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going to tell you the story of my perpetual rape by my father.

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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going to tell you the story of my perpetual rape by my father.

its a long fucking story but the basics was

>mom and dad fight a lot
>mom sold the old couch for pot money
>she and dad fight
>despite mom being in the wrong, he gets kicked out of bed
>no couch to sleep on
>decides just to sleep with me
>this became normal for awhile, even after we got new couch
>dad would just sleep with me if he and mom were arguing
>Around nine years old cuddling got pretty extreme
>looking back, I realize his cock was hard against my ass most nights but i never thought about it
>he'd mostly just massage me, and that felt good
>sometime before I turned ten it went on to rubbing my ass and even by dick
>I remembered reading about the "no no dolphin in school"
>for some reason didn't seem sexual
>this becomes routine for awhile
>by the time I'm 11 dad sleeps with me most nights
>fucking stupid cuz it was a crazy small bed, i was cramped in the corner
>we were right up against each other the whole fucking time

fuck this is why i didnt want to post, its so fucking long to describe years of your life. part 2 incoming
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okay so

>11 years old now
>dad often just sleeps in boxers and a tank top
>he strips me most nights while we are in bed
>some nights I go to bed naked with anticipation
>im in middle school now and started rugby, so his massages really help
>by now hes starting to finger me
>some nights it goes well
>some nights he hits some shit and just grunts and pulls his finger out
>I start making it a habit to try and clean myself out before bed most nights
>even though his finger burns most of the time
>I use the trick he uses to finger me, just circle my ass until it opens on its own
>cleaned out before bed
>dad spends half the night finger banging me
>at first it burns, but i go with it
>after a while its just straight up freaking pleasure.
>he rubs my cock a lot while I do this, still doesn't seem remotely sexual to me, just a massage
>he claims that I was constantly grinding against his cock
>one night while fingering me he just puts my hand on his dick
>it was that fucking moment i realized it was sexual

will continue
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No one cares go cry on reddit or SA
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>dad has me play with his dick
>keeps complaining im too rough/squeeze too hard
>I keep trying to spin it around in a circle
>he spits on my hands and just makes me go up and down
>next day he lets me skip school
>doesn't tell me why, just doesn't let me go
>played mario part 2 all day
>he doesn't sleep in my room for a little while
>by 12 hes back in my room and finger fucking me again
>makes me lay my head on his chest
>wraps arm around me
>fingers me while he jerks himself off
>ocasionally makes me do it.
>sometime around there (maybe 13 at this point, i dont remember, but it was definitely middle school)
>he starts having me lick his cum a little bit
>I think its gross
>he stops for awhile, just cleans it with a towell
>one day mom has a super fucking freak out about cum covered towells
>dad leaves for like a week
>mom sits me down and starts asking me questions
>I say i dont know what shes talking about
>she thinks im too old to sleep with dad anymore
>say i dont mind cuz i got a bigger bed since middle school
>she says it doesnt matter
>dad comes home eventually
>things go back to normal (or non-sex normal)
>suddenly dad gets thrown out of bedroom again
>comes back to my room
>it happens again
>this time im really fucking happy about it
>when done he makes me eat most of his cum
>i literally ran into the bathroom and puked
>about once a week mom kicks him out
>he comes to my room and makes me eat his cum
>love being fingered, hate the cum

