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ITT: your first kiss

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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ITT: your first kiss
wow that boy took full advantage of the situation, he's a potential rapist.
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We were both really drunk at a new years eve party, kissed as it turned midnight.
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I have a weird boner
This happened pretty recently actually
>Be 18
>at party that my friend brought me too
>not many people, about 5 girls and 5 guys
>playing beer pong
>after a couple of games they start making bets
>2 guys vs 2 girls, im just watching and talking to my friend
>2 guys are the biggest bros and made a bet that if they win then one of them had to kiss me
>whole time they are playing they are laughing and saying "this is for you man"
>they eventually win
>play it cool
>shes like a 6/10
>everyone cheering me on to kiss her
>go in for the kiss
>make out for about 6 seconds
>some tongue action going on
>later went home hammered with my friend and played some smash bros
Was a good night
I never kissed anyone.

Of course he's a rapist, he's a boy. Just ask tumblr
>2 guys are the biggest bros and made a bet that if they win then one of them had to kiss me
that i would kiss one of the girls i mean no homo
Did you get a brojob afterwards?
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i wish man
You poor fool.
>be me
>be 16
>at a friend's house
>she and I were super close
>her best friend and I were also super close
>triangle, basically
>she was like a 7/10, friend would've been like a 6 or 7 but fatty
>fatty and I are alone at one point
>what the hell, never kissed a girl
>might as well give it a shot
>no idea what I'm doing
>just sorta press my lips onto hers
>she kisses me back
>my sister immediately walks in
>don't see her, but fatty does
>breaks it off
>the end
Was 12 and drunk. Went swimming at future whore's house. Kissed her at a park later on that day.
>was 12
>got awkward kiss from friends little sis
>she's 5
first and only kiss
fuck my life
Whatever, I'll indulge. My first real kiss, hm.... I must have been 13 or so. Regardless, it was in the 7th grade. Our class had taken a field trip to Old Cit Park, which is this fragment of an old west town still standing in the middle of downtown Dallas. The way the field trip worked, certain kids were given certain "jobs" in the town, dressed up, and kind of gave tours to the rest of us as we all just wandered from building to building. My girlfriend at the time, a sexy senorita, was part of that first group and was given the school house.

pause for a cigarette break. continue?
>Be 15/16
>Had one quick peck kiss with GF
>First "Real" kiss
>She burps in my mouth
>Be 14
>Last day of 8th grade
>Make out with girlfriend as a goodbye
>Make out with her every day of 9th grade
Shit was so cash.
Continue Mr.Dubs
name of the movie?
i have the most uncomfortable boner right now
I think the french translation is My Little Boner.
ur missing out bro
>Be 16
>Go to gf's house while she babysits her sister (she's 8)
>In her basement, lights off, just the TV on
>Her little sister is on a separate couch from us
>She falls asleep around 11
>We're both laying on her couch cuddling
>Start kissing for no reason
>Do this for a few more hours until her parents come home at like 2
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>>2 guys are the biggest bros
or of course they wanted a laugh...
>be 15
>get stoned with 2 buddies
>go to another friend's flat, pick up a girl, go in town
>smoke some more, drink, I am now totally shitfaced
>girl all over me for some reason
>don't dare to kiss her
>finally do it
>realized somewhere before it happens that friend one who knew her before this day asked her to pick me or friend 2 and try to make a man of at least one of us
>make out all night
>dance together in the middle of the street, still a great memory to this day
>walk her back to dude's (aprox same age as us, friend of friend 1 where we picked her up earlier) appartement where she was staying
>kiss her goodnight
All in all a good experience.

If someone wants I have another story with this girl, which can be considered funny. Or beta/cringe tier. Or both.
I was eight or nine, and playing in the fields and forest near my hometown with a friend. His sister and two of her friends came out to play as well. They suggested we play house, which lasted about a minute until they paired off with us. My friend and I are ambushed and have no idea what is going on, they obviously had a plan. Before it's over we took turns being alone in a 'room' of tramped down grass in a field taller than our heads making out with each of the girls. I got three, he got the two that weren't his sister. Each time they would rotate out they would leave us together while they went off to talk quietly before we got our next partner. Not sure if they were expecting us to want to talk about it like they were, but all we did was grin these big jaw splitting grins like idiots and say 'wow!'.
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My first kiss was with my sister.

