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Hi /b/rothers, feeling like shit lately and just thought I'd

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Hi /b/rothers, feeling like shit lately and just thought I'd post my feels.

>be me, 16 years old at the time
>attend public school
>best friend Ryan attends private school
>best friend is literally coolest person in the world, /b/tard as well
>comes back from his boarding school for his usual winter break two years ago
>tells me he's staying two weeks
>two months passes
>he still isn't back at school
>hey Ryan, why aren't you back at school?
>i'm going to wilderness therapy, anon!
>not sure what that is
>he leaves
>I look it up, freaked out
>don't hear from him for a year
>no phone, contact w/ the outside world
>last march comes around, he calls me off his dad's phone
>hey anon, i'm leaving wilderness therapy but i'm going to an even stricter boarding school and I probably won't see you for another few years
>today is two years since i've seen him

He's my best friend ever, /b/, and I've gone two years without him. All the stuff that we used to do together seems pointless now and not as fun as when he was here. I talked to his ex-roommate from his first boarding school and he said he was going through a drug problem phase, so I understand he's in a place he needs to be, but how do I deal with this, /b/? I texted his sister today and she said he won't be back for awhile. wat do?
Underage B&
If he was 16 at the time and it's been two years then he's 18.
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feels thread
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>I'm black
Find a new friend. problem solved.

unless you live in bumfucksville it shouldn't be that hard to do -_-
fucking faggot OP
kill urself
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heh. I made that :) glad to see it's still going around on /b/
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hey so did i.
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>be me in college
>technical school
>70% male because girls are weak fags
>I only have one girl in all my classes
>she has the "I don't fucking want to be here" face
>I want to talk to her but I have no idea how to aproach her
>me and her are the youngest people there
>nothing but hardened oldfags
>fit in good and find mutual respect because we are all beta and loosers anyway
>I don't want to look like a little bitch boy who can't get women in front of my peers

Shit man, It sucks so be so shy. I just want a fucking companion. I'm all alone in the middle of nowhere and I want someone to go on adventures with, and party.

I don't even know how to aproach her.
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Normally I'm agony aunt but today I need a /bro's help

Is it EVER a good idea to keep loving an ex that has moved on, albeit recently?
>Fiancee of 4 years has a new bf
>Don't know whether to give her space or demonstrate how much I still love here
Shit sucks man. I majored in literature so I didn't have that problem. I was still alone most of the time though.
Is this the selfkill-thread?
FUCK. Whatever, have my ghost.

Hej jag är hemma!
Never. NEVER.

>never dude
>like, never
>did I mention never?

Ps. Never
The same thing happened to this guy I dated in high school. His parents got people to take him in the middle of the night and sent away to one of those wilderness camps. He was only supposed to be gone for a couple of months, but I didn't see or hear from him for 2 years. He's a completely different person now.
fuck his sister. become a part of his family. youll never miss him again. trust.
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But .. but .. but

I fucking love her and I'm a beta autist. Surely I can stick around and wait for her new bf to fuck things up?
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NO NO NO. Bad idea. That will only lead to more pain. You have to move on or it will only get worse.
>be me
>be 18, my best friend is 17
>we love to swim, we are pretty great at it and we join a swiming team
>we allways compite, sometimes i win and sometimes he wins
>allways tell him is bad at swimming and will allways be worst than me
>few months later he got selected to join the state team, i wasnt
>of cours i didnt told him, just tell him he got lucky
>few months later he goes to compite in the national competition
>gets third place in butterfly style
>never congratulated him, just told him i could have done better
>i was so proud, i admire him, i wish i could be as good as he is
>few weeks later he stopped going to the training
>his brother called me and told me he got run over by a drunk driver, he died that morning
>cry like a baby
>went to the funeral, his broher told that my friend allways said he admired me he wanted to be as good as i was and wanted to made me proud
>his brother gave his bronce medal
>broke down, cryed like a baby
>i should have told him how poud i was, hate myself
>fast forward a year
>i was competing with our trainer
>i beat him in butterfly style by just a second
>he congratulated me and then he tells me "im sure you are now better than your friend, anon. you should be proud"
>i just swam to the bottom of the pool and started crying
>i will never be able to tell him how proud i am

sorry for my bad english
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The guy who wrote this here, thanks for capping this, mate.

>Be 19
>Currently doing biological sciences for pre-medicine
>At least one of us made it to keep the dream alive
God damnit man, don't do this to yourself.

I was in the same situation, the same shit.

