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Real Incest plz

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Real Incest plz
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I'll give you a bump.
Fucked my cousin twice
Fucked my mom twice

proof? pics? greentxt?
Fucked a sock twice
>Fucked my mom twice.
I would give anything to help a real mom/son start fucking each other.
Fucked your mom twice
Cautious bump
bump fuck
my sister and i are in love.
any more details will be a hundred bucks.
Shit thread is shit
have some pasta.

My mom is legally retarded.
she has an IQ of about 70 with the mental capacity of a pre-teen/early teen.
Physically she appears fine. She has none of the physical appearances commonly associated with mental disabilities. But she has zero business operating in the capacity of an adult.
Why my dad married her is still a fucking mystery to me maybe her food because holy fuck can she cook. about the only skill she posses. (he gets annoyed when asked so i just stopped).
While she's my mother, i never fully recognized her as such since my father kept her in the background as much as possible and restricted access to her. (probably for the best since she has 0 fucking clue how to mom). She could still do rudimentary tasks like cleaning, basic chores, and delegating some tasks to me that she cant do herself or needs help doing. .

>be 16
>reached peak of ultimate teen horny-ness.
>fapping multiple times per day up to a dozen.
>dad at work no sitter anymore because old enough not to get killed by mom.(yes, dad had to get a fucking sitter because mom was too stupid to take care of her own son)
>beginning mid-day fap
>mom BARGE.EXE into room
>anon what time does dad-anon come ho---.....
>she stares at my dick
>im fumbling around my ankles to get my shorts
>notice she is just fixated on my penis
>remember she is retarded and has 0 clue that im supposed to be punished or at a minimum yelled at.
>too goddamned horny to care
>stop reaching for shorts and uncover
>wiener is fully exposed now
>she goes knock kneed and starts fidgeting
>just sit there and observe her as she tries to prevent with her left hand, her right hand from going below her waist line.
>intradesting. its possible Dad has forbidden her from any sexual activity in his absence
>she becomes visibly upset at the internal conflict raging in her mind.
>mom. mom!
>she snaps her eyes up to me
>what's wrong
>its bad. im bad. dadanon said no. i get in trouble when i do
>the plot thickens
>again. she has the mentality of a young teen/child. so she is easilly molded.
>seeing my chance i sieze it
>It's okay if dad isnt here and i am
>Dad wont know.
>she processes this. B-But he will know.
>I wont tell.
>she goes back to staring at my cock.
>she starts shifting her weight from one foot to the other
>Why does dad say its bad
>it's not natural
>that doesnt tell me anything. He's a hard swinging right-winger, so that makes sense
>Do you know what sex is.
>she nods
>do you have sex with dad?
>she nods
>when was the last time?
>she shrugs
>you... dont remember because it was so long ago?
>she nods
>well i cant really acccept that since she could just be in child-tell-me-what-i-want-to-hear mode so i go away.
>You were pregnant with me yes?
>yes. I didnt like it. made me feel wierd. And it hurt when you came out of me.
>well, that answers that decade long question i had.
>Was that the last time you had sex? to make me?
i fucked my dog twice. he was like a brother to me
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>That makes even more sense. On several occasions i've answered the phone to anther man's voice, only for my dad to get mad at me for answering the phone (and he would only get mad when it was this particular person). The call was always friendlier than his other friends. He would always leave the house shortly afterwards, and be gone until the middle of the night/next morning. I obviously exsit for the sole purpose of proving to his family he isnt gay.
>It all came together.
>He married her because he could easilly manipulate and control her without her ever being the wiser and never trying to figure it out on her own. Nor would she ever leave him since she views him as an authority figure and is unaware that she has that choice to walk away from it. As evil as it my seem, its very nearly the perfect crime. People wont question you being married to a retard because of the current societal views. No one wants to be called out as a bigot. So everyone accpets it as an "It is what it is" scenario.
>I noticed she stopped moving and began to look iquisitivly at my wang.
>I had become so enthralled in my own detective work, I forgot all about my previous task and went soft.
>What's the matter mom?
>It shrank.
>it does that when not excited
>its not always big?
>she obviously has zero idea about the mechanics of any genitailia.
>No. It grows and becomes stiff when its ready for sex.
>she continues to stare at my returning chubb
>her curiosity is getting me going again. Its like a damned kid! just in a grown up body.
>she returned back to dancing in place.
>mom. its okay if you touch yourself when dad isnt here. I touch myself all the time. I dont tell dad about it.
>the internal conflict returned. 16 years of being told NO! has taken its toll.
>This will take something drastic
>I stood up
>My erect shlong in full view
>she froze, eyes as dinner saucers
>He breathing increased, and i could visibly see the vein in her forehead pulsate.
File: 1420053337287.jpg (65KB, 452x402px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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looks like that time of the night
>I took her hand and placed it on her crotch.
>she began to shake her head but the hand remained.
>Mom. Its okay. Dad isnt here.
>She's clearly going to need some encouragement.
>i walked her over to the bed and sat her down
>I took my place next to her and again, placed her hand on the crotch of her pants.
>My hand rested on top of hers
>I began applying light pressure to her hand
>a short and quiet grunt escaped
>I applied slightly more pressure and gently rocked her hand
>at that moment she took over
>i had to quickly remove her hand as she bagan to violently grab at herself.
>Hang on. You have to be gentle with yourself. Oherwise you will hurt yourself.
>She uttered a grunt of protest but resumed grabbing much gentler than before.
>My wenis is now diamonds!
>she bagan to pick up the pace with the grabbing.
>hooo okay.. this is going to be work.
>i asked her to remove her pants
>shockingly she did so without hesitation.
>Had her remove panites as well
>and yup. full bush. Not redwood levels of bush, but still.
>whatever. bush or no bush doesnt matter to me.
>but holy hell! she was so wet, it looked like she had pissed herself.
>okay mom, I guided her down to her clit, the second she touched it she squeeled and began with her retard strength masturbatory session again.
>wait! you have to be gentle with it! or you will hurt it!
>she calmed down again
iiiiiit kinda sounds like your mom's pushing retard territory.
i'm not judging, it's just an observation
i want pics and vidszzz
this isn't a beastiality thread,
i think you're... barking, up the wrong tree.
>iiiiiit kinda sounds like your mom's pushing retard territory
My mom is legally retarded.