>be 12, sis is 10
>playing outside
>her pants rip climbing tree
>pretend like I'm helping hold her pants up
>grab dat ass hard
>we both make eye contact as we realize we are both into it
>throughout the day I find more excuses to touch her ass
>that night I sneak behind her to try and walk my boner into her butt
>she sees me
>she turns around at last second
>too late
>I bump into her face first
>instinct kicks in and I just kiss
>we kiss for like 10 fucking minutes
>we pause for air
> feel weird
>run to my room
>never talk again about it

Years later at my 21st birthday we were both really fucking drunk , and I went to kiss her on her forehead , and she leaned up and kissed me in front of my friends, and laughed it off as a joke.
Mfw she used tongue
Mfw I've never had a gf ;_;
>Be nearly thirty.
>Cry yourself to sleep every night.
Legit today.
>Be 18.
>Have this girl in my class at school, currently in my final year sixth form.
>Talk to her a lot on Facebook from Christmas onwards.
>Bit of a poet. Not a cringe worthy send love sonnets type shit, but good with words
>She gets into me even though I am kinda fat. Also pull that off well, If I do say so myself.
>Broke as shit, don't have a job, sponge off parents until Uni.
>Invited her to walk to town with me while I buy cheap 1 pound ear phones, broke mine running (trying to get thin!)
>Spend 4-5 hours just walking around the town/country side together talking about random shit.
>Around an hour in she was talking about her soft her face is or some shit, grabbed her arm, turned her around, leaned down and kissed her.
>She reciprocated. Was good. After breaking the kiss she asked why I did that
>Said I thought she was offering for me to feel how soft her face is.
>Spend the rest of the day walking around, taking regular breaks to kiss and cuddle her.

Was good.
I can't remember my first kiss. I know with who it was, but I can't remember when.

But I'll tell you the first kiss I do remember ( with the girl I'm dating now )

>meet girl at a gig I had to play
>she's the photographer of the gig
>band mate of mine introduced her to me
>we hit it off
>exchange numbers
>there was a folk concert at some little café that weekend
>decided to ask her along
>weekend comes a rollin'
>she waits for me on a park bench
>i come pick her up
>we have a ball at the concert
>she says she doesn't want to
>take her to the park
>we go and sit under a huge birch tree
>the sun is setting on the horizon
>stars start twinkling in the sky
>this is the moment
>i have to do it now
>i go in
>we make out for an hour or so
>take her home

20 years later we're still together, god damn that was beautiful.
>she says she doesn't want to go home*
this is what i feels
So, alright, you'll have to forgive me here, I'm fighting more that ten years of drugs and alcohol for you guys. She'd slipped her tight budding curves in one of those little house on prairie era teacher getups, which worked on a young country boy. I spent the day going around like I was supposed to, visiting her a few times throughout, but I saved actually sitting through her whole presentation until the end of the day. Nicole, that's her name, was always a bit... authoritarian, to say the least. We'll say she carried that latin fire well, so watching her play teacher while I (and the rest off the audience, I guess) played student also worked on this country boy
>getting fit
>acted alpha and took kiss

Good job brother .

We're all gonna make it man... Right?... ;_;
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>grade 9
>start dating a girl who I didn't know
>spring break we don't see each other because we live in separate towns (we started dating the day before it)
>first day back
>we kiss near a closet underneath the stairs
>both went the wrong way
>kissed her
>made out with her the rest of the year then she broke up with me during the summer because I didn't go see her
>watched Austin Powers trilogy and ate chips
>didn't care
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>be me
>23 year old kissless virgin /tg/fag
>one a 3rd date with a girl I met online
>driving her home from the movies
>find out she's as obsessed with MST3K as me
>we spend the entire car ride laughing about our favorite episodes
>can almost recall all the goofy names from space mutiny
>walk her up her steps
>telling eachother what a great night we had
>I surprise her by moving in for the kiss
>we collide wrong
>laugh it off, she wants to try again
>kiss properly
>get some of her spit in my mouth
>dick is diamonds
Man, [spoiler] last Wednesday was great. [/spoiler]

I'll lose my v-card in no time
First non tongue involved kiss was in third grade with my "girlfriend" on the playground beneath the slide. First real kiss that meant something was with my girlfriend next to a pond we used to sit at and talk for hours. We're not together anymore and there have been others since her but some times she creeps back into my head and fucks shit up for a while.
i fucking hate this movie (or better: i hate the story/plot)

great expectations (the 90s version i think)
Thanks man. Before we went out that day I wanted to kiss her, I had this romantic notion on my head of pressing my hands against her face (Is super cold here and being fat apparently gives me huge amounts of body heat even in my extremities, so shes extremely into me touching her if just for warmth) saying something like 'I hope this is to your liking' kissing her then rubbing my nose on hers and shit.

