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Childhood sexual experience thread. All orientations welcome

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Childhood sexual experience thread.
All orientations welcome
Got molested by a 12 year old boy when I was 4 or 5. I am male. I had hyper-sexualization all through my childhood and did a lot of weird shit. Never actually had sex with anyone though. Almost fucked my cousin when I was 9 but my aunt stopped us.
what did he do to you
Nothing too hardcore. I sucked his dick, I kept asking him to suck mine tho since it felt better. Eventually he fucked me behind a shed and played with my balls. I can't remember if he actually penetrated me or if he just rubbed his dick on my ass until he came. This shit happened for a week or two until his mom saw and told him to stop. Never ratted him out though, the dirty cunt.
WheN I was 8 my female friend and her older brother came over and we played ToD and it became incest And I got in
Did you fuck around with both or just the girl?
he probably fucked the guy instead
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When I was probably about 7 or 8 I put the handle of a butterknife in a girls pussy
Fingered like 3 girls in kinder and first
when i was like 8 i sucked and got sucked by 3 guys from my class
In pre-k i fucked the teacher and 69 all the girls in class in a row.
>I had hyper-sexualization all through my childhood and did a lot of weird shit.

What is hyper-sexualization???
Greentext it?
wow anon i was in your class
>In pre-k i fucked the teacher and 69 all the girls in class in a row
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Let's do this.jpg
101KB, 1041x583px
Got blowjobs from a 15 year old guy when I was 10, lots of em, but nothing more
Shot my first porn in JK
Starting around the age of 8, my cousin, my sister, and I would all experiment together. Blowjobs, making out, rubbing our dicks together, rubbing our dicks on her pussy, all kinds of stuff. Occasionally a female friend our age would join in. We did this every day for a couple years.
It's basically having intense sexual thoughts at a young age. I had vivid daydreams of fucking my teacher when I was in second grade, and I knew a ton of sexual lingo when I shouldn't have. I would also make my toys do really lewd things too when I was only 6 years old. Starte jacking it at 8 years. I wanted to eat my cousin out and knew exactly what it was. When I was 8 my one friend had a hot mom with huge tits and I wanted to suck them so bad. Basically, really sexual stuff most kids that age didn't think about. It's normal for kids that were molested to have this.
>my aunt let me sit on her stomach and play with her tits til my grandparents got home.
Lucky bastard. Was she hot?
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le bump
I had multiple sexual experiences when I was a kid. Lemme green text one of them.

> be me 5-6
>have "Hot" neighbor girl
I say "Hot" because I was little and I didn't even know what sexual attraction really was.
>she be 6-7
>we were really good friends for as long as i remember
>go over to her house, like any other day
>we go into her shed she had out back of her house
>she asks me to take my clothes off and she would too
I trusted her and known her for a long time so I just did what she asked with no questions.
>We both stare naked in front of each other
>no awkwardness because we were young
>she then walks towards me
>grabs my little dick
>" What are you doing?"
>I am frozen now that she has my dick in her hand
>"Don't worry anon. Don't you wonder what it feels like?"
(I am 5-6 years old. I have know idea what "IT" is yet...)
>Just go along with the flow
>my dick starts getting hard for some reason.
>she puts her mouth around my dick
>i start freaking out
>"Anon whats wrong?"
>"Why are you going to eat my peepee?"
>She laughs
>" No anon. I am going to lick it and suck on it like a sucker."
>She then proceeds to suck my cock.
>I start calming down and it starts to feel good
>she moves her speed really fast and i start to feel a really good sensation
>"somethings coming"
>i "cum" but was to little to actually produce sperm so my balls were just dry heaving.
>"Have you had enough anon."
>We get dressed and went on with our stupid little kid day.

There are more when I get older, if requested I will post them.
Well when I was about 7-8 when a friend and her brother invited me to watch some movies like Lion king, everything went fine till her brother brought a bag with porn vhs from his father room.It was my first time watching porno, I was so fucking ashamed I couldnt even look her I just wanted to cry and leave and they were laughing like it was normal to them. So everytime when i was playing with her she said "lets copy the movie" and basically she used to suck my dick and rub it against my dick. Finally when I was 12 I had sex with her. Now she's somehow addict and her brother abused his little sister. Sorry for my english
Oh my god. I think I had this to an extent I always used to fondle bras in like a store or something and I used to wear my mothers panties and shit like that, keep in mind I was like 6 oh and started jacking off in the 4th grade to just he thought of people kissing.
Sounds like quit a ride.
please anon, go on
Sounds intense, imagine if you could have sucked her tits! If you where persistent and gave out clear signals who knows how much good ass milf sex you'd gotten...
not sure if this counts
>4 or 5
>my mom comes to wake me up
>ends up carrying me down stairs in my blanket
>she points out my morning wood
>she puts her fingers around it and rubs it a few seconds
>I ask her to do it again
>she doesn't
>carries me downstairs
>forget about it until years later

also me and a couple friends, all males, use to touch each others dicks and what not when we were around the ages of 5 to 8. only ever happened once in a while and it made me feel really guilty afterwards.

when I was 11 my friends babysitter gave me a kiss, let me touch her tits and showed me them on one occasion.
I did the shit with my mom's panties too bro. I would make my toys have sex and act out the scenarios instead of just normal playing too. It was always weird vaguely sexual shit like what you described, not like I was actually fucking people. I think other things can cause it but not 100% sure atm.

It has been four years since my first sexul experince with that neighbor girl. I am about 10 now. We moved away from that place shortly after that happened and I never seen her again.
I thought of it man, my twisted little mind had all these scenarios :( she would hit on some of my friends when we were teenagers too....but I never attempted. She was asian too and I'm all about the yellow fever -_-
me and friend 5 year old and we finger each others buttholes however gotcaught.jpg never happen again
Fuck, even if she was average those d cups sound nice. I had more opportunity as a broken child than I do as an adult.
When I was 8 or 9 I started playing with my little brother, we started fucking when I was 12.
>I am about 10 now

I slept over at my cousin's house when I was six, he was in high school at the time.
For some reason I woke up with poop in my underwear. didn't think nothing of it.
A few weeks pass, then I spend the night over again. I wake up, and I go into the living room, he is there with his dick out, and I suck his dick. He only asked me, and didn't force me. I bit his dick because I somewhat knew what he was doing was sexual, so I just wanted to give him some punishment.
Later he went to court, and he didn't get arrested, it turns out he did things with my other younger cousin. I didn't mind actually. I liked it actually, and I think it turned me gay. >.>
You mean you started fucking him or what?

Start to get more knowledge on sex and stuff as well.
After the other move we move 3 more time before staying at my current location.

OP from that post.

