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give me your best greentext /b/!

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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give me your best greentext /b/!
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>be OP
>load tennis ball launcher with dragon dildos
>about face
>drop trou
>bend over
>smile at smell of it
>heady faggotry
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anyone lurking?
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Story of Love.png
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I have a greentext about an awkward teenage girl getting horny and stupid in school. Does anyone want me to dump it, if not I'll fuck off, it's kinda long and meanders about a bit
dump it pls
why don't you fuck off anyways?
dump it
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2 to 3 majority, my off remains unfucked
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guy gets turned on by his mom's shit
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i remember that. good post.
By the way, this series of greentexts goes up to 18. If anyone enjoyed I can drop more.
It always makes me smile to know someone remembers them.
rofl, they yours?
yup keep dumping
shit man keep going lol
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Sadly, yes.

Roger that, good sir.
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any1 has the rest of this? pls
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do et
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I would whisper cringey tales to you while making sweet sweet love and your blush would fuel my desire.

Yes, please continue
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but i am tho
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do girls have some kind of fedora equivalent? like, can girls curtsey in a terribly unfashionable dress to demonstrate a level of beta equivalent to the fedora?

*curtseys* m'gentleman
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Everyone enjoying this tale of no decision-making ability and zero impulse control?
I'll have to think about that. All the really pitiful stuff ( I LOVE YOU ( joyful sad tears in eyes ) doesn't really convey the cringe.

oh shit, maybe you can quote like doctor suess with some sort of horrid innuendo. I'm trying to think of the truly cringe worthy shit I have seen girls do in the past.

Yours really?
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What of this is your fetish?
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Pic related needs to be done again some time.
awkward sexual exploration and discovery
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>Yours really?

What's the point of this question? It's impossible to prove now. But yes, they're mine. I did all this stupid shit and ended up getting fucked over for it (figuratively; not literally). And now, so that it's not a total waste, some of you can fap to it.
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here's one.
I did one of those once! Aliens instead of prehistoric. Great fun.
I mean sex is just so ridiculous to being with, and people new to it are just this horrible mess of desire and confusion. its like an amazing sitcom, and the more people talk about their own horrible / akward stuff, the more other people realize THEIR own horrible stories are just as common with other people.

and basically sex is funny.
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Yeah, I did plenty of that. I still would, if I could.
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And this is where the images end. The rest is all in very tedious to copy-paste text. Bluh.
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Im amazed,never expected a woman to act like that lol .
no worries - appreciate it anyway. I'm trying to think of some solid cringe stories in repayment. I know I have a bunch, but its tired and I'm late and all that.
I was a horny idiot.
These are awesome
You still are
if they are yours, you could write some more.
post a pic
I have more - I've written literally every stupid sexual thing I ever did - they just aren't saved as images, so they're more tiresome to upload. Also, because they were written at a different time, they have a different tone, and they're generally not as good....Though I suppose some people did still get off to them.
GD I can't stop thinking what you look like.
Mammoth got me... I lost pretty hard.
If these are truly your stories. I won't lie, I'm reading these at work, and it is turning me the fuck on.
Now imagine if I was working next to you. Haha, I'd probably get you fired.

GD? Anyway, I'm small.
mind dumping them to an email address? or a pastebin?

Craig Liste <[email protected]>

can trade self written sex stories - ranging from a gay hook up with a teacher in highschool to some straight hetero stuff, plenty rough sex, etc.
What happens on 4chan, stays on 4chan.
you really can't say that to me right now... For the record, I work without supervision, if you were next to me.. oh, and that mask.. I have it from when I was 9. Went as him for Halloween once.
ha ok. Well next time I see you post I"ll get you something in trade. just let me know your flavor.
I don't get it. How is cut'n'paste more tiresome to post than images?

Alright, just for you...I found some more. I'll dump a little of it in a second.

Masks, man
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GD god damn
thank you based anon
>Sitting in post-orgasmic haze, tentanon's hand still between my legs
>what do I do now
>surely someone will notice
>Video finally ends; tentanon takes his hand away and the lights get turned back on
>Feeling really hot as hell
>Try to sit up straight and concentrate on class
>I don't remember the rest of the lesson, probably because it was mostly just an exercise in me being uncomfortable. I'm sitting in a damp patch (it's not a puddle, but it's definitely something) and still pretty horny.
>And still shocked that that just happened.

So that was that. After class we went our separate ways for the next few lessons; I didn't see tentanon again until lunch. We met up, ate, and then we had to do homework before last lesson, so we went to the library...

>Arrive in library
>Sit together
>No talking allowed; get out homework and get it done
>half of lunchbreak left after homework
>go find a book to read
>Put up feet on empty chair opposite me
>Tentanon's hand is on my leg.
See anon, this is how to woman correctly, slip it in silently, don't declare it like a title or your purpose.

I like you
>Worried, I look around
>No-one's looking but the library is much more open than a classroom, anyone could look around and see
>Still don't stop him
>His hand starts going up
>Grab his wrist
>whisper to him how insanely easy it would be for someone to see
>Go back to reading
>He keeps his hand on my leg
>Starts stroking it
>Keeps stroking it
>Hand just barely brushing the edge of my skirt but doesn't go further
>remains like this for the entire remainder of lunchbreak
>At first it's just nice
>Then it's really nice
>Then I'm actually getting turned on
>Then I'm not reading properly and just enjoying it
>Then I'm looking at his tent
>I think I see it twitch more than once
>Squirm a little in my seat, just watching the tent
>Nearly jump out of my skin when the bell rings
>Look around; I swear one girl was watching me...

