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I wanna hear some wincest stories. Preferably aunt stories. I'll

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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I wanna hear some wincest stories. Preferably aunt stories. I'll start.

>Be me 16
>Goes to single aunts house because she gets lonely
>she made macaroni
"So do you have a girlfriend anon?"
>I'm a kissless virgin
"I held a girls hand once..."
"haha.. There's plenty of fish in the sea."
>She slides a bit closer
>I had always fantasized about fucking her
>She gives me a hug before we start eating
>I eat the macaroni and go to the bathroom to take a piss
>Aunt walks in "accidentally"
"Oh sorry!"
Yeah keep going
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>slips in puddle of piss
>hits the floor
>walks the dinosaur
>slips again
>doesn't get up
>call 911
>in coma
>dies from brain swelling a week later
>She comes fully into the bathroom
>shuts the door
"Ya know, anon, I've always wanted to see how your cock looked."
>instant boner
>She bites her lip as I walk over to her
>She reaches for me but I grab both her hands and pin then against the wall
"Well now you've seen it, what do you have in mind?"
>She thrusts her crotch towards me
>I rub my cock onto her dress
>I feel under the skirt as my cock presses into it
>It's wet
>no panties
>I slowly get onto my knees and begin licking her slit
>tastes good
>Slide my tongue inside
>She screams
>Stand up, rip her tank top off her body and unclip her bra
>kissless virgin
>this alpha
underrated post, nice observation
>As I suck on her nipples she strokes my cock
>Lift her up, wrapping her long legs around my waist
>Carry her out of the bathroom because it smells like my piss
>Gets to her bed
>Throws her onto the bed
"I want to feel your cock inside me"
>I thrust my cock into her surprisingly tight pussy
>took awhile to get fully in
>fuck her for a good ten minutes
>Stick it in my ass
>Go down and lick her cleanly shaven asshole
>don't put my tongue inside
>Feels wet enough to go in
>I slide the tip inside
>She screams
>I get my entire cock inside
>She's soaking wet
>also she's crying for some reason
"fuck me harder she yells"
>I thrust in and out for 5 minutes
"I'm going to cum, anon!"
>She cums onto my 3 fingers in her pussy
>I cum at the same time into her ass
Still fucking her today.
The other day I posted sumthin that happened with my mother years ago. I can dig that up if anyone wants.
You have 5 daughters.
Awfully experienced for a 16 year old...
When me and my sister were both 10 or 11 we would touch each other and hook up. We did it like 4 ot 5 times. Its pretty awkward now that we are both older actually.

0/10 would not do again
Yes please.
You've watched porn, haven't you? I was 16, not 10. I watched porn when I was an embryo
You're an idiot.
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You're a wonderful person. 1

Good nighr sherlock
>cleanly shaven asshole
I lol'd
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This was a long time ago, but I've played it in my head so many times that I remember every detail. Similar things happened later, but this was the first time. It's kinda long, read it or don't.

Part 1/2:
>Dad dies when I'm 8
>Mom is a beautiful woman of 27
>Tall, blonde, full hips, nice rack, etc.
>White trash but hot if you know what I mean
>Pic is as close as I could find to her look
>VERY similar
>I won't include actual pic of her (Can't have this come back and bite me)
>Mom dates series of abusive assholes >Finally settles for worst of the bunch
>New stepdad gets her into cocaine
>He's collecting disability
>She gets money from dads death
>So all they do is get high all day
>By night time they're fighting
>Before morning they're fucking
>Walls of our trailer are NOT soundproof
>Once in a while he hits her
>Stupid since he's a scrawny manlet
>She could take him but only cowers
>I'm about 12 or so can't do shit
>One night I wake up to them fighting
>Ugh... Not again
>Screaming, sound of a smack, sobbing
>Hear door slam as he leaves
>Same old shit
>Eventually I fall back to sleep
>Some time later I wake up
>Something weird going on
>My boxers are down
>And I feel this soft warm moistness
>So sleepy and this feels so good
>I'm in a sorta daze as this continues
>Minutes pass
>My head starts to clear
>Room is dark but my eyes are adjusted
>I look down and see moms blonde hair
>Her head going up and down in my lap

This went well yesterday so I will post it again. Kind of a slow dump. Just give it time. Heres my story. I was 15. Staying at my uncles house because im close with that side of the family at the time. Over there all the time. My cousins best friend was staying the night too. They were both 13 at that time. Her friend had spent the night before when i was there so no big deal really. Things are normal. Go swimming. Play some games. Bullshit around the neighborhood. Starts getting late and go back to my cousins room. Her room was upstairs in the rear portion of their big ass house. The ceiling is angled on one side because of the rooftop. No windows. We are sitting in the room talking and shit. Its the 90's so we didn't have a bunch of crap to do besides talk really. That and music but no one had cel phones or laptops and all that garbage. We actually had to interact. Playin around and such. So, my cousin starts randomly daring her friend to flash her pussy at me. She to my surprise actually did it. She quickly pulled her boy shorts down and I could see her red bush in that quick flash.