> be me 10
> move to new location
> have to go to new school and make new friends
> depressed I had to leave all my old ones behind 3 times..
I was so mad at my parents...
> have a sister who is 4 years older than me
> huge DD tits and perfect bod
(Not a wincest story)
> she makes friends easily with her bubbly personality
> 2 weeks after moving to new location
> sis already has a best friend.
> Sis brings her bff over for a sleep over
> see sis friend.
> holymotherofgod.png
> 11/10
> blonde, nice ass, blue eyes, and perfectly plump
> my sis introduces her to me
> I am stuttering like a retard because of the beauty of this girl
> She chuckles, then smiles at me and says " Hello."
> say "hey" back
> sis and her friend wander off to her room
Yeah, I started fucking him.

Anon >>586661789 here
Yes, but we did much more like a long tongue kiss, black kiss, i ate her pussy, facesit, rub my dick against her ass. But like an anon said it brought me hyper-sexualization, i used to spy in our neighbors bathrooms, regular sexual fantasies with my teacher, neighbor ppl, and even a guy sucked my dick.
I request more. It's slightly strange, yet interesting. I never had any remote sexual experiences as a child, until I lost my virginity at 16.
>I bit his dick because I somewhat knew what he was doing was sexual, so I just wanted to give him some punishment.

How did he react ? Bet he got a trauma from this for his whole life, every guys worst nightmare...
Post em
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never told anyone this before, but since /b/ is a bunch of bros and it's anonymous wynautt.
>Be me like 5 years old
>terrified of the dark so I sleep in my bros room all the time
>bro goes to jail(not a child predator I swear kek, it was for vandalism. bro was a great guy, he was like 15 at the time)
>not sure wat to do, scared shitless one night so I run into my sisters room
>older sis was probably about 9 and slept on the other side of the room
>olderer sis was the closest so in my panic I jump in bed with her
>we were all adopted, so we had no blood relation btw
>do this for a few nights, after a few times she decides to put her hand down my pants. she was like 12
>ask her what she was doing, can't remember what she says
>go in there to sleep with sis, she says I can't sleep in her bed unless I let her put her hand down my pants
>still scared shitless and I didn't care so let it continue for a while
that's where my memory cuts off.
tfw of all the memories I could have from when I was young it's that one and getting my leg slashed open by a bike
young Anon grows up with a huge sexual appetite, wants to fuck everything in sight. Nearly banged my cousin (still no blood relation) and her friend multiple time when I was 14 and they were about the same age. nearly banged my best friend in the bathrooms at a football game, but didn't cause she was a pussy lel, and a whole bunch of other "did bang" and "nearly banged" moments because my sexual appetite could not be satisfied.
she's never said anything about it, nor has older sis but the memories feel real so
>be me 13years old
>goes to aunts house, because me and my cousins used to play alot
>sister and brother, both 14
>watching tv with them
>when suddenly i tipped wrong number channel
>directly to a "safe" porn
>someone says "lets try it"
And we did it, every single scene of the movie was made, even menages and gay stuff.
>no regret
first time posting dont expect much of me
When I was 11, both of my parents worked all day long, so I stayed at my neighbors house, it was a family (2 kids younger than me), and their mother (a 30yo woman), their father worked full time tho, so I stayed at their house from 2pm to 9pm... One day I found their mom's panties hanging out of the dirty clothes basket while in the bathroom, I don't know why, just grabbed them and started smelling them, it was awesome. Since that day I started having dirty toughts about this woman, she was so hot for me. One year later, both kids were at their granparent's house on vacation, so I stayed at their house with their hot mom for like one week, one of those days then she left me alone for one or two hours (she went to buy some milk) then I went to the dirty clothes basket and started looking for panties, i did not realize she was behind me when i had her panties on my face, I turned back and screamed I didn't know what to say, I was so scared that she could tell my mom, bu she didn't say a word!!! she just smiled and acted like nothing happened.. next day I she picked me up at school (like allways, her kids and i went to same school) but she was wearing a short skirt, when we arrived to her house we started watching tv then she got close to me and said: "Have you ever kissed a girl?" i said no, and she kissed me... I couldn't believe it, then she said: "Have you ever seen a naked girl?" I had no words.. then she showed me her tits and smiled, she hugged me and nothing else happened.. its somewhat disappointing, but thats what happened
Remembering his face, I think he liked it. >.>
Good thing I wrote them all down...

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Can anyone post that one story about the kid that dressed up as a girl in the boy scouts or whatever and fucked the other kids? I've been looking for it for an hour now and can't find it anywhere

is english your native language?
> i go to my room and jerk one out to my sis friend.
> furiously jerking me meat.
> fastest I have jerked in awhile
> Bust a nut for the actual first time
actually able to cum a little now. Hooray!
> here a slight laugh from outside my door
> go to door
> open it
> no one there...
fast forward to night time

> it is about 11pm and I am chilling on my couch watching spongebob like a G.
> hear footsteps coming down my stairs.
> get scared
> think its a ghost
i was a very scared child. plus it was late. Who is gunna be up?
> sisters friend.
> almost get a nose bleed from the sight of her in pajamas.
short shorts, tight ass little t shirt that shows her midriff, and slippers.
> instant boner
> she walks over to me and asks where the cups are
> not even thinking.. I get up to show her where they are
> fuckmylife.jpg
> forgot i had boner and stood up in short and immediately reveals boner.
> she sees
> i turn around really fast
> embarrassed as fuck
cant believe I just showed this chick I had a boner

>Be 8
>13 year old cousin staying over for summer
>Basically a babysitter since my parents worked til the late afternoon
>One day convinces me to take off my pants and underwear
>He does the same
>Lay down next to each other
>He starts touching me
>Feels super weird, but like it
>Tells me to start touching him
>His cock is a lot bigger than mine, he's about 6" and I'm only half that
>Start jerking each other off
>After a few minutes, tell him that I'm starting to feel really weird
>"It's okay, anon, it's a good feeling, right?"
>Nod as I dry cum, my 3 inch cock throbbing and twitching. I'm squirming cuz it's so intense
>After a bit, I go back to jerking him and he cums all over my hand
>Scared at first, there was a lot and it had a weird consistency, but tells me it's normal and that someday I'll have it too
>"Did you like that, anon?" "Then we can do this whenever you want, but you have to promise to never tell anyone.. I'd get in big trouble"
>This went on for the summer, always had a fascination with cum and mutual jo since

