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any early childhood sex experiences? i go first >be me 12

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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any early childhood sex experiences?
i go first
>be me 12
>go to school in a village
>walk through some shrubery every morning as a shortcut
>get female friend to walk with me
>someday i decide to show me my penis
>she is acting all shy
>i think she actually liked looking at it
>dumb bitch never showed her vag

its lame but fuck you, not everyone got lucky
>show me my penis

OP, you havn't ever seen your own penis till this?
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shit depressed me for a long time. I'd love to look her up but she's probably fat with 4 kids now
fuck off
>be 5
>in bath tub
>dad tickles my crotch
>love it
>tell him to do it again
>"i'm not supposed to, sorry"
>never happens again

I saw my cousin's pussy a few times when I was like 12, she would have been 9 or 10

I'm now 22 and not seen one in real life since then
actully laughed at this
That was great, I laughed hard
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also saw naked girls getting changed at primary school, I was like 10

that's as far as my "sex" experiences go
Raped by my 65 year old kindergarten teacher
lol'd hard
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little bean.gif
258KB, 486x274px
I didn't think it was funny. I mean I wasn't traumatize by it or anything but it really wasn't that funny...
this is /b/
why wouldn't we laugh at you getting molested?
What response did you really expect
>show me my penis

In front of her? Damn OP.
>had a cousin who had moved in with us
>really wanted to know what a womens body looked like
>one day while she is showering i think of a brilliant idea
>take a spoon from the kitchen and use it to unlock the bathroom door
>sneak quieter than a fuckin ninja
>crawl up to left side of the shower curtain becuz i know she'll be turned around
>ever so slightly open the curtain from behind
>fuckin bingo
>she had a beautiful wet body
>feel pants getting tighter and tighter
>10 yo me didnt know how to masturbate yet
>2 minutes pass and im fuckin amazed she didnt see me
>out of nowhere she turns off the water and is about to get out of the shower
>speed out the bathroom and close the door quietly
>return to my room and act completely normal even smile at her when she passes by
i did this a couple more times i eventually got cocky enough to try and touch her but pussied out last second
I wish I was this brave
but at 22 I'm still scared of girls
best post itt
When I was 5 or 6 me and my neighbor used to play a game where we would make out and touch each others junk. Idk how or why it started, but I remember hiding under the BBQ cover of my parents house at age 5 playing with Tina's bald little pussy.
nah, can't be that bad mate!
where is your self confidence?
>be me
>be like 12 or something
>mom does day care, but we have a big yard with lots of hiding places
>girl and her brother are over (girl is probably about 9 and brother is probably 11)
>start show and telling our junk
>neighbor girl comes over
>10/10 by 9 yo standards (still 10/10 13 years later)
>ask if she wants to see
>she says yes
>go behind bush and pull out hard penis
>she laughs and blushes
>ask if she wants to touch it
>we take turns touching eachother
>know nothing about sex but somehow know that these two things are supposed to rub together
>"make up" dance called the "icky dance"
>rub my penis on the front of her bare crotch
>starts to feel extremely good
>keep going until I physically cannot stand it any more because it starts to feel so good it hurts
>mfw she gave me my first orgasm and has no idea
>fool around a few times after that, but no sex and she got really shy about it
>where is your self confidence?
what self confidence?
forgot to say
I have only spoken to 4 girls in the last 10 years that didn't involve ordering food, I'm related to one of those so I'm not sure that one really counts
I expected "boring"
>unlock a door with a spoon
>Lockpicking skill ∞
File: are-you-wizard.jpg (44KB, 600x797px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>unlocks door with a spoon.
da fuck? where do you live man? fucking north pole?
>be 8
>have friend whos a girl, we play together a lot
>she comes over to my house
>hot day, no pool so run around in sprinkler
>she always hugs me, hug back but not always
>she clearly had a crush on me
>my mum helps her change out of swimmers into her normals clothes after sprinkler behind door
>im playing around spying on her, didnt realise she was getting changed
>look through big crack in door, see her flat naked chest
>when i realise, immediately look away and feel awkward
>knew i wanted to see more though

actually, not sure how I always forget this
I had a childminder when I was like 8 or 9 or some shit, I don't remember how or why it happened, but did some stuff with a girl there that was about a year older than me that I was at school with
long story short, put tiny erect dick between labia
>Pretty active kid, fit and relatively good looking
>Parents hire babysitter cause they're on bullshit second honeymoon
>She's a hs student from the block, family is ultra religious and shit
>I was watching some nick on tv when she came in
>We didn't talk much until the night
>At dinner, I'm shirtless cause fuck rules
>She tries to make me put a shirt on
>Grab her boob and push hard
>Knocks over mac and cheese, starts to cry, runs upstairs
>Don't give a fuck and eat leftovers
>Later in the night go to check on her
>She's passed out on my bed
>Shrug and sleep on parents bed for the night
no, I just don't have any friends or know anyone or do anything
I was at a boys boarding school from 12 to 16
I was at college for 2 years and there wasn't even one girl in my class, dropped out near the end of the year
went to a different college 2 years later, 3 girls in my class, kinda spoke to 2 of them a few times, that's about it. also dropped out after 6 months
the other one is someone mum works with that's 3 years older than me

>remain friends for the next 2 years
>move houses and she comes over a lot
>at school we play catch and kiss or some shit, she always catches me but im too awkward to let her do anything, she doesnt mind because she likes me a lot
>she comes over to my new house with a pool and we go swimming a lot
>we're both really good swimmers and pool has a relatively shallow end so my mum doesnt really feel the need to come out, that, and shes a slack mother as well
>friend is leaning her ass on the water pumps
>she says to me "it feels good"
>i swim over and stand next to it
>im staring at my friend, she pulls up her swimming bottoms and holds her pussy to the pump and closes her eyes
>i had discovered masturbation at 5 and i was getting turned on
>i pull out my dick and pul in the pump hole, the force is strong (inb4 star wars)
>she says "can i do something"

pic very related
>be me 13 yo
>brother has this 16 yo friend who hangs around alot
>one day he comes into my room and closes the door
>I'm watching xena or something
>he sits next to me on my bed
>asks if I want to see something
>think for a min
>he gets out his phone
>shows me a picture of some playmate
>asks if I like it
>answer him yes I do
>he opens another picture
>it's some girl giving head
>you like this too?
>blushing, yes
>notice something under his pants
>having no idea whatsoever about sex
>he notices, laughs
>wait anon
>unzips his pants, slides out his mid sized penis but it's really hard
>you can touch it if you want
>wrap my hand around the tip, massage it around foreskin
>do this, he's pointing at the picture
>I'm scared because it's big
>come anon it's ok
>slowly move my head lower
>kiss the tip
>his hand is sliding through my hair
>grabbing my shoulder and pushing me a little
>I think it's ok, I go a little deeper
>ANON! get down here!
>it's my mom
>I stand up
>say sorry
>go downstairs and eat

