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Trap thread.

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Trap thread.
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OP here, come on we need traps in here.
So let me get this straight...

>cross dressers are dudes who dress like girls

>traps are cross dressers who look like girls

>and shemales are girls with cocks that use to be guys

>the differences being CDs are shit tier, shemales are only cool cause they've had work done, and traps are boys turned goddess.

>but they're all faggots

am I understanding the correctly?
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not so fast, op
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trap =/= disgusting sissyboy
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not politically correct by any means but other than that you're spot on

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pretty much, and we all love cock.
There we go.
The sole reason I went to /b/ tonight, and it's the second fucking thread. dis gon b gud

muthafuckinsauce on them pics tho
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bang on. please accept this honorary degrees in gender and sexual studies.
go be a cam girl and make money from being a camwhore...
the same pic again and again and again
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the dark one speaks truth!
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Pretty much it to the T. And theres trans but thats a whole nother can of worms.

But posting me in the mean time. (I admit I'm in the CD camp)
is this you ?
hey guise is this a gay thread?
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pretty hot, you got kik ?
damn...thats a Delicious ass post some more
Still cute
Oh wow you are fucking gorgeous
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rawr.. hi
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Yeah :) samtrapchab

Also if any girls are here I'd looovee to talk :) im in ga btw

Well thank ya :) i dont know if im gonna get hate or fans :)
god tier
the trap card is already tapped and never activates
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More or less. Cross dressing is just cross dressing. Could be anything from a hobby to being a drag queen to being transgender to being the trap queen of /b/.

Shemale normally refers to porn actresses that have had surgeries to look like they do.

Trap refers to any cross dresser, shemale, transgender, whatever that makes a convincing enough woman that you wouldn't know they were born male until you saw the penis, hence falling into the trap.

Definitely all faggots.
that is what I call a perfect trap ass, post more, also you got kik ?
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>mfw my girlfriend has that exact pair of underwear
>she was wearing them first time we fucked
honestly though, CDs who just do it for fun and dont try to pass themselves off as qt3.14 traps and have manfaces are alright, just the ones that are too full of themselves bother me
I want to achieve a feminine body. I want to become a trap but I have a lot of body hair almost everywhere. Im 18 what do I have to do to be more feminine???
sooooo hot....post some more please
Dunno where ga is but I'm here. Occationally hang out on omegle myself... Making "straight" boys cum is so much fun.

The best part is that I'm in a hetro relationship and have never done anything gay with someone else irl before.
anyway to contact you
You got my dick hard, so I think fans
hi cutie
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I'm in Georgia :) lol the state. And I'm actually kind of the same... I've never been with a guy and I was doing the same thing a few months ago before we broke up :) lol how do you get away with camming on omegle? I always get blocked

Yay :) im glad. Thats the goal
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File: GiantTrapHole.jpg (80KB, 300x435px)
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That sounds like such a pain :/ I'm sorry abou that. At least you know you pass and youre adorable :)
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Did your parents disown you, srs?
Hot stuff
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So whenever I go through the airport and have to go through the security scan the security guard who runs the machine has to select male or female. I'm always selected as female, when this happens I walk out of the machine to see a big red square on my penis... I then have to go through the machine a second time, this time selected as a male. Once I walk out there is a big square on my boobs and bra... I'm then patted down and given strange looks from the security guards. >.> I guess it's a good thing? At least I pass...
I want to grab your ass like that
shhh your fake alpha is showing
che aint fucking bad without his planet of the apes beard.
Oh. I'm not from america, so I get confused alot with that xD. Sad you broke up... Or was it?

Step 1 is to find the right people. Mostly guys will just have a blanket over their dick or something. They're 9/10 times interested in a camshow, and 9/10 times you won't get banned from it. You won't stay banned for long though.
I reccomned chaturbate, it has it's on cathegory for trans/trap. It's awesomely lewd at times, and you can make some $$ :p
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pretty much
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thank u guys
you're cute as fuck
you totally pass
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Yeah it was kind of for the best but it was sad. She used to be into me trapping which was awesome. We dated for over 3 years. And that makes sense :) its just easier to type out lol

I've been wanting to get on chaturbate I just dont think im cute enough :) how much can you make?

And I may have to hop on omegle again sounds fun :)
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Trap about to go on omegle
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you have a cute lil tummy :3
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Thread images: 37

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