They giggle loud and crazy. Her bush wasn't out of control. She had it clean but it definitely was a bush. Her friend was thin with clear pale skin with not many freckles for a redhead. Not small but not really big tits. Seemed a nice size for her frame for as far as I could tell anyway. She was pretty good looking. Anyway, my cousin keeps on with the dares saying for her friend to show her pussy again. Then her ass and her bra. Eventually she would show her tits. Very perky, better than I had imagined it would be even after seeing her in her bathing suit top from earlier. Nice tits really. Nicely pinked nipples with little areolas. Then she had her grinding on me for lap dances to whatever ghetto bullshit they liked to listen to then. I didn't care. I had ass rubbin on my cock. I had a raging boner by this time obviously and didn't give a fuck if she felt it. I knew she did feel it because she started laughing maniacally when it poked her on one of her grind sessions. I just smiled. This shit was great. She had fallen to the floor laughing. My cousin was laughing hard too. Saying "What happened does he have a stiffy?!". Both burst out laughing harder because, you know, 13. Goes into all the names possible "Chub Chub? Boner? pitchin the tent?" blah blah blah. They think its hilarious. (cont.)
Part 2/2:
>Realize that mom's sucking on me
>Confused... Scared... But so nice...
>Her eyes are closed as she lifts head
>Licking all over the shaft of my penis
>Finally she speaks
>"I'm sorry baby... I make it up to you..."
>"All my fault... Make you feel good..."
>Mom is stoned out of her mind
>...and thinks I'm my stepfather
>"Do you forgive me?" I say nothing
>"C'mon don't be mad at me" Say nothing
>Then she giggles
>"Oh I know what you want"
>Mom shifts my leg over to an odd angle
>No idea what's going on
>She scoots down a little
>Suddenly mom's licking my asshole
>After a while she puts tongue inside
>First sort of "flicking" it in and out
>Then jabbing it in DEEP repeatedly
>Feels so fucking good
>She then starts licking my balls
>While she slides a finger into my ass
>Oh my God...
>Mom strokes my dick faster...
>Licking my balls all over....
>While fucking my ass with her finger...
>I feel like I'll explode and let out a gasp
>She quickly shifts
>Stuffs my dick in her mouth
>Sucking hard and deep
>While massaging spot deep in my ass
>I cum so hard my leg gets a cramp
>I watch mom shudder as she sucks
>A look on her face that I'll never forget
>My dick pulsing in her mouth
>Cum draining from me
>Strange thought passes through mind >"She's feeding from me"
>Eventually I go soft but she continues
>Sort of suckling on my now flacid penis
>She falls a sleep after a while
>With my penis in her mouth
>Occasionally sucking it like a pacifier

That was almost 15 years ago. More things happened with her over the years but the crazy thing is this: No matter who I'm with, whenever a woman gives me a blowjob, I close my eyes when I cum... And EVERY TIME I get that image of my mother's face. Bruise on her cheek, eyes rolling back in her head, her mouth wrapped around my dick...