>we lost our virginities with eachother
>our first kiss was eachother
>Dated for 5 years
>lived together for 2

And then she just left like nothing. Saying "I'm too young and we are going too fast, I need to experience more"

Can you believe that? She plain told me
"I want to be dicked by other guys and slut it up, bye"

Trust me dude. It is not good, move on bro, it is the only course of action.it is not healthy, you love her because you miss the days you had, you miss her because of the same reason you love old shittyvideogames or old shitty cartoons from your youth.

You are in love with her memory. Trust me, I was the same way.

If you get back you will feel a void she won't fill. You will spark a flame of envy which will grow to a full hell of hatred and anger against her while still being dependent on her.

Trust me.
>have to move on
Cool, I was thinking of an hero or joining a monastery anyway
Why is your kind so fucking hard to talk to..

Any tips for talking to women by any chance?..
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I was 20
>Been going out with GF for 5 years
(met from in middle school)
>Most beautiful girl I have ever met
>I can still remember her facial features
>Big green doe eyes, brown hair, curvy waist..
>At the end of high school, got accepted to Notre Dame
>She got accepted into Yale but declined it just to be with me.
>Moved to South Bend, rented a small apartment
>We only had a TV and a small bed.. yet I couldn't ask for more.

Fast Forward January 2, 2015

>Friday night I was playing Xbox online and she came from behind and gave me a big hug, then a kiss on the cheek.
>Later she asked me If we could go to a party at a Frad house near school.
>I didn't wanted to go because I was playing a tournament on COD.
>She begged me to go but I had my mind set..
>During the moment which she was getting ready to leave, I had a sense that I needed to go with her, but I convinced myself to stay.
>As she was getting ready to open the front door, she said "Love you Anon"
>I replied "Uh huh" and kept on playing Xbox..
>As she closed the front door, she left a beautiful sent of her perfume in the room.
>I could hear the car engineer start and seeing the headlights dimming away from the window.

>Woke up at 4am to the sound of my ringing cellphone.
>Checked who was calling.. It was my GF's mom
>Hello? (I could hear her crying on the other end)
>Anon, where are you?
>I'm at the house why? What's wrong? Hello? HELLO!!!
Requesting pic of burnt out people putting on human suits comic.., im hammered so sorry
She fucked someone else didn't she...

>have bro in highscool not that close then
>go to same uni start getting close
>go out together, drinking by campfire till morning
>one night we go out say some shit to wrong person start getting beat up bro step in saves anon
>we grow closer share dreams, always get drunk together when life throws us lemons
>make plans to go to this campsite with a lake never get to do it with him cause i flanked out
>he goes to campsite with other friend while am in another city.
>was drinking that night woke up the next day to find several missed calls
>my bro had drowned...in the lake we were supposed to visit together.
>start off immediately for the funeral still in shock not yet accepted whats happend
>meet all old classmates still grief hasnt hit
>two days later before the burial when doing the body viewing it finnaly hit me i see my friend the guy who was with me through so much laying there knowing i will never see him again.
>i cried like i never have before try to stop myself act like a man but i cant i was supposed to be with him.
>Her mom called

Shit nvm. Proceed.
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>Line got disconnected.. so I called her back
(I felt like my heart was coming out of my chest as I was trying to interrupted what happened)

>Phone went directly to Voice mail.
>I was starting to get scared.. then 5 minutes later I get another call, this time from an unknown number
>Yes, hello?
>Anon It's me ******* please get to St. Joseph's hospital right away!
>What? Why? What happened?
>It's ****** she's in ICU! (crying) She got into a car accident...
>From the moment she said her name, my heart sank and I fell in a state of shock.
>Headed to the car and felt as quickly as possible.

During my 10 minute drive to the hospital, all I could think of was WHY THE FUCK DIDN'T I GO WITH HER!!!
I was driving 90-110 miles per hour on the interstate in plain darkness wanting to cry, but I couldn't..
Finally, got to the hospital.. as I got out of the car.. My legs felt numb..I didn't want to go in..
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>As I walked in the main entrance, I saw a nurse so I quickly asked her "Where's ICU?"
>She looked at me with a sadden look and took me to the elevator and pressed 6.
>As the elevator's doors opened, I saw her mother and the rest of the family in the hallway.
>I asked "where is she?" she replied "She's in surgery, we're praying that she'll pull off." and then hugged me.
>From that moment I started to cry like never before and kept telling myself (It's all going to be okay...)

>2 hours later.. the doctor came back.
>As I was getting ready to hear the good news he said..

