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School story time? School story time. Backstory >be me >in

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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School story time? School story time.

>be me
>in elementary school
>have arch enemy named Ibraham
>pretty sure he had tourettes/aspergers or something
>not retarded, he was somewhat intelligent
>major anger issues
>violent as fuck

k so here goes
>be me
>1st grade
>really bored
>decide to mess with Ibraham
>when he leaves the room and the rest of the class does some stupid activity I sneak over to his table
>write “DUCK DUK DUCK” on all of his papers in really large letters and draw ducks over all his drawing
>he hates ducks
>I mean he HATED ducks
>he comes back
>sees all the duck
>starts screaming
>starts ripping apart all of his papers
>sees the ducks on his drawings
>starts screaming even louder and angrier
>I’m sitting there with a straight face
>other people in the class are laughing/grinning
>he begins furiously hurling things across the room
>first thing he throws a decent sized hardcover book
>hits girl named Emily square in the forehead
>1 hit KO

Will bump with more
>most throws just hit the wall, floor, or the ceiling
>second hit is a kid who was trying to hide from the violence in the corner
>hit square in the back
>overdramatically falls over yelling
>Ibraham flips the table he was sitting at
>he had “table groups” of about four people each, two on each side
>table comes crashing down on kids on the opposite side who had been ducking down to hide from the carnage
>kids have stopped laughing
>pretty sure I heard a kid crying
>mostly it was just everyone screaming at Ibraham to stop
>a wrangler finally comes in to subdue Ibraham
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Cont op!
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>starts thrashing violently in resistance
>wrangler is crazy strong so he doesn’t even care
>as he’s being dragged out I signal to Ibraham that it was me
>he goes berserk and starts spazzing out violently
>hits his head on doorway
>stops moving
>survey damage
>see all the papers and books scattered around the room
>Emily still isn’t moving
>the kids who got hit by the table are surprisingly unharmed
>mfw some ducks caused this carnage
>mfw he didn’t get in trouble
>mfw he didn’t seem to remember my admission to guilt
>mfw the one guy who saw me do it didn’t tell anyone
>mfw one person thinks it was me
>mfw the one guy who saw me do it didn’t tell anyone
>my face when they have no other proof
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>mfw he was unhealthy
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Op continue, puhhhhh lease! I love tard stories!!
Another story comes to mind if youguys want me to post it.
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regardless of the answer to my previous post I'm posting another story.

Second story of Ibraham:
>be me
>first grade
>a few weeks after the first duck massacre
>Ibraham seems to remember what I told him before he got knocked out a few weeks prior
>doesn’t seem to have told anyone
>wants revenge for himself
>when he walks past me he mutters things to me but I can’t make sense of it
>he can’t do anything though because he’s being accompanied by a wrangler most times of the day
>more time goes by
>he no longer has a wrangler
>in class
>talking with friend
>see friend’s eyes get really wide
>look behind me
>Ibraham is holding a bucket of something
>barely manage to move out of the way just in time before a shitton of fucking glue starts cascading out of the bucket
>still get a little bit on me
>glue is warm for some reason
>person next to me is not very fast
>looks like 500 people came on him
>don’t have time to laugh
>my friend fell backwards in his chair so he wasn’t hit
>mfw this is Ibraham’s idea of revenge
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Duh post /b/ro
>he is enraged by my 1337 matrix-level dodge skills
>starts trying to stomp on me
>I’m rolling around trying not to get hit
>he looks like an ape pounding at the ground
>he starts yelling incomprehensibly
>flings arm wildly upward and hits the quiet retarded kid named Rick (we had an integrated system so some times during the day we would work with the special ed program)
>tard-tier backhand but it looked painful
>Rick almost falls out of his chair
>gets his bearings and stands up
>starts screeching
>Ibraham actually stops his rampage for a second in surprise
>tard starts pounding Ibraham
>Ibraham completely forgets about me
>Ibraham starts yelling back but his pathetic shout is insignificant compared to Rick’s deafening roar
>use this as my chance for escape
>scuttle across the room
>20 seconds of blind pounding takes place until Ibraham picks up something (my back was to them, I didn’t see it) and hits Rick with it
>Rick is down
Yes plz
What kind of name is Ibraham
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>substitute teacher finally calls office
>asks for wrangler reinforcements
>there’s a wrangler meeting going on or something so it takes longer for word to get to them
>meanwhile Ibraham has continued his rampage after defeating Rick
>some kid tries to move in to stop him
>hit in the nose
>kid is down without a sound
>all challengers are defeated
>rage focuses on me again
>somehow he knows where i am and starts running towards me
>I hear people running down the hall
>Ibraham hears it too
>he realizes his plan has is about to be thwarted
>ups his game and reaches me
>screams some kind of war cry and begins hitting me
>I’m a weak betafag at the time so I can’t immediately get him off
>get hit in shoulder, then head, then get punched in the gut and chest a few times
>manage to push him down
>wranglers finally run in and subdue him
>gets pulled out of the room screaming
>I end up with a black eye, a hurting cheek, some bruises on my stomach and chest, plus an early trip home
I still have no idea why the fuck the glue in the bucket was warm. Or how it didn’t solidify before he got that much fucking glue in the bucket.
Muslim. He was also really fucking white. I never got that.
Please tell me this kid got some kind of correction
Not to my knowledge