Feeding from me
I just go with it. Smiling and shit. Then my cousin gets up and runs over to the light switch and flips it off. It is fucking dark. Remember, no windows. So when I say dark I mean cant see shit dark. I hear bumbling and fumbling. Calls her friend to come to her voice. Giggling because cant see. Hitting things and such. Admittedly, this was actually pretty funny. You had to be there to understand though with things that were said and how it played out. This is 16 years ago you see so its hard to really encapsulate the moment for you but I'm doing my best to relive this tale for you. I hear murmuring but honestly cant make out what they are saying. More laughing from them. My cousin says "Ok. Guess which one of us it is?". I said "What are you talking about?". I feel someone hit me in the chest with a Ric Flair chop. POP. I hear laughing. Through her giggles she says "who was it?". I was laughing too because as i said I'm close with this part of my family and although it was fucked up and hurt it was very funny to me. I make a guess. "Nope". POP. "Ow. What the hell man?" Laugh. Then I started to feel rubbing on my chest and a breath was on my lips and right before they touched it went away. Giggling. "Who?". Make guess. More touching. (cont)
No one said anything. I didn't really care honestly. This was getting interesting but admittedly i was a bit confused. I thought that maybe my cousin was gonna help me get laid. I'm all for that. lol. This kind of play continues for a while. Making guesses. Sometimes right sometimes wrong. Don't give a fuck really about being right or wrong. It slowly kept escalating with touching on my stomach and legs to light brushing on my lips with what felt like lips. After probably a good thirty minutes or more it goes silent. Dead silent. Im sitting there not wanting to say anything because man i don't want this to end. I assume my cousin is making shit happen so i can get a thrill out of her hot friend because she's cool like that. Our family really does roll with the blood is thicker than water motif. I remain silent because i don't want to fuck shit up and wait it out. I hear very very quiet whispers. I was thinking "geez they are going to hit me with something hard like a radio or something." I should mention I was sitting in a chair this whole time while all this crap was going on. As I await my date with destruction from some unknown force to come my way I already had my wince face ready but instead of a board or something hard I felt the soft touch of a girl somewhat forcefully on my neck because, naturally, its dark. I cant see shit so they cant see shit either. (cont.)
My point is it wasn't a malicious touch but a fumbling one because whoever it was didn't know where i was. Pretty sure thats not where they meant to touch me because it was right on the center of my throat so it kinda hurt but I could tell it wasn't on purpose. The hand went up to my chin. Patted around my face. Patted all the way down to my hand. Gave a slight pull as if they wanted me to stand. So I did. More rubbing on the chest. Felt a closeness on my body. A deep kiss on the lips. A pull back. Then the giggling. I cant help but smile. It must be her friend. Then that familiar soft womans touch with a little force because she cant see me. lol. Back to touching my chest up to my face. Feels around. Then it very slowly starts going down. And down. And down. I feel this hand on my stomach. Pokes me in the belly button. "AHH". Giggle. Still touching me. Im slightly folded over because that was uncomfortable as fuck. haha. The finger moves down more. Immediately straighten because I like where this is going. Obviously I have a raging fucking boner. Its lasted for the past hour probably. Im just rock solid thinking someone is gonna touch this mother fucker soon. If I have to then so be it. Lol. I feel the hand slowly start to caress my crotch. Up and down then around my legs. Back to my crotch. This goes on for a couple minutes. Im thinking holy fuck this is incredible. Her friend is so hot and she's touching my cock through my pants. (cont)
I had a gf at the time but I'm fucking 15. Another bitch is touchin my shit and my girl don't have to know. So no fucks given there. Then it happens. I hear the zipper. It was strange because I didn't feel it at first. It was just that slow slow sound of weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrNNNNNGGG. My dick was so god damn hard it was about to break the fabric of that fruit of the loom. I could feel my heartbeat down there. I felt that hand move inside and pull my cock out of those boxers. I felt that soft yet committed grip on my shaft. No movement. Just my dick pulsing. Throbbing. My heart about to burst. I felt hot breath on the tip on my dick. Praying to god this wasn't going to be a terrible joke. I felt it get closer. My mind flying all over the place. The hot breath was gone suddenly. I KNEW IT. FUCK YOU. But then… it came back. the hand went close to the head of my cock and I felt a very faint touch of a tongue. Oh… fuck…. this must be for real. This tongue went oh so god damn slowly over my cock heads open slit. (cont)
this was actually pretty hot, tell us more
