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Wincest Greentext Thread Posting my story next post.

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Wincest Greentext Thread

Posting my story next post.
Do it posted
This thread is going far haven't seen one in a while
>be about 9
>family trip to miami
>hotel room only has 2 double beds
>me and my little sister share the bed
>Im the last to fall asleep
>After a while I notice that my sister is moving around a lot and her gown has moved up a lot
>I get an idea
>I feing to move while asleep, and I let my hand rest next to my sisters butt while she is facing away from me
>after a while she rolls to be face-up
>my hand is cupping her whole cheek
>I stay there feining being asleep for a long time
>She rolls over again, and slides down on the bed
>her gown is now above her waist and I can see her blue panties
>I get more horny, and I put my hand next to her butt again
>She rolls over again, this time I have my hand on her panties
>after a while I start to softly squeeze her butt
>Im really scared she'll wake up but i get more daring
>I start to inch my hand up and I get my fingers on the edge of her panties
>i slip one by one all my finger below the edge of her panties,and then I start to slowly o move my hand down
>finally I get my whole hand on her bare butt
>she suddenly rolls to face away from me
>I get scared shes woking up and remove my hand and feing im moving in my sleep
>I remain horny, scared shitless and completly inmovile for a long while
>I move again to face my sister, her gown now up on her belly and laying on her side
>I slowly put my hand below her panties again
>I fondle and squeeze her butt, feeling her soft skin against mine for like half an hour
>Im barely thinking at this point, and I move my hand lower and lower until I have my hand between her legs
>my hand now has lowered her panties completly and her butt is bare
>I get to the bottom of her pussy, and she grunts softly
>She suddenly rolls over and I remove my hand while I feing being asleep
>she pulls her panties on again, brings her dress down and rolls over towards me, apparently still asleep

My little boner madw me stay awake until dawn
File: 1415255531871.jpg (32KB, 250x250px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32KB, 250x250px
I would have stoked my cock while grabbing her ass
Come on pleople you must have done something over christmas
Bimpity bump this shit
Cmon guys moar
Whats a bump ?
>be me
>had sex with my sister
>be 12
>be on be /b/
>be a bee
>being baned

>mfw i do'nt have a face
Please anon, greentext details
I'll have one in a second, bump
>be me, 15
>go on camping trip with family, gonna share tent with sister 17
>surprise snowfall at campsite sbut we decide to tough it out
>that night, trying to sleep, cold as fuck and uncomfortable
>sleeping bags zip together to make one big pocket so sis and i put ours together to share warmth
>kinda crowded and my crotch keeps rubbing against her ass
>start getting hard and horny
>ashamed but start rubbing up against her, she's out cold, no response
>can't take it anymore, unzip pants and pull my cock out, slowly jerking while rubbing against her ass
>not sure what i'm going to do when i have to cum but starting to not care
>suddenly she moves--hand comes over her side, grabs my dick
>oh shit
No one goes tent camping in the winter asshole.
Came with the fury of a thousand suns.
>think i'm in deep shit but she says 'hold still a second'
>works the back of her pants and panties down
>bare cock against bare ass
>she grabs me, moves me around until i'm wedged tight between her thighs
>first time touching a pussy, i'm going nuts
>not inside but cock is rubbing against lips, so hot and slick
>she says 'hurry up' so i spoon up close and start thrusting, sliding between her pussy lips
>im tryin gto be quiet, shes stifling murmurs, one hand on my hip and another in her panties rubbing her clit
>can feel her fingertips on me as i thrust
>i work a hand up her shirt, squeeze her tits
>her pussy's so wet, so hot around me, i can hear us sliding together
>last maybe two minutes before i fire a huge load
>right into her panties, on her fingers, pussy, ass
>i'm trying to catch my breath, she's still rubbing herself
>she rolls onto her stomach, masturbating, face pressed to the pillow so our parents donn't hear her
>i start to get idea
Cont pls
>be me
>In the Tv room
>chilling with 18 year old sister 9/10
>our dad comes home
>dad goes into the back room
>I follow and fuck my dad
This be some good shot so far due continue
I don't usually green text.. I'm an amateur. Here's my contribution though.

>be 17
>have sister age 18
>she is very popular at our school
>very beautiful, brunette hair
>we have always been very close
>friends make jokes and call her my girlfriend
>I act mad, but secretly enjoy it every time
>little do my friends know...
>we have been playing a "game"
>every saturday night our parents went out
>they return on sundays
>be saturday morning
>wake up, get naked, go to take shower
>sister walks in, only wearing her panties
>she would wear thongs just for me
>she walks into shower still wearing it
>her perfect tits are out, they are the perfect shape
>not too large, not too small, just right
>she gets in shower
>pushes me up against wall
>makes out with me for several minutes
>turns around, bends over
>puts her hands on the glass door
>"please fuck me, I've been waiting all week for this"
>I kneel down behind her
>move her thong to the side with my tongue
>tongue her ass and pussy just barely
>she moans loudly, no one can hear us
>my dick is rock hard and I can't stand it
>start eating her pussy now, tastes so fucking good
>her pussy is dripping and I'm tasting her like it's my last time
>push tongue deeply into her as she screams
>fuck me anon, put it in me, you're my brother, fuck me
>I rub my dick up and down her ass and pussy
>rub circles on her clit with my dick
>slowly push in, it's perfect
>I pull out and then firmly push all the way in
>she is demanding I go harder and quicker
>I fuck her so hard and tell her I love her
>she says she loves me too
>"cum inside me"
>I keep fucking her pussy while I rub her ass with one hand
>babe I'm going to cum
>cum inside me!!
>I cum inside of her, I keep thrusting
>cum is dripping out of my sisters pussy

