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hello /b/, my name is yuri (my birth name is kyung-sok) and i

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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hello /b/, my name is yuri (my birth name is kyung-sok) and i have browsed 4chan for some time now, and it is now that i have decided to make a post. this is my story, for i was born in north korea, and managed to cross the dmz. i have gone through many hardships to get to where i am today. i am still to this day scared to tell my story to anyone in real life, so i trust the anonymity of 4chan to allow me to vent the hardships i had to face to get to where i am today

>i was born early 1989
>i was born outside of kanggye, a provincial capital city in north korea
>about a few months after my birth, north korean government are looking for my family, after my uncle defected from north korea
>mother gave me to some random woman in downtown kanggye
>woman was a homeless prostitute named hyo-joo
>never heard from mother or any other family member again, hyo-joo told me all of this when i was six
>hyo-joo died of starvation when i was seven, note that the north korean famine was happening around this time (1994-1998)
>i was depressed when she died, being a mother to me and all, but her death didn’t bring me much sorrow in years to come
>now i hung around a group of homeless kids, we foraged for food and basically survived together
>there was eleven at the beginning of the famine, at the end there were only five of us
>most north koreans, including us, saw kim jong-il as a god, and we were depressed not because we were homeless, but because we thought we did something wrong and glorious leader has forsaken and abandoned us
>attempted suicide three times when i was eleven, all three times i was too weak to stab myself in stomach with broken glass shards
>the remaining four of us were just vagrants, relying on each other to survive, we became best friends by default

i shall continue
please do
Not sure if bate but sounds interesting
don't care if fake. it's interesting plz continue OP
Norkfag here. You story is bullshit. Nobody crosses the DMZ you go north through China. The DMZ is the most heavily guarded area in the world. Stop posting and go die somewhere.
This is reall?
Where are you now?
Continue, but first how do you feel about communism?
>won-shik was a boy about my age, slightly shorter than i was
>in-shik was a boy two years younger than i was, and was won-shik’s brother
>eun-ha was a girl about my age, she was very short, and i liked her very much
>we survived by basically pickpocketing and robbing peoples homes when they were not home
>i remember we stole an entire familys rations for three days straight during the famine times, i think the mother of the family died, but i did not feel sadness
>the fact that i did not feel sadness made me lose hope
>it wasn’t until i was thirteen when the four of us decided to plan to run away from north korea
>we decide to cross the amnok river into china, and just keep on running and not look back
>when i was fifteen was when we got to a place where we could see the border
>i believe our location was just north of manpo, a city along the border of the amnok river
>we couldn’t just run for the border, there were armed guards and they would most likely shoot us
>we took turns watching the guards, watching their shifts, and watching when they were not guarding certain locations
>after five months of scouting and foraging for food, we decided to go ahead and cross the border when the moon was halfway between the horizon and the top of the sky, this was our clearest shot
>deep inside, i had a feeling that if we attempted to cross that river, we would die
>however, if i were to die, i would have welcomed death, all four of us would have welcomed death
>before we go, i hug eun-ha very closely to me, and i kiss her, and i tell her that i love her, knowing that this may be the last time i may see her again
>we stalled for about fifteen minutes before we ran
>we were running
>we didnt think of anything but get across the water
>in-shik tripped down the hill, and he made a lot of noise
>the guards notice us running, and they start to yell at us
>in-shik sprained his ankle, and he could not run
>in-shik told us to keep running to the river and get to china
>we kept running, won-shik was hesitant, but he ran with eun-ha and i
>i heard in-shik scream profanities to the guards, and he limped toward the guard as fast as he could, flailing his armis violently
>the gurad shot his rifle, and in-shik suddenly stopped screaming
>i saw tears run down won-shiks face
>i never heard from in-shiks ever again
>the remaining three of us were now crossing the river, eun-ha was lagging behind won-shik and i
>we heard rifles firing their guns towards us, i hear bullets fly past me
>won-shik and i had crossed the river, and waited for eun-ha
>i looked back, only to see the guards firing at a floating lump in the water
>we watched in horror as the guards were shooting eun-ha, until another guard started shooting at us
>a bullet grazed my shoulder, after than won-shik and i ran without looking back
>we didn’t stop running until about half a kilometer later
>we were crying our eyes out
>we cried tears of joy for we had made it out of north korea
>we cried tears of sorrow for our friends death assured our freedom
>three days after we successfully crossed the dmz, we ran into a van on a chinese back road
>the driver was wearing nothing but white, and at first spoke mandarin, but eventually realized we were koreans, and spoke korean so that we could understand him
>the driver said that he was a christian missionary helping north koreans escape to south korea
> No more chances to live, no more chances to survive.
> Grandma drove us to some rare house we stayed there.
> north korean militars found us.
> we were scared. So i killed my family with a knife before they did.