I know I had to have been secreting pre cum. My boxers were wet so I knew she had to taste my salty treat. Could feel the tongue dart on my shaft head as if she was drinking from a water bowl. Then. It happened. Full hot and wet ran over my cock. Oh my god. I let out a deep sigh and gave whatever exclamation I had on the brain. It felt amazing. I had been having sex since I was 13 but this was completely different. My cock was covered in spit. Then I felt nothing. Giggling. Then Huge amount of laughter. I couldn't take it. I said "ok. This has been fun but if you're just gonna fuck with me and leave me blue balled as some kind of fucked up joke then we can stop now and I need to go finish this fuckin job." More laughter. Then I heard my cousin say "well, you gotta guess who it is first cuz." Alright. Its obviously "femanon and she better get back on this dick." Laughter. Then I felt that fumbling touch and quickly found my dick again. Still completely soiled from earlier. Slow strokes. Thinking that her friend knows what she's doing. Way better than my gf. lol. Then I feel the warmth of her mouth. Taking it slowly half way. Back up. Then down half way. Then She took it almost all the way down. I think my pubes touched her lip and then thats where she decided to stop. This blowjob in the dark was pretty sweet I thought. Did it a couple times. I couldn't believe how amazing this was. Then… as her mouth went down half way, I felt a hand on my leg. Moved up towards my dick. I figured it was my cousins friend, naturally, but as it found my cock, which was so hard it felt like the blood was about to burst out of every side, I felt a tongue at the base of my shaft. (cont)
I was actually a bit confused at first. I was thinking "if femanon has her mouth on my cock then how can she have her tongue on my shaft and balls?". This is what really went through my mind. Then I realized. There are two mouths here. One of them has to be your cousin… I grabbed both of their heads and just let it happen. I had one bobbing their head up and down my shaft and the other was licking the end of it. I felt hands all over my body. It was amazing. Then I felt tongue and lips on both sides of my dick. Up and down. Up and down. Together at the same time and then disjointed. As in, one going up and one down. One stopping for a second and one not. So much going on. Trying to keep my moans down because I didn't want to wake my uncle. His room was on the opposite side of the house and downstairs but I didn't want to fuck this up so I did my best to let them know that this was good but quiet enough to not wake anyone. Holding both of their heads allowing them to do whatever. My pants get ripped down. Boxers disappear. Shirt non existent. Been moved around a bit. I felt a hand push me down onto my cousins bed. Was a bit scary at first because dark. Didnt exactly know that the bed was there. To this day I have no idea who it was that pushed but it doesn't fucking matter. I'm laying on the bed. (cont)
I feel someone next to me and an overhand grip on my shaft. My shit is covered in spit from the head to the balls. Even the hair is all moist and shit. Hahaha. That overhand grip slowly changes to underhand. At the same time I feel lips on my lips. An easy kiss at first because probably trying to find me. Lol. It wasn't directly on my lips but half on the lips and half on my face so I suppose it was a decent guess. As you can see, Im serious when I say the shit was dark. Anyway, sort of missed the lips but quickly adjusted and gave me deep kissing with some tongue while having someone with this grip on my cock. Then as I had tongue on tongue satisfaction I felt an incredible, unbelievable, irreplaceable warmth all over the head of my most important muscle. It was so slow I could saver the moment. The wetness went slowly down the shaft of my boulder sized cock and I could feel the folds wrap around it as it slid. The tongue I felt in my mouth felt so loving. So wanting. So needing. I grabbed her face. A little hard at first because dark but made it very light. I wanted her to feel like I did which was unbelievable. Whoever it was. I caressed it slowly and moved my hand down her neck. The girl I was caressing was moaning quietly while the girl on my cock had a soft whimper. I moved very slowly down the neck of my next door neighbor with my right hand while my left was on the hips of my rider. As I creeped ever so slowly down the body of my tongue tied neighbor, my hand felt some very large tits… at this moment. I knew. It was my cousin. (cont)
She had some big ole tities for a 13 year old. I mean, big. I had taken notice but I never thought of it that way because she was family. This time was much different though. I had a different feeling when I knew. I loved my cousin. Not like you would love someone that you had met and had a lot in common with. This was very different. It was an unconditional love. An unbelievable love. It felt so incredible. I loved her at that moment. More than ever. I caressed her nipples. Then left her mouth to suck on them all while her best friend was riding me. I could feel that bush every few times she pushed her hips down. I reached around to my cousins ass after I fondled her tits for a while and took in a handful. I sat up to take in her friends tits. I tongued that shit like no tomorrow my friends. I listened to her moans to see what was working and continued harder with that. Her friend started to shake and stopped. I being playful, grabbed her hips and jack hammered her pussy hard. Clap clap clap clap clap. Is all that could be heard. I felt her hands on my legs. I felt hands on my chest. Then I felt a tongue on my nipples. I started pumping harder. Let my right hand reach over and grab my cousins head. Moved it from the back of her head to her ass. Spanking her every couple of seconds. She said "yeah baby… please a little harder.". So I did. A little bit harder. She relinquished baby coos for every slap. As I was pumping her best friend really fucking hard and she's doing her best to stay quiet but having a difficult time. I wanted to touch my cousins pussy so bad. It just felt like it needed to happen at the moment but she was my cousin and I wasn't sure how far she wanted to go, so as I spanked her I rubbed her butt very sensually and kissed her passionately. (cont)