fuck forgot the pasta....

>i instructed her how and showed her
>I demanded she keep her hands to herself while i show her
>i placed my hand just on the clit area and began with an open palm, gently rubbing.
>within seconds, she came. and boy did she ever between the contractions and the squirtting (cythera had nothing on her). She grabbed my wrist and with that retard strength crushed my wrist.
>it took several minutes to calm her down as she began to have several more ograsms on her own.
>once she had calmed, she exclaimed a thank you. and went into how she always wants to but dad wouldnt let her because not natural blah blah.
>for a moment i thought about putting her hand on my cock but after how she damn near broke my wrist, i thought better of it.
>the she asked, do boys do the same thing?
>I decided to show her.
>after a few pumps she asked to try
>.... against my better judgement i said okay, but demanded she use a soft touch
>she emulated perfectly how i was jerking.
>only 10 seconds and i came with the force of the big bang. Cum shot up and over my head hitting the wall behind me it was so forceful.
>She instantly withdrew her hand at the shock of my ejeaculation.
>she quickly made a connection between her squirting and my ejaculation.
>just like me!
>too exhausted once i regained composure to say much...
>Yea. sure. just like you.
>She asked if i was okay but i explained men get tired afterward (not teen males, but let me tell you. after an explosion like that, even at 16 you too would be tired)
well where is the right tree?
whoa, chill.
>as I laid there for the next few minutes trying to regain energy, she just sat next to me exploring herself.
>After a few minutes she began asking me questions.
>Anon, what's that?
>I sat up, she was pointing at her clit. she had her lips spread making it visible.
>thats your clitoris. thats what gives you pleasure when you gently rub it.
>And what are these? She was pointing at her smaller than what i've seen lips
>Called your labia. They dont have much of a purpose (wasnt going to get into the whole biology of every part)
>You came out of here. She pointed at her vagina which, due to lack of use, had shrunked to the width of a pencil.
>why is there hair there?
>i dont know
>Why is your hair shorter?
>Because im a boy
>How come dadanon doesnt have hair there?
>i dont know
>can i shave it off?
>no. Dad will know you played with yourself.
>when will he get home?
>in another hour.
>I wont tell him.
>i had to make sure she still wasnt on the hair bit
>tell him what
>What we just did.
>thank you. I wont tell either.
>i have to pee
>Then go pee
>I cleaned up the mess we made and sprayed lysol to remove the smell of sex (even though there wasnt any, but it still had that scent).
>she exited the bathroom and began about her usual routine.
>uh... mom... dont you think you should put your clothes back on?
>oh. okay.
>Ah hell. what have i done? Now i have an idiot child i have to monitor like a hawk for the next two years, AND now that she thinks its okay, every day dad isnt here, she's probably going to want to masturbate. I cant hide that for another 3 years (until i moved out).
>Actually, it worked out better than i thought. It seemed that initial session eased a part of her mind and she became much easier to deal with and be around. The combination of my constant coaching that she needs to behave herself and only "relieve" herself once a week or so, and Dad's constant control of her daily life kept things in check.
>during the next 3 years we had mutual sessions several times a month. the first month was hard because it was every single goddamned day she wanted to. It took a month to get her to understand she cant be doing it that often (at least until i made it to 18)
>Once i turned 18, graduated high school, secured a decent job, and got my own place, I petitioned the state for custody of her. I presented the evidence i had gathered over the last 3 years that my father had no business being married to her, and that the marriage should be invalidated due to her mental state, and his sexual orientation. after 3 years of legal rangling, I won custody.
>he was furious with me that i outed him, cost him his relationship with his entire family, and basically left him with nothing.
>Im now her caretaker and honestly, im bretty happy with it. She has actually matured slightly. seems my dad's manipulation really put a damper on her mental development. She's able to drive now and doesnt need 24/7 supervision.
>and yes. we still have our sessions.
You porked her yet?
you a man or woman?
That's... actually really sweet. In a fucked up way. Kinda.
File: 2dd.jpg (25KB, 300x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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no. and likely wont ever.

