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TL;DR: What is the most-dangerous/violent/crime-ridden city

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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TL;DR: What is the most-dangerous/violent/crime-ridden city in in the United States?

Also, ghetto-city stories? Have you been robbed? Chased? Jumped? Stabbed? Shot? Yelled at or even stared down?

If I had to come up with a quick list of the most-dangerous cities in America, it'd be something like this:

1.) Detroit, Pontiac, Saginaw, & Flint, Mi
2.) Gary, Indianapolis, & East Chicago, In
3.) Camden, Patterson, Newark, Trenton, & East Orange, NJ
4.) Chicago, Rockford, & East St. Louis, Il
5.) Memphis & Nashville, Tn
6.) Baltimore, Md
7.) St. Louis, & Kansas City, Mo
8.) New Orleans, La
9.) Cleveland, Cincinnati, Dayton, Akron, Columbus, & Youngstown, Oh
10.) Birmingham, Mobile, & Prichard, Al
11.) Milwaukee, Wi
12.) Philadelphia, & Chester, Pa
13.) Oakland, Stockton, Fresno, & Richmond, Ca
14.) Jackson, Ms
15.) Little Rock, Pine Bluff, & West Memphis, Ar
16.) Atlanta, Ga
17.) Houston, & Dallas, Tx
18.) Wilmington, De
19.) Oklahoma City, & Tulsa Ok
20.) Bridgeport, & New Haven, Ct
21.) Buffalo, Brooklyn, & Newburgh, NY
22.) Albuquerque, NM
23.) Omaha, Ne
24.) Topeka & Wichita, Ks
25.) Phoenix & Tucson, Az

There are surely other places deserving of being mentioned, so feel free to mention any place you think should also be included. Obviously, LA and NYC have lots of crime, but the places I listed seem to have particularly-violent cultures and a higher per capita-crime rate.

So, what do some of y'all on here say is the most-ghetto/dangerous in the U.S.? Is it where you live now or are originally from? I live in Arizona, on the outskirts of Phoenix, and there's certainly crime here, but I've tried to keep my ass out of trouble for many years now, so I don't have many good stories to share.

However, I'd like to hear about the place(s) y'all think are the worst of the worst.

> Pic related: Apparently, a nice house in Flint, Michigan
Detroit fag here, the fact that our city was happy to have 36 hours with no murders kinda sums up the city.
Supposedly, there are occasionally some shootings in the fine city of Chicago, Il. Is anyone on here this morning from Chicago? And if so, can you comment on these shootings and violence in the Windy City?

> Pic related: Apparently, a nice neighborhood in Washington Park, Chicago, Il.
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From East LA and now in Tacoma Washington. East LA was pretty bad with mexican gangs but I was a spic so nobody really gave me shit for walking around and I was cool with a lot of bangers from high school. Here in Tacoma it's mostly black gangs, most notable is hilltop crips. I live in east Tacoma next to Lincoln high school and not much shootings I hear just gang turf and drug dealing. I'm pretty close friends with a Tacoma crip though and his family. I've only been jumped before in LA but never robbed or stabbed but I saw a guy get stabbed and heard shootings. I heard Gary, indiana is pretty bad though
Hello there, DetroitFag. Serious question for you: Which city has the most-fucked-up, scariest ghetto: Detroit or Flint?

I've started several of these threads over the past few months and people from/familiar the 'D' seem to be split on which city is actually worse in the worst parts. What do you think?

Also, have you been to Gary, Indian? Or East St. Louis, Illinois? Or St. Louis, Missouri? If so, how do their ghettos compare to Detroit's and Flint's?
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OP you think Detroit, Pontiac, Saginaw and flint are bad? You are fucking candyass.
File: 2014-07-22_010605.png (12KB, 777x391px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Thanks for chiming in with your thoughts. So, would you say that Tacoma has a legitimate gang presence? I know that a Washington city has been mentioned as having a really high crime rate in previous thread and I think it was Tacoma. Is Tacoma the most-hardcore city in Washington state? And is the gang/drug/crime problem/scene in Tacoma comparable to East Los Angeles?

As for Gary, Indiana, I'll try to find the screencap of a greentext story that someone posted about driving through Gary on the way to Chicago and having cars block the road and try to ambush him while pointing a shotgun at him.

> Pic related: The screencap of the greentext story I just described
I'm from Detroit it aint shit.
Ps. white boy here
I honestly think flint is worse, there's alot of hype on how bad detroit it, and most of it is true. But flint is such a hellhole. Detroit to me is just sad. U can drive up and down blocks and it looks like a bomb went off. Detroit is full of mom's with 20 kids living off the government, flint is where you don't stop at lights or you get your car stolen. But honestly, detroit has its nice parts. During the day, or during any sporting events the city kinda wards off the asshole and it becomes a pretty fun place
File: 1416665750988.jpg (79KB, 546x658px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Well, either you are a troll, or are the dumbest mother fucker on the Internet, if you honestly question the very real dangers in Detroit, Flint, Pontiac, and Saginaw, Michigan.

Where are you from? Is there any crime there? And have you ever been outside of your house?