Also I'm not kill, writing up another story. 3rd grade this time. Chokes a bitch.
Hurry up muh nigga
lurking this post
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>jumping ahead to 3rd grade
>ibraham was rustled because the teacher before lunch wouldn’t let him go early
>I should throw shit at him and blame someone else
>all throughout lunch I throw shit at him
>one of my friends that Ibraham trusts tells him that it was Emily (The girl he 1 hit KO’d in story 1)
>he gets super mad
>my friend tells him to wait until lineup
>be end of recess
>we’re lining up to go back to our classes in an orderly fashion
>Ibraham is seething
>Emily says hi to him because she’s nice or some shit
>Ibraham screams a war cry
>kicks the kid to his right for some reason and then rushes towards her
>rushes towards her arms outstretched
>grabs her fucking neck and starts choking her
Sometimes I think people on /b/ should write books instead of putting it on 4chan.
>everyone is too stunned to do anything for a solid 6 seconds
>emily is squirming and giving off pathetic squeals
>some kid tries to pry him off
>he lets go for a second and pounds the fuck out of him
>bunch of people go for him
>my friends and I stand back and observe our handiwork
>he gets pried off eventually
>starts flailing around
>calls upon his pseudotard strength
>smashes a few more people and runs away
>nigga is running around the lunchroom
>spilling trashcans, throwing trays
>knocks over custodian
might he be a worthy challenger of neal the raptard?
bump for tard-o-tron stories

but you said you were lining up after recess to go back inside?
oh wow
read it again
they did line up but the tard decided to start running around lunchroom for some ungodly reason
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>fucktard trips over a mop
>gets right fucking back up like a white jihadist berzerker
>teachers start chasing him
>I watch in amazement
>since these teachers are just fuckwit english or math teachers they have no idea how to wrangle such a beast
>teacher wraps arms around him trying to restrain him
>he fucking bites down on her arm
>escapes and keeps running
>hulk custodian appears out of nowhere
>hulk grabs ibraham
>ibraham can’t move
>as Ibraham is being carried out he kicks 2 kids in the head
>to this day his accuracy is amazing to me
>as per usual he is taken out screaming
>bonus: when emily was leaving he ran out of the office and threw a stapler at her
Lineup happened in the lunch room. We came inside from recess into the lunchroom, then lined up.
Perhaps. Ibraham was a cunt though, Neal was just a raptard.

Here's archive. Class is starting, I might not be able to post any more stories right now.

I'll be back tonight.
this was a good thread.
Thread posts: 33
Thread images: 10

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