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your first sexual experience.

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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your first sexual experience.
there's a reason this thread is empty
>tfw i m not a robot
>be me. 19.
>with gf 5/10 for 3 months
>sitting in her apartment
>"anon wanna have sex?"
>if you want to sure
>get naked
>she jerks me off until I'm hard
>put condom on
>rides me for 20 min before stopping
>gf gets mad and says I'm not attracted to her
>dumps me

Turns out I'm a faggot and now she's known as the girl who turned me into one.
part 1

>freshman in highschool
>be a weird emo loner growing up
>this one girl is really into me and i honestly dont know what to do, she calls me her "boyfriend" and i pretty much go along with it
>have this talent and was set to perform in the school talent show
>this girl and I were sitting backstage alone in the dark talking and being your standard highschool emo's
>eventually I lean in for the kiss and she kisses back
>"Anon it's your turn to perform!"
>perform in the show, the crowd is roaring and clapping
>win the talent show, and had my first kiss right before
>felt like a million bucks that day
Next part?
Used to play Xbox live, fucked a whole lot of moms
part 2

>that girl breaks ups with me cause im a weird autistic fucker
>didnt even sex her
>fast foward to sophomore year
>my family moved into a new house
>so that means a new bus route
>notice this girl i saw at friends birthday party gets off the bus and lives nearby
>we dont talk to eachother for a couple weeks but we walk silently home with a few other kids
>be trying to figure out how to say hello to her this everyday
>she eventually talks to me
>"Anon, werent you at this birthday party awhile back?"
>eventually we start talking to eachother everyday walking home
>we start hanging out at lunch
>the we start hanging out after school
>we would be constantly be texting eachother everyday, our favorite activity would be roving around the neighborhood at night
>eventually I lean in for the kiss one night

part three coming
Bumping for that story.
>now she's known as the girl who turned me into one.
Bump for the story m8
My answer depends on what you define as sexual I guess. The following is my first experience that could be categorized as sexual. (I'm not counting "I'll show me yours if you show me mine" situations from childhood, those weren't sexual to me)

>be 18, spooning in bed with my sister's best friend
> kissing her neck and cupping a feel
> she runs her hands over my face and down my legs
> never actually kissed on the mouth. fuckin weird

More of my shitty sexual exploits?
Nobody has any, OP.
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first time i gave the ol' lickaroo
>early summer
>age 14
>party outside with friends, one girl very drunk, known to be a slut
>decide to get wasted as well
>start making out like hell
>me and her decide to separate from the crowd
>find a bush nearby, grass is pretty wet
>i put my jacket under her and pull her pants down
>i start licking her pussy, somewhat know what im doing
>i guess she came
>just as i was pulling my pants down she says she doesnt want to have sex
Pretype your shit next time.
>Be me, 13
>Cute boy in class asks if I want to hang out after school
>Sure why not
>Goes back to his with his friend, 'Hey anon my dad has vodka left, want some'
>Hell yeah I do (edgy 13yo)
>Gets drunk after a couple glasses mixed with soft drink
>Tell him im horny, he has gf
>Rings gf, tells her things arent working out
>Go to friends house with him
>Has first boy kiss, pokes me for first time on his friends parents bed while friend plays cod
>Tells him to stop because barely one finger hurt me

Im a whore
>she was waiting for this
>we start hanging out at eachothers houses when our parents arent there
>we watch that 70's show and musicals
>we eventually start hardcore making out every chance we get
>me being this autistic emo fucker doesnt know how to progress further after fingering her
>but we still hang out and make out all the time
>I feel like im starting to love her
>fast forward to junior year
>she is a year ahead of me so shes a senior and is thinking about college
>we live in a small town so lots of people go out of state for college
>be the ending of my junior year i notice her stop hanging out with me more and growing distant
>she no longer initiate the text conversations and i am every time
>we talk about her leaving a lot, to the point where she is tired of it
>days before she leaves for college I say I love her in tears
>she just says we need to be friends
>she texts me shes already on the plane as i text her "Want to hang out?" one last time
>just cry

part four coming i promise
>Absolutely massive titties with whipped cream and chocolate when I was 15
absolutely disgusting
bumping anyway
I was 6 and boy invited me over to his house. Then he asked me to play a game where we'd do nasty stuff. Then he pulled down his pants, layed on top of me and we made out. He would wash his mouth out after each time. Gayest moment in my life.