When it came to it I was just like 'fuck. Do it now or over think it and regret it'. Looking forward to a long relationship with her man, she seems really sound.

You got this man. Talk to me about your situation if you think it will help. Here for you.
>First time she comes over after expressing my love to her through texting.
>Talk entire day.
>Well I got to go soon, I'm kind of sad you didn't try to kiss me.
>Tremble like fuck oh shit oh shit oh shit.
>She goes in for the kiss. Tremble entire time.
>What's wrong anon? "I think I'm really in love, that's why lolkek xD"

Now this was rather boring. Second time we meet up it gets interesting.

>Go to my room after kissing at a lake the entire day.
>Make out session.exe
>Start touching the inside of her thigh.
>"My nephew made me jerk him off anon, and I was super afraid I could get pregnant like that"
>Okay, well wtf.. nephew.. this is kinda nasty but I'm fully torqued from making out..
>"I won't do anything you don't want"
>Continue touching her thigh, subtly touch her pussy though her string with my knuckles. Pretend I don't even notice I keep touching her there.
>She goes moan mode, pushed my had over her pussy.
>Pull her string down and attempt something that resembles fingering. 0 Clue.
> She seems to like it, but wtf.. It's like her labia popped open.
>It's so freaking warm and wet.

I don't know if she came that day because she stopped me at some point.. but I think she did... this is quite some years ago so I can't be sure. When I think of it I should have fucked her so bad that time. I broke off with her and had another girl after that which ended up being my only real love. We lasted about 4 years and then she left me for an older guy. (I had my issues. Can't blame her.) Since then I've just been fucking women I find hot.. usually not interesting for me in any intellectual way. Couple of months ago I broke off with my latest slut after discovering she was just in it for my D.

I'm in therapy now. Not because of the break up but with the fact I have been devaluating myself my entire life and apparently this also affects my partner choice in a negative way; Dumb bitches.

Hope you enjoyed the read a bit.
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Oh well I'll post anyway since it's saturday night, my beer is almost empty and I don't have anything better to do.

>few months after 1st story
>go to this small town's annual party with said girl, friend 1 and friend 2 from 1st story
>friend 1 takes us apart so we could decide which one of us would fuck her tonight
>decide it would be friend 2 that would become a man
>all already drunk at this point
>friend 1 takes friend 2 apart to explain him how it is done while I stay with the girl
>1mn later we are making out, she's grinding against me and starting to feel my dick through my pants when 1 & 2 come back
>Oh right it's his night
>leave friend 2 and girl together
>get shitfaced with friend 1, have a great time, hilarious night, talk to people, random 15yo drunk bullshit, lots of laughs
>later, find friend 2 and girl cos time to go home
>I live near friend 1 home, they all go there and I go to sleep at my place
ah yes; i found the scene
Are you me?
first kiss when i was 25, first sex afterwards
sauce plz
19 and still never kissed a girlstrya
3 18 year old girls within the space of a minute in a nightclub
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File: L'amour braque.gif (2MB, 246x151px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
L'amour braque.gif
2MB, 246x151px
Oh yeah, also we let friend 2 have her, and during the night friend 1 explained me that, being relatively good looking (no homo), I won't be in trouble regarding getting girls later, unlike friend 2, so better him with the free shot now
>wake up the following day
>go to friends house to see congratulate friend 2 for not being a virgin anymore
>he's nowhere to be found
>friend one describe me what happens when I left
>they (friend 1 and dude from 1st story) put friend 2 and the girl in a room
>being 15yo shitheads, they come back 10mn later, burst open the door yelling
>they laugh, get out and go play vidyas
>10mn later friend 2 comes down (upstairs room)
>"I can't get it hard"
>So ashamed he runs back to his own home at something like 4am
>friends 1 go upstairs, fucks the girl

