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Tl;dr: Does anyone have any dirty personal sex stories with any

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Tl;dr: Does anyone have any dirty personal sex stories with any of these specific circumstances?

1.) Have you fucked someone inappropriate? Your girlfriend's/wife's mom, sister, relative, or best friend? Or a friend's wife, girlfriend or mom?

2.) Have you ever blackmailed someone for sexual favors?
- Especially, if you caught them cheating and then blackmailed them in to fucking you/sucking your dick in order to keep quiet. Or if used your position of power (i.e. a boss over an employee) to get a female to do something sexual to you.

3.) Have you ever had a female cheat with you because you have a big dick?

4.) Do you have an especially dirty cheating story? Like, you fucked someone's wife or girlfriend while they were passed out in another room in the same house? Or had a girl suck your dick while you're giving her a ride home/to drop them off with their boyfriend/husband.

I find these particular scenarios really fucking erotic, so I thought I'd ask and see if anyone has any personal experiences like these that they might want to share. If so, greentext stories (and pics of females from the story) will definitely be appreciated!

> Pic related: A picture (that I'm aware is 'shopped) that I find to be really fucking dirty and sexy.
>cheated on my gf with her sister in the bathroom across the hall in the bathroom while she slept
also inb4 pics cause how the fuck do i tape that
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Mike, i dont think she's sorry.
greentext it son
Pics are certainly not necessary, but I wanted to at least mention that they'd be welcomed!

As for this story you refer to, are you down to share the details of exactly how this happened?

How did you get this lucky? Did your girlfriend find out? How many times did you end up fucking the sister? And did you cum inside her?
Good taste OP
I once fucked a good friend off mine's girlfrend.
But he allowed me to do it, and we are still good friends, so not a very good story.
>lifeguard at YMCA
>ballin job sit on my ass and watch poon swim
>these three chicks always flirty with me
>one really likes me other is her sister and sister friend
>sister was always quiet and akward
> anyway older sister wants my number/ long story short we start dating
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A girl cheated on her bf with me once, Said id tell him if she didn't carry on. She carried on till I got bored

>one day sends me one of those forward texts with a list of shit couples do like kiss in rain and go to lake and shit
>tells me i need to work on this list
>stop getting laid at this point
>start getting upset with this
>still spend nights at her house since her dad was banging the neighbor and never home

anyway here is how it went down

>spend night like usual at her house attempting to get laid again
>1230 rolls around and i realize im not getting any for 3rd week ina row
> her room is across the hall from the bathroom
>2am need to piss
> go to bathroom door and look over to my right and her sister is still awake on her phone (can see her look at me from phone light)
1. I got a blowjob from my half sister before we knew we were related. I figured after that it might be all but it didn't stop her and we ended up screwing over just about every summer for ~3 years until I went to college (she only came down on the summers mostly, lived with her mom the rest of the year).
>Dad brings an ex-GF who has 3 daughters (12 almost 13, 9 & 7) back to our house.
>Tells me they are staying with us for a couple weeks. Whatever.
>We all go out - disney/universal, beach, springs, boating/fishing like everyday its something.
>Come home and they put on a movie or two and parents hit my dads room
>Younger kids watch movie/fall asleep from being tired
>I sit in a big chair watching movie, 12 year old gets on my lap without asking everynight, soon holding my hand, soon slowly moving until she can feel im hard
>Leads to a handjob one night, blowjob and me fingering her the next
>Next day, dad calls her out, she goes outside, comes back in and hugs me like really hard crying then runs away
>Dad calls me out and says that he is her dad. WTFdad.jpg
>Oh well, guess its gone.
>Night comes, she is in my lap again, grinding on me, blowjob again, night before they leave, we fuck.
>Then on every summer she would come down and we would fuck.

2. Nope
3. Nope
4. Me and another friend double teamed our guidance councilor's wife -- my friend was dating her daughter at the time.

>Friend dating her daughter, they need help cleaning out their attic
>He drags me there cause I owe him
>Get dirty/dusty as fuck cleaning it out
>Says we can go for a swim but should shower off first
>We do, get in the pool to cooloff (its Florida in summer)
>She comes out in a bikini
>Bigger tits then I thought
>Things happen and we ended up double teaming her in the pool in the middle of the day
I fucked my gf sis cause she wokes me up and i got a Hard one, she likes it so i take her virginity in my gfs bed
File: 1375289540634.jpg (122KB, 500x696px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
122KB, 500x696px
> friends with married couple, wife is a solid 8/10
>been having an affair with the wife for several months
> go to dinner with couple and a few other friends
> me and wife go outside to smoke, sneak around side of the building
> throw her up against the side of the building, make out hard, fuck her hard
>she cums, I cum, just a quickie
>go back inside like nothing happened, laughing and talking with friends
> order dessert
> that feeling when she is sitting there with my cum dripping out of her next to her husband
Used to fuck my step mum a lot

side story
younger akward sister had a loser bf that went to jail for a year and a half for car jacking or some dumb shit and she was all about this guy but whateve to me...

>in bathroom
>finishing pissing
>washing my hands
>she rolls in the b-room with her hands behind her back closing the door and locking it
>ummmm hi.jpg
>she mentions how her boyfriend has been in jail for a year
>she hasnt been laid ina year
>knows i havent been laid ina bit
>"i see you check me out"/ she had a better ass
>prop her up on the countertop and go to town on her
>she swallowed every drop
>went back to sleeping next to my gf
>got up early as fuck and GTFO
Her mother shows me her underwear 4 halloween and my gf was taking a shower at the same time, so she blows me off bc i want to see her boobs, so i fucked the whole family... Bc another night i can't sleep and go to the living room, there was her mother masturbate her pussy so i have to fuck her ass on the couch...
Fucking niggers, like we care about your nignogging and making single mothers
i always fantasize me,my best buddy and our girlfriends being hold as prisoners (or abducted) and the kidnappers forcing my buddy's girlfriend blow me, and my girlfriend blow my buddy. Before they start blowing they put a gun on our heads and tell our gfs that whoever cums first dies.
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Keep going! Also, got any pics of these females you'd be willing to post?

These are both pretty erotic stories. Got any pics of these females you'd be willing to post?

Is this true or are you trolling? If true, how did it start? Who provoked it? And do you have any pics of her you'd be willing to post?

Is this for real? Or are you being a jackass? If true, greentext with details, please!

> Pic related: Just some big, sexy MILF tits that I figure will help bring some attention to the thread.

didnt see her for like 2 weeks as she went to her moms and somewhere over that point in time she found out and freaked the fuck out on me/ never saw her again after sister night.
then a month later get a text from her asking what im doing later and i reply with "lol not you" and then took a nap. woke up to 3 missed calls and 17 text messages. not exactly proud of cheating but fucking your hot gfs hot sister id give a 8/10 would do again
It's for real. Can't green text for shit though, I'll try
File: 1417792927678-.jpg (112KB, 1280x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Here's a good story that was posted in a thread a few weeks ago and a picture of the girl that is described in the story.

> Yes to 2 and 3.
Actually, what happened was I hooked up with a girl from craigslist for rape roleplay. I am engaged, she has a boyfriend. We hooked up, it was awesome. Then, I missed the opportunity to see her again, things fizzled out.
Started trying to again, and she had some issues come up - rescheduled meeting me about 5 times. I got sick of being blown off, so yesterday I made an xvideos and xhamster account for her, with all her pics (including face), with the profile name "(Geographic region) Slut".