So I get to go to last lesson frustrated as anything. I'll definitely be clear-headed and think things through before some stupid action, right?
fuck off I'm already white knighting her with my wit charm and gentlemanly demeanor
excellent, although I prefer something along the lines of an email.
>Last lesson is English
>Half a lesson reading
>Half a lesson making notes
>As soon as someone in the class starts reading out loud, tentanon's hand is back on my leg
>can't say anything to him, teacher is insanely strict about talking
>try to focus on where we are in the book
>I'm third to read
>Manage to read my part a-okay with his hand well and truly under my skirt (what a gentleman, he hadn't gone any further)
>shortly after my part is over, his hand progresses further
>don't even want to stop him
>after being frustrated in the library for so long I'm pretty wet
>His hand pushes against my pussy
>Small squishy noise
>His hand instantly freezes
>We both tense up and wait to get told off
>It doesn't happen
>He rubs, less forcefully this time
>Nothing is audible
>But it's too slow and gentle
>It's just an endless tease
>my leg is jiggling up and down, I'm resting my head on my hand, I'm biting my lip...
>Even though he's soo slow and soft on it, and keeps missing my clit, I'm getting closer
>Manage to keep in control of my face, at least, but head still on hand, legs tensing up, toes trying to curl
>keep going, keep going, keep going...
>The reading ends, the note-taking starts
>Tentanon has to take his hand away to write notes
>well, fuck.

The last half of that lesson was absurd. I was endlessly horny, and whenever there was a break where tentanon wasn't writing, he'd have his hand back on my leg and stroking me. Never, ever enough to get me off, but fucking hell, I have never been more frustrated than I was in that English class.

>Class ends
>I don't want to leave, too wrapped up in horniness
>I stretch
>Tentanon is packed and ready go to
>I say "see you tomorrow"
>"uhh, sure"
>He walks out
>Teacher is leaving too
>"come on, I have to lock up"
>I pack up my stuff and leave

I seriously consider going to the toilets or something to sort myself out, but I'm too flustered to think straight and I have a bus to catch.
I thought the day had gone pretty damn well, and I was going to return home frustrated but happy. Turns out, it wasn't even over yet.

>Standing at bus stop
>Be way away from everyone else, lost in a daydream world
>Barely even notice someone coming up to me
>Tentanon appears as if from nowhere
>Take nearly two seconds to get my brain to respond
>"Umm? this isn't your bus"
>"Yeah I know, I thought I could hang around?" Tentanon's confidence seems to be rapidly fading
>Awkward silence
>Reeeeeeally awkward silence
>He makes a couple of awkward gestures like he wants to touch me or something, but nothing comes of it
>We just awkward for ten straight minutes until the bus turns up
>I wait until the end of the queue to get on
>Only three people ahead of us
>"umm, could I come with you...umm, I dunno"
>Look at him, look at the bus
>why bother to think about decisions?
>Grab his arm and pull him onto bus with me
>We flash our passes & head upstairs
>All the best seats are taken, so we grab a random pair of seats in the middle
>Feels a lot more comfortable sitting side by side rather than standing
>We start actually chatting about normal things
>In other words, bitching about classmates
>Friendliness returns, awkwardness dissipates
>Chatting and laughing
>lull in conversation
>Look out of window
>Reach for his hand
>Put it on my leg
>Still looking out of window, I'm kinda fidgety
>Scratch that, I'm really fidgety
>tentanon's hand goes to work
>Stroking my leg
>He seems to hesitate but then goes for it
>Up the skirt
>I look outside and just lose myself in the pleasure

I sound like a shitty romance novel. Sorry, but this is what I wrote in my diary, so what can I do? anyway -

>The bus is noisier than a classroom, so I can breathe heavily without being noticed
>Legs squeezing shut on his hand every so often
>Delicious enjoyment
>He's not quite doing it right so it's taking a while
>I'm just enjoying every second
>Breathing gets heavier
>Fogging up the window
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human , animal, or random?

worn on male, female or both?
>I rest my head on the back of the seat in front (it's empty)
>Close my eyes
>Hand grips the seat
>Tense up
>here it comes
>His fingers are teasing it; it's close, and then he makes a mistake, then I get close again, then he makes a mistake...
>Breathing just really heavy, trying to get over the edge
>I don't notice the bus getting quieter
>Finally his fingers stay in the right place for just long enough
>Squeeze his hand shut between my legs
>Let out a long "mmmmmmmmmm", more like a kind of sigh
>Rock a little bit on his hand. I can feel wetness squishing and spreading.
>Still haven't opened my eyes.
>Cumming like crazy. On the school bus.

This moment was one of the most enjoyable sexual experiences I've ever had. I completely lost myself in the moment and it was...a pure orgasm.

Too bad I hadn't realised that half a dozen other students had noticed and were watching the two of us for the last five fucking minutes.

And...there ends the story of tentanon's birthday - the good parts, anyway. It was one hell of a day, near the beginning of what turned out to be one hell of a week. In retrospect...It probably wasn't worth it in the long run, given what happened later because of it. But that one day...was fun.
ssh dont spoil it
Did you two ever end up becoming closer? Relationship? Actually fucking? The stories are keeping me on edge.
The point is that it's an item of power worn by a dominant male. It masks his expression. It makes him...How to explain this. You can't faze him. You can't shock him. He will always be cool, calm, and in control; because a mask cannot change expression.

That's how Tuxedo Mask was in my fantasies. Didn't matter the cicrumstances, he was always totally in control; of himself, and of the situation he was in.

Honestly, I don't even remember if that's how he was in the show. Haven't seen it in forever. But that's how my fantasy mind saw him.
I fucked his life over with my lack of self-control and we've not seen each other in forever. We did a little more, but we never fucked.
File: 36373.jpg (8KB, 160x213px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8KB, 160x213px
right, you don't need to explain.

I prefer it the other way, since I use my emotion during sex. But masking the sub works to uhm dehumanize them a bit, and also hide them from themselves. lets them transform into something else.

wow I sound like a serial killer.
I guess I can rub one out during my last 20 mins break.
*use my display of emotion

but I get where you are coming from. Not sure how to write it from that angle, but I'll think about it.

thanks for the stories, keep em rolling if you got em.
I'm honestly surprised.
Well thanks for the entertainment, these really were great (and embarrassing) stories. I had a few good chuckles and cringed while reading.

i never found these funny, i dont even know whats supposed to be funny about that
File: fuckinghummus.jpg (1MB, 1032x2874px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1032x2874px
Britbong detected.
here mlady perhaps this will bring forth some warmth to thy loins
File: 1418988215048.png (1MB, 1321x5657px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1321x5657px
Then my purpose is complete. Frankly, I just love it when I can get a guy to do that. <3

Nice Googling skills m'gentleman *curtseys*
You did good...
truly to have been acknowledged by such a fine lady as yourself is all the thanks I need.