Have more stories if interested
no, its retardation.
>almost get a nose bleed from the sight of her in pajamas.
> be me, 8
> Pyongyang (North Korean refugee now)
> Guard molesters
> fml
very interested
I'm the anon that posted about being hyper-sexualized after being molested here: >>586655588
. You guys mention a lot of things that I can relate to, especially with the huge sexual appetite and doing all the crazy sex things like facesitting and spying on people. I don't know about you guys, but I don't even know what my sexuality is anymore and I have seriously jacked to any kind of porn you can think of outside of scat plus I have shit tons of kinks. I think this is all due to getting fucked as a kid.
>be me
>be female
>go to all-girls school
>no contact with boys at all throughout teen years
>hormones kick in age 13/14, start to think i like girls
>have best friend
>invite over to house for sleepover
>convince her to 'mess around' pretend sex
>climb on top of her, grind on each others legs
>she has no idea what i'm doing, but is laughing
>thinks it's funny
>i was legit getting off on it
>cum from rubbing
>she couldn't tell because didn't make it obvious
>she gets a bit weirded out after a while and pushes me off her
>get back into bed
>go to sleep
>pretend nothing ever happened
> still turned around embarrassed.
> she touches my shoulder and says
" its okay anon, young boys shouldnt be ashamed of getting a boner in front of pretty girls. "
this bitch conceited..
not like i care though. :)
> she then tells me that she heard me jacking off in my room.
> what the fuck? I though to myself
> must of been her laughing.
> ask if she laughed at me
> She said yeah.
> she said that she laughed because she heard me doing it so fast.
> She then had the guts to ask me what I was jacking off to.
> got immediately embarrassed again.
> I said in a soft voice " you..."
> " what anon? "
> I said it louder. "You"
> she laughs again
probably, I got turned bisexual, and I wanna get fucked like slut.
yes i am anon. the secret is real.
ur a faggot
kill yourself
was raped when i was 8 by fags, traps, furries, and lovers of fags, traps, and furries
Was your asshole the size of Uranus?
I am almost the same, I don't want to get fucked, but would love to fuck a sissy that dresses like a trap. I got into shemales around 12 years old too which I always knew was weird.

Are you gay or bi today?
anymore stories?
File: 1416623869410.png (238KB, 536x528px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
238KB, 536x528px
anon I know how you feel. Since I was like 12 I've been masturbating to whatever kind of porn I could get my hands on ( my sis's fashion magazines and her underwear/bras, and the girls from guitar hero until I was like 14 and got internet acess), but mostly just tell everyone i'm asexual now since I don't have time for an actual relationship and it keeps them away kek

but wouldn't that have turned you gay instead of being overly interested in girls/women at an early age ?

What the fuck is this bitch always laughing for..

> she said that she doesn't mind helping me with the next one.
> Boner just got ROCK HARD
> she then looks at it
> moves even closer to me than before
> She said she could help with it
> being a horny 10 year old, I say yes.
> she puts her hand down my shorts while we were standing up in the middle of my living room.
> hand was ice cold
> she was standing behind me, kinda hugging me while jerking me off.
> it felt good
> too good
> tell her i am going to cum
> she told me to go ahead
> proceed to blow a load in my shorts
> heard my parents get up and start shuffling around
> she asks if we can take this elsewhere

Then go be a sly devil and go on the trap threads, and flatter a trap and get their contact info, and get in touch. After a while, ask for the real fuck, and pay to go there, make sure u do it on live cam. believable.
Fakest shit I've ever read.
interested though probably bullshit
File: 1397247369627.jpg (48KB, 640x772px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
48KB, 640x772px
mfw when i was 10 all i cared about was pokemon silver
vola me
Not really, it can go both ways and it's different for each case. For whatever it's worth I am into traps and shemales (got into shemales at 12), but I'm not comfortable with the thought of my ass being the one that is penetrated. Would love to fuck a trap ass tho, goddamn.
I've been considering doing the asexual thing, just because I'm so perverted. I can do a 'vanilla' relationship for a little but then my inner perv comes out and a lot of people find it weird. I can't halps it. Plus, I never know if I'm in love with the person or in love with the sex. Haven't had a real relationship in awhile tho.
''Nothing too hardcore.''
it literally went both ways for me. doesn't matter who it's with, but I only find very specific guys attractive, and prefer shemales like pic related. cant be gross shemales

> we go outside around back to my garage
> she was kissing me to whole way there
> she starts to take off her clothes
> I take mine off
take note i am still a virgin
> we were both fully naked caressing each other while making out
first time making out.
> she stops and asks if this is my first time
> yes
> ok. she said
> we go back to making out
> i start groping her nice perky tits
> she starts moaning
> I put my knee inbewteen her legs and feel wetness.
> realized it was her pussy getting wet
> start rubbing my knee on her pussy while still making out.
> she throws her head back and moans louder
> she throws me on the bottom of her and asks if I am ready
> yes i said
> she guides my dick inside of her pussy without a condom
> fuck YES
> I then ask if we should use a condom
> she said no. Its fine
> she starts moving her hips and bouncing up and down
> i grope her tits while she was riding my dick
> It starts to feel real good
> we are both enjoying ourselves
> she starts moaning really loud.
> she gets louder
> i tell her to keep quite
> she bends down and we start making out while fucking

I will keep this in mind kind sir.
>Never ratted him out though, the dirty cunt.

Do you now wish you would have?
who is that
Inb4 gorillas in da mist
the asexual thing works as long as you don't do anything sexual with a person. then they just see you as a means to get sex without any commitment. I was turned into a sociopath because of this reason, shit hurts when you fuck a girl in every way possible for a year then she tells you you're just a dildo to her
file says sabrina valentina, haven't looked her up in ages but feel free to indulge yourself in her beautiful chest and magnificent D anon
For the love of God more
File: BfVQKAoCEAM-Z8M.jpg (48KB, 500x667px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
48KB, 500x667px
My mom made me take Polaroids of her in lingerie when I was a kid.

Does that count?

>inb4 pics, they're Polaroids and I don't have them, don't talk to mom anymore
oh shit she changed a lot, I remember when she was dark haired with pigtails like bailey
File: a2cejjF.gif (2MB, 400x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 400x300px
kek I don't have more and this thread isn't a trap thread
I used to bring my male friends for my aunt and mother. I was 12 at the time and my mother and aunt would watch us have sex before they had us eat their pussies. All of it stopped by age 14 when my uncle found out.
>prefer shemales like pic related
This is how I feel. Shemale doesn't need to be perfect but she needs to be passable and into getting peened.
Dry humping my cousin and my grandfather walking in on us.
Yes, but I was being vague there and I actually meant his mom didn't rat him out. He actually went to my elementary school but I was too confused/scared to say anything. When I hit puberty I felt nothing but hatred. I wonder if he stills lives in my city.

Take not that i am 10 years old but I do know quite a bit about sex. Ever since my first experience with neighbor girl, I was interested and started learning stuff. I may not of been experienced physically, but i was mentally.