File: nsl88.jpg (25KB, 430x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
25KB, 430x720px
she's facedown in pillow so i roll onto her back, pull her panties further down
>no idea what the fuck i'm doing so i press my cockhead around til i find her bush, then start thrusting
>she's pushing back
>somehow, praise god, find vagina and slip in
>she's soaking wet and no virgin and i slide right into her balls deep
>terrified of beign caught, trying not to shout but it feels so good
>start fucking her while she's still rubbing her clit
>last longer this time, a few minutes
>i'm so heightened i can't tell what i feel, so terrified i dont even know if im cumming or not, everything is tunnel vision and lust and fear
>finally she throws her head back, eyes wide open, mouth open like she's screaming but makes no sound but deep gasps
>shuddering under me
>i keep thrusting and she relaxes after about a minute, then waves me off in annoyance, tells me to get off
>i pull away, slide out, feel a big load of cum drip out after me
>she tells me to go to sleep

>mfw i just came in my sister
>mfw when she doesn't bother to change her panties, just pulls them up
>mfw i hear her sucking her fingers

pic related
wtf is feing?
Why would you cum inside your sister
>be me, 16/f
>mom is divorced and dating a chinese guy
>mom, step-dad, half-brother and i go on cruise holiday
>step dad is a stingy mofo, and bro and i have to share a bunk
>theres only one bed
>bro says he'll take the floor
>feel bad for him
>let him in the bed on the condition he doesnt do anything funny
>its the middle of the night and i feel something poking me
>mfw when i brush his dick with my hand
>he moans and i get a bit horny
>begin stroking it out of curiosity
>his hand grabs my boob
Is that your sister ? Lucky mofo
dumb nigger can't spell feign.
File: spiderman.jpg (11KB, 258x196px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11KB, 258x196px
this is now spiderman thread
No, fuck off nigger

Hey look I come back to /b/ and can tell people this weird shit

>move to new city with madre at 15
>we get super close
>been into incest porn already for a couple years and getting deeper into m/s shit
>start doing shit like walking around the house with boxers with my dick hanging out etc
>mom notices and seems concerned but never says anything
>mom does weird shit too
>walks around in short night dresses etc
>we are always arguing and screaming at eachother or entering into this quiet sexual tension
>i start leaving the door cracked when I take a shower so you can see my reflection in the mirror
>regularly masturbate while doing this
>always hear mom
>one day she barges in and acts like shes mad about something screaming at me
>im screaming back and masturbating
>positive she sees my sillouette
>ask her to leave and she refuses and just bitches me out
>tell her shes sick and to get out
>she complies
>shit like this happens constantly
>we are pretty much both not going out on weekends and trapped in this fucking strange existence
>masturbating in bed one night loudly as usual dont care


>mom comes in and i quickly cover myself
>red nightie
>she comes over and is acting weirdly lovey dovey
>sits on the side of bed while im frozen kisses side of my cheek tells me how much she loves me and im her little boy
>tells me to scooch over so she can come in
>she pushes covers and clearly sees my boxers down and semi soft dick out but pretends she doesnt gets in
>kisses me on the cheek
>im just laying there staring up
>shes talking im not listening
>start getting hard
>start realizing shes in bed with me with my pants down
>look at her and shes looking at me
>she puckers her lips for a kiss and i give her a little peck on the lips which i havent done since i was a kid she smiles and cuddles me
>stop thinking and grab dick with hand and start slowly stroking and lay on my side facing her
>she tells me shed do anything for me, asks me if i want a million bucks
>im completely lost in horny and kind of laugh and say no and tell her to turn around so we can cuddle
>she looks at me weird and then complies
>start fapping faster
>put hand on her waist thast not jerking off on her waist, super weird position
>shes just laying there and im being loud
>she looks back at me for a second with this look of dissapproval and i pull sheets down and she turns her head back facing the wall to avoid looking at my cock
>grab bottom of her nightie and pull it up
>breathing super hard and shit
>no hiding it now
>grab her butt and squeeze
>shes completely silent
>nut on her butt and all over panties
>press dick into her butt
>lay there suddenly in complete shame
>takes about 10 seconds for mom to get up quietly and leave the room

never talked about it again, have had a totally horrible relationship ever since. it was wincest at the time, but not exactly sure it was worth my lifelong completely fucked m/s relationship i have now.
more pics of sis?
>then pirates attack
>the ship is burned and looted
>bro and i are the only survivors and taken prisoner aboard the pirate ship
>try to negotiate with the pirates for parley
>coast guard approaches and attacks the pirates
>ensuing firefight between the coast guard and pirate ships causes us to jump ship
>bro and i swim to deserted island
>we're exhausted, but we're alive
>see bro wincing in pain
>he's stung by jellyfish
>in the groin
>mfw i have to suck out the poison
>begin to wash the area with wet rags
>he gets an erection
>i lower my lips onto his throbbing cock
File: nlsk23.jpg (29KB, 221x552px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
29KB, 221x552px
i gotta be careful not to give too any away, but.... here
Did anything moore happen? Did you fuck her again after a while? Pls cont
File: spidey 2.jpg (11KB, 240x210px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
spidey 2.jpg
11KB, 240x210px
>he shouts out
>spears volley over our heads as a tribe of natives run to us
>we quickly make haste into the jungle
>we tumble off a ravine that we hadnt noticed
>hurt and bruised, we somehow evaded the natives
>with the night falling the natives stopped looking for us
>we set up camp by a flowing creek and tried to start a fire
>i looked over to my brother who was looking oddly at me
>both our clothes were torn, and our bodies glistened in the moonlight, our sweat twinkling like diamonds
Sry spiderman
any shots of her body? bikin shots?
bro what is WRONG with you
your mom clearly wanted to bang and all you did was cum on her butt like a selfish creep

