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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Fucking love this nigga and his dedication
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Remember uncle /b/ who we made famous for some shit? We should be nice and make this nigger associated with Mio so much till everybody that knows who she is knows who he is. I swear to god I am not the man himself.
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Oh the devotion
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The king of maymays and waifus. The fucking autism it hurts in the best way possible
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this is too much
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This guy is the epitome of cringe
thank you op, building a folder on him
We need to contact this guy and start a shitstorm. I can only see it ending well.
>my sides.jpg
Been looking for this set. Thanks op
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Made me lol
were these recently found?
>typing "I masturbate on nichijou"
>dat wordart font
>dat pc

This is clearly a (very well done) fake made for laughs
There's a dark backstory man
These originated on /a/ a few years back apparently. It's real alright, he writes things like this:

Oh my. I can only imagine it. I am so madly in love with Mio as some of you may already know, but it only begins there. I will force her to be in my commercials, music videos, etc. She'd be the main attraction. She'd help me narrate my documentaries, and embrace the spine-chilling vibe of the 1990s. She would embrace the sheer dark blue-black color gradient backgrounds tiled with our logo, the bold Times New Roman font in yellow with a bold black outline and shadow, VHS quality video, atmospheric synthesized music created by yours truly, the wholesome feeling of a Commodore Amiga's keyboard, what it's like to record video from several camcorders into an Amiga rigged with a Video Toaster chip, the blue sky backgrounds, Workbench 1.3, Windows 95, synthesized drum machines, a specific set of neon computerized colors, color gradients, grids, unnecessary exclamation marks, the surreal vibe of computer animation created on an Amiga circa 1990, and the overall darker yet atmospheric/interesting side of the 1990s that nobody talks about - I'd easily teach it to her.

She's my waifu though, and I've already stated it enough times how I'd intensely care for her. That's beyond the point. She'd be in every upcoming infomercial, home made sex tape, documentary, informational video, etc. The best part though would be the fact that the absolute newest piece of equipment I'd edit us on would be from around 1994. I love her and always will.

Also give the OP pic a read. It's real.
Luckily I saved that post to a txt.

I'm just going to vent a little about my love for Mio. Ever since I first started watching Nichijou, Mio had always stuck out to me. She's so nice, cute, sweet, and out going. Her personality is fantastic. She gets into the best, funniest, and most interesting situations I've ever seen. It's always so fun watching her and what she does. She's also the most adorable thing I have ever seen. Her face is literally the cutest thing on the planet. Her hairstyle is absolutely adorable. I'd want nothing more than to hold her in my arms for eternity. I want to passionately kiss her and make her feel happy. I want Mio to deeply trust me, love me, and know that I care for her. Her voice is amazing as well. I can't find a single flaw about my waifu. Mio is perfect in every way possible. We'd have so many good times, it's a true fact that I listen to the Nichijou sound track for hours a day, paralyzed with emotion. Thinking about me and Mio. I can just imagine her in my arms as we browse the internet on my Never Obsolete eMachines computer running Windows Millennium Edition. We'd edit on my amiga, and I could amuse her with my Blender models. I'd take her out to dinner regularly and buy her the most expensive things she'd ever want, and make sure she's 100% happy at all times.

I'd teach her many things and make her living experience top notch. Eventually I would propose to her of course, at the fanciest most high-class resteraunt in town. Now, don't think I'd only provide her with a living experience so fantastic that she wouldn't care about our legitimate relationship. That's the best part. Her living experience would only be about a fraction of what she liked about our relationship. We'd spend so much quality time together and travel to so many places together our photo albums would be filled up in 3 days. I'd kill to be with Mio alone, gazing at the stars in the Arizona desert as I grab hold of her shoulders and lock on to her lips.
Feeling her warm, wonderful body in my arms would be the best experience known to man. The strong feeling of love sealing our emotional bond would be so overwhelming. I just want to wake up to her smile every day. I want to run my fingers through her beautiful blue hair and have her do the same for me. The amount of genuine love I feel for Mio is so unbelievably strong, and that's without any sexual relation. Of course, I have a large sexual attraction to her. Legitimate relationships aren't based mainly on sexual attraction though, so that's why I'm leaving that out. I swear to god. Mio has changed my life in such a way not even you would understand. Thanks for listening,

Mother of God
>tfw I'm actually a close friend of this guy

He told me he'd be making a YouTube video not on his main channel about his response to his pictures being posted and shit
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I've heard about a dozen stories about where the paragraphs and pictures with Mio came from but I don't think anybody knows exactly where they originated..They just seemed to pop up one day
I heard it was a deviantart page that you can no longer find anywhere.
That was the one I've heard the most so I'm going to assume that's the origin
Thread posts: 24
Thread images: 10

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