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wincest thread! dump em boyz!

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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wincest thread! dump em boyz!
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captions are so fucking dumb

/r/ing real stories and dilemmas
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>Be me
>Sister, not being me
>end of story
cool story bro
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Some green text?
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threw away my fap folder recently, so this all i got
I need help /b/. A while back I asked how I could talk my cousin into fucking. My advantages are:
I'll be taking care iof her for the night(she's 17)
And her and I will be drinking
And we're very close.
It kinda mixed signals but I'm thinking about just asking if she's ever wanted to do stuff when we're both drunk so if it fails we can laught it off whqt do you /b/ros think?
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okay, it's not ALL i got
Asking might not be the best idea, maybe just start by both getting smashed or atleast her and you pretending to be, and then try some cuddling or some shit and see where it goes
drunk isnt enough
get her to do molly (pretend to take it or take less if you want to stay lucid) or take it yourself
can pretend like you intend to go out or something and say that a friend gave it to you recently and you want to try it

if you ever had any chance in hell that would pretty much make it happen.
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We always cuddle and doubt we will end up doing so tonight but I just need pointers on what to say
dunno anon, if she's not feeling it nothing you say directly could convince her. but asking directly will mean there is no way to brush it off and will definitely make things weird forever if she isn't interested.

how old are you?
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18 but like I said it's always these weird mixed signals and she was once very clear on where she draws the line between incest and a couple on cousins having fun they shouldn't
always make me hard
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> keep violating your sisters asshole

Is this a YLYL thread?
is that shopped or real?
Was thinking the same. So ridiculous.
what exactly did she say?
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I was a bit wasted but before every scentence she would say hypothetically speaking and she said that if we plesured one another it isn't wrong it's just shunned by anyone else. I've also had a thing for her since I was younger so that doesn't really help
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> girl streamer
> twitch dot tv/gamecatt/
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No one talks like this.
if she has actually ever directly talked about doing sexual shit with you (even hypothetically) you are in. Treat the whole event like a date. Do something nice for her maybe. say super nice shit to her while you're cuddling. Mentioning how pretty she is while you are cuddling is a good way to initiate and you can still brush it off as regular affection if she acts legit weirded out.
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>be 9, parents out to dinner
>horny 13 yo sister tells me to come in her room
>Can I show you something anon?
>sure, sis, whats up?
>check out this video I just found on the internets, anon
>OK, sis
>shows me vid of guy and girl 69ing
>Woah, ewww. wtf is going on there sis?
>Thats called sex, idiot bro, its supposed to feel amazing
>Cant stop watching, very curious, but I pretend everything is super gross
>Watch another vid
>learning all sorts of new things
>vocab expanding
>sister answering questions like a pro, but come to learn later half of it is made-up bulshit
>Watch a couple more vids
>get boner, try to hide it but wearing sweatpants
>I am embarrassed
>She definitely notices
>keep watching more vids, one is of girl rubbing her clit, moaning
>What is she doing? Do you ever do that sis?
>"no", but I knew she was lying by the way she said it
>liar liar, sis, tell the truth
>well, yes, I have tried it a couple times, it feels really good and after a while you get this feeling where you like explode it feels so good
>Woah, that sounds pretty great, but ewww
>Keep watching more vids
>Notice sister is kinda touching herself slyly
>dont say anything
>This goes on for another half hour or so when parents get home, party is disbanded
>Dont tell anyone bro anon, we can watch some again some time
>OK sis
Messed around with my cousin when we were younger. Basically playfully touching each other, then our teen hormones took over and grinded on each other. Stopped out of fear of parents finding out, but damn if I haven't thought about her differently ever since. It's nearly unbearable as I have to bury my true lust/love for her at every family gathering since...

assuming you live alone and she is coming to stay with you I'm gonna say you are definitely good to go.

should watch arrested development for inspiration hahaa
Please don't spaghetti
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It's a pasta
Oh shit. I don't come here that much.
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Fast forward a couple weeks
>Parents out of town for night
>Sis asks if I want to watch more of those vids
>Yeah I do
>OK, but you can only come in my room if you strip down to your underwear
>Fuck that, no
>why not bro
>well, i dont know sis thats gross
>its not really gross, bro
>But I dont look like those guys from the vid sis
>its ok bro, I dont care
>thats still gross sis
>Ok, bro, wut if I just wear my underwear too
>well, ok sis anon, after another 5 minutes of convincing
>meet me in my room bro in like 5 mins
>me in tighty whiteys, peak thru door slowly, embarrassed as fuck
>shes watching gang bang scene, in bra and granny panties
>come on in bro, this ones awesome
>open the door
>get on the floor
>everyone walk like a dinosaur
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Gr8 b8 m8
See? I was right
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I think you meant to reply to someone else.