> I push her down on bottom and expose her pussy
> she seemed embarrassed
> I start licking her pussy.
She was in that stage of puberty that she had very little hair down there
> she moans and says to pinch her clit
> ok.
> pinch clit while licking her pussy
> she hunches her back and throws her self upward while releasing the loudest moan ever
> pisses everywhere
> said she just came
> lolwut? can girls even do that?
didnt know they could cum too


is anon, being you male or female in this case
Did they get the van?
Be me 5-6 years

Dad meets friend who's a taxi driver

(We just moved)

So my dad invites the taxi drivers family over who has 2 daughters, one is a year older than me and one is a year younger than me

Basically I was a quiet kid who just read a lot of books

My parents were in the living room while I was in the family room with these two strangers I'd never met before

They started building a fort using the couch and some dining chairs

Then they told me to go inside and that they wanted to play

So I went, thought we were gonna play monopoly or sorry or some shit

But then when we all 3 were inside the oldest one put a blanket on top of the 'fort' so no adults could see what were doing

Then she told me and her sister that we were going to play doctor

I said cool, thought it was like Simpsons operation game

But then she turned around and pulled down her pants a little revealing her light purple underwear with princesses on it on her bum

She told me to pull her underwear down

She's a year older and my parents basically left her in charge and I was horny

So I pulled them down and I was greeted by a view of her nice asshole and back view of her pussy

Then she grabbed my hands and told me to touch it so I did

Then her younger sister got beside her and also did the same by pulling her pants down and told me to pull her underwear down

Then she made me touch her pussy and asshole too

After this they asked if I had any toys so I said I had some action figures and dinosaurs and Lego's and knex

So they told me to go get it

I came back and they were still in the same position

They picked a toy (a dinosaur with a long tail, and a shark with a fat nose)

The older sister grabbed the yellow dinosaur toy and gave it to me and told me to put it into her pussy or her asshole

So I put it in her asshole and she moaned and screamed with joyfulness I guess
Then she held it in and the younger sister gave me the shark to put into her pussy so I did

Then I noticed this was fucked up

Then they told me to go get some snacks so I went and got some candy

M&MS Peanut yellow bag

They both then lied on their stomachs and told me to get an M&M and put it into their asshole (they used the words butthole)

They spread their ass cheeks apart me for as I reached and felt and rubbed their warm moist assholes that were so clean and nice to look at

Then I pushed in 3-4 m&ms into each girls asshole and then they both got onto a chair each and sat on it backwards with their asses hanging off the chair and told me to get my hands ready

I was like "wtf?"

So I did that and then I saw an M&M drop from their asses and they told me to catch it, so I did

Then they told me to feed them the m&ms and I did

Then they said it was their turn, so I said their turn for what?

And they pushed me down on the hard parquet flooring and told me to be quiet

So I did that, then the older one grabbed my legs and sat on them right below my penis on my knee caps

The she told the younger one to sit in front of my face with her pants off but her panties all the way up right
So basically I had a pantied pussy in front of me, light blue, with pink ribbon around the edges and a Cinderella princess on the puss
Then I felt the older girl undo my pants and I looked around and saw she was taking them off so I asked her what she's doing and she said just be quiet and that I'll enjoy it

Then she pulled my pants off and my boxers and she started playing with my dick and then I got a bit hard so she told her sister to full on sit on my face now while she did her job

So her sisters on my face, pussy in my mouth, and now I feel the older sisters hands all over me and her warm breath on and around my penis making it feel amazing, like a steam bath for my dick.

Then they hear her parents getting ready to leave (like 1AM now) so these girls get up and put on their clothes so quick and tell me to get dressed asap

So we do and we all walk out of the fort together

Then they take the M&Ms with them! And my parents say good bye to them

Now I'm like 17 and its so awkward whenever I see them because I don't know if they remember all of this or not and it's really freaky because I don't know if they think that I remember it, but every time we see them we always have a click moment where I'm 99% sure we all know what we don't think we know

So yeah....

Experience enough
oh I have another one, but it was never really sexual for me
>be me 13 at cousins house
cousin lives just down the street and has this smoking sister
(I have no blood relation to cousins, was adopted)
>just got a phone with internet access, so me and cousin were looking at porn for the first time
>cousin reminds me that his sis was in the other room, maybe 10 feet from us
>super turned on wanting to fap so bad right now, cousin says he has to go to the bathroom
>gone for 10 minutes, I get suspicious
>gone for 20 minutes, I go knock on the bathroom door
>mfw lights are off and nobody in there
>check cousins sisters room, nobody there not even sis
think back on it today he probably took his cousin out to the shed that we had our music equipment in and fucked her for 30 minutes and I wasn't invited
File: 1405920436262.gif (427KB, 281x281px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
427KB, 281x281px
Male, 19 now.

When I was younger, before I hit 10, my male cousin who was about 2 years older than me "tried" to rape me by sticking it up my butthole. We didn't go through because I yelled in pain when he tried to do it.

When I was somewhere around 10 - 12, I was living with my stepmoms family with my dad for financial reasons. I had a female cousin, probably 3 years older than me, who was basically a thirsty whore. She tried to get into some dudes pants, found out he's with another bitch, she came crying to me late that night. Then later, she sucked my dick and we fucked. We continue to do this until me and my dad moved up.

Pic related, when my first blowjob came from my own cousin.
meant to say his sis, my cousin kek
I once fingered my cousin when we were both about 10
move OUT I mean.
brah older definatly remembers, younger probs. and what race. i assume white but taxi driver throws me off
Next time you see them, bring it up.
File: 1410358424758.jpg (75KB, 400x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
75KB, 400x300px
If i'm secretly god without knowing when i die and regain my power i will let you relive everything of your deepest desires come true.

> she gets up and I lay back down.
> she gets back on top of me and we start fucking again
> she said this time its my turn to come
> i asked if it was okay to cum inside her
> she said no
> fuck....
> still pounding that pussy like mad
> start to feel a load coming along
> she says to tell me when I am about to cum
> say i am coming
> she jumps off and starts sucking my dick
> she tells me to come in her mouth
> blows the biggest load I have blown since I was able to cum in her mouth
> she gargles it and then swallows it
> that was hot
> we both lay on my concrete floor in my garage tired as fuck
> after a little rest
> we put our clothes back on and head to the house
> we sneak in carefully
> didnt get caught
> went back to our rooms and went to sleep

next morning she keeps smiling at me a lot and I would smile back. My sister noticed and asked what was going on. I didnt say anything, but my sisters friend said " Nothing, just had a good time staying here. "

We messed around a few more times after that but she eventually got a boyfriend and I got a girlfriend so we just decided to be friends.

Well I'm now not a "believer" in religion

But back then it was forced on me so

I was Hindu, and they were too

Its so awkward they go to my highschool and I have to walk by them and try not to think about it

And hell no I'm not bringing it up unless I get into a relationship with one of them and that's never gonna happen so no way
My thoughts exactly.
What a fucking faggot
Beta as fuck.
U saying you don't want that ass?
Use it as leverage for blackmail, I'm sure you can think of something bro. Hindu chicks are sexy.
Thank you anon, I will accept you as my lord and savior so that I may ravage that sweet cambodian milf poon.
Well as far I know I still like girls, but that shit i wish it would never happened because it twisted my mind and a lot of things happened during that time. Even (5 years ago) went so far that every night that I stayed on my friend's house I used to stole dirty panties from his mom and sister and masturbate at bathroom and cumshoot over them. Thank god im almost free of those minds.
do it, m8. The only way you will get into a relationship with one of them at this point is if you tell them about this. If the remember this by you telling them this, they will somewhat desire you. Do it.