Very evil. Her self-esteem must be non-existent.

Well done anon.
Whores get laid so don't be too sad.
>Be in preschool
>Kid notices in bathroom
>Later that day in a group with other boys and girls
>Kid says my pee pee is different
>Other kids want to see
>Show them
>They want to touch it
>why not
>Let them
>They pull back my foreskin repeatedly and touch the head
>My pee pee gets bigger
>One of the little girls screams
>Female teacher comes over
>The kids' parents are informed
>And that was the end of my teaching career
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Top Kek.jpg
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made me laugh, good job
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I'm gonna continue muh story for my own sake.

>fast forward a few months
>be 19
>be unkissed virginfag at a small music festival
>have a few drinks at a party
>male friend is hitting on female friend
>he's neckbeard and fat
>nope, not happening.
>cockblock and steal the girl
>dance and make-out
>incredible, it feels so natural.
>make out the whole evening
>make out next evening as the party starts again
>have to leave in the middle of the night to get home in time for my biology exam the next day
>go to my tent. girl says "is anyone sleeping in there now?"
>me: "No, no one is there. You don't have to whisper"
> not realizing she wanted to go into the tent with me and do stuff
> get my shit and leave
> mfw I realize how stupid I was later
>being this new
first time i had actual sex
>still 14 yo
>hang out with older friends, most of them 16ish
>keep getting shit because virgin
>new town so everyone interested in me
>talk all the time with everyone
>one girl lives right next door
>one day i can't take it anymore
>text her to come over to have sex (i was literally that straight-forward), my dad wasnt home
>minutes later she was at the door
>i let her in, say nothing to her
>i escort her to my dads bedroom, tear her clothes off
>we make out and i start eating her out
>she moans and after a while i put the condom on
>start fucking her missionary, get bored after a while so suggest doggy
>all and all it lasted about 5 minutes, get embarassed so keep going a few minutes after cumming just so it wouldnt be over so fast
>i pull out, give her clothes, escort her out
>after a week get to hear that my dick ripped her pussy
>"I'll show me yours if you show me mine"
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>be 15 me
>meet up with 6/10 chick from my area one night
>walk down to beach
>find secludedish spot
>whack a franger on
>she starts riding my dick like a champion
>goes on for a little bit
>she starts getting sore, don't even think i came
>bit awkward
>start walking home
>"hey, 6/10, let's just keep this between us"
>"okay sure"

>week later at school
>"hey anon did you fuck 6/10??"

Told everybody she was a lair, it worked.

Wen't back there a couple of times.. She was a bit of a secret slut. Looked fairly cute for a 6/10 in her younger years although she's let herself go a bit now.
When i was 10 me and a friend is standing in the park and talking about stuff when a guy is coming behind me and grabs my ass .I jump away and turn around to face the guy and i just stared at him out off shock. He just smiles att me and and tells me and my friend to have a good day and then he just walks away to his car and drives away.
>senior year now
>still loved her
>depressed, self harming and crap

holy fuck im tired of typing, im going to paraphrase this last part

>finally have sex with my stepsister
>this goes on for awhile
>end up being the rebound for this one girl after a breakup she had
>have sex a few times
>she eventually gets back together with her boyfriends, okay
>have a drunken one night stand with this fat girl
>graduate highschool
>after all this im still an autistic faggot that browses 4chan
>i hide in my room all day while still living at my parents house
>everytime I leave the house i can see the girl I loved house down the road, which was very painful for a long time
>planning on killing myself soon
Well spotted. Didn't even notice I goofed that up.

What the fuck happened to no ragrets?
that's pathetic, just fucking go out to a bar and meet people you sop
I was expecting a happy ending, i'm here to fap, not cry
>>Meet girl online
>asks for my number
>says she lives in the same area as me
>hangs out
>gets later
>offer to drive home
>"Could I stay over Anon?"
>Beta fag doesn't catch her idea
>"Yeah sure"
>in bed together
>takes my hand and puts it between her legs
>she is completely naked
>boner up
try to use condom, feels like crap
>go in raw
>stays at my place for a week
>bang three or four times a day
>suddenly hits me she has not showered the whole time she has been with me
>trying to get me to get her pregnant
Routinely suck my friends dicks from age 5 to 11 or so.