She met me last night, after saying our safe word to take the blackmail down. Fucked her several places, took pics when we had proper lighting.
Pic related, her blowing me in a campus bathroom last night.
(The ad she responded to was "Big Dick Domination/Rape Roleplay"
File: 1417795155861-.jpg (114KB, 1280x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
114KB, 1280x960px
A reply from the same poster who posted this >>590978393

Plenty of pics. I'll add as I check back up on this thread, but I will be on and off today - I am a TA and have some teaching/research duties.
She loves this dick.
She did compliment me on it.
It gets 10" fully hard, but usually is around 9" when fucking around.
Fiance knows about experiences in the past, but not now.
Once we are married, no. That's why I'm hitting CL so hard nowadays.
I have met and fucked at least 25 women from Craigslist. Some extremely fine, some not so much. Been using the internet to hook up with women since I was 15, over a decade of doing it now.
>sorry for potato quality pics, I have a potato phone to save $$ monthly on a shared plan with my woman
File: 1417795030346-.jpg (112KB, 1280x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This guy posted 3-4 pics of her, I think. He also mentioned a Photobucket album by name that has several pics of her uploaded to it (and of some others, possibly, iIrc). He mentioned it in the same thread from a couple days ago and I have that thread it archived, if you want me to try to find the album name, let me know.
I went down on my ex while she was on the phone with her new boyfriend. She started moaning, lied and said she was excited and couldn't help but play with herself. He talked dirty to her on the phone whilst I ate her pussy.

In retrospect I feel bad, but she sucked my dick afterwords so it was worth it.
Of course we want you to find it
File: 1417799459905-.jpg (96KB, 1280x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
96KB, 1280x960px
And one more picture of the female from this story.
File: PS3vwKN.jpg (140KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
140KB, 1280x720px
And someone else posted this with the picture included with this post:

> An anon posted these pictures claiming it's someone's fiance. He never posted a video.

> However, some guy posted videos of him fucking and getting head from his married boss and I foolishly accidentally deleted them. So sorry.
Fucked a hot mom. 38. Her hubby is 4 inches. So I'm normal at 6 but she had never had one that big. Fuck her every way known to man including anal. She's dicknotized. Brags in texts about me. He finds out everything. Still waiting for him to kill me or something. He can't get it up anymore because he's traumatized. Also flipped out at the numerous nudes she sent me.
File: QysP2WM.png (980KB, 720x1280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
980KB, 720x1280px
This picture, too
> Staying at dads for summer
> Fantasise over stepmom because she had huge tits (like double Ds or something)
> Always out at the pub because he's a cunt
> Needed to piss
> Enter bathroom and see full naked stepmom getting out shower
> instant boner only wearing boxers
> she doesn't see me at first and starts to dry herself
> turns around and sees me instantly covers up
> sees rock hard erection
> silence for about 3 minutes
> stepmom attacks me! walks over and just takes my cock out
> starts to stroke it slowly
> slowly gets on her knees and shoves the whole thing down her throat
> best thing ever
> this goes on for a bit then I notice she's literally dripping (could be from shower)
> take her through to bed room and push her on the bed
> we fuck for about 45 minutes in various positions
> cum inside her
> she scoops some out and swallows it
> boners back
> start to fuck
> she's really vocal
> doorbell
> neighbour checking we were ok because she heard a noise
> back to fucking
> cum on face
> get cleaned up and dressed
> dad comes home later
> doesn't suspect shit
> we do this for another few years
>never see her anymore
File: 6lyXAPT.jpg (65KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
65KB, 1280x720px
And this picture, too.

Btw, does anyone know anything more about this girl or have any more of these pictures?

It's true, and no, to protect the guilty. Including myself. Statistically speaking, just based on my own experiences, married and or taken women are easier to seduce than single ones. Of the women I have been with over my career, about 2/3 of them have been "taken".

Women, at least in my experience, have absolutely no sense of loyalty. They are ruled by their emotions, and if you can manipulate those, you can get them to do almost anything. Especially if you take charge of the situation, so it "isn't their fault". They love that excuse.
got my best friends mom to blow me when I was 16.
I would have divorced her and kept the texts as proof so she can't take shit from me. Then she'd be on your doorstep begging to be fucked only after to say she needs help. I would have el oh fucking el'd.
File: 1417700532209.jpg (13KB, 236x326px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13KB, 236x326px
This is a pretty fucking dirty story and the type that I was looking to read about. You feel like sharing some details about it?

If so, how did you meet her? Did you know the husband? What did the wife look like? Body type? Big tits? Big ass? Was her pussy tight? Did your dick hurt her? Did you cum inside her? And did you start to care about her?

And last, but not least, are you down to post some pics of her??

> Pic related: Just another sexy MILF pic to help bump the thread.
Lost my virginity to my best friends crazy ass ex
Had a 10/10 coworker as a fb cheating on her husband. Fucked everywhere. Fuck her best friend at work on the side. Fb separates from husb and wants to date others. In throw a shit fit and tell her I had been fucking her bestie. Screams and cries for like 20 minutes nonstop. I broke the bitch.
>be the boss at a sales company
>girl hits on me super hard
>always put off her flirtation and try to ignore it
>asks me for my personal, not work, email
>8/10 chick, brown hair, big tits, skinny body
>give her personal email thinking, what's the harm
>sends me nudes (i wish i still had them but wife had me delete when she found out years ago)
>chick texts me and says "how'd you like my email"
>respond with some shit like "very interesting"
>tell her i'm gonna be at the office by myself tonight at 8
>she comes into my office...seems really shy about doing anything
>i can't help myself, i throw her on the desk and fuck her, suck those big titties
>she throws me on the cold as hell floor and rides my dick
>she knew how to grind a dick better than anyone ever grinding her hips all over the place driving me crazy
>finished in her mouth
>told her i wasn't looking for anything it was just a one-time deal
>she quit next week, nothing else ever said about it
>met my to-be wife the next week
>be 19
>first serious gf with regular sexy time
>dating 5 months
>go to party with her friends
>I don't know anyone there but her
>dude comes up to her and calls her "smiley". She introduces me to him his name is Mike or Steve or MikeSteve some shit like that
> after about two hours we are in different parts of the house
> be talking to some freak about football
>she's across the room talking to this dude
>later I can't see her or him so I'm a little pissed
>go to find her
>she's up stairs in the bedroom closet blowing SteveMike
>I SEE THIS BUT DON'T do anything and I go back down stairs
>On the way home she tries to kiss me and when I pull aways she asks me what is wrong
>I say if I wanted SteveMIke's seed in my throat I'd blow him myself
>she starts to cry and get all upset and....
>I drop her home and never call or talk to her again even though she calls and texts me for like a month
>still masturbate to the image of him with his huge cock in her mouth
File: 1374052254242.gif (424KB, 480x270px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
424KB, 480x270px
I have a potential source of blackmail, but I'm probably too much of a moralfaggot to use it.

>Housemates with a girl
>She's also my manager at work
>One night, some coworkers slept at our house (We're close to work, they live 25+ miles away and work early the next day)
>Some drinking ensues
>I turn in for the night, my roomie becomes a bitch when she drinks
>The rest keep the party going

>Wake up the next morning
>Pass roomate's door, wide open
>Her and coworker sprawled naked, out cold on bed
>Snap some photos

It's fucked on many levels; he's married and has a family, she's our manager

I occasionally think of how I could use those photos to my advantage, but I've kept them as an ace up my sleeve, in case I need it, for the time being

>mfw the scene I stumbled on
I posted one of her nudes before but don't have any in my phone. She is a very beautiful woman. I did have feelings for her but I had been hurt by someone before her (see my story about fucking a bestie). I'm pretty sure she fell in love with me. We hit it off immediately. She is someone I could have married. We agreed to explore all aspects of sex. Her hubby did anal with her but yes I ripped her ass and made her bleed. I was being very gentle. But she wasn't used to the girth.
File: thepro169_68a252.jpg (38KB, 600x464px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
38KB, 600x464px
How the fuck do you post this, but not share some details about what happened? Please greentext! Details will be appreciated.