Has lost contact with friend 2 years ago. Wouldn't be surprised if he was still a virgin.
>>watched Austin Powers trilogy and ate chips
>>didn't care
4th grade school disco. had hyped it up so much beforehand I literally started crying in the bathroom minutes before. got my shit together and tongue wrestled for the rest of the night. not a half-bad memory...
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>be like 4
>at kindergarden
>meet this one hot chick and somehow become my "gf"
>invite her often to my house to play
>one day big brother ask us to french-kiss each other
>felt good, man
>brother keeps asking us to do some wierd shit
>shit keeps getting more hardcore
>mfw we got abused by my brother
>mfw we both end kind of traumatized
>mfw that girl had a child at the age of 15
>mfw I regret nothing
>7 years ago
>be 15
>agree with my friend (female friend) to kiss eachother (she became a slut later btw), agreed on telephone
>we finally meet irl after 2 months
>i get her to a park
>we start talking about our usal things
>then we go silent
>my face: red as fuck
>we keep saying things like "well...maybe...i should start..."
>she says somethin like "you're nice..you know..dont be afraid"
>shy as fuck
>i think "fuck it", grab her and we make outfor a minute or so
>wonderful experience, i remember it as it happend yesterday
>i was very attached to that girl, but we just kissed some times (4 or 5 more), always remained a friend
>still the only person i kissed
>fuck it i was too beta, i should've fucked her or at least get a blowjob, she would have agreed i think
9/10 french exchange student at 16, never saw her again ;_;
>tfw never been kissed
>dick is diamonds
kek, happy for you m8.
me either. I'm 20. I think i will die alone
13, summer camp, showers.
hire a hooker
Thanks anon, there is hope.
>be me
>be 14
>went on a date with gril
>started talking with her then moved the conversation to kissing
>nudged more and more and it worked she was up for it
>while she was getting close I started to tremble out of sheer excitement
>finally lips touched and that's when it all went wrong
>while we were doing lips she pushed her tongue, I responded by doing the same thing
>tongues meet
>i started to giggle like insane
>she stops and pulls back "whats wrong"
>"i uh...remembered a joke, my friend told me yesterday"
>"oh ok" continues to kiss me
>again tongues, again giggling
>breaks the kiss says if i don't stop giggling she will leave
>kisses me again, i giggle
>leaves me there at the spot
i feel retarded now looking back at it...
>be 13
>friend kisses me but no homo
>felt gross and gay
Cute Thai bar girl
>be 14
>invite gf over
>cuddle under covers
>kiss after like 20 mins of cuddling
>make out for like 90% of the day then
good times
> college freshman
> at a frat party
> start dancing with a girl
> she turns around and makes out with me

I had a friend when i was 13 he was 13 aswell.
And i had kissed a few girls from my old class, then we meet up in the swimming pole and me and 2 girls are like you two have to kiss.

They chickend so i showed him with one of the girls and he still chikend. Then they went somewhere private and told us that they kissed. Later on the girl confesse they were scared.

Best time of my life
File: 1301900893927.gif (2MB, 340x330px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 340x330px
Kinda long but worth the read.

>be 15
>somehow look old enough to buy booze
>buy a case of beer
>me, three friends, and a 7/10 pair of twins get shitfaced walking the defunct train tracks of our small town late at night
>arrive at abandoned train station
>one of the girls needs to pee
>me and two of my friends watch like creeps
>the other friend is making out with the other twin on the floor
>piss girl gets back up but then lays back down cuz drunk as fuck
>I lay down next to her
"who's hand is on my tits"
>mfw it's mine
"who's hand is on my pussy"
>mfw when it's also mine
>tfw when she lifts her shirt up, pulls her pants down and the three of us are now sucking on each tit while one eats the puss
>we switch it up
>I'm on the puss now
>I wretch
>I wretch hard
>throw up
>throw up hard
>can't breathe
>that one friend with a girl to himself asks if I'm ok
>I somehow catch my breath and say I'm ok
>crawl over and try to switch with him and make out with the girl
>she only wants him
>go back over to the other slut
>say "I'm going to kiss you"
>she says "I'm not opening my mouth"
>like I give a fuck
>kiss her
>our eyes stay open the whole time
>stick my tongue in her mouth anyway
>she has it shut tight
>end up licking her teeth
>come back up
>she just stares at me
>go back to sucking on her titty
>mfw I see her in school the day after
>mfw we both know what happened the night before
>mfw me and my friends ended up getting busted by the cops because we were walking around town at 2am when it's a ghost town
>mfw I couldn't have given less of a fuck
>mfw that was my first titty sucked
>mfw that was my first pussy licked
>last but not least
>mfw that was my first kiss
calling tumblr you rapist!
>Be fucking 18
>Visit girl from a previous class
>Take long walk talking
>Laying down on the rainbow bridge in the town of silver
>It's cold
>have to warm each other
>Start kissing
>Is good at it cause imagining it for long time
>Get back at her place n fuck
>Keep going forever (1 hour)
>Couldn't cum
>First/last time to have sex on antidepressants
First kiss was with my first gf in 12th grade. She was a sophomore. 8/10 Looked like hipster Ariel, not even kidding. LOL Would make out with her after every marching band rehearsal. You know what they say about flute players ;)
was this summer