>that was the last time I ever had any sexual contact
Continuinggg, bored and high here.

>week later
>at party with schoolfriends
>get drunk and high
>make out with my friend, who's both a genuinely nice girl and a bit of a slut
>make out, dance, grab tits, rub between legs
>she loves it. both drunk
>my bestfriend goes and does the same thing to her later

Then I speak with girl from previous party, let's call her Sarah.
>she says she made out with her ex-bf, ended up in bed together but no sex
>I say "oh, thats okay. I made out with another girl too last night"
>actually not okay, because drunk slutty make-out session is way different from rekindling an old love
>we go on one date. very awkward. I hug her at the end.
>dun goof'd.
>move out at 16
>have own apartment in ghetto shit city
>16yo. single mom ive known for years
>random text
>"got a babysitter, hangout?"
>open door
>fuck on kitchen floor of apartment
>sex nearly everyday for a month
>her babydaddy comes back
>no more sex for 3 years
Got a handy in a park

I'll take things that didn't happen.
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because showering stops a girl from getting pregnant? Sweet! no more condoms for me!
Please do, gay af
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im sorry anon
Top kek
>your first sexual experience.
that could mean alot of things

Used to play doctor with the kids across the street when we were 5-6. I think I may have actually had sex with the city mayor's daughter in time, but we didn't know what it was. Obviously no orgasms or anything.

1st Orgasm was with another guy
>be 14, friend is spending the night
>playing truth or dare
>dares are like run around the room naked or jerk yourself for 30 seconds
>dare friend to suck my dick for 30 seconds
>friend does it
>friend dares me to suck his cock for 30 seconds
>so it
>blow each other for 30 seconds for a while and then just end up sucking each other until we both cum.

This goes on a few more times and another friend gets in on it too. Stopped when we turned 16.
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shaved potato3.jpg
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Be me, 23
>Check out an escort site
>Look at the ads
>Find a nice girl. Thick girl with huge tits
>Text her and make the arrengment
>Go to her place
>Take a shower together
>She jerks me off in the shower
>I'm uncut so my cockhead is beyond sensitive
>I litterly cum within 2 minuties of her slowly jerking me off
>She sucks on my flaccid cock and balls in the shower for another 10 min or so
>Get out, I'm good to go again
>I awkwardly try to finger her. I'm getting the hang of this now
>She lays on her back and spread her legs
>I'm like, nope.jpg. Gonna fuck you like the slut you are, aka doggy
>Tfw her as is big and my cock is 5"
>I somehow manage to get it in
>OMG; this is amazing
>Slowly fuck her for about 3 minutes
>Then go ham for another 15 seconds
>Pull out
>Take off the condom
>Cum on her tits

Repeat a few days later. Spent about 2000 on that slut before I got the confidience to go out and get the real deal without paying.

Life is good now. Only fucked 3 other girls after this slut but it feels good.

Part 4

Work at a volunteer orginization. Sarah works there too. Summer camp for underprivileged kids.

>still be 19
>flirt with girl called Amber
>I knew her from the year before. She's just turned 16.
>Amber has bf, but I don't care
>She slowly falls for me
>Make out a lot after a few drinks. Cup a feel too. Nice little titties.
>Fall asleep together on a couch in the bar.
>Next day make out once more.
>Having dinner with rest of volunteer staff.
>Sarah says "Hey Amber, don't you have a boyfriend? What are you doing with Anon?"
>Awkward silence. Amber stops making out with me. Tells me she really likes me though, but can't break things off with her bf. Get a peck on the cheek when she leaves.