What's beta as fuck

And its not that I don't want the ass, I just don't like them in that way, it wouldn't matter if I hit it or not, its not that nice to me now

Also I'm into tall white skinny girls (I'm fucking 6'5)

These two are cheap, extremely short, and ugly now

I would post pics but... Nah
my thoughts exactly. your gonna regret it when u can never see her again anon. get in close friend wise then sprint it on her when alone
I am >>586667165
honestly I don't mind that it happened, but my feelings are different than others because it wasn't blood relatives. my sis was more of a best friend than sis
gotta post pics. cause i say worth it for the easiness that it would entail. "remember that gross shit, yeah, suckii suckii no talkii talkii
this is my first time sharing so, why not
>be me
>be 10
>live in small town
>girl I used to hang out with
>her age was 16
>playing ds and shit
>she says to close the door
>started kissing me suddenly
>instant boner
>gets on top of me
>so confused I got dizzy
>slowly removes my shorts
>got embarrassed because of hard rock boner
>she smiles and grabs my wee wee
>smirks at me
If they're honestly ugly now then I understand son. I am sorry they made you put the M&M in their vajayjays. I think their daddy molested them tho.
yes dets on girl.

I won't regret it, its not about regrets its just so awkward knowing the shit they did to me, and its just awkward lmao

I don't like them or intend to do anything with them

Like I said they're not attractive to me that way, its just so awkwarddd, more awkward than the whole school seeing your dick on twitter (this happened.....)
I am the guy you responded to. I sort of agree with the other anon that replied to you, but I understand what you mean when you say it twisted your mind. It took me a really long time to adjust and I find all of my romantic relationships have been really fucked up. I found one chick that would put up with all my weird fetishes but we turned out to not like eachother's personalities. I also fantasize about a lot of people in my life.
Completely straight. Legit.
>tells me to follow her to my basement
>she brings my pillow down
>she checks if no one is hearing us
>continues kissing me
>adds tongue
>sudden boner
>tells me this is normal
>nods and kisses my stomach
>blush like fucking hell
>got super nervous and say I need to use the bathroom
>went to bathroom to calm down
>5 minutes later
>went back to the basement
>she's not there
>more awkward than the whole school seeing your dick on twitter
Damn bro, sounds like you've had a tough life. I thought candy rape was bad....
Me and the girls at school always used to climb up the poles that were supporting the shade tarps because it 'felt nice'. I started jacking from when I was about 5/6 years old so I used to climb up the poles and cum almost every day.
When I was 6-7 I was 'raped' by a 14 y/o chick, who was one of my mothers friends daughter. She got her sister who is the same age as me to hide under her bed to join in as well. I remember licking her out for a while, and that was about it. My mother and her mother caught us, and I was all kind of confused, not having a clue what was going on. Still really good friends with the other girl who was there, don't really talk to the older one as much. At one point when I was 15 I was thinking about it and if it was all in my imagination, but it turns out it actually happened. She was cool with talking about it and shit, too bad they're both fat now.
It's really interesting to read about this sort of stuff from a femanon perspective. You ever get caught doing that sort of stuff?
>I first had sex when I was nineteen.
>My parents hired a maid who must have been around forty at the time.
>She wasn't very pretty, but she had this wonderful, sensual body.
>I couldn't keep myself from staring at her, especially her breasts under her tight tops.
>One day when my parents were out, she caught me ogling her and smiled at me.
>"Do you want to see more?" she asked.
>I nodded.
>She led me to my parents' bedroom and she started to undress
>Unveils the titties
>Brings me closer and guides my little hands to her fun bags
>Fondling and squeezing for all I'm worth
>She smells so good and her skin is so soft and smooth
>She continues to undress
>Sits me on the bed
>Thrusts my hand to her bushy snatch
>Soaking wet
>I realize I can now cut diamonds with my dick
>Never been as hard before or since
>I cum all over for the first time ever
>No friction, just so excited I cum
>Stay hard as a rock
>She lays back and positions my face over her snatch
>I have no idea what I'm doing but she loves it.
>She shudders a bit as pushes my face away only to bring me on top or her
>Fight with my dick a bit to get it in.
>She reaches down, and guides my semi-hairless manhood to part her lips.
>Start to thrust
>Slide right in
>Holy fuck this feels great
>Building a rhythm, like I've know how to do this all my life
>I'm about to cum with the power of over 9000 suns
>Moaning turns into screams of ecstasy.
>Im twitching, spasming
>this it it!.jpeg
>mfw my mom came home because she forgot her checkbook
>open the door
>get on the floor
>everybody walk the dinosaur
File: 1417305289851.jpg (26KB, 539x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
26KB, 539x480px

I wouldn't call it tough, but it sure hasn't been a straight life.

Now every time I'm talking with girls or making out or even hugging / dancing with a girl, and I don't mean slow dancing I mean dancing 10 feet away I start to feel fucked up cuz of that day and just can't take it

Its so hard to not think about it
I understand. That's normal, even if you did it with kids near your age it can still really mess you up. If it ever gets too bad don't be too embarrassed to get help.
I find that hard to believe.
No, not at all. It is fairly easy for girls to get off just rubbing on shit with their clothes on. Especially if you're still a kid and all your bits haven't really developed yet. Back then we were all kids and didn't know what we were doing, only that it 'felt nice'.
No I'm serious. I work in a bar in a strip club with naked girls everywhere all the time. I am 100% certain I am completely straight.
well, good for you, I guess?
Do you still talk to your friend?
Nah. She got preg at 18 and is now a single mum living with her parents.

I know that her parents are huge sexual deviants though. Like when she was a kid her house was always full of toys and magazines and weird sex shit everywhere. She used to bring that shit to school and show people. A couple times she got found out and got in heaps of trouble too.

So she wasn't new to the idea of sex at all.
oh. >.> my sister got pregnant at high school. She fucked up her life.
Huh. Here I was stupid enough to think only guys dry humped shit to get off.
poop is boob upside down.
like if she dared ever pissed me off, I can say a true story like this. Oh I can see your children gather around the christmas tree, and ask you to tell the story about how daddy thought that you were cheating on him with a pedophile, but it was a different person, a twenty year old guy
File: 1418430910618.png (187KB, 455x789px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
187KB, 455x789px
When I was 3-4 I was molested by my great aunts 20-something year old son. So my second cousin or something. He made me suck his dick in my closet after we played mario kart. My 15 year old brother must have heard, because he swung the door open really fast and scared the shit out of him. My memory goes back very far and I remember it clearly, but my family doesn't know I remember.
when I was going into 2nd grade my sister made me lick her nipples. she was going into 7th or 6th grade
Did the second cousin get the van?
you got a blowjob as a 5-6 year old. holy shit you are alpha as fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.
got molested by an older woman on a bus as a 12 year old
I also fucked a second cousin when I was in high school. Always bareback with the creampie, got so many preg tests. No ragrats.
Funny joke
Story? How the fuck did nobody notice?
>be me 12 and cousin 13
>at hers house
>playing spy shit, with spy kit (glasses etc)
>sneak into their parents room
>they are having sex
>my cousin says
*They do this too often anon, wanna try it?
>we go back to her room and we start to have sex
>great sucess
was srs. Some families try and cover this shit up so they don't have to deal with the emotional and legal stress.
i almost lost my virginity to my friends older brother when i was about 13 and i think he was 16. it was my first time doing anything sexual and i was freaked out so when he tried to put it in i went nope so instead we just 69'd. (i also freaked out when he came on me lol)