I put my hand on her face and started kissing her friend. Her friend starts to shake and began to grind again but so much harder than before. I have my left hand on her friends left tit with her tongue in my mouth and my right hand working its way to my cousins pussy. I circled her right tit slowly then grabbed it hard. I heard her call out. So I grabbed it hard again. She reached down to my cock that her friend was riding and started to stroke the shaft at the hairs of my pubes. I started circling around all her abs. She was fit as fuck. Slowly making my way down to her slit. I stopped right at her mound before her opening. Lightly touching her hair and skin. I heard her moan. Touched her more lightly in the same spot. Moaned harder. Figured I could go all in. At this moment i felt I was gonna go all in with my own cousin. I played with her pubic hair for a second. I Left her friends body with my mouth and went straight to my cousins titty. Then… I put my fingers on her clit. All I heard was a light high pitched "mmmmm". I knew then that all systems were go. I made a circle on her lit. Very slowly but at that moment I felt her friend shake incredibly hard. She was cumming. I let go of my cousin and started rubbing her friends clit with one hand and pushed her ass towards me so her pussy would grind harder on my dick. She screamed so loud that my cousin put her hand on her mouth. I knew because I heard "AAAAAHHHhhhhhh mmmphhhhhhh" "shhhhhhh". LoL. I felt the rush of her waterfall as she came. I almost blew my load right there but I wanted to saver this moment so I fought it so hard. (cont)
>She had some big ole tities for a 13 year old
She thankfully stopped shaking and my cock could take a moment. I was able to get it back under control, however, it was still thumping hard. My pulse was bumping harder than a homies skylark speakers at a national competition of hard bumping homies who own skylarks. My shit wanted to blow so bad. I just wouldn't let it. I felt her friend collapse on me. I grabbed my cousins tits and pulled her towards me. I licked her chin. Licked her neck. Licked her shoulder. Put my tongue wherever it would reach. Her friend was breathing hard on top of me. My dick still buried deep inside of her. I feel her slowly slide off my dick. Leans over and sucks on my nipple while I have my mouth on my cousin. I slowly tongue down to her pubes. Lick around there for a second. Feel her hand on my head as it guides me down to her wanting wet fucking pussy. I can smell her sweet. I hesitate to put my mouth on her slit. She shoves me down. My mouth goes to work. I feel the flow of her river cascade upon my tongue. I bury my tongue wherever it will go on her wetness. She is moaning hard. Not loud. I think we all know that we don't want to take the chance of waking my uncle. Its quiet but I know she loves it. So do I. I Keep lapping up the wetness like I haven't had a drink in months. She's moaning hard forcing me closer. Her friend is sucking my cock now. Slowly. I can feel her loving moans on my shaft. (cont)
whatever, dont care if you believe me
keep going mang
I still want to blow so bad. I wont allow myself to though because threesome. Ha ha. My cousin forces my head down very hard. I immediately thought "oh shit… she thinks this is wrong." I almost wanted to apologize because I love her. She is family after all and we have been through so much all our lives but I was so fucking wrong. She shoved my head down. Pushed her friend over who was on my cock by the way, LOL, and then rolled over on top of me. I felt her big ass tits on me. My dick wanted to burst from having so much blood in it. Then she rolled on my opposite side and pulled me on top of her. She reaches down for my dick which is pulsing unbelievably now. I'm still not sure I can put it in her yet. I mean, I know. It sounds crazy as I say it now but at the time im thinking… this is my cousin. I didn't want to make a false move. I had nothing to worry about though because she guided directly into her flowing opening. Oh so god damn slowly. When I say slow. I mean really fucking slow. Almost like she knew. This is my cousin and I'm about to put his hard fucking cock in my pussy. At this moment I wish I could see her face but still cant really see shit. I can see vague silhouettes because she had a green glowing alarm clock in the far corner that finally gave off just enough light to see the most bare minimum of shit that the eye could adjust to which was three or four hours after the initial play happened. She pulls my key closer to her gate. I take in a deep breath. She does the same. Then pulls me in very very slowly. My head breaks her folds. There is no turning back now. She stops. There is a very real hesitation. I feel her hand let go. I think "oh shit… maybe I should pull out." I was about to do just that. Then… I feel her hand on my ass. (cont)
dont worry I am. Just telling fuck wits that its not important If they believe me or not. It was a great god damn experience. lol.