Shall I continue?
>we did not know what a christian really was, but we accepted the strange chinese mans offer anyways without a second thought
>we drive for about three hours in the strangers van, it was mostly quiet, except for some small talk between the strange and won-shik and i
>we enter a very crowded city, and won-shik and i were completely shocked at how busy this one street was, we never saw anything like it in north korea
>some people i saw were talking on cellphones, at the time i thought they were speaking into magic wings
>eventually we stop at a small building with a bright gold sign in front of it
>we are escorted inside by a stranger, and inside we saw the work of a butcher, along with fresh meat being cut
>i dont know why, but i was really happy when i saw the butcher, i never had fresh meat before
>my happiness was cut short when we were taken to a back room, where the stranger pulled out a pistol and aimed it at won-shik and i
>three men come out of the darkness and start talking to us in mandarin
>i could not understand them, i was scared
>the stranger translated what they said so that we could understand it, and he basically said that we can either work for the guys holding us at gunpoint or be reported to the authorities and be sent back to north korea
>both of us would rather do anything that be sent back to north korea
>both of us were beaten senseless, tortured, and abused
>the men made us drink a jar full of blood as a token of new loyalty to the men
>we were constantly beaten for hours straight, only for them to rest for a few hours only to beat us again
>this happened for three days until they told us what we need to do
>the men beating us explained to them that they were a criminal gang, and that the abuse was a form of indoctrination, and that now we had to earn our respect to the organization by doing what they phrased as ‘dirty work’
>i cant speak for won-shik, but i just didnt care anymore, as long as i wasnt in north korea, as long as i was free
>but i never was free, i lived under constant fear of being deported, just like the constant fear of living in north korea
>i just wanted to end my suffering
>won-shik and i were given an assignment to work together
>the organization had taught us basic combat skills for about three days, including how to stab and kill with a knife, and how to use a hand gun
>they told us our first assignment was very simple
>they told us our first assignment was to kill a man
>the man had apparently disclosed the organizations activities to the authorities, and the authorities had promised him and his family protection
>they told us the man we had to kill had two parallel scars on his right cheek, and that he drove a green city bus during the daytime hours
>we didnt have much choice, we had to either kill this man that did nothing bad to us, or go back to north korea only to be killed for treason
>it was the next day, and won-shik and i were ready to carry out our first murder
>i had a very sharp knife, and won-shik had a gun
>it was the middle of the day, and the street was busy as it had always looked like
>we had waited at a bus stop for a green bus for less than an hour
>the green bus stopped at the stop, and we noticed that the bus driver had two parallel scars on his right cheek, like the strangers said that he did
Stfu op. Leaving
>we were very nervous, but we knew it had to be done
>we waited until the bus had stopped to pick up and drop off passengers
>as we were getting off, I took my knife out of my pocket
>without a second thought, i stabbed him in the shoulder
>i told won-shik to get out his gun, and he did, only he could not shoot him
>there was an off duty police officer on the bus
>as soon as i stabbed the man, the officer took won-shik down and grabbed his gun, and then arrested the both of us
>i was arrested and charged with assault and attempted murder, won-shik was arrested and charged with assault and possession of an illegal weapon
>we spent the night at a jail, it was surrounded with concrete and it was cold
>we did not know what was going to happen to us, we overhead officers saying that they should just execute us, but it would be a better idea to send us back to north korea, and have the government take care of us
>i would rather have the chinese kill me than the north koreans, i just wanted to die
>we spent two days in jail and we were given only half of a meal for one person
>after the two days, we were blindfolded and put into a truck
>i completely gave up hope after we were arrested, it was only two weeks outside of north korea, and we were already being sent back
>i just wanted to die
>in the middle of the ride in the back of a truck, won-shik took off my blindfold
>we were still handcuffed, but now we could see
>we were in the back of a military truck, with the trunk covered in canvas sheeting
>the two of us looked outside and saw that the truck was moving on a one way road on a steep mountain
>i make the idea that we should jump out of the truck and roll into the cliff
>the cliff was between 45 and 60 degrees
>won-shik agrees with me, and says that it is our only chance to be free