looking back on it im super mad at myself for not letting him fuck me :/
are you grill or just gay?
sometimes I really think these early years stories are fake as shit. There is no way kids under 10 would know about sex unless they have an older sibling. even then I don't think they'd have the hormones to want to do it.
link in pic is domain violation. :C what did it lead to?
i meant his relation to me was my second cousin. i dont know what happened to him legally, but i do know that i have only seen him once since then. you dont know how difficult it was not to kill him. i couldnt, or my family would know i remembered. it fucking sucks man.
Are you me?
m8. I somewhat knew about sexy things when I was sucking off my cousin because of the feeling it gave me. I felt good, and I wanted more.
tits or gtfo
I started masturbating around the same age. but I didn't know what jerking it was so I never used my hand. I would fuck the space in between my couch cushions. Feeling was way to intense for me to ever complete orgasm tho
Just letting you know, there are guys here that would love to see some proof right now.
Tits will do fine.
most of the story is stickied on ∞ chan dot co /fts/

but a short less detailed version is
>be on bus late
>empty except for me and some people far behind me
>woman get on bus
>sits right next to me
>dont look at her and be a shyfag
>she touches my leg
>dont say anything because shes an adult and i dont want to be rude
>get hard
>try to hide it
>doest work
>pulls me out
>starts jerking me
>cum in her hand
>she leaves
Dude, I know. I am the second post in this thread. The guy that raped me might still live in the same city and I had gone to school with him. Actually may have gone to the same high school too. That feeling never goes away, just try not to give in to it if you ever do see him again. He will technically still win since you get the jail time.
there is no fucking way people start sexual things in 3/4 grade. gtfo
Shit. Why do you regret not letting him fuck you?
on second thought no im a boy
No, but it'll be okay anon. Just know that you never were alone, and that one day the person that did it will be dead.
you live in a tiny little bubble
no one gives a fuck what you believe because people here know you are wrong for a fact.

