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No wincest thread? Lets Change That. I have a great story.

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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No wincest thread? Lets Change That.

I have a great story.
>be me
>at home
>sister at home also
>talkings with sister
>say 'hello sister'
>she say 'hello brother'
>say 'i am liking your boobies'
>she take off shirt and show me her very boobies
>taking my penis out
>show sister the penis
>put penis in her vagina hole
>i ejaculate cum
>we had sex
>be me
>standing on the beach
>brother is standing there
>ask him if he wanting to touch penises
>he say yes at me
>take off beach clothes
>turn penises into erection
>touch my penis and his penis together
>we both ejaculate cum
>my cum goes into brothers penis hole
>now it stay there
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sure is a wierd way to say spiderman thread
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I really think you guys need to start naming these threads something else so the bots can't find it by key words
>be me
>on a boat
>boat is swimming in ocean
>i am driving boat
>mother is there
>she want to driving boat also
>tell her no i am being captain
>she mad
>offer to sex if she can driving boat
>say ok
>take off boat clothes
>rub our naked together
>start doing sex
>have to stop because of birds
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mom son incest
>be me
>at zoo
>niece with me together at zoo
>see the rhino
>also see the lion
>niece say she like my butt
>telling her i like her butt also
>say why not press butt together
>i take off man pants
>she take off girl pants
>we press butts together
>i ejaculate cum everywhere
>zoo man run at me
>tell me i having to leave
>say i ejaculate everywhere and now mess
>i leave zoo
>niece stay at zoo because she no ejaculate cum on zoo
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This should never end.
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I'd be happy to hear your story, OP but...
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Here ya go OP.
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this is better than just phoning it in with spider man spam
>be me
>on airplane
>need to going to bathroom
>open door of bathroom
>aunt is there
>she rubbings shampoo on her boobs
>she ask if i help her rub shampoo on her boob
>say 'yes aunt'
>she put much shampoo in my hand
>tell her 'this too much'
>tell her 'no way i can rub so much shampoo on your boob'
>she say i can
>start rubbing shampoo
>get all shampoo on her boob
>we go back to seat
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Fuck you I don't wanat shitty greentexts I want cringey caption images.
>be me
>at school
>learning about math
>sound box tell me principal wantings to see me
>go to principal room
>scared of principal
>open door
>principal not there
>it is father
>he have erection penis
>wantings the sex
>start sexing in principal room
>sudden door open
>it is principal man
>we scare and run away
>never catch us
>be me
>in class
>teacher open door
>is mom
>she say 'today we study boobies'
>she takes of woman shirt
>take out penis
>esjaculate everywhere
>go to principals office
>is grandma
>penis still out
>esjaculate again

>has anyone really been so far

fucking kek and a half.
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> having to type words again to prove non-robot status
> wtfsmhfml
>bbe me
>in food store
>shopping for food with grandmother
>she only wantings old people food
>i wantings cool young people food
>asking her to buy me some
>she say now
>am mad
>say if she buying youngh people food i sex with her
>she say 'yes'
>we start sexing in food store
>i get turned on by sex and boob of grandmother
>i ejaculate cum
>she happy now
>let me buy young people food
Since Spiderfags are shitting up /b/ right now, I'll throw this thread a bone and link my wincest archive.

http://goo gl/j18y4x
>Shady af
nah, m8
> be me
> be at river cottage 30 years ago
> little female cousin
> 9yo
> we swimming
> tell her cant play submarine bc she no has periscope.
> she asks explain.
> unzips dick.
> show her
> she getting the wet now.
> ejaculate cum.
> shejaculate ladycum.
> cum on the water.
> parents come out smoking cigarettes and eating barbecue.
> ask what is that floating in water?
> say we sneezed
> play "ride the lap" even while they watch.
> secretly fucking underwater.
> good thing she 9 so no pregnant.
> that night spend night that night.
> she show me flat girl chest.
> show her penis to erection again.
> making the sound of a "cough" noise made from the closet.
> covers over her little chest pink nipples.
> move to investigate.
> someone is in the closet.
> is little sister jilling off.
> say "sister, not to be shy, come join us!"
> we all cum together.
> parents hear noise ask what was doing.
> "nothing, we are play fight!"
> smfw they believe us!
>591041807 ▶
>>Shady af
i can confirm that this is legit. its a google drive link m9
shit gave me a 404 error
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Need a . instead of a space in http://goo gl/j18y4x newfag.
Should still be working. I test it periodically.
More ?
>http://goo gl/j18y4x

Just checked. Legit. Links to a google docs archive full of stuff. But if you like old wincest stories, I'll post one. This one's a classic. And since it's Wincestuesday, why not?
>be me
>ridings in bus
>sister is ridings in bus also
>we ridings in bus going at school
>it take long time to go at school
>say to sister 'hello sister we should have sex on bus'
>she say 'no we havings not enough time'
>say at her 'yes we do'
>get naked
>start having sex with my penis
>she is likings this much
>school is getting close soon
>she say to me to cumming
>i cumming

Here goes... I wrote this about 6 and a half years ago. I have not posted it in ages. Enjoy.


When I was a young boy
my mom got scared and said

Nah, just trollin.
But now that I have your attention, just sit right there
I'll tell you how I became the prince of incest in Bon Air.

Welcome to IncesTuesday!!!

This is a "slow burn" story. There is a lot of backstory to how we got to where we did. If you have ever written "tl;dr" in response to anything that wasn't absolute fail, and meant it, then this thread is not for you. There will be no pictures of me or anyone involved. No tits, ass, vagoo, or cock will be shown. (At least, not by me.) All names have been changed to protect the guilty and innocent alike.
And remember, this is all just a work of fiction anyway. This never even happened. And if it had, I'd never admit to it. And neither would she. Only a fool, etc.
With that said, let the fail begin. But remember, just like coal can make a diamond, enduring enough fail can sometimes pay off in pure win.

For those of you old enough to remember the early 90s, just let your mind carry you back. For those who aren't, let me set the stage: Kurt Cobain was still a year or two away from blowing his brains out. Stone Temple Pilots were huge, mainly because people thought they sounded like Pearl Jam. Snoop Dogg and Dre were what all the pot-smoking wiggers were listening to. Beavis and Butthead were on MTV making fun of all of them. Clinton had just gotten in the White House and nobody knew who Monica Lewinsky was. Instead of flying planes, someone drove a van into the World Trade Center to blow it up, but the towers still stood. The Internet was something that only universities, the military, and people with AOL, Compuserve, and Prodigy knew about. Street Fighter II was the hot game the snesfags were playing. Chrono Trigger was a distant point on the horizon. Yes, even The Fresh Prince of Bel Air was in full swing. Times seemed good.
whatever anon thanks nice dubs bitch
... Continue.

For the sake of this story, let's just call me Jack. I was a below average teenager: a little overweight and just starting to discover the wonderful world of acne. I didn't play sports, but I liked to draw a lot and I was already into anime. I had been brought up on a steady diet of Speed Racer, Star Blazers, and Voltron in my early childhood, topped off with Vampire Hunter D, Robot Carnival, and Lensman in my teen years.
If I had known what goth was, I might have been a stupid goth kid. Emo? If it existed yet, it was still actual honest-to-God hardcore, and only the hardcore kids had heard of it. No, I wore flannel over my teeshirt with my ripped jeans, cuz I thought I was "grunge". The grunge kids at my school really didn't have much to do with me though. And girls? Forget it! I was in the untouchable caste. Well, except one pathetic fail case, but I'll gloss over that later.
The fact that I had essentially no luck with any member of the opposite sechs had me labelled as a faggot from just about day one. That and the fact that my only real friend at that point was Larry, a fellow dork who was obsessed with Ninja Turtles, his SNES, and drawing comics.

Like most boys, when I was much younger (Now we're going back to the Reagan and Bush41 years! Rad!), I had the typical attitude about girls: Who needs 'em? They have cooties, etc. I think I shed this attitude a little later than most boys, which may have been part of my problem. But there was one girl who I never felt that way about. And that was my cousin Nancy.
She was a total tomboy, through and through. She was a few years younger than me, and the fact that she was a girl was just incidental. Our mothers were identical twins, and we lived within walking distance of each other in the same subdivision. I'd usually just ride my bike down to her house, until we got older. After that, she'd ride to my house, or we'd just ride around the neighborhood.
Her dad had been a cop. When she was four, he died in the line of duty. A few years later, my dad ran off with the mom of some guy I went to school with. I kinda became Nancy's only real male role model. (God help her!)
We'd stomp through the woods and the swamps around the area and were just like a couple of boys being boys. Except that she was a girl. But again, it was something that hadn't entered my mind then.

Sorry I'm being slow... I was interrupted IRL. Hopefully the flow will not be broken now.

I remember we had both seen some movie where this white woman was in Africa and was dancing with all these tribal women who were all topless. (I think it was King Solomon's Mine, but I could be wrong.) We didn't see this movie together, but we had both seen it at some point, and we got to talking about it. And she laughed, and said something about "all those ladies dancing with their boobies hanging out."
And I was just getting old enough at that point (still some time in the 80s) to be aware of boobies. And I told her, "Yeah, well one day you're gonna have boobies too!" And we just laughed. I think it was at that moment that I suddenly became really, truly, viscerally aware of the fact that my little cousin was a girl. And she was starting to become pretty. If this were some Hollywood movie, the laughter would have nervously stopped, and we would have stared deep into each others' eyes as the foreshadowing music began to play. But as it really happened, we just laughed, I had my brief epiphany, and then I forgot about it. We went on around the woods to cavort and quest like we always did.
Took me a long time to realize those weren't giant nipple hairs.

Once, when we were swimming down at the family beach cottage (and when I say "beach", I really mean a riverbank), she and I were the only ones in the water. Just being daring/silly/whothehellknows, I said, "You can't play submarine, cuz you don't have a periscope!" And then I poked my little 11/12 y/o peenor out of the water. Her eyes got really big, and the look on her face was really funny. But she was 8, and despite the overwhelming consensus of most incest stories, I don't think she was sexually aware at the time. I can't even entertain the thought that she was remotely aroused. I think she was just confused.
Now this is the part where I would say I told her to come over and touch it and then suck on it, and then we fucked in the water, and then we fucked every day after that, and then we all fucked our moms and I call it the Aristocrats! But no, anything even approaching that was still a long way off. Fate is a cruel bastard like that.

Around the time I was 12 or 13, her mom got a job in another state. Nancy, my little cousin and closest friend, was leaving. I was saddened by it, probably at least as much as she was. But I didn't want to let it show. I was at that age where boys try really hard to be tough badasses (even dorks like me). I was all aloof and shit. I was just starting to act like a teenager.
And of course, at around 9 years old, she was just starting to act like a girl. She had never worn dresses of her own free will, but now she was starting to. And I was starting to see her as "just a little girl". At least, that was the front I was putting up for those guys I thought were my friends. Oh, if I had known then...
So it wasn't until the very last morning that I could see her, that I actually went over to her house to say goodbye. We were in her room. It was all empty, cuz everything was all packed up in the big yellow Ryder truck out front. And we were just kinda standing there, trying awkwardly to talk to each other. And she was wearing this little sun dress that had all these pink and green flower things all over it.


...next post will be slow again, soz... gotta take out trash and get mail.....
>be 13
>vacationing in Florida with white trash uncle
>cousin just turned 16
>likes to wear bathing suit by pool
>at poolside 90% of time
>her boyfriend comes over
>he's cool, only person who talks to me
>hang out in back room near pool to get away from parents
>cousin starts fucking around with boyfriend
>tells me to go
>I go out to living room, aunt and mom start riding my ass about school
> go back to back room.
>boyfriend is getting dick sucked
>try to slip past and go to garage door
>cousin says " you can stay"
>boyfriend not cool with that
>they fight
>he leaves
>she tells me to sit next to her
>I can smell her cunt even at a distance
>she asks if I've ever gone down on a girl
>I say no
> she says "give me your hand"
>pulls down bikini bottom
>bush is brown (but she has blond hair)
>puts my index finger on het clit, presses down
>"rub this, back and forth"
> I comply
>"press a little harder"
>I feel my penis moving
>"I want you to do that with your tongue"
>I get my face down and can feel the heat
> push tounge down, realize that it's not easy to aim at small target that close
> she giggles "higher"
> eat her out for half hour,she moans so load that I get really paranoid that mon will walk in
> eventually I stop, go to bathroom
>wash face then powerfap
>have gone back for visits but nothing ever happened
>she does bring it up every once and a while when we are alone
> "it's our secret"
>be me
>at fancy resteraunt
>brother was there
>he was cook at resterant
>he cookings my meal
>after meal he say 'pay for meal brother'
>i can no pay for meal
>i say at him 'i can no pay for meal'
>he say i have to sex with him if can no paying
>tell him we can no have sex
>we are both men with penises
>he say we can still sex
>he take off clothes
>brother has penis and vagina
>i sex with my penis in his vagina
>sexing for long time
>after sex i leave
>no having to pay for meal
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721KB, 779x588px
is denny writing incest stories now

So sorry, back on track now.


I remember thinking that it was too big for her. And she saw a little Barbie shoe that she had missed during packing, and she bent over to pick it up. It was like a magical moment where all time stood still and the light of Heaven shone down from above. The term "downblouse" still had many years to reach my vocabulary. And it was a dress, not a blouse. And thankfully, it *was* just a little too big for her.
Her dark brown hair was just long enough to reach her shoulders. Luckily for me, it was not long enough to block what I saw. It was like her parting gift to me. Down the front of that dress, I saw two perfectly-formed little points, tipped with very pale pink puffy little nipples. I don't remember, now, whether or not I popped a boner at the time.
They were very small and pointy. And it seemed that she hung there, bowing to me while she tried to pick up this trivial object for minutes on end, although it couldn't have been more than two seconds before she stood up again. But those tiny little boobs hanging there had seemed to shout, "LOOK AT US, YOU PERVERT!" The view of her little 9yo tits was seared into my memory forever.
File: image.jpg (50KB, 492x429px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
50KB, 492x429px

Go figure. It was right at this time that her mom yelled out, "Nancy! Come on! It's time to go." She was still holding this little tiny plastic shoe and she started crying.
Dumbass moment: "What's the matter?" I asked.
She started sobbing gently, just a little bit... this made her seem all the more vulnerable than if she had wailed like a baby. And me being a stupid 12/13 year old, I couldn't have articulated the feeling at the time. But it was affecting me. And for the first time ever, I reached out and hugged her.
It did not feel like a bag of sand or pennies. It was truly wonderful.
Thinking back, it seems strange that, in all the time we had played together, and all the years we had known each other, I had never embraced my cousin physically. It felt divine. It was not like hugging my mom or my aunt. Her little nine year-old body almost seemed frail. And I was still recovering from the shock of seeing her budding preteen breasts for the first time.
She still cried softly, and said, "We're never going to see each other again."
"Sure we will," I said. It's amazing how, when you're that age, the idea of trying to be tough and badass can swing wildly from being an aloof prick to being a sensitive yet strong romantic. In reality, I was still just a stupid boy with one foot barely in his teen years.
"You know my address. You can write to me," I mumbled.

"Yeah, I guess so," she said, still sobbing into my shoulder.
"It's gonna be okay. We can see each other again some day."
And as soon as I said "some day", I knew just how far apart we were going to be.
It was at this point that I did the most daring thing I had ever done up until then. I pushed her away from me just a little bit, but gently so.
She stared up into my face with her tear-streaked blue eyes. I had never, until that moment, realized just how gorgeous those eyes were.
And I bent down and kissed her right on the mouth.
I didn't do it like I had seen on TV. Not that open-mouthed, tongue monster shit. No, it was just a peck on her lips from mine. See, even at that point, I was not aware of being sexually attracted to her, even after having just seen her... uh... finer points. And, never having had any siblings, I just thought that it was a brotherly kiss. And it had the desired effect, because her little 9 year-old face smiled hopefully up at me.
And, trying to be big and bad, yet strong and romantic, or whatever it was I was trying to be, I said, "I love you, Nancy."
And she said, "I love you too, Jack!"
And I hugged her again. And she said, "I'll miss you."
And I said "I'll miss you too."

We walked out of her room together. We stopped at the bathroom and I got some toilet paper and dabbed at the tears on her face. Our moms were waiting in the empty den of the empty house with the front door open, and the big yellow truck waiting outside.
And if I had had words for it, I would have thought "There's never enough time."
If anybody noticed that she had been crying, they didn't mention it. I think our mothers had been crying too. But I wasn't paying attention to them. I had eyes only for Nancy.
We all said "goodbye". Outside, we closed the door to that house, and the fun times I had known in it, forever. It was as if something within me was awakening, but it was being taken away before I could even figure out what it was. Nancy and her mom got into that truck and drove away from the cul de sac. As they turned the corner to where I could no longer see them, it was as if they had ridden off into the sunset.
My mom drove back to our house, and I rode my bike back. I numbly helped her get some things out of her car that my aunt had given her. And I knew it was stupid to pine for my little cousin, because: sure she was my friend, but she was just a girl after all, and look at the way she had cried; it wasn't like we were never going to see each other again.
For something I tried to convince myself was so unimportant, I couldn't stop thinking about it for the rest of the torturously long day. That night, I cried myself to sleep. I was too sad to even fap to the memory of what I had seen. (Of course, at that point in my life, the word "fap" did not even exist for me. Plus, I hadn't done very much of it yet.)

The days went by. I got over it.
The weeks went by. I got a letter fron Nancy.
She seemed happy enough. They had gotten settled in, and she was just starting at her new school. She had made some new friends. She was doing well. Etcetera. I made plans to write her back. I even got out a pencil and paper. But I didn't know what to write.
Then, since I was such a computer whiz kid (that's what they called us back then, as "geek" was still an insult) I decided I'd write a letter to her on the computer! How cool would that be? And I wrote all about how school was okay here, but it was boring, and I had met this new kid, Larry, who had just transferred in and he seemed cool because he was into Nintendo like me, and I think maybe I liked this one girl (and I did, that was true, but that failed very quickly, so she's not even worth a pseudonym), and somehow I filled a couple of black screenfulls with green text.
And I just kind of ended it and said, Love, Jack. And the stupid old dot matrix printer's paper was jammed. So I was fiddling with it, trying to get all the little holes to line up on the paper tractor. (You kids with your damn plain paper printers! You don't know how good you have it!) In the process, I bumped something and everything flickered off for half a second.
This included the computer.
It rebooted. And this whole huge letter, that I had painstakingly typed, one finger at a time, was gone. If only I had taken the time to find a stupid floppy disk to save it on. (Yes, this was the dark ages.)
I jumped up and down and screamed. I yelled "SHIT!" because it was a big deal for me to cuss when I was 13.
And I just gave up. Nancy never got a letter from me.