>get her a dildo, smallest i could find, to get her vagoo ready for bigger tasks
>show her how
>insert the first inch
>she throws a fit about hurts
>turn vibrator on
>she engages tard strength and plunges the entire thing into her
>mfw explaining to the ER how i found her masturbating violently to the point she tore her vagina and bruised her cervix.
>mfw thank god they never asked how she acquired the toy.

It's pasta dude

No idea if it was ever real

But the disclaimer at the top of /b/ might give you an idea
eh, let them enjoy the fantasy.

Im the originator of the pasta (originally posted May 16, 2014, @ 0745.).
haha i lost it at the retard strength!

some more closure then.

Since moving in with me, She has never been happier. always humming now (which she never did before), doesnt have that dead look in her eyes. No job and im not sure if she will hold one as she is now in her 40s, and has never been employed. And aside from walmart, or target, there really isnt anyone who would take her. I suppose a chef, but those are degree positions. And short of me opening my own restaurant... no. i just dont think it will work. also, she still has issues with being too submissive to authority figures, and i can see that being taken advantage of.
She does have friends. a small group of friends who have children with similar mental handicaps. So they know what to expect with her. She can be as socially awkward as she wants around them and they get it.
Yes. she drives. quite well too. guess cooking and driving are what she does best.
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spiderman 2.jpg
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Wait, I'm confused, you wrote this or no? And is it real or no?
were your parents brother and sister?
learn to fucking read

jesus fuck. read the posts.

I wrote it.
Is it real? This is /b/ its up to you to decide if its real. I can tell you its real, but you will never meet me, nor be able to verify the story. so its up to you if you want to believe

im just the storyteller here.
The X-files intro played in my head when I read that.
i fucked my brother twice, he was like a dog to me
good thing you got trips newfag
i used to practice kissing with my twin sister. i've wanked thinking about it years later....
I think what confused people is your initial post was

>have some pasta

implying it's copypasta
jealous that you only have dubs /b/ro?

last time i checked, 2 pair beats 3 of a kind.
File: story.png (22KB, 359x503px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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well it kinda is.
might be OC to everyone in the thread, but i cant call it OC anymore.

to me its pasta
kek well that's true

not that often that the one posting the pasta is the originator

anyway, nice tale, read it all
I believe it too, I'm a fool~
what game are you playing? if your talkin poker trips beat dubs regardless of 2 pairs.