I got really hard and realized I absolutely suck at kissing

oh well

shit was cash

and wet

and warm

fuck I miss her
The cafe radio?
Kissing is a coop mission. It's way more about how the two people are doing it together than the individual technique. As long as you keep your teeths to yourself and let the poor girl breathe.

And since the kiss is the topic here, in this story it was just on the lips, no tongue. Got my first frenchkiss few months later. Another potentially interesting/lulzy story, but since there is no reaction to the first, I guess I'm just too much of a good public to my own shit.
Also made out with a hot friend (girl I use to date but never kissed) of mine about a month ago. Lost 40lbs recently and I looked really good compared to when we used to date. We were both buzzed at a turn up
>me: hey you want to make out?
>are u serious?
>me: yeah
>well we never kissed
*proceed to make out
shit was 8/8 cash
I'm obviously a newfag, don't hate haha
i knew this was gonna be some gay shit soon as i saw the first one's face

>be 8
>brother has a small highschool party when parents are gone, 4 guys 7 girls
>I keep fucking around
>one girl thinks I'm cute
>one thing leads to another and people tell me to make out with her
>I make out with her
>make out with a ~15 year old all night when I'm 8 and no one finds this weird
>at one point she guides my hand into her crotch and I finger her, she's soaking wet
>mfw I made out and fingered a ~15 year old when I was 8 at a highschool party
>I bet she's a pedo now

From what I remember she was incredibly cute
>thai bar
i have bad news for you bro, it wasn't a girl

Adding onto this I wasn't coaxed into walking up to her and making out with her, I was there confused and she kept telling me to kiss her and asking me if I'd kiss her and I just eventually gave in and did it
>tfw young and teenage girls are as curious and horny as boys
>tfw you find out when you're <20 reading wincest stories on /b/

I remember being, around 8 pbbly, under a blanket with my 13-15yo cousin, weird intimate stuff happenning or about to happen and relatives not happy to find us both there. My memories of this day are too blurry for me to remember shit. Unlike the time when I stole her used thong and fapped with it few years later.
>20 years old
>never kissed a girl
>had several girls after me in high school but was raised in super-conservative religious family and was insanely cockblocked
>now all girls will have had experience and i'm insecure as fuck
will i ever make it /b/?
seems lovely

alcohol helps

you can trust me, im drinking alone at home on b on a saturday night
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4KB, 346x146px
>Be me
>Enjoy sailing, do it all the time
>Poor family
>Mom fucks other guys right in my own home
>Rich crazy old woman tells my family that they want me to entertain her
>Family throws me under the bus because they're greedy bastards
>Go to the rich lady's house
>Holy shit, ancient mansion, moss everywhere
>She wants me to sing and dance
>Fuck that lol
>Draw some shit
>Draw the little cutie on the other side of the room
>Little cutie takes me to a fountain
>I take a drink with my tongue out cause I'm a weird fuck
>Feel something slimy, what the fuck
>It's the little cutie's tongue on mine
>Mfw my first kiss was a french kiss
File: image.jpg (40KB, 290x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
40KB, 290x600px
My first real kiss and my first fuck on the same day. I was 13, she was 12, and she was the one who decided that she wanted my dick and made everything happen.

Mind was blown. Sex was awkward as fuck, but when you're 13 just sticking your penis into a vagina is cool.
for some reason i think we're going to both be lonely for a long time
Depends on if you're lucky. That was kinda me, I grew up in a conservative family, and I had made out with a few girls but never went farther than that until I met this check who was a legit nymphomaniac. She was really into me for some reason. I was 22. Course, I was also super conservative so I never actually fucker her. My biggest regret, because now I'm 26 and still virginfag
Thread posts: 97
Thread images: 17

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