She pushes hard on my left cheek into her. So I allow it to go in easy and slow. I hear her say "oh….my….. god…". It was a beautiful moment. I had never loved her more than at that very moment. Don't know if she felt the same. Honestly, doesn't matter. She whimpers lightly. As i said. We still had to attempt to be quiet because of my uncle. I feel three hands on my body. Oh right… there is another person. It was all so surreal. Unbelievable. Here I am. 15. Having a threesome with my very own first cousin and her best friend. Fuck it. All in now. I grab her breast and pump slowly. She lets me know its good with her quiet moans. She pulls her friends pussy on top of her mouth. I feel a wanting tongue on my lips so I open to let it in. Still pumping my cousin slowly. My hand still on her breast. I lift my left hand from her hip to her friends tits because this is a threesome god dammit. Hahahahaa. Making out with her friend. My dick buried in my big titied cousin I start pumping harder. They both are whimpering. Moaning. three people fucking. Amazing. I feel her friend leave my mouth. I was so in the moment I almost uttered "no please… don't go" but she put her tongue back on my nipples and farther down. She started licking my shaft as I was pulling in and out of my darling sweet cousin all the while licking my fuck dolls clit too. She started getting loud now. I wasn't even thinking anymore as I pumped harder. Harder. HARDER. I hit that shit as hard as I could as she called out. Then I pulled out and fed my love muscle to that redheaded cunts mouth. She went down hard on it. (cont)
I assumed she worked harder because she had a mouth burying deep in her opening. I felt her mouth vibrating which added to the experience. I then started to put it in my cousins wet fucking pussy. Then back to that wanting mouth. I then had a sudden urge to flip this shit over. So I did. I pushed the redhead down. Brought her head to my nipple because that shit felt good and made my new fuck slut bend over for a good god damn pounding. I flipped that bitch over. Put my shit in hard then started pounding that shit hard. We already crossed that threshold. I started beating that pussy up. All you could hear was "CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP". Hard. Bitch was gonna get it now. Girl licking my body and my shit in a bitch. Best ever. Nothing mattered now. I was plugging away. Her face buried in her pillow. I could tell she was screaming. I grabbed her friends ass and pulled her close. Had a handful and then reached under to that tight little kitty. Still so damn wet as it was since the start. I started hitting my cousins shit as hard as I could. I felt her starting to shake finally. (cont)
All this and you still didn't explode? Kudos, mane.
are you black OP
I truly love making girls cum. I learned to have stamina and make that happen with the girlfriend I had at the time. We fucked constantly. I learned to maintain my shit through that experience. So glad because it paid off here. Anyway, I could feel my cousin shake. Her slit tightened on my shaft as she creamed all over me. It was an unbelievable feeling because I could actually feel the flow of her orgasm. As I said, I had made my gf cum before, for sure, but her pussy didn't flow like this. I could feel it cover my cock. So good. I kept pluggin away even after I felt her flow but not too much. Just a couple hard pumps every couple seconds. I could tell she loved it. I pulled out. She slumped down. I turned my attention to the redheaded cunt. I made her lay on her back next to my other fuck doll. I could finally see a lot better. Thank you based alarm clock. I put my hand on my cousins ass because… you know… threesome. So my hand was on her ass as I rubbed reds pussy. Still wet as ever. She gave me that fuck me look. I wasn't gonna let that pass. I slid my cock in. No feeling out process. Just shoved it in. She locked eyes with me. My dick buried deep inside while my hand is on my cousin who is still recovering. My tired fuck doll turns her head and watches me plow her friend. I can see her out my peripheral as me and her bestie are locked in our horny lusting. She reaches over to play with her tits. I reach over to my cuzs tits because they are huge damn it. So nice. Start sucking her nips. Still fucking this perfect tight pussy. (cont)
nope. Half white, half mexican.
anyone have the cap of the anon who put twins in his aunt?
it was fucking hard dude. But how many chances do you get with this? haha
does anyone have a screencap of the story that was posted last night? had the same OP image in the thread's OP post.
Hitting it hard now. Suddenly, my tanned goddess of a cousin straddles the pussy Im fucking. Such a nice ass. 13 at that time was a perfect age. It really was. Lol. They start making out. Im still pumping the pussy. Lean over and start kissing the caramel colored back. So soft. So nice. I let go of the hips I'm fucking to grab the tits of my other sex puppet. I start pulling that ass into my body as I pound out her friend. Unexpectedly, she lowers down to rub her clit on her besties mound. As she does that I can slightly feel it on my dick as it goes in and out every few pumps. I know I cant hold out much longer. The only thing I knew I didn't want to do was cum inside my cousin. I know. I was ok with fucking at this point but I still had my limits. Haha. So since I was in her friend I figured this was the perfect time. However, I wanted to cum on my own terms. So I had my cousin straddle her pussy on her friends face so I could make out with her and hold her tits at the same time. So I moved her over into that position with full intention to finally blow my load. Im banging her friends pussy. (cont)
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If this shit ends with song lyrics or a terrible pun, I vote you as new 4chan admin
Kissing my cousin. Holding one of her tits. Holding one of her friends tits as Im plowing that tight fucking shit. Believe me. This was so hard not to blow for so long. We had been fucking for who knows how long. All while attempting to be quiet. So I'm there blasting away as hard as I can on this bitches gash with my hand on her tit, my other hand on my cousins tits, while Im making out with my cousin and the girl im fucking is eating my cuz out with my cuz rubbing her own pussy with one hand sliding down the shaft of my cock as I pump her best friend. Amazing. I was hitting that shit for a conclusion when my cousin said "come on anon… I can tell you want to cum for us. Go ahead. Cum. I want to see it.". She kept saying dirty shit like that. I didn't think I could get any harder but at that moment I felt my cock get so full of blood it almost hurt. It felt good. Just it felt extremely full. She started saying "Come on baby… cum for us. All over us. Isn't that what you want? Cum on us.". With deep moaning. I felt her start to shake from my hand on her tits. Her friend was in her shit hardcore. I couldn't take it anymore. I felt it building heavily. Slowly the feeling built stronger. Stronger. STRONGER. I was engulfed in pleasure. (cont)
yeah. thats me. lol. Im back to share the story with new people since it went well. It was also very late last night. He forgot to cap the first part though.