And time flies, whether you're having fun or not. At least this is true in retrospect. The years dragged on at the time.
School was okay, and then it sucked, and then it was okay, and then it sucked. Lather, rinse, repeat. I had few real true friends. Some people thought my drawing and computer skills were "neat", but there was nothing about me that interested girls. It wasn't for lack of trying, that's for damn sure. But I went to a private school, and once I had tried hitting on most of the girls in my class as well as a few younger girls, I was known to everyone. I had that awful stigma of desperation.
Plus, my new friend Larry was at least as much of a dork as I was, and we were always playing Nintendo and HeroQuest (google/wiki it) and watching Ninja Turtles. The company you keep...
The period from the end of the 80s to the beginning of the 90s all blurs together for me. For one, I had almost forgotten about Nancy. I was sure she had pretty much forgotten me, due to the fact that I had only ever received the one letter from her.
I could go on about my misery during this time period, and the lack of girls.
Actually, when I was almost 15, I was miraculously invited to a party. Straight out of a young adult novel, we played spin-the-bottle. I ended up kissing this fat chick, but aside from "ZOMG! I JUST KISSED A GIRL!", I like to forget about that.
I could go on about the utter fail of geekdom/dorkdom, and the fact that the advent of girls wearing shirts that say "I love dorks" came along about a decade too late for me. But that is not what this story is about. Instead, I will fast forward to the time period where I originally started. The early 90s. And this is where it finally starts getting better.

I had just gotten off the bus and saw my mom's car in the driveway. She had gotten off work early that day.
Teenage dork that I was, I was getting ready to watch Ninja Turtles. My mom was on the phone and I heard her say my aunt's name. I saw her glance in my direction and say, "Oh, that was Jack. He just got home."
I didn't pay much more attention until she called my name, and told me to come into the next room.
"Whhhaaaaaaat?" I droned, having been interrupted from my afternoon viewing.
Not liking my tone of voice, my mother gave me that superior look. Enunciating it like some erudite bitch, she said, "There is someone on the phone who would like to speak with you."
Assuming it was going to be my aunt, I took the receiver from my mother.
"Hello?" I inquired, nonplussed.
"Hi, Jack!" said this very cute feminine voice. It was followed by this wildly adorable giggle.
My mind was at a loss. I did not recognize the voice, but I was almost--not quite, but almost--in love with it, right then and there.
"Who is-?" and then, firing up into turbo mode, my brain made the connection. "Nancy?!"
That adorable, heart-melting, boner-inducing giggle again. Well, it might have induced a boner had my mother not been standing right there with a satisfied smirk on her face. It had been three years, and this voice was not the one I had heard in that empty room. It was still young, but with just the faintest trace of womanhood creeping in.
"Yeah-uhhhhhh" she said, best vally girl impersonation ever, at my tardy deduction of the glaringly obvious.
"Hey, what's up?" I said, trying to regain some of my self-perceived coolness.

"You don't know, do you?!" she giggled again.
"Know what?" I inquired. With my mom still smirking at me, and this beautiful voice snickering at me over the phone, I began to feel like the butt of some private joke.
"We've moving back hooooooome!!!!!!" she squealed.
Again, my slow teenage brain didn't register at first. Then, when her words clicked in my head, my heart lept. It would be too easy to say my dick did too, but it really didn't, Mom still standing there and all.
I was elated. I did not realize it until that moment, but I had missed Nancy for all these years. Okay, it was only three years, but to a 16 year-old, that's almost a quarter of a lifetime!
"That's great! When are you gonna get here?"
"We're flying out tomorrow! And you're gonna have to sleep on the couch, cuz IIIII'M stealin'yer BEHHHHHHHH-EDDD!!!" She said that last part like "naaaaaa-na-na-boooo-booo".
Turns out that my aunt had made quite a name for herself at her new company. And she had gotten a few promotions and raises over the past three years.
When the company started building a new regional headquarters right in our city, she was tapped to be the regional manager.
Instead of having to rent a truck and drive her stuff back, she was going to hire someone else move their shit. They were going to fly out first class. She and Nancy were going to spend the next few nights at our house!!
As if this wasn't epic enough (and at that point in my life, "Epic" was still only the title of a Faith No More song), the house next door had been on the market for a few months now. My aunt was buying it, and they were moving in, right next fucking door!
My mom had known this for weeks, but hadn't bothered to tell me. Dysfunctional much?

That night, I could hardly sleep. This was for a couple of reasons. First off, I was excited at the prospect of seeing the other half of my childhood adventures for the first time in three years. But even more so, I could not get that image of her tiny little pointy puffy-nippled breasts out of my head. I fapped myself to sleep and lost consciousness in a sticky puddle of my own skeet.
The next morning, I felt ashamed of what I had done. This is my *cousin* we're talking about. As I showered, I felt a little less guilty. And for some non-sequitur reason, as I was drying off and then putting on my clothes, I wondered what my dad was doing right then. I thought about the fact that, even though I didn't really have a dad anymore, I still did, technically, because he was still alive. He was just... elsewhere. My mom had had a few boyfriends by then, but none that stuck around.
But what about Nancy? Her mom didn't seem interested in dating anyone, at least not while she was here. My heart went out to Nancy. My anticipation of her arrival grew some more.

I went through the day in my usual fog. People always seemed to tell me how smart and creative I was, but I never believed them (and I still don't). Despite this alleged intelligence, I was always getting Cs and Ds. At least I managed to avoid Fs. (Had I been aware of bra cup sizes at the time... nevermind, I don't know how to make that funny and keep it true to my taste.)
Larry and I ate lunch in the classroom, away from everyone else, like we always did. And as usual, lunch for me was a honey bun and a Mountain Dew. (And I wondered why I was getting chubby?)
I was not preconsumed with the fact that Nancy was coming back, but I did remember it on and off during the day. It made me happy. It carried me through an otherwise fail schoolday. I was still the same loser, with the same lofty dreams of being a comic book artist, computer programmer, or astronaut. But my day was a little brighter because of her.

When I got home, they were already there. My mom and my aunt were sitting on the couch, cappucinos in hand, jabbering like they always used to. I slouched in, dropped my bookbag near the door and smiled and waved casually. I was always trying to be cool, and always failing hard. I walked into the living room and my aunt got up and greeted me warmly. I was glad to see her, no doubt. Even though she looked just like my mom, I always thought she was cooler somehow. Maybe it was because her hair was different. Maybe it was just because she wasn't my mom.
"How are you, Jack?" she said as she hugged me.
"I'm fine," I replied.
My mom inquired from the couch, "How was school?"
It was made of boring suck and fail, as usual.
"Fine," I lied. As usual.
Then, from the hallway, apparently having just gotten done in the bathroom, emerged this gorgeous twelve-going-on-thirteen year-old piece of jailbait ass. Immediately after seeing this smokin' hot girl, I realized that she was my tomboy cousin who had accompanied me through imaginary treks and adventures, fighting make-believe aliens, monsters, and robots in the forests for years. Nancy was back in my life. And I was thrilled in more ways than I could comprehend at the time. (16yo hormones don't help in situations like this.)

"Hey!" I said, probably way too enthusiastically. Cool, I definitely was not.
"Hey," she said back, smiling.
She was wearing tight jeans and a white Led Zeppelin teeshirt. And I was really sincerely trying not to look, but she appeared to be wearing a bra. Wow.
In accordance with prophecy, Nancy had boobies. Not very big ones. In fact, if I had heard of a training bra at that point, I might have guessed that that was what she was wearing. But at that time in my life, I was still trying to convince myself that, like all the "cool" guys at school, I liked girls with big tits.
If I had really taken an honest look at the girls I had been attracted to at the time, though, I might have noticed a pattern of preference for delicious flat chest. But I digress. (Yeah, I do that a lot.)

My aunt sat back down and she and my mom went right back to catching up. They went on about my aunt's job, and things Nancy had been doing in school, and whatever and...
"Jack?" my mom suddenly shot at me.
"Huh?" I asked. I had been standing there near the couch the whole time, and Nancy had been standing on the other side of the couch. It had to have been a couple of minutes that we were standing in our respective places.
"Why don't you see if Nancy would like anything to eat or drink?"
"Oh," I said, feeling really stupid, awkward, and embarassed.
"Um," I muttered, "you want anything?" I asked as I kind of shuffled my way toward the kitchen. Did I mention I had no social skills and really no concept of how to interact with normal people?
Nancy, still all smiles, and still apparently happy to see me, asked, "Can I have a Coke?"

Right then, shuffling my way to the kitchen, I wanted nothing more than to just be alone with Nancy, so we could just be ourselves, and play like we used to. Except, when put to it, I guess I didn't really want to play like that anymore. I just wanted to hang out. But I really didn't have a concept of "hanging out" yet. Did I mention my social retardation?
In the kitchen, I fumbled through the fridge looking for a Coke.
"Uh, we have Pepsi," I informed her.
"That's fine. They taste the same to me anyway."
"Yeah, me too," I said.
I got two cold cans of Pepsi from the refrigerator, and handed one to her. With my coolness radar wildly miscalibrated, I just decided to fly blind, and act like myself.
"Let's go to my room," I suggested.
"Okay," she said.

We went into my disheveled cave. Papers, clothes, science fiction magazines, Nintendo Power magazines, computer parts, and yes, I admit it, even some Legos littered practically every square inch of my floor. One particular piece of paper was a lame drawing I had done when I should have been doing a math assignment (or was it history?) and she just picked it right up.
"This is really cool!" she said.
Of all the stupid things, it was a poorly sketched Voltron with a passable Princess Allura and Keith in front of it. I was kind of embarassed, but a warmth of pride was welling up within me.
"Wow," she continued, "I forgot about Voltron! This is really good."
Paradoxically, the fact was she had just remembered Voltron, which we had watched a few times back in the day. And this fact caused me to fall just the slightest little bit more in like with her. But I tempered that by reminding myself that this was my *cousin* after all.
Aside from weaboo geek points, the fact that she had complimented me on my drawing made me feel really good. If anyone else had seen that picture and said the same thing, I would have dismissed it. But Nancy's words held gravity for me.

"I always used to wish I could be pretty like Princess Allura," she said.
"You *are* pretty!"
There it was. It was out before I even woke up and realized I had said it. It was the truth, from my lips to God's ears. Actually, it was a bit shy of the full truth. She was beautiful. She was gorgeous. Her brown hair had descended to somewhere between her shoulder and butt. And don't think I didn't notice how fine and round her butt had become either. And those incredible blue eyes, that seemed to contain skies and oceans.
Piece by piece, I was taking in every part of her. And I was fully aware that she was my cousin. But I was a guy, and she was a girl, and well, nature takes its fucking course, okay?
If I had been even a smidgen as cool as I thought I was, I probably would have said something like, "You're not pretty...", dramatic pause, look of disappointment in her eyes, and then said, "You're beautiful."
And the soundtrack would have farted a tender little clarinet line that would lead into a soft orchestral romantic melody...
But I was still the stupid teenager. I thought I did alright with what I had said.

Her smile faltered a little bit. It didn't go away, but some kind of shadow crossed her face.
"You really think so?" she asked.
"Yeah, sure," I replied a little too quickly. I truly believed it, but in my fear that she might not think I believed it, I was immediately afraid that I came across as insincere. 16yo hormones, etc.
"Oh well, it wouldn't matter if I had the blue lion. I could just be Voltron's leg and stomp whatever I wanted. I wouldn't have to be pretty."
After that, we got to talking about Voltron, and the imaginary games and quests in the woods, and all the other imaginary stuff from when we were kids, and then suddenly we were like we used to be. We were just two kids again. One of us was distinctly female, but I noticed that less and less as our conversation went on.
>be me
>18st at birdthay
>mom and dad make cake at me
>mom say 'happy birthday'
>dad not say 'happy birthday'
>i getting mad and tell dad
>'dad u no wishings me happy birdthya u r an fagot get out'
>mom sayings 'u are hero anon we should sexing now because ur a hero'
>take the penis out
>show mom the penis
>mom take penis out
>penis soft to erection
>we rub rub penis until squirt squirt
>dad is still not knowing the end

whoops. left the fibonacci number in.... long story.


After it was over, we started reenacting random scenes from the movie. She turned to me and said, "PURPLE!" and her head rolled back and then swung back up and she said, "I loooooove purple."
I laughed. She could make me laugh like no girl had. Then again no other girl had tried.
And I tapped her on the shoulder, even though she was looking right at me, and I said, "Excuse me. You ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?" and I pretended like I was going to punch her.
And here is where my fat, ungainly loser, bull-in-a-China-shop syndrome kicked in.
I did not, by any stretch of the imagination, mean to actually hit her.

It was just a quick jab, but I managed to pop her on the tip of her nose. It didn't even feel like I had really hit her. But I felt my fist brush, ever so softly and quickly against her nose. And she grabbed her nose with both hands and started squealing like a cross between "ooh ooh" and "ow ow". My heart dropped out of my ass and kept on going through the basement, hung a right next to Satan, and popped out somewhere in Indonesia.
Have you ever had that "hot and cold at the same time" feeling, like when you know you have really fucked up? The playful mood of the whole situation had just shifted into "Oh fuck I just punched my hot cousin who I think I'm starting to like in the face!"
Holding her nose with both hands and still making the "ooh" and "ow" sounds, she suddenly went silent and froze, her eyes wide and staring right at me.
Then she put her hands in front of her mouth like a shouting gesture and went "BOO!"
And then she released some more of that laughter I had already started to fall in lust with.
>be me
>on /b/
>femanon say something
>i say 'tits or gtfo'
>she say 'penis or gtfo'
>i say 'ok'
>she give me picture of tits
>i give her picture of the penis
>i rub rub penis and squirt squirt come out
>i take pic of squirt squirt and show her
>she rub rub tits and post pic of semen come from tits
>drink with sister who was 15 at the time
>be outside all day, drink under a tree
>go inside
>passes out on sofa
>start squeezing her tit and rubbing pussy through pants
>fap harder than ever
>she never found out
sadly, that's about it

I was simultaneously relieved that I had not just bloodied Nancy's nose, and pissed that she had just pulled one over on me so easily. And it was just the renewed playfulness of the whole situation I guess, but I just kind of grabbed her and tackled her on the bed. She put up a halfhearted fight, and beat on me with her fists, laughing the whole time.
But, tomboy or not, she was no match for my big beefy manliness. I mean, sure, I was a chubby dork who was pretty weak, but I was sixteen, and she was twelve. And it was not like she was really trying to hurt me.
It all kind of blurs together for me now, but even in the heat of "battle", my dick was starting to think for me.
We wrestled and tussled, and rolled around on my bed. And my hands went... places... as we struggled playfully with each other. And this was the first time (since nursing, which I don't remember), that I had touched a breast.
She started tickling me. And believe me, she remembered where my tickle spots were. And I tried to tickle her back. And in the laughter-infused anarchy, my hands grazed, scraped, and maybe even grabbed (just a little bit) her fine little breasts some more. Later on, I wondered why she didn't seem to notice or care, and why sometimes some of what I touched in the confusion seemed a little harder or stiffer. The more I thought about it later, I began to realize: her bra was either padded or stuffed. A lot of what I had grabbed wasn't even boob.
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>be me
>on road
>i horny
>start the fappings
>crash into car
>woman driver come out is mad
>she is yellings at me
>then she see big hard pee pee
>she say that she will do sexing at me if i dont crash her car again
>i say ok
>i rub rub pee pee at her vagina
>squirt-squirt come out of pee-pee
>get back into car
>rere end her

This didn't really matter at the time, though. After we both got a bit out of breath, we stopped wrestling, and our laughter kind of died down. And I had a serious stiffy.
I sat up, and she was still lying on her back, panting and giggling a little bit.
"I gotta go pee," I said. "I'll be right back."
She didn't say anything.
I went down the hall and into the bathroom. And you have probably already guessed what I did in there, 16yo hormones and everything.
Fapping as quickly as I could, I concentrated on the still fresh memories of what her boobs felt like, mingled with my memory of looking down the front of her dress three years before.
I actually did manage to piss after that although it was difficult with a hard-on. And who the hell says you lose your erection after you come, anyway? It would certainly have made pissing a lot easier if that were true!

When I came back into my room, Nancy was completely naked and said "Fuck me!"
Right. I wish. But you were expecting that, weren't you? Fate: cruel bastard, etc. (Win 1 internet if you knew nothing would be delivered this soon.)
No, when I came back into my room, Nancy was watching Fresh Prince my cheesey little TV.
in after bel air
I sat down next to her. I was just starting to think about the fact that I was hungry when my aunt came into my room. No, she didn't get naked and say "fuck me" either.
"Nancy, Jack, you ready to go?" she asked.
"Go? Where?" I asked.
"Ruby Tuesday's" she replied, as if I should have already known.

> failings!
> not of the related!
> not wincest!
> get the gtfo out!

Obviously, we ate at Ruby Tuesday's that night. I guess it was to celebrate the triumphant return of Nancy and my aunt. It was great. We all had steak. I loved watching Nancy eat. I loved the way she would put a forkfull of steak in her mouth, start chewing it, and then look at me and close her eyes and smile while she was still chewing.
To hell with her being my cousin! I knew I was really starting to like her. Shame and fear were held at bay simply by the fact that she was, in my opinion, the hottest girl I had ever seen, let alone touched, wrestled, or played Battletoads with.
My aunt got totally wasted on Jack and Cokes, and my mom pouted and griped about being the designated driver until I reminded her that I had my learner's permit, and I could drive.
"Besides, it's only a few miles away," I said.
Yeah, I was sixteen, and still didn't have my license. I needed my mom in the car with me if I wanted to drive anywhere. I was Captain Failteen.
Still, I relished the opportunity to drive, and show Nancy just how "grown up" I was.