she is probably glad you didn't engage her and full-on fuck because she can pretend she isn't equally responsible for encouraging you
>living with bomb ass sister of 12 years
>ass is fully developed a pedo's dream girl
>decide i cant live any longer if i cant tap that ass
>sneak into her room and grab our family dog Zuess
>take a picture of it inside a trash bag and stash him at my friends house for a day
>Sis freaks out looks everywhere for her beloved dog tells our parents but they dont know what they can do besides put ads up
>while shes out looking i slip a note into her room
I have your dog meet me at this alley by etc, etc, etc
if you tell anybody ill break all of your dogs legs and tie im a trash can and bury him alive in my backyard
>sister walks by me with tears rolling down her face
>"whats wrong femanon???"
>tells me "nothing" i have to go ill be back
>as soon as shes out of sight i call my friend and have him pick me up and bring 2 pairs of ninja masks from target
>she goes to the meeting spot, where we're waiting behind an abandoned house
>as instructed by the note when she arrives she blindfolds herself and lays on the floor face down inside of the house
>both go in and give her some of the roughest sex she will probably ever have in her life
> take turns fucking every hole and bending her into every position we could imagine from porn
>the rape only lasts for 15 we werent the most experienced rapists
>tell her if she tells anyone ill return and kill her dog infront of her and then kill myself
>She walked home without any panties and cried in her room all day
>i still have those panties in my room
>i still fap thinking about it
>i never got caught lol
You are our new God alongside moot.
Bullshit, done it plenty of times
File: nsk32.jpg (71KB, 768x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
71KB, 768x960px
We've never actually fucked after that--the next night she let me jerk off on her ass, and there's been some fingering/blowjobs over the years, but no sex. She's back home for break and the other night the family was watching a movie together; she and i were cuddling on the couch, we had a blanket over us, and i had a hand down her top... no one else knew.

stupid fucking fashion show she did at school

I was a virgin and had never even felt a womans butt before then. The whole thing was kinda surreal, if I had been in the situation now still not sure if I would have gone for it. It's one thing to get your rocks off to the fantasy, its another thing to actually be participating in it. The entire following week I was more depressed and self loathing than I've ever been in my life.
bullshit, lol.
was she a virgin?
pics or it didnt happen
pic of her!
You are an awful person, I really hope you made this up. You ruined your sisters life forever

you're fucking 9... you were not "horny"... you didn't know what that is

next time you make up shit... tell me you're like 14... more believable
tits? tits.
why are you here?
File: 1266364743651.jpg (55KB, 300x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55KB, 300x300px
fuck that, shit was hot
File: 1419237365236.png (473KB, 500x647px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
473KB, 500x647px
I fucked my step sister (who just turned 18) in the alley behind a corner store on the way to our family's house on Christmas Eve.

Anal included.
Made her have a crying orgasm.
Feels good man.
continuity error


>as instructed by the note when she arrives she blindfolds herself and lays on the floor face down inside of the house


more holes in this plot line than Prometheus
wait was it rape?
Ho shit. that movie might have been better if the scriptwriters weren't fapping to Lawrence of Fucking Boring Arabia while they were writing it. Jesus.
Saw that coming from a mile away.
Yeah, details, how did this happen exactly? Especially in an alley, in the cold, with anal. That doesn't just happen spontaneously.
What's up with people never finishing their stories? I hate that shit.
Why would you think that? Some girls cry when they get off.

It does when we've been screwing around for five years.

Also, car.
Forgot to mention that we were in a car in an alley.

My bad lol.
Lawrence of Arabia is top tier... who doesn't fap. Ridley Scott, after Alien, is a sub par director
>sister likes to go clubbing on weekends
>sometimes alone, sometimes with friends
>she's 22 at the time, im 19
>she goes out one night with that week's boyfriend
>comes home around 3-4 AM
>i'm playing video games cuz its summer, i have no responsibilities
>she's standing in the living room talking with me
>chattering away a mile a minute in her club clothes
>hot tiny body, loose low-cut top, short skirt
>i'm looking, she doesn't notice
>we talk about 15 minutes but i notice she's gone quiet
>she's splayed on the edge of the couch
>call her name, shake her--no reaction
>shake her a few more times and notice i can see right down her top
>no bra, puffy pink nipples
This story is so fucking racist. You should kill yourself for portraying indigenous people as killers. They probably only wanted to kill your white and therefore EVIL.
g8 b8 m8
what happened next?
File: image.jpg (49KB, 446x361px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
49KB, 446x361px
Was your brother Tom Hanks in Captain Phillips?
Check em
>pull the top down, lift out her tiny a cups, play with the nipples
>goosebumps on the areola are rough on my tongue
>suck them for a bit and she doesn't move at all, breathing doesn't even change
>i'm hard as diamond and can't take it, she obviously isn't going to notice whats happening
>lay her down on the couch, shift her ass so its on the arm, lift her skirt up
>little navel charm glittering
>tiny little g-string
>pull it down, she's waxed smooth, two mostly tight lips with tiny gap
>spread 'em.... pretty sure i'm not the first guy to fuck her tonight
>i don't even give a shit
>pull my pants down, put her ankles up on my shoulders, and push inside
>glide right in, she's tight but obviously lubed up
>still no change in her breathing, sometimes some quiet moans or gasps but no other reaction
>fuck her hard for maybe ten minutes then blow my load
>don't pull out
Stfu that its not bait! Its called being a compassionate human being! Something you as a whitr male are literally incapable of by your very nature. Kill yourself
File: image.jpg (52KB, 496x501px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
52KB, 496x501px
Thank you, Sir.
File: reaction.jpg (19KB, 321x269px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19KB, 321x269px
>on /b/