Mfw I sucked dick before I ever kissed someone
Mfw I liked it

I suck at greentexting
>be me 14
>be at scout trip in across the country
>can't make it in time till the trip starts
>gotta sleepover at one of my friends house
>we kissed before, she told me id get a welcome kiss on the cheek
>Arrive, she super cool, no kissing
>then we go to bed
>watch movie Scott pilgrim VS World
>me sleepin on floor
>10 min in "come up here anon"
>She 16 10/10
>she tells me to rub her back
>me getting lower and lower on her back
>she grabs my hand and just slams it down her panties
>instinct kicks in
>finger for like 30min
>she rolls over "wann do it"
>doin her on top and missionary
>accidently cum in her
>we havent spoken since
>9/11 would do again.
>Be me 5 or 6 in my old house
>this girl who lived down my road came over (same age)
>she brought her brother (fuck knows how old he is. Probably 9)
>Upstairs in my room playing Earthworm jim because fuck yeah
>Friends brother starts playing. Doesn't want to stop playing. Tells me if I pulled my willy out his sister would play with it.
>Sure why not. Whilst he plays behind his back his sister casually just pulls my cock back and forth in her hand.
>Feels good. Eventually has to go home. Say goodbye.

Looking back i realise how the fuck did he know that she would do that?

>Probably a week later
>friend over in my room again
>decide to get her to play with my willy again
>pull it out gets hard (that's a first)
>keeps playing
>sister walks in catches us and tells mum.
>friend goes home. aww nuts

>few days later
>back in room
>this time get naked
>playing with my willy again
>says to continue i gotta kiss her
>ewww no thanks
>keeps playing
>asks again for kiss
>fuck sake fine
>again sister comes in both of us naked

Never happened again.
>be 12
>live in the suburbs
>parents have a pool
>girls in swimsuits around all summer
>mostly younger cousins, but ok
>tries to sneak a peak at girls changing, fails
>then this one girl, 10-11
>parents are friends of my parents
>theyre from the mediterranean
>shes used to skinny dipping
>shameless, doesnt mind changing out in the open
>flawless body
>looks out at her through large window
>asks god to make her undress right in front of me
>she fucking does
>pulls dress over head, drops panties
>bends over, first time seeing pussy
>steps out of panties, steps into bathing suit
>shuffles back and forth for several seconds
>gets up, jumps in pool, never noticed me
>i run straight to the bathroom
>pulse 200
>best fap of my mortal existence
I found myself that day.
same guy here
>always in my room watching tv
> 15 y/o brother comes in one day turns off tv
>wtf dickhead
>all of a sudden pulls down my pants while im laying down on the bed
>starts jerking my 7 y/o weewee
>starts sucking after im hard
>don't really know wtf is going on at all
>pulls down his pants reveals his penis
>puts my mouth on it and makes me suck
>5 minutes later my grandparents visit and he runs to his room
>dont really understand why
>i never think about it again until 5 years later
>sitting in bed thinking about shit
>then it hits me
>i was fucking molested by my brother
>brush it off it never really affected me in any real way
>brother now is a ladies man but i know he used me to experiment when he was younger
>doesnt think i remember
>mfw i can blackmail the shit out of him at any given time
Wait she stopped talking to you because you cummed in her. I dont get it I mean what is with people and cumming, they view it as disgusting yet it is natural

man i do feel pitty for you.

when iwas little i wasn't able to speak to girls either, had some kinda mental block, felt nervous and i just started to sweat constantly.

but i don't know i started doing things with them like i joined the scouts and shit like that, you start knowing each other and you just get "confy" (im spanish i don't know if i spelled that right or if its correct)

>i say "what" like a betafag
>she starts rubbing her crotch and says "this feels good to. do you want to do it"
>i get confidence and pull down my speedos (yeah mum made me wore them) and start rubbing my dick because i know what to do
>friend is staring
>she slowly swims over to me and starts kissing me shittily all over my face
>she must have seen porn (i know i had by then) because she takes off her top and her pants completely and jumps on me
>starts grinding me in the pool
>continue for a few minutes and she asks if i know what sex is
>i say yes and try to put my dick in her ass
>she says no here and aims for her vagina
>its obviously way too tight but shes determined to get it in
>she tries for a minute but its too tight, I dont care because her hand on my dick feels AMAZING
>i ask if she can just rub my dick
>she says "can i lick it too"
>i say ok but we're in the water
>she then hops out quickly and opens the shed door next to the pool
>i tell her to be quiet in case someone hears, i get out slowly

cont, will be last one
She went out and fucked some other guy, so its mostly her being a slut.
How can you blackmail him without proof?
> I was 15 >Teen Disco >Making out with girl probably 7 >she squirted on my pants leg >told everyone i cummed on myself >Fucking Bitch
Oh well you took her virginity so that must count for something

the thing is, do you want to?
where is the cont
>the thing is, do you want to?
depends what you're asking
this is making me so hard
Talk to girls I assume

last one

>get into shed, am naked
>i touch her non existent tits and rub her ass, she loves it
>she rubs my dick and gets down on her knees
>she licks my dick for about 20 seconds and then starts to suck it
>i begin to jerk off with her lips around my dick but then she notices and does it for me
>looking at her cute face around my dick was so surreal
>i orgasmed after 5 minutes, obviously no cum and then told her to stop because it hurt
>she got mad i made her stop
>put clothes back on
>she rode my tiny motorbike later on and that cheered her up
>shes now best friends with my girlfriend
>i havent brought up what we did with her but we talk like normal people
im 20 now
>be me 14 years old
>step-sister 11 years old
>road trip with families
>be like 6 of us kids in the back of a truck (with camper shell) all laid out on blankets and mattresses because driving over night
>everyone's sleeping
>be stearing out side window because motion sickness if I close my eyes
>urge to fap 'cause I'm 14
>shift down lower in my place to slip out cock and sealth fap
>as I move, I feel bare leg of step sister under blankets with my writs, back of hand
>had accidentally tuched inch or so from panties (her skirt was ridden very high up)
>realize on had on girl panties almost touching girl parts and one hand almost strangling dick
>start to slowly explore outside of panites while stealth fapping
>can feel the contours of her pussy underneath. start stroking up and down her slit
yes.. but I suck at talking to anyone anyway

i mean getting grills in general

not even fucking, just idk interacting with a girl in any sexual way even if its just flirting
>sudden violent turn by the truck pushes everone in the bed towards myside
>step-sister kinda rolled twards me, wedging my hand between here legs
>other hand still on my dick that has got to be poking her in the belly
>youngest step-sister (like 5) starts crying becuase she hit her head
>fap ruined
>truck stops at gas station. In the dim light I see the step-sister I was fondling staring at me looking angry. My hands haven't moved yet
>step-mom opens shell and asks if everones okey.
>5 year old cries
>older (my real) brother consoles 5 year old
>11 year old pulls away from me and climbs out of the truck
>see her having a whispered conversation with her mom, then they walk off out of sight
Dude you must do a threesome with her and your gf and post the results on 4chan
>i mean getting grills in general
in that case, yes
a relationship might be nice.. but I've never even had a friend that was a girl so I don't see that happening
Fuck I've probably hurt the poor girl more by mentioning it a billion times

Usual play doctor shit, she was really into playing house naked once it is found out we are both screwed. I am forbidden from that daycare and my parents think I am a sexual deviant pedophile forever afterwards. I am 8 she is 6.