Mom and my aunt got pretty well shnockered. And when they get drunk, they get loud and funny. I drove us all home, and we started singing Aerosmith songs. No, I don't know how that got started.
That was another thing I loved about Nancy. She liked all the old music that I liked from Zeppelin and AC/DC and The Who, as well as the new stuff I was into at the time like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, STP, Cracker, and Sound Garden. At twelve, this made her way cooler than I was at twelve (or sixteen, for that matter).
We got back to the house and our mothers staggered in. We just snickered to each other as we followed them.
Before collapsing in bed, my mom admonished me, "Now don't you stay up too late, young man. You have school tomorrow!"
"Yeah, well, you have work tomorrow!" I laughed. She smiled and gave me a look, then made her way to her bedroom. They were apparently going to share a bed, seeing as my aunt sauntered in there after her. But hey, they were twins, so they probably slept together a lot when they were kids. No, I've never asked.

We stayed up for a couple more hours, watching that stupid movie with Mimi Rogers and David Duchovny with a mullet, where she becomes a Christian and sees a pearl in her dream and kills her daughter near the end. After that fail movie, we both decided to be good and go to bed. Okay, now this is the part where most incest stories would finally deliver. Mom and aunt are passed out drunk, so cousin slips into my bed and we have the awkward first sex and the next day we bring in the girl from school, then Larry, then the dog. Blargh. No. Sorry. Fate: cruel bastard.
There was a little awkwardness, though. Despite her previous threat, Nancy was actually preparing to sleep on the couch in the living room. But no, I wanted to be all chivalrous and stuff, so I let her take my bed and I slept on the couch. I told her "good night" before I closed the door to my room.
My room... with her inside... and me out in the hall. So ronery.
I moped, loserly and failingly, back to the couch. Oh God, how I wished that she would come to me in the night and let me play with her little boobs.
Yeah, I wasn't really a big picture kind of guy then. My thinking was still something along the lines of, "touch/see cousin's boobs, try to remember that, then beat off later."
Sex? Sure, I would have loved to. But I thought that was like ten years off. Before going to sleep, I fapped furiously. Thankfully, there were tissues handy.
go on...

I awoke to the sizzle of bacon and the smell of coffee.
"Good morning, big guy," Nancy said, sitting on the end of the couch. (This was the first of many times that she would call me that. It just stuck after that.)
There I was, afraid to come out from under my blanket, since I was in a teeshirt and boxers. She was wearing light blue pajamas. I think they were silk, but maybe that is my distant remembrence of a half-awake observation. Besides, it wasn't the pajamas that interested me, but what was under them.
The bumps I had seen the day before had been small, but now they were even smaller. I mean, they were there, but just barely. And what I had not seen the day before, were those little nipple bud puffs whose shape was poking out from her PJ top. And it was a button-up top.
Already, my dick-powered perv mind was angling for... well, an angle!

"Hey, good morning," I replied, kind of propping myself up on my elbows. "What's for breakfast?"
A stupid question, but I was just waking up and I wanted to say something to her.
Smiling, she shrugged, then turned toward the kitchen, "Hey mom?! What's for breakfast!"
"Wombat and pickled rat!" my aunt yelled back. Did I mention that my relatives are at least just a little weird?
Nancy looked back at me. "Eggs and bacon," she said. (I didn't bother to ask how that code ever developed.)
I was still grasping for something to say.
"Nice PJs," I commented. What a line!
Maybe subconsciously, I knew what would happen. Still, I was surprised by it... and pleasantly so.
She looked down critically at the front of her pajama top and stretched it out as if to appraise it. While the lower region of it stretched away from her belly, the upper part stretched just a tad bit tighter over those little breast buds. God, what nipples! (Technically, it was her aereolas I was seeing.)
"Eh, they're okay," she said.
I thought they were more than okay. The nipples, not the pajamas. I could have given a fuck about the pajamas.
"Well, they look good on you," I said. Wow! Where was this smooth talk coming from? Danielle Fucking Steele?
And, I'm not kidding, she actually blushed. Nancy fucking blushed when I said that. If I had ever made a girl blush before (and I don't think I had), it would have been from embarassment. (Bonus points would have been awarded for adding, "But anything would look good on you." But no Monday morning quarterbacking.)
Still, this girl-becoming-a-woman was flattered. She was flat too, but that was becoming more and more of a positive in my book.

"Well, I don't know about you, but I'm hungry," I said, saving her from having to respond to my compliment.
"Me too." It seemed to have been forgotten already.
She got up off the couch and walked into the kitchen. Try as I might, I could not see into the buttoned front of her pajama top. But I took the opportunity of her absence to get up off the couch and head back to my room to get dressed.
I wish I could say that, while I was changing, she came in, saw me naked, then stripped, and then we had mad monkeysex on my bed. But that didn't happen. Did I mention what a cruel tease that bastard fate is?
I got dressed. When I came out, she was just on her way back to my room to get dressed. Had I thought I could get away with it, I might have tried to watch her through the keyhole.
Too bad my door didn't have one.

We had eggs, bacon, and toast, with a side of idle chatter. I rode the bus to my stupid high school, and Nancy and her mom went to the middle school to get her signed up there. And that was when I realized that it was really going to suck. Not having given it much thought, I just assumed that Nancy was going to go to school with me. But I was a sophomore, and she was a seventh-grader.
Wow. Just, wow! Puts it into perspective doesn't it?
Too bad a stiff dick doesn't care about perspective!
A few more days went by, and Nancy and her mom stayed at our house until all their stuff had arrived. Nancy and I would play Nintendo or watch TV in the afternoons. And I kept trying to look at her little tits without her noticing. Unfortunately, no more wrestling matches or tickle fights broke out.
Once they had their beds in and reassembled, Nancy and my aunt went into the house next door. I was kind of disappointed, but I took heart in the fact that Nancy lived right next door. And I knew we would be hanging out.

sorry... left the fibonacci in again.

Over the next month, our routine developed. Most days we'd just hang out, do the Nintendo or TV thing, and then she'd go home when it got late. Other days, we would ride our bikes around, just like old times. She met some other girls at school and made friends with them. Sometimes she'd go over to one of their houses and I wouldn't see her. Other times, she would bring one or two over.
I know what you're thinking: Nancy would bring me a harem of her preteen friends, and I would want to bone all of them. But no, honestly, the blonde girl with the slightly larger tits than hers, the goofy redhead, or the other brunette who looked younger... none of them held any interest for me.
I only found Nancy attractive.
Well, that's not entirely true. Between Nancy and her friends, I still only had eyes for Nancy. But between her and this one girl I knew at school... ah that's a different story.

We'll call her Kendra. She was fifteen, and she was new. She had short blonde hair and was kind of small-breasted, even for a fifteen year-old. Certainly she had more than Nancy did, but a starving man does not turn his nose up at an 80% chance of real baked beans in favor of a 20% chance of filet mignon. (And yes, by that point, I had decided that delicious flat chest was what I really wanted.) And for female attention, I was definitely starved, and I thought I had a real chance with Kendra.
She had started the year with the rest of us. Technically, she was there before Nancy had come back. But I was only just now getting to know her.
She was not in the popular circles with all the other girls, but she was not a stuck up bitch or fat/ugly chick either. Actually, she was a little chubby, which might have been why her breasts had any size to them at all. But she was still cute.
And I was starting to like her.
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>>have to stop because of birds


Larry had grown more and more distant during the past month or so. As I spent more time with Nancy, he started hanging out with the jocks and the wiggers, of all people. He started watching football, and actually knew and cared about sports. (Wasted his geek cred, that boy did!)
So, during lunch most days, I was eating alone. Somehow, though, I started talking to Kendra. She was not quite a geek or dork girl, but we did have some taste in music in common, and she had a passing interest in video games. My theory was that she was insecure and probably didn't think she could do better than me. And I was okay with that. (Again, starving man, etc.)
We talked a lot, and I still was not really good at expressing my feelings (and the fear of rejection was a major chunk of that), so I wasn't sure if Kendra felt the same about me as I felt about her. I'm sure a million MSPaint relationship comics have been spawned from situations similar to this. (The Kendra part, not the Nancy part.)
>plot twistings
>femanon found out three yearings later that she is being my second cousins
>woman i crashed is actully my sisters

So it came to be that Kendra and I would often sit outside at the picnic tables, or in the lunch room if it was nasty outside. (Cafeteria? What's that? Small private school much?) My lunch was no longer spent alone. Not only that, it was with a GIRL! ZOMG!!!
Dare I say this, but I was starting to forget about my attraction to Nancy. Or at least I thought I was.
Nancy turned thirteen. Seventeen was still a ways off for me, so Nancy seemed to be getting older while I was stuck at sixteen. Yeah, in b4 learn2calendar. Nancy invited me to her birthday party. Actually, it wasn't really an invitation as much as just a mutual assumption that I'd be there.
It was a bunch of twelve and thirteen year-old girls listening to a bunch of Top 40 candy-ass crap, some delicious cake, some ice cream, some Cheetoes in a metal bowl, and a whole bunch of "Ohmigod! Like, really? Ohmigod! He is soooooo kyewt!"
Yeah, I *wished* they were talking about me. No, it was just the ambient preteen/young teen conversational background noise.
And the realization that Nancy was a part of this crowd now made me reevaluate what had happened all those weeks ago. Plus, the thought of Kendra's perfume... The scales were just beginning to tip in Kendra's favor. (Insert chubby girl joke.)

> retracting my statement of failings.
> you are of the winnings.
> m night shyamalan twilight zone twister ending = mind = blowings
> gg for make strong glorious ejaculations!
once me and my brother jacked off to see who would cum first. my mother entered the room without knocking and busted both, since we where young and new nothing about pussy or how to pleasure a woman mom did us a favor bye showing us exactly how to seduce a woman and into bed by using drugs and other techniques i.e. how to correctly eat pussy by by putting your fingers to work to stimulate the g-spot..wow it works really good if you do it right, this technique even worked to make a woman squirt. i really doubted it would work but i was blown away when mom started squirting non-stop everywhere and then repeated the process over and over again. i never knew that just about every woman has this undiscovered power but cannot due it for lack of sex education, i love mom for teaching us this trick and helping us perfect it after weeks of one on one practice with her not letting us date until we both knew the technique and knew it right, thank you mom for all your help and love, your sons, Robbie and Sam.

But Kendra was not related to me. Therefore, anything I might have done with her would not be incest. And I did say this was an incest story, right? So you already know that any plans I had for Kendra were doomed from the start.
Okay, see, Larry was a fucking back-stabbing bastard. I mean, I wish him the best THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST now that he's actually married and has two kids... WITH KENDRA!
Seriously, I don't hold any animosity for him anymore. But back then, I was filled with the most potent and vile form of nerd rage. He had been a geek/dork/nerd/pussy/loser like me, and then he had somehow escaped it. His artistic skills got better, and he eventually started an indy comic book company... well, not while he was in high school, but he was already on that track by then.
And honestly, I don't know if he actually knew how I felt about Kendra. So, I probably shouldn't have been so fucking butthurt when I walked into the lunch room and saw them kissing.

He walked out of the lunch room to see one of his wigger friends (probably to score some weed) and barely acknowledged my existence.
I sat down next to Kendra, and at first, she seemed completely oblivious to the fact that it bothered me.
(Incidentally, I saw her not too long ago. She got fatter. But so did Larry. And they're still married. Happily, it seems. God bless them. Srsly. They go to cons and stuff now.)
So anyway, I talked to Kendra. There was tension. I don't know how much of it was just her reacting to me being all weird, and how much of it was that she knew I *liked* her, and that she had run off with my former best friend. I tried (and once again, failed) to be cool. But I was all emo before there was emo, even though technically there was emo. (See 2nd paragraph for clarification.)
Before even a few minutes had even passed, she left and went to go find Larry. I won't go into the details of the convo. It's beyond the scope of this story. Suffice it to say, I was crushed.
omg you're worse than Tolkein.... still lurking however

I came home feeling totally fucking dejected. In my mind, I had come so close to having the only chance, ever, at getting a girl. Now that hope was dashed by two people I thought I knew. People I thought I could trust.
Who would betray me next? Well, there weren't many people left who could.
I wasn't home long when Nancy came knocking, which wasn't out of the ordinary.
"Hey big guy," she said. (It had officially stuck by this point.)
"Hey," I replied.
Neither of us was really bouncy or happy. I certainly wasn't, and you know why. But even in my gloomy funk, I noticed that Nancy didn't seem her usual bubbly self either.
We flopped down on the couch in the living room and flipped on the TV. For some reason I had stopped watching Ninja Turtles, and I don't think Nancy had ever really been into them. Strange, but I don't really even remember what was on the TV that day.
"Jack?" Nancy turned to me and said. She looked so concerned.
"Yeah?" I turned to her and replied. I had no idea how I looked, nor did I care.
"Do you think I'm pretty?"
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Do you know how to fucking green text? Jesus fucking Christ
Be 13 years old
>Live with single mom and my sister
>Dad died when I was 4 in a work accident
>Mom never had another man in her life ever (not that I know of)
>Summer break
>It's a very hot day
>We are not used to that, usually a cold country
>Alone with mom at house, sister's at summer camp
>Wearing sports shorts without underwear, who cares, I'm not leaving my room today anyway
>Mother calling me from the bathroom
>"Anon, help me for a moment please."
>I guess she just needs help for the shitty shower curtain, you need two people to fix it
>Come in
>She's sitting, topless, an want me to wash her back
>"N-no do it yourself."
>"Ooh c'mon, I normally ask your sister for that but she's not here, it's only 2 minutes."
>"Siigh, fine."
>"You're not afraid of seing your mother like that I hope, I nursed you you know?"
>"Yeah yeah"
>Just stop it already
>Start washing her back, then I notice that I can see her breasts in the mirror's reflection
>She doesn't seems to pay attention
>Can't stop looking, surprised by the firmness of her tits
>Try to finish quickly, can't hide it with my shorts, I don't even have a shirt
>Start leaving
>She turns back
>"Hold on, you need to rinse it."
>Can see her breasts, my eyes are locked on them.
>She notices it and smile
>"You're really not discreet you know that?"
>Look at her face, she saw my boner
>She grabs me before I can move
>"Show me that."
>Take off my shorts in a second, exposing my erected penis
>"Not bad for a boy of your age! I really have beautiful children."
>Start blushing with the power of 9001 suns
>She gently grabs it
>Oh shit what's happening
>Look at me in the eyes
>My whole body is freeze
>Feel my heart beating faster
>My dick is twiching as well, she can feel it
>She look at it, then look at me with a smile
>She's not even jerking me I still feel the pleasure growing
>She starts giving me little, but quick strokes
>Came in seconds
>Never talked about it again

Checked and kek'd!


Yeah, it's kinda long-winded. We're about a 1/3 of the way through now. :3


We had covered this ground before.
"Yeah, I think you're pretty," and then I remembered the slick line I should have used last time, and improvised. "Actually, I think you're beautiful."
And there was that adorable blush again. And then, a little bit of a smile.
"I guess I look okaaayyy..."
"What's going on?" I asked. Then I spouted either a surgically direct, or socially inept addendum: "Did someone say you're not pretty?"
"Just Kevin and Jason," she said. (I haven't changed their names, cuz I never even met the stupid kids.)
"Who's Kevin and Jason?" I asked. Then I added, "And why would they lie like that?"
"Kevin's a boy I used to go to school with. And Jason is... well, he's a boy I like... I *used* to like. And he didn't lie," she said, staring at the floor and picking at her fingernails.
"If he said you're not pretty-"
"He didn't really say that. He didn't really say anything... He just... Uggghhhhhh... I hate boys!"
Then she glanced at me, and said with a wry smile, "Present company excluded, of course."
I wondered where a thirteen year-old would learn that phrase.
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14KB, 212x232px

> be 2008.
> greentext exists.
> still not overtaking real writing.
> be 2015.
> reposting a classic, son.


Before I could get any more details, she asked me: "What kind of girl do you find pretty?"
I was taken aback by the question. "Um, I dunno," I stumbled. A smart man would have said, "One who looks exactly like you." But Captain Failteen here did not say that. Dumbass Captain Failteen said nothing. Dumbass Captain Failteen tried to find the same spot on the floor that Nancy had previously been observing.
"Is there a girl you like?" she asked.
I immediately thought of Kendra. I was staring directly at Nancy, and I was surprised to find that I wanted her to want me. All of a sudden, she was the center of my universe again. That long brown hair, those soft blue eyes, those points trying to come out of her Red Hot Chili Peppers shirt. And by the time I realized that I was irrationally stung by the fact that she had liked a boy she went to school with, I was already feeling relief at the fact that she had given up on him.
I didn't want to seem desperate. Even now, I wanted to be the big bad sixteen year-old who had been around the block and could take or leave any piece of ass that came his way. What utter shit and fail.
"Yeah, actually, there's this girl at school..."
"What does she look like?"
"Um, she's got short blonde hair, brown eyes-"

"And big boobs?" she exclaimed, with the most vitriolic and disgusted tone I had ever heard her use.
"What?!" I was caught off balance. "No, actually she doesn't have big boobs."
"Neither do I!" she huffed, as she crossed her arms over her chest.
"Nancy..." I mumbled. She was pouting. And I kid you not, it was one of her sexiest moments right then. Something about this thirteen year-old girl sitting on the couch, pouting, not realizing she was as smoking hot as the sun covered in gasoline, thinking she was ugly. Or maybe I'm the only one who finds that hot. But I doubt it.
"Girls don't need big boobs to be pretty," I said.
"Yeah, well it helps if they have any boobs at all."
"So, what do you call those?" I said, pointing at her chest. Then I immediately regretted it. I felt as if I had crossed some line.
"Mosquito bites!" she said crossly, and continued pouting.
I was stymied for a few seconds. What could I possibly say to that?

"Well.... that's not what I'd call them." Lame. I had to come up with something better.
And before I could think of anything any more clever, she pulled her arms inside her shirt.
"Let me... ::huff:: let you in on... ::huff::"
She started reaching around her back, fumbling around with something.
"...a little secret!"
And then, from under her shirt, her hands emerged and dropped her bra. She pushed her arms back out through the sleeves, picked up her bra and held it out to me.
"It's padded," she declared smartly.
I gingerly took the padded bra from her. My theory had been correct. She re-crossed her arms over her chest, but not before I noticed the difference I had seen with her pajamas over a month before.
I thought I had been dumbstruck before. She looked at me with that angry pout again, and my brain completely shut down. I just stared dumbly at the bra in my hand as I tried to formulate something I could say that I could even hope would begin to heal her pain and humiliation.
And once again, I hit my limit break, or played my trap card, or had a brain blast... all these stupid metaphors that wouldn't even exist until years later. Something clicked, and my mind started working in jackrabbit mode.
I looked up at her, and the anger on her face was replaced by sadness and disappointment. I looked back down at the bra, and then I just flung it forcefully on the floor. Then, I looked up into her eyes again.