kekkled my sheckles right off
>cum inside her
>pull out, lips still tight but some of it leaks out on thighs and down ass crack
>open her mouth and work my cock in
>use her mouth to clean off
>terrible blowjob but enough to get me hard again while i play with her tits some more
>grab her hair, mouthfuck her til i'm close
>pull out
>cum on her face
>wipe off on her hair
>put her to bed
>she nevver says a word
File: 1400738680823.jpg (106KB, 1256x801px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
106KB, 1256x801px
anyone have any stolen sister nudes?
i used to jack off to this picture about 9 years ago..

But anyways, here you go...

> be me in town for holidays, out with some friends all day
> didn't bring car home with me cause I car pooled with friends
> need ride home, younger step sister volunteers. Says she's out that way anyways
> picks me up, starts talking about how she's missed me since I moved
> ask her how she's been, she says she's been having boy troubles
> starts talking about all the fun and questionable things we did when we were younger
> asks if I ever think of her still
> honest with her, say yeah from time to time
> by this point I notice she's taking a shortcut home
> cue alley behind corner store
> she puts car in park, puts her hand on my face
> closes her eyes and just straight up leans in for kiss
> ohshitnigger.jpg
> I just roll with it and kiss her back. Make out ensues
> raging boner and she's feeling it up
> she undoes my pants and starts sucking my dick like it's her fucking purpose for being put on this earth
> shove her head down and deepthroat her
> when I think she's had enough I pull her over the console onto my lap and start grinding my dick against her leggings
> I pull the condom/lube combo out of my wallet and hold it up
> she nods yes
> open car door, bend sister over, pull her leggings down barely above her knees
> put condom on, insert penor
> best feeling pussy ever
> pound away for a good while
> ask her if she's done anal yet, she says no but she'll try
> this is it
> take condom off, rip open lube
> rub that shit all over my dick and her tight little asshole
> ease it in till I get in a good groove
> apply enough lube that I'm able to just pound her ass
> she starts half crying half orgasming but says to keep going
> I increase intensity and fuck her ass I pull out, spin her around, put her on her knees, shove my dick back in her mouth and blow my load

We cleaned up and drove home in silence.

Haven't talked since then.
File: 1419786243450.jpg (22KB, 270x351px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
22KB, 270x351px
Potential soon-to-be child pornography thread reported.

As a proud member of Anonymous working with other members in Anonymous with #OPInnocence #OPPedoHunt I report all threads that depict / and or otherwise sexualize children or show questionable content.

These threads and its content can be but are are not limited to 'Too Young For Those Tits (TYFTT), Too Young For That Ass (TYFTA), Pre-Teen & Teen (JB), Young Girls, Cute Little Girls, Young Candid, and this also includes such threads 'Bad Parenting, Creep shot, You Love You Loose, Guess Her Age, Nudism' as these can often be places where such violations are performed with pictures of underage girls and boys being posted.

We must also mention that threads/images that sexualize underage girls that are drawn, sketched, animated or crafted, (Known as Lolicon) are just as bad as the real thing and is also in violation of rules of not just 4chan but the Adam Walsh Act and the laws of the United States Of America (18+ Required Law) and Human Rights Act.

We in Legion thank the Janitors & Moderators of 4chan who listen to our reports and work with us along with the interception and help from the FBI, LEA, Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP), New York Police Department, Google & Microsoft in working together to help stop child exploitation and abuse.

Remember, we must protect the children as they are our future - the future of Legion!

Never stop fighting the vile scum of this Earth such as pedophiles and child molestors!

Yea man. Unconscious girls suck at sucking dick. wtf.
File: 1419237365236.png (473KB, 500x647px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
473KB, 500x647px
any else? sorry for greed
dubs confirms the success
All situations happened between 1990 and 2006. All step siblings are on my stepfather's side, except my stepmother. I messed with two of my stepmother's nieces as well as her high school best friend, but they don't count. I have a big family, let's begin...

Step sister
(Who is younger than me by 2 years. Fucked [and accidentally came inside her once] blowjob, finger banged, tit-fucked, made out. Multiple times. Any time I was horny I could easily grope. Sometimes she'd pretend to be sleep and I'd come in her room, drop her pants, and jerk until I'd cum on her. Then I'd pull up pants and leave her in it. I haven't groped her in years but know I could if I want though. The possibility will last for ever but the span was about 15 years. Lives a relatively normal life now.)

(Through Mom's bro; younger than me by 2 years. Starting out getting handjobs on the reg anytime I visited. Few blowjobs. Fucked twice. Lasted like 6 years. Fat trash now.)

