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Well, shit happens. I can't really blame your step dad, you were commissioning some pretty crazy shit man

That's alright man, I'm set for money right now.
You sure not even a gume,riot points,itunes,or xbone live

He freaked when he saw this painted on my car >>590979392
fucking casuals, what would happens if you took an arrow in the wing?
The vital parts of the wing are a lot smaller target than your fleshy membranes.
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hi again fags
This nigga >>590979392
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>He freaked when he saw this painted on my car
Now that's really something I can't blame him for. I'd almost go so far as to agree with him.

I mean you are an adult, but there are societal boundaries and shit that are a good idea to adhere to. Even if you don't like or agree with them.

None of the things you listed are really my thing. Don't play league, don't have an apple product, and I just mooch off my roommates ecksbawx account

but thank you for the offer
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By the way,what has alex been up to?

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Dunno, I've been on christmas break staying with family so I haven't been able to post much.

When I saw Gerald last week and we went shooting, he told me that Alex was complaining about his mom's cooking.

so I don't think much has changed in that regard. Alex is just being Alex
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you fags are strange.
you all know eachother and shit
ello friends
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I don't think there's anyone else I would trust more than Gerald.

I went back to Seattle to visit some family, had a day away from them and we went out shooting.

hey man, what's up?
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Eh, working. Thought I'd wander through and say hi and stuff.
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bummer man, but it'll be 17:00 soon. Or whenever you usually get off of work

Enjoy the rest of your vacation?
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And I just tried to plug an air hose into my phone instead of the charger. I I don't expect the air drill would run on my phone charger any better.
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Gonna go away from that feather part and request deer.

Cubs are also fine
that's super cute
Thread posts: 46
Thread images: 40

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