I bet she is fucking hot now
>early as fuck
>get on the school bus
>dark as fuck
>sit next to girl who I don't really know, a grade or two under me
>lay my head down on the bus seat in front me
>girl puts her hand on my leg
>"is this okay?"
>try to act cool "yeah, i guess"
>moves her hand up and grabs my dick
>take off my jacket, put it over my lap
>straight up handie on the bus
>tell her im about to cum
>she leans down and takes my load in her mouth
>get off bus like I won the god damn lottery

this happened a few more times, and it was awesome. we met up a few years ago, and I fucked her in the ass.
>be me 6 or 7 idk, at my cousins place watching cartoons it is late, she asks me what is sex, I know cuz I've seen porno before. She gets ob top of me and we start rubbing on each other fells good, get hard, the moment has passed, roll over go to sleep. The end.
Get in there man and start with hi.
>all come back
>mom tucks 5 year old back in
>11 year old climbs into spot beside me
>lays with back toward me
>stat driving again
>sister keeps shifting around beside me, trying to find a comfortable position
>sighs, rolls on her back
>sifts more
>leg touches mine, she stops moving
>twenty minuets pass
> stealth fap engaged
>put hand on leg, test waters
>no reaction, slid higher
>skirt ridden up, go in for her panties
>bare skin and a bit of peach fuzz
>a bit of light from some passing headlights fills the bed
>see her eyes open and looking at me
what comes after that?
I can't even talk to people online
>Be 13 or 14
>I am out of town visiting family/rebuilding a house
>Over at my best friends house
>His 16 year old cousin is there to babby sit my friends little brother
>She puts him to bed eventually and then she comes and hangs out with us in his basement
>Earlier in the day my friend told me he would get me my first blowjob

Why did she randomly give you a handjob man. Was she fit?
L2 greentext
>be me
>be like 6
>have friends
>guys lets play the penis to butt game
>touched penis's
>touched butts
Thats all
oh wow jabeesus
Ask how they are doing. You have friends yes?
Haaa Gaaaayyy
>You have friends yes?
pretty sure I already said I don't

yep, >>588469979
>no, I just don't have any friends or know anyone or do anything

i will tell you something man since you started

im also a 22 yo virgin, and socially awkward with barely any friends, too

but thats not even bad

the saddest part is that that isnt even a worry for me, for the several last years my life sucked because of other (serious) issues, that are also the reason why I dont even try, i once got rid of the social anxiety through hard work, but as i got depressed it returned

I actually look good and had several girls flirt with me, still 22yo and no gf ever. thinking that 90% of people doesnt even know what its like when a girl looks at you with true desire kinda feels nice, but still...........

if having no friends is your only problem or you dont have anything else serious I say just go for it because I would rate it as very easy, you can be grateful, you said a relationship would be nice then well just get confidence and go for it, anyone can, i can give you tips on getting over social awkwardness btw
For some people its hard to talk to others. I was like him a few years ago but I like to think im getting better
Not really a sex experience but its all I've got and its probably why I'm so fucked today.

>be me around age 10
>in primary school
>never had the talk
>discover masturbation
>dont do it the normal way I would lay down and rub my crotch back and forth against shit
>sometimes i could do it just by opening and closing my thighs
>so young no jizz comes out
>start doing this oh probably around 10 times a day
>reading time
>I always get the red bean bag
>proceed to mount red bean bag
>hump it while staring at girls tiny asses
>never had a friend all though primary school
>never had friends in hs
>be socially awkward for the rest of my life

I can still remember seeing my little sister do that thigh movement next to me on long trips, shes hot even for my sister but it disgusted me, makes me wonder what the teacher thought of me..

ended up losing my vs to a 9/10 whom I stole but I lost her in the end too so eh.
If you have kids give them the fucking talk.
>be 10 or 11
>cousine is 12
>we spend a lot of time together
>sometimes kissing and touching just cause we're courios
>decide to have sex
>don't even know where to start
>we just lie naked
>10 minutes after i walk to the toilet
>check penis
>felt like a real man for the first time even though it was just pee
>be me
>be very sexual kid
>be 14
>somehow get 18 year old gf
>convince her to fuck
>go to her place
>go out in a field
>her and her friend drink, I dont.
>friend says me and gf should fuck
>we do
It wasnt that exciting.
the only people that understand this have or had the same problem
other people just tell me I'm retarded
I kinda know a grill that's 28 and still has this problem
>just get confidence
thank you sensei, I never considered that

>I mean I agreed to it before I even knew what his cousin looked like
>She was a bit plump but still had a pretty cute face
>I am okay with this
>She had darker skin, but it was more the tone of a latina (my friend was black)
>We're just talking all casual and then my friend just flat out asks her if she wants to suck my dick
>She looks at him, then me, she eyed me up and down then looked back at my friend
>"Yeah sure"
>My friend leaves the room and she gets on her knees in front me of and starts pulling down my athletic shorts

this hopefully will make people chuckle some, i'm pretty awkward sometimes
You saw your sister masturbating. Dude
my girlfriend is very shy and reserved, if she even found out i did that at 10 years old she'd flip out

sorry that sounded like the usual cliche advice from someone that doenst know anything

i meant fake confidence
I have no idea what sparked her to give me an hj. I never really flirted with her, hardly talked to her. She wasn't super attractive, 6/10? Wasn't fat, but she was a bit bigger build. Fuck it, free handie.
Shit my bad. Must have missed it on a refresh when I switched tabs. Try to find someone you are comfortable around. Maybe a friend of the family. See if you can hold on a conversation with them. Find some sort of common ground. and hey look you are conversing with us glorious /b/astards.
I know it is. I still have a hard time talking with new people and have gotten better with the help of my other half.
he knows it happened i could tell all of his friends and could give every detail its not like anybody wouldnt believe me
oh god dont stop
She was obviously a slut who talked this out with your friend anon you should have stopped her right there. I mean who the fuck says yes to a guy you just met
Yeah when she was like 7, my parents are so shit they're lucky she's hot or she's be as fucked as I am right now.
Kek'd hard

observe normal people and act like them thats all

if you have social anxiety to the point where you get like blocked trying to talk or sound weird, just practice with people over and over even if you look like a weirdo, over time it will go away, the people you practice with will think you are a weirdo but who cares

thats all there is to it kek
>Riddle siddle POOF
Sex is healthy and it would be good if you both do it with someone you are comfortable with. Aldo why would you and your friend mention that to your gf unless you are pissed at each other or just plain stupid
>Try to find someone you are comfortable around
well, fuck, not even comfortable with family
I could barely talk to my cousin until I was like 18 and I've known her all her life