Cousin 2
(Sister of cousin 1; Older than me by 2 years. Fingered her a few times, and would get handjobs. Even blew my load all over her once over Thanksgiving- while she was on the phone with her now-husband. Groped her ALL the time. Lasted about 6 years. "Ghetto" white trash now, but she could clean up nice if she tries.)

Cousin 3
(Sister of cousins 1 & 2; Older than me by 4 years. Groped and was groped by her frequently. Multiple blowjobs and handjobs. Fucked four times, including one overnight session that lasted HOURS. Would let me out things in her ass and everything. Lasted about 10 years. Use to be gorgeous but turned into a druggy prostitute a few years after. Actually all 3 sisters turned into messes. Has her life a little more stable now and no longer whoring.)
File: nlsk33.jpg (75KB, 574x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
75KB, 574x960px
Napping on the couch earlier this week.
I'm a new fag but I posted above. Deal with it.

Step cousin 1
(Younger than me by 4 years. Groped. Fingered. Sucked feet and toes [I'm not a feet guy, but she was into it]. Multiple handjobs. Ate her out once, only relative that I did that with. Pussy was too nice not to. Lasted a span of 6 years. Total slut these days. Could still get it if I wanted it.)

Step Mom
(And mother of a couple of my half-siblings. Obviously older, but only by 7 years. Not someone I wanted to mess with but ass was too great and it was way too easy. Not pretty. Had her begging to touch and grind on my dick. Allowed that, then I jerked off for her and had her clean me up. Would still let me if I communicated with her and wanted it. Lasted a span of 4 years.)

Step cousin 2
(2 years younger than me. Beautiful with large tits, thin waist, and fat ass. Started out when she spent one random night at my house. I was on the computer, she wanted it, ended up getting a lap dance out of it. Then fingered her while she was online. Would get a few blow and handjobs. Lasted less than a year. Only one out the list that I still WANT to fuck. Just had a kid, is married, and is a housewife while she works to further "career" in the entertainment industry.)
File: wincest.sis.gif (829KB, 660x495px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
829KB, 660x495px
Once I touched my sister's foot
Obvious spidey is obvious
Step cousin 3
(2 years younger than me. Was pretty then and still pretty now. I remember getting handjobs from her pretty regularly. One time she wanted sunflower seeds so I dumped them out on my naked lap and had her pick them up with her mouth. Good times. Unfortunately no sex and nothing more than handjobs/pocket pool. Lasted like 10 years. She lives a normal life now.)

Cousin 4
(Through Mom's bro. 1 year younger than I am *I think*. Nothing really to tell. Only ever visited her twice, and second time I had my hands all on her ass, pussy, and tits. Decent looking at the time that looked a lot like cousin 2, but is now fat and not that pretty. IQ is probably equal to an eel's too.)

Cousin 5
(Through Dad's bro. 1 year older than me. She didn't grow up my her dad's side and I didn't grow up with mine. Similar story there that we related to. Good looking chick but so much of a whore that I didn't even want to mess with her. But I ended up fingering her, groping her, and having her stroke my cock. She's gotten naked for me and we've had light phone sex a few times. Phone sex and shit lasted like 6 years but physical stuff happened only for like 2 weeks. But chick had 6 abortions and has 1 kid BEFORE we fooled around. I can only imagine what's been going on since.)
Do you even greentext?
Step cousin 4 (Youngest one on the list and the one I feel the most ashamed about because of it. 4 years younger. Not even sure how it started, but I had gotten multiple blow and handjobs. Would fool around under the covers IN-FRONT of non-knowing other family members. Fingered her many times and had her swallow my load. Lasted 3 years. Currently a club rat with a kid down south.)

Cousin 6
(Through Dad's sis. 3 years older than me. Nothing really to say. She use to draw herself nude and would send it to me for "opinions." Would talk very openly about sex and we did light phone sex as well. She caught me looking at the pics of her nude that she would use to draw herself on her computer one day and that ended things. Lasted like 2 years. Want to mention that she jerked me off twice, but that was when I was like 4, so nothing happened. I think SHE started me into doing incesty-taboo shit. She's currently getting her Masters in something or other and looks a little like Khloe Kardashian.)

Cousin 7
(Through my Mom's bro. 3 years older than me. If cousin 6 started me into incest, cousin 7 let me know that all girls are interested even at the surface. This girl babysat me for a while and would jerk me off any time she gave me a bath. We never fucked and I never got any head, but she jerked me off so many times and would tell me some nasty shit. Told me about her mom's dildo under her parents bed and told me she used it without even cleaning it off. We would constantly feel each other up. Lasted 1.5 years. Currently she's a stay at home wife of 6. Been with the same dude for like 15 years. Still cute and fun but childbearing made her fat.)

Step Sister-in-Law
(Not really anything major but I seen her naked ass spread on a bed...via found pic. And had my wife masturbate to it.)
It's well organized and readable, let the hillbilly finish
Pic on step sister in law ?
lol do you have downs syndrome
40 KEK
In Minnesota you sure as hell do
you nigger, you fucking won at life, son of a bitch you did it.
File: 1419855271123.jpg (15KB, 294x313px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
15KB, 294x313px
She knew!
It's "feigning", dipshit.
Why would you be such a faggot?
looks like this thread is dead,

should we start a new one?
This one time, i fucked my aunt.