How long ago did this happen? Do you still fuck her? Or her best friend? And, most important, do you have any pics of either of these females that you'd be willing to post?

> Pic related: Just another pic to bump the thread.
Damn. You did a good thing by dumping that slut, though.
>at friend's gf's party, but at his house
>lots of horny, single sluts there too, all friends of the gf
>girl i know is also there, someone told me earlier she has a crush
>during the course of the night find out its me
>get pretty wasted, start making out with that girl
>gets heated, but I'm not really into her
>start getting head, don't finish, but we agree to continue later when everbody is asleep/gone
>go downstairs to find two of the hot singles in a bed
>one of them pats the side of the bed, tells me I should get in with them
>again gets heated
>commence threesome
>parents of friend come home early/unexpectedly
>hear the two vocal sluts from down the hall
>don't care, keep going

>next day find out that the friend's gf is super pissed at the two sluts
>apparently she told them not to start anything that night
>crushing girl also pissed, went home early
>everybody in the party heard
>most awkward breakfast ever with the parents

no regrets.
>3.) Have you ever had a female cheat with you because you have a big dick?

Not because I had a big dick, but a few girls I fooled around with told me my dick was bigger than their boyfriend's.
>in high school my senior english teacher assigned a research paper of ungodly length. i had a reputation of a nerd and a girl i sat next to a reputation of a slut. i did her paper for her in exchange for 3 blow jobs. i felt like james bond afterward.
>a buddy of mine and his gf broke up because apparently his dick was too big and they couldn't make anything work out.
>i've had sex or fooled around in a few public places but never been caught. at least to my knowledge.
Something similar happened to me only much worse. Wont greentext becuz its a long story. But basically i was having a drunken threesome with my sisters 2 8/10 and 9.7/10 friends, and my parents rushed in because of how vocal they were being they thought they were being killed or some shit
>mum and sister still wont aknowledge my existence anymore
>dad congratulated me
it gets worse though
>the dad thought it was pretty funny, and was a little drunk as well
>gets one of my drunk ass friends to go outside and snap a pic through the window
>gets a tenner from the dad

also, next morning
>the mother notices two hickeys on my neck
>inspects them carefully, then sais 'huh, there must have been two girls in the bedroom'

Happened several years ago. Fb and i hooked up over and over for a while each of us trying to make the other jealous with our conquests. I got up to 30 different women in 2 years trying to forget her. We don't even acknowledge each other in the hallway. The last time we were together she sucked me off in her car and I face fucked her rudely. Never spoke to her after that. My revenge for seeing her get into a car with the guy she left me for. I have like 2 nudes of her somewhere. And more importantly I secretly filmed a fuck session we had. She is a stunner. Guys crane their necks when she walks by. An ass from heaven. But right now I hate her guts. Haven't spoken to her in a year and she works literally 2/doors down
okay im pretty new here, never mentioned this story but here goes.

>be me
>be 14
>went to school concert like a beta fag
>see crush there
>had to do backstage becuase i didnt want to do any normal shit
>mum cant pick me up becuase shes too busy
>stay back late with crush
>she comes and stands next to me and says "hi"
>we talk for a bit and she tells me she got a bf, some faggot thats not important
>she leaves and i await pick up
>aunty comes to pick me up
>vigin me puts my stuff in the boot then proceeds to get in the front
>we talk for a bit, my place is a 10 minute drive
>the normal stuff "how was it?"
>I told her that this girl i liked just got a bf and im sorta sad about it
>get home, she comes in with me to "see my mum"
>mums not home, no ones home
>She tells me to have a shower
>Halfway though shower she walks in, only bra on
>my jaw hit the floor
>Get rock hard instantly
>start to jack off and she comes in the shower with me
>soap is everywhere
>from behind me, she grabs my dick and turns me around.
>inscerts in herself.
>she fucks me against the wall
>extreamly vocal
>shows me how to thrust.
>feels amazing
>both cum at the same time, inside her.
>Sucks me till i cum a second time, takes not long at all
>get out of the shower, and get changed before my mum arrives and start to boil some tea.

>be 19
>living with gf, her mom, stepdad and her sister
>gf away on 5 day work training
>I get home from work
>just her mom home
>say hello then go upstairs
>take a shower
>start to fap
>gf mom walks in and catches me fapping
>I stop
>she looks at my cock
>tells me to continue the fap
>say no
>she walks closer
>tries to grab my penor
>say no
>she kneels down and tries to suck me
>I pushed her away
>she fell over on the bathroom floor
>I said no you stupid cunt
>she leaves bathroom crying
>apologizes to me later
1) fucked a girl mother while she listened after she hd turned me down
3)No but my gf at college fucked a guy purely because he was hung then told me all the sordid details while i ate her out
4)Was banging a married women and had her blow me in my car outside her house. Her husband even walked to the wndow at one point to see who was parjed outside his house, obviously not seeing his wife in my lap. I even told her not to raise her head as her husband was at the window. Blew my load a few seconds latrer
I fucked my gf at the time on senior trip on the Disney World monorail.
Would you like, share or something?
Should have left her on the middle of the street.
Looks like Mike dodged a bullet.
Wait... she sucked your dick and you didn't get the clue she was maybe a little attracted to you ?
>spend the night at my friends house
>been checking out his hot and tiny latina milf all night
>have fapped to her a bunch
>sleep on the couch that night
>she comes out in the morning
>I toss and turn at night , so the blanket slipped off
>wakes me so I can cover my exposed cock
>see her staring
>I bashfully cover up
>she tells me when she went get cofee in the kitchen that I'll make a lady happy someday
>check her out all day, making sure she notices
>spend the night again
>sleep on couch, making sure she'll see my cock again
>wake up
>she tell's me to cover again
> "next time, dont wake me up and take of it yourself"
>dont remember what she said, cause I actually went to bed
>decide to spend the night again when I woke up
>she sent her son to the store and got in the shower
>She "forgot" her towel
>slightly exposes herself
>i'm in there
>sleep again, same set up
>wake up to seeing her sucking my cock
>felt like heaven
>she was naked
>she was moaning
>came like a racehorse when I realized my cock was in my friends older milf mom

We fooled around a bit, had sex once, nothing special. They moved a few years back.
File: MH15.jpg (504KB, 700x916px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
504KB, 700x916px
>1.) Have you fucked someone inappropriate?

Fuck, no. Blowjob, yes.

I guilted my mom into blowing me. To be fair to her it was a one time deal and the circumstances were extraordinary
- I'm about to ship off to infantry tour in Iraq
- She's a single mom of one child who she might never see again

And do be fair to me, she was quite a looker 10 years ago--- a lot like a slightly heavier Mariska Hargitay (pic related).
Its a vid... But dont have the sauce sry
Share what? The pic? There's not a lot to see, all the naughty bits are unfortunately strategically covered, but if you insist, I can.