Now nothing happens for 11 months as I exit my teenage years and enter my twenties as a virginfag. Continue?
I'll rip your sweet pussy..
Yeah I need to know how long this faggotry goes on
Please do kill yourself, you beta faggot.
top kek
1st orgasm with a girl:
>be 17, 18 in 2 months and determined to lose virginity before 18th birthday
>dating a 14 year old freshman. She's fucked 1 other guy (her age), but she's not allowed to date yet
>She tells her parents she's staying after school and we go back to my place
>make out in my bed, finger her, she sucks my cock under the covers, but won't let me go down on her
>get condom on, get inside, a few strokes and lose boner
>pull out, remove condom, make out some more, boner returns
>she agrees to let me go in raw, but I have to pull out before cumming
>agree and go in raw, feels soo much better
>fuck for a few minutes and starts to feel good
>pull out, but too self conscious to jerk myself off in front of her to finish
>time to get her home
>a few days later she tells me she thinks she's pregnant..she can't remember when her last period was, but she thinks she's late
>2 days later period comes and much relief is had

We did this one more time a couple of weeks later and I actually managed to cum inside her with a condom on, then we broke up shortly after.
Glad someone's interested in my long list of fuck ups and idiocy. Feels good to be unappreciated.

>be 20
>certified sailing instructor
>working at institute to train new instructors, aged 16 and up
>meet one of the students/trainee's
> she's 16, 6'1", hourglass figure, big titties, cute face
> Let's call her Leah
> flirt with her as she's not one of my students, so protocol be damned.
> get her number, text after the course
> arrange a date
> eat dinner, watch movie, make out as I drop her off
> feels weird making out with a girl who's taller than me. but it was fucking hot.
> go home and fap like crazy

I'm gonna go roll a joint now. Will continue with this girl in later post.
>be me, 15
>friend come to my house with a land whale with 40dd.
>she loves to fuck virgins.
>be with her in my room, she's almost naked showing tits.
>those things are HUGE.
>after look her boobs i'm hard.
>she took my dick, put me a condom with her mouth
>fuck like rats for about 35 minutes (she said me how to do all).
>she's doing weird faces and ask me for cum
>Now, without condom she begins to play with my dick near her face.
>with the force of 4 suns i cum in one of her eyes.
>she cryies and i laugh
>she wipes her face, get dressed and gtfo of my house really mad.

That's all, sorry for my bad english.
>be 17
>girlfriend is 16
>been making out a lot and some over the clothes touching
>go over to her house
>making out in the front room, parents in their bedroom
>we both go into kitchen
>go into corner behind refrigerator
>tell her to lay down
>make out on kitchen floor, parents still in their bedroom
>lift her skirt (catholic school so yeah, plaid skirt and knee socks)
>go down on her. she's squirming and biting her fist to keep quiet
>pull my pants down
>start fucking her. yes, still in the kitchen and on the floor with her parents in their bedroom

And that's how I became known as "The Chef"
>now 11
>puberty hit hard
>sex drive is through the roof
>can now shoot cum
>fap all day errday

>enter middle school
>make a new friend, anon1
>go to his place for the first time
>parents no there
>playing vidyas
>exhibitionist urges kick in again
>I become sexually aggressive with him
>we show each others dicks
>his is still tiny
>he tells me he can't get it hard (maybe a lie)
>he tells me he never faps (maybe a lie)
>I'm already so horny I'm hard
>he looks at my cock and I fucking love it
>I ask him to touch it
>surprisingly, he grabs my cock without any hesitation
>best fucking feeling ever
>I can't go back, I have to cum
>my heart is pounding, I can't believe what I'm about to say:
>You know I can shoot semen?
>he doesn't believe me (or maybe it was a dare)
>I get completely naked
>I'm shaking like a leaf
>I lay on the floor and start masturbating in front of him
>I try to be as slutty as possible cause doing so turns me on
>I moan and yelp, I completely abandon myself in front of him
>I finally cum, very hard, I moan like a slut
>I ejaculate 5-6 ropes of cum all over my chest
>I still remember the look of surprise and guilty lust in his eyes at this moment
>be 16
>first love
>be 2gether with gf for around 6 months
>still through blowjobs, pussy lickin, fingering, except for fucking
>planning this shit for weeks now
>parents finally leaving for the weekend
>full excitement
>house is empty
>do it for the first time with a girl you love
probably that's why I am a normal guy and not some retarded s/m creep now.
File: ueybppL.gif (802KB, 320x240px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
802KB, 320x240px