For a year and a half.
How did you go that long without cumming?
>her pussy is dripping

no you should do the world a favor and all kill yourselves
>anon is a danger to the world
You are an awful faggot, I really hope you made this up. You ruined your asshole forever
Impressive. How'd you get so much endurance?
That insult was so good that I came.
I came quite a few times

Sort of a long story. She's not my aunt by blood, only by marriage. My grandma got remarried to her dad. she was the youngest of his kids, 11 years my senior. She was "Aunt Anon" for me for quite a few years though. We hung out a few times late at night, went out once, got drunk, got a hotel room but nothing happened (we were both thinking it though). a few days later she came over and we watched all three LOTR movies and started making out during the third movie. Fucked her that night and came hard inside her, best orgasm of my life actually. And we sort of kept doing that for the next year and a half.
>2 pairs of ninja masks from target
>more holes in this plot line than Prometheus
That is a damn good insult.
that's cool anon do you see her often now?
This story is so fucking faggoty. You should kill yourself for portraying faggoty people as autistic. They probably only wanted to kill your faggotry and therefore fuck you.
Fucking lost it
well, "related", since we aren't related at all
Potential soon-to-be faggot reported.

As a proud member of 4chan working with other members in 4chan with #faggotInnocence #faggotHunt I report all faggots that depict / and or otherwise sexualize other faggots or show questionable faggotry.

These posts and its content can be but are are not limited to 'Too Faggoty For Those Dicks (TFFTD), Too Faggoty For That Ass (TFFTA), Pre-Faggot & Faggot (PFF), Young Faggots, Cute Little Faggots, Faggot Candid, and this also includes such threads 'Bad Parenting, Faggot shot, You Fag You Loose, Guess His Faggotry, Faggotry' as these can often be places where such violations are performed with pictures of faggots and gays being posted.

We must also mention that threads/images that sexualize faggots that are drawn, sketched, animated or crafted, (Known as Fagicon) are just as bad as the real thing and is also in violation of rules of not just 4chan but the Adam Faggot Act and the laws of the Faggot States Of America (Faggot Not Required Law) and Faggot Ban Act.

We in Legion thank the Janitors & Moderators of 4chan who listen to our reports and work with us along with the interception and help from the FBI, LEA, Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP), New York Police Department, Google & Microsoft in working together to help stop child exploitation and abuse.

Remember, we must protect the children as they are our future - the future of Legion!

Never stop fighting the vile scum of this Earth such as pedophiles and child molestors!
>dating a Chinese guy
i can appreciate your values anon thanks for the story
Cont pls
>>being baned
>>mfw i do'nt have a face

because you have a mask
it was a shitty way to tell the story, but your welcome. i don't have any pics handy atm, or else I'd share. she had a nice ass. I would have been more descriptive, but i'm fuckin drunk and about to pass out.
Oh god. My sides.

You got me you silly bastard.
You're fucking stupid. I started beating it at 6.
well i was beating it when I was still a fetus
well i was beating my mom when i was in my dad's testicles
More plz
>be me
>have this really obnoxious pair of cousins, one 8 and one 11, both girls.
>the younger one is the most annoying, she's a pathological liar and a sneaky little brat
>they always visit, like seriously, they came over more than they were at their own homes
>parents and elderly people of the house force me or my slightly younger brother to take care of them whenever they get mad, but they only ever seem to listen to me. My brother is a bit of a pussy
>the older one is 6/10, flat and kinda messed up teeth, and she's a goody two shoes
>younger one looks older than her sister and has the most amazing fucking ass I've ever seen and it only gets better every day
>I fondle her in situations where it wouldn't seem weird, when she's having a bath or in the pool or when we're watching a movie
>I'd never eaten her out though in this timeline I had begun to finger her a little more aggressively
>She never seems bothered by it and hasn't even brought it up, not even now.
>One day we're watching tv in my room upstairs and I get her to lay under the covers with me
>within moments have her pants and underwear off and my dick rubbing against her beautiful ass
>fingerfucking the shit out of her

even these days I'm kinda convinced she puts herself deliberately in positions with me where it would be easy for me to grope her and stuff, she's never once seemed opposed to the acts.
any more stories?
what you drinking btw anon?
>>I'd never eaten her out though in this timeline
Can vouch
>source: I'm Minnesotan.
Can I just ask were are you from? No offense but it sounds like the epitome of white trash based on the description of all your cousins lives. Also, how did you initiate all this shit? I wanna try this with one of my cousins
Shocktop, and some drink i got at the store for kicks. It's mean, I got it because it's called "NecroMangoCon" it's not bad, 8/10.
File: 1419899108781.jpg (973KB, 2758x1586px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
973KB, 2758x1586px
mom and son screen cap
hes a time traveler duh
Nice dubs
Ayy lmao
Nice dubs
> be 14 y-o
> 16 year old sister she has long black hair, blue eyes
> she's pretty and I have often seen guys stare at her
> most of my friends tell me they thik she is hot
> be at home, one night
> see my sister showering
> think abut my sister while jerking-off
> this goes one four almost five months
> catch her once or twice a week, naked
> yank it hard each time that night
> I have my 15th b-day, she's already 17
> she walks into my room in a towel
> asks if I want to watch her shower again
> I am all red face
> she drops the towel, naked
> I got hard immdiately
> she notices, laughs and leaves
> turns around and heads to shower
> little more than a week later
> she says I am a perve, she thinks it's funny
> I start jerking off into her clean panties
> I smile all day
> knowing she is wearing my cum in her panties
> this goes on for two weeks