more coming
>this goes on til highschool
>by highschool i actually dont mind the taste
>to make him happy I actually suck it right out of his dick when hes cumming (there was some other shiz going on that i felt bad for)
>still dont like the taste but love the feeling when hed call me a sperm bank.
>at this point tho, i preferred it when he fucked my ass
>I remember he started doing that the summer before highschool
>instead of waiting for at night though he did it when he came home for lunch break (he and mom both worked)
>the first time it was no fucking warning
>I walked right out of the bathroom and was surprised to see dad was home
>he grabbed me by the shirt
>threw me on the bed
>pulled my pants down
>I was fucking scared cuz i didnt know what was up
>thought I was in trouble
>pretty sure he knew about my bag of pot
>hated mom doing it so probably didnt want me
>was expecting a spanking or some shit, but next thing i know a really slippery dick goes right in
>it hurt, but at this point i had been fingered for years
>dude lasted maybe 20 seconds, but it was hot
>we hadn't had a chance to fuck for 2 weeks cuz mom was on these new meds that made her sleep heavy
>had fewer reasons / attempts to throw him out
>after that it became a regular thing
>I loved being fingered, so quickly adjusted to getting fucked
>much preferred him fucking my ass
>by end of summer he was doing it every week day
>fall started up and i go back to school
>I was failing (not too smart, plus always smokin pot)
>dad got too horny to wait for mom to throw him out
>decided to just sneak out since she was fucked up on sleeping meds
>Some nights fucked me
>on nights I knew he had seen my grades (they were fucking posted online) I'd just let him jerk and then eat the cum

for some reason my dad really hated oral, except when orgasming. outside of that he maybe had me suck his dick once.

more coming


>around christmas dad comes to fuck me
>mom walks in and sees the entire fucking thing
>for 2 weeks, things are fucking crazy around the house
>shes always crying
>always stoned
>Always throwing stuff
>I stay in my room most nights
>dad is constantly not here
>few times he is mom threatens to call cops
>mom keeps talking to me, and i keep saying its okay I like it
>mom talks about arresting dad
>taking me to psychiatrist
>Taking me to this and that
>im 14 and all i care about is not having this made public
>I promise we'll stop if we can all go back to normal (considering this had been going on for 5 or so years, this all seemed like a not big deal to me)
>school starts up again in january
>I come home from school
>the TV is gone
>half of moms clothes are gone
>three days later dad comes home and finds that all her jewellry is gone to
>mom fucking left

this is basically where it started to get ugly.
fuck is this thread
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>so halfway through freshman year
>mom fucking vanished
>I'm really fucking mad at dad
>I lock my bedroom door at night
>most nights he just wiggles the knob and then returns to his room
>I really fucking hate him for making mom leave
>no one fucking cooks, no one fucking cleans, and she was my mom, I loved her to death
>she had her moments (the drugs, the selling our stuff, cheating on dad) but she was my mom, you know?

>one day I come home from school
>dad fucking ambushes me
>rapes me in my room
>I'm yelling the entire time and he just covers my mouth
>i dont cry, I try to yell
>honestly kinda liked it
>when i was done he just left
>next day he does it again
>that day he tells me he was actually figured and thats why hes been home
>third day i come home from school
>my room is gone
>there's just a pool table at one end, and an air hockey table at the other
>mixed between pissed and happy
>find dad
>he moved all my stuff in to his room
>its just thrown in the closet
>he refuses to moves mom shit
>i sleep on the couch for the next week
>he starts coming out and fucking me there
>maybe one or two were actually forced
>a few were "forced"
and then after that I just went with it, and went to bed with him after it happened
>by summer me and dad are in a groove
>I really fucking miss my mom, but life with dad is cool
>he got a new job, paid better, and without mom buying drugs we had more stuff
>dad didnt like games but liked to keep me happy so our living room was gamer central
>hed only ever play super smash
>for some reason he was epically good at it
>he usedi t as a way to get more sex
>Everytime we played, loser had to get fucked
>i never once fucking beat him on that game
>basically did it when i was playing too much and wanted to fuck

more coming
>anywho by summer I had been growing my body hair quite a bite
>dad started asking me to shave
>i fucking hated it, and liked my body hair
>he starts threatening to take away all my games
>we still sex but im pretty fucking mad about it
>sometime that summer I agreeb ut he has to shave me
>dad starts shaving my body
>i feel stupid, and stop hanging out with my friends as much, cuz they'd notice my hairless legs since its freakin summer
>School starts up
>First day
>friends laugh at me
>at home i yell at dad for making me look like an idiot
>he yells at me for not just wearing jeans
>I yell cuz its still fucking hot as balls out
>next week was basically rape, and yes I did cry at least twice from it
>at one point im sent to school psychiatrist becuase dad keeps me up all night
>sleepy all day
>sleep in the afternoon
>never do homework
>almost break down and fucking tell him
>winter comes
>jeans 24/7
>dad goes back to shaving me
>things settle back in
>dad and i start having sex
>we start getting into kinkier stuff
>every once in awhile dad makes me dress as a girl (really fucking hated that part)