>See if you can hold on a conversation with them
never found anyone I can
Fair enough. Never had any sexual interaction and I like to think im not ugly
Get a social job, sales or customer service
People will be skectipal about your story. They will think you are talking bullshit
>implying I could manage an interview
>i was 16 >Aunt came into my room >She was like 40 >she started jerking me off >she put my dick in her pussy and rode me >blow my load after 10 min she licked it up >turns out she was divorcing her husband >its been 2 years since it happened >think i should get her alone and try and fuck
>She starts sucking my dick till it was hard
>She is massaging it with her tongue
>After it gets hard she tells me that my dick is bigger than the other ones she has sucked
>She then basically throat fucks herself for hours
>Getting deepthroated felt fucking amazing
>I was also so fucking nervous with the situation
>Legs were shaking like the entire time

She was a slut yeah. This is a friend I've know since my childhood and I grew up with the nigga. If she talked about it, I have no clue.
holy shit, ever heard
Social anxiety or hate people?
>I can't even talk to people online
look at us talking

i think what wont do the trick since failing there would have consequences

get to practice with someone you dont give two shits about


you could, after failing other 10 first maybe but with practice you can /b/ro
Get a job that forces you to improve your social skills anon
>be 6
>have a friend who is a girl
>stay over at her house
>she takes me to the garage and asks me to show her my penis
>I get nervous because her mom could open the door and see us at any time so I don't do it
>later in her room we take off all our clothes and get in a sleeping bag
>apparently we're going to have sex? We both know what to do because it's hard-wired into us.
>I remember asking, "where is it?"
>eventually sort of jam my flaccid boy penis into her girlparts. Really excited. We are kissing and stuff too
>her mom walks in and flips out
>later she asks her mom if I can sleep in her bed tonight
>mom says no because of the stuff we were doing before
She obviously did anon why would she just say yes to a question out of the blue
Social job worked for me, it pulls you out of your shell slowly and next thing you know you act sociable
I'm turning 30 in a few months and never had a sex experience.
>I just can not cum but she still continues swallowing my dick for what seemed like forever
>Eventually my friends little brother wakes up, comes downstairs and opens the door because he had a nightmare
>shit what the fuck man
>legs still wont stop shaking
>well this is awkward now
>kid looking at my dick
>chick takes care of it
>well fuck, I decide to just go into my friends room

why should I care though?
finish the story faggot
>Social anxiety or hate people?
probably both, definitely hate people
also diagnosed pervasive developmental disorder
meh its whatever now, hes not a dick to me or anything but i know i have a wildcard against him
>completely freeze. just stare back at here in darkness
>somehow she got here hand over mine (that was touching her) I wasn't expecting it so I jumped a little
>heard her stifle what I could only assume was a moan
>she starts using my hand to masturbate herself.
>feel her other hand rubbing my hip, she's turn towards the pillow and biting it to quite herelf
>she's really digging my fingers into her, I was almost afraid I was hurting her
>every flash of headlights I still see her eyes locked on me
Fucking type faster nigger the anticipation is killing my boner
I guess because she would forget about you and regard you as another guy when she sucks off the next guy
> was 6
> bff sarah comes over
> bff since forever
> get boner
> show her
> hide rubber snake down pants
> tell her to find it
> she does, and finds boner
> tell her to hide snake
> in pants
> find it, and find that she has no dick
> am feeling around down there
> mom walks in
> grounded
> never allowed to see Sarah again
> still sad 23 years later
>go to cousins house, my cousin was weird and talked to people on msn
>both 11
>"hey, i'll show you something"
>she was talking to a guy with video, i stayed out of the frame bc scared
>types: show us your dick, i'll show you my nipple later
>whipped it out. wtf, looked like a babies arm
>had never seen an adult penis before
>kinda shocked
>mfw i recently realised people were beating to my 11 year old cousin, idk why she would show herself online
Why dont you just arrange to meet up with her again anon
When I was 12. I was walking down the back road.. Out in the woods where I lived. I never had sexual contact before but I knew what sex was. Any who I was picked up buy a couple guys that asked if I wanted a ride home. I said sure. It was about a ten minute drive to my house. From where they picked me up. And asked if I smoked pot. I said yeah. They told me they had some at their house and could go there and smoke and then they would take me home. It was about a 2 hour drive. We get to their house. And we smoke. I was really fucking high. Then one guy asked me if I liked porn. I told him yes. So then he put some on the TV. I was feeling really weird. And I told him I felt that way. The other guy had walked into another room. The one that was with me said he would change it. So he put in another movie and said I'd like it better. It was gay porn. And as soon as it started he sat beside me and started playing with my cock. I wanted to stop it but I couldn't. It felt great. His friend came out from the hallway naked. And he stood beside me and watched his friend suck his cock. I was pretty freaked out but was sitting naked with one guy sucking me. An other one putting his cock by my face in my hand. I didn't want to suck it. But he grabbed my head and put his cock in my face. I tried to pull back but he wasn't letting me. After I nutted.. They laid me on a couch. And one guy laid on the other side with his legs towards me. He slid down to where our cocks touched. And the other one sucked us both off at the same time. I nutted a second time. I sat up and he kept sucking me until I nutted a third time. His buddy grabbed my head and had me lick his balls while his buddy sucked him off until he nutted. After that was done they took me home and life went on.
She was a slut lol thats why
>unlocks door with spoon
dammnit newfag learn to greentext
>also diagnosed pervasive developmental disorder

wtf is that lol

from your lack of response i think you dismissed my opinion but man my experience backs me up so give it a second thought, all i want is to help someone like myself, im this guy:


observing normal people and mimicking is a key part, as weird as it may sound, it fucking works, and when you turn sociable and normal no one will ask you how did you do it

i also said that getting a social job was a bad idea but the /b/ro claims that it worked for him so i say give it a shot if you can, if you cant get past an interview just try many interviews until you do, easy
Be 4
Meet up with this really hot chick from new York who I have known for awhile
we play surgeon
which is where we touch everything
I had started to fondle her vag
get a hard willy
she says put it in her ass
I obey
she starts to bump against my willy
I stick it in her vag
she sticks her finger my butt
move up 3-4 years later
she comes down
and we go see a slave habitat/plantation
she leads me away from the tour
we bang in a slave bed
she leaves
I go home and see my friend who is a female
we go to the pool
we bang
move to age 14
sneak out to various parties
bang about 4 times individually
move to 9th grade
get caught banging in the boys bathroom
dump her get a new girlfriend
gonna bang her in the back of her car
im fifteen
Well you are off to a good start with talking to people online. As for the PDD since you probably dont want to start by talking face to face with someone start more by edging into it online. Come here, start thread, profit???
I live 3k miles away now
look it up I did
the real question is do you jizzed?
He is 5 dude how can he
Get your ass out of here you underaged fgt
Do you even green text?
moar man don t leave us with blue balls
File: yolo.jpg (20KB, 450x402px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
20KB, 450x402px
yea it was one of these
Cumming in a girl used to be bad form. Fuck knows why its all acceptable now.

you did respond but this

>thank you sensei, I never considered that

and its the last thing i heard


not gonna lie its actually not easy, but by easy i mean that it can be done
That didn't matter at the time, who would care about that?