/tips fedora

/tugs at goatee

/rolls saving throw against tripping

/strolls out of room while performing elaborate bow
B-boobies please?
Got one more story, if you want it.
File: 1421219209695.jpg (52KB, 584x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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fuck up cock head just enjoy the story and dont be a omega
I already came
Shoot it. I know it'll put me over the edge.. But fuck, I'm hornier than a rabbit in heat.
/twirls cane

indeed mlady! I shall bump till you are ready!~
File: 1418988090836.jpg (2MB, 3000x2496px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 3000x2496px
You're a homo. And you only have one ball.
Get at me.
Alright guys, just be aware this last one was done kinda badly, because I know I was in a bad mood when I wrote it. (There's actually a another one before this one, but it's shit and the version I wrote up is incredibly bitter because I was unreasonably upset.)

Let me go find it.
>Texting tentanon while wandering around, some Friday after school
>can't go home for various reasons, mention this to tentanon
>he suggests we could meet up
>"Do you know where the library in town is?"
>sure do
>I take the bus and head to the library
>Not in a great mood, but thinking of hanging around tentanon is cheering me up - haven't seen him in months
>Suddenly remembering why I like hanging around with him so much
>some fidgeting begins
>more fidgeting ensues
>I'm unconsciously rubbing my legs with my hands
>Notice some forty year old guy on the other side of the bus watching me
>suddenly realise what I'm doing
>Look out the window and try to calm down

It was a not-thinking-straight kinda day. Have to say I wasn't exactly upset about the attention though.

Might be worth mentioning that I hadn't yet changed out of school uniform.
ITT: fictional stories from abstract time
>reach library
>search for tentanon
>can't find him at first, just a bunch of random people who must think I'm lost
>eventually find him behind some bookshelves, on a laptop, hidden from view
>sit down next to him
>start complaining about my life in whispers
>go on for about five minutes
>Get shushed by someone I can't see
>shut up
>kinda flop on the table
>close my eyes and just relax a bit.
>Mind turns back to thoughts of tentanon
>dangerous thoughts stir
>take off my blazer, drape it over my chair
>take off my shoes
>nudge tentanon
>indicate for him to move back
>he pushes his chair back a little
>I turn sideways, lean against a bookshelf, and put my legs across his lap
>He looks around, seems kinda nervous
>starts stroking my leg
>this is more like it
>I stuff my blazer behind my head/back for comfort
>close my eyes
>he keeps stroking, sticking to the safe areas
>he's not touching sensitive areas, but rather stupidly, my imagination is running away with me and before long I fidget a little
>flex and curl my toes a little
>rub my legs on him a little
>Not getting super aroused, just relaxed and calm.
>nevertheless, a degree of moistness is developing.
>relax into his touches on my legs. it's like a massage.
>drift off slightly
>when I come to, something is slightly odd
>why is he pressing his finger into my leg like that
>why does it feel weird, is his hand in his pocket
>he's just pleased to see me
>feel dick pushing against my leg
>I like it. I like it a lot.
>Feel it rub and twitch against my leg
>Notice his hand is tapping me
>open one eye
>on his screen, he's typed out in huge letters, IT'S MY BIRTHDAY
>stick my tongue out at him, grin, and close my eyes
>Enjoy his touches some more
>without opening my eyes, unbutton one button on my shirt
>rub my leg against his dick
>feel it twitch against me
>that was awesome
>undo another button
>another twitch
>spread my shirt so it's showing my bra (yeah, okay, I don't need to wear one...)
>this feeling of twitching as I constantly rub my leg against his dick
>moistening rapidly develops
>stroking suddenly stops
>I hear a zipping sound...
>he's rubbing his dick against my leg
>holy shit this feels amazing
>I'm actually stimulating this guy and...whoa
>open my eyes to look at it
>beckon tentanon to shuffle his chair closer to me so I can stay leaned against the bookshelf
>eventually get him to half sit on both seats
>his dick is pressing against my thigh
>raise one leg and lower it on the other side
>now, his dick is squeezed between my legs
>feel it hot and twitching between them
>i am so wet right now

I'm pretty much gazing at his dick by this point. something amazing about stimulating someone else so powerfully. As I shift my legs and rub them together I feel the twitching increase...
>/tugs at goatee
oh shit nigger i came here to laugh not to cringe
>stare at his dick poking out between my legs
>move my legs more; small up and down motions, back and forth, etc
>feel him twitching. a lot.
>his breathing gets deeper
>my wetness is ridiculous, I can feel it soaking through
>look up at his face
>he's looking at my chest
>unbutton two more buttons, now you can probably see my belly button if you were looking that low
>pretty sure he's not looking that low
>his breathing speeds up
>his hand squeezes my legs and he closes his eyes
>scrunches up his face like he's concentrating on something
>I suddenly feel BIG twitches between my legs. And a damp, sticky feeling.
I'm taking a restroom break. The image of you rubbing while in a school uniform.. That's a fetish right there.
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<3 You're a darling.

ok, this isn't sexy cringe just cringe

>in 4th grade. dont know why, but the "in" thing is to chew on surfing wax. It comes in different flavors, and has a faint taste to it
>none of us can buy it so I don't know where people get it, probably from the older kids ( oooh big 8th graders )
>showing up with surf wax in a new flavor basically makes you the coolest kid around
>All kids get invited to birthday party.. I know what I'm gonna get Kim
>Grandma takes me out shopping. I have her take me to vans
>Go in and get like 4 fucking hockey pucks of surf wax
>Grandma looks at me.. honey you sure this is what you want
>Grandma takes me home, we wrap present, get dropped off at party
>Big moment
>Kim unwraps present
>So excited, shows everyone!
>Her mom, dad, family, all the kids
>Mom flips the fuck out, snatches the surfwax out of my hand
>Spend rest of party in time out
>Mom comes and picks me up get yelled at
>It was horrible
>pic related, what I bought
kill yourself
File: img.jpg (47KB, 400x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
47KB, 400x400px
too fucking tired. here is the surf wax I bought.
These are fucking trash.

