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>Be me >Be child >Mother likes to make out with me

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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>Be me
>Be child
>Mother likes to make out with me
>She touches my pee pee sometimes
>Licks my undropped testies
>feels good
>Lets me touch her boobies
>Love that shit
>She and i take baths together
>She likes to clean me with her mouth
>Lets me lick her too
>Dont mind.com

I love my mom, do you love your mom /b/?
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bada da da da bump!
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just gonna post some s/shota
I'm liking where this is going
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>Never had the sex talk

So my mom sat me down, she told me i need to be informed, and this was the first time i ever had a talk with my mom about this, i was a bit of a loser right. Well, what happend next, i couldnt believe! my mom, grabbed my hand, and told me
>A girl will never fall for me, if i cant make her cum
she places my hand on her pelvic bone, and begins to rub it in circles.
>This is the clit, do you feel it?
I said, i do not
>are you kidding your right on it! maybe the clothes make it harder

my mom gets up, takes off her pants, and places my hand in her bush right on her bump. and begins to swirl
>Now anon, keep doing that, im going to lay back, and you have to make me cum.
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I proceded to rub my mothers clit, unsure of what to expect, she moaned here and there to guide me through the process.

>Anon put your hand down here, and get some juices

God damn my mom was hot as her child rubbed her clit, she began to squirm as i lowered my hand and cupped her vagina, as i got a glisten of her juices on my fingers, i brought it back up and continued the motions, mom was arching her back, and pinching her beautiful breasts as i continued
Wheres the part with dinosaur walking
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My mother reached down and grabbed my head, pushing my face againts her warm wet snatch,

>Lick me anon, taste me!

I began to go at it, licking all over her snatch, mom started arching harder, and then brought my face to a stop, holding me to her snatch as she began to cum, i could taste it oozing from her, as she began to cry out my name
>Anon.. anon.... anon....
she began to purr, and held my face there, i tried to lick again but she cooed to not, she wanted me to hold my tongue where it was, her thunderous orgasm slowly finished, i placed a thumb on her clit and began rubbing it, she moaned my name again.
anybody have the comic where a kid goes to swim class with his preggers mom. after class in the locker room the kid has sex with his mom then the whole class of preggers?
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I placed a finger deep inside her, pondering on what it would feel like with my virgin penis.... my mothers hole was so warm, and wet, i wanted to fuck her, here and now! she got up, and told me to get on the couch, before pulling my pants down,
"oh god shes going to suck me" i was worried, i had never been sucked before...
>Oh anon your still soft
she grinned
>Ill fix that
she began sucking on my left ball, licking the edge of my cock, she began rubbing it, and slowly squeezed her index finger in my butt hole, she slowly edged it in and out of my butt hole as she licked my cock, my cock grew and i began moaning my mothers name, she stopped after a few minutes, and got ontop of me, she nestled my small cock into her ready-to-go hole, and began rocking on me, she began to push me onto the couch as she fucked me hard, her hips arched back and forth as my cock disapeared and re-appeared in her snatch
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i almost came, but then the door flung open, and my mother exploded off my cock, and a leash expounded onto my lap, as a dinosaur roared, to alert me of its territory.
>Walk me
I will

and the i got on the floor.
We opened up the back door
and i walked the dinosaur

lelelelel le epic maymay bro
8/8 gr8 b8 m8
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I think I might have been molested by my mother. I recall this memory where I am in the living room watching tv and she comes in and sits next to me with a bottle of baby oil, has me lay on my back and she starts massaging the baby oil into my stomach and that's where is all goes black.


Thread posts: 18
Thread images: 10

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