> Pic related: You, I think.
I think you have Pine Bluff too low. It's definitely worse than Nashville and Memphis–though Memphis can be pretty rough too. Pine Bluff is seriously fucked rn though.
asking that question is like asking whats the smelliest shit in the sewer
who cares its all shit
Tacoma is probably the hardest city in Washington but a block makes a huge difference. There's some cities in eastern Washington that are pretty bad from the Mexicans over there but I still think Tacoma is worse, it to be like compton earning the nickname tacompton. As in gangs though East LA has wayy more street sets and gang related violence but it's all mexicans, gangs here are black. Drug dealing here compared to East LA is probably about the same though.
Im from Detroit. And i grew up around it my whole life so it doesn't faze me. I used to run with a few from MS13 bosting cars and shooting at shit burning down abandoned buildings just hood shit
Another troll attempt, I assume? Who the fuck honestly thinks that Detroit is not hardcore, gangster, and incredibly fucking dangerous?

Does Flint actually have any nice parts? Or is it pretty much just a big, dangerous, ghetto? Also, who is the cause of most of the crime in/around Flint? Blacks? Mexicans? Bikers? Misc. gangs? All of the aforementioned? And are you legitimately in danger just being in Flint after dark? Or, are you always in danger while in Flint?

Are you joking about this? I'm sure that Pine Bluff has some really bad areas, but pretty much everyone from/familiar with Memphis states that it's about as fucked-up and violent as any city in the U.S.

Assuming you're not exaggerating, you got any stories to share about Pine Bluff and why you think it's so dangerous there? Also, do you currently live in/near there?

Obviously, I care, jackass. That's why I started the thread. If you have no interest in the topic, please go elsewhere. There's probably a trap/sissy/pony thread going right now that you will find enjoyment in.
> Pic related: Omar, mother fuckers.
File: 1.jpg (76KB, 634x634px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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To be honest, just look up the cities with the largest black population and you'll discover a direct correlation... Weirdddddddd
>Albuquerque, NM
Is it really that bad? I'm moving there from straya this year..
File: blackteenmmm.jpg (35KB, 402x291px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What exactly are you alluding to with your post?

Also, where are you from/do you live now? And what's it like there?

> Pic related: A picture that I'm guessing you will like.
File: Jesus-facepalm.jpg (61KB, 900x599px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>2.) Gary, Indianapolis, & East Chicago, In

You mean Gary, INDIANA and Chicago, ILLINOIS? Dumbass
Not to try to scare you, but here's a post about Albuquerque from about a month ago:

I live and work in Albuquerque as a bouncer and a security guard in the south valley.

>walking home from work, double shift
>see two kids get chased into a ditch by mexican
>screaming, gunshots
>duck the fuck out, call the cops
>APD wont come into this part of town, they tell me to call county


>working security for the avengers movie
>theyre shooting in the abandoned railyards
>tell us to clear out the bums
>go upstairs, hear a ruckus

>kick open door, three mexicans raping a man
>nope the fuck out, get chased down stairs
>pepper spray two mexicans
>cops show up 45 mins later


>working security at bar by laguna pueblo
>two indians pull up in a 90s ford taurus
>immediately start shooting at me and hooting
>I take a .45 to the shoulder
>cry, piss in my pants
>return fire wildly with 9mm, empty two magazines
>they tear ass out of the parking lot
>nobody in the bar even gives a fuck
>cops show up 20 mins later, no ambulance
>drive self 30 mins to hospital downtown

lots of shit stories

>working security for breaking bad
>they pick the shittiest neighborhood twisters for fake chicken restaurant
>sitting on top of a half million dollars of copper caples
>mexicans obviously casing the joint, drive by repeatedly for two hours from 2-4am
>load shotgun, sit on truck hood holding it
>mexicans watch me from parking lot across the street
>cops take 45 mins to show

i fucking hate albuquerque
fuck mexicans
fuck indians
Assume what you want. No troll here just Detroit is my home and i got love for it no matter how bad it is or how many murders happen Michigan Ave. Will run thick with the blood of the week.
Another post by the guy from Albuquerque:

>driving out towards isleta pueblo in my bronco
>looking forward to a good day of offroading and drinking
>old ford truck stops in the middle of the road in front of me
>two mexicans get out and point guns at me
>yelling spanish gibberish
>floor it, drive off the road into the bosque
>fucking brown people shoot my back window out

another time

>playing poker at route 66 casino
>taking hands from drunk indians all night >cash out at a little over three grand
>three asshole mudskins following me from cashier to exit
>tell security
>they refuse escort to my car
>run from exit to truck
>am fat, smoke, get caught
>get a few good hits in but recieve ass-beating of a lifetime
>retards only took 300$ from my wallet, not 3000 in boot

>driving patrol in internat. district, run over some construction bullshit
>blow out a tire
>mexicans gather, one tries to grab keys from me
>shove beaner onto the ground, kick violently
>get back in the car, drive six blocks on the rim
>not today mudskins

>land of enchantment
Another post by the guy from Albuquerque:

Okay yeah i have more stories

Actors are all generally pretty cool. I was up at val kilmers house in santa fe for a party and hes weird but cool. Bryan cranston would bring us breakfast burritos in the AM. Harrison ford and daniel craig were cool, met them doing cowboys and aliens.