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Be 10
> cousins 6
> sleep over at grandmas
> sleeping in the same bed playing game cube
> pikmin.
> we take turns sucking each others cocks till the player dies.
>he is bad at the game and died often so I don't have to suck him off too long.
>I'm pro as hell

We would do this all the time.
We started earlier than that too. Like ALOT EARLIER.
> he fucks me in the ass now and I beg for his cum.
> the tables have turned.

I'll post more detailed stories if interested
>I'll post more detailed stories if interested
Ok coming up.
Not gonna
> green text
So it will be faster
Be 8. Cousins 4.

As it all begins.... Sleep over at grandmas.
Our third and eldest cousin was with us.
After a long day of being idiot kids we would all crash in the same bed.
With the youngest in the middle.

Honestly don't remember how it started initially, but the "tradition" was when we laid down we would wait for about 20 mins and than either him or me would reach over and kinda grab the others cock....
(This is all true. I know you don't need to believe me but I have no reason to lie. I've been wanting to tell these stories forever)
File: 1421470858936.jpg (13KB, 272x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1421471497084s.jpg (3KB, 125x91px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Since we were so young our cocks were so small.... Like 3 inches and pencil thin at best....
When I remeber that it's just so hot to think I have been sucking his dick since before he could cum.

Any way back to it
My older cousin (maybe 12) was always passed out cold. Literally sleeps like he is dead and snores loud enough to wake the dead.

So we always knew when the coast was clear...
I would reach over and so would he and start playing with each other till one was brave enough to take off his shorts.
Not a word spoke and it's exactly like that today. Even now if we find our selfs alone for a long time one will just reach over speechless and grab the others cock.

Anyways back to it, I was usually the first to be brave enough to crawl under the covers and suck him off. I still remember the smell of his fresh clean cock. (I really do).
I would lick and tease and "deep throat" him. His head of his cock only slightly bigger than a pea and mine a small grape.
When he had to cum, I wouldn't take him out of my mouth. I'd furiously start sucking hoping that he might actually cum and give me my first taste.... And since he couldn't and (maybe didn't want to) resist he would quietly struggle until....boom. But nothing ever came out except the smallest bit of weird liquid.
Not cum more like pee but less nasty.

Enjoying it? Questions?
File: image.jpg (43KB, 500x333px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Don't let the thread die Bros!
File: 1380713301623.jpg (46KB, 453x592px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I twice my dog fucked. he was brother a like to me
>(he gets annoyed when asked so i just stopped).
no way !

So than it would be my turn. He would thank me for "sucking it" by sucking my cock. I always loved this because I would have him do it in a 69 position. Letting me lick his cock and balls and rub them on my face.

I would gently thrust into his mouth until I almost cum leaving him rather flushed since his mouth is getting ducked AND his cock sucked so soon after "cumming"
He never tried to stop me though.

Just as I was going to cum is pull his head up, obediently he would simply (slowly) resume standard sleeping positions with him on his side.

At this age I was OBSESSED with
Having real sex that I always tried to push into him at this point.

(No spit, no fingers, just shoving it up his ass)
But I could never actually get it in lol.
(At the time) but the warmth of his ass and thrusting between his cheeks always made me cum... And I'd be sure to do that onto him wherever I could. Usually on and slightly in his ass
Seriously don't let it die!!! Doesn't any one else have any stories?? Cousins? Sisters? I've been wanting to tell these stories on /b/ for years now
>I've been wanting to tell these stories on /b/ for years now
Keep going
be me 10 cousin 8

remember we would fool around when we were a bit younger but just kissing. we used to see each other all the time and had sleep overs
remember one time we kinda dry humped with our undies on but it hurt me and her a little.

other than that we would kiss each other all over. she would let me suck her nipples and would shake a bit when I would lick her chest.

one day we were fooling around and my aunt found us. kinda didn't see her much after. we talk once in a while now that were adults but don't know if she remembers or wants to remember.
I was caught by my sister as I was hiding behind the shower curtain as she undressed to get into the shower. I was fapping.
File: rita.png (207KB, 624x352px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
207KB, 624x352px
Patron saint of my confession thread.
Bless you kind anon.

After we both came he would sneak out of the room and clean up. I usually didn't since he was the one covered in cum.
He would get back into bed like nothing happened At all... Like we didn't just do all that, and go to sleep.

Next day was NEVER awkward. We played together and hung out like we had forever. And every night we were together we would do it again.

We once woke up our third cousin though. About a year later.

