60586.jpg (59KB, 500x722px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
59KB, 500x722px
> last week i taught band class at clown camp
> now 65 years later; i can't sleep clowns will eat me
> ps: Earth is not a robot
>katie agrees reluctantly and starts to touch my sisters butt
>shes nervous at first but then starts to get comfortable around the sight of my sister bare ass and asshole
>i tell katie stick fingers in asshole
>she doesnt want to so i decided to do it my self...knowing whats in store for Katie next.
>moon, however, is a robot.
This is the stupidest shit I have ever read. Who the fuck jerks it to this?
Have you ever tried chloroform... ?
I saved it to my wincest (funny mode) folder
no, but i don't have a little sister to try it on
Bushy "bush", obvious ponytails, and smile lines on mouth.

>after loosening my sisters asshole for a little while i gave her a break
> decided to ask katie to sit back on my crotch area as she did before
> she sat down unknowingly signing her self up to ride me
> i told her to spit in my palm
>"why anon thats gross?"
>just do it katie
>i take her spit and rub it on my cock and on here vagina
>i then proceed to rub my cock on pussy untill i got the courage to stick it in

Will wait for eternity/7
Why did all the other story anon'a jump ship?
Where can i find some chloroform... ?
i didn't know it was possible for someone to type that slow
>implying chroloform will actually work the way you want it to
Nigga, aren't you also a three inch snail?
>be me
>have younger adopted sister who is reasonably cute but not too bright/lazy
>not even look at her weird 'til we both hit puberty
>she sprouts a C cup at age 14-15
>this one time in the pool she yanks my bathingsuit off as a prank and I do the same to her
>suddenly random boners when seeing her in her pj's or in tight shirts

Shall I continue?
Growing up, my cousin and I were at our grandparents a lot. She pretty much molested me from when I was 4 until I was 10.
>after minutes of slow stretching i decide to go half shaft
>as i did so i noticed my sister acting all pouty
>i motion for her to come here and she instantly looked happier
>she came over and watched as i fucked Katie
>Minutes later i pulled Katie off me letting my sister have a go
>the same stretchering process occurred
>i could feel my self getting ready to cum after minutes of fucking my little sister from behind
>i had them stand unform and as i had katie suck the tip of my cock until i came
>katie wasnt very good so i reverted back to jerking off onto their faces.
>my sister to the majority of the load and katies seemed surprised at how much was there
>they played with it for a while before i decided to clean them and cloth them
>i check my iphone when i was done cleaning up and saw it was almost time for dinner
>i told the girls not to mention our accident we had because we dont want people to were wresting inside this nice house!
>we walked back upstair, through the main hallway and into the dinning room just in time for some pumpkin pie!
File: maxresdefault.jpg (198KB, 3000x1688px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
198KB, 3000x1688px
what do you guys think lol
>flaccid penis evolved into erected cock!

>erected cock learned furious fapping.
File: 1421050749494.jpg (100KB, 500x369px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
100KB, 500x369px

>I get to be about 20, she's 17
>at the time was a kissless virgin
>me and her have always had a decent, somewhat intimate relationship, i.e. she tells me about her boyfriends and I tell her about my lack of girlfriends
>one day, after subtly flirting with her about the size of her tits for a while, I blurt out that I'm "seeing someone", but that I've never seen a girl naked before
>basically beg her to strip for me so I can "be more comfortable around this girl when the time comes"
>she feels weird about it but eventually gives in
>I try to hide my hard-on, staring at her c cup

Fastforward to years later

>have made her more and more comfortable being naked around me and letting me feel her up a little
>basically, as it turns out, she has no problem whatsoever letting me play with ANY part of her body besides her pussy and her ass
>she's insecure about her ass, which is kinda flat, and thinks that it'd be "just too weird" if we were to fuck
>besides that, I can do whatever the fuck I please, so long as there aren't other people in the house
>sadly, there's always a shit-ton of people around the place, but once in a blue moon when it's just me and her I can either get a tit-fuck or a blowjob or a handjob

Feels guilty as fuck as soon as you cum, though. That's the main issue.

She's FINE with it and even enjoys being able to make me cum without me actually fucking her (I suppose she's a tad insecure)...but it still makes me feel guilty, since I pretty much tricked her into it after years of planning.

I'm one sick fuck.
Is thread kill?
Is it only a story or it is really happened... ?
Sick fuck perhaps, but at least you won't live with the guild of actually-fucking her and therefore destroying the trust foundations of an adopted sibling. Well primed, anon.
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