Tommy lee jones is a drama queen pos.and the cap america guy is an asshole.
I lived in Milwaukee for a bit and it was alright, a little worse than abq.
Phoenix is a suburb piece of cake. Its nice there.


Yeah I think Abq is quite a biy worse off. They don't talk about it as much but south of I40 isnt okay to be after dark.

Never met Tapia, but I boxed at that same gym for awhile. J. Voight was a cool dude, he sat next to me at tuscanos downtown. Sam jackson was a serious asshole. We ran into him in old town and he told us to get the fuck out of his way. My wife and I were sitting in the grass. Grade A douche. My wife's friend called him a trash ass nigger. I laughed.


People get kidnapped out of town and there's a pretty serious problem with human traffickers. Also if you dont lock your shit up tight your truck will be stolen. Will be.

At about 3am the other night some asshole started banging on my door yelling about needing change for the bus. Ofc my wife is like "go do something about it"

I opened the door and this asshole tried to stab me with a little insulin needle. I had the baby monitor in my hand and i hit him in the face with it six or seven times before it broke apart. I didnt even make the conscious thought to do it, just happened. Took APD almost 45 minutes to show up.
File: 1.jpg (57KB, 427x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
57KB, 427x960px
Just saying that unfortunately an overwhelming majority of the black populace are nignogs and tend to fuck shit up. I'm from Marietta, GA, a few miles north of Atlanta
> Have you been robbed?
No just shot at
>Yelled at or even stared down?
Not in a while, but yea.

Malibu is thuggish op
I assumed you were trolling or just a semi-retarded jackass, but in case you were not aware of it, there is a city in Indiana named East Chicago. And, for the record, I included the city of Chicago, Illinois, in the #4 spot, along with Rockford and East St. Louis.

Btw, where are you from/where do you live now? And what's it like there?
> Pic related: A picture of East St. Louis.

And here are the comments used to describe the image:

>A thin line separates civilization and barbarism... just beyond the horizon rests 98% black East St. Louis.

It also mentioned how there was a wild brawl at the DES Office in East St. Louis while people were waiting in line to get their food stamps refilled/approved.
File: 1406928285121.jpg (282KB, 2048x1493px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
282KB, 2048x1493px
>Watch Hoodfights VOL 4 and see columbus oh

holy shit!

>Go to store next day, hungover and talk with shop clerk and ask if they have had problems with some of the youths in the area - his words exactly are:

We have had to lock the doors with some of these punks inside, pull guns on them and wait for the cops to show up.

>Shit shit shit
File: image.jpg (265KB, 1000x674px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
265KB, 1000x674px
I guess no one's taken a walk from Boston over to Cambridge lately
Yikes... Sounds pretty hectic
I'll concede–Memphis is probably as bad as Pine Bluff. Nashville isn't even close though.

I live half an hour south of Pine Bluff, but very rarely stop there. There's neighborhoods where you will absolutely be beaten and mugged if you were out at night. Your life's not in danger unless your on someones shit list, but I've had many friends hospitalized. And jefferson county police are a joke.

I've been mugged only once, because there was a lot of guys and a few had guns. But there was this other time that two guys–and they'll do this a lot in pine bluff– followed me and a buddy into a Wendy's drive-thru, and when we were at the window they pulled alongside us and tried to mug us; they do it this way, because you'll have a car behind you, in front of you, and now one right parallel with you, and you'll be absolutely stuck and can do nothing. These are the moments you want a gun.
File: detroit_16.jpg (65KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
65KB, 640x480px
My point was about the response claiming that "Detroit ain't shit" being ridiculous. Obviously, you are aware of how violent and dangerous it is in much of the city of Detroit. And while you are surely somewhat desensitized to the crime and violent culture there, I'm sure you still recognize the very real dangers and criminals prevalent around the city. And I'm sure you do have love for your city, as most people from 'The D' seem to.

Btw, have you been to American Jewelry and Loan? If so, is the owner as much of a faggot idiot as he seems to be on TV? What about his faggoty son and stupid botch of a daughter?

I knew what you were implying; I was just fucking around with you. And I'm of the impression that Atlanta has some really fucked-up, violent parts to it, with a large population of blacks, and racist white people, as well as a growing Latino population.

Have you spent much time in/around Atlanta? If so, what's your impression of the city? And is Marietta a racist town? What's it like there? Clean? Nice? Rundown? Hardcore? Scary? And have you had any problems in Mariette and/or the ATL?
> Pic related: Some African Lions that were found in the basement of a house in Detroit that were allegedly kept as pets by a Detroit drug dealer.
I live in Alabama and always thought we had it pretty well in terms of crime rates, then I learned about Bessemer.