10/10 kek
hehe, classic copy pasta
File: image.jpg (580KB, 960x1280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Be me, 20
>hanging out after bible study
>8/10 walks up, house owners niece
>19, she just moved in, kicked out of parents house
>talk for hours about everything
>"hey anon, want to go to basement and watch a movie?"
>watch stupid cartoon, "Over The Hedge".
>she laughs the whole movie
>end of movie
>"anon... Do you have a girlfriend?"
>she climbs up on me and straddles me on the couch as we make out
>put my hands in the back of her pants, finger the shit out of her
>made her squirt 9 times with magic hands
>she thought I was a pro, and didn't know I was a virgin

Ended up marrying her and she's in bed next to me. Life is good.
>hanging out after bible study
where is the inquisition?
what a film to remember your first experience, topkek
>first gf
>be 17, her 15
>about 3 months in, lying on the floor together
>getting heated
>in our underwear, shes on top of me
>nervous as fuck, really apprehensive
>touching eachother
>move hand inside her undies, rub her clit with my thumb
>shes thrusting back and forth over my dick
>go at it for some time, after a few minutes i cum
>stop eventually, she wants to reciprocate
>eehhhh, how do i put this...
>she comes lying next to me, fall asleep holding eachother

Kind of shitty relationship, lasted 3 years and some months and we fought a lot, just had a lot of incompatibilities. Eventually she cheated on me with a fem friend of hers and her boyfriend while drunk, now a few months later im falling for this other chick. Unrelated but just wanted to vent a bit i guess.

We banged a couple times before we did oral... that normal?
It happened a month in or so, not 3. Lost my vcard to her 3 months in, misremembered for a sec.
We got caught having sex after bible study like 2 months later by her cousins 13 year old friend and she got a stern talking to from her aunt.

Then again got caught another month later by her aunt, and she was kicked out.

Bible study days were just convenient because we were both there really late.
>be me , be 16
>in love wuth a 8/10 girl from my class
>ask her out
>bitch just look at my face and leaves
>mfw she had not even said No
>kinda depressed for weeks
>friend of mine derranged 6/10 punk girl tries to cheer me up
>she say we should do some homework at her house
>get to her place, straight to her room
>she closes the door and we start to make out
>grabs my dick, hard as battletoads
>sucks for a while then we get naked
>put a condom
>missionary, doggy and cowgirl
>after 20 minutes bust my nut in her vag
>make out some more and she says I gotta leave
>get home felling less like a sore loser
Ate out my first girlfriend.

She had talcum powder on her pussy.

It was like eating out Mars.
Blowjob or lay?
>was 13
>girl too
>fucked here drunk ind the middle of the night on a playground
>she even blowed
>came buckets
every now and then i still see here and we talk about that and get super horny but we both are ina relationship
> be me 16 birthday no freinds
> feels bad man
> sadfrog.jpg
> start drinking, get drunk
> feels good now
> pony.gif
> get really fucked up
> fuck mother
> fells great man
> real incest.WebM

Lost verginity to mother on 16th birthday
Got raped by my babysitters when I was 5. No sauce that I know of btw
That is a classic copy pasta.
File: 1395799408753.jpg (72KB, 476x356px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Be me
>Be 17
>Met a solid 6 on a good day
>Was friends GF
>She wanted my D
>We met up at this park
>Sat on a hill, talking shit
>We're fooling around on a bench
>She asks if I want to have sex
>"Uh, yeah sure, that'd be good"
>Not now beta Autism, not now!
>I'm determined I'm getting my dick wet regardless
>She pulls out a fucking blanket from her bag, she was prepared for this
>Layes it on ground and gets on it, shuffles trousers and panties off
>Laid there in the 2 degree weather with her puss out
>I follow suit and pull my pants around my ankles
>No more beta today
>Anon jr had a little something to say about that though
>It was like threading a wet noodle
>Couldn't get hard, I tell her it's probably the cold, she tells me to get under the blanket
>Sure, much better
>She starts sucking on it to try get it hard, not having any of it
>Nope my cock is quite literally cock blocking me
>She suggests I go try and piss
>That does the trick, finally hard after 10 painful minutes
>be me
>lying in bed
>something warm and sticky hits my face
>make complain sound
>teen boy says it's diaper cream
>go back to sleep
>mfw 2 yo covered in cum
>be me 24
>come home from school
>see OP's family in orgy
>bitch slap OP's pet frog with cock
>OP's dad wants some
>rip OP's dads ass in two
>spunk up his ass
>watch OP eat out her dad
>OP and OP's dad cum swap
>next day get call OP's cat is dead
Full story
>Sucked my 11 year old friend's dick at least three times a week for a whole year when I was 8.
>One time his 9 year old sister was there and just sat and watched me suck him off.
>Fucked his sister a few weeks later after she saw my amazing blowjob skills.
That girl!
File: pic1.jpg (7KB, 321x157px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7KB, 321x157px
I just remember being REALLY scared. Didn't have fucking clue what to do. All in all a really shitty experience.