>most nights dad has me in nothing but a skirt, fucking me from behind lately
>sometimes lets me just ride him (still in skirt tho)
>cold months die down
>spring comes
>rugby season starts up
>first week and legs are still shaved
>i tell dad after first practice that it needs to stop
>he doesn't want to fight, but makes me promise we can start again sometimes in the summer and all through winter
>I agree
>hair starts growing in
>rugby coach calls me into office one day
>he asks about normal stuff
>eventually it comes up that he notices my leg hair has been growing
>puberty etc.
>he says its okay to be a late bloomer, and if anymore of the team gives me trouble, just to tell him
>im kinda shy and stuff and explain i actually started awhile back, and that i just shaved my legs
>he asks why, and i didnt know what to say so i just said i liked the feeling
>he calls me into his office about twice a week after practice to talk
>somehow my legs always fucking come up
>says he notices i haven't been shaving them lately
>asks why if i like the way it feels
>tell him its becuase people make fun of me
>towards the end of school he starts talking about how hes remodeling his house and hopiong to get a lot done this summer
>he says he needs help
>for weeks just keeps dropping hints
>idc, gonna game all summer
>finally coach says he'll pay me to help out
>other students overhear and want in on it, a lot of em closer, he says he'll think about it
>last day of school he asks me again, but no one else
>he tells me he'll pay me twenty dollars a day, for 1 day a week
>fuck yeah
>Tell dad
>hes proud
>fucks me in the ass of course
>still expects me to shave legs since summer started
>I do

jesus this is long
Nobody cares. Unless this is intended to be therapeutic for you, most people will either harass you or fap to your story, in which case just make a thread for (fake) childhood sex abuse stories.

OP is a flaming homosexual. Enjoy your silent farts.

anywho, it continues

>first day of work at coaches house
>wants me to paint
>I do a shitty fucking job so he has me quit halfway through and makes me a sandwich
>says he notices im shaving my legs again
>i get all fucking shy again, and he says its okay
>he tossles my hair
>its at that moment i realize somethings up
>coach continues paining wall in his shorts while i eat my stupid sandwich
>decides to take off his shirt half way through
>instantly boner
>I suddenly realize i have an opportunity
>always wanted to suck dads dick
>hes not into it
>coach probably is
>I went right over to him and just started feeling up his cocks in his shorts
>he drops the fucking roller
>he smacksm y hand away
>we stare at each other for like 5 weird minutes
>i just drop to my knees
>next thing I know I got a cock in my mouth
>apparently im fucking awful at it
>the entire time hes like "Teeth... teeth... teeth..."
>very rough ride, but im loving it
>pulls out just in time to cum on the floor
>tell him im usedto swallowing
>at first hes fucking shocked
>then he laughs
>then hes fucking shocked again
>sends me home with 20 dollars
>our habit basically becomes me coming over
>doing a bad job
>getting served lunch
>giving him a blow job
>going home with twenty bucks
>this goes on all summer
>sucking coach by day
>fucking dad by night
>one day coach is talking about how badly he wants to fuck me
>I tell him next week
I do care. and so does my cock. please continue
>people will either harass you
>or fap to your story
>in which case just make a thread for (fake) childhood sex abuse stories