He has his way with us.
>and we fucking love it.
I always kinda wish he was a girl. I'd probably be a lot less confused sexually ha ha
Me and him got caught fooling but we were so young that they thought "boys will be boys" and though we got in trouble for it... It didn't change anything lol
>We once woke up our third cousin though.
funny told this story earlier tonight on here. Hadn't thought about it in awhile...

>>be 10
>>dad on tail end to his second wife, my step mom.
>>They are sleeping in separate rooms now only matter of time.
>>She still uses master bedroom with king size waterbed.
>>My room at the back of house and is the coldest place in the whole house. First year there I got sick a lot.
>>So when really cold sleep with her in kingsize waterbed.
>>Be february and cold as fuck! Wake up shivering in my bed.
>>Take a shower just to warm up.
>>Put oversize shirt on out of undies.
>>Go to master bedroom and get in.>
>>Tell her "I'm cold" and cuddle with her.
>>Turn so my back to her stomach.
>>10yo cock falls in her hand.
>>She holds it then strokes it a little.
>>I say "thank you" for no reason. and she starts to jerk me off.
>>Never jerked off before feelsgoodman
>>Came for the first time that night.
That's fucking hot... Your so lucky.

Yeah well it goes like this,
Me and young cousin are going out our usual routine. This time though I was UNNATURALLY turned on. I think it had been a month or two since we could all stay at grandmas.
I was so happy to be in tht moment again... Sucking his cock under the blanket we both started making noises. He was thrusting hard into my mouth and I remained still letting him mouth fuck me.... Continued can't has being a faggot

>>get up next morning
>>Just write it off as a weird dream don't think anything of it.
>>just go to school like nothing happened
>>when I get home she corners me before dad gets home. "Did you say anything to anyone?"
>>I think, oh that was real? "no"
>>"Ok, don't know what I was thinking. But you enjoyed playing?"
>>"Yes, ma'am, can we do it again?"
>>Matter closed (for now)
>>Saturday night dad out with friends. Sleep in big bed.
>>Late cuddle again. hold boob.
>>"Anon , what are you doing?"
When I was around 11, my sister and I would play around sexually. She was pretty much innocent to what we were doing. She was a few years younger than me. We would touch each other naked for no real reason, other than curiosity. Looking back on it now, I'm glad it didn't become anything more than foreplay.
I mean captcha is being a faggot.
Tying this on my phone sorry for any errors.

He is face fucking me and I can't help but enjoy it.
> snoring stops.
Don't give a fuck.
> please God let this be the night he actually cums
> "whoa wtf are you doing?!"
Like an idiot I both up from under the covers where I was clearly just worshipping my little cousins cock... Spit still on my face....
So many things flying through my head... So many worst case scenarios.
fucking moar!!!
How is this fucking thread still alive, I thought it would have been pruned hours ago.
Doing these in smaller segments to keep thread alive.

To my surprise my little cousin speaks up and tells him FLAT OUT what we were doing , how long we were doing it, and that
> he should do it with us.
Like literally not skipping a beat he said he knew. That he often faked sleep...blah blah. Still don't know if that's true... But he said he wanted to. I sat up shy as fuck... He told me to keep doing what I was doing.
He was just a few years older than me so he was in the prime of puberty's I could fuck a rock right now stage.

>>"If we play for a little bit will you go to sleep?"
>>she jerks me off again and this time I make noises and cum much harder.
>>cuddle harder afterward.
>>this happens one more time the same way.
>>so fourth time it is now almost routine.
>>"can I touch you this time?"
>>she sighs and just says "OK"
>>she shows me how to rub her clit. Have trouble doing it right at first but eventually get it.
>>when she finishes I say line I heard in movie, "Was it good for you?"
>>She laughs and kisses me. Soft at fisrt but eventually we go into full make out. I have no idea what I doing so she just says "relax" and we make out more.

>>Be a month later. We play about once a week now.
>>It was always called "playing" with her, never sex or fucking ever. just playing.
>>I ask to suck her boobs. She's ok with it.
>>get on top pull her shirt up and go to town. Nice C cups (I think). lots of fun.
what did you expect? her to get undressed for a shower and go into the toilet?

tell us what happened next please

>>have superboner sucking on her titties.
>>naturally just thrust my hip.
>>after a few moments of this she just hold my head and say, "Tell me you love me."
>>"I love you".
>>She positions my kid cock into her pussy.
>>yay lost virginity right before 11th birthday!.
>>Fuck for only a few minutes before I come.
>>Sleep hard.

and that is how I was fucking my step-mom during the end of her marriage to my dad. Only lasted 8 months and kinda weird even then. BUT AWESOME!
Shit yes that's awesome!
You keep reading I'll keep confessing.