> the end of school is coming
> I come home one day from school
> she's sun bathing out back
> she's wearing only bikini botoms
> laying with her back to the sky
> I work up the nerve and walk out there
> I say "you still think I am a perve"
> she's startled, tells me to "go away"
> I tell her "You should know you've been wearing my cum in your panties since my b-day"
> She gets freaky mad, stands up and starts yelling at me
> tell me I am "gonna get in so much trouble"
> I can't stop staring at her tits
> I decide if I am going to get in trouble may as well
> I step up and kiss her, and push her down
> she is shocked
> I pull her bikini off
> she is naked, I drop my pants, hard
> I kneel down, she is staring at me
> like she doesn't know what I am going to do
> I grab her legs and pull them apart
> she starts crying
> I put my cock in her
> she's crying the whole time I fuck her
> oddly makes me hotter knowing she's crying
> I choke her a bit while I fuck her
I like rough porn
> I come inside her, she does nothing but cry
> I figure after a bit I am fucked
> but she doesn't say anything to my parents
> three days go by nothing happens
> weekend now, My parents go out on date night
> I am in my room playing on the computer
> sister walks in
> she says she's mad, but she knows she is to blame
> she shouldn't have teased me
> I tell her "well let's do it again"
> she is all sheepish
> I tell her to strip; she starts to get undressed
> she's still scared

one more
> when she is naked, I tell her to lay on my bed
> when she gets on my bed, I spread her legs
> I fuck her again
> she cries less this time
> but I smack her half way through she cries out
> I tell her to keep crying
> scared, cries, I get off on her tears
> this keeps going for weeks
> I fuck her probably twice a week
> even after I get a different girlfriend
> I fuck my girlfriend on firdays and saturdays
> and my sister once or twice a week after my parents went to sleep
> its almost as much rape as it is sex

we still do this once in a while, when she comes back from college
I have a different girlfriend now, I make her cry while we fuck
it's the way I like it force and tears
That's what I'm talking about
I am trying to convince her to do a three some with me, she's not down for others knowing our play ... I tell her make it a one-night thing .. still not happening

I too her ass for the first time too ... that was a lot of tears
File: spiderman gif.gif (691KB, 600x450px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
spiderman gif.gif
691KB, 600x450px
Okay, true story I've never actually shared with anyone because I didn't think it was good enough, but wth if I can get off to it I'm sure someone else can too.
>be 13
> New Years Eve at dad's gf's house
> Dad's gf has a daughter one year younger
> she's like a 6/10 to me but some of my friends say 8
> she has black hair and brown eyes and pretty fucked up teeth but she has a semi nice ass and nice developing tits.
> Maybe a B cup?
> I go in a room alone to watch YouTube on phone for several hours
> Everyone else thinks I'm asleep and fall asleep too
> Girl is passed out on couch
> I come out to watch TV on couch and sit next to her
> Sit and watch Zack and Cody 3 am reruns for a while, then work up some confidence
> poke her a few times gently
> stillasleep.exe
> takes my chance after much beta faggot fear
> slowly inch my hand up to her boob outside shirt while not making eye contact
> get all the way to beginning of her tit
> suddenly wild girl awakens
> OHFUCK.org
> I immediately move my hand away, praying she didn't notice
> spaghetti starts flying out of my mouth, tell her I can't find my dad and I'm scared
>she tells me he's in her mom's room and goes back to sleep
> I go into her room after a few min
> find a cheetah print bra
> feel it up a bit
> then find a pair of used panties on the floor
> blue with pink on inside
> winning
> take them into the bathroom with me
> commence fap sequence
>don't have the balls to jizz in them
> lick them and sniff them and stuff
> immediately feel super awkward about it but fuck it - heat of the moment
> did the same thing many months later with really nasty crusty panties
> they had stains and tasted god awful
Greentext ass story plz
That's a lot of LOTR you watched there, Anon.
4 ninja masks.
File: momson1.png (30KB, 513x631px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30KB, 513x631px
Are you your brother's father?
Well I orchestrated my dads first beat session
Anyone got the rest ?
>long story short mom was in rehab
>aunt and uncle took me and siblings in
>kind of like best dad to me at the time
>went into bathroom and was curious so...
>snooped around under sink found playboys
>uncle came into bathroom after me being in there forever staring at second porn I have ever seen
>he says that I was being bad and I was going to get my ass beat
>he was mad at me for going threw his shit
>proceeds to pull down my pants lay me across his lap
>turns out im into spankings sprout very first boner
>his face changed after the beating was very nice
>starting rubbing my little cock through my tighty whiteys
>asked me how I felt when he does that
>said good
>he proceeds to pull down my underwear
>pulls my dick out and starts sucking it rapidly
>felt kind of good
>when he took my dick out he jerked me off hard to the point my balls hurt
>he notices me winces and ask if my ass still hurts
>he massaged my stinging red ass
>looking back I think he was teasing my hole but at the time
>I was thinking he was picking my butt
>later on after several blowjobs...
> I am 20 now, I go to a local school my sister is in grad school
> I share my apartment just off campu, with a guy from another state
> About a year ago, she came home for a long weekend,
> my roommate who's a dick spends a lot of nights at his girlfriends
> My sister comes over to hang out, I know we're gonna fuck
> We talk, she says she's reall horny, she's been single for months now
> we go into my room, as we climb into bed
> she's still wearing bran and panties
> I slap her ass as she's on all fours
> She complains because it was hard
> I grab her when she turns around to give me shit
> I threw her donw on the bed climbed on top of her
> I am still in my boxers, but I am hard,
I always get hard with my sister, she's still hot
> We'd talked about anal, she always shied away from trying it
> I decided to go for it, it will be fun
> I pulled her panties down and started fingering her cunt
> she's writhing and getting into it
> I rub my wet fingers over her ass, slipping a finger inside her
> She starts to complain but I just use my body
(at 20 I am 6'2" almost 260 pounds not that buff but not all fat either; she is only 5'4" same height as when we started this shit, maybe 120 now)
> I start fingering her ass, stretching it
> She starts crying
> as always it gets me really hard
> I push into her, she screams into the pillows on the bed
... I get pillow biters now ...
> It was tight, I know it hurt her, she was really crying not just bitching
> I keep fucking her, she is crying and I am really hard
> I eventually come in her ass
> My cock is all covered in blood and shit when I pull out of her
> It stinks horibly
> She was crying and tried to get up
> I held her close she was crying hard
> She was mad we didn't fuck again that weekend
>be me
>can't continue story because no brothers or sisters
youtube on your phone?
how old are you now
>Be thirteen year old me, staying at grandparents.
>Nine year old girl cousin comes to visit.
>Grandparents say "You two go play."
>We go to bedroom.
>"What do you want to play, cousin?"
>"Doctors, Anon."
>"OK, you be the patient."
>She's naked in about thirty seconds.
>OP is a beta, doesn't touch.
>"I'm doctor now, Anon."
>Cousin is taking my clothes off.
>OP's naked cousin has her hand wrapped around boner.
>OP is such a beta faggot he suggests a new game and they get dressed.
>A female doesn't touch OP's cock again for ten years.
i got the rest but im going to bed i will dump it all fr you anon but it won't be in order sorry
File: LYwIsJL.png (33KB, 585x756px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
33KB, 585x756px
Thx m8
File: bcS1QNs.png (42KB, 696x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
42KB, 696x768px
File: qqe8PWe.png (30KB, 713x644px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30KB, 713x644px
File: 1419890104796.jpg (46KB, 460x692px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
46KB, 460x692px
File: 1418258107997.jpg (67KB, 768x995px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
67KB, 768x995px
alright anon i dumped the rest of the story have a good fab and goodnight
File: 1419801331946s.jpg (3KB, 125x92px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3KB, 125x92px
Come say that to my face you cunt
also lol this reminds me of my times with my sister when I was growing up. Nothing ever happened
cum at me bro
wow so edgy
>be me
>be in high school
>in car with mom
>she nervous
>she drinking and getting more drunk
>she puts her hand on my thigh and tells me she had a crush on me
> boner.jpg
>get out of car
>dad gets in fight with a random wtf??
>play guitar
>MFW hand disappears
>hand reappears
>get to clock tower
>lighting straight into flux capasiter
>get home
fuck off u twinky cunt
...old enough
Old pasta
I can't stand it when you underage faggots say something retarded and then go "I'm so wasted, that's why I'm an idiot"