>greentext story faggot
> Be me
> 16
> Average college guy with quite a few friends and a 7/10 gf
> Get invited to popular guy's party
> get to the party, see a load of 7.5/10's with a few 4/10's mixed in here and there.
> Guy 1 (The guy who was having the party) comes over and offers me and my gf a drink
> gets to about 10pm
> a 8/10 chick comes over to me not knowing i had a gf
>tell gf I'm going to smoke a joint with some friends
> go to the bedroom with 8/10
> throw her on the bed and start tearing her clothes off
> she undoes my pants
>sex continues for next 35 mins
> gf walks in due to me not coming back
> see's us and starts crying
> blank look
> 8/10 keeps sucking
> gf gets up and says fuck it
> gf pushed 8/10 out of the way
> proceeds to suck my dick
> MFW for the first time in my life 2 girls are fighting over my dick
> continue to fuck both of them
> decide to cum inside 8/10 but not my gf
> pass out
> wake up next morning 8/10 is gone
> gf is laid next to me
> realise i came inside 8/10
> get up and dressed etc with gf
> ask Guy 1 for 8/10's number
> get her number and proceed to ring her for the next few days
> finally go to her house
> tells me she's not pregnant
> relieved.jpg
> we fuck for an hour to celebrate
> I've been fucking the 8/10 behind my gf's back for the last 2 months
> MFW i still get sex from both of them

Seriously though, you have my respect (unless she was ugly).
File: 1382583460716.jpg (328KB, 1600x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
328KB, 1600x1200px
I have a gf for 2 years now I started fucking her 6 months before breaking up with my ex girlfriend.
My ex was pegging me daily and wanted me to fulfil her fantasy and let her ex bf fuck me while she watch. Never happened but she was hot.

Now I am fucking a pregnant married woman 5 years older than me, mother of 2. she also breastfeeds me.

I am also fucking a divorced woman 47yo milf. Her daughter 17yo peeked once into the room while we were fucking and I pretended not to notice.

I once frech kissed a beautiful 16yo girl, only to discover later it was a trap, but don't regret it.(yes I am kinda faggot, whatever).

Once I was abroad with my gf, left her a message I am spending the night in the hospital while I was actually fucking a local slutty girl I met online.

last thing - my record is fucking 3 girls at the same day without anyone knows about the rest. One told me "my face smell like pussy" but I got away with that.
Meh, I don't really care. Curious though.
And when is the part where you wake up? Seriously, fuck this entire thread.
File: MH9.jpg (65KB, 371x495px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
65KB, 371x495px

> I did ROTC to help pay for college
> Get notice to deploy Iraq
> I'm afraid I'm gonna get legs / balls blown off by ied
> dirty lil secret: if get legs blown off bollocks often get blown off too
> Mom is scared she's never gonna see me again
> She keeps trying to crowd as many memories as she can into the time before my deployment
> Always asks "What do you want to do?", "What should we do tomorrow?", and "What do you want to try before you leave?"
> She has no idea I've been fapping to her for a decade
> Next time she asks, I suggest a blowjob so I can play it off like a joke if she freaks out
> She doesn't freak out, but isn't thrilled
> "I'm not saying no, but we'll have to see."
> Next day we're eating dinner at home and making small talk when she asks if I'm ready for it
> Only last 2 minutes, but best BJ ever!!!

The adrenaline rush you feel from having your own mother blow you is even bigger than being shot at . . . it's not great for stamina in bed, but very enjoyable to say the least.

She's never done it again and made it clear that she won't ever do it again.

I kissed her lips once after I got back and she turned away and quickly said "No, no. Be good." . . . a big let down as I would love to make love to her, but won't even get to kiss her again.

Watch SVU and jerk it to Mariska just to feel like momcesting.
>I once frech kissed a beautiful 16yo girl, only to discover later it was a trap, but don't regret it.(yes I am kinda faggot, whatever).

Why didn't you do the only right thing to do ? Beat the shit out of him while yelling him that whatever he does, he will always remain a male.
> 16
> average college guy
>Live in the UK
Best friends girlfriend AND sister
Same time
best time of my life

He/she was not really a classic trap - born with ambigous sex organs, but he told me that from medical perspective he is "more a man than a woman" whatever it means
I once sucked off my best friends dad only happend that one time, still friends with with both, only me and the dad knows

Still that makes him a raging homo.
good story anon
My cheating story:
>Play hockey
>Goalie assigned different teams each game
>Team in last place has a hot captain
>Call her Kate
>Kate is Brazilian/Italian
>She has a boyfriend, I flirt anyways
>Request to be on their team for the remainder of the season under the guise that they're in last place and I was the top goalie (it would make things fair)
>Really, just liked watching her change
>Get drunk with her and a friend one night
>Friend drives me home, I text Kate about fucking
>We sext a little, so I pursue it

Shall I continue?
>He/she was not really a classic trap - born with ambigous sex organs, but he told me that from medical perspective he is "more a man than a woman" whatever it means

You didn't answer anon's question.

Why didn't you kick the shit out of him and tell him that he'll always be male no matter what he has cut off or what drugs he injects?
Virginfag detected
sad but hot too
good on you for calling it quits tho
of fucking course
It will take me a minute to type out, but is anybody interested in one of these stories:

- facefucking a coworker behind her boyfriend's back
- turning an acquaintance into a heavy BDSM fuck toy
- using Tinder to find willing sluts on business trips
- messing around with a platonic friend while she was drunk in my bed
Continue faget
Second one looks interesting.
First and second please
Friend and BDSM story please
2 and 3 pls


>Kate, friend from before, and I hang out at his house one night
>Drink vodka, watch a playoff game, and smoke pot
>Kate mentions before she moved, she was an assistant hockey coach at a girl's hockey team at a college somewhere (Maine, I think)
>Says she used to have like a stable of girls she could call (friend and I were both single at the time)
>I made a joke about goalie sex
>she winks at me
>Friend later gets really fucked up off of bad weed and vodka, pukes, and passes out
>Kate and I lay down on the couch
>She grinds her ass on me, I take the hint and start fingering her
>She's moaning something like "I can't...I really shouldn't..."
>I stop and start to remove my hand
>She grabs it, and says "Keep going."
>We fucked

It was a little awkward because the friend was passed out in the next room. We ended up fucking a few times in an actual bed and had way more fun. Turns out she loved anal and ATM.
He was not on any drugs, not even considering that.
He naturally looks very much like a girl but was trying hard to cut his hair and dress like a guy but ended up looking like a hot lesbian.
He told me I am the first one he ever kissed and that he used to consider killing himself after realising that he will spend his life alone because he cannot make any girl pregnant or become pregnant himself. I spent most of the time with him laughing about it so he won't hero.
File: 1417950702398.gif (843KB, 499x281px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
843KB, 499x281px

Bitch was depriving you of sex, probs would not have happened if you were getting nookie that night, bitch needs to satisfy your needs, and vice versa.
keep bumping so this shit dont 404 niggers
>be me
>about 22
>selling weed about a year
>start dealing to a couple, girl is like 7/10, guy is beta as fuck
>i sometimes blaze one with them in my car after meeting them
>they both think im fucking hilarious
>one time i go to meet in the day and its just the girl, her bf is working, he works days
>she buys a quarter, wants to blaze one
>i park in an alley, we start blazing, she's laughing at all the dumb shit i'm saying. it's not even that funny
>she stares at me a second, leans over and gives a soft kiss on my cheek
>i look at her, she smiles, i smile, she looks down
>undoes my pants, starts sucking me off
>my phone starts blowing up, i take 3 calls while she's blowing me
>have to get back to work, dont get to finish
>she tells me another time maybe
>next 3 times i meet the bf is with her
>i finally tell them i got a job working nights, and can only meet in the day now
>next time its just her again
>she sucks me for like 20 minutes, i get no calls, she says she wants to ride it
>she hops on and rides me for like 10 minutes before i bust in her
>becomes a regular occurrence, once a week like clockwork. she swallows me every time, only busted in her the once
>goes on for about 8 months and then i never hear from them again. dont know what happened
Do you have any pics of him ?
I fucked my cousin like crazy during a family vacation. Greentext might take a while, anyone interested?