>Friend and I are just chilling in his room
>His cousin comes back
>She lays down next to me on the bed
>Talking yet again, she is constantly trying to get my friend to leave the room as she also rubs my dick through my shorts
>Eventually he leaves and she jerks me off
>Still cant cum
>Eventually say fuck it and get blue balled
>I'm pretty sure I never spoke a single word that entire night with her in the room
>She tried to keep in contact with me to try and fuck me
>I wasn't down for that
Why am I laughing so hard?
not that hard, considering that bathroom locks are very very very simple just take a look!
Seen moar puss then you m8t
>never been so hard in my life up till that point
>her hand on my hip explores close towards my crotch, where I'm still almost choking the life from my dick in a vain attempt to not cum
>finally regain my composure enough to start fingering her myself
>explore everything, find clit, find pussy entrance, even find asshole
>each timp I touch somewhere new, she tenses up but relaxes and I can feel the vibrations of her moans into the pillow
>she takes my penis from me and starts giving me a handy
>suddenly her whole body tenses up and her thighs clamp down on my hand so hard it kinda hurt
>shit you not, I thought I broke her somehow
>she eventually relaxes, my dick forgotten
>she scoots a little closer and in the most sexy whisper I've ever heard to this day whispers "thank you"
>I almost cum
Sorry man don't know how. still good biography right? lol
nope it was one of those that have a large circle hole
>The term "pervasive developmental disorders," also called PDDs, refers to a group of conditions that involve delays in the development of many basic skills. Most notable among them are the ability to socialize with others, to communicate, and to use imagination. Children with these conditions often are confused in their thinking and generally have problems understanding the world around them.
I repressed this for 10 years, lost virginity, then oddly that caused some event and I remember this shit
>Be me
>Be 6/7 or some shit
>Playing game with older cousins.
>It was trapping each other under a blanket, HUGE blanket.
>Female cousin was "it" and I was trapped
> kissed and shit. Didn't resist
>Honestly I think it went a bit farther on my side
>barely remember.
Talk to me anons.
The irony is funny on so many levels
>tfw I have underdeveloped frontal and temporal lobes
>tfw I probably have thousands of disorders because of this
>tfw If my mother hadn't smoked during her pregnancy with me I would have been normal
You realize you have to rape your sister for blueballing you that many times, right?
Says the 15 year old
You made me kek so hard
I actually repressed that for 8 years, lost virginity, then I remember. I am 24 now.
>moved near coson also 8/9
>started hanging out while parents were downstairs getting high
>i had an no idea what sex was but i knew it was something to do with my dick and it was good
>coson says to me 1 day "lets have sex"
>me goes "do you even know what it is "
>she says no
>we go to bathroom
>i pretend i know what im doing and shove my dick in her ass
is anyone on /b/ really normal? You seem do do just fine anon
Ok? least im not a neckbeard
>shifts down so that she's sort of cuddled up beside me
>feelings of being used, forgotten, left out, and almost anger are flooding my head
>she got her's but isn't going to help me finish?
>I was too young to even know this was a thing. It just seemed so unfair
>she shifts around again, but the hulk rage in me keeps me from paying attention
>images of pinning her down and taking whats mine are filling my brain
>more movement suddenly feel hand thats not mine back on my dick
>then I feel what I know know is someones warm breath on my dick. didn't know what it was at the time and was extremely confused
>moist feeling up the side of dick
>relize what's happening

well maybe its bad enough that you actually cant, and im just being a jerk assuming no one has it harder than me

i figured it was a matter of practice and that everybody has "mental disorders" after all, but if its a real underdevelopment...

idk man just try your hardest with what you have, dont focus on what cant be undone anymore, life is like that
how r u gonna tell me what type of door knob it was? u cant even unlock one of those type of knobs with a spoon

best wishes btw
Thats really fucking specific isnt it anon
oh god moar
>i then say that she needs to suck on it
>she does (unsatisfactory)
>dont speak for bout a month
>then move about 2 months later
>dont speak for like 2 years
>we see each other again
>neither of us had done anything since
>she comes round and were alone in my room and i whip my dick out and say "remember this"
>she shouts to my mom "tim got his weewee out"
>get told off for it and she says its wrong
Pls stream an hero :^)
>seemed to go on for ages
>I was lost in a place of serenity
>I had been so worked up already you can imagine how long this actually lasted
>I hear her cough so I whisper "sorry"
>she sits up and wipes her mouth and angrily sushes me
>be me 5 or 6
>neighbor's daughter a year older than me is very interested in sex (think she caught her parents doing it)
>we play house allot
>she teaches me what go on in the bed room
>we touch and fondle each other's genitals for hours
>we fool around allot but too embarrassed to kiss
>she likes to make me watch her pissing (didn't develop a pee fetish tho)
>we rub our butts together almost got caught by my parents
>my family move when i'm 7
>hear her dad dies around 9
>meet her again when i'm 16 when she's visiting my mother alongside hers
>when we're alone i remind her of what we did when we were kids,she pretends to not remember but she's blushing
>i try to embrace her passionately but fail she pushes me away
>can't go further cause parents down stair's
> me 22 hear she's getting married me single as fuck
>be 6-7
>2 sisters live next door one 6-7 other one 4-5
>in my house playing
>push couches together Make sofa fort
>phew its done big effort for some 6 year olds
>2 girls jump in
>im still outside reinforcing the fort
>here giggling inside "hey Anon Come inside"
>as i poke my head in both girls are lying on there stomachs
>shorts down, panties down giggling away
>6yr old me is laughing like"ahh guys what are you doing"
>pull both there shorts back up
>they both pull them back down laughing
>keep going back and forth pulling them up and then down again for awhile
>know i wont win there's two of them give up
>get intrigued spread there cheeks
>wtf is this why do you guys have two butt holes
>get idea
>lick both of there two "butt holes" to sorta gross them out like a wet willy
>all laughing "ahh anon that tickles"
>they pull the panties and shorts back up
>go back to playing
Had no concept of sex or anything i knew boys had penis's and girls had vaginas but had never seen one so i was like why do they have two butt holes only later do i realize what i was doing, wonder if they still remember, still see both of them from time to time
Any more?
I lost my virginity when I was 20, now at the age of 23 I've had sex with 16 or 17 girls (often drunk and I really don't know sometimes). Starting late doesn't mean you can't rally.
It must be torture though. If you want to be able to interact "normally" with someone and are unable to. Like being unable to speak at all and they can only see the pain in your eyes of the words you want to speak
File: nigger.jpg (125KB, 720x878px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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fuck it, I'll ask her

how ugly am I?
pretty fuckin ugly
Just the accusation will be enough to fuck up his life
lost it at 18yrs here
Your not ugly, will some femanon give this boy some compliments and maybe some nudes
Don't agree, just a matter of shaving well, maybe get good skin care going on, get a haircut that suits face. Kind of like a slightly skewed version of classical beauty really.

you look normal /b/ro

not very handsome if im realistic, but normal, dont listen to them

nothing to be ashamed of
You look like Scarlett Johansson, if Scarlett Johansson were an ugly faggot.
This is b expect trolls
>dont speak till both 13
>she comes round and we have me her and my sister in the room
>were all talking im playing on phone
>while still talking get text from her saying "wish we were alone"
>we start talking all dirty and in bout 5 minits my sister is gone and cuz asks me to finger her
>i do and now she has tits and we both know what we were doing from porn and my 15 yr old girlfriend
>mom and everyone else leaves house leaving me and cuz "playing xbox" in my room
>she gives handjob and titjob i eat her out then start actualy fucking her
>when done she tels me to tell nobody and we havent spoken since
so i fucked my cuzion but didnt lose my virginity to her
I aint fat nor do i have a beard
And im European so that lowers the chance alot too
ended up playing around like this lots more over the next four years until our parents divorced.