Where can I get a horny gf?
Why can't I have had a girl like you? Lol Quite hard from these stories.
How old are you? Lol My mom told me it was in to do that when she was a kid. She's 43.
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No one cares.
something like that :)
I'm no dream girl, you realise. Knowing me made tentanon's life suck ass.
my mom told me they used to follow the tarring machine and pick up pieces of hot tar and chew those like gum.
Plot twist: You gave 593175713's mom sex wax.

And are his father.
just stop, your stories are so fucking boring and ill-written
Hey, tell the story of the hookup with the teacher please. This awkward voyeurism doesn't do it form me.

thats why they are good. they feel real. that's worth something.

its really fucking long. let me see if I can greentext it down a bit. also need to edit out some names/places.
Where's the pic of what he bought?
no, they feel like the poorly imagined writings of a deaf and blind person trying to tell a story
Long story short: People found out what happened, he got kicked out of school and I got bullied for the rest of the year.
File: 1415875491140.jpg (46KB, 555x729px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
46KB, 555x729px
Sweet! I'd really appreciate it!
>the poorly imagined writings of a deaf and blind person trying to tell a story

Is that the best you could come up with?
If he doesn't like it, just let him not like it. It's fine. Some guys enjoyed it, so I'm happy.
next post down from story...


fuck this is sort of horrible writing ok, its not what I do, but its 100% true. fuck I wrote a lot of set up for this bullshit...

>Although I’d done a bit of touching other boys when I was a kid, I was never gay or anything.
>Dated girls in grade school and high school.
>I was a member of our schools debate team, and in those days we were very competitive.
>Traveled to national tournaments on a near monthly basis, and were part of a “hard core” of students who competed at this level.
>Unlike other school activities, we were only lightly monitored, and trusted to a large degree. It was not unusual for the 6 of us to sign up for a tournament, make our own plane reservations, arrange a hotel and rides, and get our own chaperone.
>. I should say “chaperone” since most of them were college students – perhaps old and wise to us 16 yr olds, but looking back – really just kids themselves.
>As highschoolers allowed to run our own lives on these weekends, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that sex, drinking, and even a bit of drugs was commonplace.
>So lets jump in to a winter in Chicago, maybe 10 years ago.
This was a decent thread for a little awhile.

And then this shit bird took over.
I'm just disappointed in his shitty insult is all. I didn't enjoy it either.
File: 1420722480302.jpg (305KB, 600x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
305KB, 600x1000px

I hope you fucking die

Ruined a perfectly ok thread because like most newfags you refuse to LURK MOAR.

File: 1419428207720.jpg (24KB, 255x273px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24KB, 255x273px
Doesn't matter as long as the story is decent. Thanks again, bro.

>I’m sitting on the balcony of the 10th floor of the Radisson, looking down on the atrium below. Debaters and coaches mill about, getting ready for the quarter final rounds.
>We were eliminated this past round, which was expected – we are a JV team competing against Varsity students. It is my Junior year, and next year will be the year for us.
>getting lit on rum and coke. wandered over to room with rest of our team.
>I hung out for a bit, before the others informed with giddy grins that they had all dosed on acid. I wished them the best, finished my most recent drink, and headed out front to smoke.
>I'm looking for AnonGirl. We have a bit of thing going on, and I'm crushing on her. shes a bit older and definitely more sophisticated.
>. Now we had a coach, but when he came to trips like this, he mostly left us and used the days as a paid vacation. he had litereally told us once "look if you are tripping, I need to know this.. otherwise, its better I dont know what you are up to"
>We also had a second “coach” – who was there to help judge rounds. Every school was responsible for bringing a certain number. Because we were successful, we knew a number of college debaters that we could get to come – we’d pay them, maybe fly them out. They all partied, and really didn’t give a fuck what we did.
>The rules of /b/
>This chill ass femanon with hot stories

pick one.
Aussie detected.

>This time we had gotten a pretty famous college debater – he had won the big natl tournament with his partner last year. His name was J--------, and he was pretty much everything I wanted to be as a debater. He was a lawyer now and sort of a big shot.
>Smart, attractive, top school, and most of all a “winner”. I felt I was always coming in 4th, 5th… never had those big wins, and I wanted them badly.

>Although J-------- helped us with debate some, the truth is , we just weren’t that good. I mean we were good, but not top team good.

>We were smart, good looking, funny – but lacked the discipline to focus and train the way other schools did. Mostly J-------- gave us tips, and just hung out, which was fine with me.

>Shivering outside with my smokes, J-------- came up and we started chatting – we talked about the tournament, who won quarters and semis, what plans they ran. After a bit he said “hey, want to go grab some drinks?”

>Fuck yeah I did.

>I jumped into J--------s car, and we headed out.
I’m pretty lit at this point, just feeling good, smoking and talking.

>He buys some beer and cigarettes, and we head to another motel. I was a bit surprised, but he explained that a bunch of the coaches had been “comped” some rooms away from the Radisson, and that he just wanted to hang out away from the stress and have a beer or three.

>Well – I think we all can see where this story is going. Coach + student + motel + beer.

> At the time though it seemed maybe a bit off, but for the life of me, I thought we were going to hang out and have a few beers.
>I remember getting an odd look from the motel manager as we went in. J-------- gave him the coupon or whatever, and we got the keys.
>I was probably being a bit of a dork at that point. Drunk, coming down off of an adrenaline high from the tournament, and working into a new one partying.
>16 and acting like an adult you know?
>We got into the room, each cracked a beer, and put on some TV. I don’t remember exactly how it happened, but pretty soon he had turned it to a Soloflex commercial, turned off the sound and we were just talking.
> Looking back, I cringe at the transparency of it all. Things definitely start to blur at this point.