>there was nothing behind us, and the road was clear
>the truck we were in was going about 100 km/h on a straight road, we decided that we had to jump now or we would never get a chance
>won-shik makes the first jump
>won-shik dived onto the roadway head first
>all i heard was a crack, and just silence
>won-shik died on impact of the road
>the truck did not see won-shiks body hit the road, it was my turn to jump
>i did not expect to survive the jump, i actually jumped in hopes that i would kill myself
>i jumped sideways out of the truck, and rolled off into the side of the road
>the cliff on the side was less steep that previously anticipated, and the grass cushioned by impact on the road
>i was lucky to be alive, even though i didnt want to be alive
>the only major injury i had was a gash about 5cm wide and .5cm deep on my leg from the impact
>i was still handcuffed, and there was nothing i could break them off with, so for now, i just got my arms to be in front of me rather than behind me
>I take very large leaves and tie it around my wounds, it seems to help a little bit
>after surviving so much in three weeks, i realized that it was my fate to stay alive, it was the desire of the universe to live on and seek freedom
>I continued on my journey to freedom, handcuffed, and living off of grass, tree bark, and melted snow
>two months later, i am still handcuffed, and i am still living off of melted snow, tree bark, insects, and trash
>i had then realized that you should not eat grass in excess, for it will upset your stomach
>i had found a railroad track and followed it north for the past month and a half
>i see letters that look different from mandarin and korean on a sign, along with ‘50km’
>i now know that these letters were cryllic, and then i assumed i was headed for russia
>my top goal is to make it to freedom, but now i have to make it out of china
>a few days later, I approach a blue sign with white cryillic letters i did not understand, this sign went over the railroad i had been following
>i was now in russia, and i started crying tears of joy
>i had made it, the deaths of my friends were not in vain, i can live on in the memory of those who died on my way here
>my next goal was to find civilization, and explain to them exactly what happened
>i decided it was not a good idea to go to the first city i see, since i am still too close to the chinese border
>i stopped following the railroad i had been following for a month and a half, and i set out for the treeline in the distance, in hopes that i could go to the first city i find after i make it out of the forest
>two days later, i am still in the treeline, and as i am walking in the middle of the night, i hear footsteps close to me
>i look behind me and see nothing, so i assume it was just the local wildlife and thought nothing of it
>the footsteps had been following me for thirty minutes, so i figured it was a person following me
>out of nowhere, i just made a mad dash to nowhere
>the footsteps i hear are now chasing up to me, i look behind me, and i see a figure with a gun running towards me
>i have never been more scared in my life
>all i was thinking was ‘ive made it this far, i cannot go back now’
>i run and i run, and the figure chasing me does not give up
>i suddenly feel weak, and i collapse
>before i close my eyes, i see the figure in front of me, i made out the figures white skin and brown hair before i passed out
>i wake up in an old wooden house, lighted only by a few candles
>i see the same figure in the light, i make out a russian woman, if i had to guess i would say she was about 40 years old
>she notices i am awake, and points a shotgun at my head and asks me a question
>i tell her in korean that i do not understand her, and that i just want to be free
>luckily for me, she knew several languages, including korean
>she asks me ‘who are you?’ ‘why are you handcuffed?’
>i tell her that i am a north korean defector, and that i ran away from china because the chinese were sending me back
>she stares at me for what seemed like forever, and then she lowered her weapon and said that she believed me
>i thank her for not killing me, and i ask her if she could remove my handcuffs from me
>the woman obliges and cuts the rusted chain from my handcuffs
>i can still remember the joy i felt when i could finally free my hands after being cuffed for almost three months
>the woman introduces herself ‘my name is tamara’
>’thank you tamara’ i said ‘my name is kyung-sok’
>she didnt really catch my name so she just called me yuri
>i did not care at all what she called me, i owe this woman my life
>tamara tells me to take a shower
>tamara was at least 185cm tall, the tallest woman i had ever seen
>at fifteen i was 170cm which was fairly tall for a north korean
>tamara tells me to take a shower, and that she would prepare some cooked venison
>she points me to the bathroom, i had never seen a shower in my life. tamara had to show me how to use the shower.
>i spent about a half hour in the shower, all the muck that had developed over my lifetime from the streets of north korea to the russian wilderness just washed away
ok motherfucker i decide to trust your story