She was kind of a psycho though. she would be a horrible mean brat to me when anyone was around. She'd do shit and blame it on me or tell our parents I was being me to me to get me into trouble, and they;d always believe her because I was older and a boy.

But as soon as we were alone all she wanted to do was play with my dick. She seemed to like to make me cum more than letting me make her cum.

I took here virginity when she was 13. Her mom found out she was having sex and put her on BC which was even better for me. Not sure if anyone ever suspected what were doing, but I never was caught or openly outed for it and its been like 16 years since it started... though I haven't seen her in like 10 years or so
>little brother to Chris Hornbrook
really, shitface?
at least I'll get honest opinions here
How didnt you lose your virginity to her if you fucked her
>spelling D-
>grammar F
You need to apply yourself!
File: t17.jpg (748KB, 1024x1398px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
748KB, 1024x1398px
File: 1419727378045.jpg (52KB, 720x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Cut hair get rid of mustache, and work out you'd look better
>be 12
>disabled brothers bus driver brings me to her place after school
>has amazing basement full of games
>daughter two years younger than me
>daughters in love with me
>could care less about daughter
>getting into porn so curious about pussy and tits
>one day i ask to see tits
>show's me
>nothing really there but nips
>year later starts developing and going through puberty
>has tits i can grab
>never seen pussy irl
>ask to see
>shows me almost every day for a whole school year
>constantly touching it
>one day she wants me to kiss her
>do it
>tell me to grab ass and do it
>grab ass and kiss
>runs upstairs and tell parents
>last month i was there we were constantly monitored

Sounds like you did that yesterday
>be 13
>living with mom and 22 year old sister
>sister got in a car crash and is in bed rest
>mom goes out for groceries
>sister took her pills and is high as fuck
>wearing a night gown
>I go in her room
>start looking up her gown
>see that she's wet
>"awe yur so ca-ute anon"
>"acting lyk growen up do"
>She starts to finger her self
>start to fuck her

Did this a few more times,
Year later she asks if I remember
Fuck yea I do
had a 15 yr old gf at the time
she showed me what to do and shit
what do i get for effort
A U which in the english education system means your a retard
sounds like u didnt do anything till 20
Lucky to be alive
Who gives a shit its the internet
File: 1393715038066.jpg (40KB, 1024x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
40KB, 1024x768px
>this thread
>While all toughing pussy of one girl
>have girl friend
>8th grader, hottest in school
>second biggest tits in school for fit girl
>bigger tits were only on fatties
>constantly groping her tits
>start to work my way down
>says no way to touching pussy
>tells to grab ass instead
>8 months later we break up for a week
>devastated i cant grab ass or tits
>she begs to get together again
>play hard to get
>July 4th
>go to see fireworks with her
>grab tits like never before
>finally lets me touch pussy
>next day
>girl with bigger tits who is hotter starts talking to me
>break up
>about to get with other girl
>ex tell everyone i beat her
>started getting hate messages on facebook from people
>3 years later move for dads job
>6 years later living in Virginia
>still get death threats from people in my hometown
>haven't touched a pussy, tit or ass since sophamore year in high school
are you beeing serius? was she hot?
File: IMG_16185360782774.jpg (179KB, 1536x1536px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I had an interesting experience. When I was 8. Made out and tried to grope t its at age 9
>Be 9
>Have family friends over
>family has daughter
>Talk her into getting under a blanket with,me and make out
>Parents busy and loud talking in other. Room
> While making out put my hand in her shirt to look for tits. Because I saw on tv woman have them
>Confused WhY they're missing
>give up keep making,out.

I didn't know what sex was yet so I didn't get a chance to finger her lol or get a hand job. We did this almost every time she came over I grew up with her lol she even went with me to high school last time I talked to her was about a month ago lol we only did that for about a year so until I was 10 and to this day I wonder if she remembers what we used to do
Early childhood refers to under 5 usually. Childhood refers to up to 12, teenage is obvious - up to 16 - 16+ you don't refer to your experience as any different.


>9, boy
>on holiday in the USA
>meet boy in pool
>cute and blonde
>parents let me hang out with him all day
>discuss pokemans and wow
>invites me to go to his room to show me his chars
>his mom encourages us to have a shower to clean off pool shit
>suck his dick in the shower and he sucks mine as a dare on eachother
>his mom walks in on us
>frowns and walks out, but doesn't say anything
>we wash eachother with soap, touching eachother intensely
>can't even remember his name, never see him again in my life. He's probably like 16 now I guess
>Be me around 12
>My friend girl invites me over
>She puts on porn on her pc
>I get boner
>She invites me into a dark room
>Sucks my dick
>be me
> have cousin
> cousin is grill
> year younger then me
> second grade?
> friends teach me about porn
> visit cousin
> tell her about it
> ask to see
> always used to have her show me
> only showed her mine once or twice
>think i took pictures but not sure ( hope to god no one ever finds the old film if i did could fuck everything up )
> years later
> sophomore in highschool?
> shes freshman?
> maybe a year younger
> xmas eve
> we have always been close
> shes super friendly
> kind of play footsies while eating dinner with family
> watching movies
> cuddiling a bit
> she falls asleep laying away from me
> as shes falling asleep i kind of grope her ass
> not sure how awake she was

will cont
WoW was a thing when you were nine? how old are you? fuck you for making me feel old.
I was 10, and I fucked my 18yo babysitter, some call it molested but I'm a dude and I loved it
> 8-9 years old
>cousin same age, we're total bffs
>leads me to a shack in a game of tag
>she locks the door
>i take advantage of situation
>tell her to get naked
>my penis doesnt react
>guilty feelings arise
>say i dont feel anything
>she proceeds to kiss
>proceeds to rub my dick
>i pull her off of me, my conscience can't take it
>tell her i'll hurt her if she doesnt open the door
>she opens the door
>be 18 now and she still loves me, crazy bitch
She was a 7/10 in the story, now shes a 9/10 puberty was kind to her. If i didnt have those guilty feelings, she would probably sucking my cock right now.
Ps: I am still a virgin
>be me, 14
>nerdy girl somehow got hot junior lacrosse boyfriend
>making out on the couch in the living room because not allowed in my room
>parents gone and older sister asleep in her room
>he puts my hand on his dick over his pants
>shoved my hand down his pants and he unbuttoned them
>start giving him a handjob
>go to the bedroom because who's gonna catch us
>jerk him off slowly but quicker when he starts to moan
>after five minutes he says he's gonna cum
>i lick the underside of his dick
>cums all over his stomach
>he tries to finger me but he needed to cut his nails