>Just how did we end up talking about sex, and the fact that J-------- was “Bi”? How did he end up rubbing my back, or me rubbing his.
>There was some point of no return, but I just don’t know when. I’m sure I was thinking about something sexual once I started rubbing his back, and when his shirt came off, I think I just didn’t know what came next.
> I was way out of comfort zone here. I was nervous, confused, more than a little drunk.

>J-------- knew what was up, after all he had orchestrated the whole thing – He stood up, and set “here, Let’s get you out of these”. He touched my belt, and I started taking my clothes off.
>Too much momentum at this point to even think about where this was going. J-------- was the cool older brother I never had. The Dad that thought I was something smart and special. The Teacher who would help me succeed.
>And finally the cool friend, my _equal_ and so what if we messed around. Just another experience, another thing to try out now that I was an adult.
>He pulled me into bed and we got under the covers. I barely caught a glimpse of his boxers sliding off, and then he was bed next to me.
“Take your socks off” he said quietly, as he pressed against me, his hand reaching down.
I wanted them on. Who knows why – looking back it was probably a bit of a safetly mechanism. I wasn’t gay or anything, just trying something new. I’m not naked in bed with a guy or anything.

>I don’t remember how the touching started, I think his left hand reached down and encircled my cock. I’m pretty sure I was still a bit shell shocked by all this. He tries to kiss me, and I turn away.
>“You aren’t gay right?” I ask, “You still sleep with women?”
>“I date lots of women”, he lied, his hand gliding up and down my shaft, his fingers tugging my forskin down.

( yeah I'm uncut, deal with it )
I now realise why the chairs in some of my classes were wet, I'd never thought of anything like this. my life is changed
keep going?
File: 1407764435393.png (570KB, 5000x5000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
570KB, 5000x5000px
aight im out. l8
The sock thing is funny.
What the fuck bro? WHAT THE FUCK. God damn it I'm so fuckin' mad now.
Mammoth wrecked me I'm done
rofl ok figured I was alone in here.
You fuckin' serious?
no sorry. honestly pretty embarased like no one has ever read this shit before. I wrote it one night will all jacked up on coke. I've onlt told like 1 other person it even happened.

“I date lots of women”, he lied, his hand gliding up and down my shaft, his fingers tugging my forskin down.

>He is hairy. This penetrates my brain. And it’s odd. And it starts to definitely feel gay at this point.
>Looking back he was actually pretty smooth – but as a 16 year old, the light fur on his chest and love trail ducking beneath the covers was a LOT of hair.
>I am not with a high school student, I realize, I’m with a MAN. I start to get cold feet (no symbolism with the socks..) But by now he is stroking me steadily, slowly but firmly, and holy crap it feels good.

>Waves of pleasure lap through my body, peaks of pleasure on an ocean of liquor and infatuation. I want to do “ok”.
> I want to be as good at this as he is.
>The hair is still weirding me out, so I focus on something that should look pretty familiar.
>I wrap my hand around his cock and he makes a little moan. I’m on the right track! I ve never touched a cut cock before, and the going is rough.
>I have no Idea how to jerk him off. He picks up on this, and stops me after a minute, nudging my hand away.

>“Just relax for a bit” he says.
I'm the guy who requested the story in the first place lol. Please finish it. I need to see how it ends. For . . . science. You like science right? I thought you were fucking with me lol. That would've been an epic troll.
Hot damn I wish the tards at my school were like this. Maybe they were, I was in a 'learning assistance' class, which was basically 'do your homework at school' class, which was cool with me. But fuck me sideways if some of my classmates weren't unstable fucks. I managed to not antagonize any of them though, one of the few blessings of being a middle child in a large family I suppose.
indeed. for..science...and...reasons...

>He kissing my nipples, then tugs at them with his free hand.
>This feels weird and taboo in a way toching my dick didn.t
>He pushed back the sheets, and then his mouth is around my cock. I can’t describe how it feels. It doesn’t feel “good” or “awesome” or “mind blowing”. It feels like nothing I have felt before, I don’t have words now or then to describe it.
>To be fair, It isn’t like I have had more than 1 or 2 BJs – from girls as inexperienced as I am.
>To Mr. New York Gay Club Scene down there between my legs – shit he’s probably sucked so many cocks that.. well. Needless to say he was good at it.
>On top of that, the person I looked up most to – academically, professionally, socially, was down there sucking my dick.
>It was like my god came down and was sucking on my cock. It was practically religious

>I start to clench up, and I’m pretty sure all kinds of crazy noises are coming out of my mouth. I’m like a fish out of water – mouth open, body flipping around.
>I feel like someone has plugged me into an electric socket. He slides his mouth up and off, and moves back up my body.
> He rolls onto his back, and slowly pushes my head down. It is pretty clear what he wants me to do.
>I’m scared but I don’t resist. I let him push my head down

>Despite years of watching women suck dick in porn movies, the internet, and masturbating to no few number, it’s like I have no Idea how to do this.
>The only thing I can think to do is open my mouth. Close it over his cockhead and suck.
>His head fills my mouth, and lies there –his head is like a golfball in my mouth
> His smell hits me, is overwhelming, precum slides out onto my tounge. He makes a little noise, and I’m no longer frozen.
> I release my airlock seal on his dick, and wet my lips.
>Closing my mouth, I press down, head and shaft slide up into my mouth. He thrusts and It goes too deep.
> I pull back and grab his dick. I remember this – my last girlfriend did this. kept me from shoving my cock down her throught
File: 1419948846306.jpg (104KB, 728x674px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
104KB, 728x674px
>His cock feels good in my mouth. I feel both confident and shy at the same time – a speedball of mixed emotions coursing through me.
>I look up
>“I haven’t done this before.. am I doing ok.?” Please say yes please say yes
>He smiles closes his eyes
>“It feels great”
>something breaks inside me. I feel so right. This feels so right. I start pushing my face down. Up and down, up and down, trying to take him in me.
>I’m gagging constantly, but I want to make him happy. need to make him happy.
Gettin' good
File: 1421471133359.jpg (36KB, 366x334px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
36KB, 366x334px


>“I like it like this” and he gets up on his knees. He turns me sideways, and I drunkenly flop over.
>My back is to the big arcadia door, and for the first time I realize it is glass, and see through. There is a small patio outfront – but tall walls block it off.
>Noone can see it because of the wall, but suddenly I’m worried.
> I ask about the window and he says “you can’t see in, I checked” and smiles.