What the fuck man.
>do it

What kinda shit-tier hockey were you playing?
Banged lots of wives from Ashley Madison.
Of course !
yes /b, i do. i was dating an older woman, she was 42 and i was 26. one night we took some LSD and she told me that if i played my cards right i could fuck both the mom and the daughter. well /b, i played my cards right. when they actually found out about my girlfriend broke up with me and threw me out of the apartment. worth it.
Just a local beginner friendly league. The first few seasons they didn't have enough goalies, so I played until more people were interested.

Is that an acceptable answer, Patric Roy?
>>>590974386 (OP)

#2 got a few votes

> met this girl when she was 19, I was probably 25
> cute, petite, dark hair and eyes, bit of a teen goth slut look going on
> I was spending a lot of time at bars around then, and she was often at the same places
> we went home together a couple times, on the second night she confessed that she had major rape fantasies
> I obliged by tying her up and smacking her around a bit, nothing too major
> years go by and we stay acquainted, but just barely
> out of the blue she begins to message me more, but I have a long term serious gf so I brush her off most of the time
> one night when I'm drunk and stupid I tell her that I want her to send me some pictures, she quickly sends a photo of her bent-over ass and hairless pussy
> I give her more specific instructions and she delivers every one
Cheated wife with a big dicked tranny last weekend. First time ever with one.
>Be 18, socially awkward and fat
>Have GF who is pretty, also chubby and is a nice sweet country belle but a freaky sex demon in bed.
>Get in fight with GF, we decide to take a break
>Have socially awkward friend (she has manic depression) who always comforts you when you have problems
>Friend finds out we "broke up"
>Friend comes over and says we should smoke a weed and go hang out in my bedroom
>Wtf we never hang out in my bedroom, usually hang in garage for smokin/vidja game
>We get high and watch TV in my room laying on my bed, she starts to get really close and we start to kiss
>She puts her hand down my pants and starts stroking my cock
>Next thing I know my pants are coming off and she's sucking on my cock
>I help take her top off and she takes her bottoms off and gets on top of me and starts to fuck me.
>I tell her I'm gonna cum and she lets me cum inside of her (says she's on the pill)
>fast foward to that night
>exGF calls says she misses me and wants me to come see her
>Get to her house and she is bare ass naked waiting
>She starts to suck my dick and says that it tastes strange
>Sucks and fucks me anyways, as I'm fucking her from behind I grab her tits and she tells me she wants me to cum inside of her (she's not on the pill)
> I cum in two girls within 24 hours, still remains the best I've done in 25 years on this earth.

Pic is of my friend's tits, she sent me this picture while I was fucking my exGF, luckily neither of them got pregnant and never found out about this happening.
>be around 15
>girlfriend brings over her friends and her friends bf
>apparently gf and her friend have this idea of having sex on the bed, just couples, not all together
>they turn the lights off
>we're both getting head
>gf and i start taking our clothes off
>start having sex
>all of a sudden see a light, it's a phone
>guy says something along the lines of 'omg my mom is coming to get my she's about to be here i have to go'
>we all stop
>he leaves the room
>still dark
>gf puts covers up to my chest
>she starts sucking my dick
>her friend gets under the covers and starts sucking my dick too
>bust my load by her friend jerking me off
>put clothes on
>go outside cause they want to smoke
>guy is standing outside
>i thought you left?
>oh no shes almost here
>its been like 10-15 minutes since he left the room

I think he got scared or something and called his mom but acted like she was coming to get him.

I fucked that girl again a few times after my ex and I broke up, they both have kids now.
no she wasnt especially repulsed by me but not attracted either. we were both very cold about it all. we worked out a deal like two lawyers. 3 blowjobs at a reasonable time of my choosing in exchange for a B grade or better.

That's Dominik Hasek to you motherfucker. And yes it's perfectly acceptable.
>3 years ago
> went to friends to chill
> a couple I hate showed up
> ignored them
> his gf got drunk and talked with me
> asked if we three could walk home together
> whynot.jpg
> the couple argued
> stood before my house
> she asked if she could come inside
> whythefucknot.jpg
> she laying on my bed and grabbed my dick
> her bf stood outside and screamed her name while we fucked
Hot. Details
File: jknkjhkk.png (663KB, 589x624px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
663KB, 589x624px
unfortunately not. but I hope you enjoy the cleavage of the married woman I was talking about

> I keep the photos and fap, no big deal, I have lots
> she keeps delivering even when I don't ask, cool
> finally one afternoon when I'm home and my gf is at work she tells me that I need to come over to fuck her
> I say that there's no way I'll fuck her, but I'll be happy to throw her around and abuse her stupid ass
> she left the door unlocked, and I find her in bed watching something on her laptop
> I was really quiet coming in the door, and she probably didn't expect me to show up, so she almost screams
> I pull her out of her bed by the hair and position her on her knees
> she opens her mouth like she's expecting a dick, but I backhand her a bit too hard instead
> I give her "the talk", that I'm there to use her and that, if she's not cool with that, she needs to tell me now
> she shakes her head, I smack her again
> I ask her to open her mouth and I slide two fingers as deep as I can until she coughs and closes her eyes, I tell her to open them back up
>a year ago
>be only 14
>gf is a 6.8/10 itallian girl
>9 month relationship
>we break up
>we get together to sort shit out so we dont become enimes
>she ends up handjobbing me
>we basically are friends with benifiets
>she gives me a quick blowjob then finishes me by hand
>i titfuck her and bust on her face
>she swallows cum sometimes, but i usually just bust in her face
>we still screw around after school a lot
>tried fucking but my cock is 7 inches and is a bit too big to go in without tearing her
Will provide photo if you fags dont belive my dicks this big
Can confirm. This post I a legit/10

The "taken" females I've had were easily had by being the listener/carer their partner couldn't be

As for me..

Mother of my son ended up leaving me and moving away out of state and ends up with new guy.
She was still close with my parents so when she'd bring him for visits she'd stay there. We had the typical post-breakup sex a few times even though she was in a committed relationship already but thats not the dirty part.
>>be like 6 months later
>>dating girl. 10/10 looks but crazy as all hell
>>she's a slight freak in bed and the horniest chick I've ever been with so I stick with it.
>>ex is scheduled to bring son for visit
>>stay the night at gfs before the day of the visit
>>anal comes up and gf realizes I've never done it
>>we end up doing the anal and it feels exquisite
>>mfw i smell shit and have to ignore it so I don't lose boner
>>mfw I realize she didn't clean herself or prep or anything prior to initiating the anal
>>finish inside her
>>pull out my crap and cum covered member..
>>yes literally had a few chunks on my dick
>>what do?
>>wipe off with a single paper towel and go to sleep
>>next day wake up
>>go to parents
>>end up massaging and fucking ex raw

>>mfw I realize i hadnt even showered yet
>>mfw i realize I banged my ex with a dick containing fecal matter and cum remnants from a sex encounter involving another girl
>>mfw I got my gfs crap in my exes vag

No fucking regrets
didn't notice that was a .gif till i read the >mfw

fucking lost my shit
I fucked my good friends drunk girlfriend at a lake house party while she was on her period if anyone wants that story
>different colors in nails
>and nothing of value was lost
Okay, setting is south western sweden, the part not infected by sandniggers, gays or muslims (it actually exists!)