ended up giving him two more handjobs to completion that day. personal record
Dude quit being a faggot and fuck her
>6th grade or less
>field trip with whole school
>hanging out with older 7/10
>me and boys from school get alone with her
>she starts making out with other boys
>she asks why i'm not making out with her
>kiss her on the cheek

beta as fuck
>going on vacation
> same age range
( i know this is early childhood but its sort of wincest story )
>maybe a year older
> go on vacation
>drive there because cheaper
> have to stop halfway to sleep for the night otherwise drive is to long
> night at hotel
> go swim at pool
> always trying to get close to her etc and touch her ( was pretty fukin beta at times)
>mismatched upper and lower parts of swimsuit
> top has a matching bottom but she chose to not wear it
> bottom is white and thin
> holy fucking cameltoe
> so puffy
> so perfect
> go back after swimming and go to watch a movie
> cuddiling a bit but i decide to play league of loosers instead
>go to bed after and beat off
> get to beach house next day
> all throughout week at beach house we go swiming together in the pool
> always close to her poking her sides or something else dumb
> when we swim in the ocean she hangs onto my back and doesnt let me go far from her
> she isnt a strong swimmer but could definatley swim by self
> at the pool come up with a game where she dives through a pool noodle looped into a circle ( can barley fit)
> one time she dives and my finger catches on her swimsuit
> pulls down to her knees
>she pulls them back up and i stop holding the " hoop"
> she asks to keep going
> start porpously holding out finger to rub against her crotch and hopefully pull down her bathing suit
> keeps asking to keep going every time i go to stop
> she ends up sitting in my lap later that night in the pool
> she had to feel my rock hard dick
> would try to swim between her legs and she would clamp her legs down on my head
> swim under her once facing up
> get her crotch pressed against my nose
> she held me there longer

a few years after that she asked if i remembered looking at her naked when we were little little
>said no
>felt bad
she said something about how i never showed her mine
> i should have said i did remember and asked if she wanted to see now
When I was about 7 or 8 the girl that my mom used to babysit was in my room with me. I don't know who's idea it was but we took turns licking each other's asshole. My mom walked by my window outside while mowing the lawn and looked in. I'll never forget the horrified look on her face. She never said a word to us about it though.
File: Bnhjr14.jpg (553KB, 1600x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
553KB, 1600x1200px
I'm 15 and I've been here as long as I've played wow unfortunately...

But yeah I'll never forget when he bent over and I ran my soapy hand into his little crack and almost pushed my finger into his asshole... it still turns me on even though it shouldn't...
also, nice quads
if i say i wanna fuck her now, she'll definitely bind me to her for the rest of my life, im in college now so im first going to explore my options also forgot to say that the pic was her

Ya that graphic is retarded. I lost my virginity at 20 and now I'm 27 and have fucked 25 chicks and at least half of them are 8s or above.

Ugly but not hopeless. First things first buy a razor shave and cut your fucking hair.
So basically what you're saying is, underaged b&.
yeah but who even cares
>be 8-11
>can't remember exact age
>family from down south comes to visit
>older cousin is nice 7/10
>had a ps1 and she wanted to play
>Let her play it and sit beside her while I watch and help
>tells me to scratch her back, do so
>move hand lower into her pants
>she doesn't care
>reach her asshole and I really don't know what to do
>she says I can put my finger in there if I want.
>I start to finger her ass as my pants get tighter.
>later that night she sleeps in the same bed as me.
>tells me I can finger her butt again cause it felt good.
>do it the whole night
>comes back next year acts like it never happened.
Be lik4 or5
>be my moms friends 14 year old daughters spend the night
>think I'm the cutest shit ever
>one if them decides to sleep next to me
>she moves my hand to her vagina and starts to put my finger in there
>don't know what's going on so I let it happen.
>eventually she stops and pulls down my pants and starts to suck my dick
>feels good but don't know why
>she stops and I get sad
>never see her until like 10 years later when she's married with kids.

Childhood...best years of our life right?
> be 6
> cousin is a 10 /10
> sleeps over all the time because she gets a long really well with my sister
> one night hear strange noises coming from the bathroom
> really fucking curious
>door wasn't locked holy shit
> opened door slowly
> room smelled pungent as fuck almost as if a slave took a hot ass doodoo in the middle of summer
> gags
> bitch hears me
> holy fuck runs to room scared as fuck
> get yelled at by Dad next morning
I think your hair does you injustice
>>someday i decide to show me my penis
>>dumb bitch never showed her vag

So you show her your dick but she doesn't show you pussy...

Yeah dumb bitch present and its OP
Not me. Lurk for all I care underage /b/ro
Adam Lanza/10

same guy. had an eventful childhood.

>be hanging out with a bunch of day care kids
>get a giant tarp or something and all sit underneath it to make a "tent"
>my cousin and I take turns squirting pee at everyone in the tent thing
>no one thought this was unusual and everyone was laughing

my cousin, a few other kids and I actually used to love to watch each other pee. We would even take turns going into the bathroom and drinking lots of water to refuel.

May post more stories if I remember any. The first one I posted is still my favorite.
>Be me.. Around 7
>get dropped off at mom's friends farm to be babysat. Femanon there my age. Lets call her Heather
>heather leads me to the barn
>heather proceeds to suck my dick and teach me how to finger her
>I eventually lick her pussy and get blow jobs. No recollection of ever cumming
>10 years later I found out she was being molested by a farmhand
>guy was watching us jacking off and I never knew
>heather is now a 600 lb slut with a scratch ticket addiction
>I did 3 years of therapy myself
>these threads are cancer
>be me
>13 at the time
>at girlfriends house
>making out hardcore, grabbing, typical teenager shit
>her little brother goes to skateboard with his friends
>he was grounded, wasn't supposed to leave
>her mom leaves to go find him
>blowjob time
>she starts sucking
>she tells me to go down on her
>I do
>she orgasms but wants to keep going
>I'm down
>start fingering her
>ask if she wants to go all the way
>she says yes
>no condom
>"just pull out"
>reluctant, decide it's worth it
>stick it in
>virgin betafag, don't know where to put dick
>eventually get it in
>after like 5 minutes my dick slips out
>ask if I can put it in her ass
>"if you really want to..."
>fuck yea
>Hella spit on dick and asshole, didn't have lube
>stick it in, barely get the tip in
>she moans
>"deeper anon, deeper"
>stick it in all the way eventually
>she loves it
>almost screaming, but doesnt want brother or mom to hear her just in case they come home
>she's about to finish again, so am I
>hear her mom open the front door.
>gotta finish, can't miss golden opportunity
>here the door handle of her room twist
>it's her mom
>open the door
>get on the floor
>everybody walk the dinosaur
>be me 5 or 6 years old
>be in class
>sit at round table in the back of the room
>other kids I don't know sit down
>4 boys, 1 girl
>all the boys pull down pants under table
>they tell me to do the same
>I do
>they wrap their hands around my 2inch dick under table
>I tell him to use his mouth
>he does
4/10, cut your hair and you'll be a 6.5/10

okay posting more. For my entire life I have enjoyed having sexual experiences with both males and females.