>I'm sorry to tell you this but (Not going to go into details) she's only got about 5 hours till she.... I'm sorry
>I couldn't feel anymore from that point on.. didn't know what was real and what wasn't..
>Nurse finally let's us go inside room, I started to cry when I saw her in bed.. yet she looked so normal, as If nothing happened.
>We all talked, laughed, cried.. but at the end I started to notice that she was getting sleepy..
>I Got down on my knee's, grabbed her hand and said "Your my everything, I love you like no other, and I always will."
>She looked at me with her big doe eye's and said "Me too anon, me too."
>Kissed her on the lips and said "I'll follow you into the dark."
>She closed her eye's and that was it...
I have a sad story of how I lost my bestfriend.

>be me 16 at the time
>Have friend M. He lives right down the street from me.
>we had just gotten into smoking weed and shit
>we were typical 70's stoners. We listened to Pink Floyd, Queen, Black Sabbath etc.
>we would always smoke behind the backstop before class
>In the evening I go to deliver food to my grandma who lives up the street. I always smoke a tiny joint on my way back.
>get caught one day by mom who smells it on me.
>tell her I've smoking for about 2 weeks with M (when really it was about a month)
>I beg her not to tell his mom, and she says fine.
>She sends me to my dads for a week to work with him
>At his apartment complex our batshit crazy grandma lives a coupe of apartments down.
>She visits, and asks me to get her purse from her house
>I get to the house and find her purse. I look around in it out of curiosity,
>Low and behold I find Methadone and Morphine
>snag 4 Morphine, and 8 Methadone
>Give it back to her, and pop one of each

I think he knew you were proud of him.
dude, its one friend. you'll live.
bump for life
I know how you feel anon. There is this really nice girl that i know that I have wanted to ask out for a while, but every time I decide in my head that ill finally ask her out, i fucking choke. I sometimes wish i didn't know her as well as i do, because that way i wouldn't give a fuck about her not felling the same way i do.
wow you sound like you were a real cunt
Could be fake
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>Can eat, food has no flavor.
>Can't go outside, everything reminds me of her.
>So this is it.. can't wait to see her again..

Goodbye, thanks for reading!
closet homosexual detected
seriously I'm sure you'll make other friends.
i understand anon dont know what i would do if the same happened to me.live strong just think about what she would want
The most common sources of unhappiness among the citizens of theese threads are couples fucking them up (exception to ones that did lose them, my respects) and troubles with friends. So let me make a rational question. If they give all those troubles, why bother? Sadly I tested in my guts that a lovely girl doesn't solve everything if you are still a shit. Find a hobby, try new things (not drugs shit, that destroys you in the long run), treat yourself as a valuable asset, since you actually are. None person should be the source of self-confidence other than yourself. Life sucks, but can be filled with joys too. We will all die anyway, so meanwhile see yourself as you actually are, not a soul in a body waiting for a brighter and divine future, just the dirty and basic animal we really all are. If you don't delusion yourself you will be fine. tl;dr the only thing stopping your happiness is being created by you and you have control over it even if you don't know it
Go. Fucking. Visit.
Thanks anon, but their is no hope for me.. I'm no fucking good.
Hope you learn from my mistakes and cherish the people that you love.
true but you cant live like a robot i have had bad thing happen in relationships that have changed me to a large extent but the good time and memories i carry with me are worth the heart ache.its just a fact of life we learn to accept.life is rough but it can be quite beautiful sometimes
>that took place On Sunday which happens to be my Moms birthday so I get to go home
>We go to hometown buffet
>I start feeling really sick, like pukey pukey sick
>Figure i just have some 24 hour flu
>Get home still feel shitty
>Get to the toilet and start puking
>Pass out there
>Wake up in hospital with my mom crying
>I apparently OD'd
>She tells me that she told M's mom everything, and she pulls him out of school, and she pulls me out of school.
>Next year comes around, Haven't done drugs since
>M's mom lets him come back to school with me
>We hang out for about 2 months then he says he's sick of all the conservative pricks at school so he's transferring
>I tell him that's a dumb reason but whatever
>He switches
>His mom eventually says we can hang out under her supervision
>We never do
>He stops answering my texts, skype. etc.
>I see that his brother is in line on skype
>ask him why he's been ignoring me
>Says his phone got stolen which is complete bullshit because he still was communicating with other friends,
>his brother unfreinds me a day later
bump for life decent thread
>realize I'm dead to that family
>Get depressed for a while
>haven't seen him since
>every once in a while I'll send him a message on facebook hoping he'll respond
>always end message with "Wish you were here"
>Still live down the street from them
Fuck /b/, I was like part of that family. It hurts so bad. Has anyone been through something like this?

Wish you were here Michael, wish you were here.
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