>he says its not safe with someone my age
>I say I'm used to getting fucked in the ass
>shock, laugh, shock, laugh
>next week i come over, making sure to clean myself out
>as soon as I get in I strip down to my jock strap (i was a retard and actually kept the cup in, cuz i thought that was part of the fantasy)
>he tells me to my clothes on and get to wrok
>today im putting down floorboards
>halfway through im not doing great
>he finally just grabs me by my shoulders
>brings me to the couch
>starts pulling my pants down
>he begins to eat my ass
>i didnt even know that was a fucking thing
> it feels just as fucking good as a cock, all soft and wet
>just wehn i start to get really into it, its gone
>next thing I know cocks there
>hes pushing it in really fucking slow
>I'm already used to it so just push back really fast
>it hurt more than I expected, but all i did was grunt
>hes shocked and trying to fuck me slow as to not hurt me
>I just keeep slamming my ass back, harder and harder,
>I'm exhausted cuz with dad I usually dont do any of the work
>already tired from floorboards
>keep pushing back on it anyways
>he smacks my ass and tells me to call him daddy
>i freak out for a second
>almost have a panic attack
>think he knows my secret
>smacks my ass again and tells me to call him daddy
>I do it
>he fucks me for like 20 minutes
>way longer than dad ever does
>finally is about to cum
>tells me to turn around
>I say no, I prefer it in my ass
>he tries to pull out, but im the one backing my ass up
>dudes creams in me
>he holds me in place
>turns me around
>hes sitting on the couch and im sitting on his softening cock
>Tells me to jerk off fast
>I start jerking
>doorbell rings
>he jumps, I fall right off his cock onto the floor
>im scrambling to get my clothes
>he is too
>we get our shorts on before it rings again
>coach opens the door
>its my dad
>he wanted to take me out to lunch today during his lunch hour
>coach nervously says "yeah, of course"
>gives me my twenty dollars for the day and says "see you next week"
>dad takes me to his car
>tells me to take off my shorts
>I take them off and he starts driving
>has me lay down across the front seats
>starts fingering my ass (his favorite thing to do
>tell him im not "clean"
>he doesn't care, horny as fuck (later found out he was fucking someone elses ass but had to stop halfway through, so came to see me)
>i try to get away but dad gets his finger in
>by the time im out of reach, his fingers covered in cum
>at first he thinks nothing of it, but as he wipes it off he realizes its not shit
>he pulls it up to his nose and sniffs it
>dad crashes us into a fucking car
>were at a stop sign
>other driver gets out and is freaking out over the back of his car
>I'm trying to get my shorts back on
>dad is lost between the crash, and his cum covered finger
>he actually fucking sucks it to make sure and starts gagging
>my dad goes out and starts yelling at the man
>I'm fucking terrified
>dad finally gives the man his insurance card.
>we're going home
>dad calls in work on the way there, saying he needs to take care of his son
>we get home and dad just begins massively yelling at me
>calling me a faggot
>Telling me im going to get aids
>Telling me i deserve to get aids
>i keep saying im sorry, i dont want aids, etc.
>actually fucking smacks me for the first time since I was a kid