>He puts my hand on his nuts and shows me how to squeeze. On all fours I suck him, my head tapping his stomach everytime I take him in me.

>He starts to get a bit rough with me, his hands slide into my hair, tugging as I move back and forth.
>For the first time I feel that he is very much in control of this. We aren’t friends or peers – He is way up here, successful, hot, smart, and I’m … I don’t know what, I’m what he is fucking.

>This goes on for a while. My mouth is getting sore, and I keep feeling my teeth grazing his dick.

>He rolls back onto his back, and again pushes my head down. I try and use my tongue to give my jaw a break. Swirling at the top , then pushing my mouth down around his cock.

> His hand rests softly on top of my bobbing head, and then suddenly I’m choking.
>I panic as his come fills my mouth. My nose.
>I cough and come spatters on his cock.
> It is still pulsing, shooting a thick stream on my shoulder.
>It looks wet and slick like something in an alien movie. Red and primal and vulgar, like the red tip of a dogs cock.

>I cough and come leaks out my nose.

>I cough and come leaks out my nose. The taste and smell of him are overwhelming – I’m like a deer in headlights.
>I look up at him, not even noticing the wicked grin he has across his face, and I of course I apologize.
> Apologize for choking his come.
>Was it ok I ask? Did I do good?
> Praise me.
>Tell me how good I am.
>Help me justify your come all over me.
>That I just sucked a guys dick.
>Make it ok for me and tell me I did ok.

>“That was great” he says
> I don’t even notice him wiping his slimy cock against my chest. I’m confused and honestly a bit paniced, my mouth is slick with his come, his taste, it fills my nose, and I’m feeling pretty shook up and well.. gay.
>He take my (still hard!?!) cock into his mouth again.
>He starts slowly, but its different this time.
>Before he let my mind wander as he teased and stroked and let me feel the whole spectrum of pleasure he could give me.

>I can’t even watch. I turn my head to the window, the light inside making it reflect like a mirror. I can watch him this way, once removed. I climb higher and higher, shaking in bed, his body holding me down, his mouth a warm nothingness taking me in, his hands my anchor, wrapped around my cock and balls
tits to confirm
could a kind anon screencap these stories and post them?
>I come and I am out of my body. My whole world is just warm and light and electricity. I explode in his mouth, and he drinks me down.

>My back is arched, and his hands are underneath my ass, holding me up, pulling me in. I look like a bow. WE look like a statue. That moment is frozen in time for me.

>Somehow I’m able to see this from all angles, like a 3D model in a video game, I can scroll around it. Like one of those virtual car websites, where you can spin the newest model sports car and admire from every angle.

>I admire myself. I am out of control of my body – my head pressed against the pillows, my toes clenched into the bed, the rest of me up and arched like a fish leaping out of water. I am at my apex, my cock my pinnacle – I feel airborne.

You do it, faggot
my email is earlier in this thread if you want a copy.

>Yet at the top of this his mouth still wraps around my dick, swallowing every drop, taking all that energy I have thrust up with every ounce of force.
>His mouth perched on top of that, taking me in. His knees are spread, both or our weight on them. His arms wrap around me, two hands in the small of my back. I feel like I’m floating.
>The momen ends, and for a second I don’t know where I am. My head rolls to the side, and I see us in the window again.
>His head still between my legs. His face turns, and my limp and drained cock slips out of his mouth… then hanging by my foreskin as he grips it one last second between his lips.
> For just a second it looks like a forked tongue from a snake, and I think about the god Praxis – my mind drifts as my post orgasmic bliss starts to fade into guild and shame. Praxis I think, my mind distracting me.
>God of snakes and cocks. We are looking at the window, and hes smiling at the window, smiling at me.
>I wonder if he can see the shame on my face. I hope the window is too dark.

>I’m a deer in headlights.
> I try and act all cool, but what the fuck am I supposed to do now. Cuddle? Fuck that.
> The reality of what just happened is seeming in now, a “buyers regret” I would learn more about later in life.
>Does he see the shame? The embarrassment? Am I blushing? I suddenly jerk and stagger to my feet and say “I gotta go!” too loud and surely tinged with panic.
Read an erotic novel with your girlfriends then. Plus I didn't say GTFO.

¿por qué no puedo tener las dos cosas?
i'm on my phone
>Time starts moving in leaps. We are in the shower and he is soaping me up, washing the come off of me.
>Gently reaching around and stroking my dick. He is hard again, and his cock presses against my butt cheek. I'm scared. I dont know what I just did. Shame so deep.

>I sit there with my head hung, the warm water flowing down my face. I feel like I can’t move. He finishes washing me, and then I’m out front, getting into his car.

>I don’t remember him dropping me off – he said he forgot something at the hotel. I wandered back in – the parties were in full swing.

>I walked back to my room in ahaze – my teammaters were tripping hard, were thrilled to see me, and had all these wonderful things to tell me about. After a few minutes, they streaked out on some acid quest thing.

>I poured myself another drink and then another, trying to get the come taste out of my mouth and my fucking nose. It helps. A few more drinks, and I’m washing away the whole evening. Locking it up in a box. Something that never happened. Because I’m not gay, and >I didn’t just suck a cock. I didn’t just get the best blowjob in my life from a guy. From our coach. From someone who fucking knows everyone on the fucking debate circuit.

>It’s 1 am, and I shouldn’t be leaving my room.
> I’m drunk and one of the coaches might notice and report me. But me, drinking, and good decisions aren’t really good friends.
> I go out and try and act as normal as I can – I run into ppl I know and ask about the final rounds.
>I keep thinking they can smell the come on me. The gay. The Faggot.
holy fucking shit i am literally in tears
>I drift through the crowd, give my congratulations to the top two teams. One of them gives me a nod – we drink together, and he knows I brought him a bottle. I’ll catch up with him later.