"You don't need that, Nancy," I told her. Sincerely. See, I wasn't formulating a line. I was speaking from my fucking heart. And maybe my dick too, but it was all true.
"Yes I d-"
"NO!" and she flinched just a bit when I shouted, so I continued more quietly, "You *don't*! When I said you're beautiful, I *meant* it! And you didn't let me in on any *secret*. I've seen you when you weren't wearing that. I know what size your boobs really are."
She started to give me an incredulous look.
"Remember the first time you called me 'big guy'?"
"No," she replied.
"It was the morning after you spent the night here, right after you got back," I explained.
She cocked her head quizzically. Then, she said, "Okay, yeah, I remember."
And then surprise came over her face and her smile faded away. "Oh my god. You were looking at my boobs?"

Fate owed me big, and I thought it was finally paying up. I thought I was on a roll. I just leaned back, gave her a smug look, and said, "I thought you said you didn't have boobs."
She just dropped her arms to her sides and looked down at her chest again. Those delicious little bumps. And I could just barely see the shape of the nipples. But she looked defeated. I had picked the wrong words. Shit!
Time for a saving throw. (No, I've never actually played D&D, but it's in common parlance now.)
I leaned forward again and, in an unprecedented act of boldness on my part, I grabbed her by her shoulders and turned her toward me. She seemed startled. Uncertain. Vulnerable.
I looked directly in her eyes and laid it all on the line.
"I would take you over any girl I've ever met in real life, or seen on TV. And I wouldn't change anything about you. I think you're hot, just the way you are."
And then, just like in that empty room three years earlier, I closed my eyes, leaned in, and kissed her.
And, uh... she kissed back.

I pulled away from her. It was only supposed to be that endearing little peck. Somehow our mouths had both opened. There was no tongue action but..... Damn!! Obvious joke? Sure! We were kissing cousins! HURRR!
I was a bit stunned, but I thought I still had my wits about me. My hormones were fucking RAGING! It was like all systems were go as they had never been before. And for the first time since it had happened, I was thankful for that spin-the-bottle game. I actually knew how to kiss, somewhat.
But like I said, I still had my wits. Or at least that scheming evil part of my brain. So as I let go of her shoulders, I just casually spread my fingers and let my hands slide down the front of her shirt, gently grazing the subtle curve of her breast buds, and travelling over the little bumps of her nipples, before my hands left her shirt.
(I still get flushed thinking about it now. Must. Not. Fap.)
Her lips were still parted a little bit, and her face was beet red. My heart was moshing with my lungs and trying to punch a hole in my ribcage. And then, I fucked up.

Mistaking that look on her face for "MOAR! MOAR!", when it was really something more like "OhMyFuckingGodWatTheFuckJustFuckingHappenedICantFuckingProcessThis" I leaned in to kiss her again. This time, she pushed me away.
"I'm sorry," I said. As if my heart wasn't already working hard enough to deal with what had just happened, it was now contending with the fact that I had just killed the horse and started beating its carcass.
"I gotta go," she said, seemingly to no one in particular.
She stood up and walked mechanically out the front door.
I grabbed the bra and said, "Nancy, don't forget your-" but she was already outside. Thank God I had the wherewithall to realize that chasing after her in broad daylight, holding her bra out to her would probably *not* be the best way to make things better.
Might make the neighbors ask some uncomfortable questions, as well.

Kendra was forgotten. Kendra who? Whore what? But I digress. Again.
I retreated to my room before my mom got home. I'd hate for her to get scared and say, "You're moving with your auntie..." But my uncle was dead, and we already lived next door to my auntie in Bon Air, which was close enough.
I sat on my bed, holding the bra in my hand. The feeling I had when I thought I had punched Nancy in the nose was back, but multiplied by like over 9000.
The whole hot-cold, "I seriously, royally fucked up" thing was there too. On top of that, I held, in my hands, tangible proof of the whole debacle.
I held it by the padded cups, kind of rotating it around, numbly studying it. Meanwhile, I rotated what I had done around in my head. And then, on a whim, I lifted the bra to my nose. I sniffed a little. Then I breathed deeply.
It smelled sweet. I kid you not, it smelled sweet. At least, just a little bit.
It also smelled a little sweaty, but not that raunchy locker room underarm toxin that guys get. No, this was girl sweat. Clean girl sweat, if that doesn't seem too paradoxical. It was motherfucking LOLI sweat! I could only guess that the sweetness was perfume. I had not really even been aware that she wore perfume. But now I could smell it on her bra. Either that, or it was her deodorant. But it was too sweet to be that.

That night, recalling the soft give of her little points, and those luscious puffs at their tips, I had plenty of fuel for my masturbation marathon. But with equal force, the memory of that kiss pulled at my mind. And I kept that bra close. Fapping into it never even crossed my mind (until now). And I just kept sniffing it, inhaling its essence. After three--count 'em, three!---orgasms, I fell asleep, exhausted.
(16yo hormones, refractory period, blargh)
I dreamed the whole thing happened all over again, except this time, I put my hands up her shirt. And then she was Kendra. And then I was driving a car and then it was Voltron and... dreams are fucked up, aren't they?
The next day, my feelings were mixed. I feared what would await me when I got home. My irate aunt, screaming at me for molesting her daughter. My mother, her stern, sharp gaze burning holes in me. Chris Hansen asking me to have a seat... okay, maybe a decade or so early for that. But I was banking on Nancy not telling anyone. I thought she would be too embarassed.
See, I had just read Gerald's Game by Stephen King. Hardcover, baby. If you haven't read it, there's a subplot about the protagonist getting molested by her dad when she was twelve, and he threatened to tell her mother what had happened, which made her afraid, so then he agreed not to tell her mother, and the girl thought that was a good idea. Basically, she was afraid of what her mother would say and think, and never told anyone about what her dad had done.
I hoped that some similar sentiment would be going through Nancy's mind.

The other overwhelming feeling I had that day was the fact that, "ZOMG, I TOUCHED LOLI BEWBS!!!" Okay, "loli" would have been a foreign term for me at the time. In fact, so would the word "lolita", never having read Nabokov. And "ZOMG"...? But since I didn't actually think in any real words, fucking /b/tardspeak is sufficient to get the point across.
I didn't seek out Kendra at lunch. I even thought, "Take that you back-stabbing whorecunt! I've got a girl with smaller boobs than you!"
Yeah, I'm sure she would have felt really insecure about that. Actually, if she were at all sensitive about her weight, maybe she would have. I never found out.
The school day was the usual suck/fail/fog/aspergers/adhd/shitfail and I went home.
Surprise, surprise: Nancy didn't come over.
That "surprise, surprise" thing was sarcasm, son.
In fact, all the rest of that week, I didn't eat lunch with Kendra, and Nancy didn't come over in the afternoons. It seemed that fate wanted to skullfuck me.
ont zey ahrk dii zeymah jacked vau wah koraav wo fund cum diist. dii monah haav weyt klaan ahrk klovnus ney, ruzun mu kolos goraan ahrk yun nid do pussy uv vir wah genazend miil mom drey mii hindah genun mii exactly vir wah vahlii miil ahrk kotin sek mii kolvas ahrk vorey vensedren zu'u. e. vir wah correctly naak pussy naal ris hin sinak wah kroson wah eliir g-spot. .wow nii kroson really pruzah waan hi dreh nii viilt, daar vensedren orin kroson wah wahl miil squirt. zu'u really grit nii fund kroson nuz zu'u lost sun hond fod mom gonah squirting non-stop enookstaad ahrk ruz zuvir krodren avok ahrk avok einzuk. zu'u neh knew tol nunon do enook miil lost daar undiscovered suleyk nuz nis toz nii fah vankar do liin education, zu'u lokaal mom fah mindaat mii daar mindol hiif mii tozeinvu nii mindin keyal do gein nau gein hahtaar voth ek vos mii zahtiid erei mu ney knew vensedren ahrk knew nii viilt, nox

And then, some distant relative died. She was my mom and aunt's great aunt or something. I didn't know her. They were both going out of state to the funeral. And guess who was expected to babysit whom!
So, fate came through after all and decided to knock off some old bat I'd never met, so that I could have Nancy in a house to myself for two nights? I was okay with that. You can't make this shit up!
I was given ground rules, about what time she needed to go to bed and shit. It was really fucking comical. They were trusting this sixteen year-old slacker to enforce these mature and grown up guidelines for this thirteen year-old. I mean, we were all family, and it wasn't really as much me babysitting her as us just kind of keeping each other company. In fact, even without the whole impending incestuous orgy (foreshadowing much?) it was probably a colossally bad idea on their part.
But sudden death is rarely planned-for. They knew it would be pointless to drag us through a wake full of complete strangers who we were barely related to anyway. So they had to make do, and literally fly off with things as they were. The "rules" were just kind of an attempt to make sure that I understood that we were on our own, and we better not burn the fucking house down.

> google translate.
> detected: hausa.
> still unintellible.
> gg


I went next door, expecting Nancy to ignore me, throw things at me, or beg to be taken to the funeral after all. But that didn't happen. It was a Friday night, which made the whole bed time thing even sillier. So as my aunt and mom left, I sat down on the couch in my aunt's living room. It was actually a bit nicer than ours, which was to be expected.
Nancy came in and sat down on the couch next to me. That was unexpected.
"Hey," I said.
"Hey," she answered, looking straight at the TV. Funny, cuz it wasn't even on.
"So... what's up?"
"Nothin'," she said, then pursed her lips and kind of nodded her head and rocked back and forth slightly.
I had no idea how to broach the subject of what had happened, or whether or not I even wanted to, or should. Tension so thick you could cut it with a knife? Try a fucking rocket chainsaw.
Then, she spoke.
"Have you ever, like, expected something, and then, not really expected it, but then, you got used to it or...?" she trailed off, a look of deep concentration and consternation on her face.
"I don't kn-"
Then she turned her face towards me and just came right out with it, in a quick nervous voice that wasn't quite a laugh:
"Will you touch my chest again?"
My first impression was that I had just imagined that epically loaded question. And it wasn't quite a smile that was on her face, but it wasn't... quite... not... a smile.... You know?
If you leave me without the rest of the story. I swear to god...

I was stunned. But not for long.
She then looked very embarrassed.
"I mean, you know... if you want to..."
"Yeah, sure!" I agreed enthusiastically. Trying to be cool had sailed out the window a long time ago, and was headed for a galaxy far, far away.
She took a deep breath and then turned her whole body toward me. And I noticed that she was not wearing a bra.
She reached behind her neck and pulled all her hair back in a kind of a shrugging motion, so that it was all behind her. Then, she kind of plucked at her collar to straighten her shirt, which only drew more attention to those little points of perfection. Her shirt moved, but they didn't. Then, she put her arms at her sides.
And, for some reason, I stalled.
"Um, how do you want me to do it?" I mumbled. Idiot!
She kind of half smiled again, obviously nervous (as if I wasn't!), and said, "Um, like you did before?"
I took a deep breath.
"Okay," I practically whispered.
I put my hands on her shoulders, and she actually licked her lips. It was snake-like: so quick I almost didn't see it. It wasn't meant to be seductive, I don't think. Just part of the whole nervousness thing. But everything about her was seductive at this point. At least to me.
Here's the full story, you can stop posting it now.


/b/ro, we are almost halfway through. I am here til the bitter end!


She closed her eyes, and I could see her throat move as she swallowed nervously.
Gently, and very slowly, I pulled my hands away from her shoulders until my fingertips were touching the place where her shoulders met her chest. I slowly moved them down her chest until they started to touch actual honest-to-RaptorJesus breast flesh.
And she inhaled sharply through her nose. I stopped moving my hands until she seemed to calm a bit. I could actually feel her heartbeat through my fingertips.
Then, I allowed my fingers to resume their downward trek. Somewhere in the back of my brain, there was an alarm going off. There was some emergency operator who was screaming into an intercom, "HOLY SHIT! I'M FEELING UP A GIRL!!!" Immediately, another emergency operator started yelling a response of, "HOLY SHIT! IT'S MY COUSIN!!!" And yet, miracle of miracles, I was able to keep them both stifled while I maintained control of the situation.
My fingers came to her nipples. I curved my fingers inward and encircled her small points with them.
She inhaled excitedly again. The fingers of each hand converged on each nipple. My God, but I was in heaven. And I was suddenly aware of a massive fucking boner in my pants.
File: also check em.png (435KB, 536x644px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
also check em.png
435KB, 536x644px
ofaal pruzah

Oh sure, if you want to read it with shitty formatting and scrunched-together paragraphs. I will keep posting as long as they are requested. Also, some of the later content might require a little authorial note for context.

Good find though.


Her nipples (again, technically her aereolas) were so soft. They were at least as puffy as I remembered them, and just a little bit bigger now. As I started stroking them, her lips parted and her breathing started to get just the least little bit raspy.
I started kind of gently grazing her buds with the backs of my fingers. She seemed to like that. Hell, for all I knew about female anatomy at the time, she could have been orgasming.
I mean, I know she wasn't. I'm just saying that's how ignorant I was.
And because I actually had some consideration, and actually did want to make her feel good, and didn't just want to gratify myself, I decided to open the lines of communication.
I tried to talk and found my mouth bone-fucking-dry. I quickly licked my lips and swallowed and tried again.
"Do you like this?" I whispered.
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11KB, 240x133px
ive been wanking for 2 hours to this and already came so idc.

> ofaal pruzah
You do and you'll clean it up!


Her eyes still closed, she responded in a whisper, "Yeah."
"You want me to keep going?"
She just nodded slowly.
I started improvising. There wasn't a lot there to grab, so I couldn't exactly squeeze handfuls of tit. Instead, I kind of "finger cupped" her little boobs. Did I mention that those nipples were absofuckinglutely DIVINE??!!
I saw that her shirt was not tucked in, so I made an executive decision. With my left hand still playing with her right tit (left from my POV), I moved my right hand down and then up under her shirt. Oh my fucking God. The left hand didn't stay outside for very long after that. Maybe something like fucking Planck Time. (learn2physics/wiki/google)
Then, both of my hands were under her shirt playing with divine loli tits.
Now, a salient fact that I have not mentioned up to this point was, despite there being nothing like today's internet, I still had some access to pr0n. It was nowhere near as easy to come by as it is now (like fucking tap water!) but I still had a few videos and magazines. This was how I convinced myself that I had any fucking clue as to what to do in this situation. And whether or not I actually *did* have a clue is up for debate, I'm sure.

She seemed to have gotten over the initial shock of A) being felt up by an older guy, B) being felt up by her creepy cousin, or C) being felt up by her creepy cousin who was an older guy... and finding that she enjoyed it. She was lying back on the couch now, obviously quite comfortable with the situation. She had a slight smile on her face, and I noticed she seemed to be squirming just a little bit.
No, she didn't spread her legs and go "FUCK ME FUCK ME!!" or anything. Her pelvis wasn't bucking in unbridled passion. But she did seem to be awakening to her sexuality, and was moving in a slight, naturally hypnotic rhythm.
She stopped moving and she reached up and grabbed my shoulders. I froze, fearing that the other shoe had finally dropped, the piper was about to be paid, the chickens had come home to roost, I really *was* moving with my auntie and uncle in Bel Air, or whatever bad, hackneyed cliche signifies, "You've had your fun, but now it's over, kid."
But no, she opened her eyes and, while she held my shoulders, she kind of parted her lips once more.
"Please, kiss me?" she said and then closed her eyes.
I closed my eyes too and, with my hands still up her shirt, resuming their game of Loli Titball, I descended upon her and pressed my open mouth to hers.

At first the kiss was just as sweet as before. As pure a bliss as can be had between two people's mouths. Then, she tried to do the tongue thing.
I never would have believed that anything this beautiful girl could do, could possibly be such massive fail. Somehow, this passionate liplock turned into some kind of all-tongue-and-teeth massacre. I pulled away, kind of stunned. For someone whose experience with girls was virtually nil, I knew that *that* wasn't right.
Eyes still closed, she frowned.
"I'm a terrible kisser! I don't have any boobs and I'm a terrible-"
I squeezed the boobs she didn't think she had, and said, "Shhhhhhhhhhhh!"
She opened her eyes and I thought I would die right there. Those beautiful blue eyes, the most gorgeous eyes I had ever seen, were starting to be bathed in tears. Her pouty frown was melting my heart.
In the most gentle and romantic voice I could manage, I crooned, "You are not a terrible kisser. You just need to practice, that's all. And don't get me started about your boobs again. Whatever you call them, these two wonderful things I have my hands on are, like, the best thing I have ever touched."

Her frown kind of faltered and she looked hopeful. It was at this point that I had another major fucking epiphany. I realized that she had always looked up to me, and that everything she had done was for my approval.
With no father, brother, or uncle, I was her ideal of a guy. She had fucking idolized me from childhood.
When she saw what I did as a boy, she decided she wanted to be a boy and play like one.
When I watched Voltron, she watched Voltron.
When I trudged through the woods and pretended to fight Decepticons, she did as well.
When I failed to send her a letter after she went away, she decided that I probably didn't like letters, and that she wouldn't bother me with one.
Somehow, this all came together for me at this one instant of looking into her eyes.
And I knew that I loved my little cousin with all my heart, soul, and body.
I knew that I would do anything for her.
I also knew that, if I played my cards right, I could do anything I wanted with her.
Pretty fucking deep for a sixteen year-old sex-starved dork, eh?

"Now, about that kissing practice," I said. And I was totally bullshitting my way through this. "Just relax," I instructed, "and pretend like it's the first time we kissed."
Yeah, but this time, leave out the part about being wigged out by your older cousin touching your boobs. But I didn't bother stating that. It was, understandably, implied.
She closed her eyes and parted her lips again.
"Now, just relax, and just... let it happen."
Yeah, "just let it happen" would become the mantra soon enough. Where was this sagely shit coming from anyway?
I kissed her again, and it was sweet and soft and slow, just like the first time. And then, before it lingered for too long, I pulled away again. And as a reward for being such a good kisser, I instinctively gave her little boobs a gentle squeeze and caress.
"Okay now," I continued, "I'm gonna kiss you again, and this time, I'm going to let my tongue in. Just open your mouth a little more and let it happen."
And I bent to kiss her again. It was soft and sweet again, and I put my tongue in. And keep in mind, this was the first time I had ever put my tongue inside a girl's mouth. For uncharted, mutually virgin territory, I think I did admirably well.