I don't have any stories, just don't go to Bessemer.
File: WadenaGang650.jpg (194KB, 650x537px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
194KB, 650x537px
It seems like Ohio has several cities that are really ghetto/scary. Here's a story that was posted about an experience in Cleveland, Ohio.

fuck it

>>go to see a concert in cleveland
>>never been to cleveland should be fun
>>get together with clan of friend and load up in a big ass navigator
>>all skater bros etc.
>>get into town a day early to see the city fuck off skate etc.
>>later that nig...

oh wait allow me to tell you a secret about ol clevecityburgville easily the dirtiest city this side of the 1st world part of the equator. holy fuck people throw shit in a garbage can please

>>later that night we split off
>>me and the current gf head off skating
>>she is kinda wore out so she is walking with her board as I skate back and forth
>>really just cruising seeing the city
>>i would skate ahead a bit and wait for her to catch up
>>i have a thing about night skating
>>lub mah night skates
>>anyhoo skate ahead and turn around
>>strange city etc trying to keep an eye on her
>>fucking bum out of an alley
>>lunges out grabs her and pulls her into an alley
>>didn't see me i guess?
>>crazy endorphins
>>mad adrenaline
>>i all of a sudden was positive I was bulletproof
>>run into the alley without thinking or commanding my body to
>>he has his back to me as I get close she kicks him away
>>he takes two steps back and
>>catches the heaviest set of independent trucks they ever made
>>directly to the side of the head
>>I even spun my foot as I swung
>>like full tilt
>>the noise
>>the blood
>>he flies into the brick wall and collapses
>>no movement
>>i'm pretty sure I just collapsed this guys skull
>>grab gf
>>meet back at the hotel with the group never told anyone
>>we still haven't talked about it to this day tbh
>>no idea what happened to him but i'll assume he wasn't wearing his life alert so probably kill

Pic related: A picture that showed up after searching Google Images for "Cleveland Ohio Ghetto"
I know my city is Hell on earth (but not the actual city of Hell, MI) and THOSE FAGGOTS NEED TO BE SHOT. They are worse in person i have a rolex i wanted them to clean and he tried offering me $500 for it. Sticker price when it was new in the 1950's it was a $5,000 i got it from my grandfather when he passed and that motherfucker was so disrespectful i just walked out. Didn't sign a release for filming either. In case you are wondering i am in fact white witch makes living here a fun game of Russian roulette.
Dude, jesus. I'm going to Cleveland in march for the Jeff Rosenstock / AJJ show. Thanks for the heads up.
I live on the border of Hueytown and Bessemer and I'm white.....Lord help me and my aim.
I am not familiar with Boston or Cambridge, but I know that Boston is a tough city with some really rough areas. Also, people have mentioned some other Mass. cities in previous threads, with Chelsea being one of them. Is that where are you from/live now? If so, care to give a description of what's it like there? And do you think it's ghetto/dangerous on the same level as places like Camden, Philadelphia, Wilmington, etc.?

I had not originally included Nashville on the list, but several people posted in previous threads and mentioned that Nashville has some really ghetto areas and that they have gotten legitimately dangerous and violent in recent years. Apparently, there is a major drug scene there (as in, large amounts of hard drugs being shipped to/through the area) and some serious Mexican gang/cartel members moving to/spending time in Nashville. I think they mentioned a Nashville neighborhood called Antioch (apparently, there is also a city named Antioch in California, too, that is somewhat ghetto).

As for Pine Bluff, just the reality that it's deserving of being mentioned along with Memphis, Tn, in terms of crime/violence, is a powerful, and scary, statement. And your story about the drive-thru robberies happening with frequency certainly seems to prove that it's pretty fucking gangster there.

Btw, is Pine Bluff far worse than Little Rock and/or West Memphis?
File: 1416810923753.jpg (76KB, 788x646px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
76KB, 788x646px
I know that feel
Lower Manhattan
From New Haven Ct, It is pretty bad in some areas but honestly it is mostly black on black gang related crime, very seldom does it go out of the realm of black on black

Wow - I have another
>Be me, sitting in my car in my parents driveway

>smoking weed, a little speaker is playing "echoes" with john dilerberto

>something tells me to look left (sitting in the passenger seat)

>immediately hear someone trying to get in my driverside door, see nothing but a neck and torso

>jump out the car, blunt still in my mouth


>he can't be a day over 14 looks scared - I instinctively had one of many throwing blades in my hand


>he stands there, eye on blade not knowing if I am going to kill him


>he walks away slowly with his head down, and I realize that this fucker lives down the street from me - i watch him walk away - he likely feels me watching and does not go to his house

>something tells me to look up and when I do, I see my neighbors' son looking at me from his window with his mouth wide open

Tell your mom to make sure you keep everything locked, niggas are stealing shit!

>Get back in the car and hear:

I am John Dilberto, and you're hearing echoes..

>Laugh for a few minutes and then almost cry.
my girlfriend and i were "robbed" once in houston texas. 3 jiggaboos with 1 knife got us walking to our car, thankfully we both have a chl and i flashed mine to them under my coat, she pulled hers from her purse and they ran off screamin "oh shit run nukka we gon get shot" or whatever monkey shit they managed to spout out.