>I have stuffed the earlier hotel thing out of my head. I’m back to my self, chatting it up, flirting, being what I think is “dangerous”. Teen bravado and “cool”. I head back to my room.

>On the way back, I see a small group of coaches – they run the tournament, and I really don’t want them to see I’m drunk. In fact, of the four I see talking together, 2 are gay, and the other two I’m pretty damn sure are gay.

>Not a big deal, everyone knows. I think “maybe they know their own”, and glance up. It takes everything I have to keep walking , as I glance up and all four are looking right at me. No wait. 5. J-------- is there.

>The coaches look away, and start talking again.
>As I walk past, the Chicago coach, who runs the tournament, looking please as can be, with his gay little red bowtie.
>He takes a few quick steps away from the group and in my path.
>We both sort of stop, and he drifts around me.
>“Have fun tonight?” with something that looks like a smile and a scowl.
>He’s letting me know he knows – that I’m drunk, that I went to a hotel with J--------.
>His smirk says he knows, his tone says I’m in trouble if I keep pulling shit like this at his tournament.
>And I can tell part of him is a bit jealous of J--------.
>Then hes gone.

> I realize J-------- has told all of them.
>Like a bunch of fucking girls, he is over there bragging about his new conquest – making them draw all the details out of his mouth
Great stuff anon, im at work here and my pulse is racing.

>At some point the next day, I get pulled aside by the tournament director. He says “so about last night”
>“nothing happened” I say
>You can tell he is fishing for words.
>“Of course nothing happened. I just need to make sure that uhm.. J-------- was .. a Gentlemen?”

>picking the word out and testing the taste of it. Gentlemen. Yes I say. That is non descriptive enough that I don’t have to own up to anything, yet clear enough that Director can hopefully put away the idea of some “Teacher raped my drunken boy” lawsuit.

>I’m too ashamed to tell anyone anway.

>I spoke only a few more times to J--------. I got the impression someone told him to keep the fuck away.
>It was hard on me. All those things I looked up to him for.. as he ignored me, I felt like there was something wrong with me.
>Not smart enough. Not cool enough.

>oh fuck.. I wrote this horrible letter – I can’t even believe I wrote it – talking about how I’d like to see him again, and how sorry I was I didn’t swallow, that Id do better next time.

>apologizing that I didnt swallow his cum right. ( cringe )
<3 Love to hear it.
Perhaps you should do something about it...
wish you'd provide us with a picture of yourself
Not going to lie ive seen the same fucking story for months. Prob years at this point hard to keep track. Lurk more newfag.
>I never got a response. If he was smart, he jerked off to that a few times, then burned it.
>Lawyers making 6 digits don’t need the kind of drama I would bring.
>The next year was horrible. We didn’t do well. Didn’t get the invites. We had gone from underdogs to .. well nobodies.
>And the people who gave out the exclusive invites, well, most of them were in that little circle staring at me.

>Now At 26, the same age as J-------- when he took me to that hotel room, I saw the whole thing very differently.
>What I see now is a teacher in a privledged position, taking advantage of a drunk highschool boy – 10 years younger than him.
>When I think about it, I go between disgusted and aroused. I feel the power he had over me, the way he constructed that whole evening.

>The way the hotel manager looked at J--------, distasteful, as J-------- paid (comped the room my ass).
>The young boy and six pack.
>The way he steered the conversation.
>I mean he must have known I’d go along. I don’t know how, but he knew.
>And I wondered. Were their bets he could get me in bed? What words did he use to describe my body, my dick, my orgasm.
>Repulsed and attracted I wondered.
Good shit so far. First I was turned on. Now I'm turned on and interested in the conclusion lol.
File: 1421467965365.jpg (10KB, 258x195px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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lol gtfo faggot
hurrrr tits or gtfo am I cool yet anon?
Stop this sit, not funny, die
>Two years ago, I get home from a party, bit drunk, coked up, and go to check out the online porn.

>Something about coke brings out that “gay” in me. The submissive in me.
>I click to a site that has some raunchier stuff – gay stuff – younger stuff.
>The messed up shit gets deleted pretty fast, but I’m in the mood I guess.
>One of the videos is an old VCR rip. My hand is stroking my cock and a second into I freeze – not even fucking around, it is a 16 year old me, naked except for my white socks.

>my white fucking socks and a cock in my mouth

>J-------- is facing the camera. The window I realize. Its behind the window.
>He turns me around doing it “like he liked” my hands on his balls, his hands on my head.

>From behind the silence of the window I see him give a thumbs up and see him mouth my name with a big shit eating grin

>Holy fuck I am hard. why am I hard?

>I don’t even have time to grab the tissue sitting next to me. My cum spatters over my hands, drops on my leg. And my excitement drains out along with it, leaving only stains, and of course the shame.

> I didnt know how to save videos - I do now - but then I just kept watching it on loop. I wish I had saved a copy. Wish I could find it again. That site doesnt have content like that anymore... it got pruned down so nothing close to underage is on it, but I still go there and look sometimes.

> I dont know why. it was fucked up, but it was me, and it was awesome in its own way.

thanks needed to hear that.
I thought it was hilarious.
i've been here a few years but that's the first time i read these. can't spent the whole day lurking you fucking lowlife neckbeard
does someone have the story of the guys living together and one brings a landwhale-gf with him who fucks everything up?
File: 1421042388648.jpg (2MB, 2779x2376px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 2779x2376px
ye ballad of thine "Mexican Randy" a tale of heroism and a hate of cp

....aaand thats it. The last part was made up, but needed a closing to the story. Where that came from was... the more I thought about it, the more I looked back - I'm like 80% certain I was being recorded.

The way he positioned me for the "window". This pose, then that pose, resting his balls on my chin, etc..