>be in 5th grade
>have a friend whose house I go to regularly
>one day we start talking about showing each other our dicks
>dont really know if either one of us even knew that homosexuality was a thing or not as this was circa 1998 or something
>slept in the same bed whenever I would stay over
>both get naked
>I have always been kind of chubby but he was very thin
>I remember being awe struck by his smooth tummy that led all the way down to his dick
>I start running my hand down his stomach towards his crotch
>pushes me away the first couple times
>after a while lets me touch it
>we would do things like "sword fight" where we would basically just rub our boners together until neither of us could stand it anymore
>we would also give each other "penis massages"
>dont think I ever sucked his dick and dont think he ever sucked mine but that was a while ago so it might have happned
>one day he tells me that his parents caught us and that we couldnt do it any more
>pretty sure this was just an excuse because he didnt want to do it anymore
>kind of felt shitty about it but life goes on

He ended up being a super redneck. I wonder if he suppressed those memories of us or not.
>I get under table and suck return the favor to all of them
>the one girl is looking at us like "wtf"
>we all tell her to pull down her pants
>she says she'll tell the teacher
>I offer her a piece of candy to not tell
>we all continue on with our day as if nothing happened
> never bring it up again
Typing this on my phone btw, so that's the cause of any spelling it grammar issues.
You sir have had a crazy childhood
I got more action as a kid than I ever have as an adult.

not sure why. Might be because I was curious, and didnt really ever think that there might be something wrong with just straight up asking people to do things with me.

I mean, really there isnt anything wrong with that. I feel like getting older just kind of comes with an inherent fear of being rejected where as a child, you never really bother to stop and think about consequences. You just sort of act on urges.

Maybe another reason it was easier to get people to do things with me as a kid was because all parties involved recognized the thrill of doing something we werent supposed to, where as an adult sexual experiences are something that are almost expected of you.
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
Most childhood sex experiences with your peers are just plain stupid and weird. Except the kids who get molested, now that's just plain fucked up.

another story

>be me (dont remember what age)
>be sleeping over at cousins house
>he and I start comparing our dicks
>were both old enough to be able to get boners
>decide that whoever wakes up first in the morning will wake the other one up by playing with their dick
>never got there
>I end up getting down to where he is laying and sucking him
>he stays flaccid and is obviously not into it
>young me cant take a hint, and is obviously too horny to stop
>I proceed to alternate between sucking his flaccid dick and trying to put it up my ass
>I honestly dont know where the urge came from because at this point in my life I had never even watched porn before
>all he did the whole time was lay there and keep his eyes closed

Sometimes I wonder if he remembers this at all. He is a super annoyingly conservative person, and Im sure that he probably thinks Im 100% gay even though Im not. Im obviously a little gay though. I mean, I was doing this shit as a kid with absolutely no prompts.
>be like 10-12
>sitting in english class
>next to me there is a 9/10 girl
>myself pretty alpha
>just chillin as she says "wanna touch my boobs?"
>suprised as fuck so retard brain says "no"
>she looks disappointed and turns away
>brain working again: "no i was joking of course i want to touch them"
>she: "no i dont want to anymore"
>i insist and try touching it
>she screams
>class goes silent
>me just sitting there trying to grab her more violently now
>my english teacher is going bananas
>mfw i got thrown out of class for attempted rape
>tfw i scream "you wanted it didnt you?!" ass i got pulled out of the room
>moved out of town 6 month later
>I`m 18 now

mfw i suck at greentext
15 year old just sitting here reading these.....damn I wish I had some of your lifes..(never even kissed a person before) guess I'll just deal and read more... Plus look at some loli. I love/b/
confidence works wonders, dawg. even if its fake.
> Be me, 0 years old.
>decide womb is gettin old.. Head for the exit
>first stick head out. Mouth is basically touching moms clit.
>head and arms out. My cock is completely inside my mom's vagina
>she pushes
>the rest of me falls out
>notice my cock touching moms clit for a second
>MFW fucked My mom day I was born
>she hasn't let me fuck her again since, but I'm 2 now and she has let me suck her tits every day since I fucked her
/b/ is an interesting place for the young and curious mind
if i was a few years older sure. But honestly at the time i didn't know what the fuck was going on.
> Be 14
> Went with friend to doctor's office
> It's for her brother so she and I wait in the car
> Suddenly gives me a sensual look
> Leans in and starts making out with me
> I start touching her all over
> Pull her on top of me
> Fuck her right there in the parking lot as people pass us
> Shit was cash as fuck
File: 1419703957941.jpg (52KB, 960x476px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Have I shown you my mask?
True . I could get a girlfriend but.....I'm just to busy doing nothing with my life.
Guess I'll stop lurking and post here

>Be me 6 femanon
>Have an older cousin, 1 year apart
>Cousin was fascinated with sex
>Knew what it was due to parents
>Older cousin took me into closet
>Pulled out two stuffed monkey dolls
>Said "anon do what I do."
>Cousin stuck the monkey tail in her mouth
>Watched my cousin give head to monkey tail
>She's deepthroating that shit
>Beta turned on me tries
>Cousin proceeds to push the monkeys tail down her panties
>Furry shit on her vag
>Does what she does
>"Good. Now lets go."
>Cousin gets out of closet
>Never talk about it ever again

My cousin in a major slut nowadays
<>doesnt know how to greentext.==
not a story that happened to me but happened to friend.

>mate is 14
>broke his leg
>in doctors office
>doctor asks him to drop jeans
>Pulls his penis back and forth in hand
>8 years later
>"My doctor mollested me"
oof.... I mean, whatever floats your boat mang.
What's wrong with 13?
I hope you enjoy your wizardy
My only question is...did he start a conversation with that sentence?
Continue please.
you will be delighted to know that infact...... he did.
Was having pre drinks round my mates at his new flat and he just goes "my doctor mollested me" he's a weird cunt normally but i genuinly pissed myself at it.
fake it till you make it
if you act confident for long enough eventually it will become part of your personality
Thread almost over but oh well

>be 10ish
>row home, 2 sisters on either side
>one side was ~7 ~5
>they would regularly be completely nude running around
>would chat with them while they touched themselves
>parents never cared, they would regularly undress them outside
I wanted to go further but I never got the chance. Both are nude models now I think.

>other sisters were older
>showed them my penis a few times
>hooked up with older one
>summer day, late night, she was still in a bikini
>she played with my nuts while I felt her up

>would regularly hook up other neighborhood girl
>parents would always find us kissing somewhere
>grandmother had a shed under her back steps
>we strung up christmas lights and would hang out in there doing shit
>stuck it in her a few times, but never came
Shes got some oreo babies now
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