Now have a really great GF and the sex is AMAZING...
File: 1396491184658.png (175KB, 450x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
175KB, 450x300px
>After that disaster I didn't want to fuck up again
>Autism kicks in for a few moments
>Tell her I've no idea where to put it, I was a virgin I'd only seen puss on fucking cheesy pornos
>She guides me in no problem
>start fucking her, or at least I try but can't get the gyrations right in missionary so I end up flailing around like a fucking dying fish
>I propose we switch positions, she agrees and gets on her hands and knees
>Much better, I can actually grip her ass and pull her into me
>Now we're really powering ahead, cooking on gas!
>Quite literally, I fucking farted mid thrust
>"What was that?"
>"Think it was something in the bushes"
>Smooth as fuck, she's oblivious! Played it cool
>6 minutes later I drop my seed right in her

And that is how I lost my virginity. I never saw her again.
>be 10
>older male relative asks if I want to take a bath
>he has huge erection, asks me to touch it
>asks if I'll put it in my mouth
The dumb fuckers cock is under water so I can only go for 20 seconds at a go. He holds my face underwater trying to get off and I freaked out bad
>he would've cum if he picked his dick out of the water and I wouldn't have panic attacks whenever I have sex
nobody expects them!
>be 14 yo boy
>at school working on test
>my friend asks if he can copy mine cos he's stupid
>he whispers "I'll suck your dick anon"
>after school we go to his place
>parents not home
>we sit on coutch, sart masturbete together at first
>he's jerking me off now, I return the favor
>he asks if he can suck me now
>yes omg
>he sucks me,eventually we do 69
>in about half hour we both come
>I go home and fap like 10 times thinking about it that night

I'm 24 now and I'm straight acting bisexual, and sometimes when we meet with this friend we still suck each other off for old times sakes.
>nobody expects them!

LOL...good one!
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I rubbed my dick against the bed when I was six
it felt so good
That's awesome
knowyourmeme com/memes/nobody-expects-the-spanish-inquisition
see this new chan/your opinion ?

all this was very similar to Mr. Nobody
...still waiting
I am a virgin, do i count?
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>be maybe 6 or 7
>mom used to baby sit a bunch of kids
>playing in backyard
>sprinkler and bathing suits
>oldest girl says "wanna see something?"
>we go over to the swing set
>she drapes her towel over her
>pulls down swimsuit
>mfw first vagina i ever saw.
>lets me look and touch

probably why I am such a nymphomaniac
Fucked stepsister repeatedly when she came to visit when I was 16.
I'll tell anyway. So I was freshman i highschool and had this cool history teacher, we were like good pals and stuff, and one day he introduced me to his friend who was teaching english in my high school. Not my class unfortunetaly, she was like classic MILF, but not the one that you see in porns, with fake tits and 25yo look. She looked like really hot mama, with nice ass and round boobs. Anyway, somehow, I don't quite remember how, we started texting. At first about school, and english exercises (I'm from Poland). And of course about history teacher, he was our common friend. One thing led to another and she started texting me back some weird sutff like "I love you" - naturally, I thought she loved my jokes but I was wrong..
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>be 14
>go to a private school
>talk to this girl whos a grade lower than me
>become friends
>time has passed
>tell her I tried asking this girl out and it didn't work out
>she's sympathetic, but looks slightly happy
>decide to ask her out
>really happy since its my first gf
>we text constantly and talk at every opportunity
>one day we want to kiss each other
>can't go anywhere since teachers will find us
>tell her to meet me in the church
>decide to go up the stairs
>heart starts pumping
>give her a kiss
>hormones start going crazy
>start making out with her
>she starts rubbing my dick
>start caressing her tits
>lift up her shirt and lift up her bra to suck on her nips
>getting ready to have sex with her
>her footsteps somewhere
>we quickly leave the church
>fast foward 3hours later
>mother ask what I did at school
>tell her I don't know
>she tells me that a teacher saw me with my gf kissing
>tells me to not do that anymore
>mfw I get with almost having sex in a church