you better not be bullshiting us but if you do, i hope it's a good story

you got my attention, little midget asian faggot
>i felt new, I felt refreshed, like i have been granted a second chance by god himself, i truly felt free of my past, and i feel as the deaths of my friends were not in vain
>venison cooked by tamara was actually the first fresh cooked meat i had ever eaten, i loved the fresh taste and I ate so much i almost threw up, it was a much better feeling than living off of tree barks and leftover scraps for the first time in my life

>little did i know that ten years later, tamara would be my wife and we would be living in the united states

>tamara had taught me how to hunt with a knife, with a bow, and with a rifle
>tamara taught me all of the basics of wilderness survival, and if we had any free time she would teach me how to speak foreign languages, i speak russian, korean, and English
>tamara and i lived together and hunted together for three years before moving to the united states in 2008
>i fell in love with tamara, it may have been because she was the only woman i ever had contact with, and i was the only man she ever had contact with, but i did not care
>there is a 24 year difference between tamara and i, but i do not care
>when we moved to the united states, i wanted to change my name to yuri, for tamara had called me yuri all of this time
>when i changed my name, i took my wifes surname in marriage, and when we moved to maine, we made love
>we are thinking of adopting an african child
>i like the name sascha, i would like to name my child that regardless of its gender after we go through with the adoption papers
>i live happily now
>all i can do now is try to forget the past
>but when people die for you to be where you stand right now, it is impossible to forget
>i am crying as i write this, when i remember in-shik, won-shik, eun-ha, hyo-joo, my hometown of kanggye, and its inhabitants who still live in fear of the north korean regime
>i would love to become a humanitarian against north korea, but i am still afraid that they will take me back and kill me
>thank you for letting me share my story, tamara and those of you reading this are the only ones who know of this story, and i hope that i still remain in anonymity, for i just wanted to tell you my story
>god bless you all, if you are alive today, the universe has something in store for you
thank you for sharing your touching story

feels tho
I am South Korean and I am moved of your story. Take care Yuri, live a happy and fulfilling life.
That was actually pretty moving.

Take care, Yuri.
10/10 story OP
OP what are you doing for a job now?
Someone screen cap this shit
Truly a riveting tale. Made me realize that no matter how shitty one's life is, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

Thanks for sharing OP, hope you enjoy the rest of your life
10/10 story

Complete bullshit though
I second this.
>i dont really have a job, i live in the maine wilderness
Complete fucking bullshit but it was a good story still, OP

You should make it a movie, it'd be awesome
I'm not sure at all if I believe this, but Godspeed OP, you crazy Korean motherfucker. Enjoy freedom.
>inb4 open the door get on the floor everybody walk the dinosaur.
Let's see a time stamped pic of your face, to see if you're truly Korean.
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>mfw it's 150 lines of greentext
Yho-Joo gonna call?
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why make this up?
obviously fake
>escapes north korea
>north fucking korea
>travels the wilderness eating nothing but grass + bark for 3 months
>lives off the wilderness
>has a computer with internet and is browsing 4chan
10/10 Made me cry like a bitch
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People escape North Korea dip shit. I would know because I'm South Korean. We get defectors here sometimes.
Thank you. You have greatly encouraged me, Yuri.
Someone screencap this shit this was a touching story
You are ugly (like 99% of asian people) so, who cares if you survive?
Rest assured you'll never be forced to return to that shit hole of a country. Glad you made it out alive and made it all the way to America. Best wishes to you and your future child Sascha.
Want to marry me and travel america? Assuming you're not ugly
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I don't know why but I thought op was a girl till like >and I was the only man she ever had contact with
File: image.jpg (10KB, 200x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Already forwarded his IP address to the North Korean security division
>we are anomalous
>forgive and forget
>expecto patronum
Nice story, not sure if true, but very interesting

Amazing story, OP. Please sell it to Hollywood.
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