An extreme amount of pressure built in my cock. I could feel it in the head. I didn't want to stop. I had no other options. The moaning. THe whimpering. The shaking. I started to release. I was still deep inside this bitches pussy. My body locked. I started to shoot. Still had enough wits to realize I should pull out because no condom. I still blew a lot in her pussy. Pulled out and geysered the rest on her red beautiful fucking bush, stomach, and jerked the rest on my cousins big perfect tits. Cum was fucking everywhere. I had been holding it for so long. Still the best orgasm I ever had to this very day. I collapsed. Motionless. I felt like I relinquished all the water in my entire body. I felt somewhat sick yet completely satisfied. Very peaceful. I Literally couldn't move. I lay there on my back. Destroyed. If someone had a hit out on me this would be the time to shoot because I would just let them do it. I was finished. Then… I felt mouths on all over my cock. I thought "this cant be real" but it was. They were both pulling the rest of the cum out of my dick as it slowly deflated. Obviously, I just allowed it even though it almost hurt from how sensitive it was. I mean, fuck. You know… threesome. (cont)
They played with it for a long time. Until he was ready to sleep for a while. Even then they tongued it for a little while. It was incredible. Then they laid next to me on each side. I had my arms around them both with both hands full of ass. I just rested. I couldn't do anything else besides grippin dat ass. Both of them still smelled so nice after all of that. We were covered in sweat. They were covered in cum. I am sure I smelled like a sock dragged through bourbon street after mardi gras but you know what… fuck it… Im a man god damn it. Men smell like fuck. And believe me friends that day… I definitely smelled like fuck. I was tired but fully aware that I couldn't fall asleep because uncle would be looming soon. I looked at the clock it was fucking 5:23. A number I would never forget. They were passed out. I was wide awake. Spent… but awake. Held them tight. Well, there asses. Lol. Had my cousins big fuckin tits on my left flopped down on my chest with her head under my shin and her friend on my right curled up on my chin with her nice perky ass titties on me. It was the single greatest moment of my entire life. Still is. I completely lived in the moment. Would glance at the clock what felt like a long time every so often. By the time it was almost seven I took one last squeeze of their asses and tithes and then I kissed them to wake them. Then casually informed them that we should get dressed and resume our duties as daughter, nephew, and best friend. Which they slowly stretched out. Both gave a separate longing kiss and proceeded to get dressed into typical sleep clothes. AWhen my cousin kissed me we gave each other that look of knowing this was it. We held it just a little longer than a regular loving kiss. We knew. We put on the sleep clothes. She went and unlocked her door. Opened it. (cont)
fix it!