So since I wasn't to far from a primal cave man in arousal I decided to do just that. I got under the covers, put my ass in the air and starting sucking his cock again.
In no time older cousin takes the blankets off us to get a good look (or so I thought)
He reaches and grabs my ass... And plus with it a lot.
>a lot
And stands up and walks out of view. I hear him lock the door (keep in mind it's pitch black in this room) but I don't give a shit because my mouth is getting fucked hard by this little cock.

I feel my older cousin start touching my ass again but this time it's wet. Some of that hand lotion that every grandma has in her guest room... I knew the smell.
ever meet up with her/see her after puberty?
Continue you have my interest...
I'm not even gay(I think?) and I got hard... don't stop plz anon
I had a boner that could carve a diamond. I knew my sister always took a shower when she got back from a certain event. I went in, closed the curtains, but not all the way so that she could see into one half of the shower and assume the other half was empty. I could see the reflection of her on the wall in the shower through the crack of the curtain. I came before she realised I was there. I was shaking in terror and tried to hide what I was doing. I knew what the end result was going to be. To this day she either didn't realise exactly what I did in there, or didn't really care. Either way, I'm still alive and she hasn't brought it up. She just told me to get out and didn't question anything.
Fuck, I came.

Best time playing #1.

>>Dad gone to meeting (he was a teacher) won't be home till late.
>>But getting a little warm for me to keep sleeping in master bedroom.
>>So we have full session.
>>First get my first blowjob.
>>She rode my leg with my foot playing with her pussy while she did it. Something about that made it extra awesome.
>>Then she pulled out her vibrator. I had eaten her pussy before but this was new and she squirted all over my face. I thought it was neat cause she moaned super load when she came. My 4 1/2 inch kid cock couldn't do that.

awesome Time #2

>>When she moves out I sleep over new apartment one time.
>>Dad thought it was good "to say goodbye"
>>Dad drops me off at 6, we are both naked by 6:30 and stayed that way all night.
>>took a shower and got to motorboat her titties.
>>I was 11 by then and came 3 times that night. only sad I fell asleep before 11:30 and would never get to play with her again.
sister lust is a powerful dangerous thing. I was lucky my bathroom door jamb had a crack between the frame.

Aye aye

Well I need to point out this was a queen sized bed. The only reason I had my ass in the air was simply because it was more comfortable,
Wasn't thinking of what that might specify ha ha

So it was cold as fuck (the lotion I mean) and weirdly enough he put it right on my asshole.
> wtf are you doing
He kinda swirls his finger around on my hole, starts to feel pretty good. Didn't really get what his plan was but never the less I was "loosening up" for him.
Little cousin sat up on his knees and started fucking my face slowly.
So dark in that room I bet he couldn't even see our other cousin.

I'm in absolute heaven right now. Older cuz sticks his finger in me and I gasp as quietly as possible.
> the addiction

Saw her once just in passing when I was 14 maybe. Dad was there so just said "hi". then never again.

Did try calling her at 30 to see if she still had wedding ring for when I got married. No dice.
>mfw I have a 19 y/o 4 1/2 dick
I wanna die

If it makes you feel better I hit my growth spurt early. People thought I was in college when I was 12.
File: image.jpg (150KB, 1013x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
150KB, 1013x800px
Do I still have interest? I only ask cuz typing these is a bitch. It just feels so good to get off my chest after 14 years.
My ex gf told me yesterday that she had dreaming that she was fucking with her son. Her son has just 4 years,. Don't know, maybe in some years...
Do me a favor than.
Any one who cums to this, girl or guy,
Post a pic of your cum or wet fingers. That way I have some entertainment while doing so.


And I'd like to point out why I am not against this.

before we started playing we fought a lot. Then never again afterward. By spring she was controlling me with sex. I was pussywhipped at age 10!

But it became a thing that we couldn't play if I didn't do all my homework or do my chores. And sometimes it would be kind of a night out of it. Maybe get pizza, then play later that night.