Nobody believes you faggot.
Is wincest incest with a w to shine a light on the fact that you are 'winning' like charley sheen?
File: 45445.jpg (672KB, 2028x1850px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
672KB, 2028x1850px
Never forget
I miss ID ;(
why do they always take it away ?

wait are you from minnesota?
>be me
>have a twin sister
>we're fucking eachother since 15
Her tits are medium to big
I'm not good at storytelling
File: image.jpg (166KB, 640x1136px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
166KB, 640x1136px
Yo Matt...Tell us...Was fucking your sister Stephanie and then bragging on here about it worth it?
this is incomplete, gotta post the screen cap in which they fool around and the one in which they fuck. Thats and all of the pics of mel

Hahahaha oh shit
Don´t have them, post them.
>be 21
>holiday in a nice resort in a shitty part of the world
>with me is my family and my relatives whom I haven't seen in about 8 years
>My God have my cousins grown
>Swimming at the resort's pool
>15 year old cousin needs to get something from the room
>I insist to follow her. (she is fucking hot though)
>Start walking. Talking.
>asks me how life is in new country
>ask her how her love life is
>tells me how she's had one boyfriend but a handful of sex experience
>horny as fuck now
>share experiences and techniques. kind of weird but then again we never really felt like relatives more like just friends
>boner raging.
>get to the room she gets what she needs
>stop her at the door though. hug from behind
>'that talk we just had. this is fucking weird but I want to try you'
>kiss her
>kiss her hard
>next thing you know she's passionately kissing me back
>like magic our clothes disappear
>no time to get a condom
>no time for handjobs/fingering/blowjobs
>go in dry and hard
>she was really wet and ridiculously tight. 7 inch cock in a girl 5 foot tall
>bang cousin with the force of a thousand suns
>pull out and thrust penis into mouth
>she swallows like a champ
are you male or female?if female what is it like to the naked eye fucking a clone?
File: image.jpg (162KB, 640x1136px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
162KB, 640x1136px
Answer us Matt!!!
FB /Amabadman
Hahahaha oh shit>>589530451
Uh oh

When the hell did you leftards adopt that name?
File: image.jpg (174KB, 640x1136px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
174KB, 640x1136px
MATT...We'll just ask your sister Stephanie ourselves how much she liked that camping trip!
File: arguecat.png (190KB, 400x323px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
190KB, 400x323px
Im not even him, but FUCK THE FUCK OFF
You trash, POS scum.

You are the fucking reason why we cant have nice things
Post more pics ma nigga
Oh my god post screenshots you magnificent bastard
File: image.jpg (164KB, 640x1136px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
164KB, 640x1136px
Ask and ye shall receive my nigguh.
Damn, she´s fine.
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