I kind of pulled my tongue back, and she pursued with her own. She was learning quickly. But then again, so was I. We both pulled apart and kind of laughed at it all. Somewhere during that last kiss, the nervousness had left and we were both comfortable with each other.
I moved my hands back down to her waist, then lifted her shirt up. And my GOD, I thought I had a rock hard jimmy before. Kissing her and playing with her little tits without actually seeing them was one thing. My hard-on must've increased density by 150% when I laid eyes on those beautiful pink pearls of pure win.
Her little tits were just amazing. No porno I had ever seen could prepare me for what it was like to actually behold loli tits. For one, all the porn stars I had seen at the time were worn-out hags.
With her shirt up, I continued playing with those beautiful little thirteen year-old breasts. I moved my face nearer to her nipples and I began kissing them. I found that I could fit her entire pointy little breast in my mouth, suck it in hard, and still have room to roll my tongue around it. Oh, this must be what heaven is like, I thought. I know I made some kind of sound, and so did she. It was fucking amazing, having a mouthful of Nancy's breast in my mouth. In the center of one of those soft puffy aereolas, I could feel her tiny nipple on my tongue.
Yes... Shit. Was. SO! Fucking. Cash!

I pulled my mouth off of her tit while sucking, so it kinda popped back a bit and just barely jiggled. And when I say it jiggled, it's like when you push down on the front end of a car with brand new shocks. It just kind of bobbed once and then stopped moving immediately.
She moaned softly.
Ya know, I have read so many erotic stories where they say "she moaned softly" and I don't know how else you say it. Because that's what she did. I always used to think of a moan as being like those fake ghosts from Scoobie Doo. "Ooouuhhh.." or something, accompanied by cheesy heavy footsteps or chains rattling.
But right then and there, I discovered what a soft moan sounded like. Much higher-pitched. Not screechy squealy high-pitched, but more "young girl entering into womanhood" high-pitched. Kind of a half-whispered word, somewhere between "ah" and "oh", exhaled almost whisper-fashion, but with just enough honest-to-RaptorJesus honey-sweet little girl voice behind it to make my heart melt and my dick stand at attention. That is, if it wasn't already standing at attention, which it had been for quite a while now.

I moved from one tit to the other, sucking and pulling. Whichever one I wasn't sucking on, I played with and plucked at with my hand. Suck and pluck. Switch off. Pluck and suck. I did this a few times, and then I stopped and looked at her face. Somehow, I just... knew... she had had enough.
"Do you want me to stop, or keep going?" I asked. A raep kind of guy, I am not. Even if it is loli.
She opened her eyes. She was still comfortable and relaxed, but I could tell that we had reached some kind of limit. I probably could have forced the issue, and probably gotten her to go along with whatever I had in mind. (At least, I like to think I had that kind of sway over her.) But I wanted to take it slow.
I knew she liked what we were doing, and I wanted her to keep liking it. The last thing I wanted to do was scare her off.
The old hint of nervousness crept back into her eyes, just a little bit.
"Can we stop for awhile?" she asked.
"Sure," I replied. In a way, I was kind of relieved. I mean, it should go without saying that I definitely was enjoying the hell out of myself (and her). But if I kept up with the foreplay... and that's really what it was after all... I'd have a case of blue balls that would make the sky look green.
I know my metaphors suck. Blow me.
Still, I couldn't resist just doing that fingercup/pluck thing with both hands on both of her little tits one more time before I pulled away.

She pulled her shirt back down. Then she leaned over and buried her face in my shoulder and hugged me tight. I returned the hug. I was afraid that I had hurt or scared her somehow and that she was crying. But my shoulder never got wet.
"I can't believe we just did that," she declared, her voice muffled by my shirt.
I held her a little tighter.
"Me either."
My boner was raging and begging for a reprieve. And now I was seeing how cruel a bastard fate was going to be. At least this night. Blue balls, here I come, I thought. I'd never actually had blue balls, but I had heard about it.
To be honest, it really wasn't that bad. We held each other like that for probably the next ten minutes. The whole time, I was acutely aware of those little breasts pressing against my chest. Absolute bliss.
"I love you, Jack."
"I love you too, Nancy."
"I never thought you'd be the first guy I'd let do that."
"I never thought you'd be the first girl I'd do that to."
She pulled away just a bit to gaze up at me with those incredibly gorgeous blue eyes.
"Really. I didn't know if I'd *ever* get to do that. With *any* girl." I gave a nervous laugh.
"I mean, really, I'm the first girl you've done that with?"
"Yeah," I said. I smiled. She smiled too, and then she just hugged me again.
"I'm glad it was you," she said, her face once again on location in Shoulderville.
"Feeling's mutual," I said.

As we held each other, I just stroked her back. Even just touching her back was exciting. I ran my fingers through her hair. Her hair was incredible. So soft and silky. I don't know what shampoo she used. And as I breathed deeply, I smelled that sweet scent. There was no girl sweat this time. I didn't know if it was her shampoo, perfume, or what, but there was only that sweetness that I had smelled on her bra.
And then, smooth-talkin', romantic Latin Lover, Romeo, Cassanova, Don FUCKIN' Juan that I was, I had to say, "Oh, by the way, I still have your bra."
She giggled a bit. "Yeah, I know. I'm sorry I freaked out the other day." Her head was buried in my shoulder again.
"It's okay," I reassured her. "I was a little freaked out too."
As soon as I said it, I knew it sounded wrong. Captain Failteen strikes (out) again!
I recovered quickly: "But it was the best day of my life... until tonight that is."
She pulled away and looked at me, then giggled again.
"Don't you mean it's the best night of your life?"
"So far it is, yeah" I replied.
The smile didn't leave her face. But it changed from an amused, almost goofy smile, to a warm and contented one. She buried her face in my shoulder yet again.
"I could stay like this all night."
"Me too," I concurred.
Well, with the google archive and this other story i wont even need these threads to get wincest. that and the fact i just ate 9 slices of cheap pizza made this the perfect day, thanks

I will post enough entries to get to where a little authorial intervention is necessary and if I get no more bumps/requests after that, I will stop.


Finally, after another five or ten minutes of the most wonderful embrace I had ever experienced, she let go. She leaned back again, eyes still closed, peaceful smile still on her face. I took this opportunity.
With another nervous laugh, I announced, "I... gotta pee."
"Okay," she said sleepily.
I got up and made my way to the bathroom. I tried to fap as fast as I could. It didn't take long, really. Had Ceiling Cat existed then, he would have been astounded by my blinding speed. He might have even lost an eye if I had been unable to cap the speeding projectile.
Again, I dealt with the difficulty of aroused urination. And for the first time in my life, I experienced the pissfork. Those who have experienced it know what I am talking about.
When I came back into the living room, Nancy had the TV on. Of all things, Dark Crystal was on. I sat down next to Nancy. Immediately, she snuggled up next to me.
Now that my gun was no longer loaded, and my mind was a little more logical, I started taking stock of my situation.
You want to talk about conflicting emotions? Again, that nagging little thought was there. "This is your *COUSIN* Jack! WTF are you thinking?"
If she was my second cousin, hell, it would even be legal to marry her here. But first cousins? And first cousins from moms who are identical twins? Genetically speaking, she was my half sister!

But there again, the stiff dick did not think about these kinds of things. Hell, even limp, it didn't give a shit. This was a female. A hot, loli, jailbait, little-titted, nice round-assed girl. And this girl was into me.
The cold, logical part of my mind told me that this was wrong, against God, illegal, immoral, and on par with holocaust, genocide, and voting Green Party. But the other 99% of my being told me that this was good, wonderful, and right, and that I shoul DO IT, FAGGOT! It sure *felt* right!
I mean, after all, we weren't having sex... yet. And who better to enter into the world of physical intimacy than with someone you trust so implicitly? And my rationale was that this applied to the both of us.
So, I just put my arm around her, drew her closer to me, and enjoyed the beginning of my jailbait incest adventure.

We watched Dark Crystal and enjoyed it. We had seen it in the theater when it came out years before. When she was much younger, Nancy had been terrified of the witch-ogre who pulled her own eye out and looked around with it. Looking back, we laughed about that. And at the end, where the gelfling girl was brought back to life, and the light being or whatever he was, told the gelfling boy to hold her to him because she was part of him, we both started crying. And we held each other even tighter.
I had never felt anything like this before. And I told Nancy, "That makes me think of us. It's like we've always been a part of each other, and we belong together."
"Yeah," she said with tears in her eyes, "I know."
Huh, this sounds familiar...

After that ended, we ran over to my house real quick and grabbed my Nintendo. We hooked it up to her big screen TV (rear projection, top of the line for the time) and played--you guessed it--Battletoads. I couldn't remember the cheat code, so we failed hard on the third level.
Then we played Double Dragon II, since we could play that simultaneously as well.
We actually got all the way to the end by some miracle, but then we couldn't beat the last boss. After we lost, we tried again. We ended up playing Double Dragon II a whole bunch of times. We never did beat it, but at some point, we realized it was about 1:30AM.

Nancy tried, and failed, to stifle a yawn. And it was contageous. I yawned as well.
"I guess we should get some sleep," I suggested. And I began to feel an aching in my heart, like none I had ever felt. Losing the non-existant shot I had with Kendra was nothing compared to this. I was dreading the seemingly inevitable parting of us heading off to separate beds.
"Yeah, I guess so..." she agreed. And I began to wonder if she felt the same way.
"So, uh, I guess I'll take your mom's room."
"Um..." she started.
I looked at her. "Yeah?"
"I was wondering... um... if maybe... we could sleep together?"
I was positive that she could hear my heart blasting away at the confines of my ribcage. For all I knew, she could see it trying to batter its way out onto the floor.
"You... really... want to do that?" I stammered.
She put one foot behind the other, balancing it on her toes, clasping her hands in front of her. She looked so much like an adorable little girl right then. (And really, she was.)
"Yeah... if that's okay...?" she ventured. Then her eyes got really huge and her face became bright red. Rudolph would have been jealous.
"I mean! Like, actually... just... You know! I mean, sleep! Sleep sleep! Not... you know..." and she looked at the floor with a shoegaze that would make Eddie Vedder proud.
Please continue based Anon
I wasn't saying i want you to stop dude.

There's a reason I was reminded of this story tonight of all nights. :-) I imagine a certain greentexter might have been a fan.


My emotions were a slurry cocktail of disappointment and relief. The prospect of actually having sex with her was just about too much for me to handle right then. After realizing it was never there to begin with, I calmed down just a bit.
I pulled her to me and we held each other.
"Yeah, that'd be great." I stroked the back of her head, and her hair, and her back, and then I kissed her on the forehead.
This was the culmination of every dream I had ever had about girls.
We went into her room, completely forgetting to turn off the light in the living room.
Once in her room, it actually got awkward again. I sat down on her bed. She remained standing. Normally, she probably would have just taken everything off and put on her cute pajamas. But now, she seemed embarassed.
"Um, could you like, turn around?" she asked.
She looked vulnerable again all of a sudden. "Please?"
"Um, okay." I did as I was asked.
I could hear her taking off her clothes. It took every ounce of self control not to just turn my head a little bit and try to watch her out of the corner of my eye.

One request is all that is necessary. This will continue and it will conclude, barring catastrophic internet failure.


The girl was a mind reader.
"No peeking!" she said. I could hear her smile. And I could tell she was still embarrassed.
"Why not? I've already seen what you've got."
"Not everything," she replied.
I couldn't really argue with that. I heard her open some dresser drawers. Then I heard the fabric of her pajamas sliding over her skin as she put them on. I wondered if they were the blue ones. I cursed the fact that the light in the room was too diffuse to even see anything meaningful in the shadows of her movement.
"Okay, you can look."
I turned around.
Yep. It was the blue ones. And I could see the shape of her chest, and those gorgeous loli tits just poking out again.
"Ya know, I really do like those pajamas."
She gave a short laugh. "Really?"
"Yeah," I said, probably with a goofy smile on my face. Her eyes followed mine, and then she looked down and noticed what I noticed.
Her mouth opened and she looked back at me and said "Ah!" from the back of her throat in mock indignation. (You know, girl shorthand for "How dare you?!") She crossed her arms in front of her chest protectively. Then she marched over to the bed, picked up her pillow and hit me in the head with it.
Have a second anyway. Repeated failure is why most of us are here.

I laughed, and she laughed, and she tried to hit me with the pillow again, and I grabbed it away from her and threw it behind me. She reached for it, but I grabbed her arms, and then it was like that wrestling match all over again.
And then the tickle fight. This time, though, there was no padded bra in the way.
And when the tussling was over, and she was on top of me again, we just kind of stopped and gazed into each other's eyes. And then she kissed me.
I pulled her down and she just kind of lay down on top of me and we kissed and stroked each other's hair. I was getting turned on all over again.
She held herself over me, pushup style. I put my arms around her and pulled her down to me. She slipped her arms under me and was now lying on me. We just held each other and kissed. As we kissed, we kind of moved around. My hips just kind of moved of their own accord, and soon, I was hard again. Somewhere along the way she had assumed a sort of straddling position on me.
I was still fully clothed, and she was in her PJs, but we were in a very interesting position now. I pulled my arms down off her back, and she pushed herself up again. And when she did, I was able to catch a little glimpse down the front of her pajama top. The top button had come undone, and I was able to just see one of her perfect little pointy breasts through all the crazy hair that was cascading down from her head.

Not required, but certainly appreciated!


She gazed down at me and that was the first time I saw her face look so... grown up. Her eyes and her mouth were both half open, her lips almost poutish. She seemed serious and delirious at the same time. I slowly reached up and stroked her breast through the pajama fabric with my knuckles. Her eyes closed and she let out another one of those beautiful patented Nancy Soft Moans(TM).
I reached up with both hands and began unbuttoning the next button. Eyes still closed, she shook her head and emitted a barely audible "no".
As horny and one-track-minded as I was, the last thing I wanted to do was ANYTHING against her will. Because, let's face it, guise: I was in full blown, head-over-heels LOVE with Nancy by now.
"Are you sure?" I whispered.
The expression on her face barely changed, but she let out something akin to a laugh as she shook her head and answered me, "no". She seemed confused and exasperated.
I moved my hands away from the button and stroked the side of her head.
"Nancy," I said, in something slightly more than a whisper, "I love you. I won't do anything to hurt you. I won't try to... you know. I won't let it go too far. I just want to make you feel good. Just let it happen. But if I start to do anything you don't want me to, just.. tell me to stop, okay?"
She closed her mouth and licked her lips and then just nodded.
My wife said her dad did a family tree. Looks like we are distant cousins.

win fucking cest

> check'd


Her angelic form still hovering over me, I resumed the unbuttoning process. At first it was like cracking a safe. Amid the torrential flood of hormones coursing through my body, I found the prospect of unbuttoning a button to be taking way too long. But after that first one, the rest practically unbuttoned themselves. Then, the flaps of the pajama top simply fell away to reveal a scene that reminded me of her presentation three years previously.
I was in awe of the way they seemed to point even more when gravity pulled her soft little breasts toward me. I stroked them up and down, first with my fingertips, then the backs of my knuckles.
Nancy started to arch her back, ever so slightly, kind of rhythmically. And the downstairs resident of my pants was becoming more and more agitated.

I was in mid-fondle when Nancy pulled her legs up underneath herself, rocked back, and sat up, now fully straddling me in the process. I was so enthralled by what was happening that I didn't even have time to wonder what she was up to. She sat up straight, aroused expression still on her face, and simply stretched her arms back until the pajama top just slinked off her back.
Here hair was everywhere, and she just kind of swept it back behind her. As she did this, it was now dawning on me that Nancy was fully topless. No longer ashamed or embarrassed, she was once again comfortable with me. With her legs still under her, she leaned forward and I just reached up and started playing with her little cones of perfection once again. The centers of those beautiful pink bon bons of loli nipple were poking out again as I played with them.
Nancy leaned closer, deliberately placing her breasts close to my mouth.
"Can you kiss them again, please?" she begged.
As if she had to ask! My mouth was already on its way up to greet its new playmates, but her asking just turned me on so much more. I started kissing and sucking on her little loli breasts again, and I just reveled in the sound of her inimitable soft moans.

It was about this time that I noticed two things I had never experienced before. One, Nancy's hips were starting to grind against me. And two, there was a new smell in the air. It was almost sweet, but not quite. It wasn't her perfume or whatever truly sweet scent I had smelled earlier. It was almost salty, but not quite. The saltiness of it almost reminded me of the scent of girl sweat on her bra, but it wasn't quite that either.
It was truly something I had never smelled before.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, for the heterosexual males among you without your V-Plates (and possibly some of you with), I was experiencing my first taste, or rather scent, of a woman's vaginal fluids.
Of course, in this case, it wasn't a woman's. It was a thirteen year-old girl's. And it was just another divine, beautiful facet of this new world that Nancy and I were discovering together. Yes, Nancy was now, officially, in full blown horniness.

Somewhere in the process of all that was happening, her groin area had managed to come into contact with mine. Now, this was my first time dry-humping (not that she was dry!) but having stroked myself through my pants in anticipation of fap sessions in the past, I was aware of what position my cock should be in for maximum pleasure. And besides, when a thirteen year-old girl is grinding on you, it's not to difficult to quickly identify what position feels best.
There was no shame between us now. I just reached down between her legs, and readjusted what was between mine. Inevitably, the back of my hand came into contact with her nether region, and came away with just the faintest trace of her essence on it. I couldn't help myself. I raised it to my nose and just took the briefest sniff.
I couldn't explain why, but it was wonderful! It defied logic! This was from the same region where piss and shit come out. (And I am not, nor have I ever been into *that*!) And yet, it was something that I thought I would want to lick up.