I'll tell you though, I've never had a racist thought untill I moved to this city. I've also learned this city has only become this way since katrina pushed all that scum out of new orleans
Manhattan is fucking Disnee Worl compared to the aforementioned shitholes.
>Be Dutch
>Have childhood dream of going to America once
>Get older
>Realise America is not that great
>Be on 4chan
>Read this
Little Rock's real bad too, but the ghetto is easily avoided there; that's not the case with Pine Bluff. There's not really a safe part of town in Pine Bluff–there's a reason we call it Crime Bluff.

I don't really know much about West Memphis. I know it can be bad, but I couldn't tell you if it was Little Rock/Pine Bluff bad.
Man, if there would only just be ONE giant war to filtrate every irrational scumfuck that just lives to fuck shit up for others.. The would woulde be so cool afterwards

Sad part is, the total economic collapse of America has not even occurred yet.....I think it will this year, though
Speaking from personal experience, you don;t want to go to Oakland if you're white, especially at night.
File: hardcore-pawn1.jpg (61KB, 320x240px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
61KB, 320x240px
I only recently heard of Bessemer, after seeing it posted in a previous thread. It's near Birmingham, right? Or am I getting it confused with Prichard? And what is the most-ghetto/crime-ridden/scary city out of Birmingham, Bessemer, and Prichard? Also, do you of you Alabama residents have any stories about these places?

So, you actually went in to the store in Detroit and personally dealt with Les, the faggot owner/star of the TV show? And he was a rude prick in person? I am from Arizona, with no ties to Detroit, but I like that it has a such a hardcore reputation, and it irked me that that faggot and his scumbag children act like they are so tough and that they are tough enough as to not be fucked with by the violent, gangster, desperate people of Detroit.

I used to watch Hardcore Pawn, but it was legitimately too irritating/bothersome for me to watch it most times, so I haven't watched it lately. And whenever they were rudely trying to bully someone out of their shop, I would specifically think to myself, that if these fucking idiots were to talk shit like they we hardcore badasses to any legitimately desperate gangster mother fucker from Detroit, their store would likely literally get burned down and/or they would likely get violently attacked/robbed/beaten before the end of the day. Or am I wrong about thinking that?

> Pic related: Apparently, some of the more-hardcore people from Detroit.

agreed, feel much safer walking though new haven than bridgeport any day
I think the only reason for the downfall of
America is the 'love' from the lefties for the
incapable beasts who just live to fuck up
others. They should filtrate sociaty today or America is lost.
You didn't get "robbed" if your wife scared them away.
Lifelong olympiafag, i can say that tacoma was hard some like 7-8 years ago, but the hilltop crips don't do anything noteworthy nowadays.

summer/fall 2011 I spent the entire time in tacoma and not shit happened as far as gangbangers go, I'd see the same shit in seattle, olympia, or even vancouver. and seattle is WAY more full of crackheads
Bridgeport is becoming an art mecca only a matter of time before its filled with hipsters lol. But shit east main st back in the day was a fucking war zone kinda still is!

I tend to think it is because most of us Americans have no clue of what our government and bankers are really doing. Willful ignorance is deadly..

My people suffer from a lack of knowledge.

So far a Cleveland goes, East Cleveland is about to file for bankruptcy - I remember telling some family members that live in Cleveland that what is going on in Detroit can spread easily and will spread only because we have not fixed the problems that have out our nation in this mess.
Don't know about the collapse this year. Employment is doing great but the stock market is overdue for a crash. It's in a weird period were the economy and the market didn't follow each other and there's a ~4 year gap between the two. I'm interested to see what happens when the shit hits the fan.
Where is Compton at?

also nice trips
Its all about the rgv tx
File: 887Tactical-prod.jpg (9KB, 570x135px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9KB, 570x135px
More like pic related :)
>At home while roommates are at work.
>Don't own car so it looks like no one is home.
>Hear glass break from side door directly across from my room.
>Grab shotty off the wall and swing my door open, leveling shotgun as an arm has gone through window on door.
>Fire off a round into door and watch hand explode and arm disappear out the door.
>Look out front window to see guy running through next door neighbor's yard and into woods.
>First time ever shooting someone and adrenaline is wearing off, look back in kitchen were fingers are and throw up.

Got my roommate to come home from work early and called the cops. Guy must have toughed it out or bled out at someone's house, cause he never showed up at a hospital.

We changed the doors the next day to steel doors with double locks (have to use key inside to lock and unlock the doors so you cant break a window and unlock the door. Bars on all windows now. And this is just inside the house, fuck the shit I deal with out and about just going to the damn gas station to buy cigarettes.
You are not a smart person
Puro pinche cartel del golfo
Memphis. Niggers prostitutes and drugs every where. murders, robberies everyday Truely the nigger capitol of usa
File: 1408178412738.jpg (34KB, 287x306px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
34KB, 287x306px

> Employment is doing great
I kinda want to see that place go up in flames. That would be worth going back. They don't even live in Detroit they live like 20 miles north of here
Did your gf fuck your brains out for saving her?
The whole state of Texas is Americas worst ghetto.
For some reason I feel like the repercussions for shooting someones limb off would be a bit more troublesome than that.
Bessemer is just NW of Birmingham. Prichard is in South Alabama just North of Mobile and borders Chickasaw(which is horrid also, used to deliver pizza in Saraland and we had to go into Chickasaw and Prichard, FUCK THAT)
That's what the statistics are saying, unemployment is at an all time low since 15 years or so.
File: Race and Crime rate.jpg (347KB, 1894x726px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Race and Crime rate.jpg
347KB, 1894x726px
I think you will find this little chart i made pretty interesting then.
The cops here are used to shootings and to be truthful, a white guy shooting a black guy breaking into your house they don't give a shit about. More of a "good job" from them.