Here's one of the things that happened
>be at older cousins wedding in BFE
>middle of nowhere wedding to be close to bride's family so hours away from home
>each family gets their own hotel room and some of us older cousins got our own room because it was a cheap hotel
>hotel is kind of rundown but has sort of a indoor water-park that is good entertainment for younger cousins
>wedding reception everyone is getting drunk, me (15 yo) and younger cousin (14 yo) are told to take our little cousins (8-11 yo)away from the alcohol and basically babysit them at the waterpark.
>everyone meets at the pool in their suits, mfw we're the only ones there
>14 yo cousin comes out in a two-piece white bikini
never paid much attention to her other than almost a brother/sister friendship as we used to spend summers together growing up
>notice how much puberty has done for her, perky round tits and how much soccer has done for sculpting an amazing ass
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Do people post Wincest threads because the just want a Spider-Man thread or do these stupid fucking pictures actually turn them on?
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I just imagined that in a foreign accent and burst out laughing
>choir rehearsal

first off i wanna say how fucking stupid and cringe-worthy the text in these pics are

like damn just erp or something cause that's what I do

second of all speaking from experience, choir girls are huge sluts.

they take more salami more an italian businessman
>we hang out in the pool for a couple hours
>pretty sweet waterslide, few games of marco polo and a bit of chicken
>game of chicken leads to some playful touching with hot cousin, we both manage to get a handful of each others thighs at times and I get a decent grab a little higher on her lovehandles
>pull her over and interlock my legs with hers, look at each-other face to face just inches away, and she giggled as she wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me down into the water
>I got up panting and laughing, decided to go calm myself down on a chair while she continued to play with our younger cousins until their wasted parents came to collect them
>Be me
>Helping aunt and cousin move
>Cousin wants to hang out when done
>lol k
>After moving
>Tired as fuck
>Cousin still down to hang
>Fuck yeah
>"Anon let's go to my room and play Xbox"
>Sure lol
>There's no Xbox
>Cousin grabs my dick
>"Stop! We shouldn't be doing this!"
>"Why? Don't you love me, Anon?"
>"I'm not gay, dude."
>Cousin is a guy
>I got raped by my gay cousin
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>the aunt and uncle left with our cousins, and then she came over to lay down in the lounger next to my chair
"anon, have you ever been drunk?" she asked
"yes, have you?"
"no, but I've wanted to try it"
>I tell her I've got some liquor in my room that I took from the reception
"lets get drunk!"
"Okay, but I need to shower at some point"
>we go back to my room and dig out the fifth of cinnamon whiskey I had stashed away
It takes a while for her to get used to the taste, but soon enough we had both put down a few shots each. I wasn't much of a drinker myself at that point, so the few that we had were definitely being felt
Please continue, and describe her young body in detail please.
>we chit chat for a while about stupid teenage shit; school, girls, boys and eventually sex
>find out we're both still virgins even though most of our friends were not. She had never seen a dick and I had yet to even see a pair of uncovered boobs
>she giggled then stared me straight in the eye as she tugged at the strings of her top
>a few seconds later there she sat across from me showing me my first pair of tits
>my mouth felt like it had hit the floor, and I thought for sure there must have been drool coming out
she got up from the chair she was sitting in and came over to me where I sit on my bed
"you want to touch them?"
>I mustered a nod as I reached up and cupped each one of her perky tits in my hands
>I began to squeeze each one, then brushed my hands over each nipple
she then surprised me again as she pushed me down onto the bed and straddled me
>I continued to touch her silky smooth skin, still wet from the pool, as she started to grind her hips into mine
I just want to read about interfamily sex. please, me penis BEGS for it
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