This is one story out of many with this girl
She started giving me awesome smiles at school, and I really liked that, maybe somwhere deep inside I felt that she has a thing for me, but I was kinda 16yo or so, so one year back I wanted to become Pokemon master, not English Teacher Fucker. She had no husband, because she went to England few years back and got pregnant with someone, and came back to country inpregnated. So she had a daughter at this time, single apartment, couldn't be better. So one day my good friend, history teacher annouced a field trip at the see for 4 or 5 days. I couldn't go because it was a trip for sophomore's and senior, but hey, he's my friend. Of course I went there. Her class was sophomores then, so she had to go as well. At this point I didn't know that she had a plan for me
That's sushi a great story :) happy for you anon
So remember, we're in Poland right? So we can drink enormous ammount of vodka any time, any place, any occasions. And we can find occasion every day, so at first, we were drinkign in our rooms because that was our first day and surprisingly She prefered to stay at me and my friends room and laugh with us than keeping eye on her own class (like 30 people). So that was the first night, she went to her room, I stayed at mine. Good night
She wasn't the only one adult at this trip. There was also very old and fat lady and she was siting in her room the entire time, because she was old and fat i guess. So history teacher and MILF lady decided to go there and sit with her for a while, so she wouldn't be alone, they asked if I want to go, I said "why not". So there we are: old lady, history teacher, milf, trip pilot, me and two of my friends in veeery small room. We were sitting very close to each other. I was between milf lady and my pal and she was by the wall but for some reason instead of stting next to wall she keep insisted on pushing towards me, touching my leg i after 2 hours of drinking she was putting her head on my shoulder all the time
define sexual experience
>be 17
>at my friends house playing vidja and a friend who's his neighbor
>I get a text from my friend's neighbor 16 yo sister (we all go to the same small high school)
>"I'm lonely over here"
>told my friends I had to take a shit
>knock on her door eager to see her nice rack
>opens door only wearing bra and panties
>I step in and close the door
>she doesn't hesitate to pull off pants and suck me
>I blow on her face
>she bends over and takes off her pants
>I put my cock in her tight pussy (I was so sensitive but it was so great)
>"not too hard. You're my first"
>ignored her and fucked her really hard for 30 min
>left after I came in her

We've banged a few times after that before I graduated. Her brother never knew
After a while we grabbed our empty glasses and left. She asked if I help her with her glasses and bottles. Of course I said yes. I went to her room - single room, and cleaned all this shit. When I turned over to say good night I noticed she somehow managed to undress and lie down on her bed she said "do you wanna join me or not?" I was standing there totally astonished... my dreams of fucking a milf are 2 feet away from me. It took me like 10 seconds to say anythin, I mean, I didn't say anything, I just took my shirt and short off and lied next to her and give her hell of a hug. She then turned to me and started kissing me so softly and moisty, my boner was critical atm. After a while we were totally naked and she stopped for a sec to take a pill - i didn't know why then, now i know. And she grabbed my dick and went on me - sex was amazing
Unoriginal, but made me laugh. Nice work, mate - 7/10.
We were dating and then we decided to do it and she had her menstruation, it was our first time and I didn't wear a condom I don't think she was lubricated enough and it hurt her as I slowly pushed in and I was disapointed cause I couldn't feel much, I mean, you don't feel the inside as clearly as if you'd put a finger in it. and at some point I saw there was blood on the pillow cause there was on my hand cause I had to touch something down there. It was unexpected and it made me laugh and be very surprized and it ruined the mood so we stopped quicly. It was quite something. I also almost came at some point and it was very early and I had to stop moving before I could go on again. Also, at firstiI thought I was inside but I wasn't, so I started moving and then I realized that wasn't it.
I think it's the worst possible failure out of ignorance from two non violent people that love each other, without being harmful.
I'll let you know all about it as soon as i have one.
Banged a 12 yrold. It was so cash! She took it like a champ.

> I was 13 yrsold at the time.
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