Guy must have not been in a gang or anything, no one ever came looking for us.
Yeah, poverty probably has nothing to do with that at all.
Flintfag here. It's pretty much all shithole. Some areas are okay, but coming from the outside you probably wouldn't be able to tell. It all just looks like crushing despair.

I have no problems going to some areas 24/7, some neighborhoods my white ass wouldn't drive through even at 6 am when all the spooks are asleep.

Detroit is a shithole too, but has a few redeeming qualities, cool stuff to see and do. There's pretty much no reason to ever go through Flint or Saginaw.
That's how you do! Shit like that happened few years ago to me but the motherfucker was trying to jack my dad's car but dipped when he saw me coming from behind the house with a double barrel 12. (Hippie house we use only back door)
File: 2587946.jpg (97KB, 600x1096px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
97KB, 600x1096px

Well, I guess that settles it then.
you don't think that a high black population causes poverty?
blacks get too numerous, crime rates go up, cities have to spend more on police, inner city welfare programs and that sort of shit, they dont have enough money to keep their economy growing and they have high rates of unemployment, which increases the poverty and increases the crime rate.
File: 1411520612492.jpg (146KB, 694x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
146KB, 694x800px
Self defense is legit
Oh, I'm sure it doesn't help but I'm sure you see the other reason too
I was being facetious; blacks aren't these inherently evil beings who revel in crime. They're just poor as shit–they beget poverty because they're trapped within it.
File: IMAG0350.jpg (1MB, 3264x1952px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 3264x1952px
>Saginaw, Flint
>most dangerous in America
kill yourself
buffalo here.
west side aint so bad.
east side is pretty damn hood, gotta be with people from the area.

>if you aint from here dont come around here

my first night in buffalo i decided to walk to the mcdonalds on niagara close to pennsylvania thinking they would be open, they close the lobby to avoid being robbed i suppose, i was trippin so i wasnt really with it, didnt see a single soul the 3 blocks there, then on the way back 3 prs come outta the alley and the one walked across the street
>he goes we good people fam....you lookin for work?
>im like nah man im no crackhead
>yeah bullshit why the fuck you out here then
>i walk around him and he gives me this like look like im outta my mind

the other two dudes started walkin up lookin like they were gonna whoop my ass and i dipped the fuck out up the street to my buddys apt across the street from that tattoo parlor..fucking ghetto peice of shit door was broken and i couldn't open it, got jumped right there at the door step for a good minute lol...shit sucked ass but it wasn't horrible.

probably because of the acid
Reasons for going though flint and Saginaw for me is family and the Up
>"Officer, I thought I saw a knife/bat/crowbar and feared for my safety should he have made it inside the house."
>24.) Topeka & Wichita, KS
As a Wichitan, I do not understand why we have so much crime here, It is ridiculous to me.
Must be because there isn't anything to do and rather than drive a couple of hours to KC, they just want to commit crimes for fun.
Everett fag, have had multiple gun incidences in my city. Luckily only shot at once. Everyone in Everett thinks Tacoma is hardcore, I agree with them. Hilltop esp.
File: 1420880645103.jpg (51KB, 400x380px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
51KB, 400x380px
Not that bad.
Mom lived in flint went there alot from ages 7 through 15
It sure is good living in a decent town, with zero firearms, I kind of think that it would be alright in some aspects, I've always wanted to know what getting shot at felt like.
File: 1412375564765.png (263KB, 409x478px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
263KB, 409x478px
ITT: Murrifags thinking a few niggers with guns makes a city dangerous

The rest of the world would like a word with you faggots.
No you don't lol
This is a fucked-up story. It's awful that someone tried to break in to your house and even more-awful that you ended up shooting someone's fingers/hand off.
By the way, where did this happen? Were you replying to the Alabama comments?

Also, what did the police say about you shooting the intruder with your shotgun? Did they give you a hard time about it? Threaten you with charges? Or did they say that you absolutely did the right thing by shooting them while their hand was reaching in to your home? And did they attempt to identify the person via DNA or fingerprints (assuming that they were useable from the fingers/hand left inside your house)?

As for your shotgun, how much did you ay for it? What gauge? What capacity? I've been looking at ArmsList.com almost daily lately, trying to find a relatively inexpensive handgun or shotgun, and I've been thinking about getting a 12 Gauge Mossberg, as they are usually cheaper than a 9MM or .40 ca. pistol. I had been looking at a brand new 500 12 Gauge for $357, but I just went to grab a picture of it for this post and saw a newly-listed (used) 500 12 Gauge (7+1 shot) for $250, and that's the cheapest Mossberg I've seen since I started checking the site.

