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Story time? Story time. >be me, 17 years old >7/10, could

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Story time? Story time.

>be me, 17 years old
>7/10, could get better with working out but vidya
>virgin, get asked out by 6/10 chubby blonde
>sure, whatever
>date for like a week, about to leave her because she's clingy and creepy as fuck
>like she's yelling that she loves me and misses me when we split up to go to our classes
>may still be a virgin and desperate, but fuck
>drive her home from school one day, about to drop the bomb when she cuts me off and says we should fuck
>go into her room, no one home
>classic stupid posters of puppies and fuckin Justin Timberlake in her pink ass room
>she pulls out a single dried out condom from underneath her mattress, whatever, use it
>awkward fumbling sex, she knows what she's doing so I go with it
>5/10, probably would not do again
>she calls me that night and I ignore her
>ignore her for a month, avoid her at school, use bros as diversions when she gets too close
>one day, her mom calls my mom (how the fuck she got the number, I still don't know)
>she's pregnant
>parents scream at me for being so irresponsible
>”I used a fucking condom!”
>”You're a fucking liar, she's pregnant!”
>”That bitch must've gotten knocked up somewhere else and blamed me or poked a hole in the condom!”
>dad whips off his belt and smacks me in the fucking face
>”You better go make an honest woman out of that nice girl, I didn't raise a piece of shit son”

let me guess....she was just fat.
Come on op. Fast motherfucker
it went something like this?
cont pls
Cont mudafukr
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>inb4 dinosaur
literally slower than george r.r. martin
The pizzas are coming and they're gonna be great anon.
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OP here

>forced to be with this bitch
>didn't want to be with her before, now I fucking hate my life being with her all the damn time
>her personal bitch and if I don't do what she says, she has her mom call my mom and my dad beats the shit out of me
>hoping beyond hope that she gives birth to a black baby. Mexican or Asian would be good too.
>no luck
>another stupid bitch to take care of
>turned 18 a month before, she turns 18 two months later
>get married in her back yard
>almost cry, people think I'm happy but I'm really watching as my life is destroyed by this bitch
>baby is screaming the whole fucking time
>I want to die
>still fuck my wife because fuck it she has to now
>always pull out though because fuck her
>fast forward 14 years
>I'm a shitty dad and a shitty husband
>I hate my stupid bitch of a wife who gained at least a hundred pounds after giving birth
>I hate my stupid bitch daughter who probably hates me as much as I do her
>complete whore, but like I care
>I hate my fucked off life
>fucking Christmas time
>I want put a gun in my mouth every fucking Christmas
>I've worked at Target for these past few years
>Make shit money, but still get nice presents for everyone so wife shuts the fuck up
>get my daughter a white iPhone whatever number and my wife black one
>wife loves present, shut her ass right the fuck up
>daughter opens present and her face drops
>”why the fuck did mom get a black iPhone and I got this shitty white iPhone? You're such a piece of shit, dad, you ruined Christmas! I hope you die!!”
>is a virgin
>fucks for first time
>"5/10, probably would not do again"

You know how I know you're a fag?
well go on
>Justin Timberlake posters
What year was this anon?
George r.r martin? Wiener, wiener wiener,...
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that all?
the dragons will come before this guy
Don't let him have it anon, decent story.
yeah so far it is
George rr Martin?
Then the red wedding happened and everyone died?
>Implying anyone over 19 on /b/
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>I lose my fucking mind
>I whip off my belt like my shitty dad used to do
>I whip the living shit out of my bitch daughter with the force of a thousand suns
>never felt more alive
>screaming shit like “You ruined my LIFE you little slut!” and “You and your bitch mother are cunts!”
>keep screaming, doesn't make sense at this point
>wife tries to get me off, can't
>shove her into coffee table, she cracks head
>she freaks out a waddles away to call the cops
>I continue merciless beating
>daughter is crying, welts quickly forming, bleeding from nose
>finally calm down
>biggest smile on face, fucking euphoric
>I simply grab a my bottle of peppermint schnaps (because Christmas) and go sit in the front yard
>wife is screaming at me from inside the house that the cops are coming and that I'm a piece of shit
>”Thank fucking God!! Maybe they'll fucking shoot me in the fucking head and I can be free of you cunts”
>daughter still crying
>they say parents can't stand the sound of their children cry but I reveled in it
>like all the years of misery are draining away
>should have beat this shit out of wife to, too late now
>quickly down bottle, drunk by the time cops pick me up
>go to jail, in for a few months
>get the shit beat out of me every day, but whatever
>better than bitch wife
>father finally bails me out
>probation, have to pay back a fucking huge bail bill to my dad, parents disappoint, staying at parents house
>wife left with daughter, filed for a divorce, I sign that shit with the speed of a cheetah chasing a nigger, couldn't be fucking happier
>living with parents, constant disappointment to them
>can't find a job because it's on my record that I beat the shit out of my kid
>can't get a place because no money
>can't get laid because jobless fucker living with parents
>been like this for a while
>but I'll tell you one thing, anons...
>I fucking love Christmas now
Well OP, if it means anything I think you did the right thing by not into aborting mission and taking care of the situation, even if you were forced to.
>tfw considering possibility that someone might put hole in rubber
Damn. I honestly didn't think people did that.
Good for you anon. Glad you got it out of your system
10/10 story.
High and would read again.
Good for you anon
You're a dick whyd you get her a fucking white iPhone asshole??
Wow asshole you should have gotten her a different color phone
Any moar?
Bretty gud
wtf what a faggot u are. Who gets their daughter a plain white iPhone. U deserve a shit life
You're daughter likely has daddy issues now, and seeing as you hate her so much, I'd like a name, location, birth sign, ankle circumference, and septum width
>get daughter a shit iPhone
>get mad when she throws a shit gift back at you
>get hambeast the better colored one

U idiot
Go fuck yourself, should have made her get an abortion
great story 9/10
if you woulda went back for wife id give you 10/10
good fucking story cunt fuck you
fucking 10/10
post some shit about when you were with the cunts, like funny stories or ridicules shit that's happened

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1393098879763 (1).jpg
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Congrats m8.
I hope you have a great life from now on.
samefag but listen anyway
99 to 00? IPhone wasn't out then
Thread posts: 50
Thread images: 9

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