Morning light spilling in from the circular window on the opposite side of the house. I fell on the floor. Passed the fuck out. I slept until 3. Continued to lay there until they got up. I had a great view of their sun kissed asses so I wasn't in any hurry to make them wake. They started to stir close to 4. I closed my eyes. Pretended I was asleep. They finally got up. They thought I was sleeping. Were loud at first but then got very quiet. I heard them whispering. Saying not to wake me since I had to be tired. I actually found it very sweet. They went out of the room. I waited a while. Went down stairs. They were watching tv. Got a drink. A pepsi. I cant forget this shit. Hahahaha. Went around the corner. They were like "Oh good you're awake. Lets go swimming. Anon is coming over too. We can play some volleyball." Anon was the redheads boyfriend. He was my age I think. Lived in the neighborhood. He was an alright kid but man… threesome. Her best went outside when my cousin stopped me for a second. I really didn't feel weird or even think anything of it at this point. I had just assumed that it was what it was. I was right. She stopped me and said "Don't worry about what happened. Its not a big deal." Then she punched me in the shoulder. "It was fun though.A whole lot of fun.". She smiled a big smile. "Lets go swimming". She ran out. I took my pepsi upstairs. Changed into my swim shorts. Went outside. Redheads bf shows up. Shoot the shit with him. I wanted to feel bad but man… fuck… threesome. Also, we were teens. If you thought you were gonna be with that bitch forever then you are fucking stupid. He is really a nice dude though. Playing volleyball. Having fun. (cont)
its all in this thread now. If thats what you mean. You can cap it nigga. lol
I'm on moblie
Her friend keeps giving me glances. In the pool, making out with her dude, she shoots me this look. Unbeknownst to him of course. The first time I was like naw she's not gonna be this brazen and risk it. So I brushed it off. Then she kept doing it. Her mouth with tongue deep in his cause… teenagers… and she's looking at me. She does it three or four times and finally Im like "im going to get a drink. You guys need anything?". "Naw. Thanks.". "I'm good.". "Yeah I want something." She said. "I'll come with you though. I want a sandwich too.". "Cool.". I said. Went inside. Walked towards the garage to get a drink. While we were inside she was walking noticeably close to me. Went to the garage together. Got pepsi. Started to walk back. She grabs my shorts from the back. Pulls me back. Grabs my dick in the shorts. Which is shameful size because that pool was too fucking cold even for summer god damn it. What the fuck were they thinking. She knew though because the night before. So she started stroking through my shorts. Started kissing me. I actually stopped her and said "they are gonna come looking for us if we take too long.". She shrugged looked me dead in the eye and said "SO…What.."… Mother fucka aint gotta tell me twice. I started kissing her. Went to walk in closet in the back room near the den. My uncle had actually left sometime that morning to do I didn't fucking care. All I knew was he wasn't there. We are in the closet and Im thinking this shit needs to be quick. So I pretty much shove her in there. Lol. Pull her bathing suit bottoms down. Which wasn't much there anywhere cause 13. Thats how they do at that age. Pull them down. Im solid like everest and put it in. (cont)
foursome inbound
nope. lol
Start plugging that bitch again. Pull her top to the side to feel those perfect pink nipples. Hit hit hit hit hit. Im just hammering. She's moaning loud so I pump her slit harder. Im thinking fuck it. pussy… but… I hear the sliding glass door from outside open. I stop. Tell her to shhh. She starts to talk. Assume she's asking what. I cover her mouth. Shh. My dick still buried deep cause… you know… pussy. Hear walking around. Hear door to garage open. Close. I go to pull out and run. Lol. She pulls me back in. Says "fuck me.". I actually said "but..". She cut me off. "Fuck… me….". Well, ok. I start plowing that pussy. She was actually wetter now. What a slut. God damn. I like that. I pump away. Hit hit hit hit hit hit. Pull her head back to kiss her. Grab her tits. Smack her ass lightly. Tell her Im gonna cum. She says "cum anywhere.". "Anywhere?". I knew she was on the pill cause they had talked about it before at a previous time. Thats why I wasn't worried about how I blew a little bit in her pussy earlier. This time I wanted that face though. "Anywhere." She said. (cont)
So I hammered her hard. She was trying not to scream. I came a little in her pussy again. I whispered "get down". Its like she knew. Got down and even opened her mouth. Jerked my shit on to her face and tongue. I covered her all over. Hahahahahaha. Man. I want to cum just thinking about it. She licked my cock like a lollipop while I shook because it was so damn sensitive again. She stuck her tongue out on the head. Smiled and winked at me. Gave a quiet yet long giggle. Then she wiped her face off with her towel that she brought in so she wouldn't drip on the floor from the pool. We heard "Anon! Where are you?" It was my cousin. We heard footsteps. She started a little quieter. "Its just me. Where are you?". I said "huh The bathroom?". "Anon. Seriously, where are you?". Ugh. "the closet…". "Where is best femanon?". Silence. She looked at me. Quietly said "the closet.". "Come on out now. Bf anon is in the garage." We came out. Right when we walked into the den we heard the door in the house that connected to the garage open. My cousin looked at me and shooed me away. I ran to the nearest bathroom which was across the room on the other side just outside the lip of the den. I heard him say "Oh there you are where were you?". My cousin got very loud excited and said "OH I FORGOT! I NEED TO SHOW YOU SOMETHING!". (cont)
nice trips, nice story.
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