> Pic related: A Mossberg 500 12 Gauge Shotgun.
>be 7 yo UKfag
>go to Murica for holiday
>go to Orlando for Disney Land
>wake up one day
>see something about a hostage situation on the news
>think nothing of it
>waking to IHOP only 5 minutes out of the hotel
>see another hotel/apartment block
>see all the police cars and place taped off
>look over
>see some nignog at a window shouting shit with a gun at his gfs head
>walk on like nothing happened
>continue to get dem pancakes

How shitty is it living in America that this shit happens on a daily bases ?
What is it like?
File: image.jpg (181KB, 640x1136px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
181KB, 640x1136px
In NWA records, mostly.
OP, if Washington DC isn't on your list you're missing out on one of the most fucked up places in the US. SE DC and Prince George's county Maryland are war zones. I lived there for 3 years. Got shot at once, caught a ricochet in my leg outside of a bar just standing there, and frequently watched people getting stabbed/robbed/beat down on the street. Fuck that place.
But guns are illegal in DC!
>3.) Camden, Patterson, Newark, Trenton, & East Orange, NJ
only one 't' in Paterson

Toms river nj you could a rock and hit a dopehead nowadays
bretty good m8.
I lived in southern Florida for a year, didn't experience any violent crime but it was everywhere. Car full of Jamaicans driving up to you as you come out of a convenience store asking if you want to buy roxy, trailer parks where every third is a drug house, rednecks throwing each other off docks at fishing piers, guys in delorians selling party drugs, etc
>▶ New Haven CT, not the MOST, but that place sucks.
Are you talking about Florida or GTA?
>is guy who shot dude's hand.
Actually I asked the cops about shooting him and they told me I couldn't shoot him on my doorstep through the door. Then he took his badge off and said, "Drag the body inside" and put his badge back on.
Its like looking death in the eye socks without flinching. Some get scared shitless I've put a gun to my own head and squeezed but it was a dud after that guns arent that bad to me

That's the only type of anything "violent" that I seen...

Seen a guy though that drove around in some big Cadillac thing with a different massive hat every night...
*bang* oh shit the next ones gunna hit me *bang* fuck fuck fuck no way im getting lucky again fuck fuck *bang* he's gunna hit me pretty soon *bang* im gunna die

and so and so forth
it's not fun at all
that was rich, thanks.
File: 1420170819468.jpg (27KB, 541x410px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27KB, 541x410px
Real talk from a pig!?!
But that's what you do lol
I'm this guy

but even in the UK i've been "shot"

got clipped by a stray bullet from when one of my friends dads got shot several times by paramilitaries...

I was 10 at the time and got clipped in the shoulder...Shit hurts...you feel a sharp "stabbing" pain almost and then a burning pain and then it just hurts like fuck after that...
Op a lil fucking pussy, stand up for yourself bitch. Southwest philly here.
Fuck me, that's red hot. You in Northern Ireland?
they just mad ignorant and believe they need someone else to take care of them. then they sit around in their own filth and ask for mo money for dem programs. it's really sad cuz they didnu nuffin.

Not really a surprise that, yes, yes I am haha
I've haven't been hit just shot at
"Employment" is a lie; a grown man is considered "employed" if he puts in 28 hours stocking grocery store shelves. There's no real "employment" in this country anymore.
File: detroit.webm (3MB, 1280x533px)
3MB, 1280x533px
norn iron shit
live near belfast myself

I don't recommend trying to get hit...if you ever meet anyone who has been shot and they say it didn't hurt, they're lying...I might of only been 10 years old, but I've met other people that have been shot and stabbed a few times and they said nothing compares to getting shot...


I'm not that far away from it either, only a couple of miles outside, but I was up at my mates dads house in Carrickfergus whenever it happened...
MDfag here. Baltimore is not that bad. In Salisbury i have been assaulted a couple of times.
that's my point, I was making fun of OP for putting them as the most dangerous. Even Detroit doesn't compare to a lot of other places in the US
Americas not bad if you manage to stay away from nig infested cities. Aside from that theres some really great places to visit
ITT: The whitest people, and their paranoia
Wow, we're they loyalist or unionist paramilitary? I'm from Australia but I have some direct blood relatives who done some red hot shot in Northern Ireland, one was a uda member who went to jail for robbing a bank, one was a police detective who was shot at out the front of his home and his 14 year old son ran inside an emptied a semi automatic into the van they were driving. I'm guessing you took up the fight after getting shot? At least when you were of age
File: balt14.jpg (47KB, 648x486px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
47KB, 648x486px
Is Flint just rundown and ghetto? Or is it legitimately dangerous with violent people/thugs/criminals all around, like I perceive it to be? I know there are lots of hardcore-violent people in Detroit, so I'm assuming there are many people like that in Flint, too. I would have to think that both cities have areas that are straight fucking unnerving to be in where your life is legitimately in danger at any given time.

What's with this post? Did you take it yourself? I don't know the city for sure, but if I were to venture guess, I'd guess that it's Louisville, Ky? Or maybe Nashville, Tn?

I'm confused; are you really implying that Flint and Saginaw are not dangerous cities?