I've thought of confronting him.. maybe even trying to blackmail him.. not for money, but for that fucking video. I would cum like a million suns if I could watch that video.

hope you enjoyed. its late as fuck and I need to crash.
>be me 16 year Old alpha male
>do not be Charlie also 16 and not even beta more like omega male and in love with a slut known as Mona loser.jpg
>be Manuel fellow alpha male also 16
>last day of local festival abouttogetfuckinghammered.png
>getting a ride with a fellow coworker who i usually Fuck btw i'm alpha
>efter emptying a load in her i get out car to meet Manuel
>me and Manuel decides we go to eat at hesburger waiting for Charlie who is dining with girl Chealsea and Amanda bare in mind he is a omega male so friendzoned.jpg
>we meet up with Charlie and S & Chelsea had went to meet up with there friends Mona and piggy
>Charlie is also got friendzoned by Piggy a year ago when he was hitting on her
>we decides to go to Charlie brothers place to have a few drinks
>drink lakritsshots and white Wine that tasted shit
>still had a good time and talked about life so on and so forth
>go downtown and heads off to a little islet that is connected to the mainland via a bridge.
>meet some Friends aswell as Mona,S,Chelsea & Piggy
>Manuel and Charlie goes with them
>i stay with Old classmates
>My best friend has had a Crush on one of the girls lets Call her Alicia
>she friendzoned him and he(we Call him Sune) didn't take it to well
>i tried to tell him that there is plenty of other fishes in the see and life goes on
>Mike stills goes on that Alicia is the one and bla bla bla
>Mike is off with Charlie and the rest so i pull Alicia by the side
>"you Need to fucking hard with him or Else he won't get it"
Original requester here. Thanks taking the time to post the story anon. Good shit. Have a great night.
>Alicia pulls out her phone and say "i was"
>Mike had actually got the mEssage and went on from here
>introduce Alicia to Manuel and they Seem to get along
>i know Manuel will Fuck her tonight because he is alpha
>meet Chelsea who aswell as me had a bit to much
>she is pretty goodlooking and i'm drunk and horny
>i'm grabbing tits and ass and is pretty intim with her
>Horny mouth talking and i say some things i'm not proud of
>we goes to look what Charlie is up to
>see him on a swing with Mona and actually looks like he is getting some
>we talk with them and Chelsea suggest we Should leave them alone
>Walks to the crowd and meets a Old friend of mine
>loses Chelsea in the crowd
>Old friend and me meets a cool Guy
>he also is a Liverpool supporter
>talks football and sings YNWA
>cringe AF but i'm drink idgaf
>meets Chelsea again
>sees Piggy in front of us
>spank her cause i promised Charlie
>her mouth says wtf but her eyes says Fuck me hard
>the eyes never lie folks
>anyway i go watch fireworks
>meets Alicia
>"hi anon just sucked Maneuls cock"
>"knew you would like each other"
>actually is wtfing so hard over it but whatever
>meet Charlie with tears in His eyes
>omg she broke his heart.
>apperently she liked him but didn't want him to get hurt so she denied him entrance to her
>me and Chelsea talks to him for a bit
>fucker is shitfaced and passes out on the grass
>Chelsea leaves with Amanda as they are getting home
>some friends watches over Charlie so I go talk to the local niggers
>actually pretty cool guys and discusses hip hop with them
>Charlie has somewhat woken up and we are leaving to get him some food
>Walks over the bridge to mainland when suddenly Wild Piggy appears
>wtf does this bitch want know?
>fyi she is a fucking self centered bitch
>"Charlie do you wanna talk about it?" Refering to the Mona incident
>fucker is completly wasted and just mumbles something
>i tell her that i think he has talked enough and we are heading to a gas station to bring him some food to get him to sober up
>"no he Needs to talk with me"
>i flip shit and wonder who the Fuck she think she is and that she barely knows him
>she still won't let him go holding His bag
>i go fucking berzerk
>"Fuck off you fucking cunt go to hell" i yell
>she mumbles something in returen but lets him go
>once again the alpha stands victorious
>finally over the bridge we meet some friends that Charlie wanna talk to
>doesn't last for long doe as he Throws up and passes out in a ditch
>police passes the ditch but don't Care about Charlie
>and those People we play with our taxes lol
>short after the local niggers get into a fight and we watch it
>The fight is over and the niggers won
>Charlies brothers friend joins the niggers as they celebrates their win
File: 1410015910281.png (751KB, 1350x4651px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
751KB, 1350x4651px
Check ma 10/10 greentext
>yells that big Charlie brother has passed out
>the Leader of the niggers has a beef with bigkenny
>"if i get My hands on him i Will tear him apart"
>me and My friend understand that it is time to gtfo
>fucking carries Charlie for a 20 mins Walk to His brothers house
>we tell His brother about the nights adventures
>Being a fellow alpha he feels sad for having such a beta brother
>we all proceeds to crash at His place for the night
sure thing, appreciate it hope you can get a fap or two out of it.
File: 1419966125570.jpg (65KB, 780x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
65KB, 780x400px
Lose to walk the dinosaur everytime
post a pic, woman! anything.
I have a bad feeling you're a fattie.
File: Euphoric.png (57KB, 800x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
57KB, 800x800px
the thought of a tapeworm squeezing my dick is heavenly
Lurk. More. Newfag.
File: 1417546741426.jpg (132KB, 650x704px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
132KB, 650x704px
Don't know if it's been posted or not but whatever.
I can't disprove it. If you're inclined to trust me, I'm small in pretty much every way. If you're not, then...oh well.

I think this is the fourth time I've posted these; I've never seen anyone else post them.
File: 47092.jpg (37KB, 225x350px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
37KB, 225x350px
nice comeback bro
Anyone got the greentext of this huge retard fight with like 2000 retards and 2000 normal people at a school? That ended up with riot police and shit. My harddrive crashed and it is gone forever. Funniest shit i've ever read.
Mlady! Still Around?

so feedback on my story?
disprove it by posting a pic of your (clothed) body
post a bodyshot...no face
plz respond










I always recognise pinneapleboy.grntxt because of the awkward paragraph structure an the picture
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