But right just then, I had more immediate concerns: Like the fact that suddenly the dick under my jeans and boxers was lined up just right with what was inside the thin fabric of Nancy's pajama pants. And it felt incredible!
Basically, we were now having sex with our clothes on. It was slow, and it was not perfect, but we were both getting something out of it.
My hands and mouth kept working on her chest area, but there was only so much I could do there. With my right hand still fondling her delicious flat chest, I took my left hand and started caressing her ass.
It was tight, round, and firm. Everything a girl's ass should be, in my opinion. There was maybe just a little jiggle to it, which was fine. This was the first girl's ass I had ever touched, so I didn't have much of a baseline for comparison.
I squeezed and kneaded, but not too roughly. And then, reluctantly, I allowed my right hand to retreat from her beautiful breast buds to her other ass cheek.
Holding onto her ass firmly, I pulled her against me more tightly. I slid her forward just a bit, and suddenly the ecstacy I was experiencing escalated.
Hmmmmm... escalating ecstacy. I gotta remember that one.

"Ounhh" she let out, and then bit her bottom lip as if embarassed. She even giggled a little before settling back into the rhythm. It seemed that it was an improvement for her as well. I kept pulling her tighter and tighter, our rhythm steadily building and building. The pressure on my cock was a little more now, but it was better and was giving me more sensation.
Fapping had nothing on this!
I would occasionally return a hand to her chest and stroke her little hanging points. But usually, I kept my hands on her fine butt and just kept the mutual grind going, trying to kiss and suck on her soft areolas and their tiny hard nipples as best I could.
We went on like this, slowly increasing the speed of the rhythm, until I felt an orgasm like none I had ever experienced, beginning to build, seeming right around the corner, approaching, full speed.
Nancy had seemingly abandoned the soft moan for the squealing whine. It was like she was trying to do those womanly auditory emenations, but they were finally remembering that they were coming out of a girl's vocal chords, so they were higher-pitched.
Cousin kissed me on the cheek the other day. She never does that. Fairly sure she wants the D.

And then, she started laughing. Well, no, it was not really a laugh. It was like a parody of a laugh. It was like "haha. haha. haha. haha. haha."
Each "haha." was one breath, with a sharp inhalation between them. I didn't know what this meant, so I gasped, "Do you want me to stop?"
"No," she said, breathing at the same rate as she had been not-laughing. "Please, don't stop!"
And then she started doing it again, "haha. haha. ha-huh. huh-huh. Ohhhhh..." And then she squealed at a pitch I had not heard her reach since we had been in the woods fighting imaginary monsters.
After that squeal, her vocalizations began to resemble words once again. "Awhhhh.... Ohhhhhhhh. Ohgod... ooooooooooooo..."
It finally hit my overloaded teenage brain: I had just given Nancy an orgasm. Achievement unlocked!
And that did it for me. I blew a huge messy load all over the inside of my pants. And we kept moving, and now she collapsed onto me, and she grabbed me and held on tight as we kept grinding together. We kept going for a few more seconds, and she started slowing her movements and then we both kind of stopped. And I just now realized that I had to catch my breath.
She held on to me really tight, and just kind of sighed as her grip relaxed a bit. I squeezed her tightly to me as well.
And we just held each other like that, and fell asleep.

> check'd double-aught


Eventually, I woke up. For a split second I was disoriented. Where the hell was I? And then I remembered everything that had happened. The light was still on. Nancy had, at some point, either slid or climbed off of me. She was sleeping like a rock. She even had a cute little snore. Right about now, it was hard to find anything about Nancy that wasn't cute. Especially the fact that she was wearing nothing but her pajama pants.
I got up slowly, so as to avoid waking her, and then I went to turn off the light. Then, I actually remembered that the light was on in the living room too, so I went in there and turned it off. Then, on the way back to Nancy's room I stopped off at the bathroom and cleaned up the mess in my pants as best I could. Then, back in Nancy's room, I turned off the light. Throught the window, I could see that the sky was just starting to get light. I didn't even think to look for a clock. I really didn't care what time it was.
I pulled off my pants and just left my shirt on, and crawled into bed with Nancy. As my eyes had adjusted to the dark, I could see her. As I lay next to her in bed, I just watched her sleep for awhile. She looked so much like that little nine year-old again.
My little cousin was still certainly growing into a beautiful woman, but at that moment she still looked so childlike. And I started thinking about her body again. Based on the way our mothers looked, she would probably never have large breasts. I felt a little bad for her, only because that seemed to bother her. But I was also selfishly happy, because I felt that no matter how old she got, she would always have those beautiful little boobs that I could always suck on and play with. And somewhere near that idle thought, I also finally fell asleep.
On fucking nook so no greentext
Hiking through woods
With friend
Is this fucking slender the arrival

Go for it! Make a move, /b/ro!




Morning. I woke up to fingers gently stroking my hair. I opened my eyes and saw Nancy's beautiful blue ones gazing back at me, a smile on her face. I remember wishing that I could wake up to this every day for the rest of my life.
"Good morning, big guy," she said in her sleepy, little girl voice.
"Good morning, sexy," I said, smiling.
Her face broke into a big grin at that. She just kept stroking my hair, just kinda studying my face.
This was yet another facet to the whole being-in-love thing that I had always vaguely dreamed about, but never understood until now. It made me feel grown up.
Wanting to feel even more grown up, I said, "You want some breakfast?"
"Yeah," she said, still sounding like a little girl.
"Wombat and pickled rat?" I asked, cleverly. And then I had visions of cooking eggs and bacon, and sitting at the table with her, and us practically being adults.
"Nah, I'll just get some Frosted Flakes."
I felt just a little disappointed at that. But I tried not to show it.

I wanted to pull back the sheets and see her naked chest again.
But that didn't seem very "grown up", so instead I just slid closer to her and kissed her. It wasn't a very passionate kiss, just quick and affectionate.
Despite the mutual morning breath, it was still nice.
And then I realized I had to piss, so I started to get out of the bed.
"Where are you going?" she asked. I heard what sounded like a hint of fear in her voice.
"I'm just going to the bathroom."
She closed her eyes and got comfortable.
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made it myself, thank me later.

> spoiler alert.
> nancy is slenderman in disguise.
> has no mouth so can't blow me.
> have to blow slenderman.
> the game.


Once I got into the bathroom, I realized that I had to take a shit. So I spent a good deal more time in there than I had planned.
When I got out, I went back to Nancy's room. She was not in there.
I picked my pants up off the floor and put them on. Then, I headed into the kitchen. Sure enough, the box of Frosted Flakes was open. I found a bowl, poured it full of cereal and milk, then made my way into the living room.
Nancy was on the couch, fully pajama'd, watching X-Men, and eating her cereal.
I sat down next to her and started eating.
"What do you want to do today?" I asked. I was hoping she'd say something along the lines of "make out" or "have sex" but I knew that was out of the question.
"I don't know." She shrugged and kept watching TV and eating. Right then, I looked at her and saw... a child. I was trying to reconcile the woman I had done all those things with last night with the little girl sitting there on the couch.
And I wasn't looking at a seductive, sexy loli anymore. I was just looking at a little girl. This thought scared me.

I mean, she was old enough to ask for it. She was old enough to enjoy it. And yet, now I was feeling extremely guilty.
Oh, and did I mention that SHE WAS MY COUSIN?!
I didn't know much about karma at the time, but I did have a vague uneasy feeling that I was racking up some of the bad kind. And why?
I rationalized again. None of the boys that she had liked appreciated how truly beautiful she was. And I knew that I would never beat her, or lie to her, or intentionally hurt her. Why shouldn't she be with me, discover new things with me? Besides, there were a couple of guys in my class who were my age, and dating girls who were thirteen.
Of course, those girls weren't their cousins.
That it?

Whoops. Left the fibonacci in again.


She finished her cereal, and then she hopped up off the couch and took her bowl into the kitchen. I kept eating and was nearly finished when she came back in.
She flopped down on the couch next to me just as I was putting my empty bowl on the coffee table. She leaned over and snuggled up to me. I put my arm around her and pulled her closer.
I was at a loss for what to do next. So, we just watched X-Men. It was the one where Bishop first showed up. I don't know if it was a rerun or not.
When it was over, I turned to Nancy and kissed her on the top of the head. It just seemed like the right thing to do.
She looked up at me and smiled and said, "I love you, Jack".
"I love you too," I said. And it was true.
And it would have been just totally wonderful and sweet if I had left everything like that.
Fuck I caught up. Keep going /b/itch
Tldr He ends up raping her and she hates him for years
Continue please

Nigga, is you scroll wheel broke?


"So," I ventured, "what do you think about... last night?"
She remained silent for awhile, as if trying to really give it some thought.
"I've never felt anything like that," she finally said. "It was... beautiful."
My heart melted. Suddenly, she wasn't a little girl anymore. Once more, I was hot for my little cousin. Damn it!
Oh wait...
And just like that, Mr. Penis was active again. Not that colorful, though. *
I started stroking her hair. Then I just kind of stroked her face, and she made a happy little sound. And then I gently stroked her neck, and she tilted her head back a bit, her lips half open again, as if expecting a kiss.
So I obliged, happily. And it was another one of those sweet, wonderful, passionate kisses. It tasted like Frosted Flakes, but that was okay.
And then my stroking went down to her little tits once again. I could not get enough of them!
But she took my hand away from her chest and just kind of held it to the side of her face.
"What's wrong?" I asked, suddenly afraid that it was all a dream and that she would reject me, just like every other girl I had known.
She just shook her head and said, "Just... not right now, okay?"
"Okay," I relented.
Then she moved my hand to her mouth and kissed it before letting go. And she looked up at me and gave me an affectionate little smile, as if to let me know that everything was alright and she still loved me, but she just didn't want to do all that stuff right now.
And I was okay with that.
And we sat there on the couch, just watching cartoons for awhile.

* Author's note for newfags or even not-quote-oldfags: For a brief period of time in 2008, posting the word "penis" or "vagina" on /b/ (and maybe other boards? I never went to other boards) would result in the word showing up in all caps and a random color against a block of a contrasting random color.
In b4 404

Eventually, Nancy disengaged herself from me and got up off the couch.
"I need a shower," she declared.
"Yeah, me too," I said, in the coolest, smoothest voice I could.
"Oh, okay. You wanna use it first?"
I thought showering together would be a good idea. I mean, sharing is caring, right?
I just gazed at her until she caught my drift. But her face adopted an apprehensive expression, then she looked at the floor.
Hesitantly, she intoned, "Oh... I dunnoooo..." Her eyebrows knit as she said it.
"I'm sorry," I said quickly.
She kind of bit her lip, then looked back up up me with that innocent little girl look. "Do you really want to?"
"Well yeah, but not if you don't want to."
She glanced at the floor again, and seemed to think about it. Then, she looked back up at me apologetically.
"We can maybe do that later. Like, maybe tomorrow?"
"Sure," I agreed sympathetically. And once again I walked over to her and pulled her to me. She put her arms around me and put her head against my chest.
"You're too good to me," she said.

"What do you mean?" I asked.
She pulled away just a bit and looked up at me. Just like every other time I looked into her eyes, I was overcome with how beautiful they were.
"I mean, some of my friends say how boys always try to get them to do stuff they don't want to do." As if she thought I needed clarification, she added, "You know, sexual."
I just nodded.
"But you don't do that to me. I mean, I always knew I could trust you, and the other day when... you touched me... I was afraid, but it was really nice and..."
Then she giggled and put her head against my chest again.
"I'm such a dork. I'm sorry I'm always freaking out about it," she said.
"It's okay," I reassured her.
Again, she looked up into my eyes.
"I've always had a huge crush on you, Jack."
Wow. Honestly, even after everything that had happened, that was still a bit of a surprise.
She continued, "I just always thought it was weird that I liked my cousin, and I never thought you'd like me back. And then, back when me and Mom were about to leave, when we were in my room, and... you hugged me... and you kissed me..."
>I imagine a certain greentexter might have been a fan.
Pray tell who that greentexter is?



Her eyes brimmed with tears as she went on. "It was the happiest and saddest day of my life, cuz I was leaving you, and I thought I'd never see you again. And then you kissed me..."
For some reason, everything became a little blurry, and my cheeks felt really hot. And then I realized that my eyes were tearing up too.
"I was really happy, and I thought you would be my boyfriend, but then I had to leave, and I thought it was all over. Still, that kiss... I always remembered that, and I never gave up hope."
Then, once again, she buried her head in my chest. "I can't believe I'm telling you all this."
"I can't believe I'm hearing it," I said. Quickly, I added, "I wish I had known sooner, so I would have just kissed you the minute I saw you again."
Again, she pulled away and looked up at me, her eyes puffy from her tears.
She swallowed, and then asked, "Do you still want to take a shower with me?"
Does a bear shit in the woods?
No, I didn't say that out loud.
"Are you sure?" I asked, as gently as I could.
Still smiling, she nodded her assent, and we made our way to the bathroom.
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God Damn xD it's like every single Story Ever xD

> the one that posted about the penis periscope


Now, as I have already stated, I was a fat kid. At sixteen, I already had a respectable pair of moobs. So, if anyone in the room had cause to be ashamed of their body, it was me. As a sign of good faith, I figured I'd brave the disrobing first. So, I sat down on the toilet and took off my shirt.
I braced myself for the pain of her derision, but it never came. Instead, she seemed to marvel at my nascent chest hair. She even took her finger and ran it up and down my chest a bit, smiling the whole time. Thankfully, the female of our species is more forgiving of physical shortcomings than the male.
I was emboldened. Trying to be all slick and smooth and whatnot, I said, "Okay, now your turn."
She grinned sheepishly and turned her shoulders in, her arms covering her chest.
"Close your eyes first," she requested.
"Because!" she giggled.
I reached out and stroked the side of her face. She looked at me, still smiling. "I'm embarrassed, okay?"
"Why?" I laughed. "You're so beautiful."
And her face went red again.
"Just... close your eyes, okay?"
"Alright," I said. I squinted my eyes just shut enough that they would look closed, but I could still barely see her.
She stuck her thumbs in her ears, wiggled her fingers and stuck out her tongue.
I snickered, like a moron.
"You can still see me!" she accused.
I put my arm across my eyes. "I'm sorry," I repented. "I can't see you now, I promise."
"Don't peek, okay?"
"I said I promise!"
"I promise!"
"That's three promises, now."
When I saw Fight Club years later, it was like an icepick through my heart when Brad Pitt uttered words to that effect.
You... I like you...

There was the repetitive, nearly inaudible pop of those little buttons coming undone. And then the slipping sound of the pajama top coming off.
"Okay, you can look."
I uncovered my eyes. She was holding her breasts. And she really did look embarassed.
"Promise you won't laugh?" she pled.
My heart ached for her. "Of course I won't laugh, darling. I've already seen you topless. I think you've got a great body! Why would I laugh? I mean, after last night...?"
She rolled her eyes, nervously grinning, kind of bending over in her embarassment. Her face was beet red.
"It's not the same. When I'm just standing here... you know?"
I reached out again, and just pulled her to me, and held her. Her hands were still covering her chest.
"Whenever you're ready to let me see them again..." I squeezed her just a bit, and then let her go.
The ball was in her court.
She took a deep breath, then let her arms drop to her sides as she exhaled. Instinctively, she reached back up to brush a stray bit of hair from in front of her eyes. And of course, they were staring me in the face again: those delicious, delectable, little pointy loli tits.
"You are so gorgeous," I declared truthfully.
"Thank you," she muttered, still smiling, still visibly nervous, but trying to remain calm.

I stood up and moved toward her. She kind of turned her head down and away, as if still embarassed. God, why didn't this girl know how fucking beautiful she was?!
I slowly put my arms around her again, and she put hers around me. I drew her to me slowly and inhaled her scent. Ahhhh, that sweetness... with just the slightest hint of loli sweat. And at this point, I still didn't know what that sweetness was. Did she wear perfume, was it her shampoo, or was she just naturally sweet-smelling?
"I don't guess we can take a shower with our pants on, can we?" she stated.
"I guess not," I said, as she pulled away from me.
"I can't believe I'm about to get naked with my cousin."
"I think we took a bath together once when we were little," I offered.
"Yeah, but that's not the same."
"Still..." I was at a loss for what to say next. So I thought I'd offer her an out. "You know you don't have to do this, if you really don't want to."
She smiled at me. "I know... But I want to... I'm just a little... insecure."
"There's no reason for you to be inscure," I said. And I had thought about it carefully before I said it. I almost said, "You have nothing to be insecure about." But she might have taken the "you have nothing" part the wrong way. (Anticipating women's abilities to read way more into something than is actually said, years before my time? It's more likely than you think!)
She giggled, and grinned sheepishly again. "You're so nice."
"I don't have to be nice to tell the truth," I replied, smiling.
She giggled and blushed again, kind of biting the fingernails of one hand.

She quickly regained her composure and put her hands back down at her sides.
"Okay," she said, "cover your eyes again."
"Alright," I said reluctantly, still smiling at her. I put my arm over my eyes again. I didn't hear anything for awhile.
I began to fear that she was going to decide against it and back out. But then I heard the pajama fabric slide down, then her bare feet slapping the tile floor as she removed her pajama pants. Then, I heard the flump of them being dropped or thrown on the floor.
Next, I heard her inhale deeply, then exhale slowly.
"Okay, you can look." Before she could change her mind, I dropped my arm from my face.
Like always, my eyes were naturally drawn to those incredible little breasts. I glanced at her face and noticed that she was biting her lip, and wearing nothing but a nervous, approval-seeking, shy smile. Then I let my eyes wander down to the place between her legs. There was a small patch of dark hair, right there where it should be.
And then it really hit me that this was the first time I had seen this in real life. I was staring at my gorgeous cousin, and she was completely naked.
I looked back into her eyes, no less exquisite, even in light of the rest of her exposed body.
"Do you still think I'm pretty?" she asked apprehensively?
"I still think you are the most gorgeous girl I have ever laid eyes on, ever."
And I meant it. Every fucking word.