I actually had Washing D.C. on the list - and have had in included in many of the previous threads like this that I've started -v but I took it off before starting this thread, because people have claimed that D.C. has been being gentrified in recent years and that it is nowhere near as crime-ridden and dangerous as it was in the 1980s, with the crack epidemic going on. People claimed that it was out of control back then and that it was legitimately one of, if not the most, dangerous places in America.

Would you say that D.C. was/is as bad as Baltimore? Similar/comparable? Worse?

I had not know this, until starting several of these threads and someone corrected it for me. However, I had become of Paterson only having one "t", but I copied the list for this OP from an older thread I archived, and it was from back when I was not aware of the proper spelling.

Btw, are you from New Jersey? If so, where? And, fuck you, for calling me a faggot.

> Pic related: Some place in Baltimore/Bodymore, Maryland/Muderland.
File: flynnsane.jpg (192KB, 661x341px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
192KB, 661x341px
oakland ca reporting in. during the day its pretty safe relatively, the 'ghetto' and the nicer areas are not separated by much (hell now the townhouses pop up right in the bad areas).

At night it's worse. the gangs occassionally roam the richer Oakland neighborhoods of Adam's Point and Temescal looking tyo do quick robberies. I've been held up at knifepoint twice the last 3 months.

im never sure if the hooded guy running behind me is a rich Piedmont "thug" looking to get some selfies of him with the protestors blocking traffic on grand ave., or a legit roody who needs to feed the shrewdness
fuck, I live in carrick
how long ago was this?
Cleveland and the surrounding suburbs are pretty shitty but I don't think they're "top 10" shitty, more run down than anything. And iirc most of the crime wasn't really violent crime, just drugs and theft and dumb nigger shit
I've been stabbed but with a screw driver and you're saying getting shot is worse? That's for the heads up /b/ro

I don't know who it was back then, but I remember the UDA where involved because it was something to do with a bomb making factory or supplies or some shit like that...I didn't/don't want to find out or get involved with that...

And nah I didn't "take up the fight" I wouldn't want involved in that...I have "helped" out a few times, but that would be the likes of stealing a car back from Divis (A shitty area that more IRA side of things)

I wouldn't want properly involved, but I know a good amount of people that I could contact and get something sorted if I ever needed it...
I'm the guy that lives in Hueytown, same dude.
The police were actually pretty chill about it, like I said, white dude shooting a black dude breaking in. For once cop racism works for me lol. But no, they couldn't do fingerprints on them, and aren't gonna waste the money on DNA testing for "petty" crime. Dude's now missing a hand, he ain't gonna be robbing shit now if he is still alive somewhere.

Remington 887 12 gauge 4+1 loaded. I don't know the price, friend got it at one the gun shows at the BJCC as a Christmas present, but they retail at 550-600. It's a damn good shotgun to me. Same friend has a .40 1911(Predator, I think) that I'm in love with but can't find one for less that $400. I'm not the one to talk guns with, might want to check /k/ for that, or are they just psychos?
Ausfag here.


Shit is cray in the USA.
I've lived in pg county almost all of my life. I hear gunshots every now and then, but other than that it's really not a problem.
File: BadlandsNoPhilly.jpg (116KB, 984x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
116KB, 984x480px
OP here. I've heard that Southwest Philly is mostly for the gays and is fucking ice cream soft. Aren't you faggots scared to cross that bridge over to Camden? Does Philadelphia actually have any rough areas or tough neighborhoods? And what are the Cambodians like there?

> Pic related: The nice part of Philadelphia.

Was back in Jan 2003, in a street called Dunlawskin or something?
Rocky Mount, NC.
Halfway between Miami and nycnyc right up 95, big drug traffic layover. higher crime rate per capita than nyc
You're correct that gentrification has pushed the bad areas away, except the problem just shifted to other neighborhoods. I've spent a fair amount of time in East BMore as well. I'd consider it about the same as SE DC. There aren't gangs in the classic sense of the word in those cities (Spics being the exception), more like tight neighborhood crews that grew up with each other. And boy do they hate other crews. Simple shit will spark a war.
>walking down broad street in Augusta, GA at 3 am
>nigger sitting on street asks me for money
>tell him i dont have any
>look back at him
>he asks if i gots a prollem
>gets up and follows me
>he keeps calling down the street to his friend
>i think i'm about to get shot and robbed
>his friend never comes so he leaves me alone
the fuck
I retract my calling you a nigger anon. And the border of Mexico citys the cartels can get in fuck going there
I'm so glad my grand parents moved from there, otherwise I probably would of ended up dead. I would of been pretty upset getting shot, would of been out for blood, what did you dad do about it? Or at least your local paramilitary, I'm sure they wouldn't take to kindly to a kid getting shot
anywhere a group of niggers live together
Flint isnt that bad it's like Detroit with less cool stuff to do if you're under 21
Thanks m8
It's a huge county, bro. Oxon Hill, Forest Heights, Capitol Heights, temple hills is where the party is at. Upper Marlboro doesn't count.

NYC probably doesn't deserve to be mentioned in dangerous cities, but a couple boroughs are pretty bad. East New York/Brownseville I won't step foot in.
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