>be me
>be 17
>going onna family vacation
>the drive down there is something like six hours, so tired as fuck
>arrive at evening, just throw the bags in the house
>uhh, anon, your bed is broken
>bed is split in half because of younger male cousin (they arrived a few days earlier)
>go to the little shed, decide to sleep there
>it has a few matasses, ive had worse
>everyone was going to take a swing and got some time in the sauna
>i decided to play world of tanks instead
>out of fucking nowhere, 9/10 cousin, opens sheddoor
>this girl is amazing, blonde, large gray-blue eyes, freckles
>hey anon, i think you missed the sauna, want me to put in some logs for you to keep it warm?


>7 inches
>too big to fuck a girl who is supposedly somewhere between 14+
lol no, you're just shit at getting a girl wet.
continue please
more pics like op's
>a year ago
>be only 14

underrage fag

> she was completely naked in bed, by the way
> pale skin, long dark hair, perfect for what I want in that moment
> I stand her up and bend her over her bed
> I take one of her plastic clothes hangers and snap it in half, and holding her head down on the bedspread with one hand I start caining her ass with the improvised switch
> after a few minutes I slide my fingertips up her slit, it's warm and wet
> I forget exactly what I did next, but I think I marched her into her living room
> she said some bullshit about worrying about her roommate coming home, I told her to shut up
> I wasn't planning on doing anything besides messing her up a bit, but my dick is diamond status at this point so I kneel her down in front of a chair and sit down
> I take my dick out for her and I push her head down on my dick, she throats like a champ, feelsgood.mp4


Made out with and was feeling all over wife's best friend while wife slept downstairs.

A couple months later, fucked said best friend on consecutive days while wife was out of town.

Wife has no idea, I have no regrets, would do it again without hesitation.

> I tell her to stop and I point at a pair of shoes I want her to wear
> she says that they're her roommates, that they won't fit her
> I say that I don't care
> she puts the shoes on and hobbles back towards me, she looks cute and stupid
> she gets back to work blowing me
> I stand up, she keeps going, I pull her off and spit on her face
> I tell her to list the names of every boy she's fucked, in reverse order
> every time she hesitates, I slap her and tell her to start all over again
I'm guessing your mike and have a really small dick. Find a midget lady, it's like you'd have a big dick to her
File: demjimmies.gif (327KB, 640x472px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
327KB, 640x472px

> it goes like this for a while, every time I'm close to coming I pull out of her mouth and come up with some other reason to rough her up
> finally, with her body pressed against the wall, I tell ask her if she wants me to cum on her tits or face, she says tits
> I shoot a bunch of hot cum all over her face, like seriously the most cum I've ever shot
> she looks at herself in the bathroom mirror for a long time before wiping it off

We ended up meeting up every few weeks for months, and it got a lot rougher after that.
File: coco.jpg (29KB, 640x359px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
29KB, 640x359px
I cheated on my whore girlfriend of 2 years with some skank. Got the skank pregnant. Made the skank get an abortion. Went back to fucking my gf and then dumped her 3 months later
Is this YMCA in Kentucky? Because I'm a lifeguard at a YMCA in Kentucky and I've always wanted to find someone I know on here
By all means, continue.
>wife has become shit lover
>acknowledges this.
>her friend comes over looking to fuck.
>We are going to fuck that night
>everyone knows
>wife leaves us alone asks us not to do it yet.
>do it anyway
>wife comes in after fucking a while
>My pants are off me and the younger woman have just under shirts on
>getting a bj
>she flips
>acts like she's leaving forever. Im like fuck this ill >Screw this ill just go kill myself now.
>she sort of got over it
>we all fucked together later anyway.
>Wife and i fucked good for a couple days after
>she still a bitch tho
>not sure how she feels about anything.
>Remember women are never satisfied.
>18 years old
>at a house party, like 40 people
>i'm fucking hammered, drinking JD right out the bottle
>being a clown to a group of girls in the kitchen
>super cute asian girl is giggling uncontrollably
>i start acting like a drunk douche. what's up baby, me and you? let's do this.
>my bf is here anon
>oh yeah, well where is he?
>in the game room
>there's this lame group of mostly asian dudes playing nintendo wii in one of the rooms
>yeah see he's not gonna find out. cmon babe lets do this
>noooooo..i can't
>alrite whatever
>start making my rounds
>see her again, some time between 20 minutes and 2 hours later
>she's happy to see me
>what's up baby, i gotta talk to you in private for a minute
>no we can't
>can't what? i just gotta ask you something
>i meet her in the basement, go into an empty kid's room
>what do you want to talk to me about?
>i pull her forward and start kissing her, she kisses back without hesitation
>a few seconds later she's rubbing my dick
>she gets on her knees and takes it out
>omg it's so big
>she starts sucking it, making the best moans while she does it
>after a few minutes i pick her up and throw her on the bed
>start fucking her real gentle, she was so tight
>she starts shaking like crazy, biggest orgasm ive ever seen
>omg i just came!
>i can tell that was her first time
>i pull out and put it back in her mouth, after a few minutes i dump a huge load on her face
>grab a sock from the dresser and clean her off
>as we leave the room, someone notices her and i notice she goes white. they must have known each other
>i leave the party a bit later without ever knowing if she got busted or what happened to her. never saw her again
>still by far one of the hottest girls ive ever fucked

>>dad congratulated me
LOL. I'd probably high five my son in that situation.
File: image (3).png (816KB, 577x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
image (3).png
816KB, 577x1024px
I fucked my exgf in the Nathan's hotdog stand bathroom in the middle of Times Square.
Not a great greentext story but still pretty cool.

Sure, one more

> I bought her a gag, collar, harness, etc
> she looked like a perfect little stupid toy with everything on
> she came up with the idea of playing with drowning play, so I ran a bath and taped her hands behind her back
> I stood over her, and I alternated between pushing her head underwater until her body twisted and bucked, and then pulling her up to gag on my cock

I also took her anal virginity made her spit my cum into a pair of her roommate's panties, but those are stories for another time
how do you guys find fuck buddies on craigslist?

>Go down to the sea, swim around a bit, head for sauna
>pretty much dark outside now
>go in sauna, is also dark because nolightslol
>go in, thinking i am alone, no clothes
>hey anon
>i freeze
>she sits on the opposite bench, jusy barely visible from the fire
>mind if i sit with you anon?
>spaghetti cover the floor
>uhh, ehh, alright
>softest skin ever felt by man
>after a bit of cold talk, and a few beers i begin to relax
>suddenly, she stares into my eyes, i get cmpletely fucking hypnotized
>making out
>gets a little akward after that, i beta out completely and hit the outdoor shower
>all dried up, back in my shed, she comes in again
>i-i am sorry for earlier anon, i dont know what went through me, she seems a bit scared even
>she is kindof shaken by now, i guesture her to sit down and i lay my hand around her
>chitchat ensues
>she runs of to her house to get some more beers
>comes back after a suprisingly long time
>she is wearing light make up now
>more making out
>clothes come off
>all of them
>she is now sitting on my lap, completely naked, with my dick between our bellys

>Turns out she loved anal and ATM.
It seems to be a thing with Brazilian women...or maybe that's just my perception
Girls like this should have a bullet in their head, seriously.