"Wow," she muttered. She still smiled, and still seemed nervous. "Okay, now it's your turn."
Ah, the moment I had actually feared. And I didn't realize I had feared it until it was upon me. Now it was my turn to take off my pants. And to be honest, I had never measured my dick. I had no idea if it was big, small, or average. I always just assumed it was a good size. I mean, not compared to the porn stars I had seen.
But now it was time to show it to her. What if she laughed? What if she decided this whole thing was a mistake? What if my peenor was too small for her? But she was thirteen, and had never seen another guy's crank. I figured my chances were good.
I unbuttoned my pants and stepped out of them.
And you'd think my wang would have been standing at attention by now. But the nervousness made it all limp and rubbery. Nice going, Jack.
Now I wore nothing but my boxers.
She gazed into my eyes, still nervously biting a finger or two. And she glanced, just for a split second, down at my crotch before returning to my eyes. She was still waiting for me to deliver.
Before I could think better of it, I dropped my boxers.
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>mom take penis out

Her eyes got really big, and I was immediately reminded of that time at the beach when I so tactfully informed her of her lack of a periscope.
"No fair!" she giggled, still sounding nervous.
"What?" I asked.
"You've grown, and I haven't." And then she pouted again.
Apparently she remembered that day too.
"Oh, you've definitely grown," I told her. I noticed the shapeliness of her hips, the length of her dark brown hair, and even the fact that her nipples were puffier than they were when she was nine.
I reached out to her again, and slowly raked my fingers down her chest as I had before. And you-know-who stirred a bit.
I squatted before her and changed my fingers' route from her front to her sides, and traced those hips down to her thighs, then back up and behind to her buttocks, which I gave a gentle squeeze. Her thirteen year-old bush was inches from my face.
And no, I did *not* know what I was doing, but her closed eyes and increased breathing indicated that she was enjoying it. Oh, and he stirred some more. He was now semi-hard.
I allowed my hands to trace dual lines up from her fine round buttocks, up her back to her shoulders. And I stood once again. I pulled her to me once again and held her tight. She returned the favor.
I reached up and brushed the hair away from one ear and whispered, "You have grown into a beautiful woman."
File: 1420520729988.jpg (124KB, 300x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
124KB, 300x900px

My penis was rock hard now. (But, again, not so colorful. *) And she felt it. She pulled away just a bit, looked down, and then back up at me sheepishly.
"Somebody's awake," she said. And so he was. Standing at attention.
"You have that effect on me," I said.
Apparently she was curious. She reached down and touched my cock.
Ahh... Pure bliss. Nothing but the curious fingers of this beautiful loli touching my wanger, and I thought I might cum right then and there.
But it would have been pretty pathetic if I had. Thankfully, I was not quite that pathetic.
I didn't think it was that much of a cock, but she seemed in awe of it. She just kind of stroked it with her fingers, back and forth a little bit.
I inhaled through my teeth, and she pulled her hand back. Embarassment flooded her face.
"I'm sorry! Are you okay?"
Talking was an ordeal. "I'm fine," I reassured her. "That just felt really good!"
"I think I understand why people like to have sex, now," she mused.
No, I didn't say that. But I was thinking it. My mind, dick, or whatever organ was doing the thinking, was thinking that very thought. I wanted to throw her down, and just ram my cock up into her naked body right then and there. But I knew that things were still tenuous. And I knew that it would be very bad timing, to say the least.

* Note: See history lesson and pic related in >>591067961 in case you missed it.
What's with the fibbonacci number?

Back in 2008, we could post an email or wtfever we wanted in the "email" field (now the "option" field) and I was posting fibonaccis to retroactively prove which posts were mine if necessary. The numbers were saved in my text file. Some of the posts tonight are combinations of 2 of the original. Sometimes I forget to delete the numbers. The more you know!
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never have i sat in a thread for over an hour, and feel so good about it. doing god's work anon.

> checking my recursive singles that then become double dubs.
> 070077
> it's a sign or something.


"Can I ask a really dumb question?" she inquired.
"You can ask me anything you want," I replied.
"Do you...? Oh god..." and she rolled her eyes and giggled again. Damn, that girlish little giggle did nothing to rid me of my boner. "Do you masturbate?"
Wow, that really was a dumb question. But I was not about to tell her that.
"Well, uh... yeah." For some reason, she seemed surprised. I continued, "Most guys do."
"Wow," she said softly. "Do you like to look at pictures?"
"Sometimes, but lately all I had to do was think of you."
"Ewwwwwww!" she squealed. Oh fuck. Captain Failteen steps in it again.
"What?" I laughed, trying to sound like I wasn't just stabbed in the heart.
"I don't know," she said, starting to laugh a bit. "I just... I don't know... it seems perverted or something."
"But it's totally natural. I mean, I know girls don't really do it..."
And her gaze dropped to the floor, and her face regained the little bit of blush it had lost. Sensing win here, I went for the throat.
"Do you ever touch yourself?"

Thanks anon. This means a lot to me.


"Ummmmm..." and she bit her lip again. She was becoming embarrassed again, and this made her vulnerable. But I didn't want her to think I was trying to facilitate it.
"It's okay, Nancy. You can tell me."
"Sure you won't think I'm weird?"
I already thought she was weird. That was part of her charm. And she had pretty much just answered my question.
"Of course not, beautiful." Threw in the compliment just to mix it up. And she was beautiful.
She giggled again. "Yeah, a few times."
"See? It's natural. You do it, and I do it."
"But I wasn't thinking about you when I did it!"
As if that was supposed to make me feel better.
"Oh," I said, disappointment unavoidably creeping into my voice.
"Well, at least not until... the other day... you know, when you..."
I only noticed that my dick had fallen a bit because it was starting to rise again. And I tried to contain the excitement that was welling up within me as I started putting together my daring proposal.

"You wanna watch me do it?" I blurted.
She looked down at my hard-again dick.
"What? Watch you...?"
"Yeah? You want to?" I offered, enthusiastically.
"You've trusted me with so much since last night, telling me stuff, letting me do these wonderful things with you. Now I wanna... I don't know... return the favor? Let you see something of me. I mean, you're curious, aren't you?"
"Right here? In the bathroom?"
"I guess," I mumbled. I hadn't really thought it out that well after all.
"Why don't we... hmmmm..." and she put her finger to her mouth, deep in thought. I had no idea what was racing through that brain of hers.
"Why don't weeeeeee... go back toooooo... my room?"
I just gazed into her eyes. "If that's what you want," I said.
"Yeah," she replied.
The shower was forgotten.

We both sat on her bed, side by side. We were both completely naked. My erection was still going with full force.
She looked at me with a that cute, embarassed smile. Her hair was covering her chest, so I moved brushed it aside. Her aereolas were still those gorgeous little puffs I loved so much, but the little nipples in the middle of them appeared to be hardening already.
I looked around quickly, and saw a box of tissues. I grabbed one out of it.
"Why do you...?" she began to ask. "Oh..." and giggled again.
"Is it okay if I... touch you... while I do this?" I muttered.
Her expression took on an endearing, sympathetic cast as she gazed at me. "Yeah, if you want to."
"I do," I said as I began stroking her chest. The fingers of my right hand began to brush against those gorgeous little tits. "I always do."
With my left hand, I began stroking my cock, slowly at first.
She sat there, peaceful smile on her face, seemingly content to let me touch her, and watch me play with myself.
She briefly looked down at my penis and said, "Don't you need like... some Vaseline or something?"
"No," I replied. "I've never needed anything like that. I mean, I've tried it a few times, but I like to go dry." (I'm sorry, but if you can't do it dry, then you are not a fapmaster.)
"Hmmmm," she said, seeming to study me. Her girlish half-innocence just turned me on even moar.
> I moved brushed it aside.
> english fail preserved for authenticity.


As I stroked myself, I kept fondling her chest, those soft beautiful nipples, those barely-there breasts. Then, I started moving my hand down her stomach, toward that little patch of hair between her legs. She kept gazing at me, looking kind of concerned, but she made no move to stop me.
I stopped my hand's downward journey and asked, "Is this okay?"
She continued to watch me, her smile somewhat faded, for a few more seconds.
"Yeah, it's okay," she breathed.
I put my hand between her legs and touched her pubes for the first time.
She grabbed my hand and pulled it away. She continued to watch me, but I started to feel that disappointment that was seemingly always right around the corner. She wanted me to stop, right?
But no, she just scooted up onto the bed some more, turned around and lay down with her feet now facing me.
She spread her legs and I saw, for the very first time her beautiful pinkish-brownish, thirteen year-old virgin cunt.
"Might be easier," she said.
Now, rather than sitting side-by-side, with me trying to reach around her leg, I had full access to her vagoo. I was almost ready to cum right there.
I reached out and touched her cunt lips. Her eyes closed and she gave out one of those beautiful little Soft Moans(TM) as I stroked the soft labia.
Wow, I had never felt anything like this before.

It was not the best position to do it, me sitting there on the edge of the bed, reaching inward to her pussy, but it was the first time for both of us doing anything like this, so we hadn't totally figured it out yet.
I just kind of stroked my fingers up and down on her pussy, as I kept slowly pumping myself. Then, overcome with this opportunity, I leaned over and put my head between her thighs.
She began to ask, "What are you...? Oooouuuuuhhhhhhhh........"
My tongue was already at work. I tried to do it like the porn stars I had seen, just kinda flicking my tongue up and down. And the taste and the smell! I shouldn't have liked it, but I did. Wow! Pungent, kind of salty, almost sweet.
"Ohhhhhh wowwwwwwwwww...." she moaned.
Her right leg now hung off the side of the bed, and I was lying down sideways at what was not the most comfortable angle, my head right up against her groin, still licking her vagina. By now, my hand had worked its way back up to her chest, and I played with those scrumptious loli tits.
As I continued licking, I noticed the taste became stronger. The whole area became stickier. Of course, in my teenage ignorance, I thought a girl "getting wet" meant that she came.
If I had enough of a brain to remember what had happened the night before, I might have been able to figure out how it all really worked. But my ego was telling me, "Hey, congratulations Jack, you just gave her another orgasm!"

I kept stroking myself and kept licking her vagina until I finally spurted. It shot out like a bullet. Some of it got on her sheets. The rest wound up on the floor. I couldn't help but make some sound as it happened.
"Wow," she commented, "I didn't know it would shoot like that!"
Her head had turned and she had seen some of the show.
I was still recovering from the orgasm, but I still gave her cunt a couple more licks.
She turned her head back. I couldn't see if she had her eyes closed or not.
With my left hand no longer occupied, I commenced playing amateur gynecologist.
I backed my face off from the wonderful little vagina and started playing with it. Remember, I had never seen one of these before, so I wanted to study it.
"What are you doing?" she giggled.
"I don't know," I said, truthfully. I spread the lips a bit, and stroked the now-wet pussy that was before me. I saw the tiny hole that I supposed a dick would go in. Slightly above that, I saw a barely perceptible hole that I figured must be the pee-hole. And above that, the skin seemed to jut out a bit.
My fingers still moist, I touched that small protruberance.
Another soft moan.
"That feel good?" I ventured.
I moved my finger around it and discovered a shiny little pink pearl under the hood of skin. As my finger made circles around it, Nancy began to squeal and she grabbed the sheets.
"You okay?" I checked.
"Yeeaaaaah?! Wooowwwww?!" She said the words almost like questions.
>now it stay there
is there a pastebin/screencap/etc version of this
> 1776
> check'd for independence.


Taking a chance, I ran my tongue up that little pearl.
She squealed again.
Slowly, I tongued it again and again. She squealed and panted simultaneously, gripping the sheets tightly.
Again, I reached up and played with her little tits, as I continued tonguing this wonderful little part of her that I was just now figuring out must have been her clit.
Her breathing became rapid as I licked her clit more quickly. My tongue just worked that little clit up and down for the next minute or two.
"Oh god..." she moaned in between pantings.
And then she did that not-quite-a-laugh thing. This time, I knew what it meant. And I also finally got my brain in gear enough to realize that I had not just given her an orgasm, but I was sure as hell about to give her one now.
I put my lips around her clit and sucked on it gently, letting my tongue flick it a little bit as I sucked.
And then, the mother of all squeals escaped from her. I'm sure dogs in nearby counties were howling by now.
"OH MY GOD!" she screamed. The screamed turned into another protracted squeal and she grabbed the back of my head.
Her hips began bucking and I was pressed to her pussy, just sucking and licking until her big O played itself out.
Finally, her hands fell away from my head and she almost seemed to deflate.

But we're 3/4 of the way through it!
ctrl+f for legendy if you want the shittily-formatted version.


I pulled my head out from between her thighs and rolled over onto my back.
I slithered my way up the bed to lie beside her. Her face was the reddest I had ever seen it, and she had just broken a sweat.
She rolled over and put her arms around me. My still semi-hard dick pressed up against her lower abdomen, and I was just a little overcome with passion right then. I pulled her to me, our heads on each other's shoulders now, and I kind of flexed my dick against her. She squeezed me a little tighter when I did that.
She pulled back just a bit and looked me in the eyes.
"That was the most wondefulest thing I have ever felt."
I was still a bit dazed by the whole thing, but I had the presence of mind to ask, "Is 'wonderfulest' a real word?"
She giggled again and said, "It is when I'm around you."
"So, uh, you liked that then, right?"
"Yeah-uhhhhhh!" she said, valley girl style.
And then she kissed me, which I did not expect her to do since my face was covered in her juices. But she didn't seem to care.
She then lay her head back down on the pillow and closed her eyes.

"I never thought any guy would want to do that to me."
"I want to do everything with you," I said, before I thought better of it.
She opened her eyes again. "Everything?" she inquired.
"I mean, everything that you want to do..."
"Okay," she said and closed her eyes again.
She just lay there like that for a few seconds, then she opened her eyes again and sat up. I watched her, that gorgeous hair cascading down all around her.
"Roll over," she said.
"Hmmm?" I asked.
"On your back."
"Um, okay." I dared not hope that she was about to do what I thought she was about to do. But I rolled onto my back, hoping and thinking it anyway.
She crawled down to the foot of the bed and pulled my legs apart. Then, she knelt between my legs and leaned over to put her face near my cock.
"You don't have to-"
"Do you want me to?" she interrupted me, gazing quizzically into my eyes.
I smiled reluctantly. Of course I did, damn it!
"Yeahhhhh," I drawled, with a guilty smile.
On her hands and knees, she bent down and took my almost-flaccid peenor in her mouth.
Good God Jesus and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, I had never felt anything so absofuckinglutely incredible as this.

She didn't really know what she was doing, but she didn't really have to. After all, what sixteen year-old requires any kind of technical knowhow from a thirteen year-old girl if she is simply willing to take his dick in her mouth?
It didn't take much in the way of her oral ministrations to get Mr. Penis ambulatory again. And then she just kind of bobbed her head up and down on it, her tongue kind of working around it in the process.
At one point her teeth kind of dug in a little bit, which caused me to hiss just a little with an intake of breath. She pulled my dick out of her mouth and whispered, "Sorry!" with the most apologetic expression I had ever seen on her face.
"It's okay," I whispered, by this point desperate to have her take it back into her mouth.
She did, quickly, and she just kind of bobbed up and down on it, not even touching it with her hands, but still just kind of sucking as she bobbed.
I leaned my head up just a little bit to catch site of this SO cash spectacle that was giving me the greatest sensation of my life, and I couldn't help but notice those gorgeous little tits hanging down again.
I reached out and began to fondle them as they kind of jiggled slightly, in time with her up and down motion.
"Mmmfh" she moaned just a little as I touched her. But she didn't miss a beat. Or a bob.

It didn't take very long before I felt another one of those explosions coming around the corner, hanging a left onto Genital Road, and barreling on down the pike. And she kept on bobbing up and down rhythmically, and I kept stroking those wonderful little pointy loli tits, and I realized that it would be the most wonderful thing in the whole fucking world to be holding one of those gorgeous little tits in my fingers while I came, and then I was coming and it was like no orgasm I had ever given myself, and it was even better than the one we had shared the night before, and I was coming buckets it felt like, and she was just bobbing up and down on my shaft, and I felt myself explode inside her mouth, and everything down there contracted with the force, and I was now thrusting into her hot little mouth, and I was pinching her nipples and HOLY FUCKIN CHRIST THIS FUCKING SHIT WAS SOOOOOOOOO FUCKING CASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!11111111oneoneoneoneone oh en ee
I don't know what kind of sounds I made in the process, but I know this much: I came.
After I stopped bucking like a rabid bronco, she pulled her lips off my cock with a suckling little "pop", and gave me the most heart-warming smile. Her lips were wet, but I didn't see any sign of my cum on her.
She reached over to my slobber-drenched dick and grasped it, and kind of stroked it again. Post-orgasmic aftershocks were still causing me to quiver just a bit. A few more tiny ejaculations kind of seeped out, but she kissed them away.
After the last of my cum was gone, she crawled back up to the head of the bed and lay down next to me.

I had to confirm the last known location of my load.
"Um... where did it..."
"It got away," she said gleefully.
"Got away?" I asked. Oh shit, was her bed stained? I started to get up and look around.
"It escaped down my throat."
Oh. I flopped back down onto the bed. I loled a little.
"Did I do okay?" she inquired. I turned to look at her, and she looked so serious, so concerned.
I pulled her toward me and kissed her. Overcome by the moment, I didn't care that her mouth had just been full of my cum, just like she apparently hadn't cared that my mouth had been full of her vaginal fluids.
"That was the greatest thing I have ever experienced, evar!"
And it was the truth.
We held each other for a few moments after that.

I lay there with her in my arms, wondering how she went so quickly from this embarassed little girl to someone who was willing to blow me at the drop of a hat. Then again, I had to wonder at myself, since I was doing this stuff to my little cousin. Things were moving so fast. In fact, part of me was scared by how fast things were happening. Then I remembered what our original plan was.
"Weren't we going to take a shower?" I ventured.
"Oh yeah," she muttered.
"Guess we ought to get cleaned up."
"Yeah," she sighed. But it was a happy, contented sigh.
So, we got up and went back into the bathroom. We got in the shower and washed each other off.
My hands certainly could not help but explore every inch of her body. Things didn't escalate much while we were showering, though. I guess that was because we had both just gotten off. Sure, my dick stood up again, and she played with it some, but we got back to the business of showering. I can't speak for her, but I certainly enjoyed lathering her up and scrubbing her down, then having her do the same for me. Any excuse to touch those exquisite little points of hers.
We stepped out of the shower and dried each other off. Again, I fondled her whenever I could. And I like to think that she took a little longer drying off my crotch than was necessary.
Then we went back into her room.