Only wish it wasn't the early 90's and chicks shaved back then. probably would have enjoyed eating her pussy more.
Continue pls

He wastes no time putting more fingers in me. Fitting a total of three in my tight preteen ass.
(Not that impressive really since we're all hella young)
I have literally never had this feeling before. It was pure lust.
I started rocking back into his fingers and forward into M's cock (little cuz is now known by m to simply make it easier)
I hear my my big cousin (now known as A for the same reason) whisper a question
> do you want it?
I had no idea what he meant but quickly said yes out of lust.
M tired his legs out and say down turning on a lamp he got up and went behind me too. I assume to watch.

A took his fingers out of me and pressed something much larger into me.
It was cold...but very warm. Covered in lotion.

I came instantly. Looking back I saw it.
My cousin was fucking me in the ass.

So obsessed with tasting cum I asked between gasps

> can you actually cum? (Granted not exactly the words I used)
He said yeah, and kept slowing going in and out.
moar, I'll show you my cum oozing from my cock if you can get me to cum anon
PLEASE DO I'm fucking obsessed with cum and sucking cock and it's all because of this experience I'm telling you all now.

Looking back I find it funny. It was basically instinct to try to fuck m in the ass. But I was naive enough to think it wouldn't happen to me.

A pulls out of my ass.
I thought the moment has cum (drum pun beat) I'll finally taste it!
I was wrong. I felt much smaller hands grab me and guide me to the floor. It was m.
"Bend over the bed again"

> yes master.WEBM
He was still shorter than us since his growth spurt didn't happen yet. So in a lust drunk obedience I did so...
I would cum for you but I may get a chance to fuck a girl today so I want my penis to work, sorry mayne.
That's it.. You seem like a good little fuck toy.. You like cum huh? How about you come over here and suck my cock until I give you what you want.... Dont stop anon
File: image.jpg (1MB, 3264x2448px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 3264x2448px
After A's cock m's was nothing ha ha
I could barely feel it but for some reason the tfeeling of his tiny cocksliding in and out turned me on so fucking much I nearly came again.
I look up to see A jerking off in front of me.

>"open up"

So I did! And all his cum shot out into my mouth and on my lips.
I FUCKING loved the taste. And it was sooooo fucking much. Literally the biggest load I've ever had in my life.
I came again. And not shortly after so did M.

Continued.... My cock btw
Fuuuuck yes please sir! I would gladly suck your cock for you and your friends!
Do you have a kik btw
Those spots are just skin discoloration... Five inches.. Not the biggest but I'd reward you with load after load of cum.. What would you do with this hard cock?
Let the man write his story please!
File: image.jpg (150KB, 850x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
150KB, 850x1200px
My mout filled with cum I just held it there. Didn't want to waste it and since I was so turned on and ashamed I swallowed it and licked my lips clean.
We got dressed and laid back down and A took a shower.
I passed out but when I woke up a was already gone (lived fairly close to grandma.)
He never wanted to play again.... Even to this day. I think he felt super guilty or somthing.

But that never stopped me and M as he and I would ritualistly fuck and suck each other every single chance we got.
In my early twenties he joined the navy and fucked me one last time. He lives in some shit country now.
The proper question isn't what I'd do with it... But what would you like to do to me!
Because for that I'd do anything you wanted sir.
Reply faster!!!
Cmon I told yall my story... I want some cum! Or wet pussy!
I'd want you to suck my dick until my cum was dripping down your mouth.. That's when you'd know to take your position, head down ass in the air where I'd fuck your tight little hole... I'd cum so much in your ass but I'd save one last load and pull out.. Right before I was about to cum, I'd make you beg for it like the little cum loving slut you are
I want to but see
Darn :(
Literally just described my heaven.
Please sir please show a pic of you cumming! Cum for me sir I've been good!
Post your butthole/ass
I don't think I can right now :/ people are starting to wake up.
Try.. I wanna fuck your ass and cum for you because you've deserved it and then some
File: image.jpg (180KB, 1280x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
180KB, 1280x960px
Best I could do

i am suddenly reminded of the behind the balls+ass shot so common in porno.
>tfw they always know how to time it just perfectly so it switches to that shot at the exact moment you cum, ruining the entire thing
Lmao yeah that's basically right on par. Sorry about that.
File: images (55).jpg (7KB, 215x149px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
images (55).jpg
7KB, 215x149px
Take it away spider-man
File: images (44).jpg (12KB, 261x193px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
images (44).jpg
12KB, 261x193px
File: images (56).jpg (6KB, 235x160px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
images (56).jpg
6KB, 235x160px
>Why my dad married her is still a fucking mystery to me