>inb4 it's fake
>inb4 edge
>inb4 dickless cuck faggots
Where abouts m8
I've fucked 3 of my cousin's girlfriends. He knows about one of them. He was in the other room when it happened. Another one did it as revenge sex because he cheated, and then I ended up fucking her like a dozen times after that.
File: Picture0105.jpg (48KB, 750x563px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
48KB, 750x563px
please sir may we have some more?
How old were you when this started/she was 38? When is the last time you talked to/saw her? Are she and her husband still married? Did you cum in her mouth/on her face?

Do you think her husband literally wants to kill you? And did you know him personally?

I'm assuming this is a troll? If not, I'm sorry to hear about this, as this is a messed-up situation. Seriously, did this really happen?

Why? She said she was sorry.
File: 11.jpg (12KB, 250x336px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12KB, 250x336px
great stories anon
Holy fuck this thread has me hot.

I might be smashing a married 40 YO MILF from CL in a couple weeks. If it pans out I'll give you guys a greentext

Thanks! It's fun to share. I just wish my stories had some NHL hall of fame goalie content.

I can do one of these next?

>It will take me a minute to type out, but is anybody interested in one of these stories:
>- facefucking a coworker behind her boyfriend's back
>- using Tinder to find willing sluts on business trips
>- messing around with a platonic friend while she was drunk in my bed

The first one.
File: image (2).jpg (125KB, 960x1280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
image (2).jpg
125KB, 960x1280px
Lol of her or the story?
Why not both?
of her mostly, wouldnt mind hearing about how she liked to get railed though.

from behind? har pulling?
>- facefucking a coworker behind her boyfriend's back
do it bro
>she kneels infront of the sofa, head next to my cock
>not sucking it, just licking at first
>opens up a condom i didnt see her bring in, puts it on me
>quickly stands up and drags me down on the matrasses
> i am now lying more or less on top of her
>dick lined up perfectly with her
>anon wait!
>just take it easy, okay? I am a bit scared
>promise, as i start fucking her slowly
>after years of fapping, and edging, i am pretty good at grinding, really i was thinking too much
>a good 15 minutes later we collapse in a sweaty pile on the floor.
>we both fall asleep

> by some damn miracle, when i wake up, all of her clother and empty beer cans are gone


Ther are a lot more to tell
second pls
You of course realise this is a story thread? The stories don't have to be real as long as they sound sexy
File: image.jpg (132KB, 960x1280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
132KB, 960x1280px
Haha deal. She was fucking great, a little inexperienced (shes 21 im 24)

She's actually a friend's younger sister, but he gave me full permission to go for it, said she was an adult and could do what she wanted.

Anyway, on like the third time we were fucking I was slamming from behind and I popped a thumb in her ass as she was close to cumming and she went absolutely nuts, Said she had never had any one try that before and it felt incredible. The next night after we got out of the shower I ate her ass and she was fucking convulsing. From then on I got to rail her in the ass whenever I wanted and she loved it, even requested it sometimes if I hadn't in a while.
File: 1420463506133.jpg (26KB, 453x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
26KB, 453x500px
>have gf
>go to some girls party (without gf)
>the girls and her freinds are all coked up and shit
>early morning, alcohol wearing off/coke comedown
>4 of share a bed (the girl, her freind and my freind and me)
> girls freind gets up and goes home
>me and girl awake with freind sleeping next to us
>shes only in bra and panties
>we start kissing takes off bra
>finger, handjob blowjob
>start fucking "calmly" to not wake up freind
>he's literally right next to us
>fuckit.jpg start fucking hard shes screaming and the beds shaking
>freinds head is bouncing all around the place
>we both cum at the same time
>she leaves for a shower
>i just finished getting dressed
>freind rolls over

>mfw he was awake the entire time
more more more!

any tit shots? she sounds like a fucking blast man
Yes !!
>be me
>be 28yo recovering beta
>have 8/10 gf, athlete
>she doesn't want a real relationship, gives me shit and stuff
>obv has ego problems maybe b/c of athlete issues whatever
>honestly tells me to cheat only w/ condom
>only want her then
>be pissed of
>xmas season comes around
>be in film school, work on xmas market
>40+ milf there, nice tits, I like her
>nice gal, talk to her
>wish I could get her laid, know her already from last season
>film school hast term films, work on a short
>meet actress from another short, casual talking
>dgaf, try to outwit her
>tell her to read boccaccio b/c of nasty stories

File: 17.jpg (128KB, 849x679px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
128KB, 849x679px
The girl in the image isnt even cheating on her BF PLUS the image is shooped

This is the real version.
The original is from a reddit camwhore thread where a user named Mike asked her to do something specific.

She wrote that after not delivering what Mike asked her to do.
-Platonic friend please
File: image (3).jpg (106KB, 960x1280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
image (3).jpg
106KB, 960x1280px
Sorry no tit shots actually, I saw her like four times a week for a couple months while she was visiting her brother and I so I never really asked for pictures. She'd just send some occasionally because she knew how much I loved her ass
I spoke to her last month on the phone. She's still married.lots of counseling sessions. Haven't seen her in person for a year. Husband found out who I was, where I worked etc. He was pretty livid. They have young kids and that's why he hasn't fucked up my shit. That was her only request--to leave me alone. And she would confess all. He insists on knowing details. I do jack off to her pics and bids knowing I turned his wife into my personal whore. High calibre professional, super pretty, world traveler, hot bod, and the best fits I have ever seen.

We ate each other out numerous times but I never came in her mouth. But I power fucked her for over an hour. My goal was to make each encounter memorable. It left me winded and sweaty and totally spent like a crazy cardio workout.
>big dick
Pick one
long story short i let my mother's brother in law eat me out, and there was that one time i gave head to my cousin ( both people not related to each other)
>Don't do anything

>if real
You should have fucked him up on site. soniamdisappoint.jpg

>if b8
i r8 8/8
of course !
well she does have an amazing ass, so who could complain
Have cheated on every gf I've had. Except current. Last one weekly. Would go out with one of my boys and pick up 1 or 2 girls at bars take em back "party" and orgy it up. This happeend 15-20 times.

Fucked and friends mom for a while -- she loved anal, facials and ATM. No brainer.
>used to own a roofing company
>had 4 guys working for me
>invite them over for a ufc party
>one of their fiance's is 9/10..massive tits
>i can tell she's into me.. we flirt a little bit
>nothing happens that night
>i masturbate to her several times after that
>a week later at work, i tell the boys i gotta look at a previous job where there were complaints
>go to my employees house instead
>fiance answers the door, looking hot af
>"tony" left my staple gun here apparently, i tell her
>we check the basement, no sign of it
>"should i call him?"
>"no don't do that, he's busy. we gotta get this job done. it's obviously not here"
>we talk a bit, flirting with each other
>she says, i kinda wanna fuck right now
>i say, i really wanna fuck right now
>we fuck for like an hour, i cum on her tits
>i tell her, i didn't actually need the nail gun, i just wanted to fuck you
>she laughs and says 'I had a feeling'
>i start going over there like 3 times a week, telling my employees i have various business to do
>i take on an excessive amount of jobs and start working the guy 6-7 days a week
>fucking his fiance almost every day at this point
>i'm invited to their wedding, but tell them i have to go to my niece's birthday instead
>still make time to fuck her on the morning of the wedding though
>goes on for about 3 months after their wedding, i lost my company and got a gf. pretty much lost contact after that
>thinking about calling her up one of these days though. it's been about 4 years now
Be 17
Mom passed out in a nighty
Mom is mid 30s and 10/10
Be horny. Move panties to one side
See the pussy every man wants
Lay down next to her
She has no bra. Nightie is see thru
Rub her big and firm 36c tits.
She is reacting. Wakes up
Oh fuck. Pretend to sleep with arm around her.
File: image.png (767KB, 577x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
767KB, 577x1024px
Yea I'm disappointed I didn't get to go at it for longer, she has a little demon slut inside of her that is just begging to come out and I was just starting to wake it up. She even admitted to me that her and her childhood best friend used to go down on each other in middle school to see what it felt like. Never did it in a threesome or to impress guys just did it for themselves and no one knew, which I think is was fucking hotter
File: 1378919614545.jpg (215KB, 768x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
215KB, 768x1024px

> The "taken" females I've had were easily had by being the listener/carer their partner couldn't be

This one knows.