more coming. longggg ass story
>Dad tells me its time I got fucked
>I say im sorry ill go clean out
>he says not to, leave the cum
>we get back in his fucking busted car and he takes me to the park
>he drags me right into the mens room, gets in a stall with me, and pushes my ass up against a hole in the wall
>I later found out this is where my dad was fucking an ass earlier, and the other guy had to leave
>we stand there for like an hour
>everytime I want to say something he either says "shh" if someones there, or smacks me if no one is
>by now its afternoon, people are getting off work, and someones actually poking their dick against my hole
>its a tiny fucking dick, and the stall between us makes it barely fit but he starts fucking my ass
>i try to leave but dad holds me against the wall, covering my mouth with his hand
>guy cums in my ass (just barely)
>dad finally lets me put my clothes on and takes me home
>very next day he takes me to doctor
>claims he caught me whoring myself out at the public park and i need to get tested
>they can do some tests that day, but claim that they wont know anything ofr sure until a 3 month period
>dad continues to fuck me during this time anyways
>after three days hes cooled off and we never talk about it
>i still go see coach once a week for the rest of summer
>he still fucks me (has no idea what happened)
>school starts up, I stop shaving
>dad and coach both lose interest in me (coach not as much, still makes me blow him, but less ass fucking)
>one time another student almost walked in on us in his office, and after that I was never called into coaches office again
>by end of september its time to get tested again
>tests are negative
>I feel great
>dad fucks me maybe twice a month now
>coach not at all
>feeling massively horny
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File: 1409508044339.jpg (2MB, 1300x1300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>I end up starting to go to the gloryholes myself
>mostly just suck dick cuz i love it and dad never lets me
>for some reason the variety of cum makes me like it more than usual
>I start eating cum almost every time
>occasionally let a guy fuck me in the ass
>winter comes, i start shaving my legs
>dad starts fucking me once every two days again
>january rolls around and dad calls me into the bedroom while I'm playing mass effect
>already pissed off cuz of that
>dad informs me that he just got a call, and he has HIV
>says i need to get tested
>wait another three fucking months
>no sex with dad at all
>I stop going to gloryholes
>im fucking going crazy about cum, but knowing about dads HIV im scared
>late april i get tested
>Everythings negative, clean bill of health
>celebrate by going to the gloryholes and sucking dick again
>shame very next day
>can't tell dad
>end up telling coach,
>was hoping he'd help me
>instead started fucking me again
>loved it, but more STD scares
>dad starts fuycking me again (this time with a condom) about once a month
>most of the time just finger fucks me
>no longer lets me eat his cum
>every few days still sneak off to gloryholes
>mostly just sucking guys, sometimes letting them fuck me
>start crying a lot cuz im scared im going to get an STD but too horny to stop
>by end of school year coach agrees that he'll take me to get tested
>after test is negative admit im still hella active
>he asks me to stop but i tell him i dont know how
>asks me how it started
>finally just let it all out crying about how my father started this, and took me to the gloryhole etc.
>he actually tells me to get a ride with him after school
>takes me home
>for the first time in my life, i spend the night just being lovingly cared for by a man
>at most, dad would cuddle/massage me
>for first time in life think i might be in love with a guy
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>summer goes around the way it normally does
>dad fucked me only once in june
>maybe twice in july
>I go over to coaches at least 3 days out of the week
>we begin to start doing normal relationship stuff
>end up doing research and learn its hard to get HIV from sucking dick
>end up going back to the gloryholes on days coach is busy
>life is all hanging at the pool
>buds over for games
>dad rarely home
>hanging and fucking with coach
>I start bumping into my dad at the gloryholes during lunchbreak
>one time he gets in my stall and talks really dirty while I suck guys
>one monday rolls around and im extra horny
>go to gloryholes
>end up staying there from morning til night
>left only to get some mickey D's.
>end up sucking at least 20 dicks throughout the day
>coach texts me and asks me to go over to his place
>coach asks what happened to my mouth
>I have major fucking DSL
>i say "idk"
>night goes normal, he makes pasta alfredo (my favorite)
>before we eat he starts making out with me
>like 3 seconds in he jumps back and is gagging
>my breath smells like a lot of fucking cum
>we end up arguing for the better part of the night
>I tell him its not big deal can't get hiv
>he says i can, can also get other STDs
>says i betrayed his trust
>tells me to leave
>gives me a to-go dish with alfredo
>felt so fucking bad cuz coach knew dad doesn't ever cook anything good
>cared enough to still give me a meal after I betrayed his trust
>dad comes home and wants to fuck
>i say fuck no
>by now im back to sleeping in my own room so he just shrugs it off
>he ends up going back to gloryholes that night
>I cry all night thinking about coach.
>i keep texting coach throughout august but he doesn't respond
>school starts up again and first day back I go to see him right away
>principals in the room and im running in looking like im about to cry
>feel like im gonna vomit so nervous
>end up just saying i need to know when tryouts are
>coach smiles at me and tells me to stop by his office after class
>all day im freakin out
>i actually have him in US history this year, so its torture just sitting there
>watching him as he gives his lecture
>End of day finally comes and I go back to his classroom, empty
>go to his coaches office (near the field and gym)
>hes there waiting for me
>I immediately start crying and apologizing
>dude just gives me the greatest hug i ever had
>we talk it out and he says he wants to be with me
>wants me to stop going to gloryholes, but knows its hard to quit
>we end up going back to the way things were
>i end up staying most nights with him now, dad doesn't even care
>fast forward a few months
>literally hadn't seen dad an entire fucking week, work was calling for him
>idgaf, no rugby practice so going home to play some halo
>a few games in i get horny from people saying they "raped" me whenever I lose
>argue with coach over text for an hour
>tryna get him to come over
>he doesn't think its safe
>I want him to fuck me in my dads bed and pretend im his son
>we do this a lot
>but only at his place
>he finally gives in
>i go back to playing halo
>hear car pull up, assume its coach
>its dad
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i mean it.jpg
27KB, 400x300px
Enjoy your faggot fantasies, you goddamn faggot.