By now, we were comfortable being nude around each other. Her needless embarrassment about her body had disappeared and, for that, I was glad.
I sat down on her bed and watched as she rummaged through her underwear drawer.
"You could just... stay naked," I suggested.
She turned and stuck her tongue out at me. I laughed. She shook her ass at me in response.
And that was it. When I saw her do that, something in me snapped. This other part of me awoke. Not the sexually curious, horny teenager part, but the dark, predatory raep monster. It wasn't very well developed in my mind at that age, but it was there, and something about the way she moved, all silly and sassy, and little-girl-funny had suddenly brought it to life.
"Wowwwwww," I whispered.
She turned and looked at me curiously, a bra and pair of panties in her hands. "What?"
"You," I said, staring her dead in the eye.
"What about me?" I don't know if she noticed anything different about me, but her expression didn't seem quite so happy-go-lucky anymore.
"You're just so fucking hot!!" I declared.
She blushed again, and her face had that approval-seeking look.
"Really?" she said in a little-girl voice.
"Hell yeah," I said raspily. By this time, I was already off the bed, walking over to her, my dick standing straight again.

She glanced down at it, and then back into my eyes. She bit her lower lip, and with a not-quite-scared look, she said, "What are you doing?"
"This," I said. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her passionately. She was surprised by it and started to push me away, but then relented and let me kiss her. Her arms slowly dropped and she released the undergarments she had been holding.
I barely heard the bra and panties slink to the floor. I just held her tight and kissed her like I hadn't seen her for years.
Slowly, she put her arms around me and we embraced and kissed for another few minutes.
The monster in me decided it was now time to act. I lowered my hands' position on her back and pulled her up against me, then lifted her off the floor.
"Wooo!" she said, giggling in surprise and breaking our liplock. She held on to me more tightly as I carried her across the room to her bed. I then half lowered, half dropped her onto the mattress which elicited an "oof!" and another giggle from her.
She gazed up at me contemplatively as she straightened herself amid the sheets. She didn't seem scared, but I don't think she knew what was about to happen. The higher part of my brain probably didn't either.
But somewhere, some part of me did.

> check'd... but does it matter at this point?


Now this part of me (which I am sure is a part of every guy to varying degrees) is not a clumsy, bumbling, careless idiot. This guy is clever, cunning, conniving, and manipulative. He is willing to take a few minutes to entice a girl to do what he wants her to do, rather than try to just stick it in her pooper.
And this was his first time truly asserting himself. With each passing second of staring down at my naked little cousin, silently begging to be jackhammered into a state, I became less and less myself, and more and more... him.
Goofy, good-natured Jack was slipping away, and this guy was taking over.
Yeah, drama wtfbbq blargh, etc etc, but when I look back at how it happened, that's the only way I can describe it and truly get it right. I mean, sure it was me, and I'm responsible for my actions, but...
Some of you may not have experienced this. Some of you may never. But I know there are some of you here who know EXACTLY what I am talking about.
This goes beyond just having a penis. This is more than being horny. This is like your mind becoming that of the horny penis's final form.
File: image.jpg (48KB, 477x318px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
48KB, 477x318px

I reached down to her prone form and teased her nipples just a little. She closed her eyes and exhaled slowly, obviously enjoying the attention. I bent down and sucked on each one for a few seconds. Then, while still bending over her, I began kissing her again, which she welcomed with more kissing of her own.
I reached between her thighs and started stroking her cunt again. "Mmph," she said as she broke off the kiss, then, "no, not right now."
Remember how I said I never wanted to do anything that might hurt her, and how concerned I was for her well being, and all that stuff?
Kiss that shit goodbye.
With the hand that was not stroking her vagoo, I reached up and put a finger to her lips and said, "Shhhhhh... it feels good, doesn't it?"
With the face of a confused child, she simply nodded, those eyes once again seeking approval.
"Then... just let it happen."
My Johnson was really starting to get antsy. As her juices began to slick up my finger, I knew it was raep tiem nao.
File: father daughter.jpg (55KB, 634x844px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
father daughter.jpg
55KB, 634x844px
much obliged brother

She closed her eyes, and I climbed on top of her. And, I'll be honest, I was incredibly nervous, almost to the point of shaking... but not quite. Because that... other... me... was taking over. And his diabolical drive and desire were keeping my body preternaturally steady. (Anne Rice's most overused word, ftw!)
It didn't go in at first. I had just kind of gently put my weight on top of her, and continued kissing her. My hand had now moved up to play with those little tits again. The crank between my legs was throbbing with anticipation.
"What are you doing?" she asked again, pulling away from my kiss. Her face looked really confused now. I could tell she still wanted to please me, but was scared. Her fear and confusion only served to turn me on even more.
"I know you want this," I muttered into her ear. Yeah, I actually said that.
Her eyes looked even more scared now.
"I'll go slow," I stated.
"Wait," she whined, but I had already begun to push into her.
The head of my prick rubbed against those wet lips. I could feel the slight abrasion of her little thatch of 13yo pubes against my groin, and I got even more excited. But true to my word, I didn't penetrate her just yet.
I just kind of moved the head up and down against her moist nether region, seeking only to entice, excite, and win her over to my side. She just closed her eyes and gave that famous soft moan again.

I let the head slip out of its tenuous position in the pocket of her pussy, and then pushed myself toward her a bit, so that the shaft kind of slid up and rubbed. The warmth and wetness felt incredible, and the sounds she made indicated to me that she was enjoying it as well.
"Feel good?" I breathed into her ear.
"Mmmmmmmm..." she practically hummed. I took that as assent.
"I'll just keep doing this for awhile," I lied. I knew (or the other me knew) that this was a critical point. I didn't want to go so fast that I scared her into fighting it, but I didn't want to take too much time and have her think better of it.
I just kind of rubbed my sex against hers, as she began to breathe heavily. I pulled away just a bit to allow the head to come into contact with her twat again. I reached down and grabbed my cock and begn to rub it up and down on her cunt. The desire to plunge it straight in was nearly unbearable, but I kept going like this for a little while. Her heavy breathing began to be interlaced with more soft moaning.
A few more strokes, and I knew the time was right.

I don't know how I knew where to push. I guess it was just instinct. I mean, that beautiful organ of passion is designed to take a cock, and all you really have to do is just follow your instict without letting fear and nervousness get in the way. This, I found out, right then and there.
I slowly pushed into her, as gently as I could.
"Ouuhhhhhhhh...." she moaned.
It was so tight, wet, and hot, and had I not previously come more than once, I might have blown my load immediately.
I continued to push, and the nearly unbearable tightness gave way. Her hymen was history.
"Ow ow ow ow ow!" she cried out, a pant between each syllable.
I pushed my arms under her as she started tying to push me off. I held her tight, preventing her from escaping as I slowly drove myself into her. My god, but it felt wonderful.
"Owwwww. Oooooooh..." she moaned breathily. She continued to struggle, but it seemed halfhearted to me. I don't know if it really was halfhearted, but that's what I wanted to believe.
"Just let it happen," I whispered.

I continued to push until I felt that I was in as far as I could go. My average-sized dick was only about halfway in, but I pulled out just a bit.
Nancy continued to moan. I pushed back in again, slowly, gently. She kept moaning. Despite whatever pain and fear I was causing her, the pleasure seemed to be winning. At any rate, she had ceased trying to stop me.
With each push, I seemed to go in farther and farther, until I had finally succeeded in totally burying my penis in her. Slowly now, I began moving in and out. O' my /b/rothers, I tell you, this was the most horrorshow, win, epic, legendary feeling I had ever felt. Somewhere, in some far-off distant land, there was a little part of me screaming from the hilltops that this was wrong, that I was destroying both of our lives, I was going to jail, I was going to hell, the world would despise me, and Bubba would raep me in the pooper. I b& that guy.
I was now officially fucking my cousin. As I moved in and out of her, she continued to moan and breathe heavily. I started to do the same.

It was passionate, and it was good, and we both had the most wonderful experience of our lives. We went for hours, and we both came and she loved me forever, and I spent the next ten years banging her whenever I could.
Yeah, I wish that was what happened.
I wish I could type that truthfully.
But you already know what was inevitable.
I started thrusting into her and the intensity built and built and built.
All the wonderful experiences we had shared previously were sweet and wholesome (as wholesome as incest gets anyway) and were mutually enjoyable. This? No.
For me, the animal drive that I felt was incredible. I felt like I was soaring over the clouds, and as she started screaming, I felt that she must be enjoying this.
But no, hers was a scream of terror and violation. She started sobbing and screaming "Please! Please stop!"
I pounded into her virgin pussy for probably two or three minutes at the most. Then, I blew what little load I had left inside her.

After that wonderful and horrible orgasm, I collapsed on top of her, spent, satisfied, and with a dawning horror of what I had done.
Still pinning her to her bed, with my arms still around her, I squeezed her a little tighter.
"I'm sorry, Nancy," I said. And I meant it. The other guy was gone from me now, and stupid, scared, confused, socially inept Jack was once again in control.
Nancy just continued to weep uncontrollably, apparently having given up any hope of escaping my grip.
"I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry," I whispered to her over and over again.
I picked myself up off of her slowly and got to my feet. I gazed down at her face, now wet with tears, her eyes red and puffy, her nose even a little runny. She sniffled and sobbed like a freshly-made rape victim.
Which, of course, she was.
I reached down to stroke her face, and she turned her head away from my touch, preferring to stare tearfully at the wall.

I looked between her legs and saw the dark stain of corruption that had spread on her sheet. And it was right then that I felt a terrible chasm of desolation open up inside me. I had just forced myself on Nancy, stolen her virginity, essentially raped her, and all for what? An orgasm? I could have beaten off again for that. Of course, you know and I know that it would not have felt the same. But was it worth it?
It's easy to say "no" to that question. But, despite the horror and guilt that I felt at what I had just done, I felt like I had crossed some vital threshold of life.
I briefly wondered whether I might have gotten her pregnant, and as Captain Falcon was still only a futuristic racecar/spaceship pilot at this point in history, the Falcon Punch had not yet been invented, so I did not see that as an option.
I looked back up at her face. She was still staring away from me, tears still streaming down her face.
I wanted to comfort her, so I reached down to her, but she only whimpered and cowered away from me.

I staggered over to the door and just stood there, staring out into the hall. We still had the rest of the day, and the next day ahead of us. What the hell was going to happen? I began to fear for myself now. Would she tell her mother? Mine? Would I be arrested? What the hell *was* going to happen?!
I crumpled down to the floor, still naked, and an uncontrollable wave of sadness came over me. I too began to bawwwwww like a fucking cholicking baby.
As I sat there, my emotions beginning to unload, I had the faint hope that Nancy would get up, come over and comfort me, and I would apologize, and it would be okay, and then... The right thing to hope for would have been that we would be okay with each other, and that we could get past this.
I was just hoping that she'd realize that she liked it after all, and fuck me willingly from then on.
this is where i stop reading
0/10 lost my boner long ago would not recomend

After what seemed like about six or seven eternities of crying, I finally got up and started putting my clothes on. I didn't even think about wiping the blood and cum off my dick.
I staggered into the living room and stared at the television. I never did get around to turning it on.
It could have been a few minutes later. It could have been a few hours. I honestly don't know. But I heard the shower turn on. It ran for a very long time. Guess that's not just a stereotype.
It could have been a few more minutes or hours later. I happened to notice that it was dark outside. The shower had stopped quite awhile before. I got up and walked down the hall to Nancy's room. The door was closed. I knocked. I got no answer.
No response.
"Nancy?! Are you okay?" I tried the knob, but the door was locked. And terrible images of Nancy committing suicide began flooding my mind.
"GO AWAY!" I heard her shriek, and then more sobbing came from the other side of the door.
I lamely wandered back to the living room.
I lay down on the couch and stared at the wall for awhile.

At some point I woke up. It was light out again. I didn't even realize I had fallen asleep. I sat up and felt Nancy's presence behind me. Actually, I think it was that sweet smell of hers that I detected.
I turned around and there she was, just staring at me. It was a cold stare, like none I had ever seen on her face before. It wasn't quite hate, or fear, or sadness. It was just... dead.
She didn't say a word. She just turned and walked back to her room. I heard the door close.
She was alive and well, yet I had killed something in her.
The whole rest of the day, I watched whatever was on TV. I don't even remember what I saw.

That night, our mothers came home. Nancy put up a good front. The playful fire that had always been in her eyes was gone now. I had never even really taken notice of it until it wasn't there anymore. But she spoke to our mothers like everything was normal. My fear began to ease over the next few minutes. She couldn't bear to think about it, let alone tell either of our mothers about what had happened.
Mom and my aunt went on about family members they hadn't seen in years, and how it had all turned into something like a cross between a New Orleans funeral and an Irish wake, and Nancy and I just smiled and nodded, and asked a few questions. We did not say one word to, nor sit anywhere near each other.
Our mothers asked if everything was okay, and if we were okay, and we affirmed that everything was just hunky dory. No way Mom, no incest or rape here!

Nancy did not get pregnant. For that, I was eternally grateful. She did not speak to me again for a little more than a month. My mom asked if everything was okay between us, and I said it was, but I avoided the subject whenever I could.
Then, one day she came over, and just kind of sat down and we had a little small talk about school and the news. Really surreal, trivial conversation. I expected her to yell, or cry, or something. But we just talked for awhile, and then she went home.
I only saw her every week or two after that. We no longer sat down and played Nintendo or anything.
A year later, she had a boyfriend. A year after that, I actually got a girlfriend. I met her in college. She was the second girl I ever had sex with. I told her she was my first. I didn't want the question of who my first was, to come up. Fail, or fail?
In my sophomore year of college, I got a phone call. It was Nancy.
"Hey, Jack," she said.
"Hey," I replied.
Then, there was a few seconds of silence. And you wanna know the fucked up part? (As if everything up to this point weren't fucked up enough.) I had almost totally forgotten it had happened. I had buried it. But the next three words she said brought it all back.
"I forgive you," she stated.
I immediately burst into tears. I probably bawwwwwwed for a good twenty or thirty seconds. And then, in between sobs, I choked out, "Thank you!"
"Take care of yourself Jack," she said, and hung up.
"You too," I said to the silent handset.

She's married now, and happily it seems. There's a little one on the way. Her husband seems nice. I don't see either of them very often.
I am seeing someone. We have been togther for a few years, and I consider her my fiancee now that there's actually "a ring and a date", as Dr. Laura would say. I have moved on, and so has Nancy.
My question, to any anons who are still reading, is this:
Did I win?
Thank you :,)
U r soooooo cool for being old
Much wow

I actually toyed with the idea of rewriting the third act to have my future self show up in a time machine and stop the rape... but that would have required effort. And it's really late now.

Anyway, there's some really old copypasta you have probably never seen before. Your education in classic /b/ wincest fiction for this evening/morning has come to a close.

One last thing though.... Any theories on what that "sweet" smell was? Because I never figured it out.
This was one of the best threads i have been in, sitting through all of it, worth every second, halfway through i barely cared about the story itself, just that someone was telling it

And by "I never figured it out" I mean to say I never came up with an in-story explanation. I mean it's not like this shit really happened or anything. "Only a fool..." etc.
File: 1420098735871.png (151KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
151KB, 500x500px
True but still very artfully told

Um, thanks I guess? :-) As long as you were entertained and/or amused I'm okay with that. Hopefully the rapesauce didn't kill it too much.
I stayed up an hour and a half later than i wanted to.

At first it was to get off to your story but now im just sad, very good story. Glad she forgave u anon but it really brings into perspective how easily innocent things can get fucked up.
Good on you OP. I'm not terribly impressed with the ending but not your story. Never have I lurked for this long on a thread ever
I got so into it when reading just the story itself that some deep voice started reading it for me in my head, it was really good
Def killed it, and that's what made it real you made me feel for the first time in a long time. I'm in the military and we joke about the worst shit and you finally made me feel human again abeit me shooting some ragheads in the upcoming months
Make this into a book, but with less suggestive writing and make a fortune
Me too anon

Okay, you know what's really fucked up anon? I'm not going to tell you whether the story is real or not, but I am going to tell you a 100% no lie, no bullshit truth, right here and right now.

I am almost shedding a manly tear or two for you. Assuming you are telling the truth, you are in the shit, doing a mostly thankless job because you are one of those people who is willing and able to. And you are doing it for those of us who are not in the shit, who may not have what it takes to kill the people deemed the enemy, or save the people who need saving.

You have developed a callous over your emotions because you have to. And when you come home, I'm sure it will be tough for you. But I hope when you do come back home, you will have the fortune of running into someone who will understand your situation and be patient with you if necessary, or just be a bro and buy you a beer, whatever. My soul goes out to you. Stay safe, watch your 6, and come home, wherever home may be.
Starting out the way it did, seemed like the same old same old, but this turned out to be one of the nicest threads i have experiensed

To add another small bit to that, I'll just say, I have lived my entire life so far never having taken another human life. I hope to live out the rest of my days never needing to. But if I ever came into a situation where myself or someone I cared about, or even a complete stranger who needed help was in imminent danger, and the only way to stop the attacker was to kill them, I like to think I would have the fortitude to do what is necessary. You are totally human, bro. Don't ever let anyone convince you otherwise.
can some one screen cap the story??

And to keep things on the (gallows?) humorous side, keep in mind that "nicest" and "incest" are spelled with the exact same letters.
>all fags
File: nancy.jpg (181KB, 2048x1536px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
181KB, 2048x1536px
In the original thread back in 2008, I also posted this pic of a girl who was the closest thing I could find on the internet of how Nancy looked. I would not post a real picture of her, since I never took one.
Also that im still saying that even after the fact that the theme of this incredebly well told story, is incest rape

And of course by "I never took one" I mean it would be impossible to take a picture of a fictional character.

There is a weebly page some kind anon put together at the time, but the formatting is lost if you look at that one. Someone made a doc file out of it and put it on megaupload too, but... well... megaupload...
You da real mvp

Hey, archivefag, if you're still here? The Nancy story is yours for the archiving. File it under "Nancy" or "Loli-raper-chan"
Well, this thread has been the best, now it's time for sleep, good night peeps
Fuckin hooyah man. I had a girl that dear johnned me when I joined, now she's in the navy too and it's lookin like it might go somewhere and I'm honestly so excited because I feel like such an asshole all the time because I never call and talk to my family even when I get ample opportunity. I just hope they forgive me above all else.
>never call and talk to my family

Maybe you're afraid of the feels it might open up? Oh hell what do I know? I'm not a psychiatrist/psychologist or anything. Just always remember to stick to your core beliefs of what is right. You are a flawed human being, just like the other 7 billion of us. Watch your buddies' backs and make it back home with a heartbeat. You have just as much right to exist as anyone else. Take care.
Someone 4archive this, I'm on a shitty tablet
Thank you
Why? The full story is already hosted elsewhere.

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