your post is more childish than the first blowjob anyone ever gave/received
File: sad cat.jpg (53KB, 540x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
sad cat.jpg
53KB, 540x720px
>regretting having sex at 13
this generation summed up in one post
nice troll m8.
Dick or gtfo.
Dang. Do you regret what happened or are you happy?
like i said before, i can't do it or they'll know. i'm too scared of them knowing i remember to do anything. i saw him when i was like 17 and had to stand there and look at him with my family right there in front of me. i could tell my mom was ready to go berserk, she got us out of there quickly. i had to pretend i didnt know why she was upset. i've never talked to anyone about it before, my 2 best friends have no idea and my family doesn't know i remember. i've never even said anything on 4chin about it before. do you think about your experience often?
How does it feel to be an retard?
i was fucked in the ass by a 16 year old when i was 8. my step-grandad taught me how to suck his dick when i was 11 and used to play with my balls.
I read this before, even book marked it. It's a great read even without the sex.
you can't tell me 8 year olds masturbate when their hormones don't kick in for 4-5 more years. not to mention they don't even have a basic education on sex.
dude kids from 3yrs old are known to masterbate
Yeah, I do now that I am older. It used to be pretty supressed. I try not to though, since it can make me miserable and it makes me realize all of the aspects of my life that have been warped by it. That's really fucked up though. your mother is a strong person for getting out of there. Can't blame her for wanting to castrate the fucker. Kudos to you too, and don't feel bad for being scared. I also haven't told anyone, I think my parents know but they're the kind of people that like to pretend bad shit doesn't happen. Sometimes I feel very desensitized by it all and I almost lack any empathy for anyone, like I can honestly make really dark jokes about what happened to me. It's weird.
ever try to locate her?
for a while i did. it fucked up my views on relationships and standards about sex.
i ruined a lot of potentially good relationships because of this.
eventually i got over it though- it happened so no amount of regretting will change that. i can honestly say i dont particularly have strong feelings about it anymore other than the occasional fap.
YEWWWW! part 10 nice christmas present
Read what the other anon said. Also, kids aren't really supposed to do it since they don't understand it, but yes, you can get a reaction and it does 'feel good' in a physical sense. Kids just don't know what's going on. You can achieve orgasm by the age of like 3 or 4, but you don't produce sperm.
In 3rd grade, I was 8, an 8th grader on the bus started talking to me, she was Hispanic and had a pretty face, and at the bus stop a couple times she gave me a bj and I got to fuck her in the pussy, no condom somehow had a long enough Dick to at least make her squeal abit, super fuckin tight tho..
i like to think it hasnt affected me in other areas of life but i know it has. i was indoctrinated from day 1 and i was molested by a family member. i get made fun of by the brother who found me being molested in the closet for still being a virgin. i feel like a retard for not having sex. i am a tall good looking guy and have been propositioned numerous times and ive still never done it. cant help but wonder what life would be like if i had a childhood.
when I was in 1st grade I was pressured by my older sisters and the girl's sisters to french kiss a girl that was in 3rd grade
Good for you anon.
>5 years old
>Living in shit apartments on other side of town because we were broke at the time
>Landlord is a douche but his daughter (6 years old) is my friend and likes me
>Hanging out one day, nigger girl from down the street shows up and asks if we want to play
>Monkey girl is like 8 years old I think
>We're playing games out back behind the apartments near the fence line
>She tells us about this cool thing we could do because she's seen her mommy and daddy do it a lot of times
>"Okay, how do we do it?"
>She tells me and landlord's daughter to pull down our pants
>tells landlords daughter to turn around and bend over
>tells me to get up against her and put my dick against her pussy
>Says, "you have to make it stand up so you can put it inside her peepee"
>I'm like, well what the fuck how do I even do that what is this
>try to get it in while flaccid, impossible
>Look at nigger girl and ask, what is this game called?
>She looks at me and says, "It's called sex"
>Parents told me I didn't need to know what sex was when I asked, and told me never to do it until I'm grown up
>Freak the fuck out at the thought of getting caught and getting in trouble
>Pull my pants up and try to run at the same time
>Almost eat shit
>Run up the street to my apartment yelling NO NO NO NO NO I CANT ILL GET IN TROUBLE
>Run inside, shut the door so fast, lock it, mom is like what the fuck are you doing?
>She's like WHO?!
>Jasmine and (Nigger girl name)!
>...Do what?
>I run upstairs, go in my room, shut the door.
>They come to my house and knock on the door asking if I can come back out to play
>I'm peeking out the second story window eyeballing them the rest of the day as if they had some devious master plan to get me fucking grounded
>I could have fucked a girl older than me at 5 years old.
Kind of glad I didn't, cause I figure it would have fucked me up in some non-repairable way, but hell I don't know.
>tfw no brothers or sisters
sometimes i envy you
File: 1386224197308.png (386KB, 666x667px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
386KB, 666x667px
>Be 7-8
>Live with Mom, brother lives with Dad way out in the country
>I visit on weekends, brother and I are very close since there's literally nothing and nobody out there
>Dad is a drug addict and is often gone leaving us alone for hours at a time
>We amuse ourselves for hours doing whatever but eventually we got bored
>Started experimenting
>He'd suck my dick, I'd suck his
>Always while Dad was gone
>This escalates to him tonguing my ass like it was a Mike Adriano film
>Lots of dick, balls and ass but never kissing or penetration
>Eventually we stop because we almost got caught one and my Dad would beat us black and blue if he found us
>tfw I'm unbelievably turned on by rimjobs, bisexual, and sexually attracted to my swole as fuck brother
not blaming being a virgin on being molested, i know im a pussy. just wonder if it would have been different.
The trips means he's seriously happy for you, Anon.
Well, that brother is a retard. Try not to feel too bad about it. It made me have too much sex in high school and I messed up a lot of relationships, plus I was always wondering if I just got my current gf preggers. It's common for child abuse victims to not want to be sexually involved with people, especially if it was really traumatic. I know it sounds like total cheese, but if it bothers you too much you should really seek therapy. How long have you been this way?
You're not a pussy and things would have been different. You went through a traumatic experience that would fuck anybody up. This sort of thing does alter how you approach intimate relationships later on in life. Not your fault, but glad to see you at least try.
my dads family always hated me from a young age, except for my grandpa and one aunt. including my brothers, though we are "cool" now. i wouldn't miss them if i moved far away though. how long have i been what way? it happened when i was 3 and is my earliest memory. im 18 now and ive been out of highschool for 1 year. i have conflicted feelings about therapy. it feels like if i just dont talk about it then it didnt happen. what good can come from therapy? they cant give you medicine to make you forget.
was molested by a 40 year old neighbour when I was 11. It's more of a repressed memory now, not sure if it screwed up my life or not.
that's so much bullshit
True, there is no medicine. And you may eventually come to get over it. But if you don't then therapy can help you get a lot off your chest. Plus, you'd be surprised at some of the advice a therapist can get. You may even be depressed. Just from reading your posts, it sounds like you have a lot going on in your head and you've been keeping it all bottled up. You are still young so I wouldn't worry too much losing your virginity or whatever. That will happen. But not talking about is not the same as it never happening. I just mean don't completely rule out getting help if it feels like you can't stop thinking about it. Like I said though, some people do just move on. Either way, I wish you the best in life anon. You deserve it. You don't deserve living in the shadow of the person that did this to you. Eventually, everything will be alright. Just don't give up.
Im a male, when i was about 4-5 i was at my cousins, he was probably 8-9, and he wanted to try things he'd spied his parents doing late at night. He had this closet like attic thing that we snuck into one night and we did all sorts of shit. Made out, hand jobs, blow jobs, we both fucked eachothers ass, we licked eachothers buttholes ect ect. I was spending a few days over and this continued every night and day but never again after that one stint. I dont blame him or hate him, i was all for it and tho i felt guilty for a long time afterwards, i did kinda enjoy it.
File: mynigga.jpg (33KB, 427x324px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
33KB, 427x324px
good luck my anon
File: 1419050391651.jpg (28KB, 354x313px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28KB, 354x313px
> Be me
> 7th week of 5th grade
> Beta as fuck
> sex ed day
> bring the teacher a demonstration present from what ive seen watching porn
> Wrap it and but it on her desk
> ImsuretogetaA+.gif
> Teacher comes back from bathroom
> Unwraps gift
> JesusFuckingChrist.Mp4
> She blames the class clown and accuses him in front of 21 people
> Mfw I though I was helping
> Mfw I thought Sex ed had demonstrations
> Mfw I got someone 4 weeks suspension
> Mfw She put it in her purse
quad get
It's fucking hilarious when I look back on it. I was legit afraid to get grounded because I didnt want to stay inside, I didn't get a nintendo 64 til a few months after this happened. Literally would have been so fucking bored.
Guard molesters? Explain
Yeah, they were raped. If this isn't baloney
I used to get spanked by my dad as a kid. When he would spank me, he would have me completely take off my pants and underwear and get over his knees. Most of the time it was just normal spanking, but eventually he would start to rest his hand on my butt or pussy while talking to me, or would rub my butt after he spanked it and deliberately rub his hand against my pussy. I thought it was completely normal at the time, and I'm not sure when it started getting more sexual. I think when I was like 14 he would start to push his fingers inside me, and eventually just started to legitimately finger me until I came (he gave me my first orgasm). The last time he ever did it was when I was 16 or 17 I think. We've never talked about it at all since then and have had an otherwise normal relationship together.
File: 1333418051969s.jpg (6KB, 210x251px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6KB, 210x251px
Only ever told one person this before irl
>be 6 years old
>on vacation in colorado over the summer
>whole extended family is there
>barely not enough rooms for everyone so i have to sleep on a couch in the living room
>15 year old cousin is there too
>every night for the entire two weeks two weeks of vacation he molested me
>3 times he fucked me in the ass and came
>cried the whole time but he covered my mouth so nobody heard
>somehow didnt become gay
I'll be seeing him again at Christmas. Don't know what to do
>whisper into his ear
>I remember
>lick his ear lobe

refresh the good old memories
11/10 and nosebleeds would prob indicate your sis was trying to set you up with her.
Stay in touch
please the beast.
Dooooooooo eeeeeeeeetttttt
top kek
Do you think it affected you somehow? And how did you feel when you realised? Dont tell me you considered it normal at the age of 14...
wtf anon.. ur dad is fucked
do it ffaggot >>586692009
The spankings I still thought were normal. When he actually started fingering me though, I obviously knew that was sexual, because he started to not even hide it at all, I'd just get on his lap and he'd finger me. I never really said much though when it was happening, it just kind of became something that happened. Became normal I guess.