Your father should be arrested for child abuse, your mother for aiding and abetting child abuse, and you should be hospitalized for a psychiatric evaluation.

But this is all bullshit, of course. Shit story, shit fantasy, about a dad with a shitdick.

Fuck off.
File: 1117320179023.jpg (161KB, 800x699px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
161KB, 800x699px

>dad comes in drunk, got fired a few days ago
>only found out today
>been on some drunken spree
>dad decides to rape me
>dads fucking huge and still more muscle than fat (though it was piling on)
>dad goes right ahead and rapes me, no condom
>scared as fuck im going to get hiv
>another car pulls up and I start screaming for coach
>hes only fucking knocking so I scream and scream louder
>coach finally just comes in and sees whats happening
>im not crying but just screaming my ass off
>i can't see cuz its behind me but
>coach basically just starts swinging at dad
>dad tries to fight back, but he drunk.
>coach ends up owning dad
>just grabs me by the hand and gets me out of there
>one of my neighbors sees me naked getting thrown into coaches car
>no one in coaches street saw me, but fuck if it wasn't the most awkward naked car ride
>end up staying the night at coaches, lets me wear his baggy shorts and shirt
>next day we dont even bother going into school
>he takes me back to my place to get as much of my stuff as we can
>i ask why and he says im going to have to stay with him for a little while
>dads home but hes asleep as fuck
>coach and i round up all my clothes, 2 of hte video game systems, school stuff etc.
>go back to his place
>next day life resumes as normal, but now i live with coach
>no one knows at school, I end up taking the bus there
>only ride home with coach after rugby practice when everyones left
>dad checks in on me via phone but we dont see each other
>towards end of school year he asks me to help with moving
>dads losing the house and getting kicked out
File: 812.jpg (91KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
91KB, 640x480px

>me and coach help dad, but its awkward almost no conversation as we box up his stuff
>hes going to go live with grams
>Asks if i want to come with him
>before i can even answer coach says im staying with him til graduation
>suddenly afraid of what the fuck I'd be doing after graduation
>end up getting into facebook, find my mom, reconnect
>we talk a bit, but mostly avoid the subject of dad
>she wants to help pay for college
>she agrees to pay for half and the other half i can take out in loans
>i say we'll see
>coach keeps trying to get me to apply for all these far away colleges
>im not fucking smart
>not fucking excited about leaving him anyways
>we almost break up arguing over whether or not i should go off and live my own life
>those nights he'd go sleep on the couch, and id feel lonely in bed
>most nights he'd sneak back in while i was asleep
>wake up with coaches arms wrapped around me
>almost break up again when I find out hes been fooling around with another student
>at first im really fucking hurt but remember i still go to gloryholes once in awhile
>we dont openly discuss it but we find a very happy place
>i plan on going to florida for college
>Day after hs graduation coach asks me to switch to UCLA and stay with him
>he ends up paying for the other half of my college, and i just live wtih him

theres still more that has happened since then, some sexual, some dramatic, but this is as far
as i can get tonight /b/. to summarize, im about to graduate from college, and coach and I are
still together.

ask me anything?

update: coach and i broke up over summer. shit sucked. got my own place now.
fucking copypasta
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