He banged a retard and got her pregnant
File: images (40).jpg (10KB, 259x194px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
images (40).jpg
10KB, 259x194px
File: rekt.jpg (31KB, 419x323px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: image.jpg (19KB, 275x275px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19KB, 275x275px
Under rated post
Why did you modify it on Tuesday at 4am?
File: 1405044532082.gif (1009KB, 540x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1009KB, 540x360px

because i was going to post it in another wincest thread, but then got caught up in editing it so it conformed with the 2000 character rule.
"Do not have sexual relations with your sister." - Leviticus 18:9
File: images (48).jpg (10KB, 275x183px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
images (48).jpg
10KB, 275x183px
File: 1421897191068.jpg (50KB, 400x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
50KB, 400x400px
File: 48470104.jpg (102KB, 480x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
102KB, 480x360px
File: 1421635616900.jpg (13KB, 259x194px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13KB, 259x194px
File: 1421635858034.jpg (12KB, 259x194px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12KB, 259x194px
File: 1405516585233.png (169KB, 400x285px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
169KB, 400x285px
we got this
File: 1421771481416.png (279KB, 900x736px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
279KB, 900x736px
Says they guy posting Spider-Man memes
> no, and likely wont ever.

you make me sick.
File: 1418498557564.webm (3MB, 640x480px)
3MB, 640x480px
This is pasta, but it’s my pasta
>be about 12, girl, long time ago
>parents are both drunks
>typical night is father comes home, mom’s already been drinking
>he starts drinking
>fight at table
>father leaves for bar
>mother gets on couch, eventually passes out
>I clean kitchen, get 2-year old brother ready for bed, do homework
>go to bed
>father stumbles in drunk, goes to bed
>one night, same routine, but hear father in bathroom moaning
>figure he’s fallen down (again) and I’ll need to help him find the bed (again)
>go to bathroom door and look in
>he’s jerking off
>fascinated by his cock. Had only seen brother’s baby penis and father’s was long, thick, veiny and red/purple
>watch him jerk off until he groans and shoots
>wonder why he “pissed” on the floor
>scramble back to bed before he notices

>few nights later same thing happens
>watch him fascinated until he cums
>this time he sees me and says “clean that shit up” and stumbles to bed
>I wipe his cum off the floor and go to bed
>again few nights later same thing happens, except he sees me standing there
>”If you want to watch you may as well come in and help me. Get in here”
>walk over to him and he takes my hand and starts stroking himself with my hand in his
>his cock is hot and hard but has a soft layer of skin.
>I’m fascinated watching his foreskin slide over his cockhead
>I have no idea what to do. He lets go, I don’t stroke so he grabs my hand again and starts stroking
>finally he grunts and cums, which trickles over our hands
>”clean that shit up and don’t tell your mother what you’re doing” and off to bed he goes
>examine my hand and look at the white “piss” on my hand
>smell it and bring it up to my lips and lick a little off. No taste
>clean up and go to bed
>this happens a few more times
>same routine. Stagger in drunk, help him jerk off, clean up, go to bed
>one night he’s jerking off and tells me to kneel down and open my mouth
>tells me this way I won’t have to clean up
>he helps me jerk him off until he cums. Shoots in my mouth. Tells me to swallow it and it won’t hurt me.
>slowly graduate to sucking him while he jerked off. Couldn’t fit his cock in my mouth so it was more like keeping my lips on his cockhead while he jerked off
>goes on for two years. Never occurred to me it was wrong.
>he was closer to me and my brother than my mother and always felt it was “us” against her so didn’t want to do anything against my father
>blissfully ignorant until walking with friends and one says that one girl’s father touched her privates. The other girls all said “ewwww”
>kind of realized I probably shouldn’t be touching my father
>reluctantly continued for a few more months until father moved out.
Sauce ?>>594118274
File: image.jpg (61KB, 544x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
61KB, 544x400px
Anyone hace more stories?
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