Alright, another one.
>Friends-ish with a different couple.
> She is my ex, he..... beta fag but not a bad guy. She treats him like shit. I almost feel bad for him.
> Been fucking her on and off for years before they got married, and never stopped.
> Husband knows we used to date, doesn't know about the fucking
> Husband thinks we are just best friends
> He works nights, she pulls me up to their bedroom while hes at work, we fuck, awwwwwyissssss.jpg
> pass out in their bed, have the presence of mind to get dressed before passing out
> he comes home, I am dressed in bed with his wife, husband is a little pissed but too beta and too tired to do much
> she pulls him on to the bed in front of her tells me to stay
> I am big spoon, she is middle spoon, he is little spoon.
> He starts passing out.
> Start finger fucking the wife. She is super wet.
>Pull down pajama pants enough to pull my dick out. Put it inside of her.
>she grinds back
> We fuck slowly so as not to wake him
> she is about to cum, starts whimpering, biting the pillow hard.
>husband starts to wake up
> she starts rubbing his back to put him back to sleep
>keep fucking her
>make her cum hard while she has her hand on her husband's back
> cum inside her
> go downstairs and make coffee
> fantastic fucking start to the day
>goes to iraq

stopped reading there
got 2 more

>be me
>always chill at freinds house sicnce hes on tag and cant leave the house between 7pm and 7am
>start taking Mcat aswell as drinking
>one of the boys invites 3 sluts
>they come up, drink and sniff with us
>one of them starts stripping
>other slut joins in and they start kissing
>start fingering infront of us saying they're gonna give us a show
>3rd slut is blowing my other mate
>lesbo sluts start licking eachother out until one of them came
>they say they're leaving to another party
>me and bj friend go with them
>end up getting head from the lesbo sluts while freind gets head from his slut
>wait for drugs to wear off
>go to sleep
Fuck yeah. Pics? Was she white?

what is her name? looks familiar

okay, "facefucking a coworker behind her boyfriend's back"

> start work at a new job, see a qt3.14 in a different department and ask her out
> "oh, I have a boyfriend anon, sorry!"
> welp, okay
> become friends anyway, and eventually become friends with her bf too, he's a cool guy
> after a couple years, though, we begin to get coffee together and flirt, but nothing serious
> she likes to hear about my love life, she gives good advice
> go on double dates now and then with her and her bf
> friends!
> she often steers our conversations towards sex, I don't take the bait but I like to flirt back
> start a new relationship with a 10/10 big titty blonde
> coworker reacts by sending me a series of strip tease pictures
> fap!

Starts with an A

> one day after work on a Friday right before a long weekend a bunch of coworkers go for drinks on a patio
> me and her live in the same neighbourhood, so after a few pitchers we take off on our bikes
> when it comes to my turn I hesitate and ask her if she wants to come over for another drink or two
> she smirks and says sure
> we go upstairs and I open a couple of beers and head to the patio
> as soon as the door closes behind her I turn to face her, she gets up on her toes and kisses me
> after a few minutes I gently press her down to her knees and she unzips my fly without locking eye contact
> begins slowly, sweetly sucking me off
> feelsgreat.mp4
> I hold the back of her head and push in deeper, if I'm going to do this once I'm going to go balls deep
> she's a bit startled but she composes her self and takes the whole thing for a second before coughing and pulling back
> I tell her to try again and she slowly aces it, I can see her concentrating as I slide the head of my cock back and forth over the back of her tongue
> I ask her if she's a little cheating slut and she answers that she is, but it just sounds like dumb noises. There's a dick in her face.

Proof that I am a dick

>dating 8/10, brunette, 5' 5" 38DD super pale
> relationship is stale, don't really give a crap.
> buddy breaks up with his gf
> my gf breaks up with me over the phone, 0 fucks given
> find out gf and buddy hooked up
> talk to buddy's ex. take her out, fuck her 10 ways from sunday, take her anal virginity
> still friends kind of with my ex's baby sister
> come over one night, she just got her first apartment, we break it in
> spend all night fucking ex's baby sister
> her bf never found out
> keep fucking buddy's ex for weeks
> no fucks given
>5 days b4 xmas
>get a text
>asking about boccaccio...
>agree on a meeting
>bar close to my place
>turns out she lives halfway across town, but works close to my place
>we meet in the bar
>polite drinks are had, warm up to eachother, smalltalk starts to get boring
>moment of clarity
>engage bond mode
>"but that's not why you are actually here, right?"
>doesn't say a word
>waits for my move
>lean over and kiss her
>we kiss in the bar, decide to leave
>keep kissing outside of the bar
>grab her ass through her coat (winter, remember?)
>tell her I live nearby
>she says no...not yet
>we say bye and both leave
that was a friday night

>sunday, gf about to leave for xmas to spend at her parents'
>get a text from boccaccio girl about noon, if I want to meet tonight
>give her my address, tell her to be here at 10pm
>It's 7pm, making out w/ my gf in my flat
>we get naked
>me like: 2chicks on one day
>we have sex, too exited too hammer it home, want to save some of my powers
>don't finish, break it off about 9pm, tell her I'm too exhausted b/c of work
>she understands, still it takes me until 9.40 to get her out of my flat
>actress rings at 9.55
Please tell me you died in Iraq

> she takes over again, alternating between sucking my head with her hand sliding up and down the wet shaft, and going hands-free
> I ask her to take her top off so I can cum on her tits, and I help her lift her t-shirt up over her head
> tits are fuller and perkier than I had guessed, with little hard nipples the same colour as her skin
> I shoot a few ropes of cum on her collar bones and "accidentally" smear her lips and chin with a big squirt
> she smiles and wipes herself off with the back of her hand and asks where the bathroom is
> I watch her use my mouthwash so she can go home and kiss her boyfriend

we fooled around for months, including one time when she got naked with my big titty blonde gf and they sucked each others tits, it was a nice summer

When she finally broke up with her bf he came over for a couple of beers and some guy time, kek
>three days later
>All family exept me, emma and her retard brother is innatown, shopping or something
>we are much more cool with each other, at this point, no nervousness and all that
>we have had sex two times since
>her retard brother starts getting annoying, he is mot likely bored
>she (lets call her emma) says:
>hey, dont be mad, maybe anon has a game on his computer you can try
>i aint giving up my comp... oh, its a hint
>uhh, sure i do
>left the kid to play left 4dead
>we go out of the house, to the sundeck
>more making out
>she has no condom so after a bit of eating her out (a bit salt thanks to the seawater) i get the best head ever, comes in her mouth
>cuddling in the sun until other arrive
nevermind then
File: IMG_20141203_044443.jpg (563KB, 2448x3264px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
563KB, 2448x3264px
made my wife put her sisters dirty panties in her mouth as i fucked her ...she loved it
>cum inside
Nigga if you're gonna make a story up, at least make it believable
File: 938736915.jpg (2MB, 4320x3240px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 4320x3240px
its okay, let them make their shit up
>I'll show you fags my dick, fucking fags
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