After he gave me my first orgasm, I started masturbating a lot. Whored around a bit at the end of high school and college, fucked some older guys that reminded me of my dad, and have a daddy/daughter fetish. I imagine that was probably a result of what happened.
Can we see your titties pls?
What did you put on the desk?
Ha no, I'm married now and don't whore anymore.
Anyone get forced to dressup?
Lol - since many guys likes that fetish, I supose it affected you in a good way:-) (sorry if it hurts you, im just speaking my mind out..) and I wonder - after you came 1st time, did you like it? Have you talked about it with him?
having sexual expiericineces is not whoring you know

whoring is exploiting
Its all chain reactions, and its all very sad, sader yet is that its usually someone close that acts as the catalyst. Even if its b, the obscurities help with dealing with shit like this. Its the collective desk chair psychology that b's good for.
I'm just asking for titties bitch, if you are not planning on showing gtfo
File: a1vik.png (440KB, 650x436px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
440KB, 650x436px
Same guy
only other time i saw this cousin was again when i was 11
>trying to avoid him incase he remembered because i did
>have hated him ever since
>I end up having to share the room with him and his sister
>too scared to tell anyone that i cant share with him because i didnt want them to ask why, i was a bad liar
>think it will be ok cuz his sister (4) was there
>she has a nightmare and sleeps with her parents
>not 30 minutes after shes gone he's ontop of me and after a few good face punches i give up and he fingers/fucks my ass again
>still not gay
>christmas miracle
Showing my tits would be cheating.

Yeah a lot of guys do like that, ha. Yeah I did like it honestly. It felt good and I didn't know better. No we've never talked about it. And no, it doesn't hurt to think about it, it's just something that happened honestly. The worst I feel is a little embarrassed.
I say kill him.
I thought I told you to leave
im not the one asking for that
>Implying young children do not have a fully functional sex drive and are not aware as to what sex is

Fucking retards lol
start lifting wait for him to be alone with you again and if he pounce on you unleash hell
the only sexual expirience i had as a child was masturbation and it started when i was 5 or so i would rub my penis against the matress all the time it felt good i thought it kind of relaxed me before going to sleep

Did you never think of telling on him ?
My bad.
its not your fault you couldnt know because theres no id's
Embarassed like a girl receiving the spanking and feeling daddys bulge, while being excited? Well i like that somewhere there's a femanon with that feel... But tell us, how often die he spanked you? And for what reasons?
Guards molest them. Basically an extreme actual scenario of the Stafford prison experiment
also when i was 12 i had to go to the psychologist alot because i have adhd, and she was really really nice to me and i would have boners all the time while speaking with here she had also large breasts i looked at time alot and she'd catch me doing it but dindt care but i secretly wanted her to fuck me
Ass rape him back
He would spank me for being bad like normal, but looking back, as stuff progressed, he would obviously just make shit up, and by the end he would just tell me it was time for a spanking, which had just basically become code for take off my panties and get fingered, at that point.
File: nightmare.png (1KB, 240x240px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1KB, 240x240px
> Be me
> Ten or eleven years old
> Neighbor is one year younger than me
> We play together EVERY DAY
> Either I go over there or she comes over
Don't remember exact specifics on how it started but I do remember making out under a blanket in my room with the door locked one time
> One day we're making out on her porch
> She tells me to pull my pants down
> I do and continue to make out with her
> She tells me to try to put my dick inside her
> I give it a shot
> Can't seem to get it in
> I'm taller than her
> Trying to put it in means I have to stop making out with her
> Making out feels too good
> Don't try as hard to put it in
> We hear parents moving in living room
> Panic
> Get dressed
We never got back into making out after that day. I remember asking her, at a later date, while she was swinging in her yard if she liked anyone. She tells me she likes some guy in her class. Even at eleven 'dem feels hit me like a fucking train. We ended up moving when I turned twelve. I always wondered once I realized EXACTLY what we almost did how she learned about that kind of thing. I just sort of assumed it was because her mother had recently remarried and she had to have watched her parents doing it. (I remember her mom was pretty hot and she always called her step-dad by his first name)
would you do bad things so you could get spanked intentionally
i was embarrassed
File: sadface.png (16KB, 189x199px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16KB, 189x199px
I'm actually kind of bummed that it never turned into you screaming "daddy" and him pumping you full of cum.

wait til he's fucking somebody (no matter if boy or girl) and do this to him
Yes actually.

Nah, that never happened. Had he tried to fuck me, I'm pretty sure I would have let it happen. I can remember wondering a few times why he didn't. He never even masturbated in front of me or anything, although he got hard, liked it when I pressed down on it, came in his pants a couple times, and would obviously go jack off afterwards.

I always heard rumors about her afterwards. I remember hearing that a friend went down on her and got a huge rash covering his entire face and neck in MIDDLE SCHOOL.
She went to a different highschool but she dated a dude I knew. I ended up talking about the story with someone and it got back to him. He fucking called me out in the middle of the hallway between classes. We were nowhere near eachother and he seriously just yelled out "THERE'S NO WAY YOU'VE SEEN MY GIRLFRIEND NAKED". That stopped the whole school for a second. I had to walk up and explain it was when we were fucking kids. He was STILL pissed. I just walked away.

She recently added me on Facebook like last year.
She ended up a straight 9/10 but she had a kid.

She "likes" almost everything I post. I almost want to talk to her about when we were kids since that's ALL WE KNOW EACHOTHER FROM

She turned out to be a straight 9/10
you said you were married now?

so do you let your husband spank you?
Well fuck. I'm hard now...
Ask your husband if you can post your titties
Did he take pictures? Not that id like to see that, just curious...
dude what the fuck we are trying to have a normal conversation here
Nice dubs fag
i dont know what a dubs is
How new are you daddy ducker
Kek, really a lot of guys are into that:-D
Oh yeah, I love getting spanked by my husband.

No, not of that at all.
seems nice id like a wife like that
My stepdad raped me when I was twelve, distrusted men for a long time after that and ruined good relationships. Fucking asshole.
i dont know what you're talking about

is there some place to read rules or anthing about these dubs and stuff
There are plenty of women who like to get spanked, I'm sure you'll be able to find one.
Was it a one time thing, or continuous?

Did you ever tell anyone? Did your mom have any idea?

Did it happen suddenly, or was there a build up to it?
i hope you are telling me the truth beceause id really like that
I want one that
>"screams 'daddy' while I pump her full of cum"
As far as fetishes go, spanking is pretty tame and seemingly common. But maybe I'm just biased since I like it myself.
>not green texting
ill give it a try and see how many girls like it
He molested me for a while, and I was so scared that I never told anyone, only raped me once tho. Eventually they divorced, but I haven't told anybody. Maybe I should get therapy, still have nightmares about it to this day.
Well my husband got lucky I guess, ha. But guys really got off to dad/daughter play and have told me other girls they've been with have done it too. I do sometimes wonder how many of those girls just happen to like it, and how many were actually sexual with their dads.
Well mine is into a lot od kinks (including submission), but when I put her over my knee, she dislikes it and tells me it reminds her of her spanking when she was little and freaks out.. Idk how to convince her...
I bet he didnt want the Spiderman to come and feared himself where it would lead to... That way he did it was better i supose - that femanon is just OK...
do you know how to open onion links? i'm not going to bother with it
I think therapy would be for the best hun. You deserved better.
Did your daddy used to spank you hard? Especially at the later consequences...
i thinks its hot if a girl is submissive in general but also likes to take the lead sometimes
If she tried it and didn't like it then you might be out of luck. Just enjoy all her other kinks with her.

It sounds like she may have gone through